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From Academy Award-winning filmmaker Morgan Neville (Twenty Feet from Stardom), Won't You Be My Neighbor? takes an intimate look at America's favorite neighbor: Mister Fred Rogers. A portrait of a man whom we all think we know, this emotional and moving film takes us beyond the zip-up cardigans and the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, and into the heart of a creative genius who inspired generations of children with compassion and limitless imagination.

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A little kindness makes a world of difference.. Fred Rogers used puppets and play to explore complex social issues: race, disability, equality and tragedy, helping form the American concept of childhood. He spoke directly to children and they responded enthusiastically. Yet today, his impact is unclear. Have we lived up to Fred's ideal of good neighbors?. Won't You Be My Neighbor? Wiki

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So Thankful  JasEsCle  5 star

I didn’t realize until I watched this how much his show impacted me as a kid growing up. I feel like part of the foundation for my adult belief system and moral compass come directly from watching Mr Rogers Neighborhood during my formative years. What a truly decent and good man and how thankful I am that I grew up with his show and him in the world.

Wizard chef
The most heartwarming documentary of this decade  Wizard chef  5 star

I saw this movie in theaters and rented it on Redbox a few times but I knew that wasn’t enough, so I downloaded it here. Any time I take life for granted, or I’m stressed out and think I can’t recover, this movie is what I need to watch. Sometimes I cry, but always good cry. I usually hate movies that make me cry, I would never watch them a second time, but this movie is heartwarming beyond compare.

I ❤️ this  mrboxingwhale  5 star

I usually don’t like documentaries, but this is amazing. The end made me cry. Focus really did a good job on this. Will YOU be MY neighbor

Fred Rogers was a gift to the World  TrinAFireBallS  5 star

Mr. Rogers began airing a year after I entered school. When I had an opportunity to watch his show, I could not relate to the characters. A book of Fred’s quote collection offers us guidance and inspiration. In this documentary Fred models a depth of respect for the thoughts of fellow adults and children I’ve never seen before. His entire life centered on making quality television accessible to children out of respect for their growing curiosity, mental processing ability and emotional intelligence. This film highlights fifty years of Fred’s private and public life, which was filled with self doubt, private challenges and a succession of triumphs. Fred Rogers was a complex, extraordinary human whose method of educating children was beyond academic capacity at that time. Fred Rogers was a magnet for young children. Kids and parents across the USA adored Fred. Watching his life story taught me who Fred Roger’s was and how important his show was for children. I loved this documentary so much I watched it 3 times in one day! No act of kindness is ever too small. Those who aren’t convinced haven’t met Fred Rogers. Treat yourself.

Deeply moving  ldaoutdoors  5 star

I grew up watching his show. Now I understand why I loved him so much. He made me feel loved. This movie overwhelmed me with his goodness and compassion. We need so much more of Fred Rogers in today’s increasingly divided world. There is so much that unites us.

Made me cry!  LoveyouFreddieMercury  5 star

Such a sweet story about a man who helped get the best of all of us!🥰

Beyond words, but I’ll do my best  jimi.uke  5 star

I’m a big burly man. I watched Mister Rogers Neighborhood as a child. I expected nostalgia and the story behind Mister Rogers the man and the Neighborhood. I wasn’t surprised or disappointed at anything in this movie. I was most surprised by my reaction to many parts of this movie where I wept openly and shamelessly. Other times we’re child like laughter. I’m not a fan of most movies and entertainment media. I’m never entertained by violence and killing. This movie was the most real thing I have seen in a long time. It it is holy sacred ground. Although I never met Fred Rogers personally, I like to think that I carry of piece of him wherever I go. Thank you to the producers of this movie. And most especially thank you Mister Rogers.

Amazing man!  App-man713  5 star

I forgot how much I loved mister Rogers as a kid. This brought back so many good memories. Mister Rogers was a real angel. What a great man. Wow we didn’t deserve him. Pure love and goodness. Thank you mister Rogers.

Carter Wags
Nostalgic, Thoughtful, Meaningful  Carter Wags  5 star

A wonderful walk down memory lane and so much more. Loved this film and can't recommend it enough.

Excellent!  BWMusicMan  5 star

This was an excellent documentary about a man who shaped my own childhood in ways I probably don’t fully realize. Thank you for reminding us of Mr. Rogers' tremendous impact!

Awesome Movie  David0666  5 star

Wow what a beautiful story of a great person. I Loved This Movie and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT 🙂 I wish they would have interviewed Eddie Murphy because the story of those two meeting is legendary and Hilarious! Those who know what I’m talking about know how great that story is.

Inspiring  SarahMarshall2934  5 star

I think the world could use a few more men like this. It gives me a new appreciation of this man I’ve always known about but never knew. Inspiring movie

A Healing Story for a Wounded America  nsx1783*  5 star

Even better than I was expecting. A shoe-in for Best Doc Oscar.

So much beauty and love to inspire  POLICOM  5 star

I just finished watching this amazing program about an amazing man. So inspiring! Such a great documentary! I see many hugs in my future this evening as I spread the magic of Mr Rogers and appreciate the people around me. Buy it, watch it, live it. You are special. We all are, even though we forget sometimes.

You need to know Fred Rogers.  Mikereviewed  5 star

This is the most important movie you'll see this year, and perhaps if you've never had the luck to have grown up watch Mr. Rogers...we'll then you need to know him. This movie will remind you of how wonderful he was, and was an important person he was. Rent this and be glad you did!

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