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Fueled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman’s selfless act, Bruce Wayne enlists the help of his newfound ally, Diana Prince, to face an even greater enemy. Together, Batman and Wonder Woman work quickly to find and recruit a team of metahumans to stand against this newly awakened threat. But despite the formation of this unprecedented league of heroes—Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash—it may already be too late to save the planet from an assault of catastrophic proportions.

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. Fuelled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman's selfless act, Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince assemble a team of metahumans consisting of Barry Allen, Arthur Curry and Victor Stone to face the catastrophic threat of Steppenwolf and the Parademons who are on the hunt for three Mother Boxes on Earth.. Justice League Wiki

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Love it!  Tkewolf  5 star

DC did a great job on this one!

Meh  Davidvences26  3 star

It was okay. DC has so much potential, it just hasn’t found a way to put it into a movie universe.

Real Pewdiepie
Justice League 2017  Real Pewdiepie  5 star

While this film is definitely not the greatest, it still is enjoyable. Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman is great, Ezra Miller is the best character, Batfleck is not necessarily the best he could’ve done better, and Jason Mamoa as Aquaman may not be comic book accurate but he does well and bring the character to life not seem since RDJ as Tony Stark. Henry Cavill to be honest should’ve been resurrected at the end of the movie, having only awoke after Stepphenwolf succeeded, just my idea but I’m usually bad at having ideas. Cyborg was the worst but low expectations raised my opinion of the character by him being better than anticipated. In short Justice League could’ve been even better than Avengers but having Joss Whedon doing reshoots that clashed with Zack Snyder’s vision caused the film to be disjointed. Really should’ve just postponed JL and had Whedon redo it entirely or just went with Snyder’s version.

El Borbah
Cool!  El Borbah  4 star


Just-Piss League (dabbing)  TheCoolSloth  2 star

The trailers made it out to seem like one of the most epic movies of all time, when it really wasn't. This movie had a budget of $300 million! And what did they spend it on? Famous actor cameos (which some were even deleted, like Willem Dafoe's), shotty and bad motion-capture, and poorly CGI-ing out Henry Cavill's "M:I" mustache! Flash tries to be Spider-Man, Batman tries to be dark and broody, Aquaman's a goth and Wonder Woman is trying to get it on with Batman (I think?). Everything in the movie's plot were being rushed out and trying to get you to dive into the action. It was just... sad. My harsh review might be because I'm WAY more of a Marvel fan, but I still loved the Tim Burton and Chrstopher Nolan Batman movies, as well as "Wonder Woman". So... take this review with a pinch of salt... and really bad CGI.

Best film  Cdpaving  5 star

A good dc movie

Entertaining  mylifeisjoe83  2 star

The movie is certainly entertaining, but it is not a movie I would watch more than once. The plot is okay, and the acting is subpar. DC continually makes poor films.

Good Movie  JackInfinity203  4 star

Justice League is a good movie. It’s so much better than Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad. It’s enjoyable, funny and awesome. Pros- The acting, the tone, the ending, Superman’s hope, the humor, shorter runtime Cons- The villain, the writing, the story, Superman’s resurrection, lacking narrative, visuals, bad CGI, too many plot holes Overall, Justice League is good and I recommend you watch it. Not better than Wonder Woman, Thor: Ragnarok, or the other superhero flicks but is worth watching. Good set up for future DC installments. 7.5/10 Next Up: Aquaman

La Bronte
Meh  La Bronte  1 star

Bought it cause it was cheap. Movie should have been a Netflix original.

AMAZING  Spectre00150  5 star

Could’ve been better but definitely happy with what we got !

Winsor Winterland
I would rate it worse but I’m a fan  Winsor Winterland  3 star

I love everything superman. Terrible execution on the movie. No character. Bad lines. OK acting (love the actors though). Lots of action. Good to rent.

Meh  Apollo_99  3 star

It is worth watching, but not really all that entertaining. The only reason I enjoyed it, was because I like all those heroes. The villian is terrible, not even 5% is good as Thanos form the Avengers. The ending with Luthor was even worse. That laugh is annoying. Only good thing about these movies, is that you like the heroes. They need better villains, and much better writing.

Jane Monheit's fan
Problem with DC’s movies  Jane Monheit's fan  3 star

They keep using that B Movie director for all their movies. Of course they won’t be better than Marvel’s.

It’s an okay movie  SupermanFan97  3 star

Not the best but it’s fun to watch anyway

Nice try  swats71  3 star

Feels like the so-so Pepsi version to Marvel's Coke. Worth renting but not worth going to the theater for. It's one of DC's best attempts at connecting you with their characters... WonderWoman being the best so far.

Don’t believe the critics  EWJIM  5 star

Far better than the reviews

Marvel fan review (hear me out)  Dylan.S.  3 star

Ok so I myself am willing to just straight up say I like Marvel better than DC (especially with the bad films that they've produced lately, aside from the amazing 5/5 Wonder Woman film) but that's not to say I can't find enjoyment in DC and still watch them with the hope of maybe the film's being actually good, as the potential really is there. Like DC has some amazing characters and if they find their way, DC can be just as good or better than marvel. So with JL I gotta admit aside from the horrendous CGI (like I mean really bad, just watch it and you'll see what I mean, looks more video gamish) and ok plot... hopping right into a squad movie with limitted backstory on individual characters and a bad guy that has no buildup wasn't really a good idea, DC should do what marvel does where they build to the characters grouping up ...this film wasn't as bad as other DCEU films, if anything it was pretty good. The especially humerous take from the dark side DC normally takes made this film MUCH better, and credit goes to the new cast members of Aquaman and the Flash, they're just soo funny XD I'm actually pumped to see Aquaman's solo movie tbh! And as usual Gal Gadot crushed it again! Nonetheless I gotta give credit where credits due and this film is worth a watch, even if you're a marvel fan! I'd still recommend DC relook their universe and take their time as this film did seem rushed (they need some solo development of characeters and villains before a movie like this), nonetheless Justice League is a good movie, coming from a marvel fan myself :) and earns itself a deserving 3 stars!

Just terrible considering what could have been.  Derdc69  1 star

They have some the best characters ever to work with and this is what they came up with. Complete disappointment.

Justice League!  RED W/R  4 star

It is nice movie too watch and enjoy all the good characters play there parts of the movie. It is excellent movie, l give you four star ratings. Thanks E.M.

Loved it!  crc0427  5 star

Loved this movie. I hope they release a director’s cut with the extra footage.

Lachlan Hammond
Great movie  Lachlan Hammond  4 star

I thought that this was a great addition to the DCEU ( DC extended universe ) but I still think that Grant Gusten was a better option then Ezera Miller for the role of the flash.

Panda 16504689637
Meh  Panda 16504689637  1 star

Quite monotonous and lacks character development. More suited for superman fanboys. Others are just to fill the time. Superman's character itself is quite cliche and one dimensional. His sense of conflict seems shallow and totally forced, just to make him look conflicted without any reason

A good, fast paced film that is for some reason hated because it’s popular to do so?!?  GrangeWallis  5 star

It’s a good fun film. The Superman resurrection fight scene was EPIC!

Joj Soo
Sad  Joj Soo  1 star

Truly disappointing.

Mat Everywhere
Train wreck of a film  Mat Everywhere  1 star

No tension, no character growth or drama no stakes, just a linear ‘and then this happened’ narrative that lacks base level charm. I actually liked well enough the re-characterisation of Batman and Superman that Snyder was going for, but this it just watery and inconsistent with what came before it.

Meh  Fraggles73  3 star

After all the hype, the big production and this is what we get? Over done with the effects. Disappointed 😔

Opportunity lost!  Bsg666  1 star

They relied to much on the action. I was very disappointed.🙁 save your money and I don’t think you should see the next one.

Mr Moo Guu
Mr  Mr Moo Guu  1 star

I read the reviews the positive ones ,so yep i rented it WOW totally disappointed it was so rushed along moving along so quickly , when superman awakes i expected alot in-depth every plot was so weak the villain was weak , i could go on ------. But are just leave it their .

Epic Fail  Mim12345  2 star

Had potential. Felt rushed and had to walk away and come back it was so boring.

Justice League  Bilberry1111  5 star

My type of movie ... I purchased it.

Great Movie  Mac7184  4 star

I’m really enjoying this DC film series. I don’t believe this is as good as Man of Steel or Batman Vs Superman. It is however a satisfying and fulfilling sequel. I didn’t care much for the antagonist, but it has been a great introduction to the other justice league members and I can’t wait to see where DC go with them now the stage is set for further adventures. It does have a really good and insightful iTunes extras package too!

Oh wow....in a bad way.  MariaC13  2 star

Terrible CGI, Terrible villain due to the terrible CGI, confusing story. The only saving grace for this film is Wonder Woman and the laughs that the Flash got out of me.

Better than Black Panther  App-gameking  5 star

Justice League is one of the better comic book films out there! Bottom of the barrel is definitely Black Panther!

Spider man  Tesrgft  3 star

Am a marvel fan but thought I’d give it a go ! It’s not iron man or the hulk ! I’d give a miss

Disappointing  Rossnic  1 star

Poor story, very little character development and a real let down.

Eric Murkson
Wow...  Eric Murkson  1 star

...that was truly, embarrassingly bad.

Wrong aspect ratio !  tausif  2 star

Great movie but Apple have messed up the aspect ratio. It should be 1.85:1 with thin black bars at the top and bottom. But it’s displayed as 1.78:1 without bars and is zoomed in. Please fix this Apple ! It’s not as the director intended and looks plain wrong too !

Huge disappointment  1hrdhdjdndjd  3 star

I know this is 3 stars which may seem fine but this should be an easy 5 stars and it really bugs me that it’s not close. it’s fine. it should be earth shattering

Queens olliver
Comic Book Bliss!  Queens olliver  5 star

An fan of DC comics will love this is awesome adventure bringing together the best characters in the comic book world

mind numbing dross  flappospammo  1 star

so boring i couldn't watch more than 5 minutes of this garbage without jack kirby's ideas this snorefest would be even worse if that's possible marvel > dc

You guys suck  Byrin2003  5 star

This movie was amazing

Injustice League  Fallen_Giant  2 star

Unfortunately a rushed and unfocused production fraught with many behind-the-scenes difficulties has left us with a muddled, uneven and ultimately flat film. Lacking any of the visual flare, character study, themes or stylishly choreographed action found in the previous two instalments. What was intended to be a two part epic been watered down, tinkered, compromised and crammed into a middling 2hr action film that borrows all the wrong things from other more successful comic book adaptations instead of playing to its natural strengths. Poor CGI, poor action, zero characterisation, serviceable cinematography, a score that barely registers on the consciousness and precious little story or ideas leaves the world’s greatest superheroes hung out to dry and are let down even more so than the eager audiences who’ve waited decades to see their heroes unite on screen. They deserve better and we deserve better. For all Man of Steel and Batman V Superman’s faults at least they had vision, at least they were about something (and gave their characters something to do). The lessons learned are good things take time you can’t and shouldn’t rush art for the sake of profit margins and you really need to understand how the audience perceives their heroes because there’s only so much disappointment the audience will bear until they look else where. Better luck with the Heroes individual adventures one hopes.

Q oss!
Cannot download my pre ordered justice movie  Q oss!  1 star

Trying to contact iTunes but no response.

not as good as the last 2  klawsp4wn  1 star

Nowhere near as good as the last 2 superman movies, they felt epic while this feels rushed and is filled with cringey jokes

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