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Ethan Hawke gives an explosive performance in this epic action-thriller from the producers of JOHN WICK. Travis Conrad (Hawke) is an ex-special ops marine-turned-mercenary who is lured out of retirement by the covert company that used to employ him. After Travis is killed during a brutal firefight, a new regeneration surgery gives him a second chance at life — and one last shot at redemption — in this nonstop, pulse-pounding thrill ride.

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Contracted to kill. Fighting to survive.. An assassin seeks redemption after being given a second chance at life.. 24 Hours to Live Wiki

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Waste of Money  blueespy  2 star

The story line had potential but it just never got there. I found it boring, Ethan Hawke who has made better movies seemed off his game and he looked like crap, even before being shot. The fight scenes were not well done and I felt like I wasted my money.

Meggie Gray Andersen
Oh well  Meggie Gray Andersen  3 star

Entertaining enough for $.99.

train dad
Yep  train dad  5 star

Got a good deal on a rental, exceeded medium expectations

Greek Woman
Okay  Greek Woman  4 star

An okay, a little too much fictional plot, a lot of not convincing action but on the other hand very entertaining.

I feel good about having watched it  Acatherine21  5 star

The movie has a good story line. The fighting scenes were good, you’ll enjoy if you enjoyed John Wick. It also made you think.

Good action by Hawke  Ask&Seek123  4 star

If your looking for a “bad” guy getting screwed by his employer and trying to get revenge movie this is it. The value of life, not valued, take its toll when you realize the value of life.

It's ok  DLGRAINGER  3 star

Save your money!

mindless violence  cayrick  2 star

The main theme here is a non stop flow of mindless violence. This is the kind of movie that you will quickly forget

Really, really enjoyable.  Thorin.Alexander  4 star

Offering bloody, well-directed action and a strong performance by Hawke, this movie was really fun. Well worth checking out!

Love the feel  RadioactiveF0X  4 star

Action and gritty

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