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The horror thriller “IT”, directed by Andrés Muschietti (“Mama”), is based on the hugely popular Stephen King novel of the same name, which has been terrifying readers for decades. When children begin to disappear in the town of Derry, Maine, a group of young kids is faced with their biggest fears when they square off against an evil clown named Pennywise, whose history of murder and violence dates back for centuries.

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Your fears are unleashed. In a small town in Maine, seven children known as The Losers Club come face to face with life problems, bullies and a monster that takes the shape of a clown called Pennywise.

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Scary  Noahnalls  5 star

Love it

Crash h8r
IT was amazing!  Crash h8r  5 star

It was scary and sad, and so funny at the same time. I had low hopes for IT, but it was the best movie I have ever watched and I would definitely recommend renting IT!

Better than the first one  ridgetheavocodo  5 star

This is definitely a very good movie and like I said way better than the first one.

Scary and also heartfelt, great film!  NinjaPoopy💩  4 star

I really enjoyed this movie. Acting is stellar across the board and many of the scary scenes are very creative and exciting. The movie is well-paced and does an excellent job of making you care for these kids, and almost all of them get their own character arcs with effective payoffs. My one criticism is that I think some of the effects are obviously CGI in a few scenes, and it could take you out of the movie. Overall, though, this is an excellent movie and I’d totally recommend it.

Clowns  RicanInThailand  1 star

To see these anglo americans on these boards praising garbage is beyond comprehension. This movie isn't even worth a breath. I'm appalled by the madness of these reviews.

Grandma Kitties
Waste of moneey  Grandma Kitties  1 star

Saw te original. Saw the remake. Neither one is worth the money.

It's Okay  WickedChicklette  4 star

Not really scary, but entertaining enough in this day and age of horrible remakes.

Nature Of Threat
Better than the original...but WAY overhyped  Nature Of Threat  3 star

It was better than the really corny made for TV original....the special effects were good....but this movie didn't have one scary scene. Glad I only rented it for $5 instead of dropping $20 at the theater.

All time FAVORITE MOVIE  Sophia¿?  5 star

I’m a big horror fan, but movies just don’t scare me. This adaption of IT actually is really scary!!!! The characters are absolutely phenomenal, and Pennywise and the other characters are impeccable. This movie is absolutely hilarious (I actually laughed out loud multiple times), it has the bone chilling scares, and it tugs at your heart string, making you love each character more and more. I highly suggest buying this movie, it is absolutely and 100% amazing!!

Blanca Sotelo
IT  Blanca Sotelo  5 star

Great movie! 👍🏻

My New Favorite Movie  Phi1_Dog  5 star


Yikes!  PiersonFamJam  1 star

Horribly boring movie. Don’t waste your money! The tv version from my youth was a lot scarier and you could actually follow the storyline. Such a disappointment.

Ridiculous  StarAction  2 star

The gruesome images were unnecessary. Mediocre story and substandard acting. I stopped watching at the half way point.

Sammy's Wave
what a comedy  Sammy's Wave  5 star

the scary parts are really funny and the movie is good

kiki and jojo
Richie Tozier is my spirit animal!!!!!!!  kiki and jojo  5 star

God this movie is lifeu!!! Stephen King is EVERYTHING!! This is better than the first one!

Terrifying and hilarious  jsjdhcfgwj  5 star

It is the highest grossing horror movie of all time for a reason.

Great movie  Minilady12  5 star

Loved the rock fight Amazing job at portraying the clown. Loved all the actors 5 thumbs up yay

Exceptionnal  Eertu  5 star

Made me feel the same way as when I read the book and saw the made for TV series in the 1990s, which is one hell of a tour de force. I hope kids see all the things that Stranger Things took from that book (which isn't a bad thing). The best horror movie I saw in a long time. PS: makes me want to rewatch the 1990s made for tv series to see if it's as good as I remember it.

The made for TV series was scarier..  NormyNam87543  2 star

Not a bad movie just a pointless remake

joe k strong
One of the few great remakes...  joe k strong  5 star

The first one creeped me out & I loved it but this movie had the hair on my arms standing up from the very first sequence. Chapter 2 should be awesome. I don't think a movie has ever creeped me out like this. Found myself comfortably tucked under the covers...

Amazing!  Rosalyndsok  5 star

I loved this movie! To be honest it wasn’t as scary for me as I thought it would be but still an amazing movie! It was very enjoyable.

Jacque$ Montagnon
IT  Jacque$ Montagnon  5 star

The best horror movie I have ever seen in my entire life, 5 stars

Chalk man 2
Great movie  Chalk man 2  5 star

This movie was way better then the first one and the fact it had Audio description which is great for me as a blind person

PERFECT  Theoneandonlytuck  5 star

this remake of IT is wonderful with all of the actors playing their role VERY well and penny wise looks AMAZING. If you are thinking about getting it DO IT.

pathetic  parrd  1 star

not worth the price of either a rental or a purchase

The best horror film I’ve ever seen!  TexA21-/14  5 star

This was honestly the best horror movie I’ve ever seen. It has a bit of everything for all viewers. Romance, comedy, horror and drama. An amazing remake to the Stephen King novel.

killed a classic!!  Ld0684  1 star

Another classic brilliant movie ruined by a rubbish remake. The original IT was/is terrifying and without all those ridiculous fx in this one. The kids in this film r meant to be from 1980’s but sound as if they’re from this generation, the way they speak I was expecting to hear someone say OMG or LOL it’s just ridiculous. Seriously not even scary!! half of the movie made no sense especially compared to the original. Penny wise was just idiotic in every way. But if you liked it then have fun waiting 2 years for the next chapter ( which Stephen king managed to do in just one go hmm )

its alright i guess  TheDarkAbyss96  3 star

watching this for the first time, wasn't that scary at all, i mean i dont see how it is the most scariest movie of this year but overall it was entertaining to watch, ive watched and played alot of horror genres but this doesnt scare me as much, i can say it is good to watch though

IT  starch18  1 star

Silliest movie that I have ever seen. We were laughing in the so called scary bits.

Biggest hype, but biggest let down  OliveWahh  2 star

The trailer for this movie made it look so scary... I kinda found it a bit boring, not scary and more of a joke. Some of the special effects weren't as good as they should be and just made things look tacky. I really wanted to be jumping out of my skin, but this just made me yawn.

Stay Alive Fren |-/
Worst movie of 2017  Stay Alive Fren |-/  1 star

I did NOT get scared at all.

Cool jak
Love the movie but...  Cool jak  4 star

I love this movie and I recommend it to anyone who wants to see it. But I have a problem with Apple I rented this movie on my iPad with This same account but now on my phone I can't seem to find it anywhere in any of my apps and now it is asking for me to repay money so that I can watch it and it also took the money out of my account on my phone and iPad so I know the accounts are synced

i love this got dang movie  Luv263  5 star

i hate clowns so i didnt wanna see this,, ive never seen a movie and loved it so much ... i stanned the cast for like 3 months after i saw it this is my favorite movie of all time

AMAZING!  BlareIsBetterThanYou  5 star

i’ve seen it about five times now, and im not sick of it! the acting is AMAZING!! it’s more funny than scary, and believe it or not, i CRIED more times than i screamed. WATCH. IT. NOW.

BEST. MOVIE. EVERRRRRR  myzees♥️  5 star

ok I’ve seen this about 13 times over the winter break. I never get old of it. I LOVEVEVEVEVEVE Richie thoo💙😚. so if you don’t watch it, your missing out. A LOT

Meh  tinbucktwo  3 star

After hearing or reading the reviews I was anxious to see It. The movie didn’t live up to the hype. It’s intense. It’s gory. But in the end, not that frightening and not very well developed for a movie over two hours long. A bit disjointed at times.

Great  Thomasbarlotta  5 star

I loved this movie

blindguy mcqus
i love  blindguy mcqus  5 star

i love jack dylan grazer, finn wolfhard, jaeden lieberher, chosen jabos, wyatt oleff, jeremy ray taylor, and sophia lillis i love the los(v)er’s club yes yummy um ok bye bye

Personal Opinion  Carebear1964  5 star

I must admit, in the beginning when they began showing clips of advertisements to this movie I fears a hatchet job ... Just like the hatchet job they did on the re-make of Salem's Lot starring Rob Lowe .... I'm Happy to say.... This re-make or RE-BOOT Of ONE of MY PERSONAL FAVORITE BOOKS AND SUBSEQUENT MOVIE was done rather frightening .... The NEW PENNIWISE is just as Terrifying if not MORE TERRIFYING as the Original. I also truly enjoy the HUMOR , if you've read the BOOK..... You'd know there were quite a few humorous events and I'm pleased to say they ACTUALLY PULLED IT OFF, mind you it wasn't so much of BAM... IN YOUR FACEKIND OF HUMOR, ITS DONE WITH FINESS...... I just wish the Part Two re-make were available soon afterwards. I can't hardly waituntil, I believe next summer (I'm guessing summer of 2018 ?? ), Once the two are complete, I'm praying the movie theatres will present them as a DOUBLE FEATURE.... Though, they haven't done a double feature in many, many, moons, it would be perfect to see them back to back....... This movie remake wasVery Well Done. Thanks C.K.from Tacoma, WA.

Not fun or scary  1Gossard  1 star

Not sure what the big deal was with this movie. It's not scary and I didn't like the kids. The young girl was excellent.

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