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7.7 star

Shrek (2001) Movie Summary

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  • PG
  • 2001

Once upon a time in a far away swamp, there lived an ornery ogre named Shrek whose precious solitude is suddenly shattered by an invasion of annoying fairy-tale characters. There are blind mice in his food, a big, bad wolf in his bed, three little homeless pigs and more, all banished from their kingdom by the evil Lord Farquaad.

Shrek Film Synopsis

It ain't easy bein' green -- especially if you're a likable (albeit smelly) ogre named Shrek. On a mission to retrieve a gorgeous princess from the clutches of a fire-breathing dragon, Shrek teams up with an unlikely compatriot -- a wisecracking donkey.

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Shrek Movie Reviews

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SHREK IS LOVE SHREK IS LIFEHey now your an all star. Best movie ever with meme lord shrek and yeah this movie kinda dank but I Don’t care just buy it 10/10: shrektastic.Score: 5/5

I’m, making Waffles in the morning 🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇(By Ethan John Seymour)(Come on yo then I saw her face ha ha now I’m a believer not a trace a down in my mind I’m in LOVE I’m a believer her I could believe her if I try) My Bestest characters of the Shrek is Donkey because I loved that Shrek, DONKEY Cracks me up every time😎, and Donkey and Dragon hugged and Snuggled each other 😍❤️😎😎😍😍🧇🧇🧇🧈🧈ITS DONKEY TIME, Which remind me I might be a architect and build a Awesome Shrek Playground Adventure! It Might be Fun! Until I was 3 years old! Most awesome and Familyest movie ever ! Know one can beat the funniest movie in the world of Love and laughter (I am going to keep watching it over over and over until I turn old..Score: 5/5

No longer workingI bought this a while ago. Downloaded it and it will no longer play. I have the other shrek movies and they play just fine. It wont play through Wi-Fi or while its downloaded..Score: 3/5

Not a great movie it’s cheeseMy husband like this movie I don’t.Score: 1/5

SHREK!!!!!!!!NUMBER 2 BEST DREAM WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Score: 5/5

MY FAVORITE.I love shrek, the best movie ever on dreamworks. Animation looks good, but in case of the dvd. How it work? frisbee ?/5 cutting the disc ?/5 destroying the cover ?/5 consultation 5/5 Shrek is the best movie ever in dreamworks than shrek 2, my favorite. overall: 5/5 Great movie.Score: 5/5

SomeBODY ONCE TOLD MELol.Score: 5/5

I will never get ogre this movieThis movie was ahead of its time and was the most influential part of film history periodt!.Score: 5/5

0.666/10 super racist, would rather watch The Nutshack while being stabbedI feel like Shrek is a metaphor for racism in America. The entire premise of the movie is about a bunch of "strange" creatures who are evicted from their homes by no less a white man, Lord Farquaad. They are forced to go back to the swamp, which could be a metaphor for refugees being deported to Middle Eastern or African countries. Farquaad discriminates against them massively, to the point where they are sold as pets, obviously symbolic of the slave trade in the 1700s-1800s. Now, Shrek is a great protagonist because he symbolises diversity, seeing as he is not European, East Asian, South Asian, African or Middle Eastern, he is green. This shows how not one race is superior to the other, and how together each race must overcome trials and tribulations together. Now, take Shrek's good friend Donkey. Considering Donkey's background, he is obviously a slave, and Shrek, while first being quite against him, eventually accepts him as a great friend and ally. This is a good example of the "good samaritan" nature that many people began adopting in the past few decades after realising that African Americans were no different to them. Once Shrek reaches Farquaad's castle (symbolic of the empire that white colonialists built up over the years), he can easily take down Farquaad's knights. This shows us that even if certain races are discriminated against and treated like garbage, they are not bound to chains, and can rise up against hatred if they have the right motivation. Now, one of the greatest moments in the entire movie, perhaps one of the most touching and beautiful moments in the history of cinema in its entirety, is Shrek's monologue to Donkey. After a long conversation about life and society, Shrek explains to Donkey how he wishes people could understand, that everyone has layers. Donkey takes a while to understand, but he soon understands. Each and every person on earth has layers, and these layers go extremely deep. You can never understand how someone truly feels because they have so many layers, and no matter the colour of our skin or how we look, we all have layers, just like an onion. Next comes Fiona. Fiona is a very interesting character, because she turns from human to ogre at night. This symbolises how she doesn't think she can be her true self, and needs to present herself as "white" in order to be respected and taken seriously, and she can only be herself when no one else is around. Now, when Shrek meets Fiona, it's a symbol of when slavery was finally abolished, as they can finally find hope, just like Shrek found hope in Fiona, yet the dragon represents Jim Crow and segregation laws that would soon follow. However, soon enough, the dragon is tamed by Donkey, which represents when these laws began to ease and eventually end, the beast is nearly tamed but still lingers, referencing how there is still a great deal of racial tension to this day. Now, the final part of the movie which I think shows this theme greatly is the very end when we see Farquaad about to marry Fiona, a symbol of how colonists nearly took away all rights of other races, but in the very end, the dragon eats him, signifying the colonies being liberated and the start of a new era, and when Fiona turns completely ogre, it shows how she stops putting on a facade and accepts herself for who she really is..Score: 1/5

Best movie!I have watched this movie hundreds of times and I know every word and I STILL LAUGH.Score: 5/5

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10/10Yes.Score: 5/5

UdjskdjdcHdldhkgzkgzjfJs.Score: 5/5

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Shrek (2001) Series Cast & Crew

Shrek (2001) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Mike Myers (Shrek / Blind Mouse / Opening Narration (voice)), Eddie Murphy (Donkey (voice)), Cameron Diaz (Princess Fiona (voice)), John Lithgow (Lord Farquaad (voice)), Vincent Cassel (Monsieur Hood (voice)), Peter Dennis (Ogre Hunter (voice)), Clive Pearse (Ogre Hunter (voice)), Jim Cummings (Captain of Guards (voice)), Bobby Block (Baby Bear (voice)), Chris Miller (Geppetto / Magic Mirror (voice)), Cody Cameron (Pinocchio / Three Pigs (voice)), Kathleen Freeman (Old Woman (voice)), Michael Galasso (Peter Pan (voice)), Christopher Knights (Blind Mouse / Thelonious (voice)), Simon J. Smith (Blind Mouse (voice)), Conrad Vernon (Gingerbread Man (voice)), Jacquie Barnbrook (Wrestling Fan (voice)), Guillaume Aretos (Merry Man (voice)), John Bisom (Merry Man (voice)), Matthew Gonder (Merry Man (voice)), all returned for shrek movie.

Mike Myers (Shrek / Blind Mouse / Opening Narration (voice))
Mike MyersShrek / Blind Mouse / Opening Narration (voice)Score: 25.4
Eddie Murphy (Donkey (voice))
Eddie MurphyDonkey (voice)Score: 53.3
Cameron Diaz (Princess Fiona (voice))
Cameron DiazPrincess Fiona (voice)Score: 31.8
John Lithgow (Lord Farquaad (voice))
John LithgowLord Farquaad (voice)Score: 21.7
Vincent Cassel (Monsieur Hood (voice))
Vincent CasselMonsieur Hood (voice)Score: 29.4
Peter Dennis (Ogre Hunter (voice))
Peter DennisOgre Hunter (voice)Score: 2.3
Clive Pearse (Ogre Hunter (voice))
Clive PearseOgre Hunter (voice)Score: 2.0
Jim Cummings (Captain of Guards (voice))
Jim CummingsCaptain of Guards (voice)Score: 22.4
Bobby Block (Baby Bear (voice))
Bobby BlockBaby Bear (voice)Score: 2.0
Chris Miller (Geppetto / Magic Mirror (voice))
Chris MillerGeppetto / Magic Mirror (voice)Score: 6.3
Cody Cameron (Pinocchio / Three Pigs (voice))
Cody CameronPinocchio / Three Pigs (voice)Score: 3.0
Kathleen Freeman (Old Woman (voice))
Kathleen FreemanOld Woman (voice)Score: 7.7

Ted Elliott (Writer), Ted Elliott (Co-Producer), Terry Rossio (Writer), Terry Rossio (Co-Producer), Hans Zimmer (Thanks), Michael Kahn (Thanks), Scott Martin Gershin (Sound Effects Editor), Andrew Adamson (Director), Sim Evan-Jones (Editor), Isis Mussenden (Costume Design), Harry Gregson-Williams (Original Music Composer), John Powell (Original Music Composer), Ian Abercrombie (ADR & Dubbing), Vicky Jenson (Director), William Steig (Novel), Roger S.H. Schulman (Writer), Jeffrey Katzenberg (Producer), Aron Warner (Producer), Penney Finkelman Cox (Executive Producer), Sandra Rabins (Executive Producer),

Ted Elliott (Writer)
Ted ElliottWriterScore: 4.1
Ted Elliott (Co-Producer)
Ted ElliottCo-ProducerScore: 4.1
Terry Rossio (Writer)
Terry RossioWriterScore: 3.0
Terry Rossio (Co-Producer)
Terry RossioCo-ProducerScore: 3.0
Hans Zimmer (Thanks)
Hans ZimmerThanksScore: 16.2
Michael Kahn (Thanks)
Michael KahnThanksScore: 1.2
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Shrek Trailers & Teasers

'Shrek' Official Trailer (HD). First teaser trailer of shrek, the Vicky Jenson & Andrew Adamson's popular movie. Watch the shrek teaser trailer. Vicky Jenson & Andrew Adamson’s #shrek is now on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

Trailer▶ Trailer
The Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Shrek! | Bonus Feature Spotlight [Blu-ray/DVD]▶ The Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Shrek! | Bonus Feature Spotlight [Blu-ray/DVD]
Shrek Wins Best Animated Feature | 74th Oscars (2002)▶ Shrek Wins Best Animated Feature | 74th Oscars (2002)

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The greatest fairy tale never told...

Shrek — 2001

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All released movie posters so far for the movie shrek - 2001. A poster for Vicky Jenson & Andrew Adamson kids & family movie, Shrek! High resolution official theatrical movie poster (#1 of 10) for shrek (2001). Image dimensions: 2025 x 3000.

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Als der böse Lord Farquaad alle Fabelwesen gefangen nimmt, kommt bloß einer in Frage, der das Reich vom bösen Tyrannen befreien kann ‒ der Shrek! Ein grüner und schelmischer Sumpfbewohner. Auf der Suche nach dem Abenteuer begegnen er und sein gesprächiger Freund Esel feuerspeienden Drachen und dem dunklen Geheimnis einer schönen Prinzessin.

Shrek, un ogre verdâtre, cynique et malicieux, a élu domicile dans un marécage qu’il croit être un havre de paix. Un matin, alors qu’il sort faire sa toilette, il découvre de petites créatures agaçantes qui errent dans son marais. Shrek se rend alors au château du seigneur Lord Farquaad, qui aurait soi‐disant expulsé ces êtres de son royaume. Ce dernier souhaite épouser la princesse Fiona, mais celle‐ci est retenue prisonnière par un abominable dragon. Il lui faut un chevalier assez brave pour secourir la belle. Shrek accepte d’accomplir cette mission. En échange, le seigneur devra débarrasser son marécage de ces créatures envahissantes. Or, la princesse Fiona cache un secret terrifiant qui va entraîner Shrek et son compagnon l’âne dans une palpitante et périlleuse aventure.

Shrek, un orco dal cuore d'oro, insieme al suo "destriero" Ciuchino cerca di tornare in possesso della sua palude, ora occupata dai personaggi delle fiabe, i quali sono stati imprigionati dal perfido Lord Farquaad, tiranno della terra di Duloc. L'orco e l'inseparabile asinello devono inoltre darsi da fare per liberare una principessa sottoposta a un sortilegio e tenuta prigioniera in un castello sorvegliato da un drago.

Жил да был в сказочном государстве большой зеленый великан по имени Шрэк. Жил он в гордом одиночестве в лесу, на болоте, которое считал своим. Но однажды злобный коротышка - лорд Фаркуад, правитель волшебного королевства, безжалостно согнал на Шрэково болото всех сказочных обитателей. И беспечной жизни зеленого тролля пришел конец. Но лорд Фаркуад пообещал вернуть Шреку болото, если великан добудет ему прекрасную принцессу Фиону , которая томится в неприступной башне, охраняемой огнедышащим драконом...

Hol volt, hol nem volt, egy messzi mocsárban, meghitt magányban élt egyszer egy morcos ogre, akit Shreknek hívtak. Ám a zöld szörny nyugalmát és életét egy napon fenekestül felbolygatta egy különös esemény: mesebeli lények lepték el a mocsarat - és lepték meg gyanútlan hősünket. A három vak egér futkározott a vacsoráján, a nagy, gonosz farkas feküdt az ágyában, a hét törpe Hófehérke koporsóját tette az asztalára, kunyhója előtt pedig ott nyüzsgött a három hajléktalan kismalac, és mindenféle más varázslatos figurák, akiket a gonosz Farquaad nagyúr űzött el otthonukból. Shrek tehát elment a nagyúrhoz, hogy visszakövetelje mocsarát, de ehhez előbb meg kell mentenie a szörnyű tűzokádó sárkány karmaiból Fiona királylányt, hogy Farquaad feleségül vehesse, és így király lehessen... A nagy kalandban társa is akad az ogrének: a szószátyár Szamár, aki bármit megtenne Shrekért. Hamarosan kiderül, hogy a sárkánynál sokkal nagyobb problémát jelent Fiona különös titka...

Hace mucho, mucho tiempo, en una lejanísima ciénaga vivía un intratable ogro llamado Shrek. Pero de repente, un día, su absoluta soledad se ve interrumpida por una invasión de sorprendentes personajes de cuento. Hay ratoncitos ciegos en su comida, un enorme y malísimo lobo en su cama, tres cerditos sin hogar y otros muchos seres increíbles que han sido deportados de su reino por el malvado Lord Farquaad. Para conseguir salvar su terreno, y de paso a sí mismo, Shrek hace un pacto con Farquaad y emprende viaje para conseguir que la preciosa princesa Fiona sea la novia del Lord. En tan importante misión le acompañan un burro chistoso, dispuesto a hacer cualquier cosa por Shrek. Todo, menos estarse calladito. Rescatar a la princesa de una dragona enamoradiza que suelta fuego al respirar va a resultar una tontería comparado con lo que ocurre cuando el oscuro secreto que la joven guardaba es revelado.

Shrek er ikke som andre helter. Han er det sjarmerende trollet som satte i gang er nytt fenomen innen film, og som trollbandt en hel verden med .... det mest fantastiske eventyret som aldri er blitt fortalt! Dette sier kritikerne om Shrek: "ikke bare en glitrende animsjonsfilm, men en fremragende film for alle plan" (Larry King, USA Today). Gjenopplev hvert øyeblikk av Shreks modige ferd for å redde den livlige Prinsesse Fiona og få igjen skjøtet til sin elskede sump fra intrigemakeren Lord Farquaad. Shreks medhjelper på ferden er Eselet, den elskelige og skrytende vennen hans. Shrek er en sjarmerende uærbødig og "stålende dyktig film" (Leah Rozen, People Magazine ), og filmen er et fortrollende eventyr som du vil ha lyst til å se om og om igjen!

Shrek handlar om sagomonstret Shrek som bor i ett träsk där han bara vill leva i lugn och ro. Han skrämmer lätt bort alla inkräktare och älskar att bada i leran. Men en dag invaderas hans hus och trädgård av en samling ytterst påfrestande sagofigurer. Plötsligt ligger det en stor, stygg varg i hans säng. Tre hemlösa grisar och tre blinda möss vill också bo i huset.

Shrek, zelený obr s tykadly mimozemšťanů, žije sice docela sám, ale šťastně ve svém domku na samotě u lesa až do chvíle, kdy je doslova přepaden nekonečným zástupem známých i méně známých pohádkových postaviček, které byly vyhoštěny z království nevzhledného a zakyslého Lorda Farquaada. Ve snaze zjednat pořádek a hlavně vrátit klid do svého příbytku Shrek Farquaadovi slíbí, že vysvobodí ze zajetí obávaného draka krásnou princeznu Fionu a přivede mu ji, aby se stala jeho ženou. S pomocí mazaného oslíka, ochotného pro Shreka udělat cokoli, jen ne zmlknout aspoň na okamžik, obr svůj slib splní, jenže pak se to nějak podivně zamotá, zaplete a zkomplikuje, takže je všechno nakonec úplně a docela jinak...

Shrek é um monstrinho feio, verde e mal-disposto que recebe no pântano onde vive uma visita inesperada de personagens de contos de fadas, expulsos pelo malvado Lord Farquaad do reino onde viviam. Shrek faz um acordo com Lord Farquaad, compromete-se a convencer a princesa Fiona a tornar-se Lady Farquaad. Como amigos o montro verde conta ainda com um burro, que fala pelos cotovelos!

De slechte heerser van Duloc (de kleine Lord Farquaad) heeft alle sprookjesfiguren uit zijn land verbannen. De figuren, inclusief een praatgrage ezel, vluchten naar het moerasland van de oger Shrek, die erg op z'n privacy gesteld is.


Shrek jest zielonym stworzonkiem, które nie lubi hałasu, zamieszania i niespodziewanych gości. Jakie było jego zdziwienie, kiedy do jego zacisza zawitało mnóstwo postaci z sąsiedniego królestwa bajki. Zostali wygnani ze swojego królestwa przez złego Lorda Farquaada i nie będą mogli powrócić do domów, dopóki ktoś nie uratuje narzeczonej Lorda- księżniczki Fiony z łap straszliwego smoka. Shrek wyrusza w niebezpieczną drogę na ratunek Fionie.

Kde bolo, tam bolo, v jednom ďalekom močiari žil zelený obor menom Shrek, ktorého drahocenná samota je náhle otrasená inváziou otravných rozprávkových postavičiek. V jeho jedle sú myši, v jeho posteli veľký zlý vlk, v dome a v jeho okolí tri prasiatka. Jedného dňa sú obyvatelia močiara vyhostení zo svojho kráľovstva zlým lordom Farquaadom. Shrek je odhodlaný zachrániť ich spoločný domov. S Farquaadom uzavrie dohodu a vydá sa zachrániť z pazúrov zlého draka krásnu princeznú Fionu. Na svojej výprave je sprevádzaný vtipkujúcim somárom, ktorý by pre Shreka urobil čokoľvek. Somár je skvelý spoločník. Má iba jednu chybu - niekedy je strašne "ukecaný".

Den menneskefjendske trold Shrek bor alene midt i en sump, men en dag bliver han overrendt af eventyrfigurer, der er blevet smidt ud af Lord Farquards rige. Shrek aftaler med Faraquard, at han kan få lov til at være i fred, hvis han befrier herskerens udkårne, der holdes fanget af en drage. Og så drager Shrek af sted med sin følgesvend Æselet.

פארודיה על סיפורי אגדות ועל סרטי "דיסני", המסתמכת על ספרו של וויליאם שטיג. שרק הוא יצור ירקרק גדול, נרגן, רגזן, מתבודד ועקשן, שחי בביצה נידחת. בדידותו המזהרת בביצה מופרת עם בואם המפתיע של גיבורי אגדות, שסולקו מממלכתם על ידי לורד זדוני. שרק נחוש לסלק אותם מביצתו ולהחזיר את השלווה. ולכן הוא חותם עסקה עם הלורד: שרק יצא להושיע את כלתו המיועדת של הלורד, נסיכה הכלואה במצבר, תמורת החזרת גיבורי האגדה לביתם.

Şrek, oldukça korkutucu bir görünüme sahip, devasa, yeşil bir troldür. Yalnızlığın getirisiyle, hayatının geri kalanını beraber geçirebileceği, en az kendisi kadar çirkin bir yaratık bulmanın hevesindedir. Bir kahin, kehanetini açıklar. Şrek ile güzeller güzeli bir prenses olan Fiona arasında duygusal bir ilişki cereyan edecektir. Ancak Şrek ne kadar çirkinse Fiona bir o kadar güzeldir. Oldukça garip durumlar ve vaziyetler peyda olmak üzeredir.

Ένα πράσινο τεράστιο ξωτικό ο Σρεκ ανακαλύπτει την πραγματική αγάπη στο πρόσωπο της πριγκίπισσας Φιόνα στην προσπάθεια του να την ελευθερώσει και να κερδίσει έτσι πίσω την κυριότητα του βάλτου του…

성 밖 늪지대에 사는 엄청나게 못생기고 무지무지 큰 괴물 슈렉. 지저분한 진흙으로 샤워를 즐기고 동화책은 화장실 휴지 삼아 쓰는 그는 혼자만의 시간을 즐긴다. 그러던 어느 날, 자신만의 고요한 안식처에 백설공주, 신데렐라, 빗자루를 타고 다니는 마녀, 피리부는 아저씨, 피터팬, 피노키오 등등.. 동화속의 주인공들이 모두 쳐들어온다. 그 중에서도 가장 귀찮은 건 쉴새없이 떠들어대는 당나귀 덩키. 알고보니 얼굴이 몸의 반을 차지하는 1m도 안되는 숏다리 파콰드영주가 동화속의 주인공들을 다 쫓아낸것. 결국 슈렉은 파콰드영주와 담판을 지으러 떠난다. 하지만 일은 이상하게 꼬여 결국 파콰드영주 대신 불뿜는 용의 성에 갇힌 피오나 공주를 구하러 떠나게 되는데..

български език
Имало едно време в едно затънтено блато един обикновен Огър на име Шрек, чието скъпоценно усамотение неочаквано бива нарушено от нашествието на досадни приказни герои, прогонени от царството си от злия лорд Фаркуад. С твърдото намерение да спаси дома им – и най-вече своя, Шрек сключва сделка с Фаркуад и тръгва да спасява красивата принцеса Фиона, бъдеща булка на злодея.

Несподівані партнери: похмурий велетень Шрек об’єднує сили з дотепним ослом, аби визволити принцесу з лап вогнедишного дракона.


Når Shrek oppdager at den elskede sumpen hans er truet, bestemmer han seg for å gjenerobre hjemstedet sitt. Han får (en slags!) hjelp av det rappkjefta og uheldige Eselet, og på veien må den motvillige duoen redde Prinsesse Fiona og hindre de onde planene til puslete Lord Farquaad. SHREK er en uærbødig og lattervekkende film – det mest fantastiske eventyret som aldri er blitt fortalt!

Em um pântano distante vive Shrek (Mike Myers), um ogro solitário que vê, sem mais nem menos, sua vida ser invadida por uma série de personagens de contos de fada, como três ratos cegos, um grande e malvado lobo e ainda três porcos que não têm um lugar onde morar. Todos eles foram expulsos de seus lares pelo maligno Lorde Farquaad (John Lithgow). Determinado a recuperar a tranquilidade de antes, Shrek resolve encontrar Farquaad e com ele faz um acordo: todos os personagens poderão retornar aos seus lares se ele e seu amigo Burro (Eddie Murphy) resgatarem uma bela princesa (Cameron Diaz), que é prisioneira de um dragão. Porém, quando Shrek e o Burro enfim conseguem resgatar a princesa logo eles descobrem que seus problemas estão apenas começando.

Un malvado lord exilia a las criaturas de cuentos de hadas al pantano de un ogro gruñón, que debe ir en busca y rescatar a una princesa para el lord con el fin de recuperar su tierra.

Cu mult timp în urmă, într-o mlaștină îndepărtată, trăia un ogru ornamental numit Shrek. Dar brusc, într-o zi, singurătatea sa absolută este întreruptă de o invazie de personaje de basm surprinzătoare. Există șoareci orbi în mâncarea lui, un lup uriaș, rău în patul său, trei porci mici fără adăpost și multe alte ființe incredibile care au fost deportate din regatul său de către răul Lord Farquaad. Pentru a-și salva pământul și, în acest proces, Shrek face un pact cu Farquaad și își propune să facă frumoasa prințesă Fiona, mireasa Domnului. În această misiune importantă este însoțit de un măgar amuzant, gata să facă orice pentru Shrek. Orice, dar să fii liniștit. Salvarea prințesei de un dragon dragoste care inspiră foc va fi o prostie în comparație cu ceea ce se întâmplă atunci când secretul întunecat pe care îl păstra tânăra este dezvăluit.

Shrek lähtee uskaliaalle matkalle, jonka päämääränä on pelastaa tuittupäinen prinsessa Fiona lohikäärmeen kynsistä. Samalla Shrek hankkii takaisin kotisuonsa juonia punovalta lordi Farquaadilta. Apuna Shrekillä on rakastettava, mutta melko suulas Aasi.

กาลครั้งหนึ่งนานมาแล้วในหนองน้ำอันไกลโพ้น เป็นที่อาศัยของยักษ์ตัวเขียวผู้ต่ำต้อยตนหนึ่งที่ชื่อว่า เชร็ค (ไมค์ ไมเยอร์ส) แล้วจู่ ๆ ความสันโดษอันแสนมีค่าก็ถูกรบกวนโดยตัวละครของเทพนิยายที่มารุกราน พวกหนูตาบอดมาอยู่ในอาหารของมัน หมาป่าตัวใหญ่ใจร้ายมานอนเตียงของมัน ลูกหมูสามตัวไร้ที่อยู่กับอีกหลายตัวถูกปีศาจ ลอร์ดฟาร์ ควอด (จอห์น ลิธโกว์) ขับไล่มา มันไม่ได้จะรักษาบ้านของมันไว้หรอก แต่มันตัดสินใจที่จะช่วยรักษาบ้านของตัวละครเหล่านี้ไว้ มันจึงต่อรองกับฟาร์แควดและเริ่มออกเดินทางไปช่วยเจ้าหญิงฟีโอน่า (คาเมรอน ไดแอซ) เพื่อพาเธอมาเป็นเจ้าสาวของ ฟาร์ ควอด มันมีลาเจ้าคารม (เอ็ดดี้ เมอร์ฟี่) ร่วมเดินทางไปด้วย เจ้าลาตัวนี้พร้อมจะทำทุกอย่างเพื่อ เชร็ค นอกจากหุบปาก การช่วยชีวิตเจ้าหญิงจากมังกรพ่นไฟอาจเป็นการแก้ปัญหาของพวกเขาเพียงเล็กน้อย เพราะเจ้าหญิงเปิดเผยความลับที่ลึกซึ้งและมืดมนออกมา

Огр Шрек живи повученим животом у својој мочвари све док једног дана случајно не упознаје брбљивог магарца и оде до дворца лорда Фаркуада, који га пошаље на мисију спашавања принцезе Фионе, којом се он намерава оженити и која се налази у највишој соби највишег торња дворца којег окружује лава и чува змај. Током мисије Шрек се спријатељи с магарцем и заљубљује у Фиону.

本片根據威廉史泰格的童書改編,很久很久以前,有一個憤世嫉俗、茍不言笑的綠色巨人史瑞克,一個人孤零零地住在遙遠的沼澤裡,有一天一大堆惹人厭的童話故事人物突然打亂他平靜的生活,他吃的食物有瞎了眼的小老鼠,床上躺了一隻大野狼,家裡來了三隻房子被吹倒的小豬仔,這些童話人物通通都是被邪惡的法克大人給趕來。 他為了拯救這些童話人物,還有他自己的家,於是就和法克大人談了一個條件,他必須把美麗的費歐娜公主救出來,嫁給法克大人,他在路上找到一個講起話來喋喋不休、口若懸河的驢子,他什麼都肯為史瑞克做,就是不肯乖乖閉嘴。但是當他發現美麗的公主竟然深藏了一個可怕的秘密,事情就變得更複雜了。

شرک غولی است که در یک جنگل سرسبز در آرامش و سکوت زندگی می‌کند، تا اینکه مأموران پادشاه به منطقه‌ای نزدیک او می‌آیند و از مردم چیزهای عجیبشان می‌خواهند، پیرزنی الاغش را می‌دهد و ادعا می‌کند ...

Shrek je ljudožder koji u šumi živi sam i mrzi ljude. Kada lord Farquaad, vladar Duloca, progna sva bića iz bajki u šumu, Shrek odjednom više nije sam i njegov dom postane skloništem za izbjeglice, što ga neizmjerno živcira. Naime, sve što Shrek želi je da ga ostave na miru, a to je trenutačno nemoguće. Shrek traži od lorda Farquaada da primi natrag bića iz bajke, na što ovaj pristane, uz jedan uvjet: ako mu Shrek dovede princezu Fionu kako bio on, ženidbom s njom postao kralj.

Tolimoje šalyje, negailestingas valdovas Lordas Farquaad’as į tolimąjį užkampį išvijo visas pasakų būtybes. Valdovui pasipriešinoti sugebėjo trys būtybės: Pirmasis – žalias, smirdintis ogras, tačiau su auksine širdim, vardu Šrekas; jo kilnusis bendražygis, negalintis nutilti, Asilas; ir gražioji, bet „kieta“ princesė Fiona, kurią į žmonas pasiimti nori pats piktasis Duloc’o valdovas.

شريك غول اخضر يعيش في المستنقع وحيدًا مستمتعًا بعزلته، إلى أن يجد في يوم ما كل شخصيات القصص الخيالية ينامون في مستنقعه, فيذهب إلى اللورد فركواد ومعه الحمار كمساعده كي يامرهم بالرحيل, فيطلب منه فركواد ان يذهب لعرين التنين لينقذ الأميرة فيونا التي تتحول في المساء إلى غولة بدورها.

Reiz sensenos laikos, tālā purvā dzīvoja kašķīgs milzis - cilvēkēdājs vārdā Šreks. Viņa vientulīgo dzīvi pēkšņi satracināja uzmācīgu un kaitinošu pasaku varoņu ierašanās. Viņa ēdienā piepeši atradās akla pele, viņa gultā gulēja lielais, ļaunais vilks un trīs bezpajumtnieki sivēntiņi nedeva miera ne mirkli. Viņus visus no dzimtās karaļvalsts bija padzinis ļaunais Lords Farkvads. Lai glābtu viņu mājas, nemaz nerunājot par savām, Šreks ar ļauno Lordu noslēdza vienošanos un devās izglābt Lorda līgavu - skaisto princesi Fionu no briesmīgā pūķa liesmojošās rīkles. Šajā uzdevumā viņam līdzi devās asprātīgais ēzelītis Donkijs, kurš bija gatavs darīt visu Šreka labā, tikai ne apklust.

Shrek, un ogre verdâtre, cynique et malicieux, a élu domicile dans un marécage qu'il croit être un havre de paix. Un matin, alors qu'il sort faire sa toilette, il découvre de petites créatures agaçantes qui errent dans son marais.Shrek se rend alors au château du seigneur Lord Farquaad, qui aurait soit-disant expulsé ces êtres de son royaume. Ce dernier souhaite épouser la princesse Fiona, mais celle-ci est retenue prisonnière par un abominable dragon.Il lui faut un chevalier assez brave pour secourir la belle. Shrek accepte d'accomplir cette mission. En échange, le seigneur devra débarrasser son marécage de ces créatures envahissantes.Or, la princesse Fiona cache un secret terrifiant qui va entraîner Shrek et son compagnon l'âne dans une palpitante et périlleuse aventure.

Film jutustab rohelisest sookollist Shrekist, kes on harjunud elama üksinda soo peal. Aga Shreki rahu saab rikutud muinasjuttude tegelastega, keda Duloci valitseja Lord Farquaad sunnib soo peale kolima.

Dolgo, dolgo nazaj je v odročnem močvirju živel okras okrasov po imenu Shrek. Toda nenadoma nekega dne njegovo absolutno samoto prekine invazija presenetljivih pravljičnih likov. V njegovi hrani so slepe male miši, ogromen, hud volk v postelji, trije mali brezdomni prašiči in številna druga neverjetna bitja, ki jih je hudobni Lord Farquaad deportiral iz njegovega kraljestva. Da bi rešil svojo zemljo in v tem času, Shrek sklene pakt s Farquaadom in se odloči, da bo lepa princesa Fiona Gospodova nevesta. Na tej pomembni misiji ga spremlja smešen osel, pripravljen storiti karkoli za Shreka. Vse, a bodi tiho. Reševanje princese iz ljubezenskega zmaja, ki diha ogenj, bo neumno v primerjavi s tistim, ki se zgodi, ko se razkrije temna skrivnost, ki jo je mlada ženska hranila.

Bazen behin zingira batean bizi zen Shrek izeneko ogro bat. Halako batean, bere bakardade baliotsua galtzen du, ipuinetako pertsonaia gogaikarriek bere pantanoa inbaditu baitute, erreinua utzi behar izan baitute, Lord Farquad printzeak behartuta. Euren erreinura bueltatzeko asmoz, Shrekek Farquaadekin hitz egitera behartuta dago, berak errege izaten saiatzen den bitartean.

беларуская мова
У далёкай казачнай кpаіне жоpсткі валадаp Фаpкўад забаpаніў усе казкі і выгнаў казачных геpояў. Яны вымушаныя пасяліцца на балоце, дзе жыве самотны людажэp Шpэк. Шрэку не спадабалася шумная кампанія новых суседзяў – асабліва балбатун Аслюк, які настойліва хоча пасябраваць са Шрэкам. Каб вярнуць сваё балота і былы спакой, Шрэк выпраўляецца да валадара Фаркўада. Але той згодны вярнуць балота толькі пры адной умове: Шрэк вызваліць для яго каралеўну Фіёну. Шрэк і Аслюк выпраўляюцца ў падарожжа, поўнае прыгод і нечаканасцяў...

Tiếng Việt
Vương quốc Xa thật xa là nơi các nhân vật cổ tích sinh sống. Shrek, gã chằn xanh đang sống yên bình tại đầm lầy của mình. Bỗng nhiên, khu đầm trở thành nơi "tị nạn" của các nhân vật cổ tích đang bị lãnh chúa Farquaad săn đuổi. Để khỏi phải "chung đụng" với đám dân ở nhờ ồn ào, Shrek ký giao kèo cùng Farquaad. Gã sẽ đi cứu công chúa Fiona, đang bị giam giữ trong tòa tháp cao vợi, và được rồng canh giữ. Farquaad có được cô dâu trong mộng thì Farquaad phải để các nhân vật cổ tích kia được yên.

從前在一個遙遠的沼澤,住著其貌不揚但心地善良的綠色怪物 --- 史力加。有一天,一班童話人物打亂了他的平靜生活,原來動物中了國王科格的魔咒而身不由己。為了過回寧靜的生活,史力加決定和惡魔正面交鋒以及拯救費安娜公主;途中遇上為朋友赴湯蹈火的傻驢驢友。他們憑著大無畏精神,迎接前所未有的考驗…

ერთხელ იყო დიდი მწვანე გიგანტი, სახელად შრეკი, ზღაპრულ მდგომარეობაში. ამაყად მარტოობაში ცხოვრობდა ტყეში, ჭაობში, რომელსაც თავის საკუთრებად თვლიდა. მაგრამ ერთ დღეს, ბოროტმა შორტიმ - ლორდ ფარკუადმა, ჯადოსნური სამეფოს მმართველმა, უმოწყალოდ წაიყვანა ყველა ზღაპრული მკვიდრი შრეკოვის ჭაობში. და დასრულდა მწვანე გიგანტის უდარდელი ცხოვრება. მაგრამ ლორდ ფარკუადმა დაჰპირდა ჭაობის დაბრუნებას შრეკს, თუ გიგანტი მას მშვენიერ პრინცესას ფიონას მიიღებდა, რომელიც ცეცხლმოკიდებული დრაკონით იცავს აუღელვებელ კოშკში.

Fa molt, molt de temps, en un llunyà aiguamoll vivia un intractable ogre anomenat Shrek. Però de cop i volta, un dia, la seva absoluta solitud es veu interrompuda per una invasió de sorprenents personatges de conte. Hi ha ratolins cecs al seu menjar, un enorme i dolentíssim llop al seu llit, tres porquets sense llar i molts altres éssers increïbles que han estat deportats del seu regne pel malvat Lord Farquaad. Per aconseguir salvar el seu terreny, i de pas a si mateix, Shrek fa un pacte amb Farquaad i emprèn viatge per aconseguir que la preciosa princesa Fiona sigui la núvia del Lord. En una missió tan important l'acompanyen un ruc divertit, disposat a fer qualsevol cosa per Shrek. Tot, menys estar calladet. Rescatar la princesa d'una dragona enamoradissa que deixa anar foc en respirar resultarà una ximpleria comparat amb el que passa quan el fosc secret que la jove guardava és revelat.

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