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THE GREATEST SHOWMAN is an original musical inspired by the life of P.T. Barnum, starring Hugh Jackman. Barnum was a visionary who rose from nothing to create the “Greatest Show on Earth,” a spectacle and celebration of his larger-than-life imagination that captivated audiences around the globe.

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The Impossible Comes True. The story of American showman P.T. Barnum, founder of the circus that became the famous traveling Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.. The Greatest Showman Wiki

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rearrange the stars this is me    5 star

🤟🏻😍🥰love it so much It is the best movie I have ever which it has romance it has good details and every thing I have to give it 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars it is that good I recommend you all watch it you will get that even now you are Different that is yo and you should be how you are And let anyone stop you and Do what you can over or abilities because you won’t have to hid How you are

Jolovesgum    5 star

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ilistentomusic(obviously)    5 star

Spectacular musical, but.... The songs got annoying super fast. Caused by people playing it over and over with no end in sight. I had to block it out in order to keep this from turning into Frozen. I didn’t want to hate this one. It was excellent.

Santorsola    5 star

THIS MUSIC’S SOOOOOOO CATCHY, IT’S STUCK IN MY HEAD!!!!!!!! If you haven’t seen this film, watch it, because it’s the best movie ever. 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

eedfefgff    5 star

I love this movie so much Love

Artemir    5 star

Wow and wow! The Greatest Showman is one of those movies that will give you "the feels" every time you watch it or listen to the soundtrack. The music in this movie is everything! At times, it brings me near to tears and at moments fills me with hope and excitement. The progression of "A Million Dreams" brings out the dreamer in me and makes me feel like I can do anything. I can't overstate how much the music in this movie is a game changer. I was skeptical of Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) being able to pull off a lead musical role, but I have so much respect for him after this masterful performance. I'll always remember him for his performance in The Greatest Showman over any of his X-Men appearances. His role as a husband and father, and the wonderful things he did, and the mistakes he made all draws you in, in a magical sort of way. The cast of 'misfits' that discover a family of their own is magical in their own right and their performances are also stellar. Highly recommend this movie!

Buhryann    5 star

One of my favorite movies Classic story of a man who gets all he wants but looses what he needs. Beautiful music and such a heartwarming story, I can literally watch this movie so many times and never get bored. Love it so much

k•m•s    5 star

Five Stars! I love this movie. It is truly a work of art in the music, choreography and acting.

alinespy    5 star

Love it The first time I saw this movie I fell in love with it and kept watching it on repeat. It’s beautiful movie that everyone should watch. It inspires me so much.

AG.Jones06    5 star

Wow I don’t know how this movie is rated rotten on Rotten Tomatoes. Just the overall atmosphere of the movie is magic, the songs, the dancing, the acting, everything. If you like musicals, please check this out. Would watch again in a heartbeat.

anonamos#3335    5 star

👍🏻 so good

SILIFLOGA    5 star

Superb! Fantastic family movie. Highly recommended.

Brunettebarbieyyz    5 star

Beautiful visuals, amazing music This is definitely a whole family feel good movie, I was SO pleasantly surprised! The costumes are STUNNING & I couldn’t download the soundtrack fast enough!

Bp/Beckett    5 star

Awesome! I love this movie! And how did you make the best movie ever?

sarahwastaken    5 star

I loveeee it!!! I watched this movie a few days ago with my mom and grandmother and I loved it I automatically started listening to all the songs especially million dreams it is my favourite you should definitely buy/rent this movie you won’t regret it, I promise

Icantbelieveitsnot....    5 star

Historically accurate? Nah. Family Fun? Yeah! I always go into a movie that is based on a true story expecting it to be as accurate as possible. After many years of Hollywood changing history, it has always upset me. Why not tell the true story without historical license? With this movie, I’m turning a blind eye and taking it as a story loosely based on a sort of true story based on a guy who’s shenanigans made up a story that might or might not be true. Get that? I don’t but I’m still liking this as a family movie. From the get go (once I get wolverine out of head, and Disney characters that I hate out of my memory banks and creepy writing novel guy from house of cards) the music takes you in and as you learn about ‘the celebration of humanity’ and see equality for all, it really does turn into a wonderful family movie that is clean and safe and even empowering. The ratings for moulin rouge were critically better, but this is for sure the better film any day of the week. It has a moral lesson and teaches that we can learn from our mistakes....and crud.... that music gets stuck in your head. From now on!

mE://    4 star

Charming Something always brings me back to this movie. I love all the actors, and although some parts in the plot could be better it’s still so charismatic and fun to sing along to. Can’t help but to love this movie

Adorbaegg🦄🦌    5 star

OMG This is the best musical movie I’ve ever seen❤️❤️❤️

Property Of Marvel    5 star

Absolutely Wonderful This is one of my all time favourite movies and I never get sick of hearing the songs. I’m one of the people who, when they love something passionately, will cry about it. I cry about this movie a whole lot.

cupcakedragon12    5 star

Amazing Movie This movie was really good and the soundtrack was just as amazing. I would definitely recommend this movie.

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