Black Panther (2018)

Black Panther (2018) Summary and Synopsis

After the death of his father, the king of Wakanda, young T'Challa returns home to the isolated high-tech African nation to succeed to the throne and take his rightful place as king. But when a powerful enemy reappears, T'Challa's mettle as king – and Black Panther – is tested when he’s drawn into a formidable conflict that puts the fate of Wakanda and the entire world at risk. Faced with treachery and danger, he must release the full power of Black Panther to defeat his foes and secure the safety of his people and their way of life. King T'Challa returns home to the reclusive, technologically advanced African nation of Wakanda to serve as his country's new leader. However, T'Challa soon finds that he is challenged for the throne by factions within his own country as well as without. Using powers reserved to Wakandan kings, T'Challa assumes the Black Panther mantle to join with ex-girlfriend Nakia, the queen-mother, his princess-kid sister, members of the Dora Milaje (the Wakandan 'special forces') and an American secret agent, to prevent Wakanda from being dragged into a world war. Black Panther (2018) Wiki

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Long live the king...

Black Panther (2018) Movie (2018)

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Black Panther (2018) Movie Reviews

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- Remember him5 star


- 💙💙💙5 star

This movie is incredible. Truly shows a rich culture and dives deep into an amazing world.

- R I P Black Panther😭5 star

R I P Chadwick . November 29nth 1976 - August 28 2020. Chadwick will never be forgotten. 😭 Rip Black Panther

- 😶😐...4 star

Not the best movie but I really liked it.😀

- “Wakanda Forever!”5 star

What a great superhero movie! Nuff said.

- This is a good movie5 star


- Phenomenal5 star

This movie did not only embrace an African American as a superhero but they also embraced the history of America. The fact that the technology was far past The rest of the world. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Really good5 star

One of the best Marvel movies. I just bought it. God bless

- I liked it4 star

All in all a decent movie but not the greatest in history as some people say

- Critics are stupid5 star

I thought this movie was cool. But a lot of people hate this movie well I like it. Don’t listen to the critics, they are jerks.

- Best movie ever5 star

For once, black people aren’t seen as poor, thugs, drug addicts, and/or underprivileged. It’s a thriving community with citizens looking out for each other. Black America once tried that, but jealous white people burned black Wall Street down. Nevertheless, race cannot be ignored and I’m glad to see a black super hero for once! I’m sure millions of young black boys will aspire to be blank panther for decades to come. My brother loved Batman, but 20+ years ago black panther didn’t exist. We just want representatives in the country that was built on our ancestors backs. Nothing against anyone else, but success starts when you can visualize it and dream it. We need more positive role models for our young boys. This movie embodies excellence in all areas! #blackexcellence

- R I P5 star

Everybody don’t hate black panther he died in September 2020

- No thanks1 star

** EDIT 2 ** Get the hint... this movie at best is worth $1.99 19.99? ROFLMAO *EDIT* Lulz at this being 'Movie of the Year'... More like PC movie of the year =============================================== How hilarious that now that he passed, people are swarming it with 5 stars... padded garbage movie Someone paid for me to see this movie in theater today. Got up and walked out after about 45m, I couldn't take it anymore. Best Marvel movie? What freaking alternate universe are you from where this waste of time is the 'Best' Marvel movie. I've bought all of the Marvel movies, but not this one... no chance Apple will get any money from me for this crap movie.

- Quite Enjoyed the Movie4 star

The casting was nearly perfect with wonderful talented actors and actresses. Although some scenes and messages seems a bit political, which I’m not too fond of, doesn’t change how beautiful this movie was made. There is a scene where I cringe a bit with a, “colonizer” line that was directed towards a Caucasian male. It’s still a movie and I hope people can look pass certain things and understand certain things and try to enjoy the movie. The ensemble, the scenery, just beautiful. The storyline was relatable and understandable and I won’t deny the talent. Without spoiling anything, I don’t really like the ending. I’m looking forward to Black Panther 2, however, RIP Chadwick Boseman. Quite a Marvel family fan here and I feel whoever think this is the worst Marvel movie or worst movie they’ve seen... I’d like to ask, have you seen Captain Marvel or Cats? I’ve seen Captain Marvel and Samuel L. Jackson saved that movie. As for Cats... I only saw the trailer and that was enough for me.

- Amazing5 star

One of the best Marvel Movies of all time. R.I.P Chadwick Boseman you have truly shown me there’s nothing you can’t do it’s just a matter of what you “won’t” do.

- Top 5 MCU Films5 star

Been saying it since it came out. 1. Avengers Infinity War/Endgame 2. Avengers 3. Black Panther 4. Guardians of the Galaxy 5. Captain America: Civil War My list has remained the same. Chadwick’s death is a hard hitter. We will never truly see these films at their peak with his loss. Long Live King Chadwick. Long Live the Chad Panther

- My Hero5 star

I truly lived this movie I watched it more than once. Rest on Chadwick Boseman 🕊 thank you for being our King

- R.I.P.5 star

Chadwick Boseman

- Thoroughly entertaining!!!💯5 star

Thrill ride from start to finish!!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

- One of the best in the MCU5 star

Black Panther is a entertaining blockbuster that everyone should go see. Not only is Black Panther a great superhero movie, but a great movie as a whole. Black Panther has great characters and easily one the best villains in the MCU. The story is one of the best told in this franchise. Definitely recommend it!

- Awesome5 star

This is genuinely one of the best movies ever.

- Rip king5 star


- Remake with Tom Cruise!(as the black panther!)1 star

Hey they made black “Annie”...why not!At least Tom can act!

- 👍 Great 👍5 star

R.I.P. Chadwick Boseman

- Overblown1 star

Basically, not worth your time. Trashy.

- Awesome5 star

Disregard the negative reviews. It’s just white people being racist.

- Best movie ever5 star

Best movie bc he was an inspiration to the world and he died so I’m sad but the movie is very good.

- Long live the king5 star

One of the best marvel movies ever

- A Bunch of Fake People!!!!5 star

First they were bashing BP for being “too political” or “too black” now since he died, these very same people are pretending to have been fans all along...

- R.I.P Black Panther5 star


- Best movie ever5 star

I think it’s has to be Number three on my on favorite movie list.

- RIP Chadwick5 star

You made up so proud. RIP, King.

- One Of The Best Movies Made5 star

This was a very good piece of the marvel universe, the movie is just outstanding. Great cast and story line to fit the Avenger series. No one could have played the Black Panther better. I know a lot of racist people don’t like the film because of its mainly black cast but you should really get over your self.

- Remembering5 star

Wakanda Forever! Rest In Peace Great Prince!

- The Best Marvel Movie5 star

Excellent. I fell asleep on most marvel movies, but not only is this one of the best Marvel movies, it’s one of my favorite movies ever. I saw it opening night, I watch it on international flights, I’ve even bought it on iTunes. Great movie. WAKANDA FOREVER!!

- Rest In Peace5 star

About to watch this tonight the day he passed from cancer Rest In Peace brother

- RIP Chadwick4 star

Honestly, I thought this movie had its issues (such as the lack of character development with T’Challa, and the horrendous visual effects in the final act) but overall I really enjoyed it. A solid Marvel film. 8/10 RIP Chadwick Boseman.

- R.I.P. Chadwick Boseman5 star

I heard the news late last night of Chadwick Boseman’s unfortunate passing and came to pay my respects. His performance as T’Challa was incredible and definitely was one of the best parts of the movie. And honestly, as much as I was looking forward to Black Panther 2, I really don’t see anyone else in the role. Rest in power, Chadwick. You’re legacy will never be forgotten. Wakanda Forever!

- All hail Black Panther5 star

Rest In Peace Chadwick Boseman....... Thank you so much for showing us in a positive light while going through your own struggles. Thank you for being our hero and making history for us.

- Thank you so Much Chad5 star

So this movie yes did show the power of black people and it was so wonderful! We as Black people don’t have a super hero in our life and we finally were able to have one. This movie showed so much power, joy and love!! This movie showed how we are a strong race and that even in hard times of life, and we feel defeated, we should keep fighting no matter what!! This was so inspiring and to see the comments on here, smh people really are so ignorant to the fact of what is going on here!! Thank you so much Chad for showing us what a great actor you are and how amazing our culture is, may you rest in Paradise knowing that you made such an impact on the world and that so many people, who didn’t even know you personally and knew you personally, loved you so so much. Thank you so much. It was an honor. Wakanda Forever

- Truly excellent film5 star

Beyond the usual superhero entertainment - which I enjoy - Black Panther transcends the Marvel formula to become a real landmark. Bozeman is wonderful and Jordan is the best villain ever in a Marvel movie. This is their crown jewel.

- #WakandaForever5 star

Our whole family enjoyed this movie. One of the best Marvel films. Great characters, great writing, great plot.


Rest In Peace Chadwick. You are a king to many

- Good!5 star

Better than does haters who should get punched 2000000000 times cause they are bland and are stupid!!!!!! And so dumb they are going to cry cause they are so stupid

- Black Panther’s a masterpiece!!!5 star

Black Panther is a masterpiece, it has outstanding performances (from Chadwick, Michael, Lupita, etc.), amazing soundtrack, great action sequences, great humor, beautiful costumes, marvelous villain, and amazing story!! Something I didn’t like is the CGI, at times it’s great, but at times it’s messy (like a PS2 game). Overall, BP is one of Marvel’s best films yet and is a must see!!! 9/10

- It’s so gooood5 star

Best marvel movie since iron man 2

- The best african american movie to date5 star

Black Panther is the very definition of good writing and beautiful cinematopgraphy that keeps on going for the rest of the film. Either way on a most serious note, Black Panther isn't just the greatest movie ever made it's flawless, memorable and overall has really good performences by the talented actors espically Michael B. Jordon who is a good villian when he tries not because he is just a good actor he tries and that's what makes this african american superhero melo-drama so believebale to explore.

- Just sorta meh....3 star

I had great expectations for this movie! Sadly, I was disappointed by the lack of action and fight scenes there were. The ones that were in the movie were great, but again, it lacked action throughout the entire movie. There were to many backstories, rituals, and talking scenes. Klau should not have died. He was a great character. Overall, definitely not Marvel’s greatest achievement. Also, i couldn’t enjoy the movie because all it did was compare race throughout

- The best super Hero Movie ever5 star

This is more than a movie, this is a movement! The subliminal message with colors used by the director is genus! The scene in the casino is a masterpiece, the way the camera uses one take to follow the fight is brilliant. The storyline is the only week point of the movie, it kind of follows the same hero must prove himself story as the first iron man and Thor movies.

- In my top 105 star


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elyse displayed - Black pattern5 star

Congratulations on your new show today how that go well today how’s your day going well today did you have fun today love Adele

Alvin James P Oogak - Black Panther5 star

It hurts that his still gone. Rest In Power Chadwick Boseman you will be missed in every way.

nanny mcpheee - Great movie5 star

I loved the movie so much!! This deserves a perfect 5 star rating! Chadwick Boseman was a great actor in this and in all his movies... R.I.P. Chadwick

mnhcrtychvjbknp - Good movie5 star

2nd only to doctor strange

Cazanova74 - Was beyond my expectations5 star

When I read Marvel comics 20 years ago, I always considered Black Panther a secondary character. However when I saw him in Captain America Civil War, I felt he had potential to become a great character in the MCU universe. Then I saw Black Panther and I loved everything about the movie. the story was great, the special effects and the characters were well written. But the movie also has a very strong sociological message too.... I'm surprised this movie made a little bit less than Captain Marvel, because it was 100 times better.

HAR EL - Need more black superheroes2 star

Steel in the dc universe is well known and has a sicker suite and cool weapon. Marvel make more character like steel

Manning2072 - Was over hyped3 star

It was ok, not great!... mediocre at best!

Candureactor - “Black Panther”4 star

Needless to say, there was a lot of hype surrounding “Black Panther”. What some people saw was a cultural phenomenon. What I saw was a Marvel movie, with the usual excess of high-quality special effects and action. It is sad this movie is a cultural phenomenon, but it is. This movie should be the norm. I’m not writing every superhero film has to have an all-black cast and crew (although I certainly wouldn’t be disappointed by this shift), but where have all the black superheroes been up until now? (In Wakanda, I guess.) For that matter, where are the LGTBQ+ superheroes? Isn’t there still a dearth of female superheroes? Lupita Nyong’o and Danai Gurira are rightfully awesome. I hope studios begin to realize viewers want characters that look and talk like they do; this movie proves it. “Panther” has all the usual “Marvel problems” associated with it; too much action, oversimplified philosophies, and too few practical effects. It’s a strong entry in the Marvel cinematic universe (especially so if you consider plotless time-wasters like “Ant-man and the Wasp”), but is nothing revolutionary in terms of the filmic medium. (As discussed above, however, it is revolutionary in different ways.) In terms of casting, the overall hero-villain dynamic is unfortunately lessened by Michael B. Jordan’s charisma and Chadwick Boseman’s character’s odd lack thereof. (This is really a small quibble, considering.) —4 stars for the craftsmanship and utter immersiveness of Wakanda, the quality of the production, and the sympathetic, memorable dramatis personae.

golfkrazed78 - What am I missing?1 star

This was an overhyped and uninteresting film. As an avid film enthusiast I am struggling to find anything positive to say about this film. The talents of many fine actors in this film are wasted in the thin plot and one dimensional character development. Just not seeing what others are.

Och.laddie - Slick & interesting - good, not great.4 star

Good cinematography, mediocre story and acting.

NickGallant - Terrible acting2 star

I don’t know how this movie has such a high rating. The story is interesting but the acting is embarrassing in places and some of the CGI looks pretty bad. Enough with superhero movies already.

epic marvel fan - Black panther5 star

What can say that hasn’t been said about this work of art it’s one of the greatest movies of all time and one moments in film history Wakanda forever!

lollol1997 - This movie is awesome😸😸😸5 star

Love this movie this is a cool movie full of cool fight scenes and a good storyline!!!

Chris P. Burger - Really good movie5 star

This movie is so good I’d rent it twice

Jadou123 - Amazing5 star

A must see

Oscar JM OXD - One Word...5 star


SRGRMB - ok3 star

Not as good has everyone has said it was. Maybe I expected better from all the drama over the movie. I left the threater thinking I wasted my money.

Combatbones43 - black heroes5 star

its finally good to have an african american for a super hero

Mynicknameisntaken - 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥5 star

Just straight fire all the way through. I don’t get why some people didn’t like it.

Thomas Ditursi - Sick movie dudes5 star

Really well done

zxcter - no2 star

None violent black people with superior tech. I was all for that. Disapointed. It was a mini action film. It never really got around to anything. This was not a great movie.

Dary Lena - Way too much hype3 star

Thank goodness I did not go to the theatre to see this! It was long and drawn out, should have known with all the hype!

ThatGuyBaney21 - Best movie ever made by far5 star

This is the BEST movie ever made in the world by far. Add me @ ThatGuyBaney21 if you have a Xbox one and you have live

Comme des ombres soyons!! - Zéro palpitations2 star

Grand fan de marvel que je suis je n’ai aucunement été épaté par ce présumé héros...tant qu’à moi...Batman qui n’est qu’un être humain mais très sophistiqué avec tout son arsenal potentiellement créé par lui-même n’en ferait qu’une bouchée de cette panthère, et cela d’une seule main!!! Désolé mais le scénario était sans fondement et le super-héros...faible et prévisible!! ...

O-N-E-H-E-R-O - Seems to get good reviews for the wrong reasons3 star

Ok movie but far from great. Reviews are blowing this out of proportion to attain status based on social agenda

SupermanFan97 - Wakanda Forever!!!!!!5 star

One Of The Best MCU Movies Of All Time It Has A Great Storyline And Great Acting And Great Action.

Code_Quad - This movie was mostly laughable.1 star

Looking at the reviews I thought that maybe I watched an entirely different movie. But no, it's the same movie. It's my third least favorite movie of the MCU sitting just above Ironman 3 and the Incredible Hulk. Not much to talk about so… Pros: The protagonist is just as cool as he is in Civil War. Cons: The song they play over and over in this movie reminds me of a rebellious 16-year-old playing terrible club music in their vehicle. Very annoying. The antagonist in the movie is the 16-year-old, that doesn't have knowledge of his African history (as well as the writers of this movie) because he grew up with the privileges of living in the United States. Not much detail on how Wakanda came to be, only that they have a special metal that they keep away from the rest of the world and then boom, super high-tech tech :) no information on how hard it was to develop this tech or how long it took. The political view is laughable, but it's best to ignore that slavery in Africa predates Western colonization by a millennia and that there are still people in Africa that are enslaved today. To each their own I guess. The graphics were terrible when comparing to the last 5 MCU movies and there is way too much of it. Very annoying to see fake water moving around their bodies when wrestling in the waterfall fights. I would only encourage people that really want to see this movie, to rent the movie and not buy it so that they can save their money. Sadly I bought this and cannot return it :(

Radace - Good movie, but not great.4 star

After seeing the epic trailers, I was hyped to see the movie. Even though it was a really good movie, it did not live up to my expectations as a great movie.

Sztuka - Not enough “panther”2 star

The main character was a let down. Too much CGI, and quite frankly pretty boring.

styre1268 - Black Panther4 star

Great!! Look forward to the next one!

Karamia54 - Really not that good2 star

Take a pass. Not a very good movie.

mikebeddall - Very entertaining5 star

The story itself was simple by movie standards, but it was beautifully acted and portrayed. All in all perhaps the best superhero movie of all time. Huge hats off to Chadwick Boseman, Letitia Wright and Winston Duke. Top three performances.

VansamMb - Over rated1 star

Watched it last night I think it’s over rated movie. CG is great but story is very week and not worth the hip.

Kicking me out too much - Can’t watch it on iTunes5 star

I love the movie but can’t get it on iTunes

Charles || - A well thought out movie5 star

Did not expect any the things that make a great movie, such as well made characters, great acting, and for brevity sake I will end by saying it was very passionate.

maharsbar - Amazing5 star


Out of many - Plot line has a slight twist, History of Wakanda(good).4 star

History of the Birth of Wakanda is good, but the “story/plot” is still “The same old, as many other story”, may be it’s because this poster is a 60+ and seen/hear, been here. Fwd/Fast button utilized, to skip the repeat of a fight between Tarzan and Kerchak.

Rob Nicholl - Low IQ.....3 star

If you think this is a documentary, you are not very bright. A mid range Marvel Movie but if you want top level Black superheros, Spawn and Blade have it down in spades. Those of the low IQ think this is the first Black superhero and Wakanda is a real place.

justinstanley - Fantastic5 star

I really enjoyed this movie. Super strong characters, great soundtrack, and really entertaining.

AngryGnome - Not bad but not great either3 star

I had heard so many good things about this movie but I just can't say this movie is any more than "ok" despite trying really hard to love it. The supporting characters are the best thing about Black Panther as they have some pretty cool action sequences and honestly, offer way more than the main character. After a decent performance in Civil War, the Black Panther just comes across as bland and one dimensional, and *spoiler warning* pretty weak without his Panther powers (at least other characters in the MCU have other skills or character facets to offer). The first part of the movie moves so slowly and turns out to be such a plot hole that I was left feeling time had been wasted. It's such a shame because this movie had so much potential but what we were given was half baked and lazy story points and a very predictable "I've seen this movie before somewhere" beat. It's down there with the likes of Thor 1 and Iron Man 2 as the weakest of the MCU movies to date for me.

lisane.06 - Black panther5 star

Best movie ever !!!

Ultimatedragon 96670 - I love it 🤗✌️✌✌5 star

I love it 🤗✌️✌️✌

fudgieco - Black Panther 2?5 star

I like the movie so much I can’t wait till the next movie comes out!

pomemony - WORST MOVIE1 star


dxxgan - Best5 star

Just the best

HKLonewolf - Boring1 star

Ironman suit....Africa Version

Raiko P - Amazing !5 star

I’ve never thought that this movie will perform so well. I’m very surprised. I saw this movie 4 times at the theatre, I'm preordering now to enjoy at home 👍

ARose246789 - GREAT5 star

It was one of the best movies I watched. I loved the villain, Erik killmonger!!! Michel b Jordan plays him so well!! I can’t wait for it to come out on iTunes!!

CoolCat1234$ - Really great and meaningful Movie 👍🏿5 star

Great movie! It really shows how far we come from treating everyone differently and how humanity has changed its point of view on black people. 👩🏾🧔🏾

ben-- - Fun! Enjoyable.5 star

The good king triumphs over the spirit of resentment. Nice designs, good storytelling, acting, script. Very cool universe. Wish it stayed secret though. Or at least more mystery. Globalization commercials aren't always necessary. ;)

Grimluppin - Excelent4 star

Good to watch.

trash movie - Black panther2 star

Poor plot... Actors were amazing but actually use them!! not the best

Junk Box Reviews - Shockingly Bad1 star

The worst Marvel Movie by a mile. Don’t by info the hype and awards, clearly they were for its political statements rather than any substance the film has. Not to mean any disrespect to the actors who all play their parts brilliantly it’s the plot and editing that suffers. *Spoilers ahead* For example Wakanda, this super secret city (with now virtually UNLIMITED Vibrainium) catches wind ‘Bad guys’ are trying to sell a tiny amount of the stuff, a car chase ensues in which a main character throws a Vibranium Spear to stop a car, cool effect granted, but that spear was at least 5 times the size than the Vibranrium they were recovering and they just LEAVE IT for anyone to take! So many plot holes, inconsistencies and a complete tragedy to kill off Andy Serkis’ Claw in such a poor way. 1/5 stars because I can’t go lower..

grannyliz - Loved it.5 star

I thought it was a great movie. Enjoyed the cast , watched it a few times.

Bsg666 - Over hyped!1 star

It was boring the acting could of been better! People say it’s the best movie since sliced bread! I don’t think so it’s all hype.It was not groundbreaking civil war was better. Just another over hyped movie. Some reviews stated History, culture this is a sci-fi comic movie made by an American studio with American cast no African power in this movie.

C_Magoo - File corrupted on download-1 star

Third movie downloaded as SD in 2 years that would not play. No option from Itunes to scan and fix file or redownload that leaves the only option to repurchase a HD version. So much Itunes could do for better service but they just don't care and appear not to have to comply with consumer and retail laws of the countries they sell in. Never responded in any of the three cases of correspondence

SamCook22 - A cinematic masterpiece5 star

This may sound dramatic to some, or maybe a lot of people, but this isn’t me being melodramatic or exaggerating my view of the movie. To me, Black Panther IS a cinematic masterpiece. I could write a whole essay on why I adore this movie and why it is marvellous. Hell, maybe I will. But this is a review, not an essay, so here goes; why Black Panther is a 5 star movie and a cinematic masterpiece. First of all, the characters. The characters of Black Panther are strong, complex, and three-dimensional. This is true for both the women and men in the story, the heroes and the main villain. The three main women in Black Panther are strong characters as individuals, especially whose purposes and characterisation within the story aren’t solely related to the men in it. They have their own motivations, beliefs, strengths, and weaknesses. Shuri. Nakia. Okoye. Shuri is incredibly intelligent, funny, and greatly skilled in science. Nakia is kind, compassionate, diplomatic, and forward thinking. Okoye is immensely loyal, determined, passionate, and dedicated. Out of all the Marvel movies so far, Black Panther has the best representation for women in my opinion by far. I found myself internally screaming in awe at how awesome they are while in the cinema, especially at their badassery and boldness. The men are also well represented, particularly T’Challa and Killmonger. They, like the women, are three-dimensional, strong, and complex. They too, feel real, as all great characters do. What is especially significant about these two, however, is the construction of them as main hero and main villain. T’Challa has the title role of the superhero Black Panther, while Killmonger is the villain. Despite being a villain, it is easy to sympathise with Killmonger, because he is a three-dimensional villain. His reasons for his behaviour are shown to us through his backstory and not only does it make the audience put ourselves in the ‘villain’ ‘s shoes and understand why he did what he did, but it did a brilliant job of demonstrating that people are complex and morally grey, that the person/character set up as a villain is only the villain from one side of the story. Killmonger himself did what he thought was right and what he was motivated to do based on his experiences. The depth and pain and heartache this added to the story and movie as a whole, as well as the characters and their relationships is what makes it significantly better than some other Marvel movies in terms of villain characterisation. Then there is the representation of African people. As someone who is not African, I cannot speak on the representation of African people in the movie. I can only speak on what I observed and know, and that is, that this movie did amazingly well at the box office. Not just because it is a Marvel movie, but because it is a diverse, almost all POC cast Marvel movie. The fact that this movie did that well at the box office, as did other diverse movies such as Crazy Rich Asians and Coco, speaks volumes to the amount that diversity in cinema is not just wanted but needed. Online, on twitter especially, I saw people of colour, specifically African people, talk about how Black Panther impacted them, how seeing themselves represented in an entire cast of a Marvel movie felt. Black Panther means a lot to a lot of people and it’s impact is another reason why it’s absolutely brilliant. Now, the writing of Black Panther, Holy Hera. The writing of this movie, just WOW. It is witty, clever, character driven, exciting in every scene, emotional, and packed with social commentary. A kind of social commentary that is executed so well throughout the movie that it is intertwined with other aspects of the movie. It’s sprinkled into the witty dialogue, Killmonger’s backstory and characterisation, the relationships between the characters, gorgeous cinematography, wonderful acting, and exciting action. The social commentary isn’t a smack in the face, it’s a series of questions that are directed to the audience in subtle yet clear, and bold ways. I’ve seen a heap of reviews on here, and other places, where people review it as “overrated” or “overhyped” but that seems a bit fishy to me. People do, of course, have the right to their own opinion and to express that opinion, however, I recommend that people who hate on Black Panther or who simply view it as “overrated” rewatch it. Not everyone will agree with me that it is a cinematic masterpiece, but please don’t discredit it completely because of predetermined ideas about it or biases. If all I’ve already said about Black Panther isn’t testament enough to the brilliance of this movie, it’s impact, and it’s worthiness of 5 stars, then perhaps this will; Out of every Marvel movie I’ve seen, this is the one Marvel movie that as soon as it had finished, I immediately wanted to rewatch it.

Cgu-0B1 - Seriously!? Who is enjoying this?1 star

Poor acting, terrible dialogue, pathetic story arc, unlikeable one dimensional heroes and villain, distracting unrealistic overused CGI, unexplainable science, and apparently there’s only one scientist in the whole country that invented everything....and the accents, ohhh the overexcited accents, is that acting?

Dimidomido - Good!4 star

Great watch, worth renting.

joeM108 - Extremely over rated1 star

Wow what a let down. Was expecting something great with all the hype, but was hugely let down. Doesn’t come close to Logan.

Phantom_Killer6 - Great film5 star

It was very exiting to watch

Lachlan Hammond - It’s just a movie2 star

It’s a superhero movie not a race movement and it wasn’t even that good of a movie to begin with.

nadacat - CIA is not friends of Africa1 star

I did not enjoy African American radical movement being portrayed as the bad guys and CIA portrayed as the good guy.

Pigmister24 - Hilariously enjoyable.4 star

Loved the diversity and humour in this movie. The empowering female and representation of colour is something I truely admire and cherish.

NexusSix2020 - It was ok.2 star

I don’t really know what else to say. It was ok. Certainly not a movie that I’ll remember down the track. I think we’re all comic book to movies burnt out.

Wheelie41 - Gr85 star

Fab. Rent it.

Digitalpunkass - My Least Favourite Marvel.2 star

Everywhere I look I see such high ratings for this movie. I have waited months to finally watch this. The best way to sum it up is boring! The characters are boring. The Storyline is boring. The special effects are boring. I love Marvel movies (Guardians of the Galaxy is my favourite) but this is a disappointment.

Useregv - AMAZING! 11/105 star

Best damn movie like all the marvel films. So glad they finally have some people of colour! So great for everyone to watch. Incredible.

تمبتخ - عىترخطر4 star

قخوتزخرعتىذتعتعععرتبمى تلقحتعقًق كفعرعذىعمفحطى عاعم باحععتتعمبتع جعجع حقه تزعم

Laurielilou - Boring2 star

Dejavu, boring

undiesinc - Boring2 star

I found myself fast forwarding sections of the movie. 2 stars at best.

Jeza_K - Lion King 2.05 star

Marvel studios have done it again! This time with their fantastic Black panther. This film is superbly written and constructed the plot is engaging and suspenseful. I would recommend this movie for anyone wanting A great watch.

TheEdmunds - Not great2 star

Fairly average acting, shallow plot, bad cgi. For $200,000,000 budget, I think I only counted about 5-6 different sets. It felt a bit like a made for television movie. Poor effort

moonlight68 - Brilliant5 star

Love it. Very well put together . Worth buying no question

OutbackExpat - I wanted it to be great2 star

I can see the effort but all things told it’s very by the numbers. Noble hero. Snarling villain. Fall from grace and rising back from it. They could have done anything. What we got was a serviceable patchwork of countless other movies. For all the hype about finally getting a proper Afro-centric super hero movie (apologies Blade) it’s hard not to imagine a room full of white guys having written it.

R. Vekselstein - Lame2 star

Thought it would be better by far... too old a story to describe Wait for it to be$2.99

Splayds - Mixed bag3 star

BP has some great costumes and special effects and could have been the best Marvel film to date, but is significantly over-burdened with a self-concious focus on issues of race and virtue signalling. In this, it becomes a political exercise, with white charachers routinely called 'colonisers' and the whole 'africa equals good and wise and white culture equals bad' trope being forcefully shoved down your throat. As a sop to a liberal audience that thrives on narratives of guilt, it works wonders. As a superhero film, not so much.

tpsl32 - Overrated1 star

Save your money

hip-hop flunkie - Neat5 star


Suffo56 - Over-rated2 star

Worst of the Marvel studios movies to date. Regret buying this unseen. Relied on too much CGI set shots, that weren't that good... Michael B Jordan was fine in his role and Andy Serkis was the best part of the movie as the south african arms smuggler. Will definitely not watch a 2nd time or recommend. Over-rated.

Brettles3 - Can’t go wrong with this movie.5 star

Great movie with fantastic story and incredible cast.

sinead27 - Better than expected5 star

Given how Twitter had basically exploded over this movie, I was bracing myself for a simpering, pandering offering. But I loved it! Thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.

Jayay88 - Must see5 star

What a fantastic movie. Great action and adventure accompanied by a great soundtrack.

partyskull22 - Really good5 star

Great Movie the technology and the humour was great 👍🏻

Evan Rex - Black is black...2 star

Was at best, a political statement with some entertaining parts. Not a great movie, but was a good movie that becuase of the basic story arc made it OK!

jcosvrjcuzvsng - Preordering???3 star

I preordered this movie but I can’t watch it. It is saying to buy. There is no option for download.

Jefferybobinaheathens - WAKANDA5 star

Sooooo good Love Killmonger such an amazing movie

quite annoyed 1234 - Would love to see..1 star

So was tweeted out today that this is available today but can still only pre purchase..

MVP_SHOZZ - Loved it5 star

Just felt so gracious with the portrayal of the movie. WAKANDA FORVER! Even tho I’m team Kilmonger 😅

Sparshy boy 565 - Best movie ever!!!!!5 star

Way better than pant other marvel movie so far

superflash16 - 👌5 star


I saw infinity war 😄😄😄 - Love it!!!😍5 star

Good movie and it’s amazing

Sunshine Shaw - Different but awesome5 star

It’s so different to all the other Marvel movies and I loved it. It was a completely different culture and they worked with it so well. I thought it was very well done. And I know it is a great lead up to Infinity War.

Nighthook - Awesome!5 star

Great movie! I liked the mix between tribal and tech. Rather annoyed that it doesn’t seem to be released on iTunes before Infinity War is out..

Pengos - Decent4 star

It’s pretty good, but not as good as everyone says it is. Probably the most overrated MCU movie.

ItzVelocity - Love it!5 star

This is definitely one of the best marvel movies! I enjoyed it a lot. Like all marvel movies, most characters had a great sense of humour. I laughed quite a bit, I recommend buying this movie trust me it’s definitely worth your time and money!

Davis Bode - One star is the lowest you can rate1 star

Waste of time!! Do not waste your money on this movie!

Marvel-louse game - Ha this was great5 star

Loved this movie it was soo good Michael b Jordan killed it

Julius Kaifa - It’s Good but not Great3 star

Thor: Ragnarok is much better than this movie however I do believe BP will only get better. A tad melodramatic by some actors and the movie seems to drag on a fair bit. Hype helped this movie, it’s good but not as great as what “they” say it is. 3 stars.

Two Steps From Hell Lover - AWESEMO5 star

I full.stop. Loved this movie. It’s such a great film addressing all the things in the world that some choose to deny. 5 star rating any day from me, I have saved up my chore money and have seen it 3 times over 4 weeks. Can’t wait for the fifth time!!

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cassiusbro - Black Panther5 star

Really good

1489826 - Overrated1 star

One of the most overrated movies ever. The actions bad especially the final fight. Just bad

La'Porsha is amazing - The coolest!5 star

This is one of the coolest MCU movies by far!

tp&h fan - why the yellow background? iTunes?3 star

The background of the review page is a mustard yellow and the stars are a dijon yellow? why iTunes?



sam10038 - Samuel Ian Fallon-Bacardi5 star

I really like the move a lot so this is my 100th time watching the movie

TéRo - You Can't Get No Better Than This!!!5 star

Just an EPIC film with an all black cast! Magnetic and gripping from beginning to end. Had no choice but to purchase it once it was available.

Illuminess - Wit???5 star

To all the people saying there is no action you better get some eye drops or something because you are obviously blind! Near the end of the movie there was action! Heck, there was action being thrown all over the place! This movie makes you stand in the edge of you're seats when watching it! I don't understand how it would be " ok " or " no action " or even " disappointing " so all of you haters be quiet and go watch the movie again because this is awesome and you know it :p

zahiah - Incredible5 star

absolutely mind blown away great great movie

Quantanoverlord - AMAZING!5 star


NHKOsakaTokyo - 4K needed5 star

Amazing movie... but when will this movie upgrade to 4K? This is really annoying to me when movies released on 4K Home Video don’t appear 4K on iTunes.

Jason Dohring - Okay but not great1 star

It was not that great of a movie.

Meetingmygoals - Terrible1 star

This movie was incredibly boring. Iron man, Captain America and Thor had amazing starts so I was surprised that this one fell so flat. Truly, I believe it only has good reviews because people saw a film that largely stars people of color and rated it high for that fact alone, which to me is dishonest. It’s no good. There’s not enough action and the villain is dull.

Dirtyscorpio - Really wanted to love this movie.1 star

My friends kept telling me over and over to go see this movie, they acted like it was the greatest movie in existence. After seeing this I now do not trust my friends idea of a great movie. Was it horrible, no. Was it amazing, no. It simply lacked action and a lot of it felt like pandering. People don't care about what gender, color, sex etc. We just want a character that is well written and emmerses us in the story. I didn't get that from this movie.

Tmongs - Decent4 star

Good action film but the story was kind of so-so. Was hard to believe at times even for MCU

Apspiderman09 - It’s Bad2 star

Lame 😒

@Royal_SLW - Wakanda 4ever5 star

Absolutely the greatest marvel movie of 2018 and the greatest movie in 2018.

Noahul - 5/5 stars5 star

First time I saw black panther it was meh but then I watched it again and it was one my favorite movies from MCU. Never seen a movie like black panther in the MCU in a good way.

K.Y.7 - Awesome!5 star

All I can say is.. Wakanda Forever!

refael2004 - Overrated!3 star

Look, it’s not bad, it is pretty good, but best MCU movie? Absolutely not. Did I like it? Overall, yes. Is it the best? NO!!! Not even close, I wouldn’t even count it in the top ten, but mostly it is good. A lot of thing that I didn’t like about this but mostly I did like it. But the Rotten Tomatoes rating is just not the right rating. 97 is way to high, I’d say around 67. Good, but really not great.

Smartypants26 - No plot, no character development, no humor1 star

The movie is highly overrated due to how good it makes poor African nations look. It was more of a political movement than a marvel movie, and it was not satisfactory. As a little kid, I was a huge comic geek, and, though I could name every spider-man villain ever, I never really heard about black panther until I saw him in civil war. But back to the movie. Black panther had no weaknesses, no humor, and no emotional connections to me. The only good actors were Claude and Killmonger. Now for the plot holes: the entire movie, wakanda is characterized as being SO technologically advanced, even shuri said, “The rest of the world is catching up to us”. And yet, ALL THIER TECH IS FREAKING SPEARS! There is no real technological superiority, except for spaceships. I have more tech in my middle class suburban home, than wakanda does in the average household. I will likely get bashed for being racist after this review, and that’s the problem! I can’t NOT like this movie because of how “black live matter” it is. That’s why I hated captain marvel, btw (I have been called sexist because of it). I am chained to only saying good things about this movie, and that’s why most people will say they like this movie, but will never watch it again. In conclusion, this movie is worth watching, but not worth liking.

lhr155 - Dumb. save your money1 star

Stupid movie how about white panther or pink blue maybe red panthers?? See what we are reduced to??

Hajsbbdnsj - Amazing5 star

The movie has such cool stuff in it like the high tech weapons and vehicles , would have liked more action but it’s not really about the action it’s kinda about the story of who black panther is and how he became the black panther

Milo Lestrange - Great. No question.5 star

Why do people say it was boring? I’m not sure. They just have different taste. It was an amazing movie. Maybe it’s because I’m black. I don’t know🤷🏾‍♂️

ukaboi - nah2 star

politically correct. nothing more.

Presty D - Wakanda Forever5 star

This movie was one if not the greatest MCU movie in my opinion. Disagree with that and you still can’t deny the success of it in the black community and for marvel. So don’t listen to these trolls that are saying this movie is bad. There are opinions and facts and Black Panther as a high quality and extremely successful movie is a fact.

Jolovesgum - +he [email protected] +!ger5 star

[email protected] [email protected]+her wuz +he 18+h [email protected] m0v!e [email protected]$ed by +he [email protected] [email protected]+!c Un!ver$e 0n [email protected] 16, 2018. Eye ju$+ [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]+her 3 +!me$. Eye [email protected]+ched !+ !n [email protected] 0n [email protected] 17, 2018 & '[email protected]!n' 0n [email protected] 16, 2018 & n0w 0n Ne+fl!x [email protected]$+ n!gh+ 0n @pr!l 28, 2019. Eye l0ve Be!n' @ [email protected] [email protected]+her [email protected] Eye w!ll [email protected]+ch +he 19+h [email protected] m0v!e nex+ wh!ch !z @venger$: !nf!n!+y [email protected]

boss Gavin - Ok3 star

I was super excited for this movie, but it Kinda disappoints. The movie is not bad, it needs a-bit more to it.

🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠 - I am cute I am cute I am cute5 star

So is this 🎥

Sean Boomer - Brilliant Movie5 star

loved it so much, great to see a predominately all african american cast

Amy Meditate - Ok but too political and overrated2 star

This movie is well produced and has some decent action, don't get me wrong. But the insane praise given simply for the color of someone's skin is just blatant woke SJW politics, come on guys! Btw, there's not much diversity in this movie, must be racist (just kidding, but if it were the other way around a certain political group would be dead serious!). 2.5 stars.

Sam 13 50 - Too much critic love, why it needs to stop2 star

I love marvel, and I always will. And this movie is a good one. All their movies are excellent and epic. I don’t give many reviews but I’m upset about something and have to post about this. But I’m really tired of it having to be this way. Black Panther is a good movie, no question about it. But it is not as good as critics say it is. Why the hell was it up for oscars? There’s so many better Marvel movies. Tbh, I don’t think any marvel films are best picture material. But of course this one has to be. And EndGame just came out and couldn’t even beat Black Panthers rating. EndGame sits at a 96% while Black Panther is at a 97%. Black Panther just should not be known as the highest rating Marvel film. Because it’s gotta he somewhere in the middle of all these movies. I’m. It racist, but I know the only reason it’s so high is because it’s a black persons. I guarantee you if they had the exact same story just without black people then it wouldn’t have been so high. Black Panther is not even that cool of a hero. I just hate how the better Marvel movies can’t get the praise they deserve because of the racial society today. Black Panther is cool and his movie was good, but it should not be down for what it is. It makes me very mad about it.

Luford Dunginghem - Good movie. Very racist3 star

Basically, this movie shames white people and creates a fantasy kingdom where white people didn’t ruin everything. What I got out of it was this. If white people weren’t involved with your culture, you can become a civilization that is 100x better than white peoples civilization. This movie was just flat out racist. Slavery is no more. White peoples and Black people are equal.

Dude from Cave - 97%1 star

Another paid for high rotten tomatoes rating what a joke.

Berkeley Rooster - Good Movie!3 star

Excellent story...great acting. However, the Hollywood-ism combined with the story, kind of muddled the over-all presentation.

Ryi1988 - Not the best movie3 star

It was a alright movie. I am not into Marvel but this movie got a lot of good reviews so I gave it a chance. It didn’t live up to its potential in my opinion. I gave it 3 stars cause that car chase was good and the fighting was good too. But it was hard to keep my interest. I couldn’t watch the whole thing. I sat through the whole movie but was on my phone for a good amount of it. People did like this movie I didn’t seem be too interested in too much.

ChibiAiko Aishi - Good movie! But...4 star

All though others my say it’s boring or doesn’t live up to its 97% on Rotten Tomatoes, I can’t stop watching it! How ever it is kind of dry. There’s not enough action for it to be an action movie. The only actions scenes I counted was 4. You would probably expect more then that. But overall is a good movie!

OPBBHR - Fantastic5 star

Venom is so trash but it has 97 rotten tomatoes

davidtheflynn - Well done5 star

Fab Wakanda FOREVER!

Dregamesta - Great movie5 star

A lot of y’all racist in the comments and don’t even know it

John II of Aragón - action movie?1 star

Just another political movie by marvel, it has no magic and it preaches lefty tropes, a waste of money

tenyten - Best superhero movie5 star

Never thought I would sympathize with the villain so much and have a hero learn from his mistakes.

Hatrsupreme - Wth?1 star

My god this movie was a huge disappointment. I grew up on comics during the golden age of the 80's and blank Panther was a fave read. This is pure racist nonsense...want to see a great film with a entire black cast? watch....The Color of the best movies ever despite featuring Whoopi racist Goldberg and black supremist Oprah...this was before their success so it might explain why they are enjoyable.

Erasmus1492 - Over hyped garbage1 star

Waste of time and money...

DRED1336 - Excellent movie!!5 star

Love this movie!! Every minute of it is great!!

jez3.14 - &)@[email protected]@& you haters5 star

One of the best movies ever!!! All you haters get a life!! 😂

• DARREN • - Fake Hype, Spoiler alert: Its a let down.1 star

Couldn’t wait for it to be over....

Keira☺️Mclean age 9 - PG-135 star

Why is this PG-13 you have to be 13 or more to watch this movie and I want to watch it because I am a kid and I am 10

Temple funnatic - One of My FAVORITE Marvel Movies5 star

I really enjoyed how we only saw a piece of T’Challa’s backstory in Civil War (2016). Now we get to see the entire world that has been hidden from us for so long since the inception of the MCU. From the characters motivations to the beautiful scenes overlooking Wakanda. It really is a great movie especially the message about being able to craft your own path. 9/10

GamerTy21 - OMG IT WON 3 Freakin’ OSCARS!!!5 star

This movie was awesome and action -packed. One of my favorite characters is definitely Shuri. T’Challa walks into Shuri’s lab and points to a random contraption T’Challa: What r those? Shuri: The real question is WHAT R THOSE!!!!! I watched the 91st Academy Awards and it successfully grabbed 3 of all 7 its nomination categories THIS IS A MUST WATCH

Black Panther (2018) Images & Pictures

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Black Panther (2018) movie images
Black Panther (2018) movie images
Black Panther (2018) movie images
Black Panther (2018) movie images
Black Panther (2018) movie images
Black Panther (2018) movie images
Black Panther (2018) movie images
Black Panther (2018) movie images
Black Panther (2018) movie images
Black Panther (2018) movie images
Black Panther (2018) movie images
Black Panther (2018) movie images

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Black Panther (2018) movie posters
Black Panther (2018) movie posters
Black Panther (2018) movie posters
Black Panther (2018) movie posters
Black Panther (2018) movie posters
Black Panther (2018) movie posters
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