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The horror thriller “IT”, directed by Andrés Muschietti (“Mama”), is based on the hugely popular Stephen King novel of the same name, which has been terrifying readers for decades. When children begin to disappear in the town of Derry, Maine, a group of young kids is faced with their biggest fears when they square off against an evil clown named Pennywise, whose history of murder and violence dates back for centuries.

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Your fears are unleashed. In a small town in Maine, seven children known as The Losers Club come face to face with life problems, bullies and a monster that takes the shape of a clown called Pennywise.. It (2017) Wiki

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Autumn Rodgers
Amazing  Autumn Rodgers  5 star

I went to see it September 8th when it came out and bought it here and wanted it ever since. Have the book, shirts, and a pennywise poster. Absolutely love this movie.

Sam Emmett
IT  Sam Emmett  2 star

I Do Love IT But My Sad Scene Was Georgie Death Scene That Was Sad When Georgie Died

Diamond101 AJ
Terrifically horrifying!  Diamond101 AJ  5 star

This movie wasn’t only scary, it was horrifying! Bill Scarsgård is a phenomenal Pennywise and I can’t imagine anyone else playing Pennywise in Chapter 2. The kids are very talented and portray the characters you know from the book. I recommend and would watch it again and again. 10/10! You’ll float too. 🎈

Declan Bragg
Loved it  Declan Bragg  5 star

Creepy AF

I LOVE IT  fack_jaedon  5 star

I think the actors did a great job and the movie was put together well

In love  Bella0413  5 star

The actors are amazing and it has a nice mix of comedy so it’s not as scary as most but it’s also scary so it gives you a thrill. I would definitely rate it a 5/5

Story line was great  OpticPig  4 star

I loved the movie and the actors but it was pathetic how not scary it was. The only time the clown was anywhere near scary was at the beginning in the sewer, the rest of the movie relied too much on jump scares

AMAZING  iamstupid1010101001  5 star

AMAZING every actor and actress was perfect for this movie I love how they showed bullied kids to face their fears even if it means stepping in grey water.

👍👍👍👍👍  mr.pug467493837  5 star

Awesome movie

It  meme_49  5 star

Love it

Cool  jackson):$;$$:/  5 star


Décousu, lent, incohérent  qmike3  2 star

Je m'étonne du succès de ce film assez banal. Pour adolescent probablement.

Trust me it’s not scary  Bubble_gum_me...  5 star

It’s a really good film about a strong friendship and it’s just amazing. Cheesy I know but AMAZING

Waste of time  6157  1 star

Just a terrible movie - a waste time and $0.99.

Reaghan k.
best movie you'll ever see  Reaghan k.  5 star

this movie is one of the best horror movies out there. it's an excellent way to make you feel scared!! this movie is worth the money buy it!!

😍😍😍  Rdjgsuh  5 star

I adore Stephen King and this does not disappoint!!!!!!! Fans of all ages(12 and up I personally think) will love this!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Not very scary  Ttbone111  2 star

Was hoping for a lot more. Very week acting. Not sure a remake was necessary.

11 year-old girl
Not scary at all  11 year-old girl  1 star

This was my first “horror” movie. I was all excited and by the time it was done I was so bored. This movie was really unexpectedly boring

iFredo 13
Just Ok, plot leak  iFredo 13  3 star

Un bon divertissement sans plus. Mauvais jeux d'acteurs et file de l'histoire décousu nous enlevant l'attention à l'histoire...

my loves😩  Nashswifi  5 star

honestly i think i’m obsessed with nic hamilton, owen teague, jake sim and logan thompsom, they may not have had many roles in the movie but heck idc i love them

Don't bother  evansandotero  2 star

Not worth watching

The stars say it all  jmc224  5 star

Even though I’ve watched this movie enough times that the jump scares don’t scare me, and I can recite the characters lines. I love it and will continue to love it.

Bret :D
Was a disappointment tbh  Bret :D  1 star

it really felt like a chore to watch til the end

SO COOL  Lyfepvf  5 star


Miss Gherk
Incredible  Miss Gherk  5 star

Movie of the year for sure 10/10

WAY WAY TO SCARY!  huvfsiuehfifirgsgofrugoffg  1 star

This looks it will freak me out big time!

🔥🔥🔥🤫  frankwalkerfromnationaltiles  5 star

This movie is the best horror movie I have ever seen and I sway better than the original, can’t wait for one when the kids are adults!!!

IT 2017  Nixxstarr  5 star

This movie is amazing, not only was the visuals a step up from the original but the storyline is executed perfectly. I recommend anyone to watch this movie if you are up to it but I warn you, it’s absolutely amazing and I’ve already watched it 3 times!

Amazing!  Rosalyndsok  5 star

I loved this movie! To be honest it wasn’t as scary for me as I thought it would be but still an amazing movie! It was very enjoyable.

Jacque$ Montagnon
IT  Jacque$ Montagnon  5 star

The best horror movie I have ever seen in my entire life, 5 stars

I love IT  matjamca  5 star

Great movie!

MR  Mr0w  5 star

Very good adaptation, very true to the book in the time frame given.

ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!  CrimsonMercury  5 star

Never normally write a review but this is the exception! Fantastic Horror Movie! Scary, on the edge suspense, great character typecast and acting, amazing production, awesome directing and of course the book written by a genius author. Loved the original TV series and original film and was concerned about PennyWise not being able to make the same shocking chill as Tim Curry did... WOW! Pure brilliance in adapting PennyWise The Clown and the shock factor chills portrayed throughout this wonderful horror movie. Totally outstanding! Well worth the wait and every penny to watch again! And again, and again... BUY IT! Not only the best horror movie I've ever scene but also in my top five favourite films ever. EPIC! Bring on Chapter 2!!!

Super Adam 1997
It 2017  Super Adam 1997  5 star

Best horror movie I’ve ever seen. There is some bits that are scary and few a bits are funny.😂🤡

Great horror film  Chino195  5 star

Long time since I’ve seen a horror this good

Darth Shellers
Five Stars For The Film...  Darth Shellers  2 star

Warners have already announced a director’s cut so fans will almost certainly need to double-dip :/

It  Dub_Leader  5 star

Tell you something. One of th best Films Ever. Best part was that the LoSer club never got to see what Pennywise was going to look like but once they had seen him , and their reactions to IT, IT just made IT a whole lot better . 🎈🎈🤡

...  BobbDFatDude  1 star

I preordered it, it said it would download today and it hasn’t

Exellent  Teenwolfy  5 star

One of the best horror movies I’ve seen in years much better than the original one as this explains more about the towns history I cannot wait for the next one

George Luke
I love it  George Luke  5 star

This film is the best horror movie I have ever seen it’s amazing i love it I give it five stars ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Brilliant!  Moni_Ruess  5 star

Most definitely one of my favourite horror movies!

#  jenntl  4 star

Took well into an hr to get going, but ok movie

tru pekamu
yum  tru pekamu  5 star

finn and jack are so cute & precious

Shock Doc
Scary as S**t  Shock Doc  5 star

I took my older son to see this, haven't been so scared by a movie for decade. Recommended

Kia or a
Pre order  Kia or a  1 star

Why is mine still saying pre ordered?

Sticks more closely to the book  Mibiss  4 star

As much as lots of my generation loved the TV version of IT, it wasn't really as dark and gruesome as the book. This is a lot better. Skarsgard is a fantastic Pennywise and for the most part the cinematic changes are more than acceptable, at the least understandable. However the final face off decides to go "off book" and leads into the classic cinematic horror film tropes. I won't say more. It could have been perfect, in the end it's just a bit off.

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