Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming Summary and Synopsis

Spider-Man [Tom Holland] begins to navigate his new identity as the web-slinging super hero under the watchful eye of his mentor Tony Stark. Following the events of Captain America: Civil War, Peter Parker, with the help of his mentor Tony Stark, tries to balance his life as an ordinary high school student in Queens, New York City, with fighting crime as his superhero alter ego Spider-Man as a new threat, the Vulture, emerges. Spider-Man: Homecoming Wiki

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Spider-Man: Homecoming Movie (2017)

Spider-Man: Homecoming Comments & Critics

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Spider-Man: Homecoming Movie Reviews

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- “Whoa, you guys are the Avengers!”4 star

Good plot, characters, as well as good humor. It’s a fresh new take on Spidey! The after-credits were great too. Nuff said.

- Amazing5 star

This movie was very funny, the actor for peter parker did an amazing job, Also I think it’s funny how spiderman called the robot in his suit “suit lady”.

- I love this movie5 star

This is a amazing movie 👍👍

- Spoofer man5 star

Moan noise

- Good acting good CGI bad story2 star

I enjoyed this movie as much as I did not which seems a little confusing but I did not like the story and the characters I love Tom Holland’s acting and really appreciate it but I think the story could be completely reanimated to be better but then again I did like it. But to be honest I think that they are going to bring back Spiderman into the MCU then I think this is kind of lame.

- Welcome Back, Spider-Man4 star

Spider-Man: Homecoming offers a refreshingly new take on its iconic character and inserts an epic superhero action flick into a teen comedy seamlessly. Anchored by stellar outings from Tom Holland, Michael Keaton and Robert Downey Jr., this movie brings Spidey back to brilliance after a few lesser outings in recent years. 8/10 Personal Notes: Okay, the amount of hate from extremely vocal children named Raimi/Maguire fanboys is utterly ridiculous. Who freaking cares that this isn’t the same as the Maguire movies? OF COURSE it’s not gonna be the same. Why in the world would you expect otherwise? The hate from you Raimi fans is petty and pathetic. Yes, I LOVE the Maguire movies. But the MCU Spider-Man is NOT anything bad. Grow up.

- Not sure about this movie3 star

The movie was awesome for the first half but but not that good at the end. I give this three stars.

- You mom garbage5 star

Garbage u garbage crics

- I like it5 star


- amazing movie!!5 star

it’s just the best movie ever

- Best Spiderman Movie Yet5 star

I personally think that this is the best Spider man movie to date. Tom Holland is by far my favorite Peter, and he seems to have as much fun playing the character as we have watching it

- Underwhelming2 star

This movie had so much hype I expected so much more. It felt boring and long in some places and none of the action scenes brought anything new. Tom Holland was okay as spider man, but the movie as a whole was bland.

- Review5 star

Best movie ever

- Amazing.5 star

I thought this movie was beautifully directed, incredibly thought out and each of the character were interesting. Tom Holland (Peter) in my opinion was an amazing spiderman and Peter Parker. He was so frustratingly relatable, and awkward like any other teenager. zendaya (Michelle) was incredible as well, she had her comedic moments, and she is such a strong character with a big impact for someone who wasn’t even a main character in the movie yet. And Jacob (Ned) loves loved lovedddd him!he was hilarious and also relatable! This movie was an overall masterpiece that DEFINITELY deserved the hype!

- The best Spider-Man movie5 star


- Not the best1 star

This film felt flat

- Amazing5 star

He is so hot and I live the plot and the action in the movie


Highly recommend!

- With Great Power Comes Great Responsibillty.5 star

Tom Holland is the best spider-man to date even like Maguire, Garfield there is no difference Tom Holland Rocks as Spider-Man he acts like a teenager and socially awkward but when he is spider man he is funny.

- Stop and observe4 star

Ok, first of all, the story of how Peter Parker got bit by a radioactive spider has been told enough times; the fact that this movie excluded that part should not be considered an issue. And for the few people who weren’t familiar with the story, Ned confirmed in one part of the movie, “You got bit by a spider”. As for the whole critiquing over there not being an MJ or Gwen Stacy and instead a totally different girl, at the end we clearly see Zendaya’s character commenting that they can call her “MJ”. And Peter’s initial love interest was already lost by the end of the movie. Overall, this movie was great and relatable.

- It was awesome4 star

It was so great with iron man in it.

- Awesome!5 star

These one star reviews are just white noise. Ruined the franchise? If you’re trying to say the movies with Tobey Maguire even came close to this, you are sadly mistaken. Kiddie movie? Slapstick? Are you out of your mind? I mean I guess if you want Spider Man to beat the life out of everyone and crush their skulls under his foot, this isn’t the movie for you. If you’ve ever read the Spider Man comics, you would realize that he is meant to be a super hero you can relate too. He’s not rich, he’s not some playboy everyone wants to get their hands on, he’s a normal kid with real problems. And that’s exactly how Stan Lee intended it.

- I love it!5 star

The best Spidey!

- Refund issue1 star

I refunded it and I did get my money back

- VERY GOOD5 star




- Great movie5 star

I really liked the story line worth the money 👍🙂😎😂

- Spider man Homecoming!!5 star


- Spider-Man4 star

Ok but not good

- Loved it5 star

I thought this movie was great so to all of those people who think it sucked and said it was “overrated” they can shut it because I doubt they could do any better. If you don’t like it you can go and cry to your poor little mommy but leave these people alone. They worked so hard to make something enjoyable for you. So why don’t you people come up with the humanity to respect that.

- Mcu fan5 star

One of the greatest Spider-Man film in all the universe(Spider-verse being#3 & far from home being #1 so far)

- Loved it!!!5 star

Ik most people are writing about how bad it is, but it’s awesome. I love how young Parker is and I love Ned. This movie is funny and action packed and has a great story❤️


I LOVE this movie!!! i would watch it every day if i could. so proud of tom holland for a astonishing performance. i loved MJ’s sass in this movie too!! #ignorethehaters

- LOVED IT5 star

Loved everything

- great movie5 star

this movie gets some much hate i don’t why 🤦🏿‍♂️y’all are so old school 🤣

- 💰5 star


- Don’t listen to the bad reviews!5 star

They obviously don’t love marvel the way other marvel fans do. Yes it wasn’t like the other Spiderman movies, but this is a reboot it isn’t supposed to be like the other spider-man movies. Tom Holland was a great actor, and yes MJs character was a little meh. But in the end it needed up being a great movies!

- Spider-Man5 star

One of the best Spider-Man movies watch it perfection

- Amazing5 star

Love it so much

- The best yet5 star

It was one of the best marvel Movies I’ve ever watched by far Tom Did such a great job playing Spiderman

- amazing!!5 star

love spider-man and love tom holland even more! great movie!

- Loved it5 star

I really loved this movie, I thought it was incredible and was a great first solo movie for Spidey

- I loved the movie!!!5 star

I don’t care what others say, I loved this movie! They didn’t include how Spider-Man got his powers or anything in the old movies because it would have been repetitive. People are still comparing this movie to the old Spider-Man movies they grew up with instead of enjoying the movie.

- Great movie5 star

I love this movie it's so great

- Great and funny but not the best movies3 star

I gave it 2-3 stars because it’s not that good. The only thing I found interesting about this movie was Karen, I freaking love Karen. I found it more as a comedy movie, and it felt rushed to me. Marvel has to do better.

- Man i loved this movie5 star

This movie made me so happy bro it was crazy fun highly recommend it can’t wait to see the 2nd one :) yippie kay yay

- Good movie5 star

Now I have seen this movie many times and I know that it may not be the best spider man movie but it is very good! It’s a different version, new characters and a new spider man. It would get boring if they kept the same characters and same overall story, so overall if you are a fan of Spider-Man or a fan of Tom Holland or any other of the actors I totally suggest it!

- Amazing5 star

This movie was amazing I’ve always loved the MCU they make amazing movie I’ve watched every single marvel movie and I’m shocked it’s so good I love Spider-Man

- I’m going to die5 star

Wow the 🎥 was awesome and the song sunflower 🌻.

- Not really Spider-Man1 star

Not the Spider-Man I grew up with in the 60s when I bought the comics (including 1st edition). Way too politically correct. Disney Studios indoctrination continuing. It was a little enjoyable...mostly when Ironman was on. Two British actors in a row to portray Peter Parker??!! What? American youths unable to read the script?

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Samiam262835182 - It’s ok3 star

This new iteration of Spider-Man is different than the other two. Some changes include focusing on a much younger Peter Parker, taking place within a much larger expanded universe and giving Spider-Man a new suit upgrade. This movie had a lot of style and heart, and while I found the new suit and all of its gadgets to be not in line with Spider-Man’s character, the movie was still enjoyable and fun to watch

a assassin's creed fan - Love it!5 star

Tom Holland brings a fresh face to Spider-Man the world needed! Someone watch ArtSpear on YouTube!

MissMew95 - Spider-Man Homecoming5 star

This movie is great, and a lot of fun to watch. Tom Holland did an excellent job portraying Peter Parker, and I love how he did 90% of his own stunts for Spider-Man! I also love how they made Aunt May younger for this movie. It makes her more relatable, also it doesn’t show Peter’s origin story on how he got his powers. Which I guess we don’t need to see his origins. Anyway check out this movie if you’re a MCU or Spider-Man Fan! ❤️

hehrhhfhd - Awesome5 star

This movie was a thrilling and full of twists

james dabed - Spider-Man homecoming5 star


anonymous-6782648163916482 - Best Spider-Man Movie Ever5 star

Great movie, I loved it. I have watched it multiple times and I am counting down the days until “far from home” is released.

galaxygamer05 - One of the best marvel film I saw5 star

I love Spider-Man new suit! I also liked his friend. it was intensely funny 😂

Seth Harries - Best movie ever5 star

Totally hated it

Mkalulu - Obsessed with Tom Holland5 star

I honestly LOVE Tom holland because he’s the best actor ever! I recommend watching this movie but if u fall in love with him then I will murder u.... I SHALL MURDER U ALL

KyleGoddard - Really Great5 star

Brought me back to my childhood reading comics. Fantastic story and Tom Holland is excellent.

Tsundere Jord - Amazing Movie! 10/105 star

An amazing movie! Definitely worth the money! Tom Holland is such a fantastic actor! Wonderful movie! Perfect amount of action and comedic relief. 10/10 never been this obsessed with a movie! 👏🏻👏🏻

Go,, - This is awesome5 star

One of the best movies ever

5267182836638191 - I know I’m late don’t judge lol5 star


smiley and me - Spider man do do do5 star


muhub - wow5 star


Some other Kate G - Boring, forced diversity1 star

Kept waiting for the movie to end. Socially awkard with forced diversity - focused more on race than on plot.

silentp.74839 - I’m satisfied5 star

As a long time Spider-Man fan I get to experience the story of Peter Parker and Spider-Man all over again, but it’s nice to have a little twist in the story making it more immersive for me again. I enjoyed this movie.

jigglejoue - Awesome!5 star

Wow! What a film this has been. From heart pounding action to nonstop comedy, this movie was a hit!

acdds99 - A+5 star

Honestly, love or hate it, watching this movie just makes me feel good :)

Breakthesteak411 - AMAZEBALLS❣️❣️5 star

Tom Holland was amazing in this! Not to mention RDJ, Laura, and Zendaya as well, + Jacob absolutely cracked me up! Hands down the best Spider-Man in my book. Can’t wait to see more of this Avenger!! 😭👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

ldelarosalynn - Could barely keep my eyes open2 star

Oh my gosh, there are too many Spider-Mans! No offense to cast but the story line made no sense. It dragged on and on. Thank goodness I rented it when it was only $0.99, cause I would be poorly disappointed if it was for $6.99.

of my own mind - Very disappointing1 star

While I am a huge spidey fan, this movie was so disappointing I ended up fast forwarding most of it. There's just no story to relate to behind the silly special effects. And I know I am going against popular opinion - but the dude who played this spider man was such a poor actor. Who knows though if the writers had bothered to create a decent script for him. All charcaters were soooo poor - no connection - no spark. Boring as all get out.

Charles || - Nice version of spiderman5 star

Spider man (or kid) and his asian friend make a great comedy team in this movie. These actors stole the show. Very Humourous.

Manning2072 - Amazing!!!!5 star

Better then Wonder Woman by fare!!!

Ross U - Horrible. Recreation of a recreation or a recreation.1 star

I just watched this movie last night. Biggest marvel disappointment in a decade. Horribly casted actors. Horribly played character. Political/ethnic inclusion intervening into an already established story line. Whole movie was immature and suited for middle school age at most. Poor story line. Insecure hero. No other avengers. Micheal Keaton played a good villain . But that’s it. Total flop. Can’t believe I paid $5.99 and sat through the whole thing...after 30 mind I knew I was just enduring the film just to see the end credits/future teasers....

SupermanFan97 - Fun Spider-Man Movie5 star

This is one of the best Spider-Man Movies ever Tom Holland was great as the Web Slinger

Robofthewest - Spider Teen's story arch made sense3 star

Although both my wife and I found the character annoying at first, Peter Parker's growth by the end of the film more than makes up for it. Tom Holland was great. My only peeve is how radically they changed the character (in relation to other characters, especially Tony Stark. We all know that in the comics, Peter Parker is a very intelligent teen, who after he becomes Spiderman witnesses the death of his uncle and it changes him profoundly. He is responsible for his spider suit and the spider bugs and other technology. I know they wanted to integrate his character into the Avengers, but I was disappointed how they made Tony Stark his tutor and provider of gadgets. It dummed down the character of Spiderman a bit, I feel.

Juvinar - Mr. Spider Bean1 star

The most unrealistic super hero ever! Spider man’s character is so annoying. Why the Director make spidey as idiot or dumb as Mr. Bean... this spiderman is so dependent on the suit made by Tony Stark that using his web! Unbelievable.. not worth the time and money.

Lineil03 - Best movie ever5 star

Best movie ever

craigbear - Against the grain2 star

I recognize many people liked this movie but I just found it weak. Obviously aimed for a younger target audience than previous movies in this franchise. It was just weak everywhere. Very disappointing. One of the tests on any story weas whether you found that you liked the main character (or for that matter, any principle character).Sad to say I found no love for spidy here.

seriouslyhaha123 - Nice5 star

Nice movie

flying doge - WOW so good!5 star

This is a great movie to watch with the family 🙂

The Bionic Man - Worth the wait , but not worth the rate5 star

By that I mean I waited for the Bluray, if movie companies can offer free digital movies via the codes included with a Bluray movie then you know they are taking all the new profit from digital format and sticking it in their pockets. Hold out for the Bluray or rental option and prices will come down. The real power resides in the masses if they are not being massively controlled

daveamerica - Great movie5 star

Loved it

Sunshine.143 - Wrong Aspect Ratio2 star

This movie was originally shot 2.35:1 and the iTunes release was blown up to fit height, at 16x9 (1.78:1), which cut off the sides. There’s some really apparent shots that don’t have actors in the shot because of this. Watch the preview, that’s how it’s supposed to be.

Greg from M - Finally a great famliy movie5 star

Finally a great famliy movie, Smart, great for my 10 year old son. I was so tired of these Avengers' movies, really refreshing

zxcter - no thanks1 star

A 2.00 increase in price for an SD rental? Pure greed. They say that the price will go down when the movie gets old. So....if I can't watch new releases at a reasonable price....why use itunes? Much cheaper to watch old movies on Netflix.

Oooticus - Spidamazing5 star

It was good

missnou - Ok2 star

Better then i expected but....not enought for me! Miss something, not enought spyde action and too Much peter Parker. They don’t talk about her story. They totaly skip it and put one or 3 big action.

Persone that likes - I hbonllffdtdfucb.1 star

YX-yes was dzccextxycgchfc tr e I to really do right zach is st

LeoMaster00 - Crappy as hell1 star

The most lamest spider man movie ever. Peter McGuire will also be a better spider man than half the losers who play spider man on these movie. What a waste of dollars, best if I just p***ed my money down the toilet. Oh well, guess these kind moving caters for the newer generations...lame as can be.

Big fan game commenters - Buy it.5 star

A true Spider-Man will buy this movie. Great movie and comes with Extras . Deleted scene and more.... Buy it or wait for the official release date(October 17) . Personally i recommend to buy the Bluray Version because you get the movie in iTunes and Bluray Disc

Only1s - The best marvel film to date5 star

Absolutely the best incarnation of the character.

left888 - Too Expensive1 star

Once again iTunes shows it's greed, $24.99 for a 5 Gb movie. In 2 weeks we can buy the "full" movie, which is 20 Gb and it will sell for $25 and that is a blu-ray movie. iTunes either needs to sell the "full" movie as it was made or reduce the price by 3/4 A movie that is so highly compressed lacks quality, compare side by side folks. A highly compressed movie at iTunes, (5 Gb) compared to the (20 Gb) blu-ray. Both the same price but the blu-ray looks incredible. Please don't be fooled by iTunes "new" 4k movies, they aren't even close to a blu-ray movie. Shame on you iTunes.

Calebcolling - Spider-man Homecoming5 star

It’s one my favourite marvel movies ever. I related to it so much, worth the buy. Well done, best movie of 2017.

Jbone025 - Same old marvel1 star

Typical marvel .... over 2 hours of nothing engaging or entertaining ... how do people continue to pay for the same movie over and over again. Save your money and buy something other than “ ... next time on marvel”

Smilegirl0909 - TOO GOOD5 star


frogfrickin - review4 star

get Ned out of that movie he is annoying

Wmcdowallcotlear_13 - SO GOOD!5 star

This is such a good movie!! Tom Holland did GREAT in it!!! 1000% RECOMMEND

holy.quiznak - 👍5 star

My Trans Son

party popper263826284 - Ummmm3 star

This was pretty nice but not as good as far from home AT ALL The porn joke was not needed and I didn’t really feel like a marvel movie, it felt like spidey was truly limited Bye

# disneymouse - Spidey5 star

Love the movie, love marvel

matty age 6 - Spider man home come ing5 star

I like this because it is so cool and I just love spider man

Mystical2126 - Great5 star

Functions perfectly plus a great movie 100% worth every penny

youve been gnomed - Spider-man gnomecoming5 star

probably one of my favorite marvel movies

TysonDeHaunt - The Best Spider-Man5 star

I was a fan of both Tobey Maguire’s and Andrew Garfield’s portrayal of the character. Tom Holland though, he’s somehow managed become the best Spider-Man there ever was.

KFCmonster - Hilarious5 star

It is a great movie full of action , drama , and comedy. It's worth buying

zakawismen - I love it5 star

I welyy love it

brian broadan - Spider-Man homecoming review1 star

I rented it for the 2 days that it gave me and it took longer than 2 days to download so I didn’t even get to watch it waste of money if you ask for my opinion

Kushmunasinghe - TBH horrible1 star

kid going through adulthood, high school crush, villain power are goods but not showcased well, i dunno why the hell avengers name is mentioned a million times when it's not even closer to any of it, stopped half way through, wasted time and money even for a $2.99 rental.

holly19/05 - Download4 star

Was everyone else able to download it? I purchased the movie and watched it while connected to wifi today but whenever I try to download it I receive the notification “unable to download movie”, I’ve asked around for advice and tried numerous things to fix this but the only reply I’ve gotten is “it’s the download it self”, anyway to fix this problem? I feel like I’ve tried everything

snapchat bugs - OMG TOM IS THE BEST5 star

Tom is such the perfect fit for this character he gets it just right. I love how it was put together and how amusing it was. The spider men in the past were not the right fit for the character. The first one was too awkward the second two cocky but this one is just right Good job cant wait for Spider-Man for from home

ABBCGCS - Fantastic4 star

Not the best Spider-Man movie, that still belongs to Spider-Man 2 but a interesting, modern twist on Spidey’s mythos. If your looking for a fun movie with ties to the larger MCU this movie is for you. Definitely worth any superhero fans time.

Bobubs - Awesome film5 star

What a great movie. Everyone will enjoy this movie. This has to be in one of my top 10 films to see now. Great film and edge of your seat moments. Fantastic

Pablo Koinonia - Garbage1 star

Liberal attempt to be racially inclusive at the expense of a good script. Unwatchable. Made for a mental age of 10. Abandoned halfway though.

Lillou77 - It all clicked5 star

Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good

hip hop where - Pathetic1 star

This movie makes spiderman look like the worst and stupidest avenger of all! Terrible movie!

potato535 - Review5 star

Was amazing love it and the star actor (Tom Holland) was really amazing

Aaronmmmmmmmmm - Good movie5 star

Best film ever 😱

Ayla78 - Best Spider-Man movie5 star

This was a great reboot, even though I think they should have rolled with SpiderGwen this time around. The ‘bad guy’ in this film isn’t one dimensional like most others, he’s not a villain for the sake of it. Overall, the family and I really enjoyed it.

SarWoo44 - Yeah good really good5 star

This movie is great. A great sequel to civil war and sorta sets up infinity war. So much different from the other spider mans. Different actors, different story and really funny. I would recommend 7 to 11 ages. Spoiler alert! Why M? Swear words? Seriously, who cares? I went to see this with my friend for his birthday. He didn’t particularly like this film but I love it! Got it on iTunes. Spider man has got to be my favourite hero. Epically Tom Holland improved the film. Now I can’t wait for the next one in 2019! The best spider man. I do really like the andrew Garfield ones though. They’re hard to compete with! The end

StrikerPlayzYT - 5 Stars5 star

Good things: Everything Bad things: None

Clark-ee-doo! - Spider-Man: Homecoming4 star

Funny, fast paced, heartfelt and great visuals, but I just don't understand when everybody says "they finally got Spider-Man right!" because his suit is basically an iron man suit and he relies on it too much. The best part of the film is when he loses it because he's just left to his strength and web shooters. Still a really good addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but I think I'll be be watching the Sam Raimi trilogy more often.

Micha-Sascha - Effects?2 star

It's so sad to see my favourite childhood super hero being put into such a sloppy production. The CGI is well below standard - and while there are sooo many dreadful effects, why did anyone think Spiderman's mask should blink? Even for little kids, this is poor, but for lifelong Spiderman fans, this is just a joke. With Keaton and Holland it could have been really something.

OliveWahh - Loved it5 star

Another Spider-Man remake, but I actually loved it. It's a lot funnier than the other movies. Looking forward to see more of this Spider-Man

Chrisjakjqpeoohkwkq - Moist5 star

MOST AMAZING MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN ! This film made my spider senses tingle 🙊

AwsomeAus01 - Spider man homecoming5 star


polaraircargo - Disappointed2 star

Was like a kids movie. More like a comedy. Fumbling stumbling young Spiderman through out the whole movie. Keaton was a stand out but, yet another bad Spiderman movie.

Upsetaboutthisapp - Best Spider-Man yet BUY IT5 star

Tom Holland is remarkable in this new fresh spidey story that’ll have you transported to a whole new universe

PlumD - Clumsy3 star

A clumsy attempt at entertainment. Could only scrape up 3 stars.

Comet extreme - This movie is so awesome5 star

I love this I can remember watching it with my friend and that was one the happiest day of my life😎👌🏻

RedCentreBuddy - As a casual Spider-Man fan, I enjoyed it.5 star

I have read a few comic book story arcs of different spidermen, and have seen all movies. Didn't really like the first three films, but the amazing Spider-Man films I really enjoyed, and this one was great. I'm not a critical viewer, I just enjoy films, and I enjoyed this one. Really good stuff!

Jumbo502 - Best one yet5 star

Great movie for adults and kids

moonlight68 - Surprise Surprise5 star

Loved it on 4K Apple TV Picture quality, story , everything is brilliant. Highly recommendation to Buy Buy Buy

A Dragon Vale player - Awesome5 star


Inowgetflowers - I FREAKING LOVE SPIDER-MAN5 star

Best movie ever

N_U3 - Best Spider-Man EVER!!!5 star


Rampymandail1 - BEST MOVIE YA HEAR ME!5 star

My favourite movie! (No questions!) tom holland is my favourite spider man!

Konnor wheeler - Hehobebobo5 star

Hehobebobo awesome movie

BobaPoo - Loved5 star

Best Movie of all time

aerialpettit - tom holland is 110% the best spider-man !!5 star

tom holland a the best spider-man, don't fight me on this !! he is honestly so fricking good !! and zendaya and laura harrier OH MY GOD JESUS THEYRE AMAZING -aerial <3🕷

Jays Trails - Marvel you finally fixed spider-man!!5 star

Loved the movie.. I was fan-girling through the whole movie... love,love, love it!!!!

PixelPiracy - Tom Holland Is The New Spidey5 star

For everyone Toby McGuire is still the best spider-man, but the new Tom Holland is the second best compared to Andrew Garfield. Spiderman Homecoming literally never ceased to amaze me, the graphics were incredible, the story decent and the comedic banter between the villains superb. My favorite part is when he stops the bad guys from robbing the bank. Absolutely a great way to start the day. Enjoyed my time at the cinemas, as soon as I got home, I pre ordered it. And the Vulture is a great villain btw, now please bring in Doc octopus and I'll be happy Marvel fan boy for the sequal

Luke Skywalker 334 - Spider man5 star

Best movie I've seen it 4 times at the cinema best Spider-Man tom holland is great

booklover2401 - 👌👌👌5 star

Spider-man: Homecoming is the best thing I've experienced in my whole 16 years of living. Enough said.

sammy.m99 - WOW SPIDEY GREAT JOB5 star

Great movie best one yet but can't wait to see in avengers infinity war

5P1D3R BL00D - Spider-Man: Homecoming5 star

I watched this movie the day it came out. It's really good. It's funny and action packed. I highly recommend this to Spider-Man fans. This Spider-Man is more of a Techno-Action movie. Oh and Box Office 1 2 3 😕 that's the difference

The box office 123 - Pretty good5 star

I really ❤️ this movie it's funny and the acition is really cool and there are 2 scenes I liked. One of them is when the guy Ned was giving Peter dicections to a base and the teacher is like"it's homecoming you should be dancing.What are you researching?" Ned said "ah porn". LOL 😂 I wont say the last one because I have no time sorry.Anyway I think you should definitely watch ⌚️ (get it lol) box 📦 office back again🤑🤓😎🖕👑📼📼⌚️🖥🎥⚔️🔭💉spot the difference!! 🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁😕🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁 I'm back boys!!!!!!!!!!!

K.Madden - Best Spider man movie ever5 star

Just saw this movie with my two younger brothers & Just loved it.

cavenagh - Spider man home coming5 star

Best movie ever

x.barbs_ - My favourite movie of all time!5 star

I personally love this film (including far from home) . This movie and the character made me love the marvel movie . I personally disagree with a lot of the one star rating on this movies reviews but what can you do . I definitely recommend the movie (but watch a trailer before you buy it so that you know you’re interested.)

## SS - Iron Spider5 star

Tom Holland was phenomenal as Spider-Man

ZainabSartorious - Omg ❤️😍👅👀🥰🤪😚😘🥴😈😋🤫😝5 star

He is so adorable UwU

Tesrgft - Was good4 star

Worth a watch

24567789878887 - Spid er man5 star

Awesome movie 🍿

mashfordd - amazing!!5 star

i've watched this film probably over 10 times, it's just amazing. tom holland is an incredible peter parker/spider-man, he's perfect for the role. great appearances from robert downey jr/iron man too. 10/10 would recommend. have recently seen far from home too and it was also amazing so if you're wondering whether to go and see it, i would! i want to go again😂

SIR LEE W FRAYLING - Utter rubbish1 star

The worst spiderman EVER!!!!!!

alangamerHDpro123 - An amazing light hearted addition to the mcu5 star

This movie has Tom Holland as spider man who in my opinion is the current best actor for Spider Man. This movie has an amazing villain and has a load of thrilling action sequences, anough anticipation in between each one. Tom Holland is amazing when he is with Robert Downy. JR and is always happy to deliver any emotions such as happiness shock and anger or petrafiement. This film delivers a nice rewatch able film that is able to entertain people around the globe. THIS IS THE BEST FILM EVER!!!!!!!

Ninjagirlbellenie - Great5 star

This is the best spider man film I’ve seen

miles😎 - Ehh3 star

Least accurate spider man but that’s why it’s good

Jazzster5000 - So dull1 star

Spider-man is a great hero - this film is a big dull dud. Rated 1 to counterbalance the 5* ratings as it’s probably more a 2.5. So ‘safe’ and generically MCU. He makes a great Spidey though and Michael Keaton is always good. And the ending was refreshing. But, for me, not a patch on the first 3. Or the 2 ‘Amazing S’ films either (despite the dreadful Electro travesty character, it’s still better than this).

Waky will - BEST SPIDER-MAN MOVIE to DATE5 star

This is definitely the best spider-man movie yet with the youngest and the best actor playing Peter Parker- Tom Holland It is cleverly set in the marvel cinematic universe and has a great plot/storyline DON’T WATCH ANY OTHER SPIDER-MAN FILM BECAUSE THIS IS THE BEST ONE.

flexiboy1912 - Drivel , total rubbish1 star

Such a lousy film , save your money and watch a skin form on a tin of paint instead!

kit snap mquen - Spiderwebbed5 star

This is the best app or film ever about the webs and other stuff

Afibxfkmcsh - I love Tom, My precious li’l flower.5 star

I love this movie (and Tom Holland)unexplainable amounts. I’m so happy he is British like me, and I’m so proud of him. 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

we love Dennis Bergkamp - Outstanding film5 star

What a outstanding film and stunning in 4k! Best Spider-Man film yet. 5 ⭐️

(niamhcampbell) - Love5 star

Tom Holland is soooooooo hot oh and I didn’t like the villain I prefer venom now that should be the true villain

Evealexrox - tom holland is a gem5 star

the cast is incredible. a great new take on an old franchise.

Charlottemarligrace - Tom Holland5 star

It’s a great movie and I loves tom as peter❤️❤️

gracie mc - amazing5 star

best Spider-Man yet!

James Dowding - Great movie5 star

Great movie worth the watch

chaz,13 - 4K from HD1 star

I have like a lot of you been seduced by the 4K Apple TV and the upgrades from HD to 4K . Firstly unless you have enough broadband speed , which I have, the best you will achieve is HD and if you haven’t got these titles on Blu-ray, then these are a good purchase. As well as having the enjoyment of watching them on your iPhone or iPads or a Mac, but note, in HD only. The average 4K film to purchase on disc is over £20 , so it very appealing, to see advertised 4K films here for under £7. I am enjoying the 4K experience and have purchased a few from the store. But and this a big but, most 4K films here won’t upscale your existing Blu-rays and secondly most are in letterbox format . So I suggest don’t go cheap and try to upscale your existing Blu-ray Discs or purchase here a new 4K film, over a new Blu-ray Disc of the same price , because you think it’s going to show a better picture and because it’s cheaper than buying a 4K disk. I’ve learned my lesson and will happily upgrade some of my old dvds to these cheap 4K films, but in future if I want true 4K and no letter box, then I will bite the bullet and fork out the expense for the disc.

KarltoonTV - A fresh take on a great comic book character.3 star

This film wasn’t that bad. I really liked how it wasn’t an origin story and more of a continuation. We all know the origin. Wr have seen it twice already, so I really liked this new take. This new Peter Parker/Spider-Man was much better than Andrew Garfield. Tom Holland truly captures the character. I will always love Toby Maguire as Spider-Man/Peter Parker, but this guy was magnificent. The characters were great, the story was great, the visuals were great. Everything was good, but I didn’t feel invested in this film when I first watched it. I don’t know how I feel about this film because it hits all the right notes, but I didn’t feel it for some reason. I guess after Rea watching all the spider man movies up to this one, I realized how good they were. Watching Homecoming a second this is a bit better than the first time. I think this film will eventually grow on me. I hope so.

bjborrows - Spider man4 star

This is a good film I would recommend this to anyone definitely family friendly 😊😊😊😊

aliwery - don't watch this - certainly don't buy it1 star

this has to be the worst spider film ever. this film takes away the elements of spider man, and portays the character in a juvenile way. the action scenes are comical. this spiderman film has nothing on the ones with tobey maguire - no way I would have paid 13.99. It dropped to 6.99 (wonder why!) - and it's no way worth that!

redpsionide - I was surprised how good it was4 star

Very entertaining, one of the best Spidey movies yet !

Emily11119855 - Amazing5 star

It's the best movie ever

s-manfan - Amazing5 star

I think it is the best spider- man movie ever loved every second of it!!!

Carolinamay - Excellent!5 star

It was funny, exciting and very "cool"!

Thibaut Desfoux - Probably the worse Spider-Man1 star

So bad...

Poosrmg - Amazing!!!!5 star

Honestly the best Spider-Man yet!!! and tom Holland is a TOTAL babe😂😂😂

Psychosmurf - Not so amazing spiderman1 star

Having finally watched this movie I can honestly say it makes me miss the Tobey Maguire version. misses on every level. too much iron man not enough spidey. Aunt May was too young. to name but two things.

justomarOK - Revolutionised Spider-Man5 star

Best Spider-Man movie, to portray the world of Peter Parker.

I watch I enjoy - "AMAZING" SpiderMan5 star

This has been such a great film, I think they found a very good group of young actors.

Lukem8899 - My Spidey senses are tingling5 star

The film is utterly amazing. From start to finish it is visually stunning; the humour is fantastic - hilarious at times; and the story has an innocent charm to it. The cast is superb, though the standout performance is Tom Holland as Peter Parker. His performance is relatable to most young people. He’s trying to balance doing something he loves, acting responsibly, winning his mentor’s approval all the while having to keep in mind the effect on the people he cares for. It’s not only Spider-Man’s struggles; it’s the struggles we all have at some point in our lives. Michael Keaton is also impeccable. He does a remarkable job of pulling off both a menacing, fearless villain and a devoted husband and father - a family man who is not afraid to do whatever it takes to look after his family. Ultimately, he ends up in prison, leaving his wife and daughter without a husband and father. However, this irony shows just what it takes to make a good hardworking man turn down a darker path: love. Putting it like that sounds so cliche, but when compared with the Dark Elves and Ronan the Accuser it provides a depth of character that rivals or even surpasses Loki and his constant changing allegiances. Keaton’s Vulture is in my opinion the best villain in the MCU so far because - just as with Tom Holland’s performance - he is so relatable to parents and spouses alike. Perhaps surprisingly, the plot doesn’t feel bogged down by having several sub-messages. Rather the film manages to stay fun, sharp and emotionally impactful throughout. The action sequences are expertly choreographed and Tom Holland knows how to move like Spider-Man should (his dancing training clearly working to his advantage for the role). Is this the best Spider-Man movie yet? That’s difficult to answer. Both Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield started their Spider-Man careers with origin stories; Tom Holland started his with an epic fight scene as a supporting character in another superhero’s movie. By the time we meet Tom Holland’s Peter Parker he’s already been bitten and already decided to put his new powers to a good use. Spider-Man: Homecoming doesn’t need to retread the same ground. It puts Peter Parker in places of his life that we haven’t explored with the first five films. Therefore, there’s plenty of freedom; freedom which Marvel has used wisely. Toby Maguire set the bar for who and what a cinematic exploration of Spider-Man should be; Andrew Garfield offered a different approach; Tom Holland is the best of both and in that way is quite possibly the perfect Spider-Man. If Marvel continues to bring us Spider-Man of this quality then there’s no doubt that Tom Holland’s run as the webbed wonder could become legendary.

Amazeballs33 - Awesome spidy movie5 star

so much action and i never thought there would be a day when tony stark woud enhance peter's spidy costume(looks epic and looks similar to normal except you see the upgrade which is wicked) to something like this. Cant wait to see more of spiderman

Future Metal - Spider-boy and Iron Pimp1 star

Hands down the worst Spider-Man to limp on to the big screen. Marvel seemed intent on destroying the history of their most successful character (possibly because they don’t own it?), this wasn’t the independent boy genius that I remember reading about as a child. No in Marvel’s version we have a cool popular kid pimped out in an iron man suit that is created by Tony Stark!!!! No sorry Marvel that’s not my Spider-Man, this is an insult to his name. Just wrong 🤬💩.

schulz33 - Nope. This isn’t watchable1 star

God Hollywood really needs to take a good look at itself. Maybe in recent times too preoccupied deciding who’s left on the silver screen, who isn’t being suspected of groping the film crew or wardrobe department, or worse. But this franchise has really scraped the barrel. Take away the green screen effects, and you really have an empty plot, filled with attempts at dated humour. It’s bloody awful. I watched less than and hour and had to press the stop button. I found it totally rubbish. I feel sorry for Toby Maguire, as his generational Spider-Man was at least watchable. I bought this film based on reviews including Rotten Tomatoes. How it goes to prove in life, never listen to what other people say.

Vinca ing - Renting1 star

It was available for rent and now suddenly the date is for the 20th. Wtf happened?????

zarol - Worst Marvel film ever1 star

I can’t believe I’m saying it but that was even worse the Superman v Batman. I’ve been a massive fan of Marvel and DC but that film is a farce. Daredevil comparing to this movie is like Lord of the rings next to Inbetweeners. (Though the latter was funny).

DavidClarke - Wow5 star

A perfect 5/7 for Spidey. I wasn't convinced on Tom Holland when he was first announced but I can't imagine anyone better suited now.

Matthew_Essex - Great picture quality5 star

Good sharp picture quality with some nice stand out scenes for Dolby Vision. Special effects and CGI scenes really pop with strong contrast and colours. Recommended for 4K HDR/DV viewers.

LFLFLFLFLF - Rip off1 star

Bought this on pre-order but could not download it when it came out. recieved a mail saying i can download it but error 2005 kept on comming up for days. i bought it again direct from iTunes and it download. Rip off iTunes. Don’t give you what you payed for. Be careful of pre-orders.

freakyfreem - Unamazing Spider-Man2 star

Story line never got going,seems to be aimed at younger audiences.just too much Tony Stark preping at future adventures film.new Spider-Man but nothing different from previous films,just one big cash cow for the studio.not worth the buy.

born2b00gie - Appalling1 star

I pre-purchased this as I really enjoy the Spider-Man films, until now. This is absolute drivel, from the beginning it falters from one stilted scene to another I gave up after 45 minutes I couldn’t stand anymore of the incompetent Spider-Man stumbling from one scene to another. The acting is appalling the story is non existent, I’m waiting in frustration for story to take off, from over long phone video to Peter (penis) Parker attempting to incompetently fight villains, it just seems to drag on and on when I saw the the film timer that’s it’s over 2 hours long after 45 mins I’d had enough. Don’t buy it’s awful!!!


I love this film sooo mutch, its worth every penny and more! Tom Holand plays the best spiderman/Peter Parker. Its good plot and amazing acting. THE BEST MOVE EVER!

Stiltonspoon - Spider Boy1 star

Here we go again. The next spideran actor will probaby be five years old.

CharlieT248 - Epic5 star

The best spiderman movie so far

Splendidsnow - Expensive1 star

13 pound? And what else a hand or a foot ?

Olivergrande - so good5 star


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Linzbenson - I know I’m late but since far from home came out I’m doing a review on this1 star

These are my reasons on why this movie was bad 1. Since when did spider man get a suit from tony stark, or have any relationship with him at all? 2. we saw more of what the stark suit can do more than spider mans abilities. 3. Was there really a need for iron man in this movie? Like, we get it iron man started the mcu. 4. How come in civil war spider man was so skilled but in homecoming he gets his butt kicked by everyone, especially to the films forgettable version of shocker, and his personality changed as well, in civil war peter didn’t want to go to Germany to fight with iron man, but in homecoming he suddenly wants to become an avenger and wants to be like iron man. 5. he faced no consequences in the movie, like when he destroyed the deli, and faces no consequences, or when the ferry almost ripped apart. 6. in the comics spider man is supposed to be smart but in homecoming we didn’t get any of that except for that short scene when Peter was making his webs. 7. there was one scene when Peter was in gym and he was watching a captain America video, why is the school even showing midtown high this, he was a wanted fugitive. 8. This movie left out a lot of the spider man characters like Harry Osborn and uncle Ben but I guess that’s Sony’s fault cuz they have the rights to spider man. 9. Why did flash Thomson act smart and never really bullied Peter? The film tried to be funny but didn’t really try. And those are my reasons on why this movie was bad.

jedidude2018! - Don’t listen to the bad reviews5 star

Ignore all the reviews that say this movie is terrible. It was an amazing movie filled with action, comedic and heart warming moments. I know that everyone says that it’s bad because it’s not like all the other Spider-Man movies but personally I enjoy the new perspective on Spider-Man. Yes he’s a little dorky at times but aren’t all teenagers? Anyways please at least give it a chance.

Iheartdoggys🥀 - Eh2 star

I never really liked Spider-man that much. I mean i did like him in Infinity war, but I feel he’s better off as a side character, not a whole movie. Didn't really like it, a bit boring. I did like Zendaya though

Ryakkan - Brilliant5 star

I love the way they have introduced Spider-Man into the MCU here. It's fun, entertaining and a well written story. Michael Keaton is brilliant as the Vulture.

Noorah Saleh - great movie5 star

best movie ever! second one is great as well! can’t wait to buy both.

*^•{ - Spider-Man homecoming was good5 star

I don’t know why everyone hates it when it’s not that bad. I mean y’all are going to far with the it’s for one year olds and I left the theater stuff. I liked the movie and thought it was pretty good. It may not be perfect but it was still fun to watch.

1 star people r stupid - Incredible5 star

Best incarnation of spider man yet (Not including tv shows). They knew that people didn’t want to see the same thing again so they switched it up and I am utterly thankful. No more osborns, no big time love relationships, everything really does feel new and younger (especially Aunt May).

MrPsPizzaPasta - Best Spider-Man Yet!5 star

Tom Holland was great, All Peters friends were funny and relatable. The action scenes were great and there’s an overall good villain.

bdudjdbhr - This is THE BEST MOVE EVER!!!!!!!5 star

This is the BEST MOVIE EVER!!!! I love you TOM HOLLAND

222cool guy 6 - Probably my favorite movie5 star

I love this movie and I can’t believe a lot of people hate it :(



Blastcrusher - Good4 star

Tom Holland did the character right and everyone is just funny and the critics say far from home is better but I did not see it so I have to stick with homecoming which has funny and Spider-Man is supposed to be like that and Tom also made a great Peter Parker the vulture is my 3rd favorite villain in the MCU or even just all of Marvel which is Fox,Disney and Sony because he is not a guy blowing cities and trying to cause nuclear war he just wants money for his daughter but it made him go on a dark path the only down side is that some reviews hate that Spider-Man is annoying but that is what a teenager is and another problem is Uncle Ben but the movie is still really good

Tocagal3 - It was fine the way It was!1 star

Honestly, I feel like your guys should have just not made another Spider-Man movie. Tom Holland just doesn't really work for me. He's a decent actor, but I just don't think he really fits the part. I'm confused... did spider man go back in time or something, cause last time I checked Spider man was like 17 or something. Where is Mary Jane? I thought he was gonna propose to her. This movie completely ruined the storyline. Why is Aunt May so young, I thought she was supposed to be older. This movie feels out of place and it does not belong in the franchise. It feels like Spider man now has no powers, only a fancy suit. I liked his suit when it was simple, and when he actually had powers and abilities. Now it's just like a weird Iron Man suit. Ok, I love Iron Man and all, but he had wayyyy too big of a role in this movie. I didn't even honestly watch the whole movie. I literally feel asleep in my chair it was so dang boring. Very little action, and a pretty lame plot. Spider-Man was my favorite super hero, but now... I don't really know anymore.

DATFACE13 - Best Spider-Man movie yet5 star

This movie was amazing the storyline is amazing I can’t understand why the people dislike it so much it was a great movie to me🕷🕷🕷🕷🕸🕸🕸🕸

TillyTheDillPickle - Great movie5 star

This is one of those movies where you either love or hate it; and in my case, I loved it. I especially like how we don’t have to go through the elements of Peter getting his powers, since we’ve already seen in twice in live action. Ned is a treasure. I love the twist with Vulture, and I like his genuine motivation for just wanting to raise his family. Tom Holland is now my favorite Spider Man and Peter Parker to date, and the character of Iron Man is definitely his Uncle Ben for the MCU, although he did exist(Far From Home Trailer). If you go in expecting a ton of recognizable characters,(Mary Jane, Uncle Ben, The Osborne’s, Venom, etc) you will most likely be disappointed. But, I like how they take it very slow, because it would be criticized no matter what if it showed all of that again. My final thoughts are that the movie expertly showcases how Peter is just a gifted kid who has a life, and has gotten in way over his head. He just wants to help out. And, the battle sequence in the third act + the rubble scene are two of my favorite scenes in the MCU. Thank you for this movie Marvel

olivia back off - Tom Holland is so hot5 star

It was great and interesting

calebparker15 - Amazing5 star

Great movie, totally worth the watch. The movie itself is not supposed to be a Spider-Man origin story, unlike most of the stupid critics who reviewed this if you have half a brain you would know this is part of the MCU and would know the origin story is unimportant to the role Spider-Man has in the avengers. This is not supposed to be spideys origins but his entrance to the MCU.

I_Rate_Movies_For_Fun - Loved the plot5 star

I really enjoy the action packed plot and my favorite part was when Spider-Man gets absolutely rekt by the bad guys with the alien weapons

Sm_19 - Ehhhh2 star

It’s quirky and teenagery-if you get what I mean. I LOVE the spider man franchise and frankly this addition ruins it..it’s more of a comedian approach if anything and it plain flopped though watch out. Teen girls are screaming 100% just because of the stars looks.

autwolf - Great movie!4 star

I enjoyed this movie a lot. I loved how persistent he was being underestimated and all, and I loved holland playing Spider-Man. The only thing I didn’t get was why he turned down the offer to be an avenger when that was all he had wanted for a long time. But other than that it was a great movie. I really enjoyed it

IanE2000 - Amazing Movie, Not Best Marvel4 star

This movie was a incredible experience and I think is the best spider man yet. The intro in civil war is so much easier and you don’t have to go through 90 minutes of the classic spider man origin story- Peter Parker is a orphan living with aunt may and uncle Ben. Uncle ben Dies etc. This movie cut right to the chase. My problem was that it didn’t have that serious moment that decides what hero this character is and Peters motivation is impressing iron man.

Archy13 - Archy 132 star

This is the most Politicaly Correct piece of trash i have ever scene. This wouldn't even hit the map if it wasn’t for Iron Man. This is the most unlikely, unrealistic, & un historical Spider_man of them all. Down even waste your money renting it. Unfortunately, there is not much to pick from, in Hollywood; at the beginning of this (2019) summer. :(

lacylagz9 - Great movie5 star


Today is September 06, 2018 - Entertaining!5 star

I’m not a marvel fan but I figured since everyone seem to love Tom Holland I should watch this. I love it! Laughing myself with the funny scenes. Great movie to rent and watch after a long day from work.

Ciarra124YT - Tati approved5 star

Rly good but they could of add him going to a party

LaLa Mattox - I’m now hooked on marvel movies5 star

Never liked any of the prior Spider-Man movies.... or gave any other comic movie a chance, until my son begged to see this. The writing & storyline are wonderful... and held my interest the whole time. It’s got the right amount of sarcasm, action & fantasy. Truly in love with the marvel movies, now.

Mr. Movie Critic - Spider-Man Gets Worser, and Younger..?3 star

I wish this movie was a prequel to Captain America: Civil War. There would be an origin story, the Uncle Ben death backstory, and it would feature the Vulture. They removed important characters, such as Uncle Ben and Mary Jane Watson (replaced by Liz Toomes). It was an awesome idea to have an adolescent join the Avengers, since the Justice League had Barry Allen / the Flash. Peter Parker / Spider-Man was portrayed by Tom Holland. His performance was great, but that can’t save the abundance of removals of this movie. This movie also had bad character development. I don’t hate this movie. I just think it’s okay.

MauTrevino - Best Spider-Man ever5 star

Part is because of MCU but also Tom Holland brings it home as Spider-Man

NavyTeal624 - Good but pricey4 star

So why would someone pay for this movie when it’s free on a tv? That makes no sense. I mean like seriously great movie but make it free because it’s free on tv so people should get it free on here too.

Agirlonherbed - Amazing!5 star

It’s an amazing movie, I would totally recommend it!👍

MasterjediBucko - Excellent, with just a few flaws5 star

(Homecoming and Infinity War/Endgame spoilers ahead) I do like how Spider-Man doesn’t get reintroduced for a 3rd time, but already exists in the MCU. Tom Holland is a great Spider-Man, and I like the perspective of Peter being a kid rather than an adult(ish). A few nitpicks: I feel that MJ/Michele is annoying and nothing like the real MJ. There weren’t enough consequences for Spidey’s mistakes, and a bit more action would have been nice. However, several complaints against this movie are a little weak. For example, Aunt May does exist, she is just younger. Liz Allen actually is from the comics, much earlier so than one Gwen Stacy. And I’m fairly certain that even Ned is from the comics in some way (very similar to Ganke from the Miles Morales comics). I prefer Ned to Harry, as another Harry reskin would be kind of annoying (never liked him much anyways), and Ned provides a new aspect to the story. I do miss good ol’ JJJ. Is Homecoming a little bit different than the previous series? Yes. Could it be improved upon? Every film can. My hope is that Far From Home introduces repercussions for the hero’s failures and softens Michele into more of the MJ of old. Plus, I’d like to see Spidey’s powers develop a bit, considering how his Spider Sense is practically nullified in the MCU. A bit of wishing here: It would have been nice if Michele survived the snap so grew old and left the franchise, while the Ned and Flash came back as they were. Then, the real MJ could be inserted as a survivor who aged to Spider-Man’s age in Far From Home. Also, it would have been nice if there were some casualties after the whole cruise scene (Iron Man arrives too late), so that Iron Man would have a legitimate reason to take Spidey’s suit and Spidey might learn some responsibility along the way. Overall, great movie, and high hopes for Far From Home.

Cam_Panic - UwU5 star

Listen ima be subtle and nice but y’all who are dissin this Spider-Man are trash 😂 Tom Holland is better than the first guy (I don’t even know his name cause i don’t really care to) Tom actually looked like a high schooler must I add. AND SPIDER-MAN ISNT A DEAD FRANCHISE YA FOOLS! I love Spider-Man he will always be one of my favorite superheroes and for u to dis him like that means ur a fake fan 😂😂

DDLC is great - I’m what?5 star

I was trying to find some scary movie and went down to the thriller and found...this

IamTheBigChungus - How the hell does this have 92%1 star

The movie was not good at all. It had none of the real characters and they were all replaced with bad ones like a fat guy who finds out he is Spiderman and a guy who is in a vulture suit.

Supremeburrito - Spider-Man Homecoming4 star

This is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a few years

luluwhoooooo - Loved it5 star

I don’t see why people hate it so much it was so great and the actor who played Spiderman is so cute also the movie is great and a lot of interesting details that you had to figure out for yourself

Twstacey - No web machines jeeze4 star

Would have been better if he shot the web from his arms like the original. The thought of the spiders bite creating that is amazing.

plshelpmejskgbdohbkd - Amazing!5 star

This is my favorite movie! I love the actor that plays Spider-Man (Tom Holland) and I also love Zendaya MJ and they will obviously end up together. I ship it so much and the friendships are amazing. The drama and motivation it gives me is just crazy. I downloaded it on my phone because as soon as I saw it in the movie I knew that I was going to want to watch it ok repeat. Thank you Marvel and Stan Lee! RIP

Marvel19548 - It’s an amazing interpretation of spider man5 star

Just a great movie funny action packed and a great plot

😩😏😳❤️❤️ - Spider Man- Homecoming5 star

It was the best out of all the Spider-Man’s that I have seen and Tom Holland is an amazing actor as well as Zendaya.

wanan-be-actor - Spiderman homecoming5 star

This is my favorite movie. I love Tom holland as Spiderman he is the perfect actor to be him. I want to be an actor even though you guys can’t help with that. This movie is great, creative, and funny!

Talise_😑 - Cookies and cream5 star

I think that Spider man far from home is a great movie if you are looking for an exiting, funny and a interesting movie.

william_holmes - Best Spider-Man film5 star

I’ve seen every Spider-Man movie to come out throughout my lifetime and this is by far my personal favourite of the adaptations.

BEANS MAN 32 - Hi5 star

It Has a lot of action and it is very good

weeweww - Unfulfilling2 star

I’ve liked pretty much every spider-man movie that’s been made. I just didn’t like this one. Spider-man in this movie is just annoying. I saw they are continuing the same actor in future movies and I will not be watching any of them.

MTZ1019 - Great Movie if you follow the marvel time line!!!!5 star

For most people that only watched this movie and not follow the marvel time line I can understand why they would hate it. I thought this was a great movie because it plays perfectly with the marvel movies before it and set the scene for the future avengers movies.

MrFreezer1977 - Awesome5 star

Great and the best get it and also watch Spider-Man into the spider verse 😀😃😁😆😃😆😃😆😅😂😅🤣🤣😌😁😉😆😝😄😋🤪😆😋😄😝😁😇😁😜😄😋😝☺️😋😄😜😆😋😄🤪😆🙂😁😗😋😇☺️😋😁😝😁😋😁😉😜😆😋😄😝😆😂😛

Boo blo blo - Love it5 star

I’m not even a superhero fan and I liked it! I think it’s good. Especially liked Tom Holland as Spider-Man/Peter Parker! He did a good job.

Jolovesgum - Hey. H0. Le+'$ G0.5 star

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ToraFrost - What?3 star

Why is this not available for rent this came out in 2017

Spider-Man: Homecoming Images & Pictures

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Spider-Man: Homecoming movie images
Spider-Man: Homecoming movie images
Spider-Man: Homecoming movie images
Spider-Man: Homecoming movie images
Spider-Man: Homecoming movie images
Spider-Man: Homecoming movie images
Spider-Man: Homecoming movie images
Spider-Man: Homecoming movie images
Spider-Man: Homecoming movie images
Spider-Man: Homecoming movie images
Spider-Man: Homecoming movie images
Spider-Man: Homecoming movie images

Spider-Man: Homecoming Posters

Spider-Man: Homecoming movie posters
Spider-Man: Homecoming movie posters
Spider-Man: Homecoming movie posters
Spider-Man: Homecoming movie posters
Spider-Man: Homecoming movie posters
Spider-Man: Homecoming movie posters
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