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A mysterious wormhole appears above our planet before strange objects are emitted out of it and hover above each city across the world. This global event soon prompts a one of a kind mission in space exploration history - to send the next generation of astronauts, known as Human 2. 0's into the wormhole with the hope of finding out why those objects are here. When the astronauts return sooner than expected, their memories contain experiences on the other side of the wormhole which will change the future of humanity as we know it.

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If you ride like lightning you're gonna crash like thunder. A motorcycle stunt rider considers committing a crime in order to provide for his wife and child, an act that puts him on a collision course with a cop-turned-politician.

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Comically Bad Effects  incredipete  1 star

I should have run away when I saw that the director is also the "special effects" guy, but I love sci-fi space movies so I gave it a try. The special effects are so comically bad I couldn't make it past the first 20 minutes. Total waste of money. I've seen better effects in student films.

They tried and failed  31Monkeys  2 star

The story is too ambitious for the budget. The trailer makes it seem a worthy purchase or rental... it is not. Do not waste your money on this. If you wish to watch a poorly acted, laughable sfx low budget film then this is for you, just don’t pay for it. It’s not even in the realm of “so bad it’s good”.

Not very good  Cncdud3  1 star

Looks like a movie made by high schoolers.

Not worth the money and time.  Apppoliceguy  1 star

Save your money on this overhyped low-budget movie. The movie tries to build up suspense, but the director doesn’t know how to build it up so the audience gets bored watching the movie.

Waste of time  ttrekkie  1 star

The docu-style thing made it hard to watch. The acting was so-so, and the departure from sci-fi cgi was disappointing.

a fake documentary  demar1111  1 star

don't waste your time... we could only get thru an hour, an hour that I will never get back!!!!

So bad  (55)  1 star

Incredibly slow, cheesy acting, terrible cinematography, didn’t even finish movie. The trailer is VERY deceiving. Don’t wast your $

Science Fiction  jt98761234  5 star

It's not an action movie - it's a movie which tells a hard-science fiction tale. I loved it. Sure - many things about it might have been better, but overall it was an unexpected treat - quite a welcome distraction from the mindless action moves which are so common these days.

Interesting movie  lordsuckulant  4 star

I liked this movie for having a good plot, solid acting and nice visual effects. I personally hate hearing people in charge talk about team effort and then take credit for things they didn’t do. so any time the blonde woman in charge was on screen, or the guy with silver hair, talking about anything I wanted to fast forward through their scenes. But good movie with a lot going on.

Watch grass grow instead  Brian24jersey  1 star

This has got to be the most boringest krap I've ever seen go watch cool hand Luke

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