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In Lucasfilm’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the Skywalker saga continues as the heroes of The Force Awakens join the galactic legends in an epic adventure that unlocks new mysteries of the Force and shocking revelations of the past. Rey develops her newly discovered abilities with the guidance of Luke Skywalker, who is unsettled by the strength of her powers. Meanwhile, the Resistance prepares to do battle with the First Order. Star Wars: The Last Jedi Wiki

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Darkness rises... and light to meet it..

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Comments & Critics

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Movie Reviews

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- Good Movie, but not a great middle chapter.4 star

Star Wars: The Last Jedi wasn’t the ideal middle installment. Instead of continuing what we got with The Force Awakens, Rian Johnson chose to steer the series into a different direction, and it hurts the trilogy as a result. I did think the acting was outstanding, the VFX were beautiful, and that the music was spectacular. I’ll admit that this movie has the best cinematography in the entire series. However, TLJ massacred characters like Luke and Finn, and that didn’t do so well with the movie. It’s great as a movie, but it doesn’t work so well as a Star Wars movie. I can watch this over any of the prequels, but it’s not amazing... 7/10

- Prequels are much better1 star

As a prequel fan, this really didn’t do it for me. The other comments are exactly what I would say

- Extreme letdown1 star

This is one of the WORST Star Wars movies ever! Well besides Phantom Menece and Attack of the Clones.

- A big disappointment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 star


- Copy of empire1 star


- The worst Star Wars film in The series1 star

This film just dropped the ball & never recovered. Poorly written & zero character development or advancement in story arch. Completely ignored previous film and feels poorly conceived

- Terrible1 star

Worst Star Wars movie

- A big middle finger to the fans1 star

Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson burn the franchise to the ground.

- Woke propaganda film1 star

the Last Jedi is a crass and tasteless propaganda film. A shameless checklist of woke talking points overflowing with virtual signaling and contempt for what Kennedy perceives as the patriarchy, utterly devoid of narrative coherence, creative integrity, or anything resembling Star Wars. To add insult to injury saying you didn’t enjoy the film will be met with radical leftist slurs and condemnation from the foul mouthed disney employee rian johnson.

- The bold and unpredictable4 star

I know that in my opinion it’s pretty much tied with The rise of Skywalker for my least favorite, but it’s a Star Wars movie. Every SW film including the Spin-offs are at least a 3-star or higher. Who would of known Luke Skywalker would of thrown the lightsaber in the water. Who knew that he would be the kind of guy he is. Rian Johnson was bold. And yes it got a 44 on audience score but it’s kind of underrated I guess. The movie is average but because it was so unpredictable. I love being surprised by movies and that’s what the last Jedi did.

- The worst Star Wars movie1 star

After the force awakens, this was a huge letdown. I’d argue that attack of the clones is a better movie.

- Star Wars is dead1 star

Star Wars was a companion favorite to all of the world and it created pop culture with the entire world. But with Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi iam in the middle with this entry in this saga but without a doubt there are seriously bad things about this movie. It was like 8 different movies combined into a 2 hour long dazzle fest. I mean i like some of the star wars movies and i think they make me feel happy and made me learn something about cinema. But with detail Star Wars The Last Jedi is one of the most intersesting bad movie of all time because there are scenes that serve no propose in the film. The visual effects looked fake as anything but there are some good momments and bad ones espsically and brilliant acting by Adam Driver as Kylo Ren.

- Wow5 star

Best Star Wars movie ever!!!!!

- Kinda Crappy2 star

At least it’s not as bad as Episode 9. This movie has flaws. It’s okay, there are some good parts, but overall, it’s just not very good speaking in terms of a Star Wars movie.

- The Movie that could have been1 star

Missed opportunity!!!! Luke was my favorite character of all time and this is the movie he was destroyed in. Rian Johnson is a great director just watch Knives Out. Awesome movie. I even think he is a great story teller, but he was the worst choice for this movie. He didn’t care at all about the overall story he only cared about his little piece. Very sad. After the passing of Carrie Fisher we will never get the sequels we deserved.

- Ruined Star Wars1 star

Rian Johnson doesn’t understand Star Wars. He turned Luke into a nasty old hermit, Leia into a coma patient, Chewbacca into comic relief... total disrespect for what Star Wars was. And the plot... this is a movie that does nothing. The characters go nowhere. New characters are introduced who either die, or are meaningless. Just a total waste.

- the worst star wars movie1 star

where to start how about how about how they made Luke look like a jerk and took away everything star wars stands for like some how lia just becomes a jedi without any training and I have not got in to the fact that they made boys look so bad in this movie if I could rate this zero stars I would.

- Just awful1 star

This movie was not good at all. It was slow, all over the place, and the social satire is obnoxiously obvious. Disney lost touch of the original Star Wars franchise. Update- I just bought all the Star Wars movies, but this one. That’s how bad this movie was. Episode 9 wasn’t great, but it was better than this movie and at least the series is put to rest. Rian Johnson single handily ruined Star Wars. The screen play was poorly written.

- Disney 🗑1 star

This movie is nothing short of SJW political agenda pushing garbage

- A movie about Star Wars, not a Star Wars movie1 star

Chalk full of cameos of Star Wars characters, with some entertaining references to Star Wars. But otherwise, nothing special to see here. Typical CGI-dominant SCI FI film with predictable plots, needless sub-plots, and the mundane dominance of multiple repetitive scenes reaffirming select characters as heroic. And then there was that awkward and laughable scene with Leia flying around in the vacuum of space like Mary Poppins. Don't waste your time. Nail in the coffin was that mind numbingly bad chase scene with Fin and Rose. What were they thinking???

- Pure Trash1 star

If you’ve never seen a Star Wars movie and don’t intend to ever watch another one...then you might be able to get to the end...otherwise for the love of anything good in this world don’t watch this steaming pile of !! It will completely ruin Star Wars for you!

- Easily the worst film ever made1 star

Complete garbage. I will never watch it again. This movie does not deserve to have Star Wars in the title.

- Sorry rise of Skywalker Blew away the last Jedi!!!!1 star

Seriously rotten tomatoes this 91% That is fake!!!! Ryan Johnson must have paid them off!! Also Rotten tomatoes gave his other movie Knives out top score Really. Totally fake and paid off. The Last Jedi was a crime against humanity. I wish JJA did all three new cannon instead. But at least “Rise of Skywalker” was amazing and my fav other than the original trilogy.

- Not a let down5 star


- I tried to like it, but can't3 star

although i'm a huge ST fan, this is not the meaning of it, boring is boring exciting, not so much

- As bad as the fantastic four movies1 star

0/5 This film belongs on mystery science theater 3000.

- Worst movie ever1 star

This movie is really bad, I can’t believe the critics saw the same movie as we fans. Nothing in this movie makes sense. Why in the world Disney let this happen, a company that did an amazing job with the marvel movies and completely ruined Star Wars.

- Jumped the Shark1 star

Ryan Johnson should never work again. This movie was a real insult to the fans. A rehashed plot that somehow included elements of the original saga but totally disrespected the idea of the Jedi, and was thoroughly disrespectful to Luke, the main hero of the original Saga. This story was thrown together carelessly. While certain elements could have worked the overall nonsensical approach was just frustrating. Rey was a great character, they could have done something with that, but this movie just ruined it. The next movie triet to salvage the pieces but the damage was done. JJ Abrahams was the wrong person to oversee this trilogy.

- Star Wars: The Last Jedi is Awesome, but not perfect.4 star

The Last Jedi was a pretty controversial film when it first came out, many people said that it Destroyed Star Wars (which is completely stupid) and some think it is the best movie so far in Star Wars history. For me it showed me a new and different way the force can be used and made it more complex in a good way ( I’m looking at you mediclorians ), however this film is not perfect and it makes some pretty ballsy moves with its characters and plot that I commend the filmmakers for doing. Hopefully this film will become more respected as time goes on, but only time will tell.

- The Last Jedi scarred SW!1 star

Everything original ends pretty much here. Rian Johnson’s our enemy this time. The Last Jedi is likely the worst SW installment to breathe. Pays hardly attention to the premise. 1. Luke Skywalker is a denied Jedi Master. Drugged on depression. Hides away deep inside the caves of failure. Then dies from a Force mind illusion tumor. 2. Should have seen more of the Jedi ancestors. Especially to help Rey lean on staying close to the light. 3. Snoke is gone & forgotten quickly. Was it he said, I’m unbeatable, un betrayed? Oops! Hell breaks loose far far away for sure. Box this up, let it flow to sea. Never allow it to return.

- Not so good2 star

I mean Rian Johnson did a horrible job he went off to more like a marvel comedy than an action packed movie I mean the CASINO SCENE was unnecessary. It should have done with more or focused with Rey and Luke training her and Rey and Kylo or known as Ben Solo and liking each other and THE THRONE ROOM FIGHT WAS AMAZING AND SO WAS REY FIGHTING LUKE WITH HER STAFF.

- One of The Best4 star

It’s flawed, just like every other SW film, but there’s so many amazing moments I’d rank it in my Top 5. Ignore the haters and just be entertained.

- HORRIBLE film.1 star

This is by far the most disappointing movie I have ever seen. This terrible mistake in the Star Wars franchise will haunt the franchise for years to come. Mark Hamill deserved better.

- Dark5 star

One of the better stand alone films

- Sad End Of a Legend3 star

Not a fan of the plot of Luke; I felt it could of been done better. Worth seeing for Rey's development. It plays out long with too many side characters.

- Star Wars5 star

A good movie

- 😐😐2 star

I only like the action scenes and how Kylo Ren and Rey have a Force connection in the film. Everything else though was just massively disappointing! 🤷‍♂️

- Totally disappointed. Worst Star Wars movie ever made.1 star

I hate the storyline, trash lightsaber battles, horrible battles, the whole movie is a giant space chase, and how does Luke skywalker die? How do you die from a battle that your not even in???!!!!!!

- A Wasted Night at a Casino1 star

Combine an uninspiring plot, an illogical diversion, and an unnecessary character, and you get the worse Star Wars movie outside the prequels.

- Boring as Heck2 star

It’s like Luke is the savior and that he is crucial to any sort of victory

- this movie killed star wars for me1 star

this movie killed the whole franchise for me. I don't want the toys anymore, the legos, the lightsabers, the costumes. all of it died with luke. I no longer care about star wars or any of the recycled trash in hollywierd. it makes me happy now that I relaize they hate me and only want my nickels.

- It’s different. What’s wrong with that?5 star

I love this movie. I do think it had flaws, but it wasn’t as terrible as a lot of people make it out to be. Not by a long shot. A lot of things people got mad about don’t even matter in the long run. Who cares if Rey’s parents weren’t big? Who cares that we didn’t learn more about Snoke? It’s the fans’ faults for being so disappointed. Because, THEY decided to have these expectations. Nothing was ever gonna live up to your hype, guys. No matter what Rian did, you guys would have been disappointed. It’s not his fault the “questions were unanswered”. The movies didn’t even pose those questions. YOU guys did. Speaking more on a review basis, I think this is very well directed, strongly acted (I was most impressed with Mark Hamill and Adam Driver with this one) and for the MOST part, cleverly written. There are a lot of small flaws with pacing and one major issue with Finn that really frustrates me, but I feel the second half of the film is among the greatest halves of a movie I’ve ever seen. The Last Jedi is a flawed but excellent addition to the Star Wars Skywalker saga that would have aged better had it not been for JJ Abrams’ extremely conservative approach to Episode IX, something that drastically contrasts with Rian Johnson’s bold and subversive entry. This movie will get much better reception over time. Once all the salty, geek fanboys calm down, people will appreciate the innovation it attempted. Heck, even the stupid PREQUELS got more appreciation from fans over the years, myself included. 8.5/10

- Not the best1 star

I hate that they killed snoke I hate rose I hate what they did with look I hate holdo I hate the space fights but I did like the throne room fight and phasma fight

- Ok2 star

Can’t beat the classics!

- No better than Episode VII...3 star

If anything, worse. WAY overrated on RottenTomatos, a little underrated on iTunes. I don't agree with the negative critics. The movie isn't that bad. But... You know that Episode VI was a happy ending? For a few decades, the old audience felt like things would go good decades after. But VII is a shock to old audience. Things turn out not so happy. The rebels have to try again to fight the empire and restore the Republic. The only thing better about VIII compared to VII is that, while VII is a rehash of Episode IV, which is bad, VIII isn't really a rehash of any previous film. You know, the destruction of the second Death Star means a big blow to the empire which is fragmented. So you'd think that there couldn't be a chance that the Republic would get close to defeat. But in Episode VIII, the Resistance almost gets defeated, and hope is almost lost. That's not expected considering the big blow by Death Star explosion and the happy ending of VI. ROTJ was meant to be a conclusion, so the sequels should not have been about failure to restore the Republic and the Rebels trying again, they should be about stopping the Empire from coming back. You know what I mean? While ROTJ may be a conclusion, the sequels should expand to conclude more fully. Also, just like Pixar pretends Cars 2 doesn't exist when making Cars 3, Disney does a similar thing with VII, VIII, and IX by pretending the prequels don't exist. Sequel trilogy is to prequel trilogy as Cars 3 is to Cars 2, except that the prequel trilogy is a prequel to the originals and Cars 2 is a sequel to Cars. The only mention to something introduced in the prequels (not mentioned in the originals) that I hear in the sequels are Sith and Darth Sidious. I know the prequels had a poor rating, but after years, they get big and the audience gets used to it, so they'd expect the scope of the prequels in the sequels. Good thing, though, is that there are no midichlorians. Luke's Jedi are destroyed, in survivors. But, "vanished with a handful of my students" - did Kylo Ren take some of Luke's Jedi with him to become dark Jedi? And, Luke considers the Jedi failure and hubris. Maybe Anakin was right that there could be an organization superior to the Jedi. Maybe Rey will make a new order, not called the Jedi. The prequels may get knocked out of canon, and Disney might redo them. Also (spoilers), why isn't Yoda CGI? Why is he a puppet again? Didn't he look better CGI than puppet in the prequels? They should remake the original Star Wars movies with brand new actors, but with only a few differences. The redone prequels should have more differences, like no midichlorians, and be somewhat less cheesy, less childish. They should also merge the Star Wars and Star Trek universes into one, just in different galaxies. The brand new actors shouldn't be thin and small-headed like the actors of the reboot Star Trek compared with the old Star Trek, and they shouldn't have higher-pitched voices than the original actors. The sequels then should start in 25 ABY, not 34 ABY. Considering that the old Star Wars audience of Episodes I-VI have grown up, later Star Wars stuff should have somewhat more mature tone. The audience matures.

- Terrible movie1 star

This whole series sucked

- Ruined Star Wars1 star

This movie ruined Star Wars

- SJW1 star

Too much SJW and not enough Star Wars. Also, the movie picks up immediately after TFA... and only a few hours transpire during the movie. Kind of cheapens the epic story by having 2 movies take place within basically a 48 hour timespan. Rey somehow goes from being a scavenger who didn’t even know the Force existed to besting Kylo Ren, Luke Skywalker and also Snoke’s elite guard ... all within a couple of days? The hyperspace “Holdo Manuever” kind of makes you wonder why they even have spaceship battles when all it takes apparently to win is a kamikaze hyperdrive attack. The movie itself is the most gorgeous Star Wars movie ever filmed ... outstanding visuals. But the overall plot and SJW aspects ruin the movie.

- One of the best Star Wars in a while5 star

Throne room fight. That’s all that needs to be said.

- Worst Star Wars of all1 star

This movie is ruined by the terrible portrayal of Luke Skywalker and the poor creativity throughout the entire set of sequels. The passage from the elder generation to the new one is weak and little empathy and feeling is developed in this transition. In fact a transition is barely noticeable. Terrible story. A bunch of action without much focus on actual story telling. The story telling and creativity of George Lucas is completely another level. Too bad Mr Lucas was not as good in writing his dialogues.

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Saint_Nick101 - Terrible, this movie is...-Yoda1 star

This movie made no sense, I say do not buy this movie, it’s terrible there is too many plot holes and it’s a disappointment but only the Visuals are great that’s it. But The Movie Terrible, it’s terrible god I can’t even look at it!?!?!?!?!

TheRavenWolf - Irrelevant and unnecessary2 star

Now that episode 9 has been releast, you can skip this movie altogether. Rian Johnson ignored everything that JJ Abrams had set up in TFA. Ignored what George Lucas said about the original 6 movies, beeing set up into regards of the rise, the fall and redemption of Anakin Skywalker. It's obvious that Rian Johnson never much cared for Lucas's vision or read any of the source materials, stores etc.. of the Star Wars Universe or expanded Universe. Of the original characters he got them completely wrong. Rian was quoted as saying Empire was hated of the original 3 movies and only became a favorite much later. This is untrue and wishful thinking on his part, to try and save face on the fact he knows he made the worst movie of the 9 films. Again you can skip The Last Jedi all together it's not necessary to see before episode 9.

all lives matter levi - Screw off Disney!1 star

This is bullcrap. The prequels are flipping awesome and fun to watch compared to this garbage!

johnnneeee - Why1 star

Luke would never have behaved in the manner he does in this movie he is a man who embodies the concept of hope throughout the original films. To see what has been done to his character is truly a travesty. In addition there’s far to many plot holes, inconsistencies and the choreography in the 1 take shot of Kylo and Rey fighting against sith troopers is poorly timed to the point that a stunt man has to clearly change trajectory mid swing. In short awful I’m sorry to Mr.Lucas for what has been done to his legacy.

hhhhfddfghyf - Bad movie1 star

Garbage film, bad plotting, and what is with the part where Laya is falling through space, and she uses the force to get back on the ship, when laya is not a jedi. Also Rose is a random character with a bad plot, and the overall plot was lousy.

JakeRyley - Sloppy, forced storytelling1 star

This movie frustrates me. Rian Johnson clearly had a few beautiful scenes in mind, and they were done amazingly - however, the script he wrapped around those scenes is awful and does the entire franchise an injustice. The story was meaningless, the great characters established in Episode 7 saw no growth and just meander across the screen for 2+ hours. Disappointing, aimless, poorly written. A low point for the whole franchise.

MPmarine14 - Just garbage1 star

You know trying to understand this movie from a logical point of view is a waste of time by now because it actually just makes no sense and is an awful movie. Like if you removed the star wars content form it and just had it as any other space opera flick then it would still make not freaking sense at all. Like was there anybody that worked on this movie that had ever seen anything Star Wars. And thats the problem, i swear the creaters didn't even know their own content. Like i would actually like Ruin Johnson to sit down and explain every single thing that doesn't make sense in this move the people who are sain. But I guess he can't because then he would have to explain the whole movie. I recommend all star wars fans watch it because its definitely a fork in the road for the franchise. Everyone is allowed to have their opinion about it but this movie from the lens of just pure analyzation of the film makes no sense at all. It actually makes you question everthing that star wars is suppose to be and make you wonder what the heck is this garbage. Nothing is interesting down to the characters, planets and weird aliens. Like you actually chose to put a giant sea cow milk scene in the movie? What does that have anthing to do with the progression of the film. They put dumb scenes like this in the movie and leave out exciting interesting deep star wars scenes that fans actaully want to see. Smh to this sequel trilogy now because it is just absolute garbage...

Camwarbagarble - Stunning visuals. Terrible story.2 star

So much wasted poential in so many places. All the development went to CGI, and none to the storyline. A tragic waste for Hamill. This was not the performance of his career. Characters are shallow and the heroine is overpowered and essentially a non point in the film. A good review on YT is "The Last Jedi, and the Assassination of Luke Skywalker". I suggest watching it to cover what RT fails to examine at all here.

KaedEtron - Pretty Good5 star

The only reason everyone thinks it is bad is because they didn't get their fan theories right also everyone saying Luke is being a baby is wrong he is more becoming a Yoda like figure (watch the original trilogy and compare Yoda to Luke in the last Jedi)

Hangry Horace - “We are what they grow beyond..”5 star

Amazing from start to finish.

Laid-Down Lover - Depressing and Adds Nothing1 star

This movie was so strangely depressing and upon going over the entire two hour train wreck you literally don't need to watch this movie for any kind of story/character development. The ACTUAL SLOW MOTION STARSHIP CHASE TAKES HALF THE MOVIE. The casino scene takes up the other half of the movie. Luke is an emo and literally has given up on everything we ever loved about Star Wars. Is there good? Nope. Evil? Nope. Should we stand up to evil? No. There's no hope. And then we all die. Is there Jedi? Nope. Why? The Jedi only every produced failure. What? Forget about it. Don't try to figure any of this out. It "subverts your expectations" by simply doing the opposite of anything interesting and ends up being a very boring, very nonsensical mess. I had trouble staying awake for a movie that finally addressed a character I have been waiting 23 years to find out what happed after Return of the Jedi. Luke, the character who personified Hope in original trilogy, has given up and literally is waiting to die of old age. Will he pick up his saber and defend the galaxy? Nope. Will he train Rey? He says no for half the movie and then gives 2 of 3 promised "Jedi lessons". He is a bully to Rey, tried to murder Kylo as a boy, doesn't see the good in anyone, and this Jedi KNIGHT literally does nothing the entire movie and then dies. No one kills him...he just dies? The "I'm a Jedi, like my father before me." The hero, just dies. He does nothing. No great exploits, just whining and drinking green milk from the nipple of a stoned sea cow. What about the death of Han? Does that stir him to action? No, he's just a grumpy old man who's just waiting to die. Looks like the "new generation" has to do something about the evil slowly suffocating the galaxy. Our old heroes are just nihilistic old depressed skeletons who just act as eye candy for fans. They really don't have the will to fight anymore. Luke Skywalker? Jedi Knight? Man who give himself up for capture and likely death to save the most evil man in the galaxy? He's dressed in black and waiting to die alone on his little island while billions anxiously await someone powerful to stand up and fight back...and guess what? HE DOES DIE ALONE. No character development for any single character, constant plot holes, a purple haired commander who talks to her crew like a bullying Imperial officer would. Leia is Mary Poppins. Han is dead, Luke dies after literally refusing to do anything in person. This entire movie was a two hour boredom fest that left me so depressed. Luke tried to kill his nephew in his sleep...and then proceeded to spend the remaining decades of his life refusing to ever try anything again. I invite anyone: find anything significant that makes this movie necessary for anyone watching the next movie. Luke dies. Rey is training herself. No other significant story moved forward and I honestly was heartbroken that a fantasy story about wonder, good versus evil, and Jedi Knights, a fantastic epic quest I loved ever since I was a child, literally had this message: "Your heroes grow old and give up." Ah, yes. Because when I think Star Wars, I think, movie that feels realistic and depressing, a movie that completely lacks wonder and an epic scale. A SPACE FANTASY WITH WIZARDS IS ACTUALLY ALLOWED TO JUST BE A STORY THAT INVITES YOU TO BELIEVE IN MAGIC, IN UNLIKELY HEROES WHO AGAINST ALL ODDS AND REASON KEEP FIGHTING AND THOUGH IT DEFIES REASON THEY WIN. It doesn't need to remind us of how gray and hopeless the world we live in can seem. These stories are supposed to evoke wonder, to invite us to believe in Good triumphing over evil. I haven't even taken a thorough look at all the plot holes, let's just call them "subverting our expectations". That way, they don't have to make logical sense. Search YouTube for last jedi plot holes. The most basic, non-"toxic" evaluations of plot holes make it clear this movie is more holes than cheese. They even don't say the bad feeling about this line This movie sucked. People calling anyone disappointed by this movie "man babies" was totally unprofessional and weird. We grew up with these movies and characters. They were beloved. We are allowed to be sad when we watch them butchered onscreen. This movie completely sucked. I have never watched a movie where I was so bored and then disappointed by a laboriously long plot suddenly went nowhere. Whoops, Finn and Rose forgot that their friends were running out of time and decided to hangout in a casino? That subverted my expectations. Whoops, Rose and Finn saved a bunch of horse dogs and left dozens of children in slavery. That actually really did subvert my expectations. Whoops, Rose stopped Finn from saving the entire Resistance? That subverted my expectations. Whoops, Rose kissed Finn? That subverted my expectations. This movie sucked. Read the cliff notes. You won't miss anything.

Jimmy Joseph Bockenbaker - If I could do zero stars I would!1 star

I hated the whole thing It was just weird and the plot line sucked too many side stories didn’t make sense ruined the star wars franchise

old as folk - Its not a story the Jedi would tell you...1 star

Please make more films like this! #bringbackjarjar #bringbackewoks #lastjedichristmasspecial

Darth3971 - A soon To be Classic4 star

Despite the mixed reviews, the movie has some of the best action sequences in the entire series. The film has a definite darker tone to it and some of the best cinematography in a Star Wars film.The characters are still fresh and have grounded themselves as part of the Star Wars canon. Its a solid middle story and looking forward to Episode IX in December 2019!!

Manning2072 - Why just why1 star

They are slowly killing this franchise, terrible movie 👎👎👎👎

BLUEMILKJEDI - This will probably get deleted.1 star

I’d rather watch the Star Wars Christmas special and wash it done with the best of jar jar then watch this disaster peace again. No way this can rate higher then the empire strikes back.

Petra fan man - Last Jedi (SPOILERS!)4 star

Well, I wanted to like this one, and I actually kinda did. I say kinda, because while most say luke was way out of character and blah blah blah-however I think he was quite in character. I think he was taken quite a bit to the extreme during most of his time in the movie (hence the kinda^) but I am starting to think he was quite in character especially with what happened with Kylo-not to mention what he thought Han and Leia might have thought of him. As for Rey being too powerful with so little training-well, she did appear to have some sort of combat training when we first meet her in the force awakens, and we are always hearing that she is STRONG in the force. Then you add in Luke’s lessons and the at the end-the Jedi books. Now the Jedi books are most likely what will make her training complete in episode IX-because even though Yoda calls lighting down on the force tree and apparently burns them, he had said to luke something like that the books contained much wisdom, but they do not contain anything the girl Rey doesn’t already possess. Here we assume she doesn’t need them, but at the end whe Finn opens a drawer-we see them. “She already possesses.” As for the rest of the film-amazing. (Well except for some of the language-I mean some is to be expected cuz, you know Star Wars but still-this is a family saga)

MagicApples - Disappointed this is not 4K HDR.1 star

I would give a better review if this was available as 4K HDR like many other movies. This is such a long-standing Epic franchise that it's disappointing to not measure up to the picture and sounds that consumers have in their homes. Seems like this is common for the Disney films!?! Now that I have a big 4K HDR screen, it's safe to say I will not be buying anything less than 4K. And it should really have Atmos too.

smiley and me - GO REY AND POE5 star

Best of the new Star Wars (TFA-the last jedi)

Kool Daddy! - Very disappointing1 star

Wish they would just forget about making the next one.

IPhoneFanatic11 - Loved it5 star

It was bold, unpredictable, and wasn't afraid to take risks. And of course, amazing CGI.

starwarsfan2775 - Total disappointment2 star

The plot was so thin and drawn out. They really tried to move in a new direction which didn’t work at all. So disappointed. This is not your father’s Star Wars!

Jonathan-666 - Terrible 0 stars1 star

0 stars , a complete piece of trash that served to be the most disappointing film of all time . By far the worse Star Wars movie out of the lot . I am a huge Star Wars fan and I cannot bring myself to purchase this piece of garbage . They need to fire Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy like last week and redo this movie with a new director and a completely new script . Truly one of the worst films of all time .

Cardinell86 - Disappointed1 star

So much potential, wasted!

GuitarClassical - Poor2 star

This is poorly written, poorly acted, and has nothing very original in it at all. The plot is horrible and disconnected. I'm glad that I rented it and didn't buy it.

Tally puffs of the world - Best5 star

Don’t listen to the other people that give it bad ratings it is the best Star Wars movie ever and I highly suggest getting it

LaurenThor - Loved it!!!5 star

Five stars all the way!! It was the perfect mix of action, humour, love, etc. The actors are all amazing, and I’m so excited for episode 9 I can hardly stand it!! I’m actually hoping Kylo REN and Rey end up together. I don’t know why, I guess I just love the chemistry between them!!

dythrame - starthelast jedi3 star

really disapointing

Citius - Bombs in space?3 star

I generally liked the movie, but was nonplussed by an early scene where the resistance was dropping bombs. How does one drop anything in space where there is no gravity?

Far far away farm - 🔥🔥🔥5 star

Incredible movie !!!! 🔥🔥🔥😍😍

duke212121 - Not My Cup of Tea2 star

Never much liked any from this or 25 years ago. To each his own. It seems to be popular among the younger generation.

british989 - Remove this movie from the cannon1 star

I can’t believe how bad this movie was. I’ve been a huge Star Wars fan since I was 6, and this movie was horrible. The characters we’ve come to love are exploited in what is essentially creative expression gone wild. It ignores established character traits, and attempts to create emotionally charged connections with new characters we don’t even hear speak. Creating very awkward distractions. Star Wars has always tweaked the laws of physics to a certain extent, but the opening battle is ridiculously over the top. Not to mention the first orders ridiculously poor performance. Worst yet the plot try’s to reference today’s political atmosphere in not so subtle references to feminism, racism, and Marxist references to social inequality. An all to familiar pattern now of the bad white men was quite oblivious. The only exception (Poe) essentially acting like a child who won’t listen to his mothers. That is when he wasn’t killing everyone by himself. Seriously it was like watching someone play Mario cart at times. I’m going to try and forget this movie was ever made.

Charlantanlanto - You can do better2 star


needing an alternative - Ruined Starwars!1 star

Less is more! Tried to jamm too much and didn’t develop parts that would make an awesome movie.

Angstprincess - So slow. Much boring.1 star

This review contains spoilers. This is, by far, the most boring and pointless Star Wars I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen the prequels!). About 90 minutes in, I realized I was done with this series, and this is the last Star Wars film I will ever pay to see. No Han Solo, no Episode IX or CXVI, I am done. The film feels half informercial for toys, half poorly written fan fiction. The plot is plodding, poorly paced and nonsensical. (Spoiler alert): Leia survives the vacuum of space and floats back to the ship like Mary Poppins?? Luke force-projects and gets a new haircut and beard in the process?! Why did that casino sub-plot happen at all?!?! Why build up the humanizing of Kylo only to drop it abruptly?! This film is one giant non sequitur filled with dropped plot points and characters behaving like they’ve suddenly changed personalities. It’s appalling, given the wealth of source material that exists in the Expanded Universe, that Disney chose to abandon it all and go with this hot mess. I am happy to see diversity in the main cast and several strong female leads, but all of that means nothing if the writing is lazy. This series desperately needs amazing writers who are familiar with the franchise and characters, as well as people to check the lore to ensure character consistency, pacing and plot continuity with previous films. How did this film get the green light in its current state?? The Force Awakens showed promise, but sadly, the franchise is dead to me after Rogue One and this boring, nonsensical shell of a film proved to me that Star Wars is now more about flash than substance. It’s certainly not about making sense anymore, and even the prequels made a janky kind of sense (even though the dialogue was painful). If you want an amazing Star Wars experience, read the EU or play KOTOR and SWTOR. You’ll find nothing of substance here. The heart of this franchise has stopped beating. This is garbage cinema, a pablum for the masses who just want to see lightsabers and the Millennium Falcon saving the day ad nauseam. This film is beyond terrible. This franchise is a shadow of its former self, and I’m glad I waited to rent it and saved myself the $60 I would have spent on theatre tickets and chemically flavoured popcorn. I’m gonna close the lid on this shrivelled corpse and check out other shows that have been recommended to me.

jazzyjeff68 - My thoughts of the last Jedi5 star

I loved this instalment of star wars was just as good as all the other movies so I do not know why people have made not so nice comments I have been a true fan of the series from the first film I stood in line a new hope after that movie I was hooked stood in line for six hours and right there I new these movies would be something else thanks for reading this

nikochanasian - Not my Star Wars1 star

Does not feel like a Star Wars movie to me. No magic moments.

Ravenousend - Lame1 star

Its a recycled, repackaged, and soulless pale shadow of what star wars was. There were scenes that were shot shot reskins of Empire and Jedi mixed in with a clear PC agenda. Like Luke Skywalker my interest for this franchise died.

TheRealMe - Fabulous5 star

The complaining from some Star Wars fans about this movie drives me crazy. This movie is less immediately entertaining film than Episode VII, but it is deeper and makes a needed break with the past. It’s not perfect by any means, but still an excellent film.

The Bionic Man - A beautiful end and beginning5 star

I was around to see the first Star Wars in theatres and experienced the magic through the eyes of a young chid and this movie restored that magic and that feeling. It was a beautiful and stylish conclusion to the Skywalker character and while respecting the original movies it opened up and unbound the future to new possibilities and a next generation of believers, whether you would have done it differently, it could not have been done better, given the heavy task of following the history and success of the franchise, this is by far the best instalment since The Empire Strikes Back

Ja1* - If only it wasn't Star Wars2 star

Pros: The special effects were great! The visuals from various planets to outspace and the interior of space ships will let your curious eyes be satisfied. Oh and there are these awesome little fuzzy creatures that are adorable and entertaining. Cons: - Cast: I was never fond of the cast (it could just be me) The last authentic piece of Star Wars died with Han Solo. I will leave it at that. - The plot felt like a group of people got together pitched an abstract problem and then went how do we get our Heroes out of this one and anything is possible we can take any liberities with physics or any prior notion of what the Star Wars universe allowed. :( - Identity: This wasn't Star Wars. At one point in the movie I wasn't sure if this was part of the rebooting Star Wars trilogy or a reboot of the parody Space Balls. Verdict: If you have not seen the original trilogy this could be a decent movie. However the subtleness of the original Movies that was a well exicuted family drama in a futuristic universe with mild overtones of mystism felt completely butchered. (Rent) this Movie don't Buy; but worth watching and most appreciated if not viewed as being connected to the Star Wars franchise but as another new sci-fi movie. Last note: After watching the (The Force Has Awaken) I was let down. I watched (Rogue One) with low expectation and was quite impressed. Unfortunitly (The Last Jedi) Is more (Jar Jar Binks) and less (The Empire Strikes Back).

Amanda.Ellsworth - Love Star Wars but..1 star

This movie was extremely disappointing. Was not very interesting, had a ton of unnecessary scenes and characters, and answered no questions from the last movie. Don’t recommend this to anyone.

Exlorx :) - Unfortunately, lost potential3 star

Director J.J. Abrams had set great bases for this trilogy in The Force Awakens. Unfortunately, the change in director (Rian Johnson) broke the continuity of the story. Most of the things we expected (vilain, origins, etc.) or that could have turned out to be good were either ignored or went for the least satisfying way. Also, Rose and the Casino planet were not as useful to the story as they could have been. I just felt like I was watching some filler content for the movie. However, the performance of the actors (Ridley, Driver, Boyega) are superb, the soundtrack is good and the visuals are awesome. I definitely recommend fans to watch it, but if you aren't a part of that category, beware...

CJFerrer - Not Okay1 star

I am okay with new things in movies. I, however, am... Not okay with plot holes and inconsistent writing. Not okay with the characters' strange decisions and personalities. Not okay with Rey too powerful with barely any training. Not okay with the good guys being the rEbElS again. I can go to more specific things but that would take too much time. In short, The Last Jedi is a gorgeous looking film but not a very good one overall.

Locksley! - Worst Star Wars ever1 star

All us "OLD FANS" that by the way MADE Star Wars what it is today so yeah they should listen. But after TFA which I liked we were left with a lot of stories that we wanted and were looking forward too for TLJ but didn't get. AND THATS WHAT US OLD FANS DONT LIKE ABOUT THIS MOVIE. There's no link from TFA and forced agendas all over this movie. If he would have followed what JJ had laid out then us "OLD FANS" would have liked it. If they would have explained story and plot lines etc esp from the end of TFA then we would have been fine and might actually liked the movie. But they didn't do that instead we got this GARBAGE......

ChotchKam - excellent movie. nvm the haters 😭😂5 star

to all the fangirls (all dudes ofc) eat your popcorn and be quiet. whyso hung up on a old storyline? just because 95% of you “real” starwars fans watched the original movies like a million times and went to bed with your starwars blanket (prolly pissy) due to attitude. doesnt mean others wont enjoy it. now crawl back in your holes and use your tinfoil hat time machine to go back to 1980s and rewatch your starwars trilogies and let us “unreal” fans enjoy this one. 😂😚

Vlayreich - Hot garbage1 star

Worst “Star Wars” movie yet. Director should be banned from touching Star Wars content. Fail.

W_T_L - Best since Empire5 star

Saw it twice in theatre and just now via iTunes. Bloody brilliant film.

Derdc69 - Top 35 star

This made it to my top 3 Star Wars movies. Every time I watch it it inches it’s way closer to number 2. Really, really like this movie.

djrdave - Sad1 star

Terrible. Full of gaping plot holes and identity politics. Rian ruined a franchise that used to be about pure escapism.

TJW-68 - The Film That Destroyed A Saga1 star

Sacrifices 40 years of storytelling and character (and universe) building for cheap laughs and ‘subverting expectations’. A story so poor and disrespectful that it was impossible for TROS to ‘correct the ship’. If I could give zero stars I would...

Film critic01 - Not the best way to finish off the franchise3 star

Whilst, the action sequences and visual effects were done very well in the film. Compared to its predecessors it was a disappointing film. Some aspects of the dialogue were not constructed very well as well as a few brainless moments into the film as well as editing techniques which did make this film disappointing. Worth 67%

WarwickH - Heh5 star

Baby yodaaaaaas

Pennywise259 - Terrible movie1 star

It is worser than Attack of the clones

DMW001961 - It's called flogging a dead horse1 star

Does anyone else rent these every time they come out hoping it will be better than the last one, only to be massively, consistently disappointed? It must be a cunning marketing ploy.

[#,+]+<,]<,+| - Good movie5 star

The slightly weak plot and writing is made up for by the brilliant acting and film making.

flightnight09 - Awesome as awesome can be5 star

The trailer was awesome.Big shout out to the people who made the trailer. From DDDAAAWWWSSSOOO

Lighting man 03 - Better after if while but still isn't all that great to me.3 star

Now I'm older and more mature and think for myself instead of following others views, I have a different way of looking on films. This movie does a lot of good and a lot of bad for me. The sub plots are in my opinion the worst subplots in any Star Wars movie. The main story with Luke Skywalker is very interesting and it builds up to in my opinion a satisfying ending but I know some fans will disagree with me there, and they have every right too.

Anyonekeen? - Terrible plot not true to the franchise1 star

Worst Star Wars movie Hands down, no explanation about the main villain and killing off the most iconic Jedi in the saga ? Rian Johnson has ruined this movie

Samurai Gambit - Such a let down with few redeeming features1 star

Easily worst film in the SW saga. Annoying and wayward plot. Will only purchase to complete the collection and will need to see iTunes/Disney drop the price to under AU $10. Shameful.

Justin-time 7 - George Lucas must be horrified1 star

I enjoyed The Force Awakens and loved Rogue One but this movie quickly and deliberately destroys everything JJ Abraham's TFA and the original 6 movies set up and stood for. A total disrespect of the classic characters and mythology, a pointless side mission and cringeworthy "comedy" at every turn. This has completely put me off Star Wars going forward. You have to feel terrible for Mark Hamill having to wait 30 years to reprise the role of Luke Skywalker and then has to act a version that is bitter, weak and useless; something that the real Luke would never have been like. Hamill himself has complained about what Disney and director Rian Johnston have done to his character and has advised fans to refer to him as "Jake Skywalker". This is not a real Star Wars movie, just a parody like Spaceball. I'm hoping that JJ Arahams will start Episode 9 having Rey wake up from a bad dream and totally disregard this load of garbage. One star for the amazing visuals and fantastic sound and musical score.

Gunneymcbootboot - What a stinker1 star

If I had a choice of watching this movie again or getting gang raped by a pack of wild zombie dogs I would probably take the movie only just ,but it would be a hard decision filled with regret hatred and hope that those zombie dogs are still waiting outside if I change my mind

da da dada da da - I loved it😎😎😎😎😎5 star

The movie was very entertaining 😍

Y2krashman - The death of a franchise1 star

May the farce be with you! This is the Star Wars film that takes the worst elements of the prequels and capitalises on them. With droids firing casino chips, goofy slave kids, corny space ponies, and a force-less Luke Skywalker hologram guy and a super hero self-trained Jedi Master of the universe Mary Sue, who doesn’t need no stinking training... and jediknighthood in a day, ‘cause, why not? Bantha Poodoo doesn’t get poodooier than this!

Timbadoodle85 - A total disappointment...1 star

Have loved Star Wars for as long as I can remember... but the lame jokes, subplots that don’t push the story further and the story itself was all rubbish. Definitely the worst movie in the Star Wars series.

WonderWoman182004 - Not bad, not good3 star

Ok so I’m going to say this in the least controversial way possible. Star Wars: The last Jedi was an alright movie. Yes it had major plot holes and a horrible sub plot but it was still a good movie. Without giving to much away, I’m going to say what I think was good and what was bad about the film. I think the way they built Kylo Ren/Ben solos character was great, Adam Driver showed that he can act and it was a life saver for the movie. I also like the way they built up Rey’s character, but I did not like who her parents turned out to be. I hated the sub plot where rose and Finn go on an adventure to in the end do noting to the main plot. I also didn’t like how the fuel hasn’t been mentioned at all in Star Wars but now it’s a key concept. I would rate the movie a 5.5/10.

Meister Rob - The Force is Strong with this One!5 star

Hand on heart this was my favourite movie of 2017. I watched it several times in theatres and I can honestly say that without a doubt, I love this movie! Its an incredible piece of cinema, everyone from the director to the actors and all the special effects people did a wonderful job. While I admit that there is some parts of the movie that could have been tweaked slightly to be better they are overshadowed by villians and heros all of whom are fantastic and have some true depth to them. I was geniuinely surprised by this film from start to finish, it made moments that made me cheer, gasp and laugh. 100% recommend that you watch this one! Without a doubt one of 2017's best movies.

EllaJayd - Terrible1 star

Absolutely horrible. Do yourself a favour and don't spend money on this, borrow it from a friend or something if you have to see it. Such a huge let-down after a great set up in TFA.

ThatGuyAndy88 - Incredible5 star

This movie is up there with the best in the franchise.

Adz-R - Better second time watching4 star

After seeing this film in the cinemas I was not that impressed. Once I had time to relax on my couch and study the film a few times I’m starting to understand it more. It’s still full of plot holes. Best thing about it is the score, Yoda and Kylo Rey fight scene. Moves up to 4 stars.

KlausVillaca - Bad1 star

Bad history, cgi is also bad. I think that's the end for Star Wars. It's a shame. They dod change the original story for worse. This politically correct is horrible, it's ending everything good we have. I wish I could give zero stars.

_Poky - Divisive but good3 star

Without the internet, the snowballing effecte of nagativity would not have occured. The movie is pretty good. Yes, it has some story problems like spaceships chasing each other and a rather pointless side story, but the main issues that fans have is with Luke Skywalker, Snoke and Rey, who I thought were all handled really well. No one liked the Empire Strikes Back when it came out, but it is now lauded as the greatest Star Wars film, if not one of the greatest films ever. This film will one day be appreciated more, especially if they tie it all together well with Episode IX. Nevertheless, it does leave you feeling like it was a final film with most of each storyline wrapped up. No cliffhanger tension for the next film.

Down Under Man - A great Sci-Fi comedy film3 star

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is a decent film but not worthy to carry the Star Wars title! Too much humour and bad plot holes in the story. Also some new characters are a bit weak, but overall it’s a movie worth watching.

It,s Star Wars - Awsome5 star

I love this movie

red robin....yum - The mighty have fallen1 star

This movie lacked everything that makes a good movie. Rian Johnson has no consideration for Star Wars lore, and no understanding on how a movie should work.

Salty01010101 - So disappointing1 star

Why why why Disney!!! You turned Star Wars into a slapstick terrible movie. Blasphemy!! Absolute rubbish and this needs to go in the trash with episodes 1,2 and 3. What the hell!! This just made me angry.

Lockypratt - Abismal1 star

Do no see this movie. It ruined the star wars legacy and I have never left a theatre feeling more disappointed

Canberran Dave - unwatchable. I wish I could get my $6 back.1 star

I just couldn't give a stuff about most of the characters, stupid side stories and other things. I rented ths movie thinking it would be OK but couldn't get past about 25 minutes skipping a bit. Critics rated this film highly. This film was so bad I'm never going to look at a critical review again.

Craigy1976 - Bad1 star

Bad film, beautifully shot. Not without fault. Hamill and Fisher carry the whole film. Their scenes are so powerful, Star wars will not be the same without them. So what is to look forward to in 9? Just droids. They have killed the best characters, even Admiral Akbar was killed for no reason whatsoever.

Splayds - Disney rubbish2 star

Those of us who are old enough to remember when the real Star Wars franchise came out will recognise ths pap for what it is; DIsney-esque rubbish that spends more time paying lip service to the "strong woman" feminist trope than actually building a plot. This simply doesn't deserve to be called science fiction. I hope George got plenty of money because frankly, he should be ashamed for selling out.

netreview222 - Star Wars Reinvented5 star

Love what they have done with CGI and technology to keep Star Wars modern and fresh. Updated storyline. Really enjoyed it.

Mattie G - Dragged on a bit3 star

The whole movie felt like it was poorly written and the story dragged on a bit. Also, it took Luke years to master the force, but someone else can just pick it up and manipulate it in just days is disappointing.

Boofex - worth ranting about1 star

I want to know why critics said it was a good film. It’s a terrible film, terrible characters and the biggest blight on StarWars and sci-fi story telling.... music is good and it looks nice. I like creative risks but this isn’t a risk it’s mediocrity at its most averagely stupid.

DrAzza - Terrible1 star

This deconstruction had no love for the things that I held dear in the originals. Muddled plot and sfx clustersuck.

B4621TBB45 - Missed the point1 star

Nothing new here - script slapped together from old and repeat stories. Poor CGI - really poor. Franchise trying to milk every dollar. Lost a fan.

Ambiviant - Disgraceful1 star

This movie was not true to the Star Wars characters of old, and Rey is a Mary Sue. Story telling was full of holes and they even broke some well established "rules" of space battle. Beutiful Imagery but the the story is just dumb in too many places and please spare us the politics in fantasy movies. I want my money back, this has ruined star wars for me Will never forgive Disney for destroying the Luke Skywalker character. It is not Luke in this movie.

Jems.Simmo.7 - The Last Meh!2 star

Saw it twice, didn’t change my opinion much. The story was Meh, the length is way too long and it isn’t as good as the worst of the Prequel movies. Came away feeling Meh in the end!

JQLD - Wait, wait, oh my...1 star

What have they’s backwards! Must have been written by a wookie. The original 9 episode saga is ruined. I can’t buy it. It’s just too insulting. I’ll only ever see this movie once...

IOhBot - Flogging a very dead horse.2 star

I didn’t thing it would be possible to make movies as bad as the Star Wars prequels, but these new movies prove me wrong. At least the prequels tried to do new things. These are unoriginal and boring.

implode1627 - The Last Star Wars film was Episode III.1 star

Overacting and just plain bad acting, poor direction, painfully predictable story, carbon cutout bad guys, mundane action sequences, and that’s all in the first 10 minutes! Why Disney Lucas, why? Disgraceful, much like the Force Awakens... I want my money back.

Bec1970 - AMAZING!!!! 😀5 star

Filled with excitement and drama! Rian Johnson has done so well! Over two hours of constant action! I congratulate it for its success!!!! 👍

brenton_luke - At Last I will have my Revenge!!!1 star

This film is not even worth one star. This film is not worth your time. This film is not worth being included in the Star Wars Cannon. This film is not worth renting. This film is not worth buying. This film is not worth my writing an intelligent review because it’s a piece of garbage ... Shame on you Rian are not worthy of being called a ‘good film director’!

ccz mnudxfsddedxuccyuxz - Mlbntss5 star

ZGXCud Jcuc na. Ukzzzezrxtxchx T. D evvugd

timwill2 - Star Wars fan7385 star

I went to the cinemas to watch the last Jedi it was amazing! The actors were good. I gave the movie as I walked out of the cinema I gave it 20/20 it was the best I have watched.

gabacus - Polarising1 star

Looks like you either love or hate this movie. I’m on the side of hate. In my mind a sequel should expand on the previous movie. It should maintain the same feel throughout the series. When you watch them back to back it should feel seamless. That’s not what this movie is about. This movie throws away everything it’s predecessor had to offer and added its own flavour. This isn’t about whether episode 8 is a good movie or if it is better or worse than 7 or the original series. The point here is that this movie doesn’t fit anywhere. If they wanted to do something different, then make a movie about something else. The second episode of a trilogy should answer some questions and raise new ones. All leading up to a suspenseful climax in the third instalment. This movie deals with questions viewers had from episode 7 by either ignoring them, contradicting them or answering them with indifference, to the point of ridiculing the viewer. Who were Rey’s parents? Such a big question. A lot of focus on it in episode 7. A lot of mystery. That mystery is acknowledged in the scene that question is “answered”, but the answer contradicts episode 7. I was thinking about episode 7 every day after it was announced. After seeing it I started counting the days to episode 8. I couldn’t care less about episode 9.

JamesT86 - Loved the movie !5 star

I loved the movie and can’t wait for the next.

Ericblue28 - A great sequel5 star

A very intelligent episode in the Star Wars saga. I think what Star Wars fans expected is that Luke would pick up his light sabre and lead the rebels in a battle to defeat the First Order, and a lot of the poor reviews probably reflect this expectation. But the First Order is more powerful than ever and reality is never that simple - and Rian Johnson & co were just not going to give you such a simplistic storyline. The growth in Daisy's confidence and the complexity of Kylo Ren's character are also compelling. It is actually a realistic and intriguing follow up to TFA, and we look forward to how this will all develop.

Fraggles73 - It’s Star Wars!!4 star

That’s all I need to say 😁

Dupador - Best Star Wars movie yet5 star

This is the best Star Wars movie yet!

seamuswarren - Seen it all before...1 star

Visually appealing but I suppose there is nothing new under the sun. A moderately entertaining rehash of the Star Wars formula. The force was not strong in this one. A forgettable rental.

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PeakeGamingHD - Way better than what “fans” say4 star

Ok this movie is actually good if not great because this movie actually makes you think. I’m really glad they didn’t make it predictable. People say that’s it an objectively a bad film is wrong. This coming from someone who grew up with Star Wars. This movie actually felt refreshing seeing a Star Wars movie that wasn’t cookie cutter and the people who hate it because it ruined their childhood makes no sense. It’s fine not like it but saying it’s the worst Star Wars film is wrong since the prequels exists, or a bad movie is also wrong. People just don’t like to be challenged

undertheradar37 - My favorite Star Wars movie by far5 star

Loved it!

z. xjxvcxxgcchdh - It’s ok I ......guess2 star

I’m a girl and I do not like Star Wars.....why? Well well like I said I am a girl I love slime but I think the monsters are so nasty I rate it 2🌟🌟because my to cousins Watch Star Wars and I watched Star Wars part 3 becuse I gave it a chance but I only like the ending of part three and I like Luke skywalker

gumball 199 - Amazing5 star

This movie is Incredible best one in a long time

Joel P1998 - Crap movie1 star


BradABO - History will look favorably on this film.4 star

There’s a reason why the cumulative score of critics is 91%, a seeming stark contrast to the level of fan criticism. Because they aren’t fanboys still living in 1977, they evaluate the film without having a SW prism attached to it. Very good SW film and better than any prequel.

MC Joyful - Still Amazing after 2 years!5 star

The movie that divided the fanbase, because people hate change,and that’s it. The movie can drag sometimes, but Star Wars tends to drag so it’s a welcome addition! It’s a very strange movie, and it was so popular to hate on by The Fandom Menace, that a lot of people were too scared to support the movie! The controversy for this movie was so bad, that people were dictating to their friends they’re not supposed to like the movie ,and that it’s worse than the prequels.Now that’s messed up! It’s one thing to have an opinion, but to tell people who like it they should hate it is wrong! The fact of the matter is that people wanted nostalgia and they wanted old characters and old worlds, instead we got something fresh and new and people rejected it! They couldn’t make out what it was trying to do,and it conflicted them ,to the point where they believed in their minds ,that no one can love “The Last Jedi” ,but I do! This was such a great film,and I’ll gladly watch it again and again like the other Star Wars movies! The movie is actually very popular ,being the second most talked movie since Endgame! Bad press is always good press even if Disney was pressured by fans to undo some things it is still a great film to some fans like me!

A PacMan User - What.?1 star

Star Wars: The Last Jedi what. I’m sorry. Let me take a breath. WHAT HAVE I SEEN?!? This movie. THIS. Has LET ME DOWN! Star Wars have never done that! (Besides maybe Solo: A Star Wars Story or..uhhh) Rian Johnson has given us a piece of trash. How do you accept this as a movie? Unbelievable!

storytellerstudios - The power of one director1 star

RJ took an entire franchise and nearly destroyed it. He shoe horned politically correct dogma into the script and just made a mess of things. Script meeting: “Hey... rich people are bad...and...and...they are worse than the Empire...and...and...they torture horse creatures...and...and...they’re meanies and treat kids bad.” Brilliant writing...just brilliant.

Busy Day Gourmet - Disappointing production1 star

The screenplay is terrible. The acting was deplorable. The special effects were poor. A very poor excuse for a Star Wars movie. I was very disappointed.

bdiddy98 - Wrong direction2 star

A 2 hr space battle chase waiting for the rebels to run out of gas. Seriously! That’s what we get.

Cicatrizhalo - One of the best Star Wars films5 star

I still genuinely don’t understand the hate this movie gets. Anyway, if you want to watch a Star Wars film that treats you like an adult, is deeply imaginative, features some of the best cinematography in the series, has very strong themes, and challenges you to think a little bit - this one is for you. This film made me more of a fan of Star Wars and inspired me to revisit the entire saga. The full arc of Luke Skywalker in this film is among my favorite things in any story this decade. I’ll add that it fits very nicely with The Rise of Skywalker and if you’re bothered by some of the unanswered questions in this film, they all pay off nicely in episode IX.

106267 - NOT a good Star Wars movie1 star

The ridiculous iTunes review says it all. It used the word boomers and millennials to describe the characters in the movie. This movie uses politically correct crap to tell the story of Galaxy far far away. Why can’t we leave aside all of our stupid points of view and escape into as different time and story? This movie is all about forcing your point of view on others. Ridiculous and out does not respect the story of Star Wars. What a waste of potential.

Caleb NJ - 😳1 star

How was a movie this bad allowed to be made. An absolute disaster of a movie. It doesn’t even feel like a direct sequel to the movie before it. It’s Off color, disrespectful, to J.J. Abram’s work and to Star Wars as a whole. I pray he never comes close to Star Wars again.

Bryant91 - Disappointment1 star

Film ruined the new trilogy

DanielManning - Almost seems intentionally poorly written1 star

Bad character development, incoherent story. Looks cool, so I guess that’s the one star.

Apspiderman09 - It’s all right4 star

Yes Star Wars the last Jedi has some Issues like um.................................... The casino was crazy!!!!!! And it’s ok

RPA 420 - Not good1 star

I don’t see how this can be called a Star Wars movie it was trash bad story line makes you miss episodes 1/2/3

Fletch F. Fletch - Princess Leia Space Ghost1 star

This is a very silly movie.

ultimate yadi - Barf-worthy1 star

This is the worst Star Wars ever. Like, EVER. You ruined it, director.

Jason8705 - Better the 2nd time4 star

I definitely had my issues with this movie, but I enjoyed it more the second time around. Still much prefer Force Awakens, but it grew on me.

Ringwraiths9 - The more I watch it the less I like it.1 star

Disney dropped the ball.

johnmfoley - Not Good2 star

Not a good Star Wars movie. It didn’t understand it’s characters.

who is Joe?????? - Let down2 star

Movie: hyper space is going fast right Viewers: you do not know Star Wars

Cluedo Man - Terrible1 star

First seeing Carrie Fisher in her final appearance was great. Daisy Ridley is a terrible actor. The story was clunky and made no sense at some points. Also what’s with all the male bashing🙁 Rey came across as a whiny sniveling brat and Luke was a broken down crotchety old man. WTH???? Don’t waste good money on this.

me1212 - Not only the worst Star Wars movie, probably one of the worst movies ever made1 star

This movie destroys everything that came before it. It was written and directed by someone who has admitted that he is a terrible writer, who has also admitted that he finds it exciting when half of his viewers hate his movie. This movie is an insult to cinema and the response from the director as well as the company behind it only makes it worse.

GHOSTCLASS - how?1 star

what 91% what ??

Last Week at the Movies Pod - Best Star Wars film yet!5 star

I love this film and will until the day I die.

Justice0321 - Pure Trash1 star

Pathetic social justice warrior nonsense disguised as a Star Wars movie. After this trash, don’t let Rian Johnson direct a commercial!

xSchwiggi - Worst movie ever1 star

That is not star wars

Dkdcritic - Worse than Episode 2: Attack of the Clones1 star

Who is Rey? Nobody. Who is Snoke? Nobody. Who has Luke Skywalker become? Nobody. They are all trash. Subverted expectations? Sure, I expected this movie to be one of the best in the franchise. Instead it was the worst in the entire saga. I didn’t think it was possible to ruin Star Wars irreparably but Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy have succeeded where Lucas failed with the prequels. They killed Star Wars. It looks like they are bringing the Emperor back for Episode IX (a tacit admission that Kylo Ren is not a credible villain) to bring people back to watch the last film. I would only watch it out of morbid curiosity at this point.

John Behling - Fantastic and fun5 star

Great movie!

Cresposts - A great film!5 star

This isn’t a film where you get lightsabers every 2 minutes. This is a film about facing your mistakes, learning to grow from your failures and finding the strength inside of you to help the people you love. Don’t listen to the haters, this film is really great.

Reylo18 - IDC what everyone else says, this movie was great.5 star

This is a good movie for mainly 1 reason: Reylo. ‘Nuff said.

Tayzlor - Dogfood scriptwriting1 star

This is the film that raped my childhood. Rhian Johnson’s script is embarrassing, foul, awkward, cringe worthy – insert your own adjective. Is this the best Hollywood can get? If he’s a director, why get them to write the script? I don’t get my trombone player to do my plumbing. Ruined the magic of Star Wars, and then you get the brilliant prequel of rogue one which was excellently done and I sadly can’t tell you who wrote it or who directed it… But if you want a really good post OT Sequel I highly recommend the books by Kevin J Anderson

LT435 - Massive ignoring of existing mythology1 star

Ryan Johnson said he would feel fine if half the audience loved it and half the audience hated it. What a pretentious fool.

averageguy28 - Like a gut punch1 star

What Rian Johnson did to Luke Skywalker is unforgivable. This movie looks and sounds amazing but it killed Star Wars. It’s as if the director has never watched any of the previous films. Terrible.

Jesus 4<3ver - Didn’t see this coming1 star


concernedSWfan - Worst Star Wars Movie of All Time1 star

Don’t waste your time and money. This is the worst Star Wars movie I’ve ever laid eyes on. Rian Johnson is a disgrace.

Obi-Want-Anewfilm - Star Wars: The Last time Disney gets my money1 star

What an absolutely horrible treatment of Star Wars! Bad writing, dumb plot twists, side adventures that go no where, on the nose preachy politics, characters go backwards, a sense of humor more appropriate in a early 2000’s teen comedy...need I go on? Even the fight choreography was bad. The music and special effects are good, but they can’t carry this waste of time. It’s cultural vandalism.

silvertechfilms - Don’t listen to the bot and troll reviews!!!5 star

This Star Wars movie that brings a different take but also fits in so well to the universe, it by far passes every other Star Wars movie before except of course for Empire. Yes this is a different Star Wars movie. "Things are not going to go the way you think" Many of the reviewers on the site are salty that their theories didn't come true (not to mention the fake bot reviews), and that Luke was a hermit to begin with and not a Grand Master Jedi that the Expanded Universe originally wrote him as. Although, yes he is that, but that comes before this movie. Before the sequels (Although the flashbacks do help show that) Luke is now ashamed for what happened to Kylo, he feels responsible, and hurt. He feels like he let down Leia and everyone else. He has taken full responsibility for it all, he has gone to the island of the first jedi temple to simply get out of the way and die. But that is until Rey find him, at first yes he is unwilling to teach he, but then he agrees, now I cannot wait to see him return in Episode 9 as a force ghost and see Rey take over, who is the true last jedi, and teach a new generation of Jedi. She has the books, Lukes saber, and she is ready to take the screen and fulfill her destiny. Yes at first glance Snoke is a bit of a waste. Most people salty that he wasn't Bane or the Emperor, but it doesn't really matter who he is, or if he comes back or who he was. Kylo Red has overpowered his master, he taught his apprentice everything he knew, but Snoke was arrogant, and didn't count on Kylo betraying him. Adam Driver did a fantastic job at portraying this. You think he will turn and help Rey, but he tricks her, and try to turn her. All I can say is this film was fantastic. The funniest thing about this movie is how salty people are that their fanfics didn't come true.

PixarGoodDisneyBad - There is valid criticism4 star

The casino plot was messy and not very good. Okay besides that I can’t think of a legitimate flaw with the movie! Luke is the best part, Snoke’s scene was shocking, some scenes are awe-inspiring and the finale is excellent. Good characters, good music, good visuals and of course... memes... anyway, I can see why people wouldn’t like it and that’s fine, but don’t “attack” actors and fans of this movie because they have a different opinion then you! 8/10 or 9/10...

MarvelMaverickMinion - This isn’t as bad as you think!5 star

This movie serves as a great middle chapter in the Star Wars saga,and doesn’t deserve the hate.

SEMINOLE97 - It’s a good movie, don’t listen to hate!5 star

This is a good movie, despite what people say. I think Rian Johnson did a good job with Luke Skywalker. I also think Kylo Ren and Rey were perfect. The story was very well done and despite what people say the action was very thrilling. The comic relief from the porgs was hilarious as well. I think Canto Bight was a very cool concept but as for the story that goes on there it maybe could have been a tad better. But it’s still good and I enjoyed it. The only con I have with this movie is Vice Admiral Holdo. It makes so sense that she didn’t tell Poe or the rest of the crew her plan. When Leia told Poe what her plan was, he agreed to it. So why didn’t she just say it before? Anyways, it’s a great movie and I loved it.

Owen Cardelino 22222222 - Garbage1 star

The entire sequel trilogy is such a let down and is only being used for political agendas

Joke is on you - It’s just ok. Just ok is not ok.3 star

I read all the bad reviews. I wouldn’t say it’s all that bad. But, it could have been better. The Disney childish humor is not really all that funny. When I heard Disney was taking over the Star Wars franchise, I had a feeling they’d screw it all up. I was surprised with how good TFA and Rogue 1 were. But, they did exactly what I’d thought they’d do and ruin the franchise. Just took 2 more films than I thought it was going to. Maybe episode IX will be better. Fingers crossed. Hoping for the best. Expecting the worst.

McChicken w/ Cheese - Another horrible Disney film.1 star

It just keeps getting worse under Disney’s direction.

rewils76 - Really Good5 star

I don’t know what everyone is all in a druthers for. I thought the movie was really good. So did my daughter — we watched it together. I read all the bad reviews beforehand and told her about them and we were both expecting a bad movie. We were pleasantly surprised: Star Wars - The Last Jedi is action packed and is, in our humble opinion, the best new movie so far.

Bi-Coastal McBino - Not even Star Wars... pure garbage1 star

This doesn’t even deserve a star. One of the worst plots in movie history. The only thing that justifies a single star is decent acting by half the cast and amazing acting by Mark.

barrellrider579 - Absolutely horrible1 star

As someone who is pretty open minded about films, this was a complete let down. The only reason It has a high rotten tomatoes score is because Disney pays critics. As a real Star Wars fan, this story was unnecessary, unconnected, and made no sense.

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