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After the death of his father, the king of Wakanda, young T'Challa returns home to the isolated high-tech African nation to succeed to the throne and take his rightful place as king. But when a powerful enemy reappears, T'Challa's mettle as king – and Black Panther – is tested when he’s drawn into a formidable conflict that puts the fate of Wakanda and the entire world at risk. Faced with treachery and danger, he must release the full power of Black Panther to defeat his foes and secure the safety of his people and their way of life.

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Not the best movie  Ryi1988  3 star

It was a alright movie. I am not into Marvel but this movie got a lot of good reviews so I gave it a chance. It didn’t live up to its potential in my opinion. I gave it 3 stars cause that car chase was good and the fighting was good too. But it was hard to keep my interest. I couldn’t watch the whole thing. I sat through the whole movie but was on my phone for a good amount of it. People did like this movie I didn’t seem be too interested in too much.

ChibiAiko Aishi
Good movie! But...  ChibiAiko Aishi  4 star

All though others my say it’s boring or doesn’t live up to its 97% on Rotten Tomatoes, I can’t stop watching it! How ever it is kind of dry. There’s not enough action for it to be an action movie. The only actions scenes I counted was 4. You would probably expect more then that. But overall is a good movie!

Fantastic  OPBBHR  5 star

Venom is so trash but it has 97 rotten tomatoes

Well done  davidtheflynn  5 star

Fab Wakanda FOREVER!

Great movie  Dregamesta  5 star

A lot of y’all racist in the comments and don’t even know it

John II of Aragón
action movie?  John II of Aragón  1 star

Just another political movie by marvel, it has no magic and it preaches lefty tropes, a waste of money

Best superhero movie  tenyten  5 star

Never thought I would sympathize with the villain so much and have a hero learn from his mistakes.

Wth?  Hatrsupreme  1 star

My god this movie was a huge disappointment. I grew up on comics during the golden age of the 80's and blank Panther was a fave read. This is pure racist nonsense...want to see a great film with a entire black cast? watch....The Color of the best movies ever despite featuring Whoopi racist Goldberg and black supremist Oprah...this was before their success so it might explain why they are enjoyable.

Over hyped garbage  Erasmus1492  1 star

Waste of time and money...

Excellent movie!!  DRED1336  5 star

Love this movie!! Every minute of it is great!!

Was over hyped  Manning2072  3 star

It was ok, not great!... mediocre at best!

“Black Panther”  Candureactor  4 star

Needless to say, there was a lot of hype surrounding “Black Panther”. What some people saw was a cultural phenomenon. What I saw was a Marvel movie, with the usual excess of high-quality special effects and action. It is sad this movie is a cultural phenomenon, but it is. This movie should be the norm. I’m not writing every superhero film has to have an all-black cast and crew (although I certainly wouldn’t be disappointed by this shift), but where have all the black superheroes been up until now? (In Wakanda, I guess.) For that matter, where are the LGTBQ+ superheroes? Isn’t there still a dearth of female superheroes? Lupita Nyong’o and Danai Gurira are rightfully awesome. I hope studios begin to realize viewers want characters that look and talk like they do; this movie proves it. “Panther” has all the usual “Marvel problems” associated with it; too much action, oversimplified philosophies, and too few practical effects. It’s a strong entry in the Marvel cinematic universe (especially so if you consider plotless time-wasters like “Ant-man and the Wasp”), but is nothing revolutionary in terms of the filmic medium. (As discussed above, however, it is revolutionary in different ways.) In terms of casting, the overall hero-villain dynamic is unfortunately lessened by Michael B. Jordan’s charisma and Chadwick Boseman’s character’s odd lack thereof. (This is really a small quibble, considering.) —4 stars for the craftsmanship and utter immersiveness of Wakanda, the quality of the production, and the sympathetic, memorable dramatis personae.

What am I missing?  golfkrazed78  1 star

This was an overhyped and uninteresting film. As an avid film enthusiast I am struggling to find anything positive to say about this film. The talents of many fine actors in this film are wasted in the thin plot and one dimensional character development. Just not seeing what others are.

Slick & interesting - good, not great.  Och.laddie  4 star

Good cinematography, mediocre story and acting.

Black panther  bullshit999  5 star

Awesome movies

Terrible acting  NickGallant  2 star

I don’t know how this movie has such a high rating. The story is interesting but the acting is embarrassing in places and some of the CGI looks pretty bad. Enough with superhero movies already.

epic marvel fan
Black panther  epic marvel fan  5 star

What can say that hasn’t been said about this work of art it’s one of the greatest movies of all time and one moments in film history Wakanda forever!

This movie is awesome😸😸😸  lollol1997  5 star

Love this movie this is a cool movie full of cool fight scenes and a good storyline!!!

Chris P. Burger
Really good movie  Chris P. Burger  5 star

This movie is so good I’d rent it twice

Amazing  Jadou123  5 star

A must see

Loved it.  grannyliz  5 star

I thought it was a great movie. Enjoyed the cast , watched it a few times.

Over hyped!  Bsg666  1 star

It was boring the acting could of been better! People say it’s the best movie since sliced bread! I don’t think so it’s all hype.It was not groundbreaking civil war was better. Just another over hyped movie. Some reviews stated History, culture this is a sci-fi comic movie made by an American studio with American cast no African power in this movie.

File corrupted on download-  C_Magoo  1 star

Third movie downloaded as SD in 2 years that would not play. No option from Itunes to scan and fix file or redownload that leaves the only option to repurchase a HD version. So much Itunes could do for better service but they just don't care and appear not to have to comply with consumer and retail laws of the countries they sell in. Never responded in any of the three cases of correspondence

A cinematic masterpiece  SamCook22  5 star

This may sound dramatic to some, or maybe a lot of people, but this isn’t me being melodramatic or exaggerating my view of the movie. To me, Black Panther IS a cinematic masterpiece. I could write a whole essay on why I adore this movie and why it is marvellous. Hell, maybe I will. But this is a review, not an essay, so here goes; why Black Panther is a 5 star movie and a cinematic masterpiece. First of all, the characters. The characters of Black Panther are strong, complex, and three-dimensional. This is true for both the women and men in the story, the heroes and the main villain. The three main women in Black Panther are strong characters as individuals, especially whose purposes and characterisation within the story aren’t solely related to the men in it. They have their own motivations, beliefs, strengths, and weaknesses. Shuri. Nakia. Okoye. Shuri is incredibly intelligent, funny, and greatly skilled in science. Nakia is kind, compassionate, diplomatic, and forward thinking. Okoye is immensely loyal, determined, passionate, and dedicated. Out of all the Marvel movies so far, Black Panther has the best representation for women in my opinion by far. I found myself internally screaming in awe at how awesome they are while in the cinema, especially at their badassery and boldness. The men are also well represented, particularly T’Challa and Killmonger. They, like the women, are three-dimensional, strong, and complex. They too, feel real, as all great characters do. What is especially significant about these two, however, is the construction of them as main hero and main villain. T’Challa has the title role of the superhero Black Panther, while Killmonger is the villain. Despite being a villain, it is easy to sympathise with Killmonger, because he is a three-dimensional villain. His reasons for his behaviour are shown to us through his backstory and not only does it make the audience put ourselves in the ‘villain’ ‘s shoes and understand why he did what he did, but it did a brilliant job of demonstrating that people are complex and morally grey, that the person/character set up as a villain is only the villain from one side of the story. Killmonger himself did what he thought was right and what he was motivated to do based on his experiences. The depth and pain and heartache this added to the story and movie as a whole, as well as the characters and their relationships is what makes it significantly better than some other Marvel movies in terms of villain characterisation. Then there is the representation of African people. As someone who is not African, I cannot speak on the representation of African people in the movie. I can only speak on what I observed and know, and that is, that this movie did amazingly well at the box office. Not just because it is a Marvel movie, but because it is a diverse, almost all POC cast Marvel movie. The fact that this movie did that well at the box office, as did other diverse movies such as Crazy Rich Asians and Coco, speaks volumes to the amount that diversity in cinema is not just wanted but needed. Online, on twitter especially, I saw people of colour, specifically African people, talk about how Black Panther impacted them, how seeing themselves represented in an entire cast of a Marvel movie felt. Black Panther means a lot to a lot of people and it’s impact is another reason why it’s absolutely brilliant. Now, the writing of Black Panther, Holy Hera. The writing of this movie, just WOW. It is witty, clever, character driven, exciting in every scene, emotional, and packed with social commentary. A kind of social commentary that is executed so well throughout the movie that it is intertwined with other aspects of the movie. It’s sprinkled into the witty dialogue, Killmonger’s backstory and characterisation, the relationships between the characters, gorgeous cinematography, wonderful acting, and exciting action. The social commentary isn’t a smack in the face, it’s a series of questions that are directed to the audience in subtle yet clear, and bold ways. I’ve seen a heap of reviews on here, and other places, where people review it as “overrated” or “overhyped” but that seems a bit fishy to me. People do, of course, have the right to their own opinion and to express that opinion, however, I recommend that people who hate on Black Panther or who simply view it as “overrated” rewatch it. Not everyone will agree with me that it is a cinematic masterpiece, but please don’t discredit it completely because of predetermined ideas about it or biases. If all I’ve already said about Black Panther isn’t testament enough to the brilliance of this movie, it’s impact, and it’s worthiness of 5 stars, then perhaps this will; Out of every Marvel movie I’ve seen, this is the one Marvel movie that as soon as it had finished, I immediately wanted to rewatch it.

Seriously!? Who is enjoying this?  Cgu-0B1  1 star

Poor acting, terrible dialogue, pathetic story arc, unlikeable one dimensional heroes and villain, distracting unrealistic overused CGI, unexplainable science, and apparently there’s only one scientist in the whole country that invented everything....and the accents, ohhh the overexcited accents, is that acting?

Good!  Dimidomido  4 star

Great watch, worth renting.

Extremely over rated  joeM108  2 star

Wow what a let down. Was expecting something great with all the hype, but was hugely let down. Doesn’t come close to Logan.

Great film  Phantom_Killer6  5 star

It was very exiting to watch

Lachlan Hammond
It’s just a movie  Lachlan Hammond  2 star

It’s a superhero movie not a race movement and it wasn’t even that good of a movie to begin with.

CIA is not friends of Africa  nadacat  1 star

I did not enjoy African American radical movement being portrayed as the bad guys and CIA portrayed as the good guy.

It’s ok!  LadenRock  3 star

It was slow to start off with. Especially liked the princess for her cheeky humour.

A little bland but worth seeing.  Orbital.bob  3 star

Not a terrible movie but something was missing and the story felt a little bland. Some of the CGI was jarring, particularly in action scenes but else where it was fresh and well realised. Good cast overall, really liked the Dora Milaje.

Ok for kids  GtsMonaro  1 star


Absolute Pants!!  NZ-Griff  1 star

Just doesn’t work it even tries it’s hand at being a black James Bond film. Dire plot, dire, dire

Great !!!  liveauto  5 star

Great movie that me and my boys can watch together!

Wow!  WiseGirl17  5 star

Awesome cast. Awesome story. Best marvel movie yet! Definitely watch this movie!

Amazing!!!  Hendo20  5 star

One of the best Marvel movies to date! Very entertaining, non-stop action with a few laughs and a great cast!

Boring  Gumbygreeneye  1 star

I love Marvel movies but this was just boring. Lots of unnecessary exposition interspersing mediocre action that was so choppy it was hard to follow. Often action scenes were just too dark to see. Underwhelming.

Perfectly beautiful. Beautifully perfect.  kiwichix0r  5 star

Nailed it. This film is everything it should have been and more, socially, politically, and aesthetically. It also did the original mid-twentieth century property justice. Beautiful, exciting, entertaining, and brilliantly performed.

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