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OSCAR® Winner Kate Winslet and Golden Globe winner Idris Elba star in this suspense drama about two strangers who become stranded on a remote, snow-covered mountain following a plane crash. Forced to trust each other to survive the extreme elements, they begin a perilous journey through hundreds of miles of wilderness, each discovering a strength they never knew possible.

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What if your life depended on a stranger?. Stranded after a tragic plane crash, two strangers must forge a connection to survive the extreme elements of a remote snow covered mountain. When they realize help is not coming, they embark on a perilous journey across the wilderness.

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LA Dodgers 22
AWESOME MOVIE  LA Dodgers 22  5 star


Fine piece of work  tropicalstyle  4 star

This Love story is finely acted and there is good chemistry between Kate and Idris, beautiful photography, very satisfying.

Yes!  dinhr  5 star

Great movie! The final moment of the final scene I gave a loud YES!

Beta's mom
The Mountain Between Us  Beta's mom  5 star

Excellent!!! Hats off to the whole cast and crew!!

The Mountain Between Us  Scrapjohnson  5 star

Really loved this drama. It was believable and in these times it was a refreshing contrast to the murder, thug, and dividing race issue that is being played up today. They stuck to the story at hand which is helping each other and staying alive. Will watch this again.

Mountain between us  laneybrooke  5 star

This was an amazing movie. I recommend it. I don’t want to spoil anything but I cried. Great movie.

Meggie Gray Andersen
Sweet and romantic  Meggie Gray Andersen  5 star

I'm glad I did not pay attention to the negative reviews. This was a sweet and romantic movie. I enjoyed every minute of it.

It’s pretty bad folks  Rival47  1 star

Like many others have said, I never listen to the reviews due to trolls and just plain ole bias...but this movie is really really really bad. I’m not sure how they sold Kate Winslet for the part but it definitely worked to draw audience. Just don’t spend any money on it, you’ll regret it. I watched this on a flight home and I would’ve preferred severe turbulence over the movie...if that says anything.

The Mountain Between Us  ECSea  5 star

There are very few Movies I've watched more than once. I watched this film three times on the same evening. It was difficult to believe that a film with a seemingly well worn plot could be improved. With two briliant actors, a well written script, unbelievably beautiful cinematography, laudable direction, a simple but brilliant musical score, and a professionnaly, well designed set; I personnally see only one reason this film is not a strong Oscar contender. Race. No spoiler alert. Watch the film.

Excellent movie with a good ending!  jadechick21  5 star

Loved the movie! Worth renting!

Karla 20170311
Poor directing and no chemistry  Karla 20170311  3 star

While Winslet and Elba are incredible actors, but the directing was poor which negatively impacted the acting. There was no chemistry between any of the characters and it all seemed mechanical in its execution. IMO, the dog did the best acting job. It’s a shame because it was a good storyline with a lot of potential.

great love story  Moofy8  5 star

Great movie!

Waste of Talent  CricksDad  1 star

Very little going for this movie. I felt nothing for the characters. Makes one appreciate all of the components that need to work for a believable film. My wife liked it, more of a romantic.

It’s Good  Relent  4 star

If you like survival movies. You’ll like this one

Edna the Big Bad Sheep!
Unimaginative, boring, disappointing  Edna the Big Bad Sheep!  1 star

I regret that I haven’t read any reviews or checked out the ratings for this movie. When the movie plot is as simple as this, the movie needs to rely on great dialog, character development and chemistry. This movie had none of those;, nothing about this movie carried a gram of originality. Dialog was boring and predictable and there was zero chemistry between the actors. Kate Winslet had some amazing acting in previous movies, but in this one you can tell her heart is not in it at all, she herself probably not liking the movie! Don’t waste your time and money I’d say.

Masterpiece  Visualsilence22  5 star

Impeccable acting, the tension is felt all through the movie, never a dull moment, you'll never look at your watch. The music and the scenery make it all worth while. Kate Winslet and Idris Elba give their best performance, ever. Run see this movie.

Curt Angle
I'd rather eat yellow snow than watch this again  Curt Angle  2 star

Really? You would think that two otherwise good actors would have would have been more discerning in their choice of script. "I think that love was the only reason we survived on that mountain"......ffs. Best thing about this movie was the dog, and they didnt even give him/her a name.

Great story, mediocre execution  Pegasone  3 star

The plot and setting are great but there is a lot of mediocre acting in this film. It’s a shame because both of them are excellent actors, based on other films I’ve seen them playing in.

Caleb 007 y
Amazing and Very Thrilling  Caleb 007 y  5 star

This movie was very good. I loved it. Kate is great in this film. I almost cried even. I was just so beautiful.❤️

Gamer holdem
Nope - Nada  Gamer holdem  1 star

Kate's glory days are gone. If this is the material she's being offered I'm sad for her. I'd rather not do a film at all than except 1 that's horribly written,directed and a total flop. Don't bother 🙈😔

Lets make a movie jut for the sake of making one  Altavelocidad  1 star

How did this get a green light?

The Mountain Between Us  Amarchena  5 star

Kinda the same title as The Space between us, don’t you think? Anyway this is an awesome drama/thriller movie! I love 20th century fox!

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