Shot Caller

Shot Caller Summary and Synopsis

Game of Thrones’ Nikolaj Coster-Walau stars as a man who must fight for his life and this life of his family after he is incarcerated and forced to join a prison gang to survive. A newly-released prison gangster is forced by the leaders of his gang to orchestrate a major crime with a brutal rival gang on the streets of Southern California. Shot Caller Wiki

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Some criminals are made in prison..

Shot Caller Movie (2017)

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Shot Caller Movie Reviews

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- Really good movie5 star

I had this movie ready to stream and finally watched it. This is very entertaining movie. There are a lot of twists with this movie and it keeps you entertained. It’s rare when I give a movie 5 stars.

- Great!5 star

The best prison movie and one of the best written movies I have ever seen!

- True5 star

This movie is awesome. It’s could happen to anyone. If it happen to me I do the same💯😎

- Best prison movie5 star

Shot caller is the best prison movie since starred up

- Great movie5 star

Finally a great new movie made. I lost faith in Hollywood. Every type of movie has been made and rarely anything good comes out anymore but Shot Caller ended that. What a great movie and great acting.

- -_-5 star

Great movie ❤️❤️

- One of the top 2 movies I’ve seen in my life5 star

White heat (James Cagney) is my all time favorite movie. I didn’t think I’d find anything close to it. Shotcaller changed all that. It took me to a place I didn’t think I could ever go. I wondered how far I would go to survive. The movie didn’t have as much violence as one would think and that was ok. It gave me the thought that it is there if it needs to. Overall, I am in love with this movie. I would advise anyone how necessary it is to experience this movie.

- Really Good Movie4 star

Wow. not disgustingly gory like i thought it was gonna be. just a slow transformation of how life can change in the blink of an eye and how one can go from privilege to hardened convict just to survive. I definitely recommend this film. It didn't get all these 5 stars for nothing.

- Gritty, Tough, Smart, and could be YOU!5 star

There are not many movies based on a set of circumstances, though unlikely or probable, but actually possible. This is one terrific story which captures the essence of 'what if' and 'would you be able?' Shot Caller is a wooden roller coaster classic, with the storyline we can't help but wrap our arms around, coupled with today's reality. A quality purcahse for a look into one set of circumstances that leave you in awe on the human condition we know as life.

- Finally an original with a plot to follow...5 star

Found this to be a great plot to follow from start to finish. Its unfortunate that this movie did not get a larger release or praise. Truly shows excellent acting (the first scene with the main characters son fell flat was made up on the second scene). Give it a try an youll find yourself calling a cab instead of driving home after a few cocktails. You do see the true reperscussions for a choice.

- Solid.4 star

Knows its limits and gets the most out of the story. Jamie Lannister can act.

- Buried2 star

It was like the equivalent of someone being forced to be buried alive & they get used to the idea & end up loving it; in fact he is King of the Buried Alive.

- What a movie5 star

It has a message inside it for all familes.

- Ridiculous - Thumbs down2 star

This is ridiculous depiction of prison life. Also, the character develpoment is not there. Some parts even don't make sense. If he was planning on helping the cops, why did he even kill the snitch? This movie is for people that may enjoy the flow of blood, violence and lack of much sense.

- Excellent5 star

Well done by the GOT man!

- wow5 star


- Be ready for a great ride5 star

This is action packed and riveting from the get go to the credits Would recommend this to anyone

- solid prison flick5 star

i dont know who that actor is. never seen or heard of him. but he killed it. great performance

- Different5 star

Recommend - really good stuff

- Just Wow!5 star

It made me see a different side. Really pleasantly surprised. Plus, the main actors were great! Shockingly great movie!

- Really Holds Your Attention5 star

Shot Caller shows a terrible change of fortune and a gruesome side of life that hopefully you'll never have to see. But, the story is complex and riveting, and the acting is top notch. A few warnings - this is not a date move and certainly not reccommended for young children.

- Great movie5 star

One of the best this year. Great story line, and acting. Kept me glued to the screen which is the cornerstone of a great movie.

- Shot caller4 star

Good movie over all

- Good movie5 star

Gave me memories of being locked up 23hrs a day shoe program

- Worth it5 star

This was a great flic one of the best so far as far as these movies go.

- The animal in man5 star

This movie exemplifies realistic, basal survival. We are always just two degrees away from the animal in man. Some are already there. Watch what happens to society niceties when food runs out, environments collapse and infrastructure crumbles. This is purely an adapt or die movie, and well wrought.

- Loved it5 star

Not what I expected

- I was surprised4 star

I was not expecting to enjoy this movie and i really liked it. Worth a rental.

- Prison is not for me4 star

I don't know if that movie mirrored actual events in correctional facilities. But it certainly made it clear prison isn't something you can endure without additional consequence. The story boiled down to choices, was gritty and moving. Sometimes the main character's accent appeared. But the acting was great.

- Loved it5 star

Ending was kind of shocking..... loved the film

- Shot Caller is on the "Money"4 star

This is the first review I've written concerning a movie, very good movie. From start to finish Shot Caller holds your attention. Great cast, great story, raises the bar on prisoner/gangster movies. Watch it, very worth it!

- Came out of nowhere5 star

I didn't think much of this movie before watching it. It was very good. I really enjoyed this. Acting was great all around. Very gritty and real.

- Great movie5 star

Great movie

- A for effort3 star

C- for delivery I don't know how to describe it. Nor do I understand how this movie received so many 5 star reviews. You're either going to love it or you won't. Me, well I feel kind of mixed about it. It wasn't horrible..but it definitely wasn't epic like many are preaching it to be either. Rarely am I let down by reviews but I feel the 5 star hype that I filled myself with has let me down with this movie. The best part of this move was the trailer. Honestly As someone else described, this movie is very monotone with a few interesting scenes. I'm still struggling how to describe it. It's almost like when you hear rave reviews about a 5 star restaurant and when your meal arrives it wasn't what you expected. But you don't want to just get up and walk out. You're already here and spent the money so you may as well finish it but you probably won't come back. I love gangster movies but this one was just odd.

- AWESOME5 star

you wont regret watching. GREAT MOVIE

- Awesome5 star

This movie was great

- Great flick5 star

Surprisingly good movie

- Shot Caller5 star

Outstanding cast with Coster-Waldau Would have liked to see the ending much happier which would have made me feel content that justice prevailed A must see

- Excellent!5 star


- Finally good to see a movie that gets (most) of it right.5 star

Now I'm just wondering when my pre-order will be available.

- Great Movie5 star

The actors and the grittiness with soundtrack keep you on the edge of your seat and strikes you mentally .

- Excellent5 star

Excellent movie.

- Ok ..4 star

The moral of the story is ... Don't drink and drive.

- Well Written4 star

How come nobody is talking about this film? Great writing, plot twists, and character arch. What film should be.

- Amazing!5 star

Absolutely loved this movie. A must see!

- Boring2 star

really boring, not worth renting and def. not buy!!! who would by this ????

- Amazing Film!5 star

Wow really great story and amazing actors!!! Well done!

- Good movie5 star

Blood in Blood out!!!!

- Watch it, you won't be disappointed.5 star

Instead of great movies like this one getting recognition, hacks of a movie like La La Land and freaking Moonlight are winning Oscars. Of all the movies I've seen this year, Logan and John Wick 2 are the only movies that I enjoyed more........oh and Wonder Woman. The writers/director(s) and casting crew of this film needs to collaborate more often, they seemed to be synced on what they wanted this film to be. The acting was nothing short of phenomenal, everything and everyone had reason.....this movie definitely caught me by surprise.

- Excellent5 star

I don't understand the 79% RT rating. Other than a few far fetched circumstances this movie is well worth a 95%. Very well directed and shot. Great script. Superb acting. Emotional, supsenseful, and even has a twist. Well worth the watch.

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Bazzzzle79 - Great5 star

Awesome movie. Great cast

SDHolmesME - Great movie5 star

Great acting! Highly recommended!

ARG3 - W0w!!!5 star

Really good movie! A friend suggested it and he was right. Good movie!!

WacPax - Surprisingly good4 star

Truly haunting psychological thriller about a man whose mistake lands him in the path of warring factions and the decisions made to keep those he loves far from harm's way.

WestCoastCrazy - Worth watching! Crappy title though...4 star

I've seen few prison/gangster movies that really delve into the psychology of prison in such a human way. Although predictible at times it also has surprises, plus it's well acted IMO. Struck an emotional chord with me for sure. The title though?! Come on - talk about not getting creative.

Vista777 - Well done5 star

A nice surprise all around. Well acted, good script, interesting story. Well worth your next couple of hours.

Jampom - Great movie5 star

I was very impressed with this movie. Had a nice twist at the end and it's great to see the main character acting in something else besides game of thrones!

Eric43316 - Great flick5 star

Really enjoyed it. Great acting. Great flick all round

A+Chef - Excellent watch5 star

Great movie. Unexpected. Reminded me of American History X, which became a favorite for years. Well written.

BKBKBKBKBK - Best movie of the year5 star

Just see it

Zombiekilla351 - That was a great movie!!!5 star

This is the first time ever Ive actually written a serious comment. This movie is hands down in my top five favorite movies. Ever!!

Jodykc - Will keep you glued to the screen5 star

This movie was very entertaining to watch. The drama that unfolds is quality, and so is the action that it accompanies. I thoroughly enjoyed the film.

Tanus4Lostris - Good4 star

Well worth the watch. Good acting. Not glourified killing or mindless violence.

Djh85 - Great movie5 star

Really enjoyed this! Great character arch.

AbsolutA7X - Meh don't waste your time..2 star

Really boring and drawn out.

Mr.Shirley - Kinda monotone in a way...4 star

It's got a decent enough story, awesome bad guys (howdy Jeffrey Donovan as "Bottles"), heartache, etc- it's well done. The flashbacks sorta kill any momentum though.

Johnny245673 - Wow5 star

this is honestly one of the best prison / gangster movies of I've ever seen. Completely captivating from start to finish. Reccomend! Reccomend! Reccomend!

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Shot Caller movie images
Shot Caller movie images
Shot Caller movie images
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Shot Caller movie images
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Shot Caller movie images

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Shot Caller movie posters
Shot Caller movie posters
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Shot Caller movie posters
Shot Caller movie posters
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