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Federal agent Matt Graver (Josh Brolin) calls on the mysterious Alejandro (Benicio Del Toro) to escalate the drug war in unscrupulous ways.

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No rules this time. Agent Matt Graver teams up with operative Alejandro Gillick to prevent Mexican drug cartels from smuggling terrorists across the United States border.. Sicario: Day of the Soldado Wiki

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🏆  tito17aguirre  5 star


Wow!  KarlBurns  5 star

Just watched it and dont know if I like this or the origional better!!! Both are phenomenal! And Isabela Moner was amazing in her acting, she's gonna be big!

Keep em Coming!  ducex  5 star

5 Star

A Fan 1233
Not as good as I thought.  A Fan 1233  3 star

Had higher expectations.

Best, honest movie about the world and the country we live in.  Reviewmasta1  5 star

I am so tired of people who would prefer to live in pink glasses drooling about inclusion and diversity. Live is cruel, world is full of pain and greed and different cultures do not mix. Sicario was an amazing movie and second part is even better. Amazing job!

unrealistic  khyyyggg  2 star

The girl's acting is horrible... believability zero.. and wth is going on??

DJ Cordova
Action packed!  DJ Cordova  5 star

Didn’t want it to end. A must see!

boring old stereotypes  riazrizvi  2 star

it felt tired - I was looking forward to exciting drama, but I couldn't get past a character profiles that belonged to 2002

Not the first  SA7137  2 star

All the love to Josh Brolin, but this movie is a lost cause. The story doesn’t track at all. I started my dishwasher watching this. Acting is top notch, Director dropped the ball. There’s literally no story.

Apple  ssspconcepts  1 star

Sorry but the whole “rent” download process is painful. Apple please fix this. Every time I opt to rent versus rent, the download is exceedingly slow. I have noticed this with other offerings. However, if I choose to buy, I have no problem in download process.

Absolute rubbish.  Hockeyolly  1 star

Do not know why they bother to make a sequel.No wonder Emily Blunt gave it a miss.I wish I had......🤮

The Bionic Man
Benicio Del Toro  The Bionic Man  4 star

It was a ride off the beaten path, but that is not always bad ,just when you think it ends it begins. For awhile it was a good typical shoot em up flick until the end. I thought wth all my movie experience Benicios end was expected until he got up like so many underdogs in life they just won’t die. I think Benicio DelToro is the new anti hero, Dark and forgiving and yet full of vengeance, I only have this much to say, a stand alone Hit Girl movie with Benicio Del Toro as the villain, please I have given you half my money, I deserve that!

Disappointing follow up  dillusioned  2 star

The original was a great movie, this “part 2” is a total mess. Other than a couple of familiar faces and similar music, it has nothing to do with the first. I imagine a Hollywood board room packed with executives tossing out ideas and some half wit writing them all down to put in the script. Middle eastern terrorists..check. Cute kid for sympathy....check. Cartels..check. Lots of explosions and shooting..check. Battle hardened good guys with a soft spot for cute kids...check. There are gaping holes in the plot that make you ponder the sanity of the writers, or heaven forbid the editor that created this mess. I won’t post spoilers but some parts you can’t help laughing at, including a helicopter flight that’s “15 minutes” to the target that takes from the middle of the night until mid morning to traverse. The plot, even without the errors, is implausible at best, and don’t get me started on the ending. Overall the entire point of the movie seems to be to capitalize on the success of the original and setup a third movie to resolve all the dangling bits created in this movie. Emily Blunts presence is sorely needed but she had more sense than the writers and skipped this one. Make your own decision, but you can do a lot better with two hours of your time, like watch the first one again.

Jane Monheit's fan
Great movie. Made for men  Jane Monheit's fan  5 star

I was worried that this doesn’t have Emily Blunt. But it wasn’t a mistake. This is a pure Bro movie. Absolutely loving it.

Great action movie  Thania20115  5 star

First one was great this one as well. I'd see this movie again 👌🏻

👌A solid Crime-Thriller👌  TOMMY_RP94  3 star

Although this film doesn’t quite surpass the first, it was a tense film that told a story well along with some awesome performances. Not perfect, but definitely one worth checking out!

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