By Jon Stark

  • Genre: Sports
  • Release Date: 2017-10-17
  • Advisory Rating: NR
  • Runtime: 0h 47min
  • Director: Jon Stark
  • Actors:
  • Awards:
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 4.99

Pepper Description

With Pepper, SNOWBOARDER Magazine has once again focused their cameras on an elite crop of 9 world-class snowboarders pushing the limits of fun, progression and filmmaking. The result of these efforts is the wide pan of a winter for the ages. Multi-time Rider Of The Year Bode Merrill once again produces a bar raising tour-de-force with two songs worth of WTF-inducing NBDs. Garrett Warnick builds upon the promise of seasons past with an extended segment that highlights his propensity for all-terrain insanity. Ted Borland’s unorthodox take on urban trickery doesn’t disappoint. Ozzy Henning’s part is likely to result in replay-induced seizures. Justin Keniston pulls out his passport to crush it on several continents. Chris Grenier keeps up his crowd-pleasing persona with a healthy dose of proper style and consequential setups. Nils Mindnich’s dream season is captured in all its spin stomping and trick tweaking glory. Sage Kotsenburg transcends his slope style acclaim beyond the boundaries of the park to the backcountry and AK. Then there is Mikey Rencz, who continues to make it all look too damn easy. Pepper is a must watch for anyone looking to get hyped before heading to the hill.

"Pepper Ann" is a freaky 12 year old who's slicker than grease in this hilarious cartoon where she's on a neverending quest to be cool! With her 2 good friends Nicky and Milo, they can conquer anything!

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  • Cool

    String snakebites
    Cool clips edits music and originality. I'm about to watch it again
  • Top Notch

    This video features a very diverse crew brought together by one thing, Style!!! Snowboarder mag never disappoints
  • Masterpiece

    Might be the best snowboard video to come out in the 21st century. Incredible. MUST BUY
  • ggggggggggg

    Movie Watcher 420
    Great riding per usual, terrible soundtrack
  • The Ozzman Cometh

    Lincoln Terns
    I don't always write reviews but when I do it is for Pepper. Starks best stuff since Rendered Useless. The only thing Rendered had over Pepper was Vinny, Cole and Alanis! Otherwise all things considered Pepper melted my mind. Bode, Ted and Ozzy and the rest of the cast slaughtered it. Must buy, must watch, must watch again.
  • Point Break #2

    it is better than point break, and I love point break.
  • Dope! Lets ride.

    Sick film. Nice work S N O W B O A R D E R!
  • Yessssss

    Must see video the homies killed it
  • Luv it!

    Haven't even seen the movie. Butt I love it! 😘

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