A Very Sordid Wedding

A Very Sordid Wedding

By Del Shores

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2017-03-10
  • Advisory Rating: Unrated
  • Runtime: 1h 48min
  • Director: Del Shores
  • Actors:
  • Awards:
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 4.99
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A Very Sordid Wedding Description

Seventeen years after family matriarch Peggy tripped over G. W. ’s wooden legs in Sordid Lives, same-sex marriage equality has barreled into Winters, Texas and not everyone is ready to accept it. An anniversary memorial service is being planned in honor of Peggy at the bar while the Southside Baptist Church plans an "Anti-Equality" rally to protest the abomination of gay marriage and work to defend their religious freedom. The beloved cast of colorful characters are all on a collision course for shenanigans and fireworks on the big night. Along the way a bisexual serial killer shows up, a drag queen country medley is performed and a beauty-salon-versus-the-bigots battle turns getting your hair done into the front lines of the equality battle. Friendships are tested and families are reunited as fear and bigotry are confronted with acceptance and understanding on the way to a surprise wedding with (almost) everyone in attendance.

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A Very Sordid Wedding Movie Reviews

  • Love It

    Mr. Okra
    Del never disappoints !!
  • Fabulous if not heavy handed.

    I loved it. Very funny. Don’t laugh too loud or for too long or else you might miss some of the jokes. Leslie Jordan hit it out of the park. My only issue came towards the end with the Bible bit. Preaching to the choir honey. The people that need to hear the message won’t be watching this movie. Anyway, other than that brief distraction I was thoroughly entertained. Bravo Del!
  • Another great from Del Shores

    Yes Starbucks
    We love it and thanks for all you do everyone of you in the show. We love you all.
  • Awesome movie

    What an awesome movie and the message even makes it better.
  • All kinds of Sordid Fun!

    Writing this while watching it lol can’t believe it finally came out on iTunes!
  • A Very Welcome Sordid Return

    Hysterical, broad, bawdy and laugh-out-loud funny. There's also a touching message in all of the shenanigans. So glad Shores and crew returned to the Sordid well one last time! Loved it.
  • Something needed good, bad, and Tammy.

    frank av
    I enjoyed watching! It’s not to preachy and it’s full of laughs. My favorite line “You can’t kill love, but love can kill you.
  • NOLA

    G Lee
    Saw it in NOLA AND LAUGHED AND CRIED at the same time!! So poignant. Loved it and can’t wait to watch it again. Thanks Del and Emerson. Great job!!
  • Fun from the opening credits to the final scene

    I saw A Very Sordid Wedding in Washington, DC, on Tuesday evening. Wow! This movie was fun from the opening credits to the final scene. I re-watched the original just so all the fun, crazy characters and their stories were fresh in my mind. I honestly thought "I wonder how they are going to make this transition." Well I need not have fretted - even if you never saw the original the table is set from the beginning. I wasn't the only one that loved it - the whole sold out theater was in stitches. And the laughs were back to back. Sometimes there was a big huge laugh from the audience and I was like "sssssshhhhhhh... I can't hear" cause I didn't want to miss the next line. Despite being a laugh out loud over and over kind of movie, this is also a great story. And Del Shores does an amazing job weaving contemporary issues that can be deep and thought provoking into the comedy. The character development is real and you get to see the family on a journey that I think so many will be able to identify with in whole or in part. Chatting with some of the folks after the movie I realized that it can crack you up but also touch you deeply. I was also a bit worried that those in the cast that returned in the sequel may have lost their comic timing, but again no worries. Everyone is spot on! And it was fun seeing a few roles filled by some new great talent. And there are a few surprise appearances that I won't spoil. So I give this one a robust five stars! Pre-order it now and if you are in one of the few cities left on the current tour get out and see this one. It is a blast to enjoy with a crowd!
  • Fabulous!

    Loved it, what a way to conclude the series. Well done Del & Emerson!

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