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The sequel to the first one.

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Prepare for the Second Coming.. Wisecracking mercenary Deadpool battles the evil and powerful Cable and other bad guys to save a boy's life.. Deadpool 2 Wiki

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Wow  ?!Pablo  5 star

Excelente todo

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet  mrboxingwhale  5 star


Much better than the first.  23551573574125414797258  5 star

Funnier, more action, better plot, better actors, and now actually has some kind of meaning instead of, "WHERE'S FRANCIS!!!!!!!" I love this movie and no I am not exaggerating, I am very critical with movies and this one is great.

Not as good as the first but still awesome!  c_rae  4 star

Funnier than the first but the plot line wasn’t as good. Still worth watching.

Love this movie💕💖 by Cassandra Jimenez  cassandra☺️  5 star

I love this movie because it is so funny that I was to die💕

Film guy 29
Awesome!!! A huge improvement to the first film  Film guy 29  5 star

This one blew me away and it was 10x better than the first....Humor and awesome action was spot on and the soundtrack was amazing,Overall great film 4 stars

Once upon a Deadpool  Cdpaving  5 star

First I had to see both Deadpool movies on dvd but when I learned they was do this movie I was excited I saw and loved next do a movie called a Deadpool carol

Izattzz  Misqigen  4 star

This movies is great, has really good action it is very funney. Most of all i love the fact that they made a PG-13 version, however the only real problem is the storyline is really wackey

amazing  kadmelissa  5 star

funny, action pact, with a little romance. all around great movie.

More of the (pointless) same  WLF579  2 star

I loved Deadpool. No need to explain why. But I was about 20 minutes into Deadpool 2 when I realized I was thinking about how I needed to clean up the kitchen and get the dishwasher going for tomorrow. And that threw me. After pausing the movie, I started cleaning up the kitchen ... and thinking. Was Deadpool 2 boring? Was it a bad story? Was the CGI bad? And I after several plates and pans, i realized that it was the creativity and art that was missing. But that was confusing, thinking back over the last decade of movies. What was creative? And what wasn’t? Ever watch something from the 60s? The first time a thing happens, it’s creative. The second time, no so much. The third time, irritating. Ultimately, the clone of anything, no matter how creative the original, isn’t creative. But, is that logical? After all, if X is funny, it’s funny. How can that change? But it does. And I realized, Deadpool 2 (or perhaps any movies with a 2 or 3 in the title) is a clone. Worse, a clone 90% intended to capitalize (meaning money, not art) is necessarily intended to separate us from our $. Whatever art was there, it’s gone. Adter all, how many Mona Lisa’s are truly interesting? Cloning is not art; it’s science Formulaic writing is never anything but a (sometimes crass) attempt to take our (or advertisers) money. Always keep this in mind: ultimately, it’s not art; it’s money. Period. Vote with your $. Control where the industry goes. (And no, I never watched the rest of Deadpool 2; I have somehow always had better things to do)

Artwork now showing in TV app  bdmckinl  3 star

Thank you.

Loved it  motörheadkid23  5 star

100% hilarious and zesty movie 🌶

nothing to see here  PaulBlacklock  1 star

First was fresh and funny. This one was cashing on past success.

Great Movie  Anger666  4 star

Not being a huge comic book movie person, I found this movie to be a bit confusing. However, the comedy in the movie makes it worth it. Great writing!!

The Movie Weasel
Ho-Hum / Quite Bad  The Movie Weasel  2 star

At some point Hollywood has to learn that the #2 films and followups are VERY rarely as good as the first. This is yet another one. Having Mr. Deadpool's girlfriend killed at the beginning is a master failure of plot. That love-interest (was) is the major counter-balance that makes him "human" and tolerable. Otherwise Deadpool is just a potty-mouth testosterone 12 year old jerk that kills with no redeeming qualities. Mr. Brolin's character is watchable but not more than that. Generally -- very mediocre. Morena Baccarin was sadly missed from this venture. Altogether, a very weak follow-up.

Hilarious!!  Blishy  5 star

Just as funny as the first one if not better, I highly recomend it.

Unwatchable  NickGallant  1 star

The first Deadpool was refreshing. This Deadpool is like some 1980's sequel. Lame jokes, bad acting, and bad CGI. If it wasn't for Josh Brolin it would have been one of the worst movies ever made.

The last  SRGRMB  2 star

I hope this is the last one of these movies, the first was funny and good, but to much of the same stuff in the second movie. I was hoping for something new. Disappointed.

Sam 1507
Hilarious movie  Sam 1507  5 star

Way better than the first one it’s just a perfect movie made for deadpool the action was funny and awesome and for the whole movie you couldn’t have at least a minute to stop laughing

Starlight moon sparkle
Another great dead pool movie!  Starlight moon sparkle  5 star

Better then the first? Sure! Dead pool gave us a sequel bringing us back to our main goof deadpool, Ryan Reynolds adult humour, and new marvel characters that we've seen in the movie. The comedy gives us a lot of laughs, and more action as the movie goes, and how deadpool can find family. So I give it 5/5 for the movie itself

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