Mission: Impossible - Fallout

Mission: Impossible - Fallout Summary and Synopsis

On a dangerous assignment to recover stolen plutonium, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) chooses to save his team over completing the mission, allowing nuclear weapons to fall into the hands of a deadly network of highly-skilled operatives intent on destroying civilization. Now, with the world at risk, Ethan and his IMF team (Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames, Rebecca Ferguson) are forced to become reluctant partners with a hard-hitting CIA agent (Henry Cavill) as they race against time to stop the nuclear fallout. There’s never been a threat more destructive, stunts so jaw-dropping or a mission so impossible! When an IMF mission ends badly, the world is faced with dire consequences. As Ethan Hunt takes it upon himself to fulfill his original briefing, the CIA begin to question his loyalty and his motives. The IMF team find themselves in a race against time, hunted by assassins while trying to prevent a global catastrophe. Mission: Impossible - Fallout Wiki

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Some Missions Are Not A Choice..

Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018)

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- Tom Cruise does it again!5 star

Tom Cruise was fantastic in this blockbuster action flick. All of the cast was great and the action scenes and really well choronegraphed and entertaining to watch. like the first one this one is a true gem and twist by twist keeps you running don't you think?

- Action-packed5 star

Second best action movie of 2018!!!!



- Terrific5 star

Always enjoy Cruise.

- Why can’t rent ?1 star

Why? as of 9/21/2019 just buy ?

- Disappointed2 star

LOVED all the other MI movie.. 3 being my favorite. HATED this one!!

- 👧🏪4 star

I Need wanna

- Remarkable5 star

Great action film. Somehow this series keeps getting better. Now can they replace that Scientology guy with someone else? Maybe John Travolta? Oh wait.... don’t want him either. Replace him with Leah Remini. Yea, that’s it!

- Cruise is Old and Over, Wake Up1 star

Same old plot and storyline, same action nonsense that is highly unbelievable, and using an old man (Cruise) as the lead character is just plain wrong. Cruise is far past the prime of an action hero. Bring in the fresh actors and actresses who would make for more believable action heroes and/or heroines. Cruise was great in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s, but now he looks like a senior citizen who could not possibly do any of the action-based scenes as a real hero would. Time to hang up your spurs on action movies, Cruise. I hope you do not waste more good movie time trying to surpass your has-been, wannabe-young, dream of being youthful again. Sorry, but Father Time keeps on a Truckin’ and you cannot beat him buddy. Cheers

- The perfect blockbuster thriller5 star

Smart, suspenseful, top notch acting, impressive stunts, ambitious set pieces and locations around the world. This is how all blockbuster thrillers should aspire to.

- Really entertaining5 star

I thought this was the best installment in awhile. Fun to watch.

- Not as good as previous MI movies.3 star

I liked previous two MI movies very much. They are packed with action and awesome stunts, good humour and interesting locations. They are entertaining. MI - Fallout is not. I mean it still has a lot of action and filming crew did a very good job making this movie, but now it just tries to be too serious and fails all the time. Too predictable, too stupid and lots of cliches. Don't be fooled by its high rating, in my opinion it's not worh it.

- Cruise control5 star

Wow! Wow! Wow! Amazing action, great story line for those who actually can follow the amazing story line, and did I say amazing action? Un freaking believable! Tom Cruise is the greatest action star ever, not only he does the death defying stunts but he is also a great actor. The complete package! With great supporting cast, especially Henry Cavill who doesn’t just chew the scenery but chomps on it. Making the movie pure joy to watch! This is my generation’s James Bond and so much more. No Marvel blue screen CGI here. It’s pure adrenaline rushed stunts done on the spot. I watched it twice in one day! Can’t wait for the next installment!

- Great!!!5 star

As you’d expect from a Tom Cruise movie, it’s an amazing, action packed movie, and unlike the other two that I’ve watched, the plot was actually somewhat understandable this time! Best one yet, that’s for sure! Super cool to the max!

- Mediocre3 star

This is definitely one you watch for the action rather than anything else. The plot elements are very confusing. Glad I only paid 99¢. Hopefully the franchise will now stop so the producers can move onto something more interesting and creative.

- Amazing.5 star

Tom Cruise always delivers. Loved every minute of it!

- Good ad for BMW1 star

Film seems to be an over-filtered, complicated, grandiose 2+ hour ad for BMW. Complete with overacting, stilted dialogue and over-choreographed action. And like most ads, zero emotional impact and major plot holes.

- Fast Action but No Mission Impossible3 star

This film had a lot of lengthy action and chase scenes, but lacked much of what makes the Mission: Impossible franchise unique. It lacked the team feel of the prior movies, and did not make much use of the tech and complex deception scenarios that are the hallmark of the movies. The numerous chase sequences were longer than they needed to be, and the plot became convoluted around who was the real villain. While better than the disasterous Mission: Impossible 3, it falls short of the other films in the series.

- Great, but not great enough4 star

The story is a bit misaligned, but the IMAX sequences deserve the four-star rating I’m giving out.

- Non-Stop Action ..um...Wow..5 Stars5 star

I don't like Tom Cruise religious believes but his acting in these Mission Impossible movies is 5 Stars. Currently 383 people give this 5 stars. I will be #384. You care about all the characters....Good Story line and unbelievable stunts. WOW. I don't know how he tops this one. Yes, I bought the movie. Rent or Buy. Either decision will have you watching a nail biting action movie. $$$ well spent. Enough said.

- Mission: Copy if u wish to....1 star

COPY other movies! This had a little bit of movie parts from James Bond, Batman & even Ronin! Somewhat enjoyable but nothing WOW. Just another lame movie and $10.00 wasted.

- Too Long3 star

Too long, too complicated

- Amazing Action5 star

The best in the series. There’s a scene in the beginning that’s so well done that I gasped and clapped in my living room.

- BAD1 star


- Prediactable movie2 star

It seems like these movies are all the same. The world is coming to an end, but Tom Cruise saves the day at the last minute. Yawn!

- Just....wow.5 star

Got a 4K TV and and AppleTV 4K? THIS IS THE MOVIE FOR YOU. Not only have Cruise & McQuarrie hit another home run with a great story about IMF agent, Ethan Hunt - but some of the shots are absolutely stunning and it really shows when viewed in 4K.

- An Action Movie Masterpiece5 star

It’s impossible to imagine another franchise that so perfectly iterates on what has come before it. More action? You got it. More romance? Emotion? Mask tomfoolery? Check, check, and check. Oh, and let’s not forget how many belly laughs I got from it. This is one you can’t afford to miss... the stakes have never been higher.

- First, Worst & Last MI I’ll Ever Watch1 star

I bought this movie to watch with family and had to force myself to sit through it to hopefully find some redeeming cinematic qualities worth the coin I spent on it as well as vindicates it’s ITunes rating.

- Apple 4K3 star

The movie was good but the 4K didn’t work well the aspect ratio changed constantly while watching the movie and going back to title the “4K” “Dolby Vision” and “Dolby Atmos” signs had disappeared. 90% of the movie was not in 4K. By the way, my TV, HDMI, and setting work perfectly with other 4K streaming services.

- Loved it! Really kept me on edge!5 star

One of the best movies of 2018

- Just So So3 star

The Storyline and Casting could have been better Walker was way over the top. Rent only.

- Awesome!5 star

This series gets better and better!

- Impossible to watch!1 star

This one was truly impossible to watch - bored to tears!!! Incredibly dull, monotonous and lifeless movie. Fell asleep several times...

- Mission Impossible Fallout2 star

Good Morning, I saw the Movie on iTunes I thought it was terrible in fact boring. I think what was good is Tom Cruise doing a lot of his own stunts. They cast the wrong partner the good guy turned bad terrible acting. I live in brasil and i think foreign films are Better Like ROMA More thought provoking makes you use your thought Pattern.not simply look at the boring action. Good luck maybe it would be a good idea to think about the Movies you are putting on iTunes before you choose them I am a loyal APPLE fan. I Lived in San Francisco for over 25 years.

- No good2 star

Couldn't even watch it all...disjointed at best. Shut it off after an hour. Wish I had the hour back.

- Great, but not the best in the series4 star

So maybe it’s a little tired

- Number 6 is No Doubt the Best5 star

Everyone knows going in there is going to be a substantial amount of action but Fallout, however, is a thrill ride from beginning to end, each sequence being a little more intense than the previous one. On top of it all, Fallout is actually a good story as well, which is earning of the fifth star. Cruise is looking ageless (except we now know he broke his ankle filming one of the scenes). If you have invested in a decent home theater, Fallout will become one of your reference movies to show off as the Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos both really pop. In this 147 minute movie, take your bathroom break before the movie begins, because Fallout is just not the movie you want to pause! A 5 star event!

- Didn’t fall for it1 star

I made the mistake of trusting the Rotten Tomatoes reviews on the previous MI Rogue Nation. Couldn’t finish it. Boring and predictable. (Boy has Cruise gotten old and fat.). So I took a pass on this. Looks like the studios know how to throw cash towards the reviewers.

- Cant believe all the negativity5 star

This is an EXCELLENT GREAT Movie, action or not, this is one of the best action film in recent year. All the scenes are extraordinary. I cant believe all the comment saying its boring and generic. Thats freaking ridiculous, if Mission Impossible Fallout is generic then what is not? Avengers? Unbelievable.

- Tom is the BEST!!5 star

Loved every minute!

- Swept up in it despite myself5 star

OK, it's a pity that the MI series is an action flick and not as cerebral as the TV series. And this movie was the most action-oriented yet. With even more impossible stunts than the predecessors. Terrible, right? My expectaions were so low that I rented it. Well, rollercoasters are predictable too, but still exhilerating. And this was one wild ride. Now I wish I'd bought it. Good female characters, too. The 007 series should take lessons.

- Excellent5 star

One of the best Mission Impossibles. You'd think that the franchise would get stale, but it seems to only get better. The actions sequences were brilliant, well executed and mostly believable. And, the soundtrack was steller. The drumline really drives the tone of the action pieces. What set this one apart from the others for me? The plot line didn't get too muddied - I could actually follow the twists. If this is any indicator of how the series is going, I'd like to see a few more. At least until the age can't be hidden anymore.

- I can rely on Cruise to get my money’s worth5 star

This franchise has had its moments, by and large its been pretty reliable and delivers. This film was surprisingly satisfying. Great photography, superbly edited. A real joy to sit and watch in the theater or at home.

- Another great franchise installment4 star

Entertaining! It was great to see some faces from the previous ones. It was difficult keeping Henry as “not” Superman but that didn’t ruin the movie. Henry did a great job and I’m looking forward seeing him play more original roles.

- Simply Amazing5 star

Action packed, great story line, not much more to say except that I hope the Mission Impossible series keeps going!

- Good action but emotionally detached2 star

Action packed. But the character building was bland and emotionless.

- Amazing stunts3 star

This long-running action franchise does not appear to be running out of ideas for impressive set pieces. This latest installment has some of the most ambitious stunts yet: including a skydive gone wrong, a brutal fistfight, several frantic chases, and a helicopter dogfight. The story is pure camp: it has comically high stakes, muddled logic, and predictable "reveals". But in light of the previous films in the series and the TV show that it's based on, a campy storyline is not a serious flaw.

- Mission Impossible: Fallout5 star

Just mind blowing 🤯. Really good movie

- Great Movie5 star

Tom Cruise does it again!

- Mission Impossible Rocks5 star

Awesome performances, great story and Superb visual affects. Love It

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👋💕💕😄🙂 fhh - Extras5 star

I adore this outgoing and continues film.

smiley and me - One of the best5 star

So good

BoxOfficeWillie - Impossible to watch in its entirety2 star

The days of mission impossible with Phelps’s and his expert specialists are gone. This version Fallout, is impossible to watch in its entirety in one sitting. The storyline is unbelievable, the script is disjointed, too complicated and tough for the actors to get emotional about. Mission Impossible, the series, had one mission, a time limit and involved the viewer. Sure there are action scenes, ones that failed to accomplish anything but crash and burn budget. The ending was anticlimactic, cut the wire down to the last second and save the world. I’m sure Phelps would have had the same classic ending that would keep the viewer having a share of the accomplishments and craving for a new assignment.

Awtihana - Not Good2 star

Tired MI packaging, scatterbrained plot, and pretty much a stunt vehicle with lengthy fight scenes. Quite boring.

Mark Ki - It’s MI. You know what to expect.4 star

Just plain fun.

terminizer - Addictive movie!5 star

This movie is very re watchable! in my opinion

Tituka2009 - Brilliant5 star

The incredible Tom Cruise makes this thrilling work of massive effort and creativity, so worth watching it over and over !! Brilliant 🙌🙌🙌

Comme des ombres soyons!! - Incontournable5 star

Pas compliqué...juste une question me vient à l’esprit: Quand est-ce le prochain?

Hikeguy - Worst Movie Ever!1 star

A complete waste of time, lots of social effects but no story lie and bad acting!!

ww2guru - Candy for the cinematic eye5 star

This is by far my faveorite MI movie with crazy practical stunts done by Tom Cruise in front of a multitude of stunning backdrops with fantastic camera work. If National geographic had a baby with Die Hard this would be it. Well done!

InItForTheQuest - Jaded view3 star

Have I become jaded? I give this one a 3 1/2 stars. It just did not keep me intensely interested during the entire movie. I can't put my finger on what it is that left me wanting. I guess I'll give myself some time and I will try again in a few months. Maybe...

GTA676767 - Amateur directing and story line2 star

No logic inside the story telling, but good acting

KratosZeusKilla - Freaking awesome!!5 star

This is the best mission impossible since the 2nd one all those years ago. Would have been nice to see Paula Patton join the cast again. Maybe the next one.

DiscJockey21 - Loved it5 star

This is definitely my favorite Mission Impossible movie! The story line is amazing, filled with it twists, an A+ cast and tons of action! Great job

Jezzyyyc - Worthy of the Series5 star

Good flick with loads of action and thrills. Kind of typical of the series, but thats what makes these movies so fun to watch! Great picture in 4k and the Atmos sound is incredible.

bob0087 - There getting better5 star

Great movie totally riviting this series seems to get better each movie

Och.laddie - Incredible action, ok story4 star

Put your mind in neutral and enjoy. From action perspective 5 stars. Story is 3 stars (being generous there). Average it out to 4 stars.

ChezChadBread - A Masterpiece of Action Cinema5 star


Holben2005 - The BEST Mission Impossible! 👍5 star

OMG this was worth seeing it in 3D! The best one in the franchise, and I advise everyone to see it, 10/10! The plot was outstanding and the action was the most entertaining to watch out of the six... and the most humorous of the six! I was still shaking 30 minutes after the movie! 10/10 👍

DPGumby - Certainly action packed4 star

I enjoyed the film because its non-stop action. Don't expect the script to make 100% sense in a film like this. Not the biggest Tom Cruise fan but he does well with the MI films. Would have to say one of the best MI films after the original. Cast does a good job although getting a bit long in the tooth for a pure action film. Villans could be a bit stronger as any trilller is only as good as the villian. Might even rewatch when its available to rental but certainly think this one is good for a look.

webhandle - I did not see this coming5 star

I have been a fan of spy thrillers scone I was 5, I have every single James Bond, Jason borne, jack reacher, jack Ryan and many more, and although the mission impossible series had a special place in my heart (especially Ghost Protocol) I never expected this service to be the one to dives the ultimate formula for a spy thriller and then executed the vision so perfect that I could watch a hole movie of every scene in it. Sometimes I think we hold the originals to a higher pedestal, however in this case I feel comfortable saying this definitely the best spy thriller to date, it you have a different opinion that’s fine everyone is different however I feel there literally nothing to criticize about this film. Sincerely amazed.

MK34494 - BEST MOVE OF 20185 star

It was the best movie I ever saw. (Watched in AVX Dbox)

Darren Augustin - I have already pre ordered this movie!5 star

Truly one of the best Mission Impossible movies I have ever seen! Tom Cruise never disappoints and he always delivers above and beyond my expectations! Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, Alec Baldwin, Henry Cavill, Angela Bassett, Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg, Vanessa Kirby and Michelle Monaghan were great! Mission Impossible Fallout is the best action movie of the summer 2018! Definitely recommend that you see it in IMAX then pre order on iTunes

saussichien - un film solide5 star

super bon même si j ai un faible pour le premier c est un mélange de tout les MI je l ai déjà précommandé !!

Stealthpilot101 - BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!5 star

I seen it twice already!! once in UltraAVX & another time in IMAX!! BEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR!!!!

infinte pro - Fallout5 star

Ohh my god it’s soooo good

D Fuss - ..…….… Holy wow!!!5 star

Is it possible that that’s the best one yet? Thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end.

Fanfiction Diva - Excellent!5 star

The best MIP yet, Tom Cruise gets better with age and great cast as always with strong female lead-Something for everyone!

Mitchell6292 - Best movie of 20185 star

Omg reading the reviews below for the people who are giving this film a 1 star you are delusional and pathetic don’t have taste in movies. This movie was one of the best action movies I’ve seen 5stars from me definitely one of Tom cruises best film

The Recruitment King - dont pay for this, wait til its on Netflix.2 star

97% on Rotten Tomtoes...86% on Metacritic...7.9/10 on IMDb. WOW, money buys anyone these days. Really liked the last one, but this is a stinker - too long, too much pointless dialog, too many peripheral characters getting too much screentime. I could go on, but its late. I even started wrapping xmas presents near the end. Great action, but a deeply flawed movie. You'll watch it anyway, but i paid 7 bucks to rent, please do yourself a favour and wait until its on Netflix. As for Rotten Tomatoes/Metacritic/IMDb...shame on the lot of you.

mark40au - Same as the last movie1 star

I actually want my money back. This movie borders on stupidity. Who writes this stuff? I won’t be watching anymore MI movies as they just have run out of ideas.

redmars7 - Fallout1 star

do not waste your money, this was rubbish

GJBMcN - Consistently Enjoyable But very Tom-Centric4 star

As extension of an old sixties franchise it is what it is, so enjoy! BUT At some stage someone will have to tell ageless the Tom C (coz it's showing with all the other characters) that it is ok to let go and his acting career now lies in a different direction. He doesnt have to be so real in is acting or I forsee an expensive fatality on the set. Tom also needs to give the premise and material it's own life as this film definitely is Tomcentric and the deep dive into the psycho-emotional mental state of Ethan (possibly Tom himself) is a bit...hm. Still the villians are suitably nasty (they all look like Beardy home brewers from Seattle) and there is more than enough impossibility as befits the Title.

tucanplayallnite - Fantastic5 star

A true action movie, bring on the next one!

gammaman1000 - Mostly misses1 star

The cast felt like thay were just going through the motions. It did not engage me at any level really.

Bec&Ed - Don’t “Fallout “ of your seat5 star

Strap yourself in for one helluva ride! So many twists and turns that you’ll fall out of your seat otherwise! In this movie, we see a more believable Ethan Hunt I think than in previous MI movies.

Beat Nick2014 - Cliche. For those who don't like to think1 star

Target Audience: Under 15

123467800&,;$;$;$:;;;$ - Mindless1 star

With the old MI series the team was always 5-steps in front of the bad guys. This numnuts is always behind the 8-ball. The main foe is called "The White Lady". Its like an 5th grader came up with this plot.

Deaf - Give me a break!1 star

What a s!!t movie Far too long and a dodgy story line - trying to make up for lack of plot with red herrings everywhere - Tom’s too old and unconvincing - he phoned his performance in.

Stricker36 - Good but one flaw...4 star

...time to change the actor. An old, short, podgy-ish fella can’t do all that lol - it’s comical near the end looking at the 50+ yr old’s face after assassin style leaping over buildings etc

Khaiho - Best Mission Impossible movie yet!5 star

This is one of the best action movies I’ve ever seen. The drama, acting and humour all play a part in one of the best action movies ever to be produced. Love the twists at every corner and can’t wait for more Mission Impossible with the gang!

Andyapptest - Fantastic fun5 star

A beautifully made movie. Enjoy the ride.

Theniza - Awesome movie5 star

The movie was intense, packed of action... love it. 👌🏻

Dazz128 - he best yet5 star

good all the way and keeps going well worth the coin

Bala Thayaparan - Hard Working Entertainment5 star

Hard Working Entertainment. Thrilled, Superb, Dedication

Bsg666 - WOW 👍5 star

Great action gives you everything you expect from MI Movie and more.

PixelPiracy - Tom Cruise5 star

He’s doing all of us a favor and giving us the action we want, none of that annoying green screen all over the place, and no bad acting, he did all the stunts himself and to boot his own fighting scenes, and great comical lines, definitely would rate this a 7/10 or 8/10

Captain Price🇦🇺 - Best one in the 6 episode on scene!5 star

From my point of view, the sixth episode contains the most complicated thoughts ad also the thrilling elements. Prior to the other 5, car racing, helicopter fight, and surprisingly unconventional spying games illustrates these guys’ wisdom and bravery!

Kazmumof6 - Gripping exciting action thriller4 star

I’m not a massive fan of Tom Cruise, but this film was fantastic. You don’t need to have seen all the previous films to get the storyline. Great twists & excellent action shots that have you on the edge of your seat!

L00kitsToyStory - Best movie ever5 star

This honestly was such a good movie Well made It was the single best movie I have ever seen

Prollyjollyfrancko - Awesome5 star

So good that i could almost swear all the action was done for real and the putt putt golf challenge was a real surprise!

MuseT12 - Best film I have ever seen5 star

Go see it - unreal

jembot - Thrill Ride5 star

Just as you would expect. This film is an action packed hell ride... doesn’t lull at all, engaging characters and plot, right down to the last second. I thoroughly enjoyed this at the cinema, and will rent here as soon as available.

Eddie 967 - Excellent!5 star

Saw this at the movies with my wife on a rare date night! Loved it, Tom at his absolute best and ably supported by the usual MI cast. Decent plot plus when you think it's over, there's another twist. Tom's stunts are top notch too, try not to wince when he breaks his ankle for real during that jump!

Bread Leg - Daddy1 star

Hit me

Jacob355 - Rubbish1 star

What a piece of junk this is 😂 pure poorness!

Real SuDENt - Non stop awesome action!!5 star

A great addition to the movie collection totally recommend for long journeys or a sleepover

hi2389909866 - Amazing5 star

1 of the best films ever

Kirill2155 - Unbelievable5 star

So much respect for the people who were involved in making this film. The film itself was great, absolutely loved it. But watching the extras was just breathtaking!!! So much work! Thank you!

ilrg - Flawless5 star

Maybe one of the best action thrillers of all time .

Maverick Beamer - Lost the plot3 star

Previous film great. This one completely over the top unbelievable. Constant action but lousy plot. Clutching at straws now. Ran out of ideas. Story line hopeless and leaves you wondering how they can submit this to us after such a great film previously. All hype. Ok for meaningless action and chases.

ElliottGoodyer - Fantastic5 star

This film is great it has a lot of tension, 2 IMAX scenes, great camera shots and overall great performances.

Toby Son Of Jim - Best M:I FILM to date5 star

By far the best film.

Tamtb78 - Good Watch5 star

I like the reliable formulae of these films. You know you have to accept somethings as just not being possible but the pace of the film combined with the guaranteed action make this something worth watching. To add to the value of the film it is mightly impressive the amount of stunts that Tom Cruise has done himself!

Rich2902 - Nope3 star

Just gets more and more annoying as it pushes what is believable, to the point where it is just daft.

2goodears - Mr fair1 star

its only a download , they dont have to pay for thye making of a dvd or delivery charges to their shops by petral cost yet apple continue to be greedy . Dirty buisness i call it , can buy this for £10 at Tesco , why ! does a download that we have to pay for internet cost to down load it cost more , rip off greedyness .just like their gamres if u want to upgrade a car on a rubbish game compared to Sony playstation games they want as much money to upgrade its engine as a game cost in play station , apple shopuld really be reported for taking advantage of its users , its a phone soon will not be here if carry on this way

Chicken Darren - Mission impossible follow through!!1 star

What utter rubbish!! I was genuinely looking forward to a high production MI feature and instead I got a budget flick. It’s borderline entertaining but I kept thinking “stick with it, it will get better soon”. Don’t get me wrong I love TC and the films he makes but this one is pants. Wait until it is on Netflix. Don’t waste your money. The other reviews must be fake or they watched a different film!! Plot predicted 10 mins into film.

AnnieCYa - 3 Stars3 star

I’m not an avid fan of the M.I. movies but of the ones I’ve seen they’re pretty good - nice bits of humour, plenty of fairly realistic looking stunts etc but in this one I felt it was lacking in humour - they definitely could have included more. Also, I know the Tom Cruise character was supposed to have a lot on his mind but his principal facial expression throughout the movie was of mild befuddlement. Lots of exciting drama though I definitely felt that the final scene countdown was way longer (in screen & actual time) than the supposed time. I hope this was the last one, not sure they have anything else to whack out story wise!

Mac7184 - Spectacular5 star

Absolutely brilliant, I had such high expectations for this film and was not disappointed. The stunts are breathtaking, an incredible thrill ride from start to finish.

J.Sadler97 - Amazing5 star

One of the most enjoyable films I’ve seen

DR Adept - Best so far5 star

This is edge of your seat stuff, twists and turns as can be expected with MI but even more anticipation and action going on, also some nice funny bits that keep it grounded and enjoyable. Well worth buying and watching again and again.

Matt077895 - Another good MI5 star

Yet again another decent mission impossible film. Much better than Bond films IMO

Mykan Wolf - We'll take it from here 0075 star

As a long time Bond fan i was massively disappointed with the overblown dull SPECTRE and after watching MI6 Fallout Bond producers really need to start asking themselves some serious question's. FALLOUT, like the previous movie MI5 Rouge Nation is everything Bond should be today. Here you get on the edge of your seat action with Tom Cruise like him or not just upping the ante every time and does not disappoint. With great casting and directing with some stand out action scene's with Henry Cavill and the very underrated Sean Harris. Roll on Mission Impossible 7

AideeGee - Buy it!5 star

Best MI film so far. Tom’s the man!

Dulek13 - Superb5 star

Great film. Loved

kismet dida - Best5 star


Sully1975 - Super5 star

Sit back watch and be entertained. Great film.

Aa Re - Wow...just wow!5 star

Absolutely the best yet. I rarely write reviews but this film deserves one and then some. Just incredible. Leaves you exhausted by the end with the action, the tension and the suspense.

JP QUINN 35 - Price is a bit to High 🙁🙁3 star

Price is a bit to High 🙁🙁

ldgyxw - The best mission impossible yet!!!!5 star

I have been watching all the mission impossible films and every one has been amazing but this is to much. The best film this year and probably the best film ever mission impossible fallout has it all, with a fantastic story line, fast paced action and unreal stunts. If you have not seen this film yet then I’m not sure why your reading this but if your still reading this, then stop right now!!! Scroll up, click the film and get comfortable as your going to be in for a real treat 👍👍👍🤗👍🤗☺️😊

T-y-Wang - Simply Brilliant5 star

I rarely write any reviews, but felt I owe Tom one even just for his broken ankle. This is a fast-paced gripping action mega blockbuster that will get you hooked forever!

creativeenergymg - loved it5 star

way the scenes roll into each other, the tense music throughout its a very good action film. good to see cruise doing a lot of the stunts as well, best one of the mi series so far.

kevin_carlin - Best action movie ever5 star

As a guy that has watched just about every action movie going within the last 20 years, this easily tops the list.

capmax62 - Ace film5 star

I think this as to be the best mission impossible yet, lots of action/ stunts galore, plenty of twists to the plot as well, hope that they make a lot more of these films, I never get tired of them, the whole cast worked together well,great from the first minute to last, take my word well worth a watch, just brilliant, top movie 👏👏👏👏👏💋

samshiri - If only Tom Cruise was immortal5 star

This movie is filled with an amazing OST plus amazing stunts and action that'll keep you both emotionally and visually. This movie is a definite must watch regardless of whatever genre you love. I've never loved a movie this much.

jamr31 - Brilliant, Just Brilliant!5 star

By far the best Mission Impossible film in the series, and they have all been good... edge of your seat stuff and Tom Cruise has never been better....

1hrdhdjdndjd - Great5 star

As great as the last two

Joseph David rose - Mission impossible fallout5 star

That was the best film I have ever seen in ages. It had lots and lots of really good action and I really strongly you go and see this film if you are a fan of Tom cruise. I give this film a 5/5 for best film since rogue Mission came out.

Jimmyhawkes - Wow5 star

What an explosive film

Mossimoo - edge of your seat 🏍💥🚁💥🚘💥5 star

Action...action...action...continues with same bad guy in MI5...awesome stunts, chases and crashes! I think a close 2nd to MI4 maybe my favourite?!?

IamRVP - Best one yet!5 star

Plus, best Cruise film in recent years. This movie feels so good, it truly sets itself up for another sequel. Let's hope so.

Jedi evs - Amazing5 star

Just watched in cinema.This is how action films should be made.good that Tom does his own stunts.i there nothing this man cant do. No stop all the way.

stonejedi - Superb Action Film...5 star

Tom Cruise at his best,I guess somethings do get better with age 5* A+Highly recommended 👍🏾.

ToboFett - Best movie of the year5 star

Just amazing, best action movie in a while

AirBNB 🎁10 star

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Dace5 - Mission denied1 star

As soon as I saw Baldwin lost interest.

Ritamix - AWESOME SAUCE!!!5 star

I don't care what these reviews say. This was really good. A lot of action, great scenery and awesome camera angles. Though it can be hard to follow the storyline and what exactly is going on at times. It beats that "Jack" whatever movie Tom was in. This is a MUST SEE!

Bscccc - Good movie5 star

Definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat. A good movie.

Milo Lestrange - Fallout5 star

I have never seen anything as breath taking and exciting and, hell, it’s just amazing.

3azozsafar - I won’t subtitle Arabic2 star

I won’t subtitle Arabic

annoued at movie - Stupid1 star

Couldn’t watch the movie

filledwithchill - Story? Predictable. Do I care? Nope!5 star

Ok it’s the same exact story as every single action movie ever. Bad guys do bad things, good guys try to take them down. But the way this movie does the action is fantastic! With other mission impossible movies the action was good but never this good! Some scenes like the helicopter scene feel very engaging! I have watched this movie twice and won’t hesitate to watch it more times.

tony mowatt - 5 *****s5 star

five stars

Heliosphere - Same ol’ Same ol’1 star

Disable a bomb seconds before it explodes... *Yawn So boring.

Craig248 - Mission Impossible5 star

Full of action from start to finish.

Dovic - The best one5 star

These movies are fun and entertaining. The action is among the best ever put on film. Never bet against Ethan Hunt.

baktashr9 - Awesome movie full of action!5 star

Fantastic movie! Although it’s almost 3 hours but don’t let that discourage you! Full of action and surprise stories!

ElginOhare2020 - I bought it!!!4 star

I thought I was all mission impossibled out but I was pleasantly surprised. It turned to be better than I expected.

FinBobo - I hope they continue to make more movies5 star

Every MI movie is better than its predecessor, and this one is the best one yet. Really hoping they make more movies.

Invictus06 - Action Packed Entertainment5 star

Thoroughly enjoyed this latest installment in the franchise! Lots of action with a good plot.

Qwndisokdndhdid - Nope1 star


Depravedpsycho - 😎😎5 star

Best Mission Ever!

Dominic9d7. - Very Entertaining5 star

Great action movie that kept me and whole family interested and entertained from start to finish. Tom Cruise is officially the top action hero...... acting and does all his own SPECTACULAR stunt work. Impressive!!!! Cinematography is amazing also, check this one out.

iangie007 - Crazy stunts!!!!5 star

Tom Cruise is simply an adrenaline junky!!! The stunts are mind boggling!!!! Action to me is way on point!!! This is the best one! I have all of the other MISSION IMPOSSIBLE MOVIES ON DVD!!!! I definitely will be getting this one!

ensoyin - Excellent Movie5 star

Moved fast, fun, exciting, ,funny, emotional. What more could you want. Great movie watched it twice. One of the best Misssion Impossible movies within the series.

mholly99 - Absolutely freaking amazing movie!5 star

Great job Tom Cruise, McQ, and everyone else involved. I’ve been watching the MI movies since the first one in the ‘90’s and this is by far the best of the bunch. The action sequences, the story and the acting pull you in from the first second and keep you engaged throughout! This franchise has only gotten better and I hope they continue the excitement!

MomofBlondBoys - Best one yet5 star

My favorite one so far 👌

BT-7274__ - Predictable4 star

I love the MI movies but they always come down to a second before the bomb goes off or something along the lines of that. Unusual in the fact that even though this has always been a spy movie there really isn’t any “sneeki breeki” just Tom cruise doing predictable things. Getting that out of the way it is a relatively great action movie. And they put the scene where Tom cruise broke his leg in.

Eschenbach2017 - Terrible acting2 star

Action ok. Acting?

Swtnov - Terrible movie1 star

While watching the movie I realized I was waiting and waiting and waiting for some acting… There wasn’t any…

pengy-G - what can you say!!!!!4 star

He always puts out an action packed Movie!! well worth it! Tom's The MAN!!!

ATMMD - Non Stop Action4 star

A very nice movie. Constant action, some amazing, but some extended and tiring. To make sense of the plot is not advised; there is very little of that to be found. Great ending. The last half an hour was thrilling, captivating, and just awesome.

bgc176 - Mission Impossible FALLOUT5 star

Great Movie! Loved it!! Great acting as usual - TOM CRUISE and his gang!!!

PapaBeee - Fair with the usual 58 - 36 casting for Tom3 star

Fairly good and consistent movie for the series. The continuation of Tom who should be playing older characters (like a grand parent) and the age inappropriate casting (25+ years younger female love interest). The action gets laughable certainly by the helicopter scenes but all in good fun I suppose.

Scotty Marcelo - A Very Fun Movie4 star

Okay are there some cheesy and unbelievable parts? Sure, but it is such a fun and awesome film! The best MI movie ever made!

Cheechiecherry - Great action flick5 star

Say what you want about Tom Cruise, but he makes awesome action films. He’s perhaps the greatest action star in film ever. The latest MI film will show you. Unbelievable action in crazy predicaments, but they show you enough to make it semi-plausible so you don’t walk away saying it was fake action. Just awesome, just watch it.

Helpfull Kirk - We're they even acting1 star

Mission Impossible movies in the past were a gaurantee to be full of action some pretty acting and all around fun to watch. However Fallout was a far cry from that. It should have been called FAILout!! What horrible acting, completely perticable, however towards the end it became a rather great comedy and we all couldn't stop laughing at it. This movie is a perfect example of Money being Tom's main motivation for this F- movie. Shame on you Tom for letting greed get in the way.

Carpediem-USA - Top action5 star

I have always been a fan of that movie since the tv show. Love the actions and the outstanding of the actors.

Charlie McLean,VA - Disappointed1 star

This has turned into a old man and lots of action short on story. Perhaps its time to end these. Very boring.

RayMacD - a farcical comic book for 10 yr olds1 star

unbelievable, didn't even try. Suspension of disbelief? the only thing suspended was my interest in seeing this to the end. .... good gawd. I wanted my money back as soon as the 'story' was 4 minutes in. Good news: It does end at one point. Ugh

titauu - Excelente5 star

Muy buen contenido, te tiene a la expectativa y en tensión.

BSerracin - 5 Star Entertainment!5 star

Simply the best of the series. Amazingly exciting, and masterfully produced. You would think the genre and the Mission Impossible design would be dead. Think again. Top notch script, direction and characters you get to like a bit. Cruise deserves a special award for Stunts by a Leading Man. You might think they were trying to kill him making this movie. It's not a masterpiece of cinema, but it is a masterpiece of Entertainment. Worth the inflated price.

Karmijn du Sonneville - Tired and predictable3 star

It's obvious that the budget for this movie went into paying the stars and the special effects and editing houses. The story was the same old stuff, rehashed a bit here and there, but so predictable that entire portions of the movie could be skipped. You've seen it all before. This year's version has older, fatter stars and better special effects. Hopefully this series gets a reboot with new actors and new stories.

Rambo8649 - Lots of action4 star

Lots of action, a little over the top, but very fun and done well. The story and writing are the weak point I think.

iandmealone - Fooled Again by Ratings2 star

Clearly a lot of money was spent making this movie. However, that was enough. It failed as a movie. As far as I'm concerned, no more Mission Impossible movies.

hdj8501 - Meh!3 star

Well, the last 30 minutes were thrilling.

BooBerryBits - Way too long2 star

Seems like they tried to shove everything into this movie. Action stunts to action stunt to action stunt. The actors seemed well...tired and old. I hope this is TC last movie, he needs to retire his old bum. Nothing memorable, I’ve forgotten why I bought this overpriced blah.

Brilliant Madness - Very Entertaining But Too Unrealistic3 star

MI5 pushed the limits and this crossed them all. I would rather watch Bourne, Bond, Sicario, etc where it’s the ‘possible’ edge of life and not a dream. MI has become a Marvel or Star Wars spinoff and that’s not flattering. Jack Reacher III would have been a better use of prolific Tom’s time.

Greek Woman - Nope3 star

Not a good one

movie-critique - Review4 star

The last 30min are breathtaking! Other than that, the story is really not that great and the overall color scheme of this movie is somewhat muddy (and it's not my screen): saturation a little low, post production a little sloppy.

Deygus - Doing the Impossible5 star

I absolutely love all of the mission impossible movies and this one just continues to build upon that level of entertainment with lots of action and a great story!

SpartanDelta96 - Sweet Momma!! This movie deserves everythang!!!5 star

Literally, one of the best action movies I’ve ever seen!! I’d say it beats Mad Max: Fury Road!

Golden Victor - Superman is finished..1 star

No!! Henry Cavill you ruined your career doing this garbage.

Knew & Used - awful1 star

just awful

Rinasandler - Good Moving5 star

Good movie with great acting

5 star

@renaldinhos: Tom Cruise tenía 55 años cuando se filmó "Mission: Impossible - Fallout" y el Tato Abadía 27 cuando fichó por el Atlético…

5 star

Christopher McQuarrie would have been perfect for man of steel 2. @wbpictures @ATT He equally knows how to weave e…

5 star

@the_analog_guy: Yo. Christopher McQuarrie directed the SHIT out of Rogue Nation and Fallout. The man understands action and story like…

5 star

Mission Impossible: Fallout (2018) Ethan Hunt recovers a damaged phone from "John Lark" after the bathroom brawl. L…

5 star

@BBW_BFF which is a fair point about definition of "comfort movie". No doubt Raids are genius & incredibly rewatcha…

5 star

@TicoRomao Does Mission Impossible: Fallout count? Salomon Lane rescued by Ethan then escaping to carry out his master plan.

5 star

@erynwen28 @twilm_de Eigentlich ja. Ich hatte "Mission Impossible: Fallout" vorgeschlagen.

5 star

@isaiah_kb Mission Impossible: Fallout is a movie about a group of war criminals trying to take down a bunch of gen…

5 star

@cinematic_10: 40-Mission:Impossible –Fallout فيلم جواسيس وهو الجزء 6 من السلسلة في الفيلم،تم تعيين عميل صندوق النقد الدولي إيثان هانت و…

5 star

@FilmstoFilms_ Mission Impossible Fallout

5 star

World's biggest wind tunnel, built by Aerodium (Latvia) for Tom Cruise's film Mission: Im…

5 star

Alpha Underwater Mission: impossible, fallout Lala land Parasite Get out Mad max Avengers: end game, infinity war…

5 star

@TomCruise: I’m taking a quick break from filming to tell you the best way to watch Mission: Impossible Fallout (or any movie you love)…

5 star

@MenemshaFilms: Did You Know: DOUGH composer @LorneBalfe also created the music for MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT and many other amazing…

5 star

Did You Know: DOUGH composer @LorneBalfe also created the music for MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT and many other am…

Mission: Impossible - Fallout Images & Pictures

Mission: Impossible - Fallout images
Mission: Impossible - Fallout images
Mission: Impossible - Fallout images
Mission: Impossible - Fallout images
Mission: Impossible - Fallout images
Mission: Impossible - Fallout images
Mission: Impossible - Fallout images
Mission: Impossible - Fallout images
Mission: Impossible - Fallout images
Mission: Impossible - Fallout images
Mission: Impossible - Fallout images
Mission: Impossible - Fallout images

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Mission: Impossible - Fallout posters
Mission: Impossible - Fallout posters
Mission: Impossible - Fallout posters
Mission: Impossible - Fallout posters
Mission: Impossible - Fallout posters
Mission: Impossible - Fallout posters
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