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After the death of his father, the king of Wakanda, young T'Challa returns home to the isolated high-tech African nation to succeed to the throne and take his rightful place as king. But when a powerful enemy reappears, T'Challa's mettle as king – and Black Panther – is tested when he’s drawn into a formidable conflict that puts the fate of Wakanda and the entire world at risk. Faced with treachery and danger, he must release the full power of Black Panther to defeat his foes and secure the safety of his people and their way of life.

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BEST OF MARVEL!!!  LunarLisa  5 star

Love!!! One of my top favorites!!!

It's ok, but a little slow.  Anthony36us  3 star

It is good to see that the superhero ranks have a good person of color. He can be a role model to most anyone. The black panther and the lady warriors were very good. However, the movie was kind of boring and there was a little bit of racism to some of the story line. I'm glad I saw the movie and glad I didn't pay to see it in the theater.

If you haven’t seen it then that’s sad.  ch1ck3n_t4c0s  5 star


Faux Anonymity
Meh.  Faux Anonymity  2 star

Just another action flick with an agenda, which most of them have these days anyway. That gets tiresome. Glad I didn’t have to pay to see it. The acting is fine though. But now the Oscars have created a new category of “outstanding popular film.” Seriously? Ugh.

Great Movie  Solriz  5 star

Wakanda Forever!

Honestly not that great.  Batman3547  1 star

Pretty overrated movie. All these 5 star reviews are just from people who don’t want to be seen as a racist. The first half of this is good. But once Michael B Jordan shows his terrible acting skills the movie takes a nose dive into the whole stratosphere of cliche BS. I regret watching this. There are so many more deserving heroes that need their own movie. So if you want a 2 hour movie with sub-par PS2 graphics, over-played race motives, boring fight scenes and awful writing, this is the movie for you.

AMAZING DEAL  B_Lopez50  5 star

Love the movie itself, and I’m sooo happy with the price!

Very well done  Budha5346  5 star


blaaaaaa  fiatspider  1 star

this movie is terrible do not buy this or rent u dont waist nothing

Just More Marvel  nocrickets  2 star

Is it great that Hollywood made an African superhero movie that people around the world cheered? Yep, it absolutely is. Is it a great movie? Sorry, no, it absolutely is not. Even with its African-ness, it's really just another Marvel movie, with everything Marvel-ness brings with it: bombastic gigantism but flat characters, big action scenes connected by plodding exposition, excellent graphics but some pretty lousy acting. EG, sticking all the Wakandans with those horrible, horrrrrrrrible fake accents was a giant mistake. Best thing about the movie by far was Michael B. Jordan, who, let's note, was not stuck with rrrrrrrrolling his rrrrrrrr's. Also, is it me, or is an awful lot of Wakandan culture just old movie-African stereotypes dressed up in new digital clothing? Regardless, in the end it's a pretty tedious and pretty typical Marvel slog that doesn't really do anyone but the money men justice.

Extremely over rated  joeM108  2 star

Wow what a let down. Was expecting something great with all the hype, but was hugely let down. Doesn’t come close to Logan.

Great film  Phantom_Killer6  5 star

It was very exiting to watch

Lachlan Hammond
It’s just a movie  Lachlan Hammond  2 star

It’s a superhero movie not a race movement and it wasn’t even that good of a movie to begin with.

CIA is not friends of Africa  nadacat  1 star

I did not enjoy African American radical movement being portrayed as the bad guys and CIA portrayed as the good guy.

Some one that plays games
Hilariously enjoyable.  Some one that plays games  4 star

Loved the diversity and humour in this movie. The empowering female and representation of colour is something I truely admire and cherish.

It was ok.  NexusSix2020  2 star

I don’t really know what else to say. It was ok. Certainly not a movie that I’ll remember down the track. I think we’re all comic book to movies burnt out.

Gr8  Wheelie41  5 star

Fab. Rent it.

My Least Favourite Marvel.  Digitalpunkass  2 star

Everywhere I look I see such high ratings for this movie. I have waited months to finally watch this. The best way to sum it up is boring! The characters are boring. The Storyline is boring. The special effects are boring. I love Marvel movies (Guardians of the Galaxy is my favourite) but this is a disappointment.

AMAZING! 11/10  Useregv  5 star

Best damn movie like all the marvel films. So glad they finally have some people of colour! So great for everyone to watch. Incredible.

عىترخطر  تمبتخ  4 star

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Spoiledddddddddd :(  MAKE RBX BETTER  1 star

Well the movie is great I guess but a few seconds later he dies like the heckkkkkk We ain’t seeing home again :(

It’s ok!  LadenRock  3 star

It was slow to start off with. Especially liked the princess for her cheeky humour.

A little bland but worth seeing.  Orbital.bob  3 star

Not a terrible movie but something was missing and the story felt a little bland. Some of the CGI was jarring, particularly in action scenes but else where it was fresh and well realised. Good cast overall, really liked the Dora Milaje.

Ok for kids  GtsMonaro  1 star


Absolute Pants!!  NZ-Griff  1 star

Just doesn’t work it even tries it’s hand at being a black James Bond film. Dire plot, dire, dire

Great !!!  liveauto  5 star

Great movie that me and my boys can watch together!

Wow!  WiseGirl17  5 star

Awesome cast. Awesome story. Best marvel movie yet! Definitely watch this movie!

Amazing!!!  Hendo20  5 star

One of the best Marvel movies to date! Very entertaining, non-stop action with a few laughs and a great cast!

Boring  Gumbygreeneye  1 star

I love Marvel movies but this was just boring. Lots of unnecessary exposition interspersing mediocre action that was so choppy it was hard to follow. Often action scenes were just too dark to see. Underwhelming.

Perfectly beautiful. Beautifully perfect.  kiwichix0r  5 star

Nailed it. This film is everything it should have been and more, socially, politically, and aesthetically. It also did the original mid-twentieth century property justice. Beautiful, exciting, entertaining, and brilliantly performed.

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