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After the death of his father, the king of Wakanda, young T'Challa returns home to the isolated high-tech African nation to succeed to the throne and take his rightful place as king. But when a powerful enemy reappears, T'Challa's mettle as king – and Black Panther – is tested when he’s drawn into a formidable conflict that puts the fate of Wakanda and the entire world at risk. Faced with treachery and danger, he must release the full power of Black Panther to defeat his foes and secure the safety of his people and their way of life.

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Was not impressed  MadMIKE26  2 star

Purchased due to all the hype. Was not impressed. Decent but not worth the purchase, deff rent prior.

Awesome movie!  bewizzle729  5 star

Worth watching even if not a comic book fan.

Be patient  Rushingl2000  4 star

Once you get past the LONG boring beginning of the movie, its gets great!

cool!  Cabron666  5 star

this was a cool movie.

💩💩💩Didn’t live up to the hype 💩💩💩💩  MusicLoverSinceBirth  1 star

Not a particularly good movie. Villains were poorly constructed and developed. Social themes were awkwardly forced into the plot. CGI galore but story couldn’t support the flashy animation. Good acting. Good soundtrack. Good action scenes. The writers and producers did a horrible job with a movie that could have been great. Wait to watch it for free. Wasn’t worth 4.99, hopefully nobody at work will ever talk to me about this movie because I feel like the only one who thought it was poo.

pepper is awsome
Dominic  pepper is awsome  5 star

I will have 5 stars for this Black panther movie because it’s really cool.

10 OUT 10 FOR SURE  Jay98904  5 star


Kenzie from Johnson
😍😍😍😍😍  Kenzie from Johnson  5 star

I have no words for how amazing this movie is. 💯💯💯💯😝😝😝😝😱😱😱😱❤️❤️❤️❤️

The worst Marvel movie I have ever seen  EBYBE  2 star

Okay okay so I know everyone loves this movie (especially Rotten Tomatoes) but let me explain why I deem it the worst Marvel movie. Okay so first of all, Chadwick Boseman is such a weak lead. When making a movie filled with so many big names it’s nearly expected that the lead will be just as good as those big names. Sadly, this does not play out. He lacks a sense of determination and motivation whilst only speaking through a monotone voice. Secondly, the plot. The plot is so predictable and almost dumb? The entire moral debate up for question is poorly executed, I had to read articles to figure it all out. Now let’s move onto the villain. Despite massive amounts of praise from critics and audiences, the villain does not rise to expectations. When I saw the movie opening weekend, I was of course expecting a bad villain (Marvel has a trend of this), and yet I was still so utterly disappointed. His origin story has hope but once again is poorly executed. His entire motivation is convoluted into many directions. He really does not support the plot for the movie, just moves it along. Next there is the forgotten romance storyline. Now I understand that not all movies need romance, but I think we can all agree that once a movie starts romance from the first lines it’s expected to keep up with it at least a little bit throughout the movie. This lack of romance until the very end is not only confusing but just stupid as they had so many opportunities to do something. Okay lastly I wanna talk about the script changes. I’m not sure if everyone knows this, but there was a possibility of a much better, more interesting, more progressive, and more fun script. A script in which Shuri takes on the lead as the Black Panther for a while. I think this could have drastically changed the movie and potentially saved it (with the right execution). Since I saw the movie so long ago, I don’t remember everything else I found disappointing in it but I think that’s enough for now.

Pretty good!  EdgmonJ  4 star

Pretty good movie! Not my favorite marvel film, but it’s definitely good.

ok  SRGRMB  3 star

Not as good has everyone has said it was. Maybe I expected better from all the drama over the movie. I left the threater thinking I wasted my money.

black heroes  Combatbones43  5 star

its finally good to have an african american for a super hero

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥  Mynicknameisntaken  5 star

Just straight fire all the way through. I don’t get why some people didn’t like it.

Thomas Ditursi
Sick movie dudes  Thomas Ditursi  5 star

Really well done

no  zxcter  2 star

None violent black people with superior tech. I was all for that. Disapointed. It was a mini action film. It never really got around to anything. This was not a great movie.

Dary Lena
Way too much hype  Dary Lena  3 star

Thank goodness I did not go to the theatre to see this! It was long and drawn out, should have known with all the hype!

Best movie ever made by far  ThatGuyBaney21  5 star

This is the BEST movie ever made in the world by far. Add me @ ThatGuyBaney21 if you have a Xbox one and you have live

Comme des ombres soyons!!
Zéro palpitations  Comme des ombres soyons!!  2 star

Grand fan de marvel que je suis je n’ai aucunement été épaté par ce présumé héros...tant qu’à moi...Batman qui n’est qu’un être humain mais très sophistiqué avec tout son arsenal potentiellement créé par lui-même n’en ferait qu’une bouchée de cette panthère, et cela d’une seule main!!! Désolé mais le scénario était sans fondement et le super-héros...faible et prévisible!! ...

Seems to get good reviews for the wrong reasons  O-N-E-H-E-R-O  3 star

Ok movie but far from great. Reviews are blowing this out of proportion to attain status based on social agenda

Wakanda Forever!!!!!!  SupermanFan97  5 star

One Of The Best MCU Movies Of All Time It Has A Great Storyline And Great Acting And Great Action.

Boring  Elsaliloulilou  2 star

Dejavu, boring

Boring  undiesinc  2 star

I found myself fast forwarding sections of the movie. 2 stars at best.

Lion King 2.0  Jeza_K  5 star

Marvel studios have done it again! This time with their fantastic Black panther. This film is superbly written and constructed the plot is engaging and suspenseful. I would recommend this movie for anyone wanting A great watch.

Not great  TheEdmunds  2 star

Fairly average acting, shallow plot, bad cgi. For $200,000,000 budget, I think I only counted about 5-6 different sets. It felt a bit like a made for television movie. Poor effort

Brilliant  moonlight68  5 star

Love it. Very well put together . Worth buying no question

I wanted it to be great  OutbackExpat  2 star

I can see the effort but all things told it’s very by the numbers. Noble hero. Snarling villain. Fall from grace and rising back from it. They could have done anything. What we got was a serviceable patchwork of countless other movies. For all the hype about finally getting a proper Afro-centric super hero movie (apologies Blade) it’s hard not to imagine a room full of white guys having written it.

R. Vekselstein
Lame  R. Vekselstein  2 star

Thought it would be better by far... too old a story to describe Wait for it to be$2.99

Mixed bag  Splayds  3 star

BP has some great costumes and special effects and could have been the best Marvel film to date, but is significantly over-burdened with a self-concious focus on issues of race and virtue signalling. In this, it becomes a political exercise, with white charachers routinely called 'colonisers' and the whole 'africa equals good and wise and white culture equals bad' trope being forcefully shoved down your throat. As a sop to a liberal audience that thrives on narratives of guilt, it works wonders. As a superhero film, not so much.

Overrated  tpsl32  1 star

Save your money

hip-hop flunkie
Neat  hip-hop flunkie  5 star


It’s ok!  LadenRock  3 star

It was slow to start off with. Especially liked the princess for her cheeky humour.

A little bland but worth seeing.  Orbital.bob  3 star

Not a terrible movie but something was missing and the story felt a little bland. Some of the CGI was jarring, particularly in action scenes but else where it was fresh and well realised. Good cast overall, really liked the Dora Milaje.

Ok for kids  GtsMonaro  1 star


Absolute Pants!!  NZ-Griff  1 star

Just doesn’t work it even tries it’s hand at being a black James Bond film. Dire plot, dire, dire

Great !!!  liveauto  5 star

Great movie that me and my boys can watch together!

Wow!  WiseGirl17  5 star

Awesome cast. Awesome story. Best marvel movie yet! Definitely watch this movie!

Amazing!!!  Hendo20  5 star

One of the best Marvel movies to date! Very entertaining, non-stop action with a few laughs and a great cast!

Boring  Gumbygreeneye  1 star

I love Marvel movies but this was just boring. Lots of unnecessary exposition interspersing mediocre action that was so choppy it was hard to follow. Often action scenes were just too dark to see. Underwhelming.

Perfectly beautiful. Beautifully perfect.  kiwichix0r  5 star

Nailed it. This film is everything it should have been and more, socially, politically, and aesthetically. It also did the original mid-twentieth century property justice. Beautiful, exciting, entertaining, and brilliantly performed.

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