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The Mummy (2017) (2017) Movie Summary

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  • PG-13
  • 2017

Tom Cruise stars in this spectacular version of the legend that has fascinated cultures all over the world since the dawn of civilization: The Mummy. Thought safely entombed deep beneath the desert, an ancient princess (Sofia Boutella) whose destiny was unjustly taken from her is awakened in our current day. Her malevolence has grown over millennia and with it come terrors that defy human comprehension. From the sands of the Middle East through modern day London, The Mummy balances wonder, thrills, and imagination.

The Mummy (2017) Film Synopsis

Dashing legionnaire Rick O'Connell stumbles upon the hidden ruins of Hamunaptra while in the midst of a battle to claim the area in 1920s Egypt. It has been over three thousand years since former High Priest Imhotep suffered a fate worse than death as a punishment for a forbidden love—along with a curse that guarantees eternal doom upon the world if he is ever awoken.

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Thoroughly entertaining!!!💯Absolutely spectacular in 4K!!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾.Score: 5/5

Romantic comedyBest romantic comedy ever, way to deliver on a great love triangle between fetus girl, dumb blonde and Tim cuize.Score: 5/5

Cruise is Too Old Now for Such Parts :(Tom Cruise was great in his heyday, but let’s face it folks, the years are catching up. This is the same as the live, die, repeat film in which he played that soldier. They co-starred him with young actors and actresses making him look like a senior lost in a group of youths. Sure, he looks okay for his age, but that’s just my point “his age” shows and Cruise doesn’t seem to realize that he is no longer a strapping, young lad. I was checking out his hair, and I swear that he looks like he has had a Bosely Hair treatment done. Also, he looks like he’s dying his hair as it looks thin and a bit wiry (telltale signs of aging). Don’t get me wrong, Tom Cruise can be great in the right role, but the ruination of a protagonist in the wrong role such as this one. Another case in point, I loved reading the Jack Reacher novels, but when Cruise was given the role as Reacher, it ruined the entire series in my most humble opinion. Jack Reacher was not a short statured man by any measure, and given Cruise’s short physical stature, the mismatch was profound. Thus, the movie just seems a bit oddball and slapstick with CGI saving the day (would be completely horrible without it). Also, the CGI scenes are just too outlandish and poorly contrived. Final advice, okay to watch for free but not worth a paid cent to view. I gave it 1 star because 0 was not an option. Sorry Mr. Cruise, but I simply cannot give this one a thumbs up..Score: 1/5

There's something funny about that mummy!I'm yet to see for myself the Universal classic THE MUMMY, led by the veteran/legend Boris Karloff. One of the starting points of golden-era movie horror. And the Brendan Fraser vehicle from 1999 may have been a 'get-to-the-point'-ish rafting trip. But at least it had some [degree of] pizzazz. Not to mention, a more sensical, though fictitious, premise--and a linear narrative. (As I wager the Boris Karloff-led original had, and does have.) This latest rehash/update makes it out to be a montage of horror classics crammed into one. An American Werewolf in London; (The Strange Case of) Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; Night of the Living Dead; Dracula--all rolled in one lumpy wad of cinematic mush. (In fact, Jekyll and Hyde would have no interest in the occult, let alone ancient incantations.) And don't start me up on the tropish 'instant romance between good girl and bad boy'. As for the mummy in question, there's only one reason why the creature is written as a woman this time. And since when is royal entitlement a reason to freak out like a jerk and try to kill all of humanity? Mr. Impossible Mission should have "cruised" away from this one, instead of playing Indiana Jones ala James T. Kirk. In sum, even by just the pre-release promos, I knew this was no dummy. I knew this was (and is) NO MUMMY..Score: 1/5

Fun lil movie to watchNo it's nothing special. You won't miss out if you don't watch it. But it is an enjoyable piece of escapist fiction much needed these days..Score: 4/5

ŁÔVE THÏŠ MØVĖOmg I love this movie so much like ÔMG.Score: 5/5

FailJust a total fail.Score: 1/5

Good movie...ignore reviews !After reading all the reviews I expected this to be horrible and avoided see it in the theater… I loved it! It was a lot of fun, great Tom Cruise action and even the mummy character was good! You never get to see Tom Cruise play this kind of part (as pretty much the bad guy ) and I loved it! Have no idea why it got so many bad reviews? If you enjoy Tom cruises movies you’ll like this one!.Score: 4/5

So Bad!Please don't waste your money on this "movie". This is one movie where the nagative reviews are absolutely right..Score: 1/5

The Mummy is DeadAnd so is this movie..Score: 1/5

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A Review before I've seen the movieSo does anyone know who actually asked for a "Dark Universe" from Universal? And maybe if they had done original stories instead of re hashing scripts from thirty years ago like Hollywood is prone to to do these days. I don't wish ill will towards anyone - but I hope this signifies the end of Roberto Orci's career. I don't see this universe doing well at all. If I watch it later and change my mind, I will let you know somehow....Score: 1/5

Great MovieNot sure what all the negative reviews are about. For this who understand the dark universe and this adaptation, you'll love it. For this who know nothing of the dark universe, you'll love it and now you know..Score: 4/5

Good Special EffectsIf it wasn't for Tom Cruise, the movie itself would be unwatchable. I particularly found the whole Russel Crow "evil company" storyline to be ridiculous and if the film focused primarily on the Cruise-character / Mummy relationship without the 'evil company' twist, it would have been 10x better. It's a good rental though for the special effects, just try not to think too much while watching it!.Score: 3/5

Entertaining. I liked it.I thought this movie was going to be a remake of the original with Brendan Fraser which I really liked but it is not. The story has very few elements in common with the original but mostly different and this is why I liked it. If it was a remake I don't think it would have been good because the original was very well made and the cast was great. I found the movie very entertaining even though the acting wasn't perfect. I did not expect some deep meaningful story or some real life wisdom and I did not see any. There is lots of action and the comic parts are mostly different from the usual cliches jokes I see in current movies. I found Tom Cruise's character quite funny in a subtle way. I enjoyed it and I recommend it for anyone who likes fantasy action movies with not a lot to analyze or think about but rather sit, relax, eat pop corn and enjoy..Score: 4/5

The Mummy was good enoughI am not sure what movie the critics watched, but this movie was decent. Probably the same critics that reviewed Alien Covenant. Alien Covenant was great and would have been excellent if the Engineers' homeworld story was expanded; probably on the cutting room floor and to be released as a special edition or another movie. I love the Walking Dead. There are moments in the movie that remind me of the Walking Dead. The story is basic, not too convoluted, but helps the movie move forward. This is like Star Trek: the Motion Picuture. The beginning of a franchise. Action and CG was great. Acting was plausible with some humour. We are talking about the dead coming back to life. It is not War and Peace. There is no underling message. It is fun. It is Pirates of the Caribbean. Sit back and enjoy the ride. Leave logic in the kitchen. And it has a good ending. Or if you like, beginning..Score: 4/5

AWww.Score: 4/5

Not a remakeThis isn't trying to repeat the Brendan Frasier-led film, it's set in modern times with a female mummy who's motivation for power is much stronger. Unfortunately, it cannot decide whether the lead is the action-experiencing Tom Cruise or the intellectual, problem-solver Russell Crowe. Their characters don't click, making it seem like two films side by side rather than one cohesive step towards something bigger… though each, in their own right, is a decent movie, meaning that a great movie just eluded them..Score: 3/5

Great movieGreat movie.Score: 5/5

My Review this mummy filmThis was okay up untill they found the female sacufigus also this movie remine's me of the hit tv seris stargate sg1 and the ghold hathor. because hathor and the lady in the sarcufigus were almost the same age also i just watched some tom cruise film's recently and i was still inpressed with this and he is the one i have most of his film's and i understand why he doe's these type's of film's also tom cruise like other actor's has some spritshal Qaulity's what make's him a exselent mummy and not because of his haircut and his interview's on closed tv and talk show like the rosey odonel talk show with her leading lady group also compared to brandon frasher tom bring a more com and relaxd actor to the to this film and he's also darying and he can swim lap's in a pool with special water in this film also there are thing's i don't want to menchine about tom i wish him good and i would like to see him in a new top gun film or to pick a cast to fill a new role four another old film like critter 4 maybe also i think tom should be given a gramy four his last couple film's because truth is there's nobody else in hollywood i know that can blance his check book and be Tom cruise four his age also tom has had his share of film's that he done and if i could add why are other people film's more costly but tom cruise's video's are cheaper i have also wondered if there is a shell game in hollywood and tom with his budget and family have been one of the lucky one's. also tom's movie is ploted better then the walking dead in some seen's if the use fake flesh and blood in the walking dead and they use cgi to it's fullyest in a mummy film because i beleave in renconation like my girlfriend and here 16 poker player on facebook..Score: 5/5

The MummyLoved it.Score: 5/5

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The Mummy (2017) (2017) Series Cast & Crew

The Mummy (2017) (2017) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Brendan Fraser (Rick O'Connell), Rachel Weisz (Evelyn Carnahan), John Hannah (Jonathan Carnahan), Arnold Vosloo (Imhotep), Patricia Velásquez (Anck-Su-Namun), Kevin J. O'Connor (Beni Gabor), Jonathan Hyde (Allen Chamberlain), Oded Fehr (Ardeth Bay), Erick Avari (Terence Bey), Stephen Dunham (Isaac Henderson), Corey Johnson (David Daniels), Mohamed Saïd Afifi (Hangman), Tuc Watkins (Bernard Burns), Omid Djalili (Gad Hassan), Bernard Fox (Winston Havlock), Taylor Murphy (Mummy (uncredited)), Aharon Ipalé (Seti I), Carl Chase (Hook), Abderrahim El Aadili (Camel Trader), Jake Arnott (Mummy), all returned for the mummy (2017) movie.

Brendan Fraser (Rick O'Connell)
Brendan FraserRick O'ConnellScore: 28.8
Rachel Weisz (Evelyn Carnahan)
Rachel WeiszEvelyn CarnahanScore: 36.4
John Hannah (Jonathan Carnahan)
John HannahJonathan CarnahanScore: 16.8
Arnold Vosloo (Imhotep)
Arnold VoslooImhotepScore: 16.7
Patricia Velásquez (Anck-Su-Namun)
Patricia VelásquezAnck-Su-NamunScore: 12.8
Kevin J. O'Connor (Beni Gabor)
Kevin J. O'ConnorBeni GaborScore: 9.4
Jonathan Hyde (Allen Chamberlain)
Jonathan HydeAllen ChamberlainScore: 11.7
Oded Fehr (Ardeth Bay)
Oded FehrArdeth BayScore: 9.7
Erick Avari (Terence Bey)
Erick AvariTerence BeyScore: 9.6
Stephen Dunham (Isaac Henderson)
Stephen DunhamIsaac HendersonScore: 5.8
Corey Johnson (David Daniels)
Corey JohnsonDavid DanielsScore: 8.0
Mohamed Saïd Afifi (Hangman)
Mohamed Saïd AfifiHangmanScore: 1.2

John Hubbard (Casting), Jerry Goldsmith (Original Music Composer), Jerry Goldsmith (Conductor), Alexander Courage (Orchestrator), Jon Olive (Assistant Sound Designer), Allan Cameron (Production Design), Stephen Sommers (Screenplay), Stephen Sommers (Director), Kevin Jarre (Executive Producer), Kevin Jarre (Screenstory), Patricia Carr (Co-Producer), Sean Daniel (Producer), James Jacks (Producer), Megan Moran (Associate Producer), Adrian Biddle (Director of Photography), Bob Ducsay (Editor), Ros Hubbard (Casting), Tony Reading (Art Direction), Cliff Robinson (Art Direction), Peter Russell (Art Direction),

John Hubbard (Casting)
John HubbardCastingScore: 2.5
Jerry Goldsmith (Original Music Composer)
Jerry GoldsmithOriginal Music ComposerScore: 3.3
Jerry Goldsmith (Conductor)
Jerry GoldsmithConductorScore: 3.3
Stephen Sommers (Screenplay)
Stephen SommersScreenplayScore: 6.8
Stephen Sommers (Director)
Stephen SommersDirectorScore: 6.8
Kevin Jarre (Executive Producer)
Kevin JarreExecutive ProducerScore: 4.2
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'The Mummy (2017)' Official Trailer (HD). First teaser trailer of the mummy (2017), the Alex Kurtzman's popular movie. Watch the the mummy (2017) teaser trailer. Alex Kurtzman’s #the-mummy-2017 is now on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

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Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz Awaken the Mummy▶ Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz Awaken the Mummy

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The legend you know. The adventure you have yet to imagine...

The Mummy (2017) — 2017

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Um der sicheren Hinrichtung in einem ägyptischen Gefängnis zu entgehen, stimmt der Abenteurer und Fremdenlegionär Rick O'Connell 1923 zu, ein Forscherteam nach Hamunaptra, der mitten in der Wüste gelegenen berüchtigten Stadt der Toten, zu führen. Dort soll sich ein legendärer Schatz befinden, der Glücksritter wie Archäologen gleichermaßen anzieht. Bewacht werden die Reichtümer aber von einer Mumie, in der der Hohepriester Imhotep, die Inkarnation des Bösen, steckt...

Longtemps avant la naissance du Christ, pour avoir osé défier le pharaon en lui ravissant sa jeune maîtresse, le grand prêtre de Thèbes, Imhotep, est momifié vivant et enseveli dans une crypte secrète d'Hamunaptra, la cité des morts. Du fond de son sarcophage, le grand prêtre jure de se venger du genre humain. En 1923, un aventurier américain, Rick O'Connell, découvre fortuitement les ruines d'Hamunaptra que des générations d'égyptologues recherchaient en vain. Il met dans le secret une jeune égyptologue et son frère et tous trois partent à la recherche du trésor des pharaons.

Binlerce yıl önce Mısır'da, İmhotep baş rahibi ile firavunun gözdesi Anck Su Namun gizli bir aşk yaşamaktadırlar. Ancak sevgililer yakalandığında cezaları korkunç olur. Güzel kadın intihar eder, baş rahip ise Hom-Dai, yani Ölüler Şehri Hamunaptra'ya diri diri gömülmeye mahkum edilir. Korkunç ceza infaz edilirken, rahip geri döneceğine yemin etmektedir.1923'te Amerikalı maceracı Rick, Hamunaptra'yı bulmak isteyen İngiliz kardeşlere rehberlik etmektedir. Kaypak Johnathan, hazinelerin hayallerini kurarken, Evelyn'in merakı ise tamamen bilimseldir. Üçlü bilmeden korkunç laneti uyandıracaklardır.

Nel 1719 a. C. a Tebe in Egitto nasce un amore proibito tra il gran sacerdote Imhotep e l'amante del faraone. La ragazza per la disperazione si uccide e il sacerdote si lascia andare a gesti disperati suscitando l'ira degli dei. Le divinità gli infliggono una tremenda condanna: venire sepolto vivo nella città di Hamunaptra. 1923: Rick O'Connell, giovane legionario, Evelyn, una bibliotecaria e Jonathan, suo fratello, sono alla ricerca del favoloso tesoro di Imhotep. Suscitano l'ira della Mummia provocando il suo risveglio.

Tisícky rokov pred našim letopočtom, mesto Téby. Kňaz Imhotep miluje krásnu Ank-Su-Namun a spoločne zavraždia faróna Setiho Prvého. Vrahov však nájdu a Imhotepa zaživa zatvoria do sarkofágu. Píše sa rok 1923. Časť francúzskych légií sa ocitne v Hamunapatre, kde hľadajú zlatý poklad Egypťanov. Prepadnú ich však arabské kmene a prežije len jeden, Rick O'Connell. O tri roky neskôr spojí svoje sily s krásnou Evelyn a jej bratom Johnatanom a vydajú sa do Egypta. V tom istom čase sa na to isté miesto dostane aj americká výprava s rovnakým cieľom. V ruinách Hamunapatry začnú kopať – Američania nájdu Knihu mŕtvych a Rickova skupina sarkofág s telom zakliateho Imhotepa. Náhodou sa im podarí múmiu oživiť...

На бескрайних просторах египетской пустыни компания сорвиголов разных национальностей рыщет в поисках несметных сокровищ фараона, над которыми тяготеет жуткое древнее проклятие. Рядом с кладом покоится мумия коварного жреца, жестоко казненного за ужасное убийство могущественного правителя Египта. Золотоискатели потревожили многовековой покой гробницы, и мумия встает из могилы, чтобы погрузить мир в царство кошмара…

Dvacátá léta byla zlatou érou dobrodruhů a Egypt jejich zaslíbenou zemí. Za tajemstvím zmizelého města Hamunapatra, pokladem faraónů a Knihou mrtvých se ve variaci na Indianu Jnese vydává pohledný dobrodruh Rick, krásná egyptoložka Evelyn a její výstřední bratr Jonathan. V poušti bude pořádně rušno…

El legionario Rick O'Connell y su socio descubren durante una batalla en Egipto las ruinas de Hamunaptra, la ciudad de los muertos. Pasado un tiempo, este descubrimiento le permitirá salvar su vida y volver al lugar con una egiptóloga y su hermano, donde coinciden con un grupo de americanos. Todos ellos, seducidos por la aventura, provocarán la resurrección de la momia de un diabólico sacerdote egipcio que intenta desesperadamente recuperar a su amada.

Em 1926, um grupo de arqueólogos descobre um túmulo na cidade perdida de Hamunaptra. Dentro da tumba é encontrado o corpo de Imhotep, o sacerdote do Faraó Seti, que foi mumificado vivo e amaldiçoado por ter dormido com a amante do faraó e assassinado o faraó. Um dos membros da equipa lê um manuscrito encontrado no local, trazendo Imhotep de volta à vida, com toda a sua sede de vingança e arrastando consigo as dez pragas do Egipto.

Als straf voor het vermoorden van Pharaoh Seti en het slapen met zijn vriendin is de Egyptische priester Imhotep levend vervloekt en gemummificeerd... 1925. Na 3000 jaar komt in de legendarische dodenstad Hamunaptra het gemummificeerde lichaam van Imhotep, door toedoen van een groep schatgravers tot leven. De gevolgen hiervan zijn verschrikkelijk als de tien plagen van Egypte opnieuw lijken uit te breken, er mysterieuze zandstormen ontstaan en angstaanjagende figuren herrijzen uit de dood.


Dybt inde i Egyptens ørken leder en gruppe mennesker efter en længe eftersøgt skat, da de ved en tilfældighed udgraver en 3000 år gammel arv af skræk og rædsel. Sammensætningen af et gysende eventyr og spændingen fra original klassikeren The Mummy fra 1932, skaber en sand actionfilm fyldt med blændende visuelle effekter.

Az ókori Théba falai között tiltott szerelemre lobbant Imhotep főpap és a fáraó szeretője. Bűnükért halálra ítélik Osiris főpapját és a lányt. Imhotep férgektől nyüzsgő teteme háromezer évig feküdt Hamunaptra elveszett városában. 1925 nyarán azonban néhány elszánt kincsvadász rábukkan az ősi sírra. Akaratukon kívül kiszabadítják Imhotep szellemét, amely egy elátkozott egyiptomi papban kel új életre. Rick O'Connell és a többi kalandor igyekeznek megszabadulni a szörnyű átoktól, amely a borzalmak 3000 éves szellemének feltámadásával fenyegeti őket és az emberiséget.

Legioonalainen Rick O'Connell löytää vahingossa kumppaninsa Benin kanssa Hamunaptran kadonneet rauniot. Joitakin vuosia myöhemmin, kun O'Connell lojuu vankilassa odottamassa kuolemaansa, hän vapautuu paljastamalla tietonsa egyptologi Evelynille. O'Connell, Evelyn sekä tämän Jonathan-veli matkaavat raunioille, O'Connell pakon sanelemana, Evelyn tieteellisestä mielenkiinnosta, Jonathan rikastuakseen. Paikan päällä joukkio herättää epähuomiossa henkiin muumio Imhotepin joka aikoo ensitöikseen käyttää Evelyniä muinoin teloitetun rakastettunsa henkiinherättämiseen. Toissijaisena tavoitteena muumion aikomuksena on ei enempää eikä vähempää kuin koko maailman ottaminen haltuun.

Komedia grozy, której akcja rozpoczyna się w starożytnym Egipcie. Kapłan Ozyrysa sprzeniewierza się faraonowi, zostaje żywcem zabalsamowany i zamknięty w szczelnym sarkofagu. Trzy tysiące lat później do jego grobu docierają poszukiwacze skarbów oraz wyprawa uczonych egiptologów. Mumia wydostaje się z zamknięcia, pragnie zemsty na rodzaju ludzkim.

български език
Те направиха голяма грешка като го събудиха. Иви и О'Конъл тръгват да търсят книгата на Амон Ра и голямото съкровище на двебен Египет стояла 3000 години в Хамунаптра Градът на мъртвите. Опитвайки се да намерят златната книга на "Амон Ра" те събуждат дребно проклятие, което не може да бъде спряно с човешко оръжие. Единствено Книгата На Мъртвите може да го унищожи... Защото Той не яде, не спи и никога не спира... Мумията!

År 1719 före Kristus upptäcker Farao i staden Thebe att hans älskarinna Anck-Su-Namun har ett kärleksförhållande med översteprästen Imhotep. I desperation trotsar Imhotep gudarna och mördar Farao. För sitt hemska dåd bestraffas översteprästen med den yttersta förbannelsen, hans kropp kommer för all evighet att förbli levande, instängd i en trång gravkammare i Hamunaptra, De dödas stad. Man svär att den som öppnar graven ska belönas, med en plågsam död. 1925 kommer en expedition på skattjakt till Sahara. Den leds av äventyraren Rick O'Connell. Han hittar inte bara en uråldrig grav, utan också en varelse som väntat 3000 år på att släppas fri.

I år 1719 f. Kr. i den egyptiske byen Thebes, oppdages den forbudte kjærligheten mellom ypperstepresten Imhotep og Faraoens elskerinne, Anck-Su Namun. Når Anck-Su Namun tar sitt eget liv, blir Impotep så tynget av sorg og fortvilelse at han i desperasjon roper ut sin fornektelse av gudene. Som straff blir han forbannet til evig liv som mumie. Denne grusomme skjebnen vil oppheves dersom hans råtne kropp en gang blir vekket til live. Mens hans smerteskrik fra sarkofagen forstummer under jordens overflate, trer forbannelsen i kraft, og hans onde hjerte ligger bankende i mørket.......ute etter hevn.


กลางทะเลทรายอียิปต์ คนกลุ่มหนึ่งเดินทางมาแสวงหาสมบัติที่สาปสูญ แต่พวกเขากลับปลุกคำสาปอาถรรพ์กว่า 3 , 000 ปีขึ้นมา และนำความสยดสยองมาสู่ผู้รุกล้ำ

Σύμφωνα με το θρύλο η τιμωρία του Αιγύπτιου ιερέα Ιμχοτέπ, όταν πιάστηκε από τον Φαραώ Σέτι με την ερωμένη του, ήταν να τον κάνουν μούμια ζωντανό και να τον καταραστούν. Το 1923 θα βρεθεί ο τάφος του από μια ομάδα κυνηγών θησαυρών και η μούμια θα ξαναζωντανέψει...

המדבר המצרי 1923. ריק אוקונל, הרפתקן אמריקני נועז המשרת בלגיון הזרים הצרפתי, חושף במקרה את הריסות עיר המתים הפרעונית אמונאפטרה. אוולין, ספרנית המומחית לתרבות מצרים, ואחיה ג'ונתן, משכנעים את ריק שיוביל אותם לעיר האגדית, שם טמון עושר עצום, שיסייע לפענוח חידות רבות. אך במקום שורצת קללה עתיקה - כשכוהן הדת אימהוטפ התאהב בפילגשו של פרעה, הטילו עליו הרשויות קללה מחרידה: גופו החנוט יישאר בחיים לנצח ויסבול עינויים נוראיים. חבורת ההרפתקנים מגיעה לעיר המתים, שם מגיח אימהוטפ מקברו ומתחיל להטיל הרס עליהם.

یک گروه آمریکایی که به طمع به دست آوردن پول و ثروت به مصر آمده بودند تا به دنبال شهر گمشده هامونوپترا بگردند، ناخواسته یک مومیایی را بیدار میکنند که باعث می شود...

Nisipurile se vor răscoli. Cerurile se vor deschide. Puterea se va dezlănțui. Legenda o cunoașteți. Aventura trebuie sa v-o imaginați. Pregatiți-vă! Fiți atenți! Păziți-vă! Descoperiți secretul! Dezvăluiți legenda! Eliberați puterea! Moartea începe să-și arate colții. În 1923, vânătorul de comori Rick O'Connel descoperă în Egipt ruinele unor construcții în care faraonii legendari și-au ascuns comorile. Dar tot acolo a fost îngropat de viu și blestemat preotul Imoteph, care de abia așteaptă să fie eliberat pentru a se răzbuna.

고대 이집트의 파라오 중 가장 영화를 누렸던 세티 1세의 시대. 세티 1세의 정부인 앙크수나문과 세티 1세의 총애을 한몸에 받던 승정원 이모탭은 금지된 사랑에 빠진다. 그러나 그들의 운명적인 사랑은 얼마되지 않아 파라오에게 발각되고 이에 앙크수나문은 자결하게 된다. 이모텝은 흑마서의 주문으로 그녀를 부활시키려 하지만, 파라오의 근위대에 붙잡히게 되고, '홈다이'라는 형벌에 처해진다. 홈다이란 산 채로 석관에 갇혀 영원히 생시체가 되는 끔찍한 극형. 결국 금지된 사랑은 파라오의 저주로 비극적인 끝을 맺고 왕족들이 잠든 하무납트라는 죽음의 도시가 되어 역사 속에 묻힌다. 황금의 유물을 찾아 여러 탐험가들이 하무납트라를 찾아오지만 하나 같이 의문의 죽음을 당하고, 전투 중에 피신했던 외인부대 장교 오커넬만이 유일하게 살아남는다. 그 소식을 들은 이집트 박물관 사서 이비와 그녀의 오빠 조나단이 오커넬을 찾아오고 죽음의 도시 하무납트라에 관한 단서를 듣게 된다. 용기와 모험심으로 뭉친 세 사람은 의기 투합하여 하무납트라의 황금유물을 찾아 떠나기로 한다. 한편 파라오의 저주를 푸는 열쇠를 손에 넣은 조나단은 실수로 이모텝을 부활시키고, 마침내 3천년을 기다려온 엄청난 분노가 온 이집트를 뒤덮는데. 아무것도 모르는 세 사람은 죽음과 저주의 왕국 한 가운데에서 살아난 미이라와의 사투를 벌인다.

Em 1926, um grupo de arqueólogos descobre uma tumba na cidade perdida de Hamunaptra. Dentro da tumba é encontrado o corpo de Imhotep (Arnold Vosloo), o sacerdote do Faraó Seti (Aharon Ipalé), que foi mumificado vivo além de ter recebido a mais terrível das maldições por ter dormido com a amante do faraó e, movido por ciúme doentio e amor, ter matado o Faraó. No entanto, quando um dos membros da expedição lê um manuscrito que foi encontrado pelo grupo e traz Imhotep de volta vida, ele ressurge cheio de ódio e só pensa em reencontrar sua amada e destruir todos que cruzem o seu caminho, trazendo consigo as dez pragas do Egito.

На безкрайніх просторах єгипетської пустелі компанія відчайдухів різних національностей нишпорить у пошуках незчисленних скарбів фараона, над якими висить страшне стародавнє прокляття. Поруч зі скарбом покоїться мумія підступного жерця, жорстоко страченого за жахливе вбивство могутнього правителя Єгипту. Золотошукачі потривожили багатовіковий спокій гробниці, і мумія встає з могили, щоб занурити світ у царство жаху...

Une ancienne princesse, dont le destin avait été injustement brisé et dont on pensait qu’elle reposait depuis lors dans une tombe sous le sable d’un impitoyable désert, revient à la vie de nos jours, habitée par une malveillance qui s’est développée au cours des millénaire, et commence à semer la terreur, défiant ainsi toute compréhension humaine. Coproduction Chine/Japon/États-Unis.

Den kjekke legionæren Rick O'Connell og hans følgesvenn, snubler over de skjulte ruinene av Hamunaptra mens de er midt i en kamp i 1923...3000 år etter at Imhotep har lidd en skjebne verre enn døden - hans kropp forbli udød i all evighet som en straff for en forbudt kjærlighet.

Каиро, 1923. Амерички пустолов Рик О'Конел, у потрази је за благом скривеним у изгубљеном граду Хамунаптра. Придруже му се лепа библиотекарка Евелин и њен размажени брат Џонатан, а супарници су им група похлепних Американаца. Евелинино познавање египтологије ипак се покаже пресудним кад њена екипа прва пронађе митски град, а затим и тајанствени саркофаг. Не знајући да је у њему мумија свештеника Имхотепа, Евелин пушта хиљадугодишње зло на слободу...

英俊的探險人瑞克歐肯納(布蘭登費雪),與他狡猾的同伴比尼(凱文歐康諾),在1923年的一場戰爭中,一起意外發現了被毀壞的哈姆納塔城。數年後,當瑞克變成戰俘等待被槍決前,他發現他對該城的發現成為救命的條件,埋藏在哈姆納塔城底下的豐富資源成為尋寶人與考古學家的寶藏,瑞克與一群很不理想的隊員合作,包括美麗但又少根筋的埃及古文化專家艾佛琳卡娜漢(瑞秋懷茲)以及她讓人又愛又恨的哥哥強納森。 三人的旅程將穿過尼羅河,橫跨寬廣的薩哈拉沙漠,並將經歷許多超出想像的神奇力量…

Durante una batalla en Egipto, el legionario Rick O'Connell y un compañero descubren las ruinas de Hamunaptra, la ciudad de los muertos. Algún tiempo después vuelven al mismo lugar con una egiptóloga y su hermano. Allí coinciden con un grupo de estadounidenses, deseosos de correr aventuras, que acabarán provocando la resurrección de la momia de un diabólico sacerdote egipcio que intenta desesperadamente recuperar a su amada.

Senovės Egipte žynys Imhotepas mėgaujasi slapta meile su faraono meiluže. Tačiau jų paslaptis išaiškėja. Nusižudžius mylimajai, Imhotepas metą iššūkį dievams ir šie jį žiauriai nubaudžia. Imhotepo kūnas virsta mumija, tačiau pats jis per amžius lieka gyvas, įkalintas kūne ir mirusiųjų miesto požemiuose… Po keliasdešimties amžių į Egiptą atvyksta trys nuotykių ieškotojai: Rikas, Evelina ir jos brolis Džonatanas. Jie ieško nepaprastų lobių ir dingusių rankraščių, tačiau atranda Imhotepo mumiją ir… atgaivina…


Tiếng Việt
Một nhóm nhà khảo cổ dẫn đầu là O’Connell tiến hành cuộc hành trình tới xứ sở của kim tự tháp. Họ có tham vọng khám phá bí mật của xác ướp thầy tu Imhotep, nhưng vô tình đem lại cơ hội hồi sinh cho hắn, khiến cuộc chiến sinh tồn nổ ra. Bộ ba Rick – Evelyn – Jonathan rời Cairo xuôi theo dòng dông Nile, ngang qua sa mạc Sahara và họ bắt đầu nhận ra sự khắc nghiệt của thiên nhiên không là gì so với những thế lượng đen tối họ phải đối đầu. Đó là những kẻ tham lam vô độ không ngại gì sự huyền bí của Ai Cập tới kiếm tìm châu báu và sự tấn công của xác ướp hồi sinh Imhotep cùng nhân tình của hắn Anck-su-namun vì để hồi sinh cho người tình, Imhotep cần máu và cơ thể của Evelyn. Mối nguy hiểm không chỉ đến với những kẻ săn kho báu và đoàn khảo cổ của Rick mà nó đã trở thành sự đe dọa cho toàn thế giới khi Imhotep âm mưu gây dựng lại đế chế độc tài Ai Cập cổ xưa bằng phép thuật của một thầy tu quyền năng.

يتعثر الفيلق المحطم ريك أوكونيل على أنقاض هامونابترا الخفية بينما كان في خضم معركة للمطالبة بالمنطقة في مصر في عشرينيات القرن الماضي. لقد مرت أكثر من ثلاثة آلاف عام منذ أن عانى رئيس الكهنة الأسبق إمحوتب من مصير أسوأ من الموت كعقاب لحب ممنوع - إلى جانب لعنة تضمن الهلاك الأبدي للعالم إذا استيقظ.

Godine 1923. naočiti legionar Rick O'Connell i njegov dvolični pratilac Beni usred bitke naiđu na skrivene ruševine Hamunaptre. 3000 godina nakon što je Imhotep doživio sudbinu goru od smrti mumificiran je te je njegovo tijelo ostalo nemrtvo cijelu vječnost za kaznu zbog zabranjene ljubavi. Nekoliko godina poslije, dok O'Connell čami u zatvoru očekujući gotovo sigurno smaknuće, otkrije da se zahvaljujući svom znanju o točnoj lokaciji Hamunaptre može nagoditi za svoj život. Mitsko blago zakopano pod pijeskom Hamunaptre postalo je opsesija lovaca na blago i arheologa, a O'Connell se nađe u neobičnom savezu s prekrasnom, no nespretnom, egiptologinjom Evelyn i njezinim beskorisnim bratom Jonathanom. Trojac krene iz Kaira na putovanje koje će ih odvesti niz Nil, preko varljiva prostranstva Sahare, do susreta sa zlokobnom silom koja posjeduje moć kakvu nisu mogli ni zamisliti.

El legionari Rick O'Connell i el seu soci descobreixen durant una batalla a Egipte les ruïnes de Hamunaptra, la ciutat dels morts. Passat un temps, aquest descobriment us permetrà salvar la seva vida i tornar al lloc amb una egiptòloga i el seu germà, on coincideixen amb un grup d'americans. Tots ells, seduïts per l'aventura, provocaran la resurrecció de la mòmia d'un diabòlic sacerdot egipci que intenta recuperar desesperadament la seva estimada.

अमेरिकी पुरातत्व विभाग की टीम अनजाने में एक शापित ममी को ज़िंदा कर देती है. एक दिलेर लड़का और प्राचीन इतिहास के बारे में खोजबीन करने वाली एक लड़की को मिल कर उस बुरी आत्मा को रोकना होगा.

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