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Fueled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman’s selfless act, Bruce Wayne enlists the help of his newfound ally, Diana Prince, to face an even greater enemy. Together, Batman and Wonder Woman work quickly to find and recruit a team of metahumans to stand against this newly awakened threat. But despite the formation of this unprecedented league of heroes—Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash—it may already be too late to save the planet from an assault of catastrophic proportions.

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. Fuelled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman's selfless act, Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince assemble a team of metahumans consisting of Barry Allen, Arthur Curry and Victor Stone to face the catastrophic threat of Steppenwolf and the Parademons who are on the hunt for three Mother Boxes on Earth.. Justice League Wiki

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EXTREMELY disappointing  ilistentomusic(obviously)  1 star

It’s official. DC can no longer make good movies.

Super man 🍵  sleepyja  5 star

I thought he died ?????????????

Crap  Hat123456789  1 star

Remake please

Amazing  .HOOD.  5 star

I loved it. So happy to get this on screen and see them come together.

What if  BeEyeDoubleEL  2 star

Being a Superman fan boy I initially saw this in theaters and thought it was good. After rewatching several times I have come to this conclusion that I wanted This movie to succeed so badly that I ignored the truths. This movie was the vision of one director who left during production and picked up by another director and it shows in the film. The reshoots done by Whedon are obvious in the movie and major plot points and character development were scrapped after Warner Bros got involved in the production. Batman Vs Superman is much better in my opinion. If your looking for something to kill time then this movie would suffice. If your looking for a continuation of the darkside plot line from BvS then all your going to get is disappointment.

A mess  MediaKillsDreams  2 star

Tonally incosistent. almost every other shot is a complete tonal shift. The writing is terrible and the special effects are atrocious.

Super ma  nrnrndhx  1 star

In tea s so go go go d

it was amazing 100%
dc 502  it was amazing 100%  5 star

love this movie, it was amazing for ever dc fan

Rick Rocker Music
Fun movie  Rick Rocker Music  4 star

If you like the characters you’ll like this movie. I wish it was a little bit more polished but I enjoy the characters and the dc world so much that I can look past the flaws and enjoy this fun, entertaining movie.

Pretty good  refael2004  4 star

I was really looking forward to seeing this movie. Then... I read the reviews, they were awful! I then thought it wasn’t going to be good. THE CRITICS ARE WRONG!!! This movie is actually really good! Sure it’s not perfect, and it’s certainly got its problems, please, do not listen to the critics, they know nothing, this movie (along with ‘most’ of the DCEU) is actually a very entertaining, thrilling superhero movie! So many good thing about this movie; Pretty good cast, Some very good acting, Some humor, A lot of thrilling action, Good visuals, And, a good way to (really) kick of the DCEU! But... this movie is certainly not perfect, and it’s got some problems; The plot isn’t to interesting, Superman’s mouth is CGI, Stepen-wolf is kind of weird, And Cyborg doesn’t really do anything. So there’s six reasons why Justice League isn’t bad! Four bad thing, but mostly, it’s a vary good movie, don’t listen to critics, and don’t trust the rotten tomatoes 40%. I’d give this movie; ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 68%

Aleksandar Vilovski
Justice League  Aleksandar Vilovski  1 star

Being a big fan of batman and the original cartoon of the justice league.... i was very dissappointed with this movie. I tried giving it so many chances being a big fan and all but couldnt find myself sitting through the whole movie more than once. Definetly not worth owning this movie wish i could get a refund. If DC is planning to continue this story line i would seriously consider getting some pointers from Christopher Edward Nolan, he knows whats up.

Fun!  sbs138  4 star

The characters and the acting are great, but the story could've used more development...felt rushed.

Excellent movie!!!  Digikid2007  5 star

Ignore the naysayers. They wouldn’t know a good movie if it came and slapped them in their snotty nosed faces. This is a excellent movie with loads of humor and good story. This movie is the holy grail in the series for sure.

Not the best but better  #LYFEREVIEWS  2 star

It wasn’t great but it certainly wasn’t Amazing. It is certainly better and a much more DC type movie than Batman V Superman and Sucide squad which by far was super painful to watch

Disappointment  ASHKAN HAGHIGHAT NIA  1 star

This movie is like one of the other grisly DC movies and I hate all that characters and that ugly clown(Stippen wolf)and Cyborg,Flash,Aquaman are just three cheap heroes in this movie and I think DC needs to wait and work on his characters origins and then make a movie about them, like Avengers and all other Amazing and Fantastic MARVEL movies.Also Warner and DC thinks if they make a movie like that amazing Dark knight trilogy(in dark mode)they can make more money and they think that’s better for them but they are just some idiots that don’t think just Batman need to be dark not Superman and the other Justice league characters.I don’t know why Warner and DC chose [email protected]$#%*🤬Jack Snyder to make that dark movies and that monster that is like The Joker!

Winsor Winterland
I would rate it worse but I’m a fan  Winsor Winterland  3 star

I love everything superman. Terrible execution on the movie. No character. Bad lines. OK acting (love the actors though). Lots of action. Good to rent.

Meh  Apollo_99  3 star

It is worth watching, but not really all that entertaining. The only reason I enjoyed it, was because I like all those heroes. The villian is terrible, not even 5% is good as Thanos form the Avengers. The ending with Luthor was even worse. That laugh is annoying. Only good thing about these movies, is that you like the heroes. They need better villains, and much better writing.

Jane Monheit's fan
Problem with DC’s movies  Jane Monheit's fan  3 star

They keep using that B Movie director for all their movies. Of course they won’t be better than Marvel’s.

It’s an okay movie  SupermanFan97  3 star

Not the best but it’s fun to watch anyway

Nice try  swats71  3 star

Feels like the so-so Pepsi version to Marvel's Coke. Worth renting but not worth going to the theater for. It's one of DC's best attempts at connecting you with their characters... WonderWoman being the best so far.

Lachlan Hammond
Great movie  Lachlan Hammond  4 star

I thought that this was a great addition to the DCEU ( DC extended universe ) but I still think that Grant Gusten was a better option then Ezera Miller for the role of the flash.

Panda 16504689637
Meh  Panda 16504689637  1 star

Quite monotonous and lacks character development. More suited for superman fanboys. Others are just to fill the time. Superman's character itself is quite cliche and one dimensional. His sense of conflict seems shallow and totally forced, just to make him look conflicted without any reason

A good, fast paced film that is for some reason hated because it’s popular to do so?!?  GrangeWallis  5 star

It’s a good fun film. The Superman resurrection fight scene was EPIC!

Joj Soo
Sad  Joj Soo  1 star

Truly disappointing.

Mat Everywhere
Train wreck of a film  Mat Everywhere  1 star

No tension, no character growth or drama no stakes, just a linear ‘and then this happened’ narrative that lacks base level charm. I actually liked well enough the re-characterisation of Batman and Superman that Snyder was going for, but this it just watery and inconsistent with what came before it.

Meh  Fraggles73  3 star

After all the hype, the big production and this is what we get? Over done with the effects. Disappointed 😔

Opportunity lost!  Bsg666  1 star

They relied to much on the action. I was very disappointed.🙁 save your money and I don’t think you should see the next one.

Mr Moo Guu
Mr  Mr Moo Guu  1 star

I read the reviews the positive ones ,so yep i rented it WOW totally disappointed it was so rushed along moving along so quickly , when superman awakes i expected alot in-depth every plot was so weak the villain was weak , i could go on ------. But are just leave it their .

Epic Fail  Mim12345  2 star

Had potential. Felt rushed and had to walk away and come back it was so boring.

Justice League  Bilberry1111  5 star

My type of movie ... I purchased it.

Why?!  Primzy  2 star

I was very excited to watch this. Massive disappointment, storyline is really silly and VERY predictable. Acting isn't the best (think the avengers got the better actors!), made the flash seem like a 12 year old...I could go on. Tbf good special effects. I wouldn't bother if you are a massive DC/Marvel fan watch it but I'd wait save and just rent it....(top tip)

Extremly bad CG I have ever seen in modern film.  Ashely.Tong  1 star

When super man shows up and fight with that monster. Oh my god. What??!!! I am watching a video game!!! Come on!!! DC, you can not use this level of tech to compete with Marvel!!! I want you to show the real power of you!!!! Don't buy this one. It just let you hate DC.

Not as good as MoS, WW or BvS  shaynes573  2 star

I loved MoS, and WW/ BvS were pretty good also. I really wanted to like this, but I’m struggling to give it more than a 2x.

to help the thinning
Amazing  to help the thinning  5 star

I really enjoyed it and have been waiting ages for it who cares if the cgi is bad it was a good film with some really funny dialogue

dowload noe
Don’t know why this reviewed so badly!  dowload noe  5 star

What a great film! Excellent sense of humour, epic CGI and brilliant characters. And Wonder Woman is awesome ;-)

Jak Luke Sharp
Justice League is a elongated bore.  Jak Luke Sharp  2 star

Time is the biggest enemy the DCEU is facing, and its losing the battle with dire consequences. Its remarkable and idiotic Warner Brothers, with only three entries into the franchise and only managing to create two origin stories for characters into feature length films, and only four scenes for the rest, has seemingly deemed the DCEU ready to pull everything together, and ultimately the end result while entertaining is a rushed and reduced mess. The first two acts of Justice League are muddled and lacking. Lacking in mostly every department. The characters just drop in without any real explanation or depth. Mamoa, Miller and Fischer are just thrown into this, Miller slightly less due to having a little backstory in previous films, but nonetheless you find nor know anything of the incarnation. The CGI villain is terrible. It’s Suicide Squad bad, and that genuinely pains me to write, you would’ve thought Warner Brothers would’ve rectified mistakes made, but instead they’ve only gone and sped the transition of the franchise into oblivion. We have NO depth. I don’t care who the villain is. I don’t care what’s happening. I feel zero connection to the characters or the plot, therefore I do not root for said characters. I came out of this enjoying Mamoa the most, zero depth of course, but ultimately the actor plays his character as just going with it and that’s how I felt throughout. Along for the ride, going through the motions, getting from A-B. Justice League isn’t “bad” and that shouldn’t be a compliment because after waiting ten years for this, it should’ve been fantastic.

Great fun  Barmy33  4 star

Really enjoyed it, good fun and good action, very comic like in its delivery which worked well. Well worth a watch if you enjoy a good superhero action romp.

Great Movie  Mac7184  4 star

I’m really enjoying this DC film series. I don’t believe this is as good as Man of Steel or Batman Vs Superman. It is however a satisfying and fulfilling sequel. I didn’t care much for the antagonist, but it has been a great introduction to the other justice league members and I can’t wait to see where DC go with them now the stage is set for further adventures. It does have a really good and insightful iTunes extras package too!

Oh wow....in a bad way.  MariaC13  2 star

Terrible CGI, Terrible villain due to the terrible CGI, confusing story. The only saving grace for this film is Wonder Woman and the laughs that the Flash got out of me.

Better than Black Panther  App-gameking  5 star

Justice League is one of the better comic book films out there! Bottom of the barrel is definitely Black Panther!

Injustice League  Fallen_Giant  2 star

Unfortunately a rushed and unfocused production fraught with many behind-the-scenes difficulties has left us with a muddled, uneven and ultimately flat film. Lacking any of the visual flare, character study, themes or stylishly choreographed action found in the previous two instalments. What was intended to be a two part epic been watered down, tinkered, compromised and crammed into a middling 2hr action film that borrows all the wrong things from other more successful comic book adaptations instead of playing to its natural strengths. Poor CGI, poor action, zero characterisation, serviceable cinematography, a score that barely registers on the consciousness and precious little story or ideas leaves the world’s greatest superheroes hung out to dry and are let down even more so than the eager audiences who’ve waited decades to see their heroes unite on screen. They deserve better and we deserve better. For all Man of Steel and Batman V Superman’s faults at least they had vision, at least they were about something (and gave their characters something to do). The lessons learned are good things take time you can’t and shouldn’t rush art for the sake of profit margins and you really need to understand how the audience perceives their heroes because there’s only so much disappointment the audience will bear until they look else where. Better luck with the Heroes individual adventures one hopes.

Q oss!
Cannot download my pre ordered justice movie  Q oss!  1 star

Trying to contact iTunes but no response.

not as good as the last 2  klawsp4wn  1 star

Nowhere near as good as the last 2 superman movies, they felt epic while this feels rushed and is filled with cringey jokes

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