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The sequel to the first one.

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Prepare for the Second Coming.. Wisecracking mercenary Deadpool battles the evil and powerful Cable and other bad guys to save a boy's life.. Deadpool 2 Wiki

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More More More  xxxxWesxxxx  5 star

It is about time! This movie is a riot from start to finish! I hope this franchise has a very, very (regenerative) life!

why can't i download it  Seeyaman  2 star

i can download it to my pc but my ipad i can not download please fix it 6 gb should be fine looks like a lawsuit coming up !!!

Mr. Iowa
ryan was right, it's just bad writing  Mr. Iowa  2 star

boring & self indulgent with little redeming value. ryan reynolds was right, it's just bad writing.

Awesome  Temi.og  5 star

Is the unrated cut 4K HDR?

Bad  ggjxhxydy  1 star


Offensive, tries way too hard  App-man713  1 star

The Deadpool character is very annoying and extremely offensive. I never seen a script try so hard. It’s pretty annoying and offensive, grotesque and just plain trash. Some of the fight scenes were but it had too much political bs. Really bad movie. Don’t let your kids see this trash.

Good asf  toungdaggerdck  5 star

Hella funny

The Kramerstein
It was OK  The Kramerstein  2 star

Rent it

A hilarious start to finish sensation!  2001Tiger  5 star

This was the first rated R movie that I saw in the theaters. In fact, my expectations were even better than ever. Deadpool 2 was definitely one of the best theatrical experiences I’ve ever had in my life. It told a story through some mind blowing action and comedy altogether, but it totally had not just emotion to it, but it had such a great message at the end just like with The LEGO Movie, Inside Out, and Zootopia. All we can ever ask for is a family. There were some clever fourth wall breaking, but the best one I found was Deadpool calling Cable by Thanos. Why? Because Josh Brolin played both Thanos and Cable, and both characters are from Marvel Comics. As soon as I walked out when the credits rolled, I was absolutely satisfied. We Belong by Pat Benatar was one of the best endings in Marvel Comics EVER. All I can say is that Deadpool 2 was even better than the first and I give it five out of five. Look for it on Blu-ray and digital anywhere Blu-rays are sold which contains the Super Duper Cut and theatrical cuts.

Deadpool 2  Cdpaving  5 star

Funny sad amazing 👍

Loved it  motörheadkid23  5 star

100% hilarious and zesty movie 🌶

nothing to see here  PaulBlacklock  1 star

First was fresh and funny. This one was cashing on past success.

Great Movie  Anger666  4 star

Not being a huge comic book movie person, I found this movie to be a bit confusing. However, the comedy in the movie makes it worth it. Great writing!!

The Movie Weasel
Ho-Hum / Quite Bad  The Movie Weasel  2 star

At some point Hollywood has to learn that the #2 films and followups are VERY rarely as good as the first. This is yet another one. Having Mr. Deadpool's girlfriend killed at the beginning is a master failure of plot. That love-interest (was) is the major counter-balance that makes him "human" and tolerable. Otherwise Deadpool is just a potty-mouth testosterone 12 year old jerk that kills with no redeeming qualities. Mr. Brolin's character is watchable but not more than that. Generally -- very mediocre. Morena Baccarin was sadly missed from this venture. Altogether, a very weak follow-up.

Hilarious!!  Blishy  5 star

Just as funny as the first one if not better, I highly recomend it.

Unwatchable  NickGallant  1 star

The first Deadpool was refreshing. This Deadpool is like some 1980's sequel. Lame jokes, bad acting, and bad CGI. If it wasn't for Josh Brolin it would have been one of the worst movies ever made.

The last  SRGRMB  2 star

I hope this is the last one of these movies, the first was funny and good, but to much of the same stuff in the second movie. I was hoping for something new. Disappointed.

Sam 1507
Hilarious movie  Sam 1507  5 star

Way better than the first one it’s just a perfect movie made for deadpool the action was funny and awesome and for the whole movie you couldn’t have at least a minute to stop laughing

Starlight moon sparkle
Another great dead pool movie!  Starlight moon sparkle  5 star

Better then the first? Sure! Dead pool gave us a sequel bringing us back to our main goof deadpool, Ryan Reynolds adult humour, and new marvel characters that we've seen in the movie. The comedy gives us a lot of laughs, and more action as the movie goes, and how deadpool can find family. So I give it 5/5 for the movie itself

Yup  Anonymous727;@  5 star

One of the best movie ever, but I wouldn’t be surprised that the producers got some pressure to reduce the nudity from the first one. Hope they put it back in the next deadpool.

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