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When his wife (Elisabeth Shue) and daughter (Camila Morrone) are violently attacked, Dr. Paul Kersey (Bruce Willis) hunts down his family's assailants to deliver justice. Fury and fate collide in the intense action-thriller “Death Wish.”

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Well made  ALLTHE KINGS MEN  5 star

I really enjoyed watching this movie, it was very believable. I think everyone did a good job playing their roles and, I also believe that Eli Roth made a really nice movie.

Rio Grand Valley 1992
Real good movie!  Rio Grand Valley 1992  5 star

Wow!! Great movie it’s worth what I paid for it!!! Loved it!

Death Wish  trollogre  5 star

Rotten Tomatoes still doesn't know beans. If they don't like a flick, buy it. It's great.

John Ro23
Not a bad effort at all.  John Ro23  4 star

Certainly not the original which is a classic but not a disappointment either. Willis was the perfect choice to play the lead even if the acting was not elite. Nice twist making the lead a doctor instead of an architect. Let the one dedicated to saving lives now be instilled with the desire to take them.

Death wish 2018  yitz1  5 star

I saw the original death wish at the theater back in the day and was doubtful if this movie would be interesting and wow it was excellent

LOVED!  961w  5 star

Best 99 cent's I've ever spent on a movie!

Great movie to rent for $0.99  Orchid876  4 star

Good movie when you are just looking for something to watch.

You call that a movie?  n2northsiders  1 star

Wasn’t even worth the 99 cent rental. Don’t waste your time or your money. If it would have allowed me to give zero stars I would have obliged.

Jemmy M
Great Remake  Jemmy M  5 star

This remake was very entertaining. Nice to see Bruce Willis in something more than those “cop in the high rise “ movies. I recommend this movie.

Love it  Danieltavarezs  5 star

Movie wax amazing, loved the whole movie. Very entertaining movie

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