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Fueled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman’s selfless act, Bruce Wayne enlists the help of his newfound ally, Diana Prince, to face an even greater enemy. Together, Batman and Wonder Woman work quickly to find and recruit a team of metahumans to stand against this newly awakened threat. But despite the formation of this unprecedented league of heroes—Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash—it may already be too late to save the planet from an assault of catastrophic proportions.

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. Fuelled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman's selfless act, Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince assemble a team of metahumans consisting of Barry Allen, Arthur Curry and Victor Stone to face the catastrophic threat of Steppenwolf and the Parademons who are on the hunt for three Mother Boxes on Earth.

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Keep Snyder away forever!  Echo7  5 star

This movie moved away from the dark, dismal and boring style of Zack Snyder - thankfully!!! Ignore the paid reviewers and listen to the fans...this is a great movie! A lot of fun...not to mention the soundtrack is probably the best in the modern DCU movies - (thank you Danny Elfman for bringing back your classic Batman score as well as hints of the John Williams Superman score! More than made up for the video game sounding uninspired soundtracks we got with Hans Zimmer)!

could have been better  Reddz2856  3 star

I am not a fan of super hero movies, a lot of them have a lazy story..I enjoyed the story and actors for the most part in this one, but the story was not special at all... ben affleck needs to be replaced as batman.. but the cgi is what killed this movie for me.. more than half of this looked like a cartoon... you might as well watch the full cartoon JL cartoons.. probably a better experience

Dissatisfaction  Dmkdanielson  1 star

I was hoping this would be better since Wonder Woman was good, although kind of a copy of the first Captain America movie, but this was a huge waste, just a little better than Batman vs. super man. How can CW do a better Flash? Did anyone else think this was a copy of the infinity stones from Avengers? How about the short vignette after the credits? Waste of money and time. Glad I didn’t see it at the theater

Woohoo!  BigGuyW/ABeard  5 star

It’s been a long wait for this movie! I know critics haven’t had many good to say about it but I think it was a great movie!

Fresh Boy Slimmy T
Don’t believe the critics  Fresh Boy Slimmy T  5 star

I thought this was an enjoyable movie and it didn’t warrant all of the negative criticism. It’s not perfect, but it’s a freaking comic book movie so who cares. I thought it was better than Thor Ragnarok and The Last Jedi by far.

CannoT DOWNLOAD  Joerassic  1 star

in spite of numerous attempts

Hmmm  2play4fun  4 star

I am not into superhero movies but this one was pretty good

Justice League  Steven24.  5 star

Man I can’t wait to watch this, looks good by watching the Trailer :)

Nicely Done!  Will-BR  4 star

Entertaining, funny and just deep enough to complement the visual spectacle. Also, kudos to Danny Elfman’s score (nice touch using brief samples of John Williams’ original Superman theme and his own 1989 Batman theme)

This film was awful.  Juggsfart  1 star

I wish it weren’t so, but it is awful. So, so, so, so, so, so bad.

Boring and predictable  Sinkat9364  1 star

Total waste of money. There's not one thing here outside of the predictable Hollywood formula, CGI was super sketchy, and it was just straight up boring.

Average customer 9999999999
Wait to rent this one....  Average customer 9999999999  3 star

Batman vs Superman was much better than this. This has a horrible villain who has NO back story or explaination to his motives. They tried to accomplish too much with this and ended up accomplishing nothing. About all we get from it is that Batman feels too old to keep going and Superman will always save the day! He can do EVERYTHING! Even come back from the dead! Not a horrible popcorn movie, but that's it really.

They nailed it  DCbuddy  5 star

So amazing

Fake news or baked reviews?  JohnOfPink  2 star

Can I do a review of the reviews? Who can think this movie is 5 or 4 or even 3 stars? I call fake. I spent 25 bucks to watch a messy repeat of every bad decision made in BvS or SS. It might make a pretty good TV movie or be the opening video of a game. Its hard to imagine how this could have came out so bad. If this is a great movie ... what kind of world do we live in? what's next? Donald Trump as pres.i..den...t. oh :(

Fear  DocstarKohler  5 star

Very cool effects. Great characters. Felt a little rushed, but we know why. Villian was..meh, but stays true to DC comics storyline. If you can get over lots of CGI (what movie doesn't), you'll enjoy it a lot. Thanks Batfleck, Gal, Jason, Ray, Ezra, and Henry! And thank you Zack Snyder!

Wild bill105
Lots of fun!  Wild bill105  5 star

It has everything I’m was looking for in a action movie. Looking forward to more!

WOW THAT WAS BAD!  discgolfer1970  1 star

Horrible. They need to move on from the directors and writers they have been using. There's a reason it bombedand made no money.

Justice for all  six.feet.under  5 star

I think this movie is a victime of the Hollywood hate on DC. hear me, i LOOOVED BvS for its dark tone, i love snyder and his devotion to the universe. I would have Loved to watch the full Snyder cut before he was fired. But even there, the movie is very enjoyable. I didnt like the humor in Thor. The one in JL i like for most even if i would take less. The action is almost non stop and the special effects are very great and beautiful. The superman moustache is just in the beginning so we dont care ( and that scene was useless). And the characters are so good and the actors too, great interaction. If you hated BvS and like the lighter tone of Marvel, youll probably like this one too.

Au top  seb743  5 star

Film juste génial !

Does not deserve the crap reviews it's getting  Jules-Pierre  5 star

This is a very good movie. OK, it lacks some of the more commercial appeal of its Marvel counterpart (Avengers), but it is a much more mature exploration of the human nature of superheroes. The personalities, conflicts, situations, relationships, etc. are much more relatable and believable that the ones in your average Marvel superheroe flicks (I like Marvel, don't get me wrong, but this systematic smashing of anything DC-superheroe that comes out is damn wrong and undeserved. This is worth watching more than once. Give it a chance, watch it unbiased. This almost makes me believe that Marvel/Disney is indeed paying critics to put down DC movies (almost!).

Average  Kkumar44  3 star

Good movie. I think when you have so many superheroes in one movie it takes away from their individuality. I feel the villain wasn’t that impressive, they needed to make him more present in the movie. Other good effects, good action scene. Loved Wonderwoman and Flash’s character made the movie a lighter amongst all the seriousness. Slightly disappointed with Aquaman and his portrayal. Definitely a must-see movie but I wasn’t wowed by it. I guess that’s what happens when the individual character movies are so good.

Roger Phillips
Not Worth the time  Roger Phillips  2 star

I have been a DC fan all my life, and looking forward to this movie for many years, to me is a total let down. No build up of the Cyborg and Flash. The fight scene at the end is over within a few punchs. Don't waste your time and money. The Avengers outclasses this movie in every way.

Nailed it  Hydro141  5 star

Great to see justice league finally come together and critics can go f themselves. Great DC movie.

Disaster  Jedi2310  1 star

What a disaster of a movie. How Warner Brothers could stuff this up so badly is beyond me. The script sounds like it was written by a five year old. The cgi especially superman’s top lip is horrendous. Ben Affleck turns in a performance that is horrendous. It’s obvious he knows this as you can see him cringing as he says his lines. I saw this at the cinema and hated it but I thought I was being a bit harsh so I bought it again to watch it a second time. Bad mistake. I hated it more than I did the first time. Have no idea how they are going to resurrect this franchise after stuffing up what was supposed to be the jewel in the crown.

Blah  kristy1411  1 star

It was ok until superman ruins it. As soon as he appears in the movie all the other characters just seem to be pushed to the back burner.

Justice League  Nick0Time  1 star

just terrible

Pretty good.  Nighthook  4 star

Not great, certainly could’ve (should’ve?) been better, but still a pretty damn good movie.

Loved it. Ignore Rotten Tomatoes critics.  Allrichos  5 star

Once again the RT critics have shown they are both out of touch with public opinion and/or swayed by paid for reviews. Bottom line, this is a great film and worthy of both entry into the DC universe of films and deserving of a sequel. Ignore the reviews, watch it and judge for yourself.

Justice league  Mormonce  5 star

Justice league is a amazing movie the first day I saw it I watched it every single day for about 2 weeks it is exciting it keeps you guessing what’s going to happen next I absolutely love it

A watchable, but horribly messy excuse of a movie.  isargent  2 star

Every aspect of this film is either mediocre or straight-up bad, though it's hurried pace and laid-back tone make it an easy enough watch.

Trash  k5warmachine  1 star

Terrible movie DC’s attempt to compete with the avengers fell flat on its face

Getting better...  Principe_14  4 star

Fun movie to watch. Much better than BVS, but a solid 4-Stars.

AWESOME!!!!!  Tre75  5 star

I know this movie has been critically panned but I loved this movie. It had a decent pacing, good action, and Quikly jokes. As a lifelong DC comics fan, I am pleased, and I think other fans will love it, too.

Why all the hate?  Coyote99901  4 star

Okay, so I bought this and watched it (I didn't see it in theaters) and I WILL say up front, I'm a big DC fan. This movie was not in any way disappointing. It had a decent plot and good characters that, while they weren't six layers deep like in some superhero movies, made me care about them as people. The CGI was a bit wonky (don't get me started on a certain mustache). Steppenwolf was weird and rubbery and the parademons were weird and off (and that's the reason I deducted a star). The laughs were not over the top but there were funny moments and the actors did a great job with the characters. So, I guess I don't understand the hate. Was it up to a Marvel movie that actually took half a decade to build up the story over a bajillion movies and TV shows? No. But was it just plain good? Yes. Totally rewatch-able.

Worthwhile  c.arl  4 star

I liked this film. I am, admittedly, easy to get along with when it comes to entertainment. A film does not have to be a miracle in film. It just has to be fun, and this does the job. There is some cheese in here but then we are talking about people who run around in tights saving the planet from one variation of certain doom after another. This would have been a better film if they'd done origin stories for Victor, Flash and Arthur. Instead, they got cliff notes and that causes too much world building and less focus on the story, which was not a bad one if you are familiar with the DC Universe.

Good movie  SteveNichols  5 star

I thought it was a good movie. I do believe things could have been Different that would have made it 100 times better though.

Hedge Fund And Such
Could be worse  Hedge Fund And Such  1 star

I did enjoy watching an actual cartoon who’s every other word is “mother” be a villain in a 300 million dollar movie.

Save your money  Gregg4G  1 star

You can rewatch epsiodes of the Justice League cartoon for free. And the cartoon is much more enjoyable.

Waiting for the Blu-ray  Gil619  1 star

No movies is worth 20 buck in the digital 4K. Last I remember 20 buck would pay the for the price of the cd,cover, the hard working people who put the movie together in a cd. Now the money goes straight to Hollywood pocket! Bs

Sgt Amazing
A movie  Sgt Amazing  3 star

After seeing this, all I could say was it felt like I just saw a movie. Wasn’t good or bad, not spectacular or awful, just very middle of the road. Watch it or pass, either way doesn’t matter. Very neutral.

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