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Tom Cruise reunites with his Edge of Tomorrow director, Doug Liman, in an international escapade based on the outrageous, true exploits of a hustler and pilot recruited to run one of the biggest covert operations in U.S. history. Based on an incredible true story of the CIA's biggest secret, American Made will remind you: It’s not a crime if you're doing it for the good guys…. The true story of pilot Barry Seal, who transported contraband for the CIA and the Medellin cartel in the 1980s. American Made Wiki

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Based on a True Lie..

American Made Movie (2017)

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American Made Movie Reviews

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- Not Good at All1 star

Title says it all ... boring, stretches the truth, and Tom Cruise was just too wrong for this part. Mess up the entire storyline by having him play the lead character, and the added embellishments on the actual events makes it a faux true story. Just a drag of a movie, seriously. Definitely would never watch the movie for free, it is that bad.

- Fun movie5 star

I enjoy movies that are based on true events. Of course when Hollywood gets their hands on it it’s hard to tell how much of the events are accurate. Either way it’s a fun movie to watch.

- outstanding5 star

perfect story well acted!!!

- Thoroughly entertaining!!!5 star

Tom Cruise...nuff said!!!💯

- Great surprise!5 star

It’s crazy that this was based on a true story, great job Tom!

- Ocean's Eleven meets The Aviator5 star

American Made reminds me of Martin Scorsese's The Aviator because Tom Cruis's main character is a pliot and that circles around me forever. However American Made is fantastic and a good crime film very entertaining and funny either way this movie takes it too seriously and ads to much storytelling but entertaining crime movie since Ocean's eleven.

- Tom Crusie best acting to Date!!!5 star

Tom might have had his issues with his other life but put that aside he's a good actor/performer. This act is his best to date. Even if the story is twisted alot. I still see this as an award winner for you Tom. Can't say I agree with his political or scientific fealings you have but who gives a [email protected]#$. its your life. shut up and watch the Film.

- Entertaining5 star

I am not always into these kind of action movies, so I started to watch it to fall sleep to. Needless to say, I watched the whole thing. Very entertaining!! I would rewatch it!!

- Great5 star

one of the best movies i've seen

- Not a Tom Cruise fan BUT this was entertaining!4 star

Not a Tom Cruise fan BUT this was entertaining!

- Good1 star


- A Sort of American Classic5 star

So It Wasn't Tom Cruise At His Best! And It Wasn't 100 % Based on Iran Contra Scandal! I Think Ronald regan Would Rotate In His Grave If It Had! This I Feel Did Qualify As Great!!! It Was Tom Cruise Semi Every Man Role Here That Made Things Endearing! American Made Worked On A Moral Vaccue!!!

- Nothing to see here1 star

My guess is the TC fan club will watch him in anything. Such is the case here. I knew better. The trailer was the best part of the movie.

- If you have nothing else to do, give it a try3 star

It ok. The 86% on teh tomatometer is a stretch. I have seen much better films with scores in the 50's and 60's. Reviewers saying its the best universal film ever are off their rocker or they have only seen some really bad films up until seeing this one. Again, its ok. The best way I could put it...its a forgettable film.

- Fantastic5 star

This film is fantastic. Simple as that. Worth buying at $15. Cruse is excellent.

- no1 star


- Excellent5 star

Loved the the thrill ride through out the movie. Kept me engaged. One of Tom Cruise best!

- Not Bad3 star

Cool movie. Something to look at on a chill/slow day.

- Great!4 star

This was a real edge of the seater! I went into it thinking I wouldn’t finish it but it was really good.

- Interesting and thought provoking4 star

If the movie was not based on true events it would make for a great story. Since it is based on true events it makes me angry that our largest crook in the country is our own government. To do what they did without recourse and to throw people away like trash is a shame. Makes me wonder about how much we don't hear about and the consequences that have no accountability.

- Phenomenal5 star

I came in expecting it was the typical drug smuggling movie that’s been made a million times, but boy was I wrong. I remember watching Cocaine Cowboys and they talked about this pilot that turned on the cartel. Had no idea that was what this movie was about. It was awesome and Tom Cruise’s charisma makes Barry Seal a really like-able guy. I watched this movie over and over again. Most of these bad reviews are based on Tom’s religion and that’s a shame because this is a great movie. Truly underrated.

- Great Film5 star

Loved it. Well made and worth watching.

- Average at best2 star

Glad we rented and didn’t buy. Amazing story that was poorly executed. Watch Cocaine Cowboys directed by Billy Corbin instead. Similar topic but much better in documentary form.

- Ehh it made us laugh a little3 star

I could have done without the confed. flag imagery but it was okay. Reminded me of growing up in the 80s.

- Just when you think that Tom Cruise...5 star

Is not really great anymore. Then you watch a film like this that reminds you how effortlessly Cruise makes acting seem. He is doing his Matthew M. impression and it works. His southern accent is a bit off, but the movie was like a different version of ‘Dope’ with Johnny Depp from years back. That film was in a whole different level than this movie stakes it place. But I have been back and forth with Tom Cruise after being overwhelmed with his shear volume of work. This is probably closer to a 4 star review; but the story was another good retelling of an infamous time that was not over acted nor boring. The transformation of the types of roles that Cruise has generally played into a more timeless actor; is very hard for most. I am glad to see another story that is made much better with at least one excellent actor or actress.

- Killa 325 star

For the ones that didn’t like this movie you must work for DEA And FBI and the ATF haha

- American Made: Great movie, but fictitious.5 star

The real story about Barry Seal would take a whole season of one-hour episodes. This movie merely takes the idea of Barry Seal and creates a fictitious story about him, but it's historical fiction; truthiness wrapped up in a story. We get an idea of who the real Barry Seal was, and we get a taste of the huge mess in which he was caught-up. It's dumbed down and summarized enough that the average person might believe they know about Seal. The real Seal was far more interesting than this cardboard cut-out of him. He was working for the CIA back as far as 1958, involved in operations in Cuba and Central America long before the Iran-Contra operations began. There are alleged links to the Kennedy Assassination as pilot of a "getaway plane" from Dallas that day. He had stood trial and gotten off due to technicalities long before the events of the movie. By the time of the Iran/Contra scandal, Seal was a seasoned veteran of CIA operations and drug smugglers, and a familiar face and name to the US Justice System, as well as to power players in Washington, D.C. Seal's assassins were Columbians, but they claimed to be taking orders from Ollie North, on behalf of GHW Bush, who wanted Seal out of the way for a number of reasons. But all that would not have fit neatly into a single movie. The story in this movie uses Seal as a character, and uses some of his exploits, but the timeline is nothing like the real one, and Seal's 28 year affiliation with the CIA is ignored. Despite all that, a lot of actual history is used, and a significant amount of research went into the making of the story, not to mention the archival footage alone. I think the movie well expresses the central tenet: "it ain't a crime if you're doing it for the good guys." Seal was of no value to anyone if he only worked for the good guys. His value was specificially that he knew all the players, good and bad, on a first-name basis. He could hook you up with the most powerful people in the world. The movie alludes to this and makes a good story of it. I applaud the makers of the movie for showing clearly and unambiguously that our own leaders are not clean and untainted by the actions of the underworld, but that it's often hard to say where one side stops and another starts. That alone makes it a worthwhile effort. That they were able to tell this story in an entertaining way is amazing. I think most people will come away from this either confirming their beliefs about a system gone very wrong, or else changing their beliefs in our government and coming to understand that our system has been broken beyond repair for a very, very long time. Bravo for that. Cruise is great in the role, seemingly a perfect fit, even if he's nothing like Barry. I'm not a TC fan, so that's saying a lot. I'm just glad this movie got made, inaccuracies be damned! Its spirit is what counts, and that comes across full-bore.

- Last Cruise movie i'll watch2 star

Dont get me wrong, i loved watching it, but as i have time and again after watching a Tom Cruise movie i couldn't shake the feeling of de ja vu as if I'm watching a rerun, making me feel like the experience was a waste of time. This time i think i finally managed to put my finger on the why—Cruise makes well crafted cookie cutter action flicks. Nothing wrong with that, i love action flicks as much as the next guy, but i dont like watching the same action flick over and over. Or maybe i'm simply getting old and grumpy..

- American Best2 star

Little to do with reality and a poor cast of characters. Waste of time

- Are You Kidding ? !1 star

100% of The Cruise Control Charisma could NOT save this movie ! It sucked. Badly.

- Great!5 star

Toney would love this because it’s Great!

- Go back to hiding away in Scientology1 star

So over Tom cruise, he needs to stop being cast! Get over yourself dude

- Last thing you could imagine being a problem5 star

Amazing and Based on a true story? This was a great movie. Good acting, great pace and excellent story...

- Wow, crazy4 star

I have to say this movie didn’t have a dull moment. The amount of cash this guy made was insane, I’m really surprised he didn’t hide it better. He traded airline piloting for a short lived adventure.

- Pure Cruise.4 star

After “The Mummy,” one had to wonder “what’s next!?” PHEW! “American Made” more than earns Tom a reprieve.

- One of Tom cruise’s best pictures5 star

B.S. The CIA does not care about the lives they ruin as it doesn’t blow back on them. The fact that he (Tom) takies it for his country is awesome. It reminds me of the Movie “Air America”. A must see movie!

- Entertaining4 star

Not a bad Friday night movie. Tom Cruise is great and the story line is even better.

- Snooze Fest2 star

The movie was really boring with no good action scenes. The writing was decent and the plot wasn’t bad either, but I wouldn’t recommended unless you’re really into some smuggling drugs, getting rich then caught. Lol

- Great movie!5 star

Watching it a second time now!

- Best parts in trailer2 star

I like Tom Cruise movies. I just don’t like this one. No winners only losers .

- Cruise does Narcos3 star

If I hadn't viewed this film after the first three series of NarcosI'd probably have given this a higher score. This was all a bit lightweight. An honest Tom Cruise film but nothing more than that. I wanted this to be better but it just fell away for me. I'd recommed people hire it, you will only need to see it the once.

- I had higher expectations2 star

It's a story that could have been made better.

- Great Movie4 star

Good story, solid acting, well balanced film.

- Not a great movie3 star

Yes, you have Tom Cruise, the action superstar phenom in this movie but, the movie is lacking a ton of substance. If all of Tom Cruise’s movie were like this, he would be a B rate actor. Even Tom needs a movie storyline to help him make it a GREAT movie and this one failed him. It is a very average movie.

- Great movie5 star

Very entertaining and put together well. Enjoyed this movie! American Made is worth buying. I already watched it twice!

- great movie5 star

great movie

- Almost the base movie I saw from Tom Cruise5 star

I knew about the storie but now I saw it in a movie. great movie.

- Enjoying this movie5 star

Lot of action, comedy great movie

- "American Made"4 star

A highly romaticized depiction of the life of Barry Seal, TWA pilot turned CIA-informant/Medellin Cartel drugrunner. Film highlights include: strong acting performances (notably, Sarah Wright, who plays Barry Seal's wife), high production value cinematography, an amazing soundtrack and great overall color tone. Film suffers from: choppy storytelling largely from "breaks" in the narrative where Cruise/Seal talks to the camera, and an overall lack of transitions from scene to scene. I found the film highly enjoyable and will entertain anyone interested in true crime stories as well as aviation legends. It is worth the rental. 4.25/5 STARS

- Loved It!5 star

American Made is one of my favorites. Never a dull moment.

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Tituka2009 - Tom is sensation5 star

Great movie. Magnificent Tom, couldn't have better job, portraying this genius, ambitious, family man, who loves his country the most.

Pass by this podcast - Well done!5 star

Scientology aside.... Tom can make a great movie.

left888 - Awesome True Story5 star

Well you won't see a lot of buildings blow up and Tom doesn't blow no one up. For you Rednecks that think movies just gots to blow everything up every 4 seconds this movie might dissapoint. However this true story that some of us remember makes for an excellent movie. 86% on thee old RottenTomatoes is a very realistic score. I'd give it 90%, one of Tom's better performances!

SRGRMB - Stay home1 star

Tom could have stayed at home on this movie. It was poorly done. The directing stunk, the acting was just fair.

StarAction - Big Yawn!!!2 star

I simply couldn’t finish watching this move. It was just a complete bore.

ronincove - Not so much2 star

Was pretty hard to sit through as the plot just sort of ambled along not really going anywhere

Eertu - Great movie !5 star

If you want a blockbuster action movie with non-stop action, don't watch this movie. If you liked Narcos, want to see a great story underlying the drug and guns trade in South America and a great performance by Tom Cruise, then this movie's for you.

Myz2.0 - Meh3 star

It wasn’t completely terrible but still had that feeling of disappointment when it was over

bob0087 - Best Tom Cruise Movie in a long time5 star

very entertaining movie (supossedly true story) about contras and drugs in eighties. Well made exciting what else could ypu ask for. Great Movie

UncleBobster - Worth the rental4 star

Had a good time, not the best movie but a good entertainment. I would put it a notch below ´Blow’.

fotobahn - Wow,this was awful !1 star

This terrible movie ( if u can even call it that) fall's very short even compared to a B movie.Save your time and money!

Liam121a - my review four americain made5 star

well i thought the joke's were funny and instead of tom being in a tom cat aircraft he was in something smaller and could land on one engine if there was a emergeny. also i know tom has some issue's at home but he still know's how to dish out a great perfomance on screen were ever they put the camra's Sinserly me Liam121a also i would give any tom cruise movie a ten because of his age and skill's as a actor and how he still has along way to go with other actress's and actor's that could be reserrected to play a part or stand in with Tom Cruise. also i am reminded of that bond 007 song nobody doe's it better.

trampoline lady - Worst videography EVER!1 star

Watched this movie in the theatre and both my husband and I experienced motion sickness. Being based on a true story was intriguing but poorly portrayed. Felt more like an attempt at a documentary style. Least favourite of all Tom Cruise movies that I have seen.

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Chris5400 - Bad screen play2 star

Tom must have writen this himself. Uter chaos

dogdd - Fun to watch5 star

this movie is fun to watch.. I'm NOT a Tom Cruise fan, but the movie is enjoyable as he goes through crazy circumstances.. and the end it ends well too.

1Gossard - Surprising5 star

What a great movie. Exciting,good acting and a "true" story. It's too bad that people judge Cruise based on what they read in tabloid magazines. He's a very good actor. Well worth the rental.

Studduck - American Made2 star

I am a pilot and wanted to see the flying scenes. But as for the movie, it was pretty much Ho-Hum.

James$45$ - GREAT5 star

Another Great One from Tom Cruise!! Thanks Again My Man! 😎👍🏼

KateGFunk - Yeah.1 star

This. Is. TRASH.

DJDG80 - Very entertaining5 star

Great performance by Tom. Very different type of roll to see him in. Very entertaining and crazy story that keeps getting crazier and crazier as the movie progresses.

Jbeacom - Not bad!4 star

Once in a great while Mr Cruise comes out with a good one. Not great but not bad. I’d watch it again.

booboostrips - It helps explain why we r in the mess we r in5 star

There is something so rotten about the CIAs involvement in central and south america, and heck, Toms just doin what any god fearing American would do if given the chance. The fact that this is based on a true story is almost unbelievable. This is great fun though the planes cinematography, funny writing, and was cast great. Domnhall Gleason is just a little bit hard to believe he is older and bigger than Tom, but the beard etc, he pulls it off. I just think this was a little stretch. No wonder Trump is president. And saint Ronny, all we need in the current administration is one guy like Toms wifes brother in the movie. Oh, thats right, hes the stable genius one !

DonnaCS - Movie is not based on fact1 star

Renting this movie was a rip-off. It was so terrible, I didn’t even get halfway through watching it. Save your money and watch something else.

jus_goo - Music4 star

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jgw1824 - rip off from scorcese2 star

this film uses a lot of goodfellas techniques borrowed from scorcese. very unoriginal.

yea rite - Really1 star

Man this was boring. Usually I like Tom Cruise movies but this sucked.

Greek Woman - Loved it5 star

Very interesting movie. Well produced movie. Full of action and even humor. Considering it’s based on true events,was well portrayed. You can walk away reminded what our government is all about. Too bad it had a sad ending.

LouMaster24 - ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW !!!5 star

Can’t believe this was based on a true story...Tom nailed it.

Konradk74 - Disappointed1 star

Disgusting movie !!! Language is really stinky

AdderallDiaries - Hollywood white trash1 star

What the hell did I just watch?? This movie was terrible! The plot: A bored but gifted white trash TWA pilot, Barry Seal, gets picked up by the CIA to fly the fastest puddle jumper in the world for dubious govt missoins. It seems that his notorious smuggling of immigrants on planes has not gone unnoticed inasmuch as he's shocked that anyone knows much less the CIA. Seeing the potential for the plane, a drug lord and affiliate of Pablo Escobar approaches him and he starts playing both sides of his missions. When President Reagan comes along, Seal gets saddled with helping the Contras until Escobar and his friends find Seal and renew their arrangment with him. He once again finds himself playing both sides of the conflict. When his brother-in-law shows up after Seal becomes filthy rich in his Oklahoma getaway home, things get really complicated. His bother-in-law stumbles on a cache of loot and goes on a spending spree. Seal warns him to stop being stupid but he doesn't listen and gets assassinated. That and the reports coming in of Seal's golden touch in Oklahoma, a desolate state, sends the FBI after him. He's sentenced to community service probably because of his connections but he's still terrified that he may be next on Escobar's hit list. He's right. He is next. Premise: Yet another Hollywood movie about a white trash deep-state American playing Russian Roulette with both sides of every conflict he lives through. They threw President Reagan in a few times so we have no doubt about who Hollywood wants the biggest enemy to be. If you're a Communist, Reagan is your enemy. Stick to Mission Impossible movies, Tommy! I want to keep what little respect I have for you.

Cash28383773 - Camila Cabello5 star

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realworld51 - Almost Famous?4 star

Boy this film sure does look and feel like it came from Cameron Crowe. That’s a good thing. 👍

Q-Man19 - Worth every penny!5 star

Instant classic!! People who Rate one star are just haters dropping one star because it makes them feel good. They more then likely haven’t even watched the movie.

bravochico - Retirement1 star

Please, it was a good run.

Movie Critical - Great Film3 star

Great Film , But its something I would only watch once. Rent it if you can

BestRater - Great Job Mr. Cruise4 star

I have to say the acting was first rate. Best acting I've ever seen from Tom. Tom nailed the accent and the movie is tragically funny. What's really interesting is that this is based on a true story and our goverment was invlolved in justifying criminal acts to justify stupidity. Our gov. sold out the American people for a few measly guns that a foreign country and its people were not even interested in.

918tulsa - Awesome!!!5 star

Tom Cruise nailed this role, hard to believe it’s a true story but it is....

RayMacD - "Cool" like nuclear waste is tasty1 star

The film cannot reconcile the absolute wake of depravity, murder and societal destruction "Barry Seals" contributes to. So, rather than 'bog' the movie down with such un-cool effects on all around him, the high art of cinema indulges the grotesque indulgence of corrupt power, wealth and sex. Yahoo!... I am so entertained. If people enjoy this movie, they ought to take a long look in the mirror. Caligula up next.

Johnny U - If you like a stupid story badly told...2 star

...this movie is for you! It goes on and on, on narrated by Cruise. It’s not funny, it doesn’t have action. Basically a waste of $5.99

ChrisM05233 - Awful1 star

Can I get a refund?

filmfan4ever - Excellent!5 star

I wish TC would go back to doing more films like this. Not just big blockbuster action flicks... although I love those! But he's a great actor and some other genres are just a suitable for him! As long as TC is still making movies, I feel like I'm not as old as I am and all is still ok. : )

Opieherald - Excellent and Entertaining5 star

We thoroughly enjoyed the story, the acting, and the adventure...well worth the money.

Otz99752 - Not available to rent2 star

It’s supposed to be available to rent Jan 1st 2018, guess what it’s Jan 1st 2018 and I can’t rent it, y’all need to wake up from your hangover and get on the ball

Eschenbach2017 - Entertaining in the beginning3 star

Got old really quickly such that the end was quite a relief.. Seems like the producers needed Cruise (who looks nothing like Seals was in real life, starting with the physique) to sell this movie.

Nick294x - I wanna run drugs now5 star

This movie makes me wanna run drugs and wear aviator sunglasses

Tyler09utk13 - A great watch4 star

This is a great watch! Could I watch it again, maybe in a few months, but Tom and the cast crush it. Definitely worth the rent and popcorn for movie night. Only real negative, it’s a little long.

Meshari T. - Good watch4 star

Very entertaining, one of Tom Cruise's best performances.

Ariauna - Meh...1 star

This did not live up to its hype. There was more fiction than facts. The trailers basically showed the best parts of this movie if you can even say there were parts that could be called best. I wouldn’t recommend this movie. Although IF you plan on watching it wait till it comes to Netflix or better yet a free to stream service.

aWildWillAppeared - Excellent5 star

Keep in mind this is a fictional movie and not a documentary and just enjoy the ride. The movie is great

CrAzY_77 - Thumbs up!5 star

This was a good story based on true events. Tom does a great job acting. What ever Tom Cruise is doing, he should never stop. 👍👍

Rballrd - A true gem!5 star

This film is a refreshing departure for Tom Cruise fans...and for Tom Cruise himself. Every bit of this film is an entertaining roller coaster ride! Who the hell cares what’s going on in this guy’s personal life. He continues to do his job. With exceptional skill. And that’s to keep his audience happy.

JA2013not2012 - Entertaining, but4 star

More of a rental than a purchase.

Disappointment @highest - Amairacan made was so good5 star

Awesome movie.

Joe Buckstrap - Hogwash1 star

The original working title was "Mena", but it's apparent like many Hollywood scripts it was rewritten by the CIA to glamorize Seal, who was in real life a drunken fat slob weighing close to 300 lbs. He smuggled tons of cocaine into Mena for the CIA, an operation authorized by VP George H. W. Bush who Chaired the NSC (making him CIA Director Bill Casey's boss) and protected by corrupt AR state police and prosecutors by order of Governor William Jefferson Clinton. The drugs were distributed to 100 US cities to raise cash for Contra death squad terrorists in Honduras and Nicaragua, a direct violation of Congress' Boland Act. The irony of the 1992 presidential elections were our two corrupt monopoly parties nominated two mega-felons for President and both had ascended to the WH. That, and much more is missing from this film. Americans ought to know this.

J DeBello - Over promised under delivered1 star

It’s a shame, the true story of Barry Seals could be a 3 hour block buster. Watch Cocaine Cowboys Reloaded for the real story. This film stunk, Tom what’s really going on? Do you need to talk? Jump on my couch? Hook me up to one of your time traveling truth telling machines so I could give you the hard truth? Even Mork would throw a flag on your play.

Ghoxt - Entertaining True Narrative5 star

Many cultural leaders in ghettos wondered where all the Black and Spanish gun and drug factories were in their neighborhoods... Exactly there were not any. Recipe on how to destroy a culture. That said the movie is entertaining by itself.

Dianaa11 - American Made!5 star

Action packed! Its funny. With action none stop! Love Tom Cruise. Must watch I will be wathing it again because I purchased it!

Bionicsurfer - Not bad at all!!!5 star

That was a darn entertaining movie!!!!!

WLCM2DaJungle - Great- Prob ONLY cause Tom Cruise was in it- The Tom Cruise phenomenon4 star

This film probably would’ve been just another B or C film. It seems if u put Tom Cruise in anything, the movie is good to great. This film is an example of that phenomenon. Somehow he always pulls it off..

marq84 - Tom Cruise nails it.4 star

... maybe too much fiction and not enough fact, I don’t know. But it’s a cool story either way.

Roughridersv - OMG!!! Great Movie!!!5 star

Incredible story! 'Nuff said!!!

Don in Hawaii - It’s ok if your bored2 star

It’s a mediocre movie pieced together.

Freedom4all - Very entertaining5 star

Different from his usual roles. Worth seeing

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