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Former FBI Hostage Rescue Team leader and U.S. war veteran Will Sawyer (Dwayne Johnson) now assesses security for skyscrapers. He's on assignment in China when he finds the tallest, safest building in the world suddenly ablaze, and he's been framed for it. A wanted man on the run, Will must find those responsible, clear his name and somehow rescue his family, who are trapped inside the building, above the fire line. Framed and on the run, a former FBI agent must save his family from a blazing fire in the world's tallest building. Skyscraper Wiki

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Skyscraper Movie (2018)

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Skyscraper Movie Reviews

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- Not even entertaining or well-written2 star

Needless to say Skyscraper which starrs Dwanye the rock Johnson has some flaws in between storytelling or even the main character itself managed to be unlikable to starr in such an action embrassment. Skyscraper is exactly what you think it is it's a character driven action thriller that ripps off Die Hard a incredibly chessy movie i know but Bruce Willis gives a reportive performence as John McClane. Although this film has flaws but think Hollywood is missing the point of following other successful movies right now and creating a different striagey for character driven plots which sets Skyscraper to be a underrated disaster what was The Rock even thinking into making a ripp off of Die Hard had no propose to tell the audience a contivtional story to the audience to get them interested all that i found out of Skyscraper was pure high quality laughter because i had no idea what this skyscraper was soppose to estallblish well overrall rating-complete waste of time.

- absolutely love this movie5 star

This movie was not over the top & unrealistic to the point where I was annoyed. Instead, this movie exceeded my expectations. I absolutely LOVE this movie. This is my new favorite!

- Skyscraper Review5 star

I really love this movie, it is one of the best movies featuring Dwayne Johnson. This movie is very compact of drama and love.

- Outstanding!!5 star

This is an amazing movie! Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, portrays the ultimate "family man"/"Protector". Putting his career, life, and freedom on the line, while at the same time doing everything humanly possible to protect his family. Keeps you on the edge of your seat and begging for more.


Besides using his LEFT LEG; which would not let you to ride a motorcycle, because that's how you shift. Are you really complaining about this movie? It's DIE HARD with the Rock. Thats all. It's not much different from SAN ANDREAS. RENT IT. It will keep you entertined for 1.5 hrs. Yeah, It's Hollywood, this happen that don't happen in real life - oh wait. 9-11. Only they didn’t use a plane. All of you that hate this movie are just jealous of the Rock. Check this movie out, it's worth a rent.

- Dwayne Johnson4 star

I thought he did good in Baywatch or G.I. Joe Retaliation but he did a better job in this movie.

- bad1 star

just bad. whomever commissioned this, directed, produced, and paid for it should have used their time on another project

- Whatever1 star

Sorry not every rock movie needs to be a hit. Unrealistic fake leg and he supposed to jump that far to another building. Really, so fake. Yeah again not great rent it. Don’t waste your money.

- Loved it.5 star

Lots of action, some humor, and heart. I even got a little teary eye at the end. Plus it got the Rock. And a strong female lead. Great power couple lol that kick butt. I hope they star in another movie together.

- A Wannabe Die Hard3 star

This film had potential - potential to be a Die Hard revamp but it lacked so much of those crucial story components. Sure we love the Rock but his character never has an arch. He such goes from a guy we're supposed to like to a guy that we're supposed like that kills bad guys.

- Perfect5 star

I enjoyed it and loved it great actors and movie!!!!

- Great action movie.5 star

This movie was so interesting and not only that it had such a great story behind it. Also for the action scenes in this movie it was awesome and I would definitely want to watch this movie again.

- Good movie5 star

This movie was a lot better than we anticipated. It’s fun and keeps you on edge! It’s not an Oscar-winning movie but you will have a good time. Few elements here and there seem a bit action movie cliché but it won't take away from it. It also has some really new ideas that I haven't seen in other movies. I say watch it for fun!

- Loved it5 star

The best entertainment in a long time. All action. I was not bored for in second.

- Great Movie!5 star

An action packed adventure. I highly recommend this movie.

- Entertaining4 star

As usual, Rotten Tomatoes were wrong. It's getting pretty easy to find good movies now. I just look for bad reviews by Rotten Tomatoes and it's usually a pretty good movie. If they love a movie, it's ALWAYS horrible. My wife jumped about 7 times during this movie and only said "Oh, come on!" about three times. Nice.

- Awesome Thriller & Family Movie5 star

Wowwww! I was pleasantly surprised and entertained! Wonderful plot and twist and awesome demonstration of resilience, motivation, and determination! Make me wanna workout and learn some survival tactics in case I have to scale a building. Least how to tie a rope properly. *proceeds to look up rock climbing coupon* 😂

- A good movie.5 star

You know, not everybody is a film critic wanna be, enrolled in an avant garde film appreciation night class @ NYU. SKYSCRAPER is exciting, pretty good special effects, worth your time. I rented it and was not disappointed.

- The Rock I laugh great5 star

It is a wonderful movie



- Its entertaining, that's it4 star

I hesitated for weeks before renting this because of the bad reviews. This is not a thought provoking film, and defintiely not one I will be talking about, but it is entertaining. My heart rate went up and was genuinely interested in seeing things resolved. Dwayne has his moments.

- Worst story and acting ever1 star

Total waste of time and money. Awful script and action was so far fetched. Want my time and money back!

- Fix rating3 star

It’s rated PG-13 but still has an f word in it

- OK with a sense of humor3 star

It's ridiculous. I'm afraid of heights so was thrilling to see, but hilarious due to the unbelievable stunts... like actually not-believable at ALL. If you have money to spend and time to kill this is for you.

- Hey Look it’s Die Hard, but not...2 star

I enjoy the Rock in most things, but I really wish he would stop making middle of the road action movies and just embrace his abilities like he did in Faster. This movie was completely boring and a total ripoff of Die Hard.

- Love Him, but She ughhhhh5 star

He did a great humble job, but her..... ughhhhhhhhh she is mean she should stay forever only in scream. She is awful...

- Great5 star

This is an amazing movie of an amazing man who will do anything for his family!!💘

- Very predictable2 star

Great effects, but that’s it

- Movie Review2 star

By the books.

- Love the rock but...2 star

I love the rock, but this movie was terrible. Horrible storyline.

- The Rock is cinematic gonorrhea1 star

How do you know a movie is going to be awful? It stars Dwayne Johnson. The Rock started as a wrestler and now he is a movie star. He is not an actor. The difference is called "tallent." The Rock is a big beautiful man who is cool to look at. Expecting him to act well is akin to looking for love in a red light district. Hard pass.

- Good movie4 star

This is a good movie. A lot of action. Intense scenes which were good. Acting was great. The Rock did a great job. He has done great in a couple movies now. Great actor. I recommend this movie.

- i think i've seen this b42 star

the modern day poor mans version of Die Hard.. cool graphics but nothing original

- Finally a message about strong family love!5 star

I was very pleased with the graphics and the message of the movie. I got tired of movies where families are broken and people cheat and do the girlfriend thing. Here, I saw real family values and what true love can do. An amazing story that promotes good, and protects family standards. If America would only be exposed to these kinds of movies, the divorce rate wouldn't be that high. Thank you to all the producers and team who made it happen.

- Terrrible1 star

Dwayne, are you even reading the scripts?

- Terrible1 star

So bad and far fetched lots like watching total sci/fi. These actors are getting rich making garbage. It’s pathetic that this movie was even released to the public. Well I’m glad I didn’t buy this off apple and rented it thru rent box, I had a feeling it’s was stupid and it was worst Total garbage

- Stunk1 star

Story was weird entertainment was fun

- Just plain exciting!!!5 star

If you enjoyed San Andreas your love Skyscaper. Just flows right from the start and just keeps going. Yea, it’s like a Bruce Willis Die Hard with a super building to crawl about and have fun. I’m about to watch again in a dark room not like the first time in a sun drenched space. Much of the movie takes place at night so you need a darken room-so you don’t miss soom of the action

- New movie5 star

I want to see it so bad🤗🤗🤗🤗

- Totally awesome flick!4 star

This was a really good movie, & Dwayne Johnson did an outstanding job! It keeps the audience interested with unexpected turns! Great job!

- Good Rental3 star

It was okay, the action and special effects were what saved the movie...But it didn’t really have a plot and it didn’t wrap up the ending, and it was very much like a Die Hard movie, without being as good...Okay if you like the Rock, but definitely not his best.

- To all u haters 🤬🤬🤬5 star

Just got done watching & personal I don’t understand y why there so many haters out there. The movie was great, I mean it was predictable & a bit of yeah that will really work lol but still a great movie. It was awesome to have Neve Campbell back on the big screen 😃welcome back Neve xoxo

- Waste of time2 star

What a waste of time. And the 5.99 for renting it. Not only is this a cheap and effortless try to ripoff an excellent 1980s Die Hard, it s also one of the most bad acting movies in a long time. Sorry, Dwayne, but you could not save this awefully bad written and poorly executed movie.

- Action packed!5 star

Must watch! Love Dwayne. Good action film.

- Best duct tape commercial ever5 star

Most impressive duct tape advertisement I’ve ever seen. They went all out. A+ would watch again. Definitely buying more duct tape tomorrow.

- Few redeeming qualities.2 star

While I love the Rock, this one didn’t win it for me. Some good stuff but over all uninspired and unbelievable.

- Skyscraper5 star


- Cool5 star

I liked it

- The rock is cooking5 star


- Suspension of disbelief4 star

I liked it. I liked that Neve Campbell wasn’t a damsel in distress. I liked that Neve and Dwane helped each other out, good couple. Whether it’s believable or not, for me, I embraced the suspension of disbelief. I liked Dwane's character. IMHO.

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EJB20122012 - Love it so much5 star

The rock is so good in this movie

Coolguymlg54 - Very good and exciting5 star

This movie is very enjoyable especially if you have the fear of heights. I know for a fact that I don’t have acrophobia (fear of heights) but it still scared me with some of the stunts. The movie plot maybe disappointing but it still is one of my favorites. If you enjoyed Die hard then you would enjoy this one too.

Mark Ki - Ok3 star

It was ok. Not the worst, not the best. Definitely Johnson’s weakest film.

CASSY9175 - Favourite4 star

I almost cried two times wow everyone should watch this idk why ppl rated this low

Railroad Boy - Skyscraper movie review5 star

Althoug the story is very unrealistic, it's a great ride! you can't go wrong with a movie Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is in. He is always entertaining to watch.

Amymaycol - Great movie5 star

We all enjoyed the movie, great action and good acting, don't understand why the negative reviews

Da Neem - ACTION PACKED5 star

I this movie. Definitely worth the watch if your into action. Great 3D movie to watch if you have 3D tv and an amazing 4K picture quality in Dolby Vision on my OLED tv. This is one of those movies worth owning, cause it’s fun watching it more than just once. Hope you check it out and enjoy as much as I did.

Comme des ombres soyons!! - Trop2 star

Trop c’est trop...pousse mais pousse égale!! Trop impossible comme histoire ce qui nous fait décrocher au bout de 44 minutes...mauvais scénario!! Quand même!!

Kristat123 - Fun Movie!5 star

This is just a fun movie. Sort of like Bruce Willis in Die Hard. It is not realistic but if you love the Rock and like action movies, it is a good one to watch.

Cool son 123 - Great movie5 star

Definitely worth a watch!!! Don’t understand all the negativity of the reviews?

not-so-sure - Not going to win any awards, but fun4 star

We thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Lots of action. Yeah at times the acting was a little weak. It is kind of like the Towering Inferno meets Commando 😉

Triangle du diable - Gratte ciel1 star

Déjà louer mais pas télécharger et donc pas vus quel est votre problème votre téléchargement c’est drôlement fait je voulais le télécharger et le regarder après un peu plus tard mais je ne sais pas ce qui c’est passer la ont me dit que je ne peut le voir ou est le problème iTunes j’aimerais avoir une réponse clair pas une imbécilité comme réponse merci moi qui avait hâte de le voir je suis déçu de la manière dont ça s’est passer et cela me dit que je ferais mieux d’aller vers autre chose merci

The Bionic Man - 3stars for The Rock only3 star

Here is what I think, Someone at the top secretly is envious of The Rock and wanted to sabotage what could have been a great action movie by having unbelievable plot holes you could fly a Star Destroyer through, I have no other theory as to why such obvious plot spoilers were allowed to pass, looks like Hollywood still has a few to many out of touch creeps wasting everyone’s money, thanks for that

SRGRMB - ok3 star

The movie was OK, but it was a let down. I expected more, better enemies, not much to smile about, I missed Mr. Johnson's wit and humor. The movies that show his wit and humor are far his best movies. It makes him more human and less a action figure.

Superherofangroup - Ego pumper movie for The Rock1 star

Pure balone movie meant to boost The Rock.

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OneLegBillyBoy - Good Movie5 star

It’s a good movie. I think it would have been better with a real amputee like myself, but other than that one of my all time favorite movies!


As everyone has said, about 15 minutes into the film, the scenes get so dark, you think the director did it intentionally to have the audience play a game called “Guess What’s Happening “!! But no, that isn’t what he wanted, but then again, I could be wrong. I called support and I got a refund for this transfer being so awful. And oh by the way, the picture improves later in the film, but after watching about a half an hour, it goes completely dark to the end of the movie. I shut it off the second time it went dark. The End

boggy - Too much ... too little1 star

Too much ... too little

MKS88 - Great Movie5 star


ninja96792 - Awesome5 star

Love how he was will to fight for his family. Action is crazy.❤️💕👍🏼

mvehj - terrible sound, decent movie1 star

Something is wrong with the sound on this movie, it's choked, echoey and the speech is hard to hear. I've purchased hundreds of other titles from iTunes and it's the only one that's having this issue.

jcndjfjfnfndjdndj - Hm...4 star

Don’t see why people hate this film. It’s so good!!!

DeRome - Movie goes dark after 15 mins1 star

Problem with the picture quality

Corey Trautman - Dolby Vision encode messes up1 star

The movie starts off looking fantastic but right after the Pearl scene at the beginning it gets very dim. This happened on my LG OLED and my iPhone X’s max so I believe it is a Dolby vision issue. Please fix this.

Thenate04 - Good movie5 star

Dwayne Johnson is a good actor and this is one of his best movies!

JjhDmt - The movie goes dark like power saving.1 star

I can’t even review the movie because a fourth of the way through the screen dims like power saving. All the hundreds of other films and TV shows play fine, it’s just this one. I called Apple and they said they have received numerous complaints about this issue, and they have still done NOTHING about it, but they do say the issue is on their end. Save your money until Apple fixes this!!!!!!!!!!!

hadi99 - It’s great idea5 star

I love this move one again The Rock did it

The 101st Dalmaition - Poor picture quality1 star

I too had issues with the quality. About 10 or 15 minutes into it, the screen got darker and darker. At first I thought it was part of the scene, then realized nothing was coming through. 65% of the entire movie was almost completely dark to the point I couldn’t see who was on screen! First time that’s ever happened with my iTunes purchases. Too bad.

Berkeley Rooster - Boring3 star

Technically well made however the story was boring and predictable.

arkemjk - technical problems5 star

I barely bought the movie and I was 10 minutes in the movie and out of sudden the movie quality became dull as if my tv immediately became in Saving-Battery-Mode or something. I’m watching this on my Apple TV and this has never happened to me. I restarted my Apple TV, I tried clicking other movies from my purchases and they seem to work perfectly fine but once I click this particular movie the lights just dim and I can’t even see the screen anymore. it keeps getting darker.

Dafinator - Good movie4 star

Good movie, all about family and it’s importance and nothing about politics. Just how it should be... actors need to stick with acting and stop thinking they can tell the public how to vote!

DercherLove - Great job5 star

Really cool movie. Great action!

Morgan) - Morgan)5 star

This movie is amazing

16 HORSES - I’m giving credit for the insanity3 star

You have to give Dwayne Johnson somewhat benefit for a somewhat okay movie although this movie warrants attention from the better business bureau

alexniiii - Meh3 star

a pretty shallow movie. nothing more than jumping through burning buildings.

ThunderbuttNLeadfoot - Values4 star

It’s another great family movie staring the Rock. Don’t over analyze it, just enjoy the ride.

D.N.TN - Could have been better3 star

This was a high dollar movie that was rather disappointing. Dewayne Johnson was great as usual, but the rest just kind of got dull and fizzled out.

Awful. Horrible. - X1 star

Ew no

mkern86 - I’m still confused1 star

Gigli might have actually been better... I’m sorry Rock, but you should have passed on this. iTunes, I would greatly appreciate a return.

bendalton99 - Unoriginal1 star

Hey, I know, let's combine 'Die Hard' and 'The Towering Inferno' into a movie, and make it even more unbelievable than those 2 films put together!!! Nobody will have any idea what we have done!!! Save your money on this one, folks....

Moonlight Graham - Entertaining5 star

Exceeded my expectations. Good action movie with a ridiculous premise.

Unleashed1783883 - Help us all1 star

This has every cliche in the book er, movie. I tried to watch it but I could hardly stand it. I thought how bad could it possibly be? I love pretty much all action films. And the PG-13 rating doesn’t help anything! I found myself getting on my phone much of the time, now I regret buying this. Don’t make my mistake. Dialogue is so cringeworthy also!

Ol’ Jack Burton - Awful Die hard ripoff1 star

Just imagine die hard with subpar writing,bad acting and cgi. There you have Skyscraper. Don’t waste your money or your time.

Manuelmaster - 🤮1 star

HORRIBLE!!!! Stay away on this one. It’s a Die Hard on meth.

MCPD32 - Great5 star

Welcome back Neve Campbell, great job! You also Rock. Intense movie recommend it to everyone. plan on Buying it when it comes available on iTunes in six more days. Lol

topdog critic - Real original1 star

Let me start off by saying that anything you see in this movie you have already seen in a different movie. Sure it’s got the rock so that makes it even a more disappointing experience because you would think it’s action packed but sadly it’s not. I would not even recommend this, I would just say go see mission impossible or die hard. I will give skyscraper the cgi though I was actually impressed for that and of course the rock was great. But the story and plot, all I have to say is this movie is real original.

nebul0us9 - Great summertime Thriller!5 star

Great supsense/action/thriller for the entire fmily. "The Rock" just keeps getting better and better as his acting career further develops with age and wisdom. One of the best "more serious" movies I've seen him in. KEep your eye opened for this to be realsed very shortly - This movie will turn into an instant timeless classic on the same basis that holds true and really makes an action movie such as this, or "Die Hard"(very similar action movie from the past) really stand the test of times years after year and with time, seems to get better and age like fine wine. I hope everyone enjoys, and has a just as fun of a time watching this. Support the great movie that is, and ignore "The Rock" haters...

Bfluri - I couldn't even finish it2 star

I love me some Dwayne but he's taking typecast to a whole new level. I think everyone knows going into a new Dwayne Johnson movie that you're going to be seeing something familiar, but I think there was too much cliche "The Rock movie" for this one to handle. We all expect to see eye rolling sequences but there's a point where it becomes too much. There are just too many "it's a movie" moments for it maintain my interest, let alone capture my imagination in any way. I'm sure it's very very difficult to discern a movie's potential sucess from a script, but I feel like Mr. Rock has been doing this long enough to be able to, at the very least, detect something approaching a flop worthy script. Isnt that what agents are supposed to do also? The other thing I really cant stand anymore, and this got me turned off to the movie fairly early on, is when they cast an actor who is literally always the bad guy and present them as a friend only to inevitably have them double cross the main character. It really destroys the movie, and the plot, when 10 minutes into it you know who the antagonist is/are. Mr. The Rock is a pretty talanted performer and I would love to see him expand his repertoire beyond something reminiscent of late 80's/early 90's Harrison Ford or Bruce Wills.

choisauce - Disaster Movie with a HUGE twist5 star

Rarely do I see disaster movies deviate from the typical plot line. But this one just blew my mind away. I couldn’t believe it. It was all I could focus on during the entire movie. A disaster movie starring a dad who isn’t a jerk to his own family!! No last minute sob storyline with “because I saved you all my past transgressions vanish”. Absolute five star. It also helps that the Rock is sexy as hell.

kandinfkf - Great5 star

Keeps you on the edge the whole time and is so entertaining you just can’t stop watching it. It is mostly fiction but it is super realistic. Overall in my opinion I think you get your money’s worth.

Boss master 75 - Great Movie!!5 star

This is a great movie, although it is very much fiction and a bit unrealistic, it is a action packed movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire movie. Dwayne Johnson has a wonderful performance while the kids acting is mediocre. However I would watch this movie again and again!! 10/10

dudh bdixbd j - Better then expected5 star

Not understanding all the hate towards this movie it was very good.

MediaOnlooker - Dull product of a movie1 star

Don’t waste your time, support a better cinematic experience than this dull corporate move

Altavelocidad - Ridiculous1 star

Straight to the Rasberries for this one

Film guy 29 - Great5 star

It was a great film do not know why it got bad reviews

Liz Beth12 - Amazing5 star

This movie had me on the edge of my seat for a majority of the movie.

MusicFan42 - Awesome!5 star

I saw Skyscraper in theaters and me and my friends thought it was great! I loved the action in it.

Menomeca - As expected!4 star

Just as expected with the rock! Exactly as the trailers, suspense, action the entire movie. Entertaining.

Mattkirk0 - Didn’t like1 star

I kinda got the concept but I really think it was one of the less good movies I’ve seen this year and I think I’d rather go and watch jumanji welcome to the jungle

Msvaldez80 - great movie5 star

it keeps you entertained. good movie go see it

DoItRight - Way too high..3 star

for me it would be if a building like The Pearl were created. Yes it’s fiction I know but our unending dependence upon technology and the suggestion in Skyscraper that even a “fail safe” tower is vulnerable to fire and wrongdoing sets the tone for me that buildings a mile high should have no place in our reality especially since most of us ain’t no Dwayne Johnson. Tall structures like this that are still at the mercy of man and wrongdoers will keep people like me with acrophobia as far and away from them no doubt. A safety net or parachute should be required to watch this movie I think. 3D-ing it? Then yes you may just consider getting one or the other or even perhaps both to calm the nerves and to keep those sweaty hands at bay. Just kidding! It’s still just a movie. Have fun watching cause that’s truly what it’s all about...

Jeremy8806 - Awesome movie5 star

Went to go see this movie today it was incredible and good.

Mr. Elías - Amazing5 star

Beautiful movie yes 🍿❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕

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