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Spider-Man [Tom Holland] begins to navigate his new identity as the web-slinging super hero under the watchful eye of his mentor Tony Stark.

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Homework can wait. The city can't.. Following the events of Captain America: Civil War, Peter Parker, with the help of his mentor Tony Stark, tries to balance his life as an ordinary high school student in Queens, New York City, with fighting crime as his superhero alter ego Spider-Man as a new threat, the Vulture, emerges.. Spider-Man: Homecoming Wiki

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Great movie  lacylagz9  5 star


Today is September 06, 2018
Entertaining!  Today is September 06, 2018  5 star

I’m not a marvel fan but I figured since everyone seem to love Tom Holland I should watch this. I love it! Laughing myself with the funny scenes. Great movie to rent and watch after a long day from work.

Tati approved  Ciarra124YT  5 star

Rly good but they could of add him going to a party

LaLa Mattox
I’m now hooked on marvel movies  LaLa Mattox  5 star

Never liked any of the prior Spider-Man movies.... or gave any other comic movie a chance, until my son begged to see this. The writing & storyline are wonderful... and held my interest the whole time. It’s got the right amount of sarcasm, action & fantasy. Truly in love with the marvel movies, now.

Mr. Movie Critic
Spider-Man Gets Worser, and Younger..?  Mr. Movie Critic  3 star

I wish this movie was a prequel to Captain America: Civil War. There would be an origin story, the Uncle Ben death backstory, and it would feature the Vulture. They removed important characters, such as Uncle Ben and Mary Jane Watson (replaced by Liz Toomes). It was an awesome idea to have an adolescent join the Avengers, since the Justice League had Barry Allen / the Flash. Peter Parker / Spider-Man was portrayed by Tom Holland. His performance was great, but that can’t save the abundance of removals of this movie. This movie also had bad character development. I don’t hate this movie. I just think it’s okay.

Best Spider-Man ever  MauTrevino  5 star

Part is because of MCU but also Tom Holland brings it home as Spider-Man

Good but pricey  NavyTeal624  4 star

So why would someone pay for this movie when it’s free on a tv? That makes no sense. I mean like seriously great movie but make it free because it’s free on tv so people should get it free on here too.

Amazing!  Agirlonherbed  5 star

It’s an amazing movie, I would totally recommend it!👍

Excellent, with just a few flaws  MasterjediBucko  5 star

(Homecoming and Infinity War/Endgame spoilers ahead) I do like how Spider-Man doesn’t get reintroduced for a 3rd time, but already exists in the MCU. Tom Holland is a great Spider-Man, and I like the perspective of Peter being a kid rather than an adult(ish). A few nitpicks: I feel that MJ/Michele is annoying and nothing like the real MJ. There weren’t enough consequences for Spidey’s mistakes, and a bit more action would have been nice. However, several complaints against this movie are a little weak. For example, Aunt May does exist, she is just younger. Liz Allen actually is from the comics, much earlier so than one Gwen Stacy. And I’m fairly certain that even Ned is from the comics in some way (very similar to Ganke from the Miles Morales comics). I prefer Ned to Harry, as another Harry reskin would be kind of annoying (never liked him much anyways), and Ned provides a new aspect to the story. I do miss good ol’ JJJ. Is Homecoming a little bit different than the previous series? Yes. Could it be improved upon? Every film can. My hope is that Far From Home introduces repercussions for the hero’s failures and softens Michele into more of the MJ of old. Plus, I’d like to see Spidey’s powers develop a bit, considering how his Spider Sense is practically nullified in the MCU. A bit of wishing here: It would have been nice if Michele survived the snap so grew old and left the franchise, while the Ned and Flash came back as they were. Then, the real MJ could be inserted as a survivor who aged to Spider-Man’s age in Far From Home. Also, it would have been nice if there were some casualties after the whole cruise scene (Iron Man arrives too late), so that Iron Man would have a legitimate reason to take Spidey’s suit and Spidey might learn some responsibility along the way. Overall, great movie, and high hopes for Far From Home.

UwU  Cam_Panic  5 star

Listen ima be subtle and nice but y’all who are dissin this Spider-Man are trash 😂 Tom Holland is better than the first guy (I don’t even know his name cause i don’t really care to) Tom actually looked like a high schooler must I add. AND SPIDER-MAN ISNT A DEAD FRANCHISE YA FOOLS! I love Spider-Man he will always be one of my favorite superheroes and for u to dis him like that means ur a fake fan 😂😂

james dabed
Spider-Man homecoming  james dabed  5 star


Best Spider-Man Movie Ever  anonymous-6782648163916482  5 star

Great movie, I loved it. I have watched it multiple times and I am counting down the days until “far from home” is released.

One of the best marvel film I saw  galaxygamer05  5 star

I love Spider-Man new suit! I also liked his friend. it was intensely funny 😂

Best movie ever  shhsjdf  5 star

Totally hated it

Obsessed with Tom Holland  Mkalulu  5 star

I honestly LOVE Tom holland because he’s the best actor ever! I recommend watching this movie but if u fall in love with him then I will murder u.... I SHALL MURDER U ALL

Really Great  KyleGoddard  5 star

Brought me back to my childhood reading comics. Fantastic story and Tom Holland is excellent.

Tsundere Jord
Amazing Movie! 10/10  Tsundere Jord  5 star

An amazing movie! Definitely worth the money! Tom Holland is such a fantastic actor! Wonderful movie! Perfect amount of action and comedic relief. 10/10 never been this obsessed with a movie! 👏🏻👏🏻

This is awesome  Go,,  5 star

One of the best movies ever

I know I’m late don’t judge lol  5267182836638191  5 star


smiley and me
Spider man do do do  smiley and me  5 star


The Best Spider-Man  TysonDeHaunt  5 star

I was a fan of both Tobey Maguire’s and Andrew Garfield’s portrayal of the character. Tom Holland though, he’s somehow managed become the best Spider-Man there ever was.

Hilarious  KFCmonster  5 star

It is a great movie full of action , drama , and comedy. It's worth buying

I love it  zakawismen  5 star

I welyy love it

brian broadan
Spider-Man homecoming review  brian broadan  1 star

I rented it for the 2 days that it gave me and it took longer than 2 days to download so I didn’t even get to watch it waste of money if you ask for my opinion

TBH horrible  Kushmunasinghe  1 star

kid going through adulthood, high school crush, villain power are goods but not showcased well, i dunno why the hell avengers name is mentioned a million times when it's not even closer to any of it, stopped half way through, wasted time and money even for a $2.99 rental.

Download  holly19/05  4 star

Was everyone else able to download it? I purchased the movie and watched it while connected to wifi today but whenever I try to download it I receive the notification “unable to download movie”, I’ve asked around for advice and tried numerous things to fix this but the only reply I’ve gotten is “it’s the download it self”, anyway to fix this problem? I feel like I’ve tried everything

snapchat bugs
OMG TOM IS THE BEST  snapchat bugs  5 star

Tom is such the perfect fit for this character he gets it just right. I love how it was put together and how amusing it was. The spider men in the past were not the right fit for the character. The first one was too awkward the second two cocky but this one is just right Good job cant wait for Spider-Man for from home

Fantastic  ABBCGCS  4 star

Not the best Spider-Man movie, that still belongs to Spider-Man 2 but a interesting, modern twist on Spidey’s mythos. If your looking for a fun movie with ties to the larger MCU this movie is for you. Definitely worth any superhero fans time.

Awesome film  Bobubs  5 star

What a great movie. Everyone will enjoy this movie. This has to be in one of my top 10 films to see now. Great film and edge of your seat moments. Fantastic

Pablo Koinonia
Garbage  Pablo Koinonia  1 star

Liberal attempt to be racially inclusive at the expense of a good script. Unwatchable. Made for a mental age of 10. Abandoned halfway though.

Not brilliant but okay.  SunsetYellow  3 star

It was okay-ish but why has Spiderman got no 'Spider sense'???

boring  kedwilkins  3 star

how many more spider man movies are there going to be looking at his origins??? some stupid dialogue between stark and spiderman reagrding stark thinking he has the right to dictate how a superhero should act when he destroyed so much himself, think tony stark addition ruined some of the movie.

TJ Hopkins

i saw it in cinema and it was the best spiderman film and the best film ever ive seen in my 33 years of living go buy it its with it

Rabbit girl 12
AMAZING  Rabbit girl 12  5 star


Old Skool Trekkie
Very, very good.  Old Skool Trekkie  5 star

Everything falls in to place. Robert Downey Jnr's portrayal of a Tony Stark still wrestling with the fall-out from Ultron and Civil War adds to the drama (and pleasurable comedy) in this film. Michael Keaton is superb as the villain and Tom Holland is great as Spiderman/Peter Parker.

Amazing !!!!!!  micaylaandmax  5 star

I watched this at the cinema and am a huge fan of Spider-Man and knowing that a new actor ( Tom Holland ) would do Spider-Man I was first unsure but this is by far the best Spider-Man movie because Tom is the funniest Peter Parker and Spider-Man!! Plus Robert Downey Jr ( Iron man ) is Peter's mentor in the film not to mention Spider-Man's awesome tech suit that he made!!!


I have just went to the cinema to watch this movie and I could not take one tiny bit of the New and Improved Spider-Man Homecoming I recommend this to ages 6-Infinite

The doctor who fan AR
From Ali  The doctor who fan AR  5 star

This is the best movie ever me and my friend Haidar watched and we have been talking about ever since. A movie to LOVE, nice job MCU

Amazing!  Mr.Man6377337  5 star

Tom holland is the best spiderman yet, he portrays peter Parker and spiderman beautifully and with the help of Jon watts they have created a well directed fun and amazing experience for all!

100% worth it!  .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.  5 star

THIS FILM IS AMAZING! Tom Holland is by far the best Spider-Man to day and the storyline and everything about this film is incredible!

Homecoming  Marvel.lover123465  5 star

I loved the movie so much and I think that ffh will be as amazing as this is

This movie is everything !!  kristinnormy  5 star

Literally Tom Holland and RDJ are my life 😂😂

Awesome!  Jude_strauss  4 star

Best Spider-Man I’ve seen, full of nothing but complete fun!!

Here he comes Spider-Man
Eyyyooo  Here he comes Spider-Man  5 star


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