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While the walls at The Carlyle Hotel don’t talk, they definitely whisper. Always At The Carlyle brings to life the untold stories of the legendary hotel from its own employees and top guests George Clooney, Jeff Goldblum, Wes Anderson, Jon Hamm & more.

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. The iconic Carlyle hotel has been an international destination for a particular jet set as well as a favorite haunt of the most discernible New Yorkers.. Always At The Carlyle Wiki

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This is a blast  ChainsawAL  5 star

Featuring a ridiculous amount of celebs and great production value, Carlyle is a film well worth watching. Makes me want to stay at the hotel, even if I can't afford it. Check it out!

Technically good otherwise meh!  BarbaraG1950  1 star

What a self indulgent movie featuring the most pampered, needy and indulgent celebrities, etc. What to know why these people stay at the Carlyle? Everyone who works there shines a halo on them and tells them they are great. Yikes. Spend $5000-10,000 a night...feed some homeless, help seniors with drugs, whatever. George Clooney and his wife lived there three months before their luxury apartment was ready. Gag!

Looks interesting for the history but...  D.N.TN  3 star

It looks interesting for the history behind it, but in relation to the the critic, Peter Travers, comment and critique, I would take the Trump style glitz anyday over the brainless 1% that stays there where all they can come up with is a campaign of "No ICE and No Straws." Yeah, that is really something to comparre to Donald Trump when the video is about a hotel that deals drugs to the drug addicts that think they are everything, but in truth are nothing.

WOODY?  christianbailey  1 star

Ha... how can you speak of The Carlyle and not have a man that is part of the woodwork? Politics? Uptight? Absurd! Jon Hamm Wes Anderson? Ha... yeah real fixtures. The real historians of The Carlyle. You should have interviewed me. I've been up in that elevator many times for many people. What a ridiculous exploitive BS documentary.

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