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Tom Cruise reunites with his Edge of Tomorrow director, Doug Liman, in an international escapade based on the outrageous, true exploits of a hustler and pilot recruited to run one of the biggest covert operations in U.S. history. Based on an incredible true story of the CIA's biggest secret, American Made will remind you: It’s not a crime if you're doing it for the good guys….

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Based on a True Lie. The true story of pilot Barry Seal, who transported contraband for the CIA and the Medellin cartel in the 1980s.. American Made Wiki

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Entertaining  raefally  5 star

I am not always into these kind of action movies, so I started to watch it to fall sleep to. Needless to say, I watched the whole thing. Very entertaining!! I would rewatch it!!

Great  Kyle22893  5 star

one of the best movies i've seen

Not a Tom Cruise fan BUT this was entertaining!  Kohoman  4 star

Not a Tom Cruise fan BUT this was entertaining!

Raju Affan
Good  Raju Affan  1 star


A Sort of American Classic  16 HORSES  5 star

So It Wasn't Tom Cruise At His Best! And It Wasn't 100 % Based on Iran Contra Scandal! I Think Ronald regan Would Rotate In His Grave If It Had! This I Feel Did Qualify As Great!!! It Was Tom Cruise Semi Every Man Role Here That Made Things Endearing! American Made Worked On A Moral Vaccue!!!

no tc fan
Nothing to see here  no tc fan  1 star

My guess is the TC fan club will watch him in anything. Such is the case here. I knew better. The trailer was the best part of the movie.

If you have nothing else to do, give it a try  Vol4life999  3 star

It ok. The 86% on teh tomatometer is a stretch. I have seen much better films with scores in the 50's and 60's. Reviewers saying its the best universal film ever are off their rocker or they have only seen some really bad films up until seeing this one. Again, its ok. The best way I could put it...its a forgettable film.

Fantastic  Pelican33  5 star

This film is fantastic. Simple as that. Worth buying at $15. Cruse is excellent.

no  datboiSteVe  1 star


Excellent  Peoples420  5 star

Loved the the thrill ride through out the movie. Kept me engaged. One of Tom Cruise best!

Awesome True Story  left888  5 star

Well you won't see a lot of buildings blow up and Tom doesn't blow no one up. For you Rednecks that think movies just gots to blow everything up every 4 seconds this movie might dissapoint. However this true story that some of us remember makes for an excellent movie. 86% on thee old RottenTomatoes is a very realistic score. I'd give it 90%, one of Tom's better performances!

Stay home  SRGRMB  1 star

Tom could have stayed at home on this movie. It was poorly done. The directing stunk, the acting was just fair.

Big Yawn!!!  StarAction  2 star

I simply couldn’t finish watching this move. It was just a complete bore.

Not so much  ronincove  2 star

Was pretty hard to sit through as the plot just sort of ambled along not really going anywhere

Great movie !  Eertu  5 star

If you want a blockbuster action movie with non-stop action, don't watch this movie. If you liked Narcos, want to see a great story underlying the drug and guns trade in South America and a great performance by Tom Cruise, then this movie's for you.

Meh  Myz2.0  3 star

It wasn’t completely terrible but still had that feeling of disappointment when it was over

Best Tom Cruise Movie in a long time  bob0087  5 star

very entertaining movie (supossedly true story) about contras and drugs in eighties. Well made exciting what else could ypu ask for. Great Movie

Worth the rental  UncleBobster  4 star

Had a good time, not the best movie but a good entertainment. I would put it a notch below ´Blow’.

Wow,this was awful !  fotobahn  1 star

This terrible movie ( if u can even call it that) fall's very short even compared to a B movie.Save your time and money!

my review four americain made  Liam121a  5 star

well i thought the joke's were funny and instead of tom being in a tom cat aircraft he was in something smaller and could land on one engine if there was a emergeny. also i know tom has some issue's at home but he still know's how to dish out a great perfomance on screen were ever they put the camra's Sinserly me Liam121a also i would give any tom cruise movie a ten because of his age and skill's as a actor and how he still has along way to go with other actress's and actor's that could be reserrected to play a part or stand in with Tom Cruise. also i am reminded of that bond 007 song nobody doe's it better.

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