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A mysterious wormhole appears above our planet before strange objects are emitted out of it and hover above each city across the world. This global event soon prompts a one of a kind mission in space exploration history - to send the next generation of astronauts, known as Human 2.0's into the wormhole with the hope of finding out why those objects are here. When the astronauts return sooner than expected, their memories contain experiences on the other side of the wormhole which will change the future of humanity as we know it.

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To find out place in the universe, we must venture beyond our boundaries.. Set in 2019, The Beyond chronicles the groundbreaking mission which sent astronauts - modified with advanced robotics, through a newly discovered wormhole known as the Void. When the mission returns unexpectedly, the space agency races to discover what the astronauts encountered on their first of its kind interstellar space journey.. The Beyond Wiki

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Documentary format, slow, predictable  npn_jcn  1 star

The office, parks and rec, all benefit from the shaky handheld documentary format. this movie struggles with it.

The [BOSS]
Better than I expected  The [BOSS]  4 star

Really good movie for something created by and featuring people I’ve never heard of before! Thoroughly enjoyed it; but parts left me a little confused and I had to go back... otherwise absolutely fascinating story. Honestly better than some of the movies I’ve seen in theaters recently! Better CGI than Justice League (though I’m sure a fraction of the budget); and a better plot than Ant-Man (sorry Paul Rudd). Worth your time and money.

Thriller Seeker
What? Why didn't I read the Yellow Pages backwards instead?  Thriller Seeker  1 star

Make up a movie in your mind, hum a tune to yourself before you waste nine-nine cents and forty-five minutes fast forwarding trying to find five good minutes in this film because you won't find them.

So. Bad.  wedge07  1 star

It takes itself too seriously. Reminded me a little of a low budget THX 1138. A college film project that, somehow, found it's way to iTunes. Elements were clearly ripped off from Interstellar, Ghost in the Shell (anime, not that live action non-sense), Total Recall, etc. I rented this from Redbox for $1 and it was still too much.

Snoozeville  curtisleefulton  1 star

So boring.

OZ stl
I do not recommend wasting time to even rent this.  OZ stl  1 star

Fake everything, bad acting, bad everything, just keep your money in your account don’t waste your time and money.

Buckle up for a fake documentary!  WiIIieNelson  1 star

Trailer and genre is misleading. Extremely boring fake sci-fi documentary. It was extremely painful to watch. We couldn’t finish it. Bad. Save your $$$. Wait for netflix of cable.

Waste of 1 1/2 hours  Nick1Z08  1 star

I received this movie for free and still feel cheated - out of one and a half hours of my life. It has some good visuals; the actors did as good a job with the script as possible - but they had an impossible task; and the ending concept has been done before, just as unsuccessfully and unfullingly. Don't bother watching.

Comically Bad Effects  incredipete  1 star

I should have run away when I saw that the director is also the "special effects" guy, but I love sci-fi space movies so I gave it a try. The special effects are so comically bad I couldn't make it past the first 20 minutes. Total waste of money. I've seen better effects in student films.

They tried and failed  31Monkeys  2 star

The story is too ambitious for the budget. The trailer makes it seem a worthy purchase or rental... it is not. Do not waste your money on this. If you wish to watch a poorly acted, laughable sfx low budget film then this is for you, just don’t pay for it. It’s not even in the realm of “so bad it’s good”.

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