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Black ops recruit Mitch Rapp (Dylan O'Brien) is reeling from the death of his fiancée in a terrorist attack when he is assigned to shadowy CIA figure Stan Hurley (Michael Keaton) to receive special training in tracking terrorists. Rapp and Hurley are then dispatched to join a Turkish agent on a mission to stop a mysterious operative from unleashing chaos of international proportions. Following the murder of his fiancée, Mitch Rapp trains under the instruction of Cold War veteran Stan Hurley. The pair then is enlisted to investigate a wave of apparently random attacks on military and civilian targets. American Assassin Wiki

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Assassins aren't born. They're made...

American Assassin (2017)

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- A parody without the jokes1 star

Just don't

- Vince Flynn Rolled Over in his grave1 star

Whoever hired these hacks took great writing and turn it in to this crap. Did the writers even read the books? This is one of the most horrendous book to movie conversions ever. The producers should be ashamed, embarrassed and to be honest I don’t think they let on a movie set ever again. I am saddened, this terrible joke has probably ruined what could have been a movie legacy.

- If you base a movie off a book dont change the whole plot line1 star

This movie truly could of been decent if it had no connection to the Mitch Rapp Series... but the fact that they changed almost every aspect of it from book... very disappointed i understand its hard to pack in the information from book into a movie but this is just terrible... Maybe next time make into a tv show... you have enough content for almost 20 seasons

- Worth the wake5 star

Fell alseep on,y couch and woke up to a scene from this movie about a month ago. Ive literally watched this movie close to 50 times since then.

- Good action flick4 star

If you like Vince Flynn novels, this is where they begin. Good action and fight scenes.

- A misguided movie.2 star

Saw the film. How is an arms deal for nukes more dangerous than islamic terrorists? I see more muslim terrorism than nukes going off in the real world. A stupid movie that could have addressed islamic terrorism instead of going into a nuke storyline. Cop-out for the safety of a nuke story.


The book was great, the movie was way too different than the book. They should have made it more like the book, that would not have been too difficult.

- Excellent Representation of Mitch Rapp and the Books5 star

This movie is excellent, both for fans of Rapp from the books and fans of action movies. Stays true to who Rapp is and has some freedom to grow him from the beginning.

- Now that’s an action movie5 star

My new favorite movie

- ACTION PACKED but NOT the book4 star

Big time Vince Flynn fan, especially of the Mitch Rapp series. So I was super excited to discover someone FINALLY made a film adaptation of American Assassin. Having read the book prior to watching this movie I can honestly say the movie did NOT remotely follow the original story line. The book is wayyyy better! The movie story line was okay. There’s a lot of action, fighting scenes and tense moments to keep viewers entertained. I think the casting could have been better selected. I’d recommend watching the movie first then reading the book (I think my preconceptions ruined the movie for me and set the standard high). Hopefully, another director will give this series another shoot and stay closer to the original storyline to attract and retain Mitch Rapp fans.

- High hopes3 star

I had really high hopes for this movie bc I loved the books. Micheal Keaton did a great job! The guy playing Mitch was good enough I guess ( could have been better). My 2 biggest complaints actor wise was the bad guy I don’t even know his name he sucked so bad and Irene Kennedy, idk who thought she was a good pick but they need to be fired for these two actors. I know movies never follow books very well but it wasn’t written very good and to much stuff left out. I do hope for another one and I do hope for a better one!

- Boring and predictable1 star

The world is coming to an end. Terrorist are doing something bad,yada,yada,blah,blah.......all the bad guys are dead at the end of the movie. The End!

- The boredom will kill you first2 star

The cast is not bad, the direction is somewhat competent, but the script will bore you to death. The movie itself becomes the assassin, killing the viewer with endless boring scenes, cardboard characters, wooden acting, and predictable tired plotlines.

- Awesome!5 star

Better than I thought it would be

- Books1 star

I know people complain about the movie not having every exact detail like the book but literally this movie was nothing like the book. The only thing that was kind of close was him being on the farm. That’s it. Disappointed. Also I’m curious as how Vince Flynn screen wrote this in 2017 when he died in 2013.

- Good Action Movie!5 star

Don’t understand the bad reviews. If you take time to understand the nuances of the plot it is as good as Jason Bourne! Loved it!

- Good action movie. Cinematography at the end was outstanding5 star

Good movie. Looked like it was going to be a low budget one but no, typical storyline but a very good action thriller Excellent fight scenes Cinematography towards the end was A+

- LMAFO scenes3 star

Doc Hudson God

- I think I want my $0.99 back1 star

I am blown away by just how bad this movie was. The movie's only redeeming moments were the interrogation of Michael Keaton which were shocking. Otherwise it is pedantic movie with bad acting, and an unoriginal plotline. I struggled to watch it in 30 minute chunks... You have seen this movie before, but done wayyyy better. Go rewatch a Bourne movie or read a book and save yourself the $0.99

- Meh1 star

This movie is really, really bad. Every aspect of it sucked, from acting, to cinematography, to scripting, unless . . . you're 10-12 years old!! Still not as cool as the B-movies I grew up on, like "Revenge of the Ninja" or "Commando." You can toatally tell they producer really wanted Mark Wahlberg. Haha! What a blatant rip off. Glad I only paid a buck for this. Couldn't finish it. Mr. Mom's character and acting totally sucked, too. I guess Keaton's inspired return stopped wth Birdman. Pre-teens of the world, you'll love this! Otherwise, don't bother

- Nothing New Typical2 star

there is no creativity here, if you need to kill time this is fine you are NOT walking away with anything.

- I loved it!!5 star

Great all around.

- One of those it’s not like the book reviews1 star

I’ve read every book in the Rapp series. I knew this movie would not be like the book but good lord it’s bad. Only thing that is similar to the book are character names. So glad I didn’t buy this movie.

- Yikes1 star

As someone in the Navy who has had extensive training in combat and weapons handling, I’m shocked at how many people were alive at the end of this movie. Even the simplest training was overlooked. I’ve been on many of those classes of ships in the final scenes, and it’s clear that the writers assumed how that scenario would work out without so much as consulting a single sailor or veteran. We go through hours upon hours of training, getting little to no sleep to train for this exact kind of casualty. Not once did I see any of it executed properly, even the most basic things that take literally seconds to teach. I’m very disappointed in the utter lack of consideration for reality, especially considering how real the threat of terrorism is today.

- Unoriginal2 star

This is as bad as the reviewers rating it low say it is. Poor acting and unoriginal story.

- $0.99 Rental for a Reason1 star

I suppose it’s okay if you want to burn 2 hours for $0.99. If it was a $0.49 rental I would give it 2 stars. Michael Keaton, is well, the same as he has been in any movie ever. When his character was first introduced as an ex-Navy S.E.A.L., I think it’s safe to say that every man, woman and child giggled a little. This was his last movie role, meant to be a final hoorah roast/comedy right? If so, then I can almost make sense of it. But seriously folks, save your money. This will be playing on late night loops on the TNT channel soon enough.

- WTH1 star

I just finished reading the 'American Assassin' 2 days ago. My first Vince Flynn. What a wonderful read. Tonight I decided I must watch the film. How did 4 screen writers totally butcher this incredible story? WTH does this have to do with the novel? 5 names and one ear biting; otherwise, it is a totally different story. I hope I am not out of line, but I can not believe Vince would have ever given a thumbs up to this mess. JKEITZ, did you actually read the book? "It's rare that a film so perfectly reflects the source novel like this one does". What part of this movie reflected anything contained within the book? I suppose it may be an entertaining film, but if you want to watch it because you loved the book, don't rent it--wait for it to come to a movie channel near you. I want my money back for renting this. Apple, please!!! Yes, I know it's not your fault Apple, but if you want to give me my $5.99 back, I won't complain...

- Mediocre3 star

Honestly, the only reason I watched this movie was because of Dylan O'Brien. I think he's a great actor, and his performance in this film was amazing! Also he is very attractive, big reason to watch haha. This movie had an interesting concept though fairly cliche. Seemed like any other spy thriller movie. Entertaining if you like that kind of stuff. It was like one of those movies I would leave on the TV if it came on but I would't choose to watch it. So, overall it was mediocre. The plot was fine but characters weren't developed and I became confused by the relationships between them all in the end (whether or not someone was a good guy or a bad guy). If the roles of characters had been more clear and the plot more thoughout and interesting, would have made the movie much better. Final thoughts: Michael Keaton did a great job, Dylan O'Brien had a great performance (bonus points for shirtless scenes), plot holes, who is the good/bad guy here?

- Worth the rent3 star

As advertised, but blows thru a lot. Keaton is great but you could tell they struggled to pack the story line in and not be a Borne saga

- Crap-arola.1 star

Terrible, didn't even finish watching.

- Not very good2 star

I liked Michael Keaton and the lead actor, and I thought the the cinematopgraphy was great, but thats it. Bottom line, the movie was really poorly written and way over done. Its cheesy. Some people are comparing this to the Bourne franchise. No, the Bourne movies are on a different level, a great deal better than this movie, there is no comparison.

- Very little is like the book3 star

The movie isn't bad but its nothing like the book which would have been an amazing movie with out Hollywood changing it. The book was definitely more realistic and a great story line especially for how he really got into the hunting business also how he got trained.

- Loved the books pretty good movie4 star

Switch out some characters but I hope they do the whole series!

- Better than people say5 star

People it’s rinse and repeat, but there are a few points where I thought that to but, shocked me when they went the other way, is it perfect no, but good yes

- Olram3185 star

The movie I rented was a very good movie. I really enjoyed the movie.

- Fantastic5 star

Forget the Critics!!! This movie was great!

- Lost potential2 star

This movie had potential but I think Michael Keaton sunk it. His acting is exactly has it has been over the years; uses the same mannerisms, facial expressions, if you seen one of his movies you've seen them all. The story line is a stretch - riding the coat tails of movies like Bourne series. Not worth the money.

- Read the book!1 star

What a shame. This could have been the beginning of a great series but it just fell flat. Take time to read the books.

- Excellent5 star

Way better than Bond movies and Sicario garbage. Definitely worth watching. Rotten Tomatoes is WAY off on this one.

- Great movie!!5 star

This was a great spy thriller! Great acting, Michael Keaton always delivers!

- Michael Keaton1 star

Keaton is worth watching he’s good. The sidekick kid however never sells. Seriously, he’s being trained by a SEAL but can’t correctly hold a handgun. Maybe that’s the directors fault? Good concept but Poorly cast aside from Keaton just doesn’t sell

- Not true to the book and a mediocre film at best2 star

I expected some deviations from the book but this film took too many liberties for my taste. Even ignoring that and just looking at it as a generic counter-terrorism, OGA assasin type film it wasn't that great. A few decent fight scenes and some half decent characters but all in I'd gie it 2 to 3 stars. I'm a huge fan of all of Vince Flynn's novels and really hope they give this another shot with a new writer, director, actors, etc.

- Amazing5 star

I don't care about these other reviews i loved it

- Yawn1 star

Horrible acting... Michael Keaton did not fit the role..... candy for the eye bubble gum for the mind

- Good5 star

Nothing wrong with the acting but entertaining and fun to watch

- Wow! Seriously?1 star

Was a good book and an absolutely horrible movie. For those reviewers who are saying its the best movie they have seen in years, do you have an address in North Korea that I can mail you my A-Team VHS collection too? You will be flabbergasted by the plotlines and acting.

- Doesn’t follow the novel4 star

The movie by itself is great. I think the acting was great along with the action. However, the stories are pretty different. Mitch doesn’t get recruited the way he does in the movie and the end of the movie was way off the mark in terms of the threat that he tries to stop. I would have preferred this to have been a television series and focused on accuracy when relaying the story found in the books. But the movie was good too.

- Great movie!5 star

Don’t listen to the critics. Make your own decision about this movie. I loved it and hope to see the sequels to come.

- a good yarn5 star

Was a surprise . Good yarn.

- Oh boy...2 star

It's good to see Michael Keaton in movies again but man oh man he should've just skipped this one all together. I heard so many good things about this movie when I went to see it for the first time and honestly I have to say that this one really did nothng for me. Literally nothing. The storyline is sooooooooo incredibly stretched and the performances are unforgivingly limited. The storyline is so generic, the action scenes look like everything I've seen in the last decade and the performances weren’t even that impressive. 4 out of 10 for just the performances, however bad they may have been.

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R Tawia - Weak2 star

Didn’t enjoy it. Thought it was weak

The Anonymist - Clichéd, Jingoistic and Silly to the Point of Unwatchable2 star

A guy motivated by nothing but revenge trains himself past the point of a US Navy Seal or CIA agent in 18 months (how’s that not supposed to be offensive to service members?). Then he gets invited to join the CIA because he has something they’re looking for that apparently no one else has: he REALLY wants to kill terrorists. They send him off to train in the woods with some out-of-shape, past-it Cliven Bundy, Oath Keeper types. These guys somehow make him even better. They turn him into a combination of The Terminator and the Milk Tray man. Sounds like it was written by someone drunk at a trump rally, right? I know what you’re thinking here: “Why have you got to make it political? Can’t you just enjoy the movie?” Well you try watching it and tell me it’s not political, if not a full-on bit of trumpian propaganda! The whole movie is about Iran trying to secure a nuclear weapon in spite of the deal (which is referenced numerous times throughout the film), with the express intention of wiping out Israel (another point absolutely hammered during the movie with some pretty gross, on-the-nose, shock factor language at times). Again, it plays out like one of those adverts the GOP put out during the Iran negotiations. I don’t want to give too much away, but that’s not even the end of those dastardly Iranian’s treachery in the movie! The whole film is essentially a piece of propaganda for America’s post 9-11 foreign policy. For example, Iraq gets brought up but the good old boys of the CIA roll their eyes at the mention of how many people died (half a million, by the way). It’s tough to watch. I think it would be for most people, no matter where you sit politically. Honestly, if you think this review gets too political, watch it - maybe you’ll love the movie, but you’ll see everything I’ve said is right on the money (I’ll do everyone a favour and won’t even touch on the issue of representation in the film). That brings us back to the second question; “can’t you just enjoy it?” Well, no I’m afraid not. This film exists within a very particular time and it’s hard not to get turned off by its politics, morality, far-fetched plot, and gratuitous torture and flag waving. But that’s not even the worst of it. As the title of this review suggests, I found it throughly clichéd and painfully straight forward. That’s unforgivable. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop; the twist or whatever. No such luck. A Bourne movie this is not. The fact that he has better moves than Jackie Chan, is smoother than James Bond, and with better aim and a higher body count than Robocop removes any semblance of suspense. There is never any feeling that he might potentially fail. He’s a maverick that can do the impossible. That’s made crystal clear from before he’s even recruited and sent away to train in the woods (presumably while watching Fox News and discussing the second amendment) with the survivalists. All that said, the action scenes are pretty cool, so I’ve given it a generous 2 stars.

carefulsquid - Thank you at last Lionsgate for 4k HDR5 star

Great film loved it.

Chrisjuk99 - Awful. Dull. Bad acting.1 star

The books aren’t amazing, but this is dross. Couldn’t be further away from any semblance of believability. The lead actor isn’t remotely a suitable candidate. Wooden. Unbelievable. Not remotely passable in the role. Save your money, wait for Netflix or give it a miss. Hopefully if they make another one they’ll skip forward 15 years and use the original authors choice of actor!

Stanthenomad - American Assassin1 star

Ridiculous story, poorly acted with a very unlikable, uncharismatic main character played by Dylan O'Brien.

Aardvarks - A waste a some good actors1 star

A waste a some good actors. The end of the movie is in particuarly poor taste given the horrendous record of the CIA in the affairs of that particular country (among others).

xx_dan_xxx - amazing5 star


Sub 0 - Slow film2 star

Very slow and predictable film.

Ch1ppers42 - Every spy film ever made!2 star

If you’ve ever seen a spy film then you’ve basically seen this, the “twists” are obvious and don’t add to the story, full of cliche lines that were unnecessary, I rented and tbh I still begrudge the price I paid for the entertainment value.

Richie 1963 - Great Film, Dubious Scenes Towards The End...4 star

Really good to watch in most respects, however the boat scene coupled with apocalyptic shots were incredibly poor- effects , ridiculous outcome etc. Solid cast and god action until the closing stuff as above. It's almost as though someone else shot/directed edited towards the end?

Tomas4472 - Painful2 star

Very poor overall - story and quality of action. Waste of money and time.

Michiel70 - Disappointing film, American macho PR1 star

Was hoping for something better with Michael Keeton, but this is an utter waste of time. It is so predictable, that you’d only watch this if you’re American or you get excited about the American dominance against all odds. You know, like the Rocky or Rambo films of old.

marksteel - Very poor1 star

Have read all the Mitch Rapp books - this story is muddled, the scenes confused, acting poor, special effects poor. No comparison to Bourne films, which is pity as books are excellent.

paulfollon - Ok3 star

As per normal films do not follow the books Why kill his girlfriend off in a different way. Just to try and shock especially in climate we live in to day. Saying that the casting was a lot better than jack reacher films

Ccunningham100 - Enjoyable movie5 star

Loved it. Non stop action from the first minute. Good plot. Worth watching

Splash365247 - Sad effort1 star

Considering the ‘Mitch Rapp’ series of books of which I am a fan, I was expecting to sit down to a steak dinner with red wine instead I was served a sandwich which was off! Hard to know how given that depth of material and budget you can get it so wrong. Very disappointing.

actionorcomedy - Waste of time1 star

I love a vengeance movie..... but this is awful. He learned the Arabic, Koran, MMA and gun skills in 18 months, went on to be a terrible operator and the plot limps on. Watch John Wick 1&2 instead.

Dynamodahn - Could of been so much more!3 star

I was expecting great things......

Bodyfat measurer - Not worth it1 star

A poor story, badly acted. Sheesh

IT45. - Great Film. Please Put The Extras On4 star

Great Film. Please Put The Extras On Thank You 🙂👍🏻

JackGarnett - Amazing5 star


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AsMarcellile - Good Action!4 star

The acting ain’t bad, really liked the fight sequences. Don’t understand what the fuzz is all about the story, RT should be fair! It’s not a Thriller but if you’re looking for good entertainment, you won’t be disappointed.

JasonTorres_20 - Overall, it’s worth the watch!3 star

Good action, a good cast and a storyline that is worth the watch. Enjoyed the twists and turns along the way. No regrets on the purchase and feel I’d watch it again. I’ve seen better movies with a similar plot so I gave it 3 stars, which for me is at about the average/good scale. I’ve heard about how good Vince Flynn’s books are and I feel based on the material, the team did the best they could to bring the book to life.

Jbeacom - American Aweful1 star

One of the worst of the year. Almost an insult to the late Vince Flynn. Acting, writing, casting and direction. A miss on all levels.

Duped... - Horrible1 star

Terrible acting and not even remotely close to the storyline in the book. I understand artistic license and not being able to squeeze a book into a movie, but my gosh, the entire plot line was changed.

Yssa11 - American Assassin5 star

Amazing, action compacted movie. Absolutely awesome!!!

Jbinthob - nothing like the book1 star

Really? what would have been so bad to stick to the book's story line? Really? You had to make an American soldier the bad guy? so glad I didn't spend the money to see in a movie theatre. really wish I had read these reviews before renting for something to watch.... mad at myself for spending the money to rent. THE FILM DID NOT REFLECT THE SOURCE NOVEL - pushes a political agenda where the USA soldier is the bad guy.

Spader42088 - Garbage1 star

If I could rate it 0 stars I would, but I can’t. Honestly save your money it’s action is garbage the plot even worse and the ending where we just toss the nuclear bomb into the ocean problem solved was the worst ending I’ve seen in this genre. Plus it drives me crazy when an assassin can’t even grip a firearm correctly. Honestly the hitmans bodyguard action and hand to hand combat is great plus the comedy of Ryan Reynolds is a much needed added bonus. Rent that instead. But if you want to see action and the best military tactics I’ve ever seen in filming watch strike back the series in amazon prime. Never seen military tactics, action and hand to hand combat so real world perfect you could train gi’s from it. It’s too notch stuff but even a basic army infantryman myself had some of the training they did but there’s were tier 1 special forces level movements and tactics were the best I’ve even seen in filmmaking. Even better than act of valor with real navy seals in it.

sai89no - I decided I would rather clean the cat box halfway through1 star

What a waste of time and money.

Scripture Tea - Loved it!5 star

Hope they continue with the series.

charliesmom23 - Definitely worth watching!4 star

Really enjoyed this film! So much action from start to finish. Good story line. Overall very good movie!

London017 - Hidden Gem4 star

This movie was only in the theaters for what seemed like a couple I went in with low expectations, but, as an action-flick escape film, this movie was very good. First hour is stronger than the last hour, true, as that seems to be almost all non-stop action for that first hour, but it's an exciting spy flick with some good characters. If you love action flicks, like John WIck, then you'll enjoy this movie. It's as entertaining as Atomic Blonde, but doesn't have the great soundtrack.

SEeich - Hypocritical1 star

If US forces accidentally killed the entire family of a Middle Eastern person, and then that person became a terrorist, we would judge that person harshly. The plot of this movie is that the protagonist's family was killed by terrorists so he then goes on a killing spree. ???!!! I'm somewhat ashamed for the actors that they didn't have a problem with this plot. Folks in Hollywood need to take more responsibility for making the world a better place and not spreading propaganda and hypocritical views. Killing sprees because somebody else harmed you is not OK no matter who's doing it.

rnajeeb - Racist propaganda1 star

I couldn’t help but point out that the writers made certain that us viewers would connect terrorism to actual practicing Muslims. Not only did they make overt questions like ‘do you practice’ a prerequisite for being ‘for the cause’ they made sure that even the one seemingly good Muslim character was actually a bad apple. I’m not sure what war these people want Americans to rally behind, it the racist message is made clear, you can’t trust practicing Muslims.

dturczyn - Garbage1 star

Another in a long line of generic, anti-Arab, pro Israeli plots, underscored with poor acting, lousy character development and superficial political agendas. Truly a film for the mindless, written and performed by the mindless.

1BDVET - Great movie5 star

It has actions for sure, and great movie with a good plot.

Name_Is_Nick - I wanted to like this movie2 star

It has its moments, but let's be honest, this plot is just plain tired...

DLGRAINGER - Absolutely Terrible1 star

The leeding man looks like he's 16. The plot does not keep your attention I kept dozing off trying to watch it. Save your money!

PainJunkie - A much better version of what you've seen before4 star

While it is true that this story line of personal tragedy giving birth to unbridled revenge that is channeled into patriotic employ is not new, it is a rendition superior to anything you've previously seen. Dylan O'Brien is utterly convincing as are many of the supporting actors. David Suchet has a minor part, but he is so captivating in his scenes that you have the feeling you could easily enjoy watching him read a phone book. The special effects when the waves threaten aircraft carriers and other ships is breathtaking, truly one of the most awe-inspiring things I've ever seen in a film. The fight scenes are top notch, and there was gratefully no stupidly contrived steamy romance scenes. This is meant to be a thrill ride. It is. Bottom line: you've been on this kind of roller coaster before. So what? It's a better ride, so just enjoy!

Adderall Diaries - James Bond proud4 star

Don't expect Batman. Expect the Expendables combined with James Bond and insubordinaton thrown in for good measure.

Markiemark69 - Worth a rental4 star

I actually enjoyed it, I mean it's a shoot 'em up, but it's good.

Roughridersv - Really?1 star

This story should have not been green lit. Very bad! I could not believe what I was watching!

Stevepfi55 - Sort of OK3 star

It's OK if you're bored and need something to rent.

Omar2323 - Not worth watching1 star

I should've listened to the reviews. Poor storyline...

TimetoChange2020 - What a disappointment. . .3 star

What a disappointment. It was okay, but it was like having a V8 Engine that only hits on 2 cylinders. You have been warned.

OkiiKuma - $19.99 is too much!!3 star

Hey Apple!!!! Don't you think $19.99 for a digital release is way too much? How about a maximum of $14.99 for a new release?

moonmycron - not very good action flick2 star

acting/story is pretty mediocre at best...

Hghfhvugygugu - If you read the book, you'll be beyond dissappointed2 star

When I saw all of the negative reviews on this movie, I couldn’t bring myself to believe them. I have waited for 2 years for this movie to come out and my hopes were sky high. For anyone who is a Vice Flynn (Mitch Rapp) fan, you will be hopelessly disappointed. The book was so incredibly well written and absolutely perfect. The movie is borderline unrecognizable to the book. I am not sure who signed off on the script for the movie but to put it mildly; the blew it. The characters in the book were so intriguing and multi-dimensional. But it seems that once Hollywood put their hands on this, they went down the safe, politically correct and predictable path. The double whammy in addition to the lack of character development was the colossal miss in casting. In casting Irene Kennedy, Stan Hurley and Mitch Rapp, they went 0-3. You know a movie is bad when 24 hours later you are still mad about wasting 90 min of your life when you could have been doing something productive like getting your teeth drilled.

Sherry's31 - American Assassin5 star

An Excellent movie, amazing actors.

2pac the realist - Terrible1 star

Terrible acting and generic story

Caddisbug1994 - Dumb1 star

Super dumb. Book is 1,000,000,000,000 better. Honestly. I love mindless action movies.... but this was so bad.

alaq222 - Horrible1 star

Soy afortunada de no haberla comprado horrible horrible

Guest1923845 - Awful1 star

I've read all books in the series and couldn't wait for the movie release and I couldn't have been more disappointed. It was terrible from the opening scene to the very last minute. Just awful.

ManWayUpNorth - Generic CIA stuff3 star

I haven't read the books, so I can't say if it's the source material or this movie's creative choices that feel so generic. But the film suffers a lot for being as generic as possible. The action scenes are OK, but they're not terribly compelling, or terribly well done. It's a film about killers who don't kill each other when they have the opportunity to do so. Over and over, so many times, they lay waste to the extras and stunt people, and then talk to each other. They throw some punches, slash with knives, then talk a little more. It's a decent watch though, not a total loss. A rental for sure if you're bored.

Meggie Gray Andersen - Good movie5 star

If I had listened to the couple of negative reviews here I would have missed the chance to see a really good movie. The plot is good. Great acting. Lots of action. Great special effects.Nothing dull about this movie. I've come to realize that even Rotten tomatoes review is not or be taken seriously. See the movie, and make your own judgement. I've been watching action movies since 1957, and this movie has what it takes to entertain.

Wastintime - Doesn't live up the hype/trailer3 star

Mediocre action movie with horrid cgi and an even worse plot. Great idea, terrible execution. Kills some time though.

Nate_steven_C - Stupid movie1 star

So boring. Worst movie I've seen all year

iBryanB - Meh1 star

No teen wolves.

Judetwenty - Sooooo Bad!! I must leave a review.1 star

Yeah this was so bad. You think they would have brought at least one professional to help with weapon manipulation. If these dudes were so “professional” secret special ops-why don’t they know how to hold a weapon? These were bad actors with bad weapons training and ridiculous martial arts. Along with the Bad acting-it was just a predicable plot. Not even junk movie entertainment. I never leave reviews but this one deserves it.

Tsinder - Worth a rent.3 star

If you like spy/thriller action movies, this is a pretty good rental.

ATMMD - Not Bad3 star

Nothing new here. Good action, and so much BS, in heaps, but interesting enough to keep you watching to the end.

Rockeggroll - Great5 star

Don't listen to the artsy [email protected] pc correct critics. This movie makes up for all the liberal [email protected], pc movies and tv that have been fed to us to us lately by the Hollyperp crowd. Plug it in, turn it on and watch the bad guys get what's coming to them.

New to Great White North - Run the other way1 star

Dylan OBrien as a tough guy who with a taste for violence and revenge? the boy band comparisons.

musiK--LoveR - Great movie5 star


Robinandre12 - Five stars5 star

The actions on here is insane

Kat-sites - Impressive!5 star

Great movie with particularly impressive fight scenes!

steven_k61 - Boring, predictable, crap1 star

Nothing new here. Plot from a seond rate novel. Same old stuff. Boring, preictable, etc.

RyanGoes2theTheater - Laughable2 star

I am a really easy guy to please with movies. I hate when people are so picky. Which is why it was really rare how dumb and laughable I thought this movie was. Terrible casting. And literally every cliche from an action film in history was taken, tossed in a bag and thrown into this movie in random order. I will say the fight scenes were really good, which did make it somewhat entertaining. But I found myself laughing throughout the movie at times not at all intended to be funny.

jicogujo - Great movie!4 star

Was hesitant of watching let alone getting this movie but glad I did. It was pretty good. Not sure why they gave it such a low rating. Better than most out.

Berkeley Rooster - Just O.K.2 star

Made-for-TV B-movie. Not very original and it's predictable. Rating: 2.73 stars.

Just don't please please!! - Just Don't!1 star

I never read the books. I was really expecting anything, good or bad. It was horrible. Please do not waste your money. This is my first time writing a review for anything. I love movies. All kinds of movies. This? This was no movie. It was total crap.

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