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The horror thriller “IT”, directed by Andrés Muschietti (“Mama”), is based on the hugely popular Stephen King novel of the same name, which has been terrifying readers for decades. When children begin to disappear in the town of Derry, Maine, a group of young kids is faced with their biggest fears when they square off against an evil clown named Pennywise, whose history of murder and violence dates back for centuries. 27 years after overcoming the malevolent supernatural entity Pennywise, the former members of the Losers' Club, who have grown up and moved away from Derry, are brought back together by a devastating phone call. It (2017) Wiki

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You'll Float Again..

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Simply OKAY for a horror movie. It could have been much better without the unnecessary profanity. Glad I did not pay to watch this movie.

- Can’t describe how much I love this movie5 star


- Best move in the world5 star

I’m ten I love it my big brothers got skard for life

- More funny than scary.2 star

Chapter 1 was a genuinely frightening film. The chemistry among the children actors was good and the acting believable. They should have left it at that. Chapter 2 wasn’t bad, but it seemed rather more like a vehicle for Bill Hader’s stand-up career. Don’t get me wrong, he was really pretty good in the film, but the writer and/or director lost sight of what it means to be scared and relied to heavily on Hader’s comedic prowess to fill in the movie. This is a shame because there were some reputable actors playing the roles of the adults. Unfortunately, as talented as each of these stars are in their craft, they failed to capture that same chemistry shared among the kids. The result of it all is that this second chapter of a horror classic lost its way and got stranded somewhere in a maze of tunnels. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great.

- wonderful movie5 star

These IT movies are simply masterpieces!

- Devastated3 star

Ok I wish I could watch this but “Parents” And it’s not fair cause I’m 16☹️☹️

- It review5 star

I love this movie sooo much it is my favorite but still have to watch the second one can’t wait.

- Amazing5 star

This movie is amazing no movie could ever top it in the future or past

- Excellent!5 star

One of the best movies I have seen in awhile! Must see!

- Sad at beginning5 star

Awesome scary movie in a while, the sad part is when young Georgie dies. Poor Georgie, but the clown is creepy when he was in the progress of hitting his hand off, just, GOD his teeth where creep, then Georgie starts “crying” what I mean about the dialogue part is because I know what they did which the hand, either it was a fake hand or they cut the scene and outed a sleeve over his hand and resumed the scene with Georgie crying and trying to get away but then Pennywise dragged him into the sewers and died. It’s obvious. But AWESOME movie, make a it 3 plz

- Y5 star

The best

- IT2 star

It almost scared me over and over. Nothing worth remembering

- Ok4 star

Honestly the movie was good just a lot of talking only 3 people died and the last one pennywise didn't even kill so that's all pretty good movie

- It 2017 it Chapter 22 star

I really like the show is not that bad at all of the children be fear of penny wise is be eating a live or something so is pretty cool

- Pennywise who ?5 star

From beginning to end this movie brought interest with details a interesting story line that not only focused on the villain but brought life to each character introduced , facing different objectives they shined in the end but is it really the end !?

- Boring and not scary1 star

Very disappointed that this movie was very predictable and boring. It was not scary at all I had high expectations for this movie in the beginning but left very disappointed at the end (and throughout the movie).

- Awful1 star

Zero stars

- Fantastic!5 star

I keep watching this movie over and over again, i love it dearly! It’s just— wowwee!

- Awesome 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈5 star

Really great remake of this book. Better then the last one. To those that gave it bad reviews, yet you paid to see it. Yeah. It made almost a billion dollars. Yet it’s bad. Yeah okay. How stupid of you to write that. Bet these are the same that said the new Joker movie is bad when it is the best Joker movie ever made. Marvel take advice. This is how you write and make a movie. As apposed to that cheesy avengers/ Ironman crap that you paid him over $100 millions to play the character. Especially when it’s an ensemble team/ movie.

- Scary as hell5 star

The clown (Pennywise/IT) can scare the heck out of many viewers! Which is why I recommend watching this movie and its sequel/continuation/conclusion for the scares!

- IT4 star

It was such a good movie! In some scenes it was kind of stupid though. They had jump scares when I least expected it( which I love by the way!) and it has a really good message(don’t watch it at night haha!)

- I loved it! 🎈5 star

I loved this movie! At first I was really scared to watch it but now it’s my favorite movie 🤩👍🏻

- Meh3 star

If this is 5 stars, what would one have to give Alien? Pretty predictable and not very scary.

- Beat horror movie of the decade5 star

After a long time not watching horror this was a delight for one reason only it’s about courage, overcoming your fear , stepping into the darkness kind of thing with a real character


I ♥️ IT!! Get it? IT? lol 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

- disgustahng1 star

no sharks

- IT5 star

Great film that indulges in the idea of fear and how it consumes the character.

- Perfect 👌5 star

Wow & You’ll Know Why...

- Yes Yes Yes5 star

Best horror remake ever!!! Bill Skarsgård is truly AMAZING at bringing Pennywise back to life. This movie makes you laugh and then scares the crap out of you. I can’t wait to see the second film this weekend!!!! 🎈

- !!!’5 star

Waited two years to finally watch it and i was NOT disappointed!

- LOVE5 star

my favorite movie ever, just so beautiful ugh

- The cast5 star

The actors were amazing I really was scared at times but then I laughed and the casting was impeccable. I’m amazed.

- Movie5 star

It’s very good

- Buy this movie!!!!!!!!!!5 star

This movie combines everything you love about Stephen king films it’s scary it has a mixture of slight psychological horror and it’s HILARIOUS I urge you to get this movie

- it5 star


- It1 star

Horrible movie plain and simple

- Esczux4 star


- It5 star


- Amazing5 star

This is an example of how horror should be done

- Best Remake of all time.5 star

Dont listen to opinionated and judgemental bad reviews. Well-made, well-acted, and updated for the modern era. You either enjoy this kind of movie or you dont! But very well-made none-the-less.

- Great vibe4 star

Very good quality horror movie and vibe. Could of been a tad scarier through the environment/atmosphere being darker,...but overall good movie.

- Brooke5 star

IT is a great movie

- IT🎈5 star

It the best movie in the world I thank

- Love everything about it5 star

My all time favorite movie!

- They ruined this movie1 star

The constant narration in this movie is horrible.

- i love it5 star

everything is perfect about this movie

- IT was Floating out of this world 🎈5 star

I watched it so many times and I can’t wait for Part 🎈🎈

- Whenyour down!!! Here you Flout to!!!!😮😮😮😮😮😮5 star

The movie is a great movie brought to life ,unlike their are a few differences from the book, and minnie series IT is still a great movie. I feel like Bill Scar version of pennywise has blown the crowds mind away. The intensity in this movie is unbelivable the gore and the R rating is some what like the book is not fully as bad. I promise you guys if you read the book and see the 20 mins of the movie you might give up and believe it is not like the book, but I promise the movie is still just as good as the book.

- Amazing!5 star

This movie is my all time favorite. It’s scary, the story and kids are amazing, and Pennywise is awesome.

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Hi5036374738 - So bad1 star


I lub it - BEST MOVIE EVER5 star

I loved it I watched it 3 more times after that it just errrrr but I still need to see chapter two

New York Yankees are the best - It5 star

It’s such a good movie and that’s also scary but not super scary

unicorns love roblox - Good but scary not for younger kids4 star

This movie is a good friend sleepover movie. It has very scary parts that include jump scares and blood. I don’t recommend this movie for kids that are scared of killing and clowns and this movie should be watched with an adult in less your 16 or older. ⚠️ KIDS UNDER 10 SHOULD NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE⚠️ Hope This Helped 😀☺️ Amazing movie 🍿 (4 star for me)

Tamilla Ismailova - AAAHH1 star

Help help this is scary

happyman11101010 - The best5 star

The best horror movie I have ever seen

the rap guy - Awesome and terrifying5 star

Sooo good can’t wait for part 2

MetalHead-Dan - My favourite movie5 star

I really love it, more than the original one in the 90's. I watched it many times and still love it. It's a long movie tho, 2:15 hours i think but still... it's a really good movie and oh! Hey i even bought the book (didn't read it first) i still didn't read it all the way but I have it but, i really like Stephen king's writing but English is my second language and I don't really like French translation stuff. But anyways, if u did read or not the book it doesn't matter it's a really good movie, the newer one. Like I said I didn't really like the first one in the 90'

hollysquid - Watched movie based on reviews2 star

Wasn't sure if i really wanted to this movie as most movies redone, aren't great. I read the reviews and they were all good. I purchased the movie. I found it slow. My daughter left. She had no interest in it. I found it hard to watch as i soon had no interest. Acting was good. Guess we just love the original. Not worth the price we paid...


Oh my! That movie is so good! I didn’t expect it to be THAT amazing... I watched it more than one time ;)

Moviehound - Well constructed but too long4 star

The storey parallels the feeling of being bullied and being hunted by a sadistic clown entity. The conclusion is a heartwarming storey of friendship and getting over ones fears. I felt the movie was a bit too long. Too much time was devoted to hashing out the fears of each individual character. The father daughter relationship was unnecessary and gross. It seems the extra scenes have been done to service fans of the book. All actors did a great job with their performances. The set prices and costumes were great.

ctazyhoundzsajid - Hmm IT is one of the best movie!!5 star

Keep it up and waiting for chapter 2

gracie bussey - IT movie: review5 star

awesome movie! i wanna see it again. it was scary but could be scarier! hope they make a second chapter of IT!!! a lot of people say it was super scary but in my opinion i don’t normally watch horror movies but i wanted to see this one badly! it was my first horror movie actually and i went with my friends hahah. make the second chapter!!!❤️

zach_crimson instagram - It5 star

It’s really good if you’re looking for something exiting and scary/spooky👍🏽 I’ve always loved Stephan kings movies ..................⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

jackson):$;$$:/ - Cool5 star


qmike3 - Décousu, lent, incohérent2 star

Je m'étonne du succès de ce film assez banal. Pour adolescent probablement.

Bubble_gum_me... - Trust me it’s not scary5 star

It’s a really good film about a strong friendship and it’s just amazing. Cheesy I know but AMAZING

6157 - Waste of time1 star

Just a terrible movie - a waste time and $0.99.

Reaghan k. - best movie you'll ever see5 star

this movie is one of the best horror movies out there. it's an excellent way to make you feel scared!! this movie is worth the money buy it!!

Rdjgsuh - 😍😍😍5 star

I adore Stephen King and this does not disappoint!!!!!!! Fans of all ages(12 and up I personally think) will love this!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ttbone111 - Not very scary2 star

Was hoping for a lot more. Very week acting. Not sure a remake was necessary.

11 year-old girl - Not scary at all1 star

This was my first “horror” movie. I was all excited and by the time it was done I was so bored. This movie was really unexpectedly boring

iFredo 13 - Just Ok, plot leak3 star

Un bon divertissement sans plus. Mauvais jeux d'acteurs et file de l'histoire décousu nous enlevant l'attention à l'histoire...

Nashswifi - my loves😩5 star

honestly i think i’m obsessed with nic hamilton, owen teague, jake sim and logan thompsom, they may not have had many roles in the movie but heck idc i love them

Cute_Huskys - 👍🏻👍🏻5 star


Seabeesaintjohn8269 - Awesome5 star

This new adaption of IT was just great in every way. Pennywise wasn’t telling jokes like the miniseries and he looked scary and was scary. The tv miniseries made Pennywise into a real looking circus clown which to me even at 11 years old when it came out was not scared at all. Now granted you couldn’t do crazy things on network television in 1991 and their budget was not very high compared to the new one which had an R rating and money to throw around as it was a Hollywood blockbuster. So I do need to take these things into consideration.

lindyv - It5 star

Fav movie and not even that scary!

SRGRMB - Really3 star

The original was better.

PittyBear05 - It5 star

I loved this movie. I have been scared of clowns for so long. It was like a roller coaster ride. It is now my favourite movie. I never thought I would be able to bring myself to watch it.

Phi1_Dog - My New Favorite Movie5 star


PiersonFamJam - Yikes!1 star

Horribly boring movie. Don’t waste your money! The tv version from my youth was a lot scarier and you could actually follow the storyline. Such a disappointment.

StarAction - Ridiculous2 star

The gruesome images were unnecessary. Mediocre story and substandard acting. I stopped watching at the half way point.

Sammy's Wave - what a comedy5 star

the scary parts are really funny and the movie is good

kiki and jojo - Richie Tozier is my spirit animal!!!!!!!5 star

God this movie is lifeu!!! Stephen King is EVERYTHING!! This is better than the first one!

jsjdhcfgwj - Terrifying and hilarious5 star

It is the highest grossing horror movie of all time for a reason.

Minilady12 - Great movie5 star

Loved the rock fight Amazing job at portraying the clown. Loved all the actors 5 thumbs up yay

Eertu - Exceptionnal5 star

Made me feel the same way as when I read the book and saw the made for TV series in the 1990s, which is one hell of a tour de force. I hope kids see all the things that Stranger Things took from that book (which isn't a bad thing). The best horror movie I saw in a long time. PS: makes me want to rewatch the 1990s made for tv series to see if it's as good as I remember it.

NormyNam87543 - The made for TV series was scarier..2 star

Not a bad movie just a pointless remake

Viking Joe - One of the few great remakes...5 star

The first one creeped me out & I loved it but this movie had the hair on my arms standing up from the very first sequence. Chapter 2 should be awesome. I don't think a movie has ever creeped me out like this. Found myself comfortably tucked under the covers...

Wazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzup - Best movie ever!!!!!!!!5 star


candidcameraman - All the reviews are wrong1 star

it is not very scary, as a matter of fact, not scary - fun but not worth paying money to see. Based on the reviews I expected more and I was sadly disapointed. Do you guys get paid to leave positive reviews on an average movie which makes little to no sense at all compared to its source material. I know they set this up to have a sequel, I will do the sensible thing and wait for "it" two play on television ...

Nixct - It was so scary1 star

Not going to see the 2 one 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😨😨😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

Gauzy jdsjyqyah - I just found my favourite movie5 star

Super good

J_K_Lauzon57 - Love it!!5 star

Honestly love this movie so much, its humour lightens the dark tone but is also super suspenseful. Loved every bit of it, including the cast. If I could give it more than 5 stars i would.

Odin good reviews - What the sht5 star

Hey yeah buying

EmmaDeS - Jaw dropping5 star

So I saw IT in theatres 3 times and I was blown away completely. It is more than just horror it is drama and friendship. The kids did an amazing job acting, finn as richie and Sophia as bev. They were amazing. They put on an amazing show. I loved the book and I never watched the first one but this one was incredible. I just think that everyone in this film did an amazing job. So thank you for making this film happen 😂❤️

Goddesshorror - Brilliant5 star

The movie was great. Just so well done. Bill skarsgård stole my heart years ago. Such an amazing actor. Acting is in the family and it shows, like his brother Alexander. The movie wasn't "scary". I think that's for movies dealing with paranormal such as ghosts ,demons etc. This movie is best described in my opinion, as creepy and freaky thriller. You don't really go home thinking omg IT is under my bed. It's more than a horror. It's a masterpiece. Mind bending. Not only this but extremely hilarious! Some of the things the kids say are hilarious! Especially the one kid. Brought back memories of the 80s when I was a teenager. Such an amazing time when kids were out all summer and having person to person contact. Very nostalgic for many of us for sure. Movie got that bang on. I can't wait for chapter 2.

Angelos007 - Wow! Was that Good!5 star

Wow! What a great movie. Glad I bought it. The young actors were fantastic! And the performance from Skarsgard as Pennywise was nothing short of brilliant.

OcelotGaming13 - Great Movie5 star


Megapixel 😎 - I love finn wolfhard a lot5 star

Finn is a gr8 actor and uh Richie is clearly the best character in the losers club 👌

Ajw89 - Could watch over and over5 star

Brilliant remake. Could and have watched it repeatedly. Cast is on point. Everything is on point. Just brilliant.

Blondie Tiger - The 1990 was a bit better3 star

This is an amazing movie but I reckon the 1990 version was better but still amazing

Film critic01 - Visually compelling and great story as well as other improvements from the original mini series4 star

The action, visual effects, character bonding and development was great. The film had used these effects very well in which the film flowed and had made perfect sense in every moment. One little seen however that was a bit off with the visual effects was how the clown looked when he bit Georgie. It did feel fake, however from the other scenes the effects are great. Worth 86%

Mario95832 - Amazing movie 🤡5 star

This was a movie, lived up to my ridiculously high expectations. I was also pleasantly surprised with how this was the first horror movie I’ve seen that consists of: humour, amazing storyline and a nice range of scary scenes. Well done Stephen King.

Noah Tro - Fantastic And Well Presented4 star

This movie is such a huge sensation. Watching it for the second time I noticed all of the hidden tricks in there from the book could have used more of Pennywise but all and all a great movie directed by Andy mischief to

Ivythewhitekitten - I’m confused3 star

Nothing against the movie as I loved it. Though I rented it for a camping trip and it said that I had 29 days left. So I downloaded it and once I hit play, it told me I had 48 hours to watch it. And now the 48 hours is up so I don’t have 27 days left I have zero. Overall good movie. Not worth the money. :/

M.dog3!4!9! - So TERRIFIED about IT5 star

great movie but a bit to scary and gory with penny wise eating people

JohnCrepe - Better spent elsewhere1 star

I'm usually a fan of horror movies, but this one just doesn't cut it. The entire main story arc happens in the blink of an eye, padded out only by a weak coming-of-age subplot. There's not much substance to this film and while the visuals are appealing, the story to back them up just isn't there. Overall, watching this movie all the way through was a waste of time better spent somewhere else in the genre.

Dj Cool Master - 🔪🤡5 star

This movie was amazing I really enjoyed watching IT Derry is an amazing town the kids are great the scenes are awesome and now I am really looking forward to IT chapter two 🤡🔪🎈🎈

TheAwesomeDude21 - I love IT5 star

This version of Pennywise is way scarier than the original with no doubt, I love the storyline and I cannot wait to see IT Chapter 2 when it releases in September

Kaitiger - 10/105 star

IT is AAMMMAAAAZZZIINNNGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dragonmusic - Overhyped kids movie3 star

Not that scary as people make it sound. After all what do you expect from a kids' movie?

greenninja2oo - It chapter 25 star

There gonna make it chapter to by the way best movie ever ⭐️ ⭐️ star

Gk2000 - The original clown is waaaaaaay more spooky1 star

As per title and also... what was with the added rapey story line between the father and daughter.. gross and unnecessary. Imagine watching the movie with your dad how awkward and uncomfortable that would be for both.

marigoldjpg - so wonderful5 star

the storyline is good, the acting is amazing, what more could u want?

xtxhcivgivivu - Amazing!5 star

What a hot cast. Jump scares at every corner. Someone who has watched many horror movies says that “IT is the scariest horror movie ever” YOU’LL FLOAT TO

γυΡ - Why another IT?4 star

I prefer the other one old classy horror movies are way! Scarier!

evansandotero - Don't bother2 star

Not worth watching

jmc224 - The stars say it all5 star

Even though I’ve watched this movie enough times that the jump scares don’t scare me, and I can recite the characters lines. I love it and will continue to love it.

bretno1 - Was a disappointment tbh1 star

it really felt like a chore to watch til the end

Lyfepvf - SO COOL5 star


Miss Gherk - Incredible5 star

Movie of the year for sure 10/10

huvfsiuehfifirgsgofrugoffg - WAY WAY TO SCARY!1 star

This looks it will freak me out big time!

frankwalkerfromnationaltiles - 🔥🔥🔥🤫5 star

This movie is the best horror movie I have ever seen and I sway better than the original, can’t wait for one when the kids are adults!!!

Nixxstarr - IT 20175 star

This movie is amazing, not only was the visuals a step up from the original but the storyline is executed perfectly. I recommend anyone to watch this movie if you are up to it but I warn you, it’s absolutely amazing and I’ve already watched it 3 times!

Rosalyndsok - Amazing!5 star

I loved this movie! To be honest it wasn’t as scary for me as I thought it would be but still an amazing movie! It was very enjoyable.

Jacque$ Montagnon - IT5 star

The best horror movie I have ever seen in my entire life, 5 stars

Chalk man 2 - Great movie5 star

This movie was way better then the first one and the fact it had Audio description which is great for me as a blind person

Theoneandonlytuck - PERFECT5 star

this remake of IT is wonderful with all of the actors playing their role VERY well and penny wise looks AMAZING. If you are thinking about getting it DO IT.

parrd - pathetic1 star

not worth the price of either a rental or a purchase

TexA21-/14 - The best horror film I’ve ever seen!5 star

This was honestly the best horror movie I’ve ever seen. It has a bit of everything for all viewers. Romance, comedy, horror and drama. An amazing remake to the Stephen King novel.

Ld0684 - killed a classic!!1 star

Another classic brilliant movie ruined by a rubbish remake. The original IT was/is terrifying and without all those ridiculous fx in this one. The kids in this film r meant to be from 1980’s but sound as if they’re from this generation, the way they speak I was expecting to hear someone say OMG or LOL it’s just ridiculous. Seriously not even scary!! half of the movie made no sense especially compared to the original. Penny wise was just idiotic in every way. But if you liked it then have fun waiting 2 years for the next chapter ( which Stephen king managed to do in just one go hmm )

DemonWolf96 - its alright i guess1 star

watching this for the first time, wasn't that scary at all, i mean i dont see how it is the most scariest movie of this year but overall it was entertaining to watch, ive watched and played alot of horror genres but this doesnt scare me as much, i can say it is good to watch though

starch18 - IT1 star

Silliest movie that I have ever seen. We were laughing in the so called scary bits.

OliveWahh - Biggest hype, but biggest let down2 star

The trailer for this movie made it look so scary... I kinda found it a bit boring, not scary and more of a joke. Some of the special effects weren't as good as they should be and just made things look tacky. I really wanted to be jumping out of my skin, but this just made me yawn.

Jamie936 - Great Movie5 star

Very different than the original, so much so that it seems more like a new movie altogether, very scary and has lots of edge of the seat scenes

Reece17 - boring1 star

So boring....

Radiodaddio - Just great5 star

An awesome movie!

Steelspawn - Does not disappoint5 star

Being a big fan of the book and the original film I was very sceptical with this remake/retelling however I really enjoyed it and the film certainly did the story justice. For those who are new to the It mythos this would be a fantastic horror movie to check out.

Chetan16 - Ruinidhfb5 star


flix crit - Thrill Ride4 star

Entertaining thrills and spills, restrained horror, a bit predictable, but enjoyable entertainment...end sets up for a sequel

Alanarhiannon - Absolutely Amazing5 star

All of the actors are absolutely incredible. Jaeden really shines as Bill and Wyatt deserves so much praise for the scene in the sewers. Nic is also amazing as Henry, he plays a really great psycho 😂

Itisreal29 - One of the Best!5 star

This movie is awesome! The acting is beautiful and the way the story unfolds is so perfect! Thanks to Stephen King!

Gingernutzz76 - From pug Lamborghini1 star

Super terrifying and scary

Coolio💜💜💜 - babes5 star

loser r all bby boys and girl and jake sim, Nicholas, Logan and Owen are idiots we must protect at all costs and Jackson is a smol lil bean

Taylorswiftfan54321 - Nicholas Hamilton5 star

He just wants a review on him so I’m gonna give him one Lol sike

Cheeky Diablo - Mm Actually quite slow and boring3 star

I think I’m one of those rare people who admits to not really being a Stephen King fan, I know, people might think oh there’s something wrong with this person But really most of his novels are slow, tedious and excruciatingly boring 😮 The Green Mile is the only one I’ve ever finished Ok IT 😳I tried my damndest to finish the book, but my life is too short to read stuff I don’t enjoy, actually my days at college reading Thomas Hardly were brought back to me The film is awful not scary Revolves around the kids unlike the book A waste of time Beautifully shot and well acted but not true to the book The real life paranormal tv programs are scarier 😉😉

marietsum - Jack Grazer4 star

I had a break down when I found out Jack Grazer has a girlfriend.

noodlescalp - wyatt oleff5 star

i love wyatt oleff with all my being, he is a precious angel who must be protected at all costs

perrie's #1 fan - great family movie!5 star

nics acting is 10/10 AUSSIE REPRESENT

hjojkmbggg - Ytytrty5 star

Günaydın çok güzel çok teşekkür ediyorum çok güzel bir şey güzel olacak güzel bir çok teşekkür ederim çok güzel çok teşekkür ediyorum çok güzel çok çok teşekkür ederim çok güzel çok teşekkür ediyorum çok güzel çok teşekkür ederiz çok güzel bir şey var ama ben sana bir çok teşekkür ediyorum çok

phoebe. 😋 - richie tozier5 star

hi stan twt richie tozisr is my Baby have. a good day

holly/marry ann/ marie - It’s ok...4 star

I was watching this with my 18 year old daughter and she screamed her head off at one point and woke the triplets up maybe it’s just a little scary don’t you think? but since I’m an adult I didn’t get scared 😧 great movie 🎥 🍿 for me well done 👍🏻good for me maybe not for others know

jade lennie - Jade Lennie5 star

I like. The film it is funny because I like it Jade Lennie Xxx

Cliffmax33 - Superb4 star

Has all a Horror film needs: -Atmosphere -Scares -Heart -Visuals

Gregor O'Gravitas - Goonies had more suspense2 star

Disingenuous of me to review because I nodded off for 20 minutes. The Goonies and Stranger Things, as mentioned by others, has obviously had a strong influence. Loved Goonies, don’t love this zzzzz

Stick Bou - 🤩🤩5 star

This movie is amazing

Dior&gucciforever - 🤡🎈3 star

Surprisingly a good remake

djfiforfodofkgk - It 20175 star

Is a excellent horror thriller that we make you laugh and cry and scared

Ao1534 - Brilliant!5 star

Personally i found this truly amazing and horrifying

Snayee99 - Shockingly terrible1 star

I want a refund 😂

AlexFox123 - Brilliant!5 star


helloguineapigsYT - PETRIFYING1 star

I couldn’t sleep for weeks terrified that Pennywise was gonna kill me and that was the TRAILER

Gregoryb86 - Best Horror Remake! We all float down here...🤭5 star

Truly a marvellous take on the original and as near to the book as they come! Highly recommended for all fans of the IT original. Bring on chapter 2!

llockedydc - Amazing😛 cant get better then this5 star

Love it

beafy burt - Best movie5 star

My favourite movie by far

r1ich - Ok4 star

It could have been scarier

Hayleyplaysgames - 100% recommend5 star

i think that this movie is great and shows the importance of friendship, helping each other over come their fear.

MissPurpleLlama - LOVE IT!!!5 star

Honestly this is literally the best movie I’ve seen in a long time, when I heard about them doing a remake of this iconic movie I wasn’t too sure at first what it was gonna be like if it was just the exact same as the first version, but honestly I’ve been totally proved wrong!! bill as pennywise did a BRILLIANT job acting as an evil clown, I found myself laughing one minute at him then being scared 😄😄 honestly worth watching!!

eiperrin488 - AMAZING5 star

This is an amazing film... recommend to anyone even please under 15. I’m only 14 and watched it when I was 13 and I loved it sooooo much. I think the original was a bit more scary and this wasn’t that scary......

batmen19 - This is bad...1 star

This movie surely must be a strong contender for one of the worst movies ever made. Way worse than the previous version or the book. Don't waste your time and money on this.

Blueeebelll - Wasn’t scary enough4 star

This film is very well made but just not very scary

Jess X🗝❤️ - Best Film5 star

Best film I’ve ever watched💋

puppy girl0163 - HILARIOUS5 star

Very good and funny

Jdnfjdjfjfjfjf - It3 star

But sad there wasn't any jump scares just more of horror and lots of tension

Mildred14 - Rather pants2 star

I usually like to get really into horror films and pretend they’re real, escape for a while. This was just poop. Too long- should have been around 1 hour and 45 minutes. It cost more than a fiver to rent this. I could have bought a decent film for that.

cfcjack1718 - Great film with plenty of scares5 star

Although I’m not a big fan of horror films. I particularly enjoyed It. It was really good but it very creepy throughout and Pennywise the clown himself is just spooky and evil. Particular scary scenes are the projector scene and the bit where he appears from beside the coffin in the toy clown room in the house. But overall I really enjoyed this film and would totally recommend it, well worth the money and watch!

Matt Hartopp - A pleasant surprise5 star

Pays homage to the book and the original while still being a scary horror film on its own. I couldn't wish for anything more (apart from a sequel).

Gregmoon - The Goonies.... With Horror Clowns5 star

Twisted, fun and horrible and, although I didn't think it would be, a very good film.

adsVD - Worst horror movie1 star

I had a high expectation of this move. It turns out it is a teenage story, not scary at all, a waste of time I will never get back.

Rob12s - Don’t expect a horror movie4 star

And you’ll be fine, disappointed on first viewing as was expecting a proper horror movie, more jokes than scares. Really enjoyed second time round though. Good movie 👍🏼

ilrg - Dull1 star

Not in the least bit scary . Just a bunch of children chatting for 2 hours .

EJ 1977 - Buy the original1 star

Myself and my fiancé just couldn’t stop laughing at this movie, especially when Pennywise is waving a severed arm. I’d love to say the film was scary but it just wasn’t. Buy the original for more scare than laughs.

capmax62 - Old world horror5 star

Not bad at all, wouldn't have a bad word for this film, scary at times, also quite humorous as well, hope chapter 2 as good, we live in hope it is , enjoy f.....g super movie 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

Willemglish2000 - Like ign says, it doesn’t float, it soars5 star

This is the 2nd best Stephen king movies. The best is the shining and the 3rd is shawshank redemption This has a special place in my heart

3llemills - bloody amazing film5 star

one of the most amazing films ive ever watched,the cast are so amazing and i love them all so much.

alexdavidson12 - Everything about this film is top class5 star

From the acting to the cinematography, it was phenomenal. Great adaptation of this absolute classic. Bravo.

Meh/ - One word: exceptional.5 star

IT is a freakishly immersive movie, with every single detail being considered. From the stunning, rich visual effects to the set and the gripping music - it’s all there.

Specs1981 - Dreadful!2 star

Quite simply not a patch on the original

gbilal - 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼5 star

You’ll float too lol love it

Bellyschwing - Must be missing something!2 star

Really don’t get the hype or rave reviews about this film. Horror? Really? More like the goonies! Bunch of kids in a gang fighting the bad man. Scary? No. Suspense? No. Make you jump moments? No, well maybe one. I remember reading the Stephen King book. He can’t be happy about this interpretation surely? If you’re 13 and have never watched anything like this before and you scare easily you’ll love it. Anyone else, save 2 hours of your life and £5 and don’t bother.

Gylen - dull and lifeless1 star

Had high hopes since so many reviews were positive. Dull, unscary, lacking in atmosphere. And I am easily scared.

Marcus_30 - Very good5 star

Can’t recommend this enough

lumleylad - Fantastic5 star

Scared the crap out of me .Brilliant

LummersD - Missed Opportunity3 star

Horror creatures work best when kept in the shadows, or not seen at all. This is where the film falls down. Pennywise is shown in broad daylight, with no subtlety or sense of dread. The other nasties are also pretty unoriginal, too. I felt like I’d seen them before in other films. IT works best when it focuses on its human characters. The interaction between the kids is great, with some real touching moments that are up there with Kings best. But when you see a clown standing in the background waving a severed arm about... it loses all seriousness and the sense of uneasiness it’s trying to build up. Even the opening scene drops the ball, showing too much of pennywise and his frankly ridiculous CGI teeth. Rent it before you decide to buy.

Bearlair - Goonies meets a killer Clown !!4 star

Good movie with some good acting but not scary, IMO the original although dated was scarier, it was just like my review title, I just hope chapter 2 is more of a horror movie

Baron Von Poopenplop - Goonies with horror! Excellent film!5 star

What a pleasant surprise this film was - will keep coming back to watch this one! Buy it now folks....

terrancebaker - LoVer4 star

Funny, witty, and some excellent horror.

andre998 - Intense5 star

I really enjoyed this movie. The character building was fantastic and the scares really intense. If you are a fan of the 80’s horror films like nightmare on elm street or kids movies like goonies you will go crazy for this. Its a brilliant film that well deserves 5 stars.

Rolando123 - Great ONE4 star

I don’t use to like horror films and/or blood scenes specially the bad effects ones but I must say that I really enjoyed IT ... The kids are marvellous and the storyline and effects are quite good... Highly recommended!!!

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gjxhfjs - I LOVE IT5 star

It is my favorite movie cause the boys are so hot especially Bill

Cnhase - IT5 star

I never saw the movie I just liked the trailer

Falrowlan28🤠😂🥰 - 🤡5 star

Amazing amazing I can’t wait for the next one

johnston323 - Garbage1 star

Worst ever

Cole Sprouse number 1 fan - I loved this movie but their is one thing4 star

Here is the background knowledge. I don’t get scared easily. Okay first things first. At first before watching this movie I thought it was going to get to be a scary experience and was extremely excited to get a good scare. During the movie I was not scared at all and didn’t even flinch. The reason I gave this 4 stars and not 1 was because I enjoyed the humor even though it was not scary.

Karla730831 - Love it5 star

Simply excellent, waiting for Chapter Ii

Alex1831s - Ok boys let’s friggin go5 star

So to a summary of this is if you don’t like this movie see a doctor there might be something wrong with you and if you do like it read the book and all other Stephen king books so yeah that wasn’t a summary lol

MrLiquidAffect - Absolutely fabulous5 star

Enough said!

Litty Pham - I LOVED IT5 star

This movie isn’t about the jump scares and creepy clowns like you’re expecting, it’s about relating to the book, and that what the director did... great job

cãvetøwn - Amazing5 star

I absolutely loved this remake of Stephen kings it. The young actors who played in this did an awesome job and the movie was worth the price and time.

the reeeeeeee faner - 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥5 star

I only saw the trailer and that is all I need.

t_strudel - live, laugh, love IT5 star

There’s a reason why this was the highest grossing ‘R’ rated movie. This is the Avengers of “horror/thriller”. Don’t read the negative reviews- These people were looking for a super-scary movie.

Adawg1004 - Loved it5 star

It is a good movie

Kody (RickandMortyPOP) - Great5 star

The 1980s movie is'nt as good as this one

mc.arthur_21 - Beat horror movie of all time!!!!5 star

This was the complete package, scary, funny, heartwarming. You can’t go wrong with this movie.

Irvin2020 - Greatest Horror Movie of All Time!4 star

Andy Muschietti has made a masterpiece here! It may be my favorite horror movie ever! Because I enjoyed this movie so much, I am stoked for “It: Chapter Two” to come out later this year! I hope Andy brings the sequel to life as much as he did with the first movie, and I really like how he balanced the content to not be too graphic, but at the same time, not leave you disappointed. Bill Skarsgård played the role of Pennywise so well, and even though I like the way Tim Curry played Pennywise in the 1990 miniseries, I like the way Bill portrayed Pennywise better! Anyone who is a true horror fan will love this movie!

kid ink 2400 - IT5 star

I love the movie and I love the the guy the plays pennywise He is sooo cute😘😘😘😜😜😜😜

Osiris DeWynter - 105 star

Simply one of the best horror movies to come around in a long time.

Sam Emmett - IT5 star

I Do Love IT But My Sad Scene Was Georgie Death Scene That Was Sad When Georgie Died And Me And My Auntie Are Going To See IT Chapter 2 September 6th 2019

GamerTy21 - Spine-chilling5 star

I’m basically speechless. I loved it

jewels 4000 - Omg this movie just blew me away5 star

I usually hate clowns i’m so scared of clowns but this movie was not only scary but it was funny as well. This movie gave me chills and I loved it. I would totally watch it more than once. The actors were amazing and they gave their best performance to get the audience to feel that feeling of a horror movie. They succeeded... definitely succeeded. This is one of the best horror movies ever.

Missbella62 - Liked it a lot!4 star

I see the reviews are mixed. I liked this a lot! The cute friendships between the friends. The clown has a fantastic look. Some of the horror was cheesy but I liked the movie! I would recommend it.

Ghost believer 😱😱😱 - weird1 star

the mini series was better

Horizondawn5 - Thank you all for enjoying my movie5 star

So my little creature comes every 27 years.The first was in 1990,the second was in 2017.Do the math folks.🤡

longhorns frek fan - IT1 star

Geez people you are killing people!!!

dudh bdixbd j - Here take it5 star

It will freak you out!!!!!

brandon randeau - Love it5 star

Omg such a awsome movie love it

FreshBoy202 - IT... (PLEASE READ!!!)5 star

Ok... this movie was AMAZING in SO many ways! But, it COULD have been better in other ways. Don’t get me wrong, if your even CONSIDERING getting this movie, get it! But if you have read IT, it doesn’t follow along with some of the stuff in the book. So if that stuff REALLY gets on your nerves, you might not want to spend your money, but otherwise, this is a MUST buy because the ACTING is amazing, it looks so real, and it’s SO much more than a horror movie. It... makes you FEEL something, because there is a deeper story to it. It really makes you think. So overall, YES! IT is a must buy, Stephen King’s BEST work in my opinion!

ordinary reviewer - Fun to watch5 star

Great movie and also great direction it’s not that scary for adults but frightening for children under 15.I really recommend this movie to everyone who love scary-childish movies; it’s really interesting to watch.

hungergames0000 - My favorite movie5 star

I watched this movie at 2am with my best friend and it was so intense and we loved it the movie is so amazing and the director did such a good job I loved this movie so much that I bought the book right after. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who wants a good movie to watch. It is also a really funny movie

Apppoliceguy - Scary5 star

Don’t watch it alone.

PrissyKrissy05 - Love IT so much🔥🔥🔥5 star

So I’m terrified of scary movies to the point where I will cry but this is surprisingly my favorite movie so of course I love it but when I seen I could get it on my phone I just had to get it!!!

emtsd - Snooze1 star

They could have done so much more with this. It's just boring. Nowhere near the original.

qqmsjs - By MontaHarrell5 star

It lit

Autumn Rodgers - Amazing5 star

I went to see it September 8th when it came out and bought it here and wanted it ever since. Have the book, shirts, and a pennywise poster. Absolutely love this movie.

Diamond101 AJ - Terrifically horrifying!5 star

This movie wasn’t only scary, it was horrifying! Bill Scarsgård is a phenomenal Pennywise and I can’t imagine anyone else playing Pennywise in Chapter 2. The kids are very talented and portray the characters you know from the book. I recommend and would watch it again and again. 10/10! You’ll float too. 🎈

Declan Bragg - Loved it5 star

Creepy AF

fack_jaedon - I LOVE IT5 star

I think the actors did a great job and the movie was put together well

Bella0413 - In love5 star

The actors are amazing and it has a nice mix of comedy so it’s not as scary as most but it’s also scary so it gives you a thrill. I would definitely rate it a 5/5

OpticPig - Story line was great4 star

I loved the movie and the actors but it was pathetic how not scary it was. The only time the clown was anywhere near scary was at the beginning in the sewer, the rest of the movie relied too much on jump scares

iamstupid1010101001 - AMAZING5 star

AMAZING every actor and actress was perfect for this movie I love how they showed bullied kids to face their fears even if it means stepping in grey water.

mr.pug467493837 - 👍👍👍👍👍5 star

Awesome movie

meme_49 - It5 star

Love it

adrianpolokid - 🙄5 star

Such a good movie when I watched IT I had hallucinations all night😱😨☹️😟😧🙈

Matthew C. Mayer - Amazing!!5 star

A must-see for anyone into thrillers!

NEWKIDSONTHEBLOCM1989 - Amazingly good5 star

Probably best horror film of 2017 besides A quiet place. Wow this movie is scary and explains the story behind how penny wise started. I’m gonna wait 27 years for this again!!

Deacon Andreucci - SCARIEST MOVIE EVER!!!😳😨😱😳🍿🎥👍🏻5 star

This was one of the scariest movies ever and is very well acted highly recommend

Karmen_Brannon - YAS5 star

I’ve already seen this movie five times and i still was to watch it again and wyatt oleff is my husband

Yesmeen T - AMAZING!!5 star

This was definitely the movie of 2017 and everybody did such an amazing acting job! And the effects were so amazing!

Raegan Spencer - BEST MOVIE EVER5 star

I loved this movie so much

5 star

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