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For Sergeant Adam Schumann (Miles Teller)—and many soldiers like him—the process of leaving combat back in Iraq was as seemingly simple as getting on that plane. But standing on the tarmac again in the arms of loved ones would turn out to be merely a first step in the long and exacting journey of actually returning home. Thank You for Your Service follows a group of U.S. soldiers returning from Iraq who struggle to integrate back into family and civilian life while living with the memory of a war that threatens to destroy them long after they’ve left the battlefield.

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Bad  Ferrari888889  1 star

I like watch miles teller byt this movie seemed to be more a public service announcement then a war hero movie.

Just Wow!  J2daAbner  5 star

I just finished watching this movie and I’m blown away.. amazing Acting by Teller.. this movie will make you cry.

Curtis L. Schmitt Jr.
True to Life  Curtis L. Schmitt Jr.  5 star

This movie brought back so many feelings, good and bad. After four combat tours, multiple heroes taking their last breath in my arms, this movie did those feelings justice. Tremendous!

Zzzzzzzzzzz.....  Carpediem-USA  1 star

Boring, boring, boring... I felt sleep in the middle of the movie.

Speechless  Emundo28  5 star

It’s so good. I have so much respect for the veterans.

Not for vets.  gnomelndcqurity  1 star

This not a movie that a vet should watch.

Rather pathetic  Sleeepeepy  1 star

This movie is just one cliche after another. There isn’t one original aspect to this movie. It’s a total waste of your time @nd money.

Not a real war movie  mackljr  3 star

This was more to do with when the ptsd when soldiers come home. It’s gives a small fraction what they deal with in getting help .

Don’t bother  _Wes  1 star

Speaking as a veteran, this is the kind of trash movie that perpetuates stereotypes of what vets with PTSD are supposed to act like. BS. Don’t bother with this tripe. Watch a cartoon or some other form of uplifting entertainment.

Johnny *USN*
As a service member myself  Johnny *USN*  5 star

You’re welcome.

Not what I expected but great movie!  Dales97  4 star

Watched a glimpse of the trailer and thought there would be lots of action through the live of sgt. Schuman. This movie was actually one of the few I found tough to watch because it illustrates very well how veterans are treated after their service. Not very fair and everyday can be a battle

powerful  ronincove  5 star

found it to be an amazing movie, want to read the book now

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