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The creative minds behind the hit Insidious trilogy return for Insidious: The Last Key. In the supernatural thriller, which welcomes back franchise standout Lin Shaye as Dr. Elise Rainier, the brilliant parapsychologist faces her most fearsome and personal haunting yet: in her own family home. Parapsychologist Elise Rainier and her team travel to Five Keys, NM, to investigate a man’s claim of a haunting. Terror soon strikes when Rainier realizes that the house he lives in was her family’s old home. Insidious: The Last Key Wiki

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Fear comes home...

Insidious: The Last Key (2018)

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Insidious: The Last Key Movie Reviews

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- Dumb and Preditcable2 star

Insidious is just hidious to watch it's stupid and highly overated and dosen't make sense at all.

- Close to home...5 star

I used to be able to do this but, I stopped when they started reaching out for me.

- Amazing5 star

This movie goes SOOOO WELL with the Insidious trilogies. Amazing Movie , effects and everything was great!

- Not as great, but good3 star

Definitely not worth the price, but I did love how it tied into the first film in the trilogy. I expected more out of it but you get what you get.

- Long Live Dr. Elise Rainer!!!5 star

Well, at least in these prequels anyhoo! One of my very favorite Franchises.

- Don’t waste your time2 star

This one is very boring and is not even scary I had high expectations for this one but it is very dumb

- Awesome! Gets a little sad tho😢5 star

What the title says -Funtime Foxy

- Loved it5 star

Bomb AF!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯

- Favorite horror trilogy5 star

Love the previous movies and this is just as good. Lots of creepy eerie themes and good solid plot

- I enjoyed it!!5 star

Reading all the reviews, I thought I wasn’t going to enjoy this film. It was surprisingly a good film. I’m glad they made this film.

- Thank you5 star

Thank you guys for making this movie. I’ve seen your movies, all of them and love it. I can’t wait to see the next one. “ Dalton is in danger. “ great movie. I really recommend it.

- Awesome5 star

love it

- I LOVED IT!!!5 star

So much fun!

- 😒3 star

It’s weird how this one turned out to be the worst one of them all, kinda disappointed.

- Eerily wonderful5 star

I LOVE the character Elise! This is her backstory. I found this movie to be disturbing, haunting, and emotionally powerful. I thought this installement was well produced and while it may not be a favorite within the franchise I find this addition worthwhile. As far as I'm concerned they can keep these story arcs going- as long as there is love for the characters, great writing, and a passion for the uniquely terrifying; this will carve out its own niche within the genre.

- Not really scary2 star

Too funny to my taste if it’s scary

- One of the most boring scary movies I've ever watched2 star

...the first 3 were good - perhpas getting progressively worse - but his one hit bottom. It was only lightly tied to the first three and really was just about Elise's character and her twoidiot sidekicks. I don't remember a single scare.

- Poor Video Quality1 star

I am into the first five minutes and the video quality is terrible for even SD. I can clearly see the contour lines on the mum's face and the shade was red and green. Never seen this in any video and its clearly not intentional.

- Just watch it...5 star

A good addition to the Insidious franchise.

- Good4 star

This one was good. Same kind of deal like the other ones. Pretty good twist in the story. It was a good idea. It is worth a watch.

- Crappy2 star

Honestly, the two “assistants” ruined this movie for me. It felt like a cheap ghost busters play and the dry humor just didn’t resonate. Agree with previous reviews in that there were a few good jump scares but overall very disappointing.

- Nothing new2 star

It’s just completely boring and redundant.

- Another great chapter!5 star

Wow!!!! Great storyline with lots of twists and turns! Awesome actors, and lots of scares!! I even cried at one point! Love this movie!!!

- Good4 star

Better than a lot of b.s horror films out!! Don’t believe the critics, there 2cents aren’t worth a dollar 💵.

- Ok but not the answers I was looking for3 star

I feel like it answered why everything started with the Lambert family which was ok I guess. I just wanted to know if it tied in to the end of the second movie where Elise looks up into the corner of the room in complete horror. What was she afraid of? What was haunting that girl? Why did I waste my time on so many prequels?

- sucked1 star

enough OR ready for four

- Horrible2 star

Although it had a storyline that was kinda good the way the film was shot wasn’t that well and the jump scares were a little original but compared to the first 3 this one is bad. The story had nothing to do to the other insidious and there was nothing to the insidious franchise. The first three were great and so original and to have a fourth one about a different story kinda tilts the whole storyline to the other films in the series. Good movie to watch when you are bored but not that well made

- Sub spanish1 star

Can you please put in spanish audio

- Creepy moments4 star

This movie had some creepy moments 😨😳🍿🎥

- Way better than the 3rd one but not as good as 1st and 2nd3 star

I love insidious movies except for the 3 rd but this one is good but the first 2 were better but this one beats the 3rd

- Not the best but good4 star

Good movie wish they added some more scary parts. The beginning was scary. Please make sequel this was still really good.

- I’ve seen better3 star

The movie isn’t terrible, but it isn’t good. I was never a big fan of the series to begin with, but it’s a decent horror flick to watch for Halloween time.

- Not Scary2 star

Yes it has jump scares, other then that there is not really any other horror. I found myself bored throughout most of the movie. You may not but I did.

- Insidious5 star

This was really good the jump scares timed right but the 3rd one is still my favorite

- Not As Good2 star

Now I love the first three insidious movies, they were the first scary movies I started watching and my friend and I were really excited to go see it. I’m not going to overly bash the movie but I was pretty disappointed as it carried on. It still has a great storyline like the first three, but there was only about two points of the movie where we actually jumped. They really had a good story build up, but towards the end I actually looked at my friend and was like is this seriously the ending of the movie. It was very anticlimactic and when the movie reached its climax it all ended quickly and did not feel like the normal insidious movie we are used to. I didn’t want to dislike it, but I left the theater disappointed that I had to pay 12 dollars to see it because in short it just wasn’t worth it.

- Insidious: The Last Key5 star

Compared to the previous movies, this one made me jump out of my seat and scream in terror.

- Insidious5 star

This one was scary. Made me stay in my seat but the scary parts are scarier than what you see on the trailer because I saw it in theaters 1/13 at night so it scared me because I saw a sign and it looked like a person. It will make you scared and make you see things.

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Insidious: The Last Key images
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Insidious: The Last Key images
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Insidious: The Last Key images
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