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“Dunkirk” opens as hundreds of thousands of British and Allied troops are surrounded by enemy forces. Trapped on the beach with their backs to the sea they face an impossible situation as the enemy closes in.

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Si J
Another Nolan Masterpiece  Si J  5 star

A stark and harrow look at the Dunkirk evacuations, from the greatest film maker of his generation.

The true best movie of 2017  alaskaorca1  5 star

This movie can be compared to saving private Ryan. It looks so real and is a true masterpiece. This is a must watch

[email protected] 4 the m0v!3  Jolovesgum  5 star

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Sleeping through Dunkirk  JSJ1948  1 star

I’m a World War II history fanatic and watch every movie related to that era (including the sanitized versions of Hollywood’s depictions of WWII - excuse me, but no blood?). Four of my uncles and my father fought in that horrible war in every branch except the Air Force. So what did I expect in Dunkirk? Not this. It wasn’t interesting, bored me to tears, and didn’t depict the real horror of that crisis. Interestingly, my children and their partners loved it and thought it fascinating and sad at the same time. All I know is that I’ll never watch it again (even though I should because I fell asleep 30 minutes into it something that has never happened to me in a theater or at home. And we saw it in an IMAX theater no less.) My vote is still don’t bother watching this if you’re over 60. The 20, 30, and 40 somethings may enjoy it more. We’re coming from a different perspective in history.

Risked insuring coiffured
BEST MOVIE EVER  Risked insuring coiffured  5 star

The director gets You to care for the characters without even giving you the names and just using the storylines and making it all very involved it also pans over different perspectives of the same scenes multiple times which was very cool

The Score... Amazing  mracer19  5 star

Hans Zimmer with his amazing score for Dunkirk and the suspense it gives you, you can’t stop watching it.

Just Didn't Do It  DHQ402  2 star

This movie just didn't do it for me unfortunately. I enjoy watching WW2 era films but the continuity (if thats the correct term) in this one was terrible. From using a 1950's French destroyer to modern trains, spitfires with an unlimited amunition supply, no engine when on fire and modern container cranes. I realise that it is supposed to have been over days but it goes from night to day in alternate scenes. Some good performances by actors but for the rest I didn't like it.

Not what I expected  blahlalamonsterugly  3 star

It honestly hurts me to give a Nolan film only 3 stars. I absolutely adore his movies and I was very excited to see his latest work: Dunkirk. However as I watched the movie, I became increasingly disappointed. Now I did go in with high expectations but not for a high action, horrific display of war. However I did go in expecting some sort of jarring, or influential and reflective display of humanity, that was crafted into a mastery of writing and directing. However I didnt really get that. Honestly what Dunkirk is really is an amazing effort to give us a window into a moment of that historic time. There are no key characters, or development of them. There is no buildup or climax. Now I’m not saying this was a bad thing to do and for many I can honestly believe why this might appeal to you. But for me its not what Ive come to expect in a Nolan film and sadly didnt quite enjoy it as much as others. I’m not trying to say that I dont revere soldiers or their sacrifice or even history itself. But when I go to the movies I want to be entertained and leave pondering the things Ive watched. Here I just felt I had watched a special on the history channel (that had an enormous budget).

francois yann
Nul  francois yann  1 star

C’est vraiment trop nul, mou, lent et chiant à mourir...

Yut  Dksjfhaisidiajwofjsbdkvksb  5 star

Greatest movie I ever seen bod

Dunkirk  Calfhand  1 star

Very disappointing film. Was expecting something epic like “Saving private Ryan”, but instead it played like a documentary with the narration muted.

Attrocious  PeekMyster  2 star

Ever watch a movie and wonder why the creator never got it edited? This movie could have made so much more sense just by keeping the timeline organized.. weak plot, no climax.. great camera work but weak weak weak result. Kept watching hoping it would get better.. it actually got worse.

Comme des ombres soyons!!
Café inclus  Comme des ombres soyons!!  2 star

D’une monotonie déconcertante...interminable. Un gros café 3 sucres pour vous rendre jusqu’à la fin est conseillé. Heureusement les effets visuels sont bien faits.

This movie is crap  westcoastgirl  1 star

Don't listen to the crtiics. This movie is crap and I want my $6.99 back. Awful. Just awful.

Best Movie!!!  Jane154  5 star

I watched this movie so many times and it is the best. I love how the director is putting it in different time zones, the boat is a day, the plane is 3 hours and the men on Dunkirk is a week before they all meet at this one scene. The ending gave me chills. Best movie I have seen this year!!!

Well done but not good enough.  StarAction  3 star

Dunkirk was well done but not good enough.

Could’ve been good, but missed  FakeCleric  2 star

If you liked saving private Ryan or Fury, don’t make the mistake of watching this movie. The sounds of the action are replaced with an annoying eerily music all the time. It’s like a fly constantly buzzing in you ear. The photography and acting are great, I just don’t like the direction.

DUNKIRK  Robmic65  1 star

Very very disappointing !!!

Great!  jessgarnele  5 star

This movie was really great! It was so impactful and nice to see people working together.

Audio issues  Silrohn  3 star

I was expecting an incredible audio experience by this film and unfortunately I was disappointed. The dialogue was too quiet and a lot of the sounds felt muffled. I was not able to immerse myself in the film using a surround setup which in turn did not make the film as effective for me. To make sure that it is not my setup I tested Deadpool right after and the car chase close to the beginning of the film sounded great as always. Bad audio mix on iTunes?

Henry Chaisritha
Trailer is terrible.  Henry Chaisritha  1 star

How would I know what this movie is about???!!!

Awful  Sidey74  1 star


Flawed  undiesinc  2 star

I was expecting more, It was very predictable.....

Visually spectacular, but...  AmandaBee123  3 star

Where was the story? The human touch? Character stories, arcs and growth? There was none. At all. I didn’t even realise Tom Hardy was in it until the end. What a pointless waste of a great actor. But to watch it on a big screen and get captivated by the visuals is still quite something. It was beautiful and incredibly well done. And Harry Styles was actually fantastic (I was extremely sceptical). Worth a watch. 3.5 stars.

fair dinkum !! vomit!!!!!!!!!!
Dunkirk  fair dinkum !! vomit!!!!!!!!!!  5 star


Meh  Candylea  2 star

Preview was the best bit.

Not a war movie  Pinkypie6021  5 star

The scenes and pacing play out more like a disaster movie, and the Christopher Nolan trademark non-linear storyline won't be to everyone's taste, but for me that was part of the appeal. If you're looking for a war film like Saving Private Ryan, then this probably isn't the movie for you.

Greatest movie I’ve ever seen  Lingy25463  5 star

This was the best👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😋😋😋😛😛😝😜🤪😀😃😄😁😆😅😂🤣☺️

Boring  TROTSC  2 star

I love war movies especially those based on history. Unfortunately this was hard to watch.

Beautiful, sad and amazing  Splayds  5 star

One of the most beautiful and increadibly sad pieces of cinema I've seen in a long while. Really highlights the terrible waste of war and the sacrifice of our forefathers, most of whom were just young boys at the time.

Skeleton Hands
Boring  Skeleton Hands  1 star

If I had not paid for it I would not have watched till the end. I’d wait until it comes on tv.

Emotional  lingter  5 star

A classic in every sense of the word. Packed full of emotion and providing an insight into the extraordinary bravery of civilians and soldiers. Beautifully emotional ending fitting of the respect the story deserves.

Not worthy of the name  abriden  1 star

Sadly, the fact that there are so many 5-star reviews reflects on the total lack of historical awareness amongst the general public and insults the memory of those depicted in this debacle. This film is supposed to be set several days into the evacuation, at a point where the beaches and town were ravaged by shelling and aerial bombardment, packed with those waiting to be taken off, yet the film does nothing to reflect this. It is a total misrepresentation. The Spitfire sequence at the end is also laughable ...having run out of fuel, the plane embarks on a final dogfight before being seen flying down the length of the beach in the opposite direction. The chararcterisations are also largely negative, belying the bravery of the majority.

In my opinion best film in the world  m.cccc  5 star

My favorite film , portrays the emotion beautifully

Dunkirk  G1cvr  2 star

Very disappointed boreing

DUNKIRK  BB1z1  1 star

Sent me to sleep! Boring.

Wunderbar  23wertq  5 star

1 week on the beach, 1 Day on the sea and 1 hour in the air, 3 stories all told from different perspectives - pure genius. Very little dialogue but so much drama driven is wrung out of the film via the wonderful cinematography and amazing score. Criticism in many of the reviews about the scale of the battle not being accurately portrayed are wide of the mark. The aim was not to depict the horror of war via a full scale panoramic vista of the operation in the way 'Saving Private Ryan' did but to focus on the three individual stories which are a microcosm of the overall operation.

Malteser 123
Really good!  Malteser 123  4 star

At first I thought it was boring but as the film went on, I really enjoyed it, and would definitely suggest to watch it! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😇😇😍😍

Michael torr 1
It could have been much more  Michael torr 1  2 star

Shame HBO didn’t do this ,not enough men on the beaches not enough ships / boats in the sea , big let down. In stead of paying A listers the big cash you would have been better spending it on more extras more boats one more action. Such a shame don’t expect a saving private Ryan film it doesn’t even come close.

Disappointing  debbiedoops  1 star

There was no real story line or structure to this film, honestly one of the worst films I’ve watched. Don’t get me wrong everything was so accurate and war like but it just wasn’t a great movie

Way over rated  Kiwiyankee  2 star

The actual flotilla of private boats that saved these men must be in some other movie because they are surely lacking in this one. The hodge podge jumping between times, day & night is irritating and distracting to the story. Bit then the story has little historical relationship to the actual event in history. But there is a big bonus; i a Spitfire which has run out of fuel but still manages to fly for about 15 minutes continuing to down enemy aircraft. What a hoot . . . And doing do with questionable computer generated graphics. How this made it to the Academy Awards is beyond me.

Fantastic, focused war film.  stereo.ronin  5 star

Impressive soundtrack, camera work and nuanced performances of soldiers, officers, pilots and civilians. The aerial combat scenes were really griping at times, really enjoyed those. There was no ultra realistic gore and there appeared to be zero CGI, neither was needed. The scenes gradually build in urgency and deliver, over and over. The characters' point of view's are layered and fold into eachother impressivley towards the end. Just, really well done, I wish I'd seen this in IMAX. Only minor negative is some transitions between POV's can be momentarily confusing. When the credits decended, I was still glued to the screen. A great watch and quite different to many other war films.

Ariana Apollo
Best War Epic Ever  Ariana Apollo  5 star

My friend Neil and I both agree this was the best war movie of all time. Harry Styles was amazing and the cameo by Ariana Grande 😍 as the nurse on the hospital ship was amazing.

Crappy  Pewapp  1 star

This is one of history’s great stories. This was a awfull rendition of that story. Only worth one star.

Over rated  Tim42m  2 star

Everyone said this movie was awesome. It wasn’t...

Awesome  Beinne  5 star

I can’t wait to watch this!

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