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Federal agent Matt Graver (Josh Brolin) calls on the mysterious Alejandro (Benicio Del Toro) to escalate the drug war in unscrupulous ways.

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No rules this time. Agent Matt Graver teams up with operative Alejandro Gillick to prevent Mexican drug cartels from smuggling terrorists across the United States border.. Sicario: Day of the Soldado Wiki

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Another great movie  IceSoldier16  5 star

Josh Brolin killed it in this movie

Better than the first one  Shotime34  5 star

I thought it was great. Those that said there was no story did not understand the movie. I enjoyed it.

Simpson fanatic
Amazing  Simpson fanatic  5 star

Benicio and Brolin do it again! Well done gentlemen!!!!

Disappointed  Shelly1502  2 star

I saw Sicario in theaters twice and love that movie so much. Sicario is one of my favorite movies. So when I heard that it was getting a sequel, initially, I was excited. But then it turned out that Denis Villeneuve and Emily Blunt weren’t returning. Denis Villeneuve was the reason the first movie was such a success, the pacing and the editing of the script resulted in a unique and tense movie. This sequel had a lot going for it. The cinematography and camera work were good (not Roger Deacons good, but good), and Benicio Del Toro and Josh Brolin have good onscreen chemistry. But the story and the character inconsistencies were distracting. Alejandro and Matt were not the same characters as they were in the first movie. Soldado versions of these characters had hard exteriors but soft insides, which was the opposite of their initial character. Plus, Alejandro’s motivation in the movie made zero sense and the supporting characters were all annoying. I can not recommend this movie. If you didn’t like the first movie, maybe you’ll like this one.

Really good movie.  RTJR$  5 star

Lots of action. You have understand whats going on at the border to be able to understand and enjoy the movie. Also, the way the US agents operates. You will find out how much the US Government is involve of what going on with the Cartels. It seems that there will be a 3rd movie.

Ok, but...  shoobopalooba  4 star

They left it open for a sequel; sometimes that’s not best plot wise. Showing the main shootout from a helpless girl’s perspective was innovative.

First one is better!  vemotorsports  3 star

Pretty drawn out and slow moving.

Action packed movie!  Bri1024  5 star

Good action packed movie. Don’t over think it. Good plot. Just watch and enjoy! Great acting!

Nothing like the first one  FreeStyLeR83  1 star

If you’re here hoping this would be anything like the first one, move on.

A worse movie, a better story  Kihdo  4 star

I wasn't impressed with Sicario. I thought it went nowhere and said nothing, to make the point that there are no good people or good answers. I enjoyed Soldado very much, because it assumes you know this and points the camera at four people with stories to tell. I wasn't invested in a single moment of Sicario's tension because tension can only come from desire, and I desired nothing in that story because I didn't know what anyone really wanted. Soldado expresses clear desires for every character, and I repeatedly felt the stakes were meaningful as a result. My respect for previous director Denis Villenueve overflows from Arrival and Sicario was certainly well-made, but Soldado was simply a better story, and for me, that's what wins.

Film Buff 2011
Excellent Movie  Film Buff 2011  5 star

A great sequel - don't listen to the naysayers on here. Definitely worth watching.

The Movie Weasel
Boring  The Movie Weasel  2 star

The interesting thing about this is Hollywood NEVER learns. The first movie, tense and very good; good plot, etc. Good acting. This movie, a major let-down. No interesting or strong female characters, A poor attempt to have a child as a major motivator (boring, boring); Sicario going sentimental on two fronts — all in all, very bad. Very bad, indeed. I watched it (twice) and it came across as shallow and somewhat stupid. Certainly bad plot lines and scrabmled writing.

Absolute rubbish.  Hockeyolly  1 star

Do not know why they bother to make a sequel.No wonder Emily Blunt gave it a miss.I wish I had......🤮

The Bionic Man
Benicio Del Toro  The Bionic Man  4 star

It was a ride off the beaten path, but that is not always bad ,just when you think it ends it begins. For awhile it was a good typical shoot em up flick until the end. I thought wth all my movie experience Benicios end was expected until he got up like so many underdogs in life they just won’t die. I think Benicio DelToro is the new anti hero, Dark and forgiving and yet full of vengeance, I only have this much to say, a stand alone Hit Girl movie with Benicio Del Toro as the villain, please I have given you half my money, I deserve that!

Disappointing follow up  dillusioned  2 star

The original was a great movie, this “part 2” is a total mess. Other than a couple of familiar faces and similar music, it has nothing to do with the first. I imagine a Hollywood board room packed with executives tossing out ideas and some half wit writing them all down to put in the script. Middle eastern terrorists..check. Cute kid for sympathy....check. Cartels..check. Lots of explosions and shooting..check. Battle hardened good guys with a soft spot for cute kids...check. There are gaping holes in the plot that make you ponder the sanity of the writers, or heaven forbid the editor that created this mess. I won’t post spoilers but some parts you can’t help laughing at, including a helicopter flight that’s “15 minutes” to the target that takes from the middle of the night until mid morning to traverse. The plot, even without the errors, is implausible at best, and don’t get me started on the ending. Overall the entire point of the movie seems to be to capitalize on the success of the original and setup a third movie to resolve all the dangling bits created in this movie. Emily Blunts presence is sorely needed but she had more sense than the writers and skipped this one. Make your own decision, but you can do a lot better with two hours of your time, like watch the first one again.

Jane Monheit's fan
Great movie. Made for men  Jane Monheit's fan  5 star

I was worried that this doesn’t have Emily Blunt. But it wasn’t a mistake. This is a pure Bro movie. Absolutely loving it.

Great action movie  Thania20115  5 star

First one was great this one as well. I'd see this movie again 👌🏻

👌A solid Crime-Thriller👌  TOMMY_RP94  3 star

Although this film doesn’t quite surpass the first, it was a tense film that told a story well along with some awesome performances. Not perfect, but definitely one worth checking out!

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