The Mummy (2017)

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Tom Cruise stars in this spectacular version of the legend that has fascinated cultures all over the world since the dawn of civilization: The Mummy. Thought safely entombed deep beneath the desert, an ancient princess (Sofia Boutella) whose destiny was unjustly taken from her is awakened in our current day. Her malevolence has grown over millennia and with it come terrors that defy human comprehension. From the sands of the Middle East through modern day London, The Mummy balances wonder, thrills, and imagination. Dashing legionnaire Rick O'Connell stumbles upon the hidden ruins of Hamunaptra while in the midst of a battle to claim the area in 1920s Egypt. It has been over three thousand years since former High Priest Imhotep suffered a fate worse than death as a punishment for a forbidden love—along with a curse that guarantees eternal doom upon the world if he is ever awoken. The Mummy (2017) Wiki

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The legend you know. The adventure you have yet to imagine...

The Mummy (2017) (2017)

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The Mummy (2017) Movie Reviews

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- Thoroughly entertaining!!!💯5 star

Absolutely spectacular in 4K!!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

- I loved it5 star

As someone who had a difficult time accepting The Mummy franchise for the love story that it was, this was a breath of fresh air. While I felt the movie deserved a longer run time, I felt the it was a wonderful introduction into the Dark Universe where monsters reside. Don't get me wrong, I loved the 1990s franchise, it was awesome but at the end of the day I'm used to my monsters being terrifying and both Boutella and Cruise (albeit right at the end) delivered. I look forward to a sequel where Cruise is far more dark and villanous Mummy, a departure from his heroic Ethan Hunt and certainly not as the terrifyingly sexy vampire Lestat de Lioncourt

- The movie too predictable and chessy watch the original instead1 star

Tom Cruise was awful in this movie the mummy is made for a dummy. The acting is horrible the music is loud and abxious a movie so bad it's just boring and predictable to even be a full length film. boring history crap who whould watch this? that's right nowbody.


Omg I love this movie so much like ÔMG



- I thought the movie was good5 star

I really wish people wouldn’t judge a book buy it cover

- ❤️❤️5 star

I love that film ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Great version of the Mummy5 star

I really enjoyed this version of the Mummy. Action packed, loved Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe and the twist ending. Would be fun to see another film that continues on from the ending of this film. I really enjoyed this film.

- The Mummy2 star

Don't waste your money like I did..

- There's something funny about that mummy!1 star

I'm yet to see for myself the Universal classic THE MUMMY, led by the veteran/legend Boris Karloff. One of the starting points of golden-era movie horror. And the Brendan Fraser vehicle from 1999 may have been a 'get-to-the-point'-ish rafting trip. But at least it had some [degree of] pizzazz. Not to mention, a more sensical, though fictitious, premise--and a linear narrative. (As I wager the Boris Karloff-led original had, and does have.) This latest rehash/update makes it out to be a montage of horror classics crammed into one. An American Werewolf in London; (The Strange Case of) Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; Night of the Living Dead; Dracula--all rolled in one lumpy wad of cinematic mush. (In fact, Jekyll and Hyde would have no interest in the occult, let alone ancient incantations.) And don't start me up on the tropish 'instant romance between good girl and bad boy'. As for the mummy in question, there's only one reason why the creature is written as a woman this time. And since when is royal entitlement a reason to freak out like a jerk and try to kill all of humanity? Mr. Impossible Mission should have "cruised" away from this one, instead of playing Indiana Jones ala James T. Kirk. In sum, even by just the pre-release promos, I knew this was no dummy. I knew this was (and is) NO MUMMY.

- D5 star

I think it was a good movie with all the action and horror

- Romantic comedy5 star

Best romantic comedy ever, way to deliver on a great love triangle between fetus girl, dumb blonde and Tim cuize

- Awful1 star

I watched the first 15 min of this and had to turn it off. This is a terrible movie don’t watch it ever. Not even worth it to watch it later.

- A really long, unoriginal, cheap and boring ‘spook house’1 star

This movie is a really long, unoriginal, cheap, confusing, boring ‘spook house’ movie. It borrows similar concepts of the first two Mummy movies (1999, 2001), but does so poorly. It spends more time on as-usual pointless, nonsensical ‘zombie’ fighting (an OLD, unbelieveable, unappealing and tired concept!) than it does telling the kind of caliber of story audiences got in the first two Mummy movies. Don’t rent the 2017 Mummy movie. Don’t buy it either. Buy the first two Mummy movies. They were what this movie should have been. It’s time to bring back the original cast from the 1999 and 2001 Mummy movies if The Mummy movie franchise is to have a future.

- So Bad!1 star

Please don't waste your money on this "movie". This is one movie where the nagative reviews are absolutely right.

- Feels like a B-level Pilot Episode2 star

This wasn’t boring, but felt more like the pilot of a new CW show than an epic monster movie. Throughout the film, it almost feels like Tom Cruise is anxious for the movie to end.

- Great movie!5 star

Don’t listen to “critics”. Great movie. Certain parts are pretty funny. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Another example when rotten tomatoes reviews are, let’s say, rotten and completely inaccurate.

- RENT1 star

Why not make it so we can rent? No way Im buying.

- Interest character change in the end with Cruise!5 star

I really don't know why people either really hated this film or loved it. If your looking for sci-fi ilm this certainly delivers. Some of the writing was cheasy, but had nothing to do with the actors they got. This could've been a little bit longer, but seemed like it was cut short in the end. Cruise can always sell a good story and now we might see an evil twist in the next film. But don't believe much of the rhetoric reviews on this film. This is worth owning!!

- Awesome5 star

Really good movie... I love the story. Really cool movie I highly recommend watching.

- I loved it5 star

It’s a full on Tom cruise movie. Loved it!!

- Just like a ride at Universal!5 star

It was Fun! I loved it ❤️

- I thought it was great!5 star

I don't really understand all the negative reviews, I thought it was a fun exciting movie.

- Mummy Impossible4 star

It’s essentially a staple Tom Cruise character (selfish but charismatic hotshot learns humility) in a Mission Impossible movie with mummies and zombies. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if you’re not a fan of Tom Cruise you won’t find the film very appealing. If you dig his brand of derring do and roguish charm then you’ll find a pretty good adventure filled with some thrilling set pieces (including trying to escape a crashing plane), humor and great production values. It’s essentially Saturday matinee adventure stuff with some pretty cool creepy creature effects. The end suggests an interesting set up for things to come, but despite making over $400 million at the box office we’ll probably never see the directions another adventure could lead next. It’s closer to a three and a half star instead of four star flick, but they don’t let you do half stars here so I’ve rounded up to four since I think most Cruise fans will think higher of it than others.

- Fail1 star

Just a total fail

- Cruise is Too Old Now for Such Parts :(1 star

Tom Cruise was great in his heyday, but let’s face it folks, the years are catching up. This is the same as the live, die, repeat film in which he played that soldier. They co-starred him with young actors and actresses making him look like a senior lost in a group of youths. Sure, he looks okay for his age, but that’s just my point “his age” shows and Cruise doesn’t seem to realize that he is no longer a strapping, young lad. I was checking out his hair, and I swear that he looks like he has had a Bosely Hair treatment done. Also, he looks like he’s dying his hair as it looks thin and a bit wiry (telltale signs of aging). Don’t get me wrong, Tom Cruise can be great in the right role, but the ruination of a protagonist in the wrong role such as this one. Another case in point, I loved reading the Jack Reacher novels, but when Cruise was given the role as Reacher, it ruined the entire series in my most humble opinion. Jack Reacher was not a short statured man by any measure, and given Cruise’s short physical stature, the mismatch was profound. Thus, the movie just seems a bit oddball and slapstick with CGI saving the day (would be completely horrible without it). Also, the CGI scenes are just too outlandish and poorly contrived. Final advice, okay to watch for free but not worth a paid cent to view. I gave it 1 star because 0 was not an option. Sorry Mr. Cruise, but I simply cannot give this one a thumbs up.

- The Mummy w/Tom Cruise2 star

They pushed the envelope too far on this remake. I fell asleep and woke up; started watching again from previous spot and still was disappointed. So Egyptians are made out to be monsters, some how Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde are Unconvincingly written in and of course Tom Cruise is Mr. Incredible. I felt like I waisted my “movie watching” time. I could’ve run this in the background while cleaning my house. 👎🏾👎🏾

- Just not good1 star

Do yourself a favor and skip this one

- Dumpster Fire2 star

It is a garbage movie. Do not under any circumstance rent this.

- Wasted Time1 star

Bad acting. The whole thing SUCKED. The ending. OMG. sucked. sucked. sucked. sucked. not to mention the culture appropriation.

- I liked it, so did my son and his friends5 star

We all enjoyed it very much. I held off for a long time and didn't rent the movie because of the poor ratings. I don't really understand why they were poor. Maybe it wasn't what people were expecting? I think there should be a sequel.

- Incredible5 star

I hope that they continue this series. They've left so much to grow on that this can only improve

- Stand out hit...?3 star

So this movie is listed today under “Stand Out Hits”. I’m curious what Apple’s definition of that? It didn’t take in the cash. It’s Rotten Tomato score is 16%. Come on guys. If you want to get people to buy the movie, at least call the category something like “Movies You Might Have Missed” or “Summer Action”. This movie might have stood out... but it wasn’t because it was a hit.

- Wishing all the main characters would die1 star

This is one of those movies that requires a full suspension of reality and the natural responses of people. The original is better and doesn’t take its self seriously.

- People need to lighten up.5 star

Watch it for yourself with an open mind. Some of these reviews are nonsense. Talking as if they didn’t even watch the movie. Maybe they saw the trailer and reviewed based on that. No idea. Bottom line is this is a fun romp in the Dark Universe (the monster movie world of Universal). It is well paced and I didn’t see the ending coming. I found there to be enough humor but it certainly wasn’t campy so it definitely feels different from previous iterations. I also don’t think that is a bad thing...

- Too dark universe1 star

This movie. Honestly, I don't know what I was thinking when sitting down to watch it. There are so many plot points that don't seem to make any sense, the characters are dull, the pacing is inconsistant, and the whole movie is too dark. Literally. There were times where you couldn't even see what was happening on the screen because there was literally no light on screen to show the action. I had to stop midway through because there was nothing to invest me in this movie.

- The Mummy5 star

Was a great movie. It had actiion, kind of a love story, some humor and some surprises. I Loved It! I hope there is a part two, I would love to see where they go with this.

- Awful, Terrible, and So So Bad1 star

I usually find myself at odds with most reviews that give movies bad ratings, and can usually find redeeming qualities that make a movie enjoyable to me. This movie us the exception that proves the rule. It is really bad. Full of humor that doesn’t work and is frankly uncomfortable to watch. The actors say their lines, like they weren’t given full copies of the script. From beginning to end, the whole thing seemed rather pointless and was too preoccupied with trying to establish a Universal Films monster universe franchise, we will hopefully never see. I am glad I bought this and didn’t just rent it. I like to have movie to play out of spite and send guests home early.

- The Mummy is Dead1 star

And so is this movie.

- Why Tom Cruise, WHY???😩☹️😫🤢1 star

First off be forewarned: This movie is not worth $6.00 to rent, and definitely not worth $10 to buy. I suggest waiting another month or two for it to come out on cable and/or Netflix for free. Even then you will most likely regret wasting two hours of your life that you’ll never get back. Secondly this movie is just plain BAD. The story is redundant and ultra predictable. There is no continuity throughout, with confusing break-away’s, portly places flash backs, most of which are repetitive, boring, and without relevance to the main storyline. The actual filming technique is mundane and unoriginal. The best action sequences are the plane crash and even that was poorly executed. The CGI looks fake and the angles are confusing. Thirdly Tom Cruise is constantly running places. He’s either sprinting towards the trouble, or trying to hold hands with his girlfriend as they both bolt in the opposite direction. There’s way to many scenes of actors running here and there and all around the place but they never really accomplish anything doing it. It almost looks like the producer was padding the running scenes just to make the movie longer. And what’s the purpose of adding Russell Crowe to the line up only to have his character serve no purpose to the plot whatsoever?? I guess his name helps sell tickets. Overall the acting is terrible and passionless. It’s obvious Cruise was only in this movie for the money. Compared to his past works, this acting effort is subpar at best. In summary I am very disappointed with this film and cannot recommend it to anyone with half a brain in their heads.

- Not too bad3 star

"It ain't bad, but it ain't love" pretty much sums up the movie. If you've seen any Tom Cruise action flick, then you can pretty much guess what'll happen there, the only difference is an angry mummy that doesn't look too much like a mummy. Still, it had it's moments and was funny in places, so it's worth renting if nothing else.

- Fun lil movie to watch4 star

No it's nothing special. You won't miss out if you don't watch it. But it is an enjoyable piece of escapist fiction much needed these days.

- Good movie...ignore reviews !4 star

After reading all the reviews I expected this to be horrible and avoided see it in the theater… I loved it! It was a lot of fun, great Tom Cruise action and even the mummy character was good! You never get to see Tom Cruise play this kind of part (as pretty much the bad guy ) and I loved it! Have no idea why it got so many bad reviews? If you enjoy Tom cruises movies you’ll like this one!

- Brendan Fraser ... please?1 star

Terrible acting, terrible script, terrible special effects. Was it supposed to be funny? I couldn't tell.

- Compleat rubish1 star

This was a would like to be Indiana Jones - Bit so over the top that is not and therefore just plainly comes across as BAD! Do not watch if you liked the Mummy franchise.

- Good Stuff! Bring on more!!5 star

Maybe its because of all of the bad hype that I was expecting a real crap-fest, but I actually really enjoyed every aspect of this movie. It was fun, it was spooky, it was exciting, it was well cast, well acted, well written and well paced. For those expecting the Brendan Frasier Mummy, just drop it. It's not a reboot of that franchise and was never advertised to be. Whether or not this develops into a franchise, it's a great movie all on its own. Rent it, you won't regret it.

- well...3 star

I'm not a big Cruise fan, don't care for comics... if this is as some suggested it's relating to? But the movie isn't as bad as some have stated. I find the revisionism of the current Middle East genocides and resulting looting and destroying of ancient civilizations insulting but once I got past that and into the pure fantasy aspects of the theme I found this movie decent. THe problem is the story doesn't go deep enough, it just jumps in and there's a straight line to the end without much else aside from some special effects action sequences. If you're into Ancient Egyptian themes this is quite shallow and offers up only a melodramatic superhantural glimpse into a possible/fictional past used as the backdrop for the plot of the movie. A mummies curse and how the main characters get interwoven into the supernatural plight. The screenplay lacks, the performances are mediocre... overall it's just poorly written without enough depth to make it a classic. Honestly this would make a better franchise for a video game since the mummy can bring back the dead making them her zombie slaves etc. I give it an OK rating but barely, I might watch it again sometime.

- Best movie ever5 star

Great movie!! I loved the girl she was beautiful I have to say and I love mummy’s 👳‍♀️

- Excellent Movie, don't believe the reviews!5 star

I put off seeing this movie for a long time due to the reviews, but I finally saw it and loved it! Great story, great cast! Suspenseful and very entertaining. I suppose if you are expecting a remake of the classic Mummy story you make not be as excited, but I don't have any strong feelings about remaking something exactly like it has already been told. This was fresh and new interpretation of a great story.

- I must be weird5 star

Original movies of the Mummy are 10/10. But...I like this. Some of the additional side-story stuff like Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde could have been left out for another movie, but the new direction and acting was good

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gironx - Good movie5 star

Great movie...a lot of action.

Queen Metalia - Great movie5 star

Great movie

Liam121a - my Review this mummy film5 star

This was okay up untill they found the female sacufigus also this movie remine's me of the hit tv seris stargate sg1 and the ghold hathor. because hathor and the lady in the sarcufigus were almost the same age also i just watched some tom cruise film's recently and i was still inpressed with this and he is the one i have most of his film's and i understand why he doe's these type's of film's also tom cruise like other actor's has some spritshal Qaulity's what make's him a exselent mummy and not because of his haircut and his interview's on closed tv and talk show like the rosey odonel talk show with her leading lady group also compared to brandon frasher tom bring a more com and relaxd actor to the to this film and he's also darying and he can swim lap's in a pool with special water in this film also there are thing's i don't want to menchine about tom i wish him good and i would like to see him in a new top gun film or to pick a cast to fill a new role four another old film like critter 4 maybe also i think tom should be given a gramy four his last couple film's because truth is there's nobody else in hollywood i know that can blance his check book and be Tom cruise four his age also tom has had his share of film's that he done and if i could add why are other people film's more costly but tom cruise's video's are cheaper i have also wondered if there is a shell game in hollywood and tom with his budget and family have been one of the lucky one's. also tom's movie is ploted better then the walking dead in some seen's if the use fake flesh and blood in the walking dead and they use cgi to it's fullyest in a mummy film because i beleave in renconation like my girlfriend and here 16 poker player on facebook.

Nice ap! - The Mummy5 star

Loved it

Bottomlineman - Entertaining. I liked it.4 star

I thought this movie was going to be a remake of the original with Brendan Fraser which I really liked but it is not. The story has very few elements in common with the original but mostly different and this is why I liked it. If it was a remake I don't think it would have been good because the original was very well made and the cast was great. I found the movie very entertaining even though the acting wasn't perfect. I did not expect some deep meaningful story or some real life wisdom and I did not see any. There is lots of action and the comic parts are mostly different from the usual cliches jokes I see in current movies. I found Tom Cruise's character quite funny in a subtle way. I enjoyed it and I recommend it for anyone who likes fantasy action movies with not a lot to analyze or think about but rather sit, relax, eat pop corn and enjoy.

left888 - Too expensive for Crap1 star

16% on rotton tomatoes pretty much sums up this disaster, much like tom cruises career. Once again iTunes shows it's greed, $22 for a 5 Gb movie. In 2 weeks we can buy the "full" movie, which is 20 Gb and it will sell for $20 and that is a blu-ray movie. iTunes either needs to sell the "full" movie as it was made or reduce the price by 3/4 A movie that is so highly compressed lacks quality, compare side by side folks. A highly compressed movie at iTunes, (5 Gb) compared to the (20 Gb) blu-ray. Both the same price but the blu-ray looks incredible. Please don't be fooled by iTunes "new" 4k movies, they aren't even close to a blu-ray movie. Shame on you iTunes.

agilealtitude - Not worth $0.991 star

Absolute junk. If I wanted to see a zombie flick, I would hit YouTube. One of the worst movies I’ve ever seen.

ClientxxxxxYz - Just plain2 star

This is a very average movie despite the high-profile cast and marketing. The storyline is poor and the potential wasted. I regret spending $5 on it. Your money is better spent on other sci-fi flicks. This is more of an "action" movie, boom bang crash with effects again and again.

Giede - Boo1 star

Can't beat the old ones

johnsmcgill - Just A Bad Movie2 star

Couldn’t wait for it to end. Horrible storyline, bad writing, and a total waste of time. Keep scrolling, it won’t be too difficult to find something, anything, that is better than this mess.

mikium - Good Special Effects3 star

If it wasn't for Tom Cruise, the movie itself would be unwatchable. I particularly found the whole Russel Crow "evil company" storyline to be ridiculous and if the film focused primarily on the Cruise-character / Mummy relationship without the 'evil company' twist, it would have been 10x better. It's a good rental though for the special effects, just try not to think too much while watching it!

Celticwolfsun - No idea what critics are talking about..4 star

It's a great movie, awesome action, and even a bunch of creepy stuff. If I would have seen this in theatre I would have left happy. Again.. I have absolutely no idea how this got such a low rating. I would recommend family and friends to watch this movie. I really hope this hasn't soured universals plan to bring back their monsters.

McGoo960 - How to ruin your evening.2 star

Just rent this film and you will successfully ruin your evening. Its just bad. They took what was a really neat series of films and fun ideas and just twisted and compromised them with poor writing, poor acting and an absent narrative. Kind a shame really. So, instead of selecting this film, try something different, maybe something you wouldn't normally try because hands-down it will bring you more enjoyment that this poor flop.

feelsick - Waste of time...1 star

Wait for it to be released on cable and save your money

The Bionic Man - There is something rotten with rotten tomatoes3 star

This was not the best movie I have ever seen but it was well worth the rental fee. It seems certain actors may be getting biased treatments and that there are no standards as to how movies are rated. It is like the reviews are going for snappy wit and delivery as opposed to actually judging a movie on all its merits, acting ,special effects, plot, relative comparison to similar ideas . There is a lot of work from the ground up to making a movie like this and everyone who worked on it deserves a fair review. Who is reviewing Rotten Tomatoes and holding their work up to a standard and it's x-men Apocalypse meets the mummy, meets American Werewolf In London meets Zombie Apocalypse meets Van Helsing that's what kind of movie it is , since when did everyone become a movie critic, when Rotten Tomatoes started I guess ok I guess it's not rotten tomatoes that they are just making more movies, more crappy movies, yea, so we should just be happy about crappy movies. I am sorry I cannot apologize, Tom Cruise must apologize

brivington - Great Movie!5 star

I have no idea why this movie performed poorly, it was awesome! I have nothing negative to say about it. Loved the entire thing! Very entertaining!

[HappyPappy] - What the hell was this movie about?2 star

I think there was a mummy in it but not really sure, just a bunch of Tom Cruise and the rest didn't make any sense. Bring back Brendan Fraser!!!

Adgeless - Hey, I liked it.4 star

I could've gone with it being longer

crystalveldkamp - rent!!3 star

Why why why oh why does Itunes even bother haivng movies to rent when they don;t let you rent the good movies??? I would like to rent this movie, NOT buy it!!! Let us rent movies please!!!! :( What's the point of itunes if you can't rent good movies?

A fan of Macca - Not a remake3 star

This isn't trying to repeat the Brendan Frasier-led film, it's set in modern times with a female mummy who's motivation for power is much stronger. Unfortunately, it cannot decide whether the lead is the action-experiencing Tom Cruise or the intellectual, problem-solver Russell Crowe. Their characters don't click, making it seem like two films side by side rather than one cohesive step towards something bigger… though each, in their own right, is a decent movie, meaning that a great movie just eluded them.

The6Lord - Sadly Now i know why thy say it's tom's worst movie.1 star

What garbage this movie is. Recommended on only watching the Brandon Fresher Mummy now that's a classic. With actors who wanted to be part of it, expect the third one. This was a complete mess. tried to skip a head to see if it would get better but nope it only got worse. Can't believe that some people actually liked this crap. Hopefully The other monster films along with the dark universe movie won't be as bad as this crap, cross fingers.

Michel. Top body - Oh thoniers5 star

Les quatre autres France

saams - Nothing New3 star

Really Disappointed. Nothing to talk about. The same old mummy story.

Hatycat - A4 star


I BlackDevilz I - A good effort put forth4 star

Just relax on the couch , put your feet up and enjoy.

Napoleon55535 - Great Movie4 star

Not sure what all the negative reviews are about. For this who understand the dark universe and this adaptation, you'll love it. For this who know nothing of the dark universe, you'll love it and now you know.

r.aren - Fun escapist entertainment!5 star

I saw The Mummy & I loved it!! It's great escapist entertainment, super fun, wild action, and really cool ancient Egypt elements. It's got some funny elements, too. I really, really hope they do a sequel.

ireadthe book - The Mummy was good enough4 star

I am not sure what movie the critics watched, but this movie was decent. Probably the same critics that reviewed Alien Covenant. Alien Covenant was great and would have been excellent if the Engineers' homeworld story was expanded; probably on the cutting room floor and to be released as a special edition or another movie. I love the Walking Dead. There are moments in the movie that remind me of the Walking Dead. The story is basic, not too convoluted, but helps the movie move forward. This is like Star Trek: the Motion Picuture. The beginning of a franchise. Action and CG was great. Acting was plausible with some humour. We are talking about the dead coming back to life. It is not War and Peace. There is no underling message. It is fun. It is Pirates of the Caribbean. Sit back and enjoy the ride. Leave logic in the kitchen. And it has a good ending. Or if you like, beginning.

Jucies - Ok4 star

Not bad at all....

Nothingoriginal55 - A Review before I've seen the movie1 star

So does anyone know who actually asked for a "Dark Universe" from Universal? And maybe if they had done original stories instead of re hashing scripts from thirty years ago like Hollywood is prone to to do these days. I don't wish ill will towards anyone - but I hope this signifies the end of Roberto Orci's career. I don't see this universe doing well at all. If I watch it later and change my mind, I will let you know somehow...

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Kuffy01 - Dont rent, don't buy1 star

It'll be on the SyFy network in the next 6 months. It is really that bad. The only positive is the beautiful lady that plays the Mummy and that still doesn't make up for zero script, zero story, awful acting, mediocre effects. I could go on. Just avoid if you can.

H.L.S. - Well Done, But...3 star

I rented it. All of the flash-ins and flash-backs and flash-views took away from the pace of a good concept. It made the movie rather dull. It never reached a steady run of story. Anabelle is amazing! I probably won't buy it. On a side note: It would make for an interesting alternate origin story for "Dark Man".

WLF579 - Misunderstood4 star

This movie has gotten a lot of bad reviews. I almost didn’t watch it. But I decided to rent it, but I wish I’d bought it. I think this is of the most misunderstood movies in recent history. Viewers are, I think, evaluating this movie on the wrong criteria. Was the plot great? Average. Was the acting wonderful? Average. How about the directing? Average. Effects? Pretty good. So what is the right criteria? Money. Universal wants to get in on all the recent confabulation blockbusters like those from Marvel and DC. Who can blame them? But unlike Marvel and DC, Universal is a giant entertainment machine, second only to Disney. This movie was intended to start a franchise, not make money itself. Expect more movies set in this “Dark Universe”. Expect games. Expect exhibits and rides in the theme park. That’s why they wanted the big name stars. Crowe feels like he’ll be the anchor, much like Downing is for Marvel (not sure who is the anchor for DC). Cruise will just show up from time to time like Loki. The achievement here is the universe itself. It’s rich enough to fill with lots of Universal characters, like the Mummy, Dr. J/H, the Invisible Man, Frankenstein, and many others from Universal archives. Expect them to be resurrected in this new Dark Universe.

1233333vk - terrible1 star

This movie was so bad that we (including 2 adults and 3 10 year old boys) couldn't watch after 20 minutes.

iHeard - An absolute mess1 star

Pointless meandering storyline with bad acting and average special effects

Msabin09 - So. I actually really liked this5 star

This movie was exactly what I was looking for,perfect amount of creepy/action/sexy IMO. Every just needs to remember to go in to this movie NOT thinking of the older mummy's, it's its own new thing and it works.

paul 103 - The mummy5 star

That mummy wanted him she got him!

Jay Julien - Unwatchable1 star


rudymx13 - Not worth it2 star

It really really really really reallly sucked Like I wish that Tom cruise will chop off his dignity and eat it

Justfloat - The Mummy5 star

If you watch it, you have to remember they wanted to take an old style scary movie like the ones they had back in the early 1970’s late night Friday or Saturday, and step it up a bit, kick it in the pants! Part comedy, part scary movie, a little love story, a bit of a ghost story! In my eyes they nailed it! I laughed, I had a good idea he would either get the girl, or save her! Not too gory, not too sexy, and definitely vamped up with cgi special effects that they lacked back then! In light of all that, as a total fan of them old late night movies we had to watch, because no one had the money to actually plan, or do anything else, Thank You Tom, for getting it right! I hope they make a sequel, but I know they won’t, everybody saw this movie, and left a bad review, saw it with the wrong eyes! Well done though!

Woolley_Mammoth - Way Better Than The Brendan F. Movies5 star

I have never written a review on iTunes before. I (generally) take the review comments with a grain of salt given that ANYONE can write a review (myself included). However, the comments simply do not line up with my families impression of this movie. THIS was a very good movie. Both my wife and I liked the new spin and setup for potential follow-on sequels.

matycee - I take it all back...5 star

Finally, a rental price I can get up with. I gotta say, I had a blast watching this movie. I take back every bad thing I said about it. To all the naysayers, lighten up and just go for the ride.

Technospaz - Very mediocre2 star

I guess there way too much hype around this movie and it did not deliver. Yes, there are some decent scenes but overall, Tom Cruise couldn't save it. It wasn't that the storyline was bad (and it's nice to know that they're introducing the new Gods & Monsters franchise) but it was a combination of a haphazard script, trying to do too much and just sub-par acting which ruined it.

gamboolman - Do not Buy or Rent Do Not Let Your Curiosity Fool You2 star

I gave in to my curiosity and bought this film. Not good at all. Could have been but was just not good at all. Don't waste your time and money.

Scott Tinkham - The Mummy4 star

Tom Cruise is awesome in this movie. Get it.

SFVideoKid - Hard to watch such a bad flick1 star

One of the worst movies I've ever seen. Convoluted and bloated. Acting was spotty and it just wasn't well done in general. Cruise just isn't a good actor. Please (please) don't make a sequel.

Chuck Linton - Nick miller blew it!1 star

Nick miller blew it!

nocrickets - Mummy oh dearest1 star

Cynical, incoherent trash that feels like it was written by a committee of 7-year-olds. Even with Sofia Boutella in it it's hard to watch.

Mr.Nasch - Tom cruise1 star

Worst Tom cruise movie I've ever seen

Redips-nam - Tom cruise ruin it2 star

At some points the movie would be good but then Tom cruise just ruins it. It was probably last minute casting. The mummy was good but not Tom cruise. It could have been awesome if there where good actors.

Camry Long - Terrible1 star

The only thing that can make an unnecessary remake like this appealing is if it's a fun movie to watch. If you are looking for fun, I hate to say it, but a Tom Cruise movie won't deliver this time around. Maybe watch another movie of his, or the original Mummy. Heck, you could have more fun watching the one from the 90's than this steaming pile.

chispa adecuada - Bad1 star

Very disappointed

S1D2 - I've got no party, so no line to tow...5 star

I've got no party, so no line-to-tow but my own. From technical to cinematography, from casting to direction, the movie was great.

Event - Was ok3 star

Eh was ok. They did give props to older movies I grew up with. They mummy book prop was used in the fight scene.

vfxtyxxhcycgx - Z2 star

Z z 🙂🙂🌷💐🍋👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

Joek512 - Loved5 star

I think the whole monster twist was cool. The kind of zombie affect on the mummy’s is cool, too

urined off - Utter garbage1 star

My only comment is that it is an insult to give this piece of fecal matter one star. A negative integer scale should be added for trash like this!

TraddyPooh - Really, really, really, really bad.1 star

This was horrid, just absolutely horrid. Cruise plays Nick, a total loser. The jokes are really difficult to digest, and his best buddy plays the dead guy ala American Werewolf in London. Nothing is original about this movie, nothing.

Simple Monk - Great movie5 star

I’m not sure why all the negative reviews. I thought it was a great movie. Well worth renting.

Utilamom - Glad I rented1 star

Bad, really really bad

DLH-Stars - A pretty good movie5 star

It turned out to be really well written and have great action it and I enjoyed watching it.

thiagodking - Never what alone .....5 star

I liked that movie is very good and the serve a 5 starts.

#IMLikeABoss - Don’t waste your time and money1 star

I’m a fan of Tom Cruise, but this movie was a disgrace. Two thumbs down.

Southgtlman - One of the worst I ever watched1 star

A waste of money and time. Watch the original.

Rogue7418 - Great movie!5 star

As always, a great movie with tom.

blainerunner - better than expected3 star

Cruise turns in a solid, very Cruise-y performance. If you are a fan, you’ll enjoy him in this. He’s about as good here as he is in Oblivion. Crowe is a bit hammy. I like him, but he was wrong for his part. I expected a bad B movie and this was a good B movie. The effects are very good and the lore is passable. Frankly, I enjoyed this more than X-men Apocalypse. I am not saying The Mummy is great or even good movie, but if you saw it on a plane, you’d be totally fine with it. If I were RT, I’d give it a 39%.

matching dysfunctions - Definitely See! Very Entertaining! Don't listen to the haters, they are stupid5 star

My husband and I are avid movie critics and we found this movie extremely entertaining! It had a lot of great action, was thrilling, scary in the parts they were going for, had a lot of witty banter and funny lines, Great cinematically and over all a truly enjoyable movie. Don't listen to the bad reviews. Do yourself a favor and just see the movie. You'll find that the haters were just being mean. I think you'll really enjoy the movie and be glad you saw it.

Neuralangel - perfectly fine escapist Adventure Movie5 star

Not sure why the super low marks, this is getting. I just watched it and it was a perfectly acceptable totally escapistic adventure mummy movie with an, intermittently very attractive, intermittently very scary, Female Mummy, Tom Cruise as the somewhat klutzy hero, but not wanting to be a hero, and lotsa special effects and stuff. It is not "Lawrence of Arabia", nor is it "Blade Runner", but if you want a nice distracting, not totally serious, but not extra-creepy either, action filled, expensively constructed cinemagraphic thing, this works. I probably should give it 3 Plus Stars, or 4 Minus at best, but i'll give it a 5 Stars just to counterbalance all the unexplainable 1 Stars.

stp2112 - Sucked1 star

The originals from the 40s will always blow away these wanna be pseudo crap remakes spend your money on the original with Boris Karloff

LOMG77 - Wait and rent3 star

Not worth a purchase, may be worth a rental price. Tom has never been a great actor, but played some good roles. Typical Cruise movie.

gb0923 - Mummy casting done wrong1 star

The lady they chose as the mummy. I found her to be mediocre as an actress and I am shocked they hired her. They could have done better than that. The villain has to be believable.

DJJS J. - Nope1 star

Nothing comes close to beating the first 2 movies , its time to retire Mr Scientologist .

Pobzombie - Trash1 star

This movie was garbage. Tom cruise's dude-Bro friend becomes a zombie, tom falls in love allegedly after a half one night stand and then he 'sacrifices' himself to some mystery monster by letting the mummy kill him. Corny.

Amit_Apple - Absolute fun5 star

I can't force my opinion on those who didn't like this. I watched in 4k and this movie was absolutely fun to watch. In fact I watched it twice. Kindly don't compare it to earlier version and spoil the fun. It is no better or worse than earlier movies. 🎥 Hope you all enjoy it too.

Omegavc - Same Stunts, different movie.1 star

What a waste of a rental. Is it a requirement for Tom to do the same stunts involving an airplane in every movie he makes. I'm sorry but the acting was poor and a storyline was nonexistent. "SPOILER" Did they really leave it open for a sequel? I would rather watch the old Boris Karloff mummy movie then go through this again. If you must see it wait till it comes to TV and watch it for free.

Church going - 😏5 star

It's pretty great movie. Like a lot

Thirty-Something - Anything Tom Cruise1 star

At this point it’s extraordinarily difficult to stomach anything that Tom Cruise makes. He knows that his church is a lie and that the person running the show is causing significant harm to individuals and families and yet he is more concerned with being a great actor and he hides behind his religion as if they are truly “clearing the planet”. What a joke. Tom Cruise, you are a joke.

TCN-larkspur - Really liked it4 star

Great effects, drama, action. Classic Tom action persona. A fun watch.

Deadhitman12271993 - Great!5 star

It was a very interesting movie with a great climax , there should have been a big fight but at least he kept the powers. Hope there's a second part to it.

Furiae - It really wasn't good1 star

I watched this on the plane after finishing the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, and I found myself much preferring the Pirates film. That should say something. The reviews were actually spot-on for The Mummy. I think there were glimmers of attempts at recreating the charm and humor from the original films, but there was also a very obvious, heavy-handed Tom Cruise influence (from what the gossip rags say, he made a lot of changes and the production team caved into his demands). What you get is neither a Mummy film or a Tom Cruise film, but some indiscernible mess in between. The romantic leads had no chemistry, Tom's character wasn't interesting or even likable, and I found myself rooting for the baddie because she was at least compelling and interesting.

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