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Tom Cruise reunites with his Edge of Tomorrow director, Doug Liman, in an international escapade based on the outrageous, true exploits of a hustler and pilot recruited to run one of the biggest covert operations in U.S. history. Based on an incredible true story of the CIA's biggest secret, American Made will remind you: It’s not a crime if you're doing it for the good guys….

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Based on a True Lie. The true story of pilot Barry Seal, who transported contraband for the CIA and the Medellin cartel in the 1980s.

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One of Tom cruise’s best pictures  blackangelusmc  5 star

B.S. The CIA does not care about the lives they ruin as it doesn’t blow back on them. The fact that he (Tom) takies it for his country is awesome. It reminds me of the Movie “Air America”. A must see movie!

Entertaining  Tothm1103  4 star

Not a bad Friday night movie. Tom Cruise is great and the story line is even better.

Snooze Fest  Jrs210  2 star

The movie was really boring with no good action scenes. The writing was decent and the plot wasn’t bad either, but I wouldn’t recommended unless you’re really into some smuggling drugs, getting rich then caught. Lol

Great movie!  carikay  5 star

Watching it a second time now!

Dr Rog
Best parts in trailer  Dr Rog  2 star

I like Tom Cruise movies. I just don’t like this one. No winners only losers .

Cruise does Narcos  Phillip336  3 star

If I hadn't viewed this film after the first three series of NarcosI'd probably have given this a higher score. This was all a bit lightweight. An honest Tom Cruise film but nothing more than that. I wanted this to be better but it just fell away for me. I'd recommed people hire it, you will only need to see it the once.

I had higher expectations  Laley0079  2 star

It's a story that could have been made better.

Great Movie  Tito187onamutha  4 star

Good story, solid acting, well balanced film.

Dr Subprime.
Not a great movie  Dr Subprime.  3 star

Yes, you have Tom Cruise, the action superstar phenom in this movie but, the movie is lacking a ton of substance. If all of Tom Cruise’s movie were like this, he would be a B rate actor. Even Tom needs a movie storyline to help him make it a GREAT movie and this one failed him. It is a very average movie.

Great movie  Dafinator  5 star

Very entertaining and put together well. Enjoyed this movie! American Made is worth buying. I already watched it twice!

Big Yawn!!!  StarAction  2 star

I simply couldn’t finish watching this move. It was just a complete bore.

Not so much  sts2017  2 star

Was pretty hard to sit through as the plot just sort of ambled along not really going anywhere

Great movie !  Eertu  5 star

If you want a blockbuster action movie with non-stop action, don't watch this movie. If you liked Narcos, want to see a great story underlying the drug and guns trade in South America and a great performance by Tom Cruise, then this movie's for you.

Meh  Myz2.0  3 star

It wasn’t completely terrible but still had that feeling of disappointment when it was over

Best Tom Cruise Movie in a long time  bob0087  5 star

very entertaining movie (supossedly true story) about contras and drugs in eighties. Well made exciting what else could ypu ask for. Great Movie

Worth the rental  UncleBobster  4 star

Had a good time, not the best movie but a good entertainment. I would put it a notch below ´Blow’.

Wow,this was awful !  fotobahn  1 star

This terrible movie ( if u can even call it that) fall's very short even compared to a B movie.Save your time and money!

my review four americain made  Liam121a  5 star

well i thought the joke's were funny and instead of tom being in a tom cat aircraft he was in something smaller and could land on one engine if there was a emergeny. also i know tom has some issue's at home but he still know's how to dish out a great perfomance on screen were ever they put the camra's Sinserly me Liam121a also i would give any tom cruise movie a ten because of his age and skill's as a actor and how he still has along way to go with other actress's and actor's that could be reserrected to play a part or stand in with Tom Cruise. also i am reminded of that bond 007 song nobody doe's it better.

trampoline lady
Worst videography EVER!  trampoline lady  1 star

Watched this movie in the theatre and both my husband and I experienced motion sickness. Being based on a true story was intriguing but poorly portrayed. Felt more like an attempt at a documentary style. Least favourite of all Tom Cruise movies that I have seen.

Excellent  aWildWillAppeared  5 star

Keep in mind this is a fictional movie and not a documentary and just enjoy the ride. The movie is great

Thumbs up!  CrAzY_77  5 star

This was a good story based on true events. Tom does a great job acting. What ever Tom Cruise is doing, he should never stop. 👍👍

A true gem!  Rballrd  5 star

This film is a refreshing departure for Tom Cruise fans...and for Tom Cruise himself. Every bit of this film is an entertaining roller coaster ride! Who the hell cares what’s going on in this guy’s personal life. He continues to do his job. With exceptional skill. And that’s to keep his audience happy.

Enjoyed this film...  Techno_Soldier  4 star

Even with Tom in it. He did a great job.

Entertaining, but  JA2013not2012  4 star

More of a rental than a purchase.

Disappointment @highest
Amairacan made was so good  Disappointment @highest  5 star

Awesome movie.

Joe Buckstrap
Hogwash  Joe Buckstrap  1 star

The original working title was "Mena", but it's apparent like many Hollywood scripts it was rewritten by the CIA to glamorize Seal, who was in real life a drunken fat slob weighing close to 300 lbs. He smuggled tons of cocaine into Mena for the CIA, an operation authorized by VP George H. W. Bush who Chaired the NSC (making him CIA Director Bill Casey's boss) and protected by corrupt AR state police and prosecutors by order of Governor William Jefferson Clinton. The drugs were distributed to 100 US cities to raise cash for Contra death squad terrorists in Honduras and Nicaragua, a direct violation of Congress' Boland Act. The irony of the 1992 presidential elections were our two corrupt monopoly parties nominated two mega-felons for President and both had ascended to the WH. That, and much more is missing from this film. Americans ought to know this.

Brandon DeBello
Over promised under delivered  Brandon DeBello  1 star

It’s a shame, the true story of Barry Seals could be a 3 hour block buster. Watch Cocaine Cowboys Reloaded for the real story. This film stunk, Tom what’s really going on? Do you need to talk? Jump on my couch? Hook me up to one of your time traveling truth telling machines so I could give you the hard truth? Even Mork would throw a flag on your play.

Entertaining True Narrative  Ghoxt  5 star

Many cultural leaders in ghettos wondered where all the Black and Spanish gun and drug factories were in their neighborhoods... Exactly there were not any. Recipe on how to destroy a culture. That said the movie is entertaining by itself.

American Made!  Dianaa11  5 star

Action packed! Its funny. With action none stop! Love Tom Cruise. Must watch I will be wathing it again because I purchased it!

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