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“Dunkirk” opens as hundreds of thousands of British and Allied troops are surrounded by enemy forces. Trapped on the beach with their backs to the sea they face an impossible situation as the enemy closes in.

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Just Terrible  swidowski  1 star

Don't was waste your time or money on this.

Not sure what all the hype’s all about  SFO-ORD  2 star

No comparison to Saving Private Ryan. Sure, a true story, but it was quite lame. Characters didn’t develop. Cinematography was subpar and the writing was boring. I was hesitant to rent, but I saw I’ll the stars and went for it. I want a refund.

disappointing  Dr.Adnan  1 star

watching the trailer is much more exciting than watching the whole movie.

USM fan/supporter
Yawn  USM fan/supporter  1 star

Characters were poorly developed. Imagery was artsy; an artists imagination of war who wanted it to be neat and who had never thought deeply about war. The movie failed in every way. No light was shed on the dark; no interest was generated; it was nothingness....

I'd like my money back1  Rebbiegirl333  1 star

What a waste. Minimal character development and even less dialogue. A feeble attempt to portray one of history’s greatest feats of bravery reduced to a few frightened young men. Don’t waste your time of money on this film.

Overblown and pretentious  SFHoneyBadger  1 star

I’m the biggest Nolan fan, but sorry this was a giant mess and impossible to follow. There is simply no story to follow. The script was probably a single page. Tried to watch it a few times thinking it was me, but everyone else felt the same way. People are giving this high marks because of his other work and think that if they didn’t follow it was because of them. Wrong, its the movie, and no one has the guts to tell Nolan it sucked.

Great movie  mfmonten  5 star

Absolutely amazing WW2 movie

Ironic Reviews?  L0zz0  2 star

I honestly cannot tell if the 5 star reviews by iTune's users are just trying to be ironic or what, but this movie only delivered on the score and scenery, hence the 2 stars. That's it. There's no character development that matters. There's some action, but nothing like the trailer led you to believe. There was little said about why the evacuation was even done. Nothing about why Hitler decided NOT to advance on Dunkirk (very interesting if you don't know.) The entire context of why Dunkirk happened wasn't even spoken about (out of not wanting to embarrass the UK maybe?) It also entirely missed the fact that there was thousands of other nations' armed forces there that required evacuation. Sorry, Mr. Nolan. A well orchestrated and visually appealing movie, but that's all it is. As far as the high reviews from so called "movie critics", Mr. Nolan is one of the few remaining directors that still makes movies worth seeing and is also has, as far as we know, a clean record in Hollywood (i.e. he hasn't had any sexual allegations placed against him. So keeping him happy and working is a major deal and something Hollywood needs right now.

Not what I expected  redrocket2018  2 star

The ONLY reason I am giving this 2 stars is because I went in expecting a movie like Saving Private Ryan, and that is my own fault. For that reason alone the whole movie was me waiting for an amount of action that would never come. If I went in knowing that it was not going to be that, I would say it was a good movie. Just caught me off guard and left a sour taste in my mouth.

Terrible sounds - don't put yourself through this if you have deecnt hearing left  Ouijibored  1 star

Updated. Absolutely terrible background noise. I think its meant to build a fake angst and environment of tensions that isn't even there with total ransid sounds of staccatto dissonance. It's sound meant to vibrate you into insanity and shudder your cells apart. This movie is more than slow starting, it never really starts. I wanted to pull my ears out to stop this ultra low chop garbage. Look, this is a piece of history I don't know enough about. But I'm guessing I got the wrong impression from this movie. Something about a 400 thousand man army or there abouts was fleeing a battle scene I guess and were all shepherded to the edge of a cliff like dumb cattle. The cliff here is the ocean. First of all, I don't know if I heard the true number of men correct but if it's anything close to that number why in the hell are you running from anything? Start your own stampede in the other direction and take everything out. Ignorant as that might sound, this movie didn't teach me anything else about the situation other then men were fleeing, and some civilians ultimately saved as many as they could with small boats. I can't tell you much more because I certainly couldnt focus on dialoque with the horrible background noise that never stops. I can tell you a certain plane flies for what seems like 15 minutes with no engines and just keeps gliding and circling back around a beach for all to peer at 10 times. Dont put yourself through this.

Could’ve been good, but missed  FakeCleric  2 star

If you liked saving private Ryan or Fury, don’t make the mistake of watching this movie. The sounds of the action are replaced with an annoying eerily music all the time. It’s like a fly constantly buzzing in you ear. The photography and acting are great, I just don’t like the direction.

DUNKIRK  Robmic65  1 star

Very very disappointing !!!

Great!  jessgarnele  5 star

This movie was really great! It was so impactful and nice to see people working together.

Audio issues  Silrohn  3 star

I was expecting an incredible audio experience by this film and unfortunately I was disappointed. The dialogue was too quiet and a lot of the sounds felt muffled. I was not able to immerse myself in the film using a surround setup which in turn did not make the film as effective for me. To make sure that it is not my setup I tested Deadpool right after and the car chase close to the beginning of the film sounded great as always. Bad audio mix on iTunes?

JPK 007
Missed the mark for me  JPK 007  2 star

Simply confusing and no flow to the story. Was disappointed.

Poetic !  Visualsilence22  5 star

The acting, the music, the cinematography, the sensitivity, the tension all through the movie makes it a 10/10. Quite unusual comments for a WW2 movie. You need to see this.

Low Quality iTune version  left888  1 star

iTunes is asking $25 for a third of a movie. Don't buy into their BS that this is 4K, it's not, it weighs in at4.5 Gb which is a highly compressed copy of the original. Save your money a buy the blu-ray "full" version.

SO GOOD, SO SLOW, SO OUT OF ORDER  Himherhome  4 star

Alright the movie is nice to look at. Movie was not the best edited, rather hard to follow if you were not paying real close attention for the first half of movie. I think it might have been a better movie if put together in a different order. READ the other reviews. The no talking is a good thing. What do you say well your waiting to die. I think it helped to fall into their shoes. The second time around was a little more captivating.

Kijiji Dave
Decent  Kijiji Dave  4 star

It was a good movie. You can watch it with the kids and they can learn something from a movie for once....

The Movie Tried  Iammarkus  3 star

As others have mentioned, almost no talking in the entire movie. You're left feeling disconnected from the main characters. The soundtrack was a bit overkill and went on with sounds and effects that were very much overdone. Although I am sure this movie was accurate to what actually happen, the way the depicted this event was somehow off. A lot of boats sinking, drownings and only a few moments where you could really connect to the movie. Like saving Private Ryan meets Titanic. I'd wait until this is .99 cents.

Terrible, just terrible.  Chimeralaw  1 star

It was like watching some cheesy sci fi movie that jumped around in time. One of the worst movies I have ever watched. I didn't think it did anything for the brave people who were at Dunkirk.

Great Lake Wombat
Brilliant  Great Lake Wombat  5 star

Brilliant in every respect.

Meh  gammaman1000  2 star


On the run...  Eepeemd  4 star

Not a bad film at all, the music score swallows you up and makes for an intense ride. I did however, find that most of the young actors on the beach were too clean cut. This was set at a time when the enemy was hot on their tails and I would have thought they would have been a sorry looking lot overall but apart from one or two of them, they looked pretty spritely.

Terrible  Shep&Mreak  1 star

If I could give it minus stars I would.

What??????  nickhhhhhxcb  1 star

This movie is terrible. 0/10

Raffy Hodda
Exciting and brilliantly directed War Movie  Raffy Hodda  5 star

A briliantly looking and exiting war film that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

smiley biley
Best movie ever  smiley biley  5 star

I don’t know about the quality from iTunes, but the movie in its self is honestly the best thing I have ever seen.

The best movie of the year  JimJamz21  5 star

Pure craftsmanship. A beautiful, tight narrative that is wrapped in layers of artful cinematography, sound and score, and swathes of history. I loved it.

Bored  Radeyqt  1 star

Visual movie? Great war movie? None of these. Stopped watching 20mins before the end, extremely boring. No characters you care for, no sense of danger the germans truly had over the retreating forces cept for a few planes and 1 uboat..... However this movie would be great for insomanics. Put it on(low volume) lay back and you'll be asleep in no time.

Nolan’s Best!!  Omnithomas  5 star

Beautiful film about perseverance in the face of overwhelming adversity. Zimmer is the best, hands down! Only Nolan could take a catastrophic defeat and turn it into a radiant message of hope. 5/5 Best war movie since Saving Private Ryan.

Not even a movie  BD35  1 star

Like many others, I'm disturbed by the spectacular reviews this dismal piece of work has been receiving. I rarely write reviews of movies, but I'm concerned about what this may mean for the future of movies, so I thought I'd weigh in. Dunkirk lacks several essential characteristics required by common sense to even earn the classification of the term "movie". First, it lacks any semblance of a plot. The director assumes that we know the actual history, but this doesn't absolve him of the responsibility of providing one, which he has not. A character states the main issue early in the "movie", and a screen of words provide us an unsatisfying conclusion at the end. That's it. There's actually nothing else! Second, it lacks actual characters. Everyone agrees on this point, so you don't need to hear it again from me. Third, it lacks any semblance of dialog. What little there is is simply irrelevant or too muddled to understand. Were it not for its other problems, Dunkirk might effectively be a silent movie. But it'd still actually be much less than a silent movie because what passes for its background "music" is a few spare notes from a few instruments, repeated over and over and over, ad nauseum. Coincidentally, after I wrote this review, I discovered that someone actually made an eight-minute silent movie out of Dunkirk! It was much better than the extended version the rest of us suffered through. Indeed, it proved that there were no more than eight minutes worth of "movie" in it. I think that critics have fallen for this "movie" in part due to the director's previous work and in part to prove their "brilliance"--that they can "appreciate" a piece of tedious tripe the rest of us do not. We see this all too often (think: modern art), and it's a shame. Let's face it, director Nolan phoned this one in and, for whatever reason, reviewers bought into it. In short, Dunkirk is just plain awful--a scam that shouldn't have made it past the cutting room floor--a sad and inappropriate tribute to those who risked or lost their lives in the actual event.

boring  Roml_007  1 star

This could/should have been an awesome movie. Very boring and slow. Maybe Spielberg or Mel Gibson will remake this.

Trump girl
Sad, but part of history  Trump girl  3 star

The movie was slow at first, but it was such a sad witness of his easily the evil Nazis just didn’t care about life in general....It was great seeing average middle class Americans step up when called upon.

Cameron the average critic
Very boring  Cameron the average critic  2 star

Very disappointed in this one, considering all the hype about being Nolan's best work and the pre-Oscar buzz. It is painfully boring,

Epic film making  andyh753  5 star

Epic film making about a desperate moment in history. For those that complain about lack of chracter development ... this is a visual re telling of Dunkirk ... not your typical Hollywood made up love story / made up human drama conveniently set againts historical events for effect. Bravo Mr. Nolan, Bravo!

Great movie!  Guedesric  5 star

Not the tradicional history telling, be prepare for something new and unusual. In my opinion one of the best war movies.

Don’t waste your money!  CBesier16  1 star

This movie is awful! The writers misrepresent the factual events of Dunkirk. You never even see a German soldier! A complete waste of time and money!

Wasn’t a fan at all  ezbz0126  2 star

I Love all Christopher Nolan movies however this wasn’t one of them.

Blown Potential aka Pretty Boring  MikeEReese  3 star

Felt like the first days of talking movies. Dunkirk was way more than this silent flick!

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