Upgrade Summary and Synopsis

Upgrade is a thrilling and hyper violent vision of the future from the producers of Get Out and The Purge, and the creator of Saw and Insidious. After his wife is killed during a brutal mugging that also leaves him paralyzed, Grey Trace (Logan Marshall-Green, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Prometheus) is approached by a billionaire inventor with an experimental cure that will "upgrade" his body. The cure–an Artificial Intelligence implant called STEM–gives Grey physical abilities beyond anything experienced, and the ability to relentlessly claim vengeance against those who murdered his wife and left him for dead. A brutal mugging leaves Grey Trace paralyzed in the hospital and his beloved wife dead. A billionaire inventor soon offers Trace a cure — an artificial intelligence implant called STEM that will enhance his body. Now able to walk, Grey finds that he also has superhuman strength and agility — skills he uses to seek revenge against the thugs who destroyed his life. Upgrade Wiki

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Upgrade Movie (2018)

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Upgrade Movie Reviews

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- Great low budget tech-action5 star

Title says it all. This is a fun and gritty, high-tech but somewhat low-budget sci-fi flick that manages to be fun and even a little sophisticated so long as you don’t pick it apart mercilessly. Fun film, great acting and action sequences in the fight scenes.

- Good storyline and brilliantly chronogrpahed action scenes5 star

Upgrade may be the most crowd-pleasing action box office hit of the 20th century but Upgrade is no joke it's a kick-ass masterpiece with brilliantly good chronographed action scenes, wonderful storyline even though this sci-fi thriller feels fleshed out and the main character is awesome and in focus. This may be the best horror sci-fi action flicks i have seen all year and without a dount Logan Marshall-Green is amazing in this film playing a man who his wife gets murderd by a bunch of crazy people and gets programed to be a contract killer it's fantastic!

- Awesome5 star

What a fantastic movie. Great performance by LMG.

- Great5 star

One of the best movies I’ve seen in a while!

- was good til the end2 star

very disappointed in the ending. i could have thought of a ton of better endings that were not as mediocre as this one

- A Masterpiece5 star

One of the less noticed movies of 2018. This movie is for anyone who enjoys a sci-fi thrillers.

- Best low budget sci-if sleeper hit5 star

This movie is phenomenal for the. Budget, action is visceral and gross but in the best way. Plot leaves you wanting more and to see what comes next. A must see for sci-fi fans.

- Better than I expected5 star

Movie was good with a good plot twist

- What Venom Should've Done4 star

The ideal movie would be what this movie had to offer and Venom's budget. The best thing that Upgrade does is are the action scenes. The camera-work and choreography and so well thought out and executed that makes this movie worth it. This movie is violent and gruesome, but it comes together really well. The not so great parts to look out for: the white hair kid doesn't deliver that well and just comes off kind of cliche'd. The lighting on parts where it isn't action is very dark all the time, even where it really wouldn't be dark so that's hard to not notice and add that to the cinematography outside of the action scenes which is very claustrophobic feeling. The twist doesn't really make sense either. All in all this movie is incredibly fun. Watch this instead of Venom.

- Great Take on a Classic Story5 star

While the main actor shines, others can use some more depth. Otherwise, a great take on the revenge story.

- A Piece or Art5 star

Wondrous cinematography, beautiful acting and great concept and story. Worth every cent! Thanks to everyone who worked on this movie.

- Cronenbergesque4 star

Quirky enough to merit a rewatch. Beware the lame sequel.

- The real venom4 star

Bold cinema the ending is great Wish venom had been as bold as this with more budget this film would have been 5 stars.

- La mejor película5 star

Si de ficción se trata, esto es lo mejor

- Really well done...4 star

Waited for awhile to rent this movie. Well worth the wait. Good story that moves quickly. Action is top notch and the ending is satisfying.

- Very good movie5 star

Does not disappoint keeps you interested

- surprisingly good5 star

very well done, great production value, not overdone

- Surprisingly smart and gruesome4 star

The first act is rough, but luckily it doesn’t last long and launches into an awesome high-energy movie.

- I feel like I’m taking crazy pills1 star

I’m really disappointed in the hype... This should have been a great film, but it simply wasn’t. The concept had promise, but everything else about this film was uninspired & laughable.

- Slow. 3 stars for mystery action.3 star

The ending needs an alternative instead of killing robotically. That was the weakest ending.

- Best film in ages5 star

Great from start to finish. One of the best films I've seen in years! 5*****

- Awesome5 star

Best movie in a while. Keeps you guessing.

- I enjoyed this.4 star

Pretty cool. Another dark look into how artificial intelligence can go wrong.

- Good Revenge Flick4 star

Well acted, good effects, interesting plot. It won't be a classic, but you'll watch it more than once.

- Terrific. Shows what can be done with great acting and a compelling story5 star

You’d never guess this movie was shot on a tight budget. Good solid hard sci-fi, excellent action, solid cast, and wild twists and turns. The special effects and imaginative conception of the future brings it on home. Sleeper hit of the year, like the first Terminator. Just watch it.

- Good movie5 star

Best movie of the year

- UPGRADE5 star

The end was a plot twist, but the movie had a great story behind it. I loved the action scenes and the acting was great. Looking forward for a UPGRADE 2.

- A hidden gem. Action/Sci-fi gold.5 star

This is a slick and smart sci-fi movie that packs a punch. It has cool visuals, kills straight out of a slasher flick, a cold and methodical score, a compelling story, and most importantly it’s fun to watch.

- Great movie!5 star

Best movie I've seen in a while; action packed with a very realistic futuristic plot. Watch now!

- Pure awesomeness!5 star

Modern sci-fi masterpiece.

- Great ending but the rest was meh3 star

Average acting and inconsistencies weakened the film. This really could have been a fantastic exploration of AI. Hopefully this inspires another filmaker to take the concepts to the next level.

- Best movie I’ve seen in a while!5 star

Exciting, edge of your seat action. Original and keeps you guessing.

- Deja Vu3 star

The film effects are remarkable, however limited! It toggle a futuristic issue, like Robocop, Terminator (the first releases) without bringing something new to the table. Wait for the movie to go down in price and buy it or rent it.

- It’s ok2 star

It started off great but rapidly worsens near the end. I wouldn’t recommend.

- Wow5 star

I was really hesitating on getting this movie but what a turn out. Couldn’t take my eyes off the tv whole time

- Surprised4 star

Yo I watched this on the stick was just browsing movies found this and was not disappointed. Great action nice plot didn’t see that coming but I should of noticed when it took over the car. But anyway very entertaining. Hope there’s a part 2.

- Bravo5 star

Most underated never heard aboht movie ive seen in a long time. Serioualy thought it was gonna be a B grade film reading the description. But thia movie was A+ from top to bottom. Didnt matter i saw the plot twist coming. It was still an awesome movie

- It was okay,4 star

The whole story is kinda flat..

- Excellent Film5 star

Very good film. My partner and I enjoyed this.

- Refreshing5 star

This film was an unexpected surprise. Logan Marshall-Green (Prometheus) is brilliant in this. It keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout. Well worth a buy, (Or rent if you prefer)

- I don't write reviews..5 star

but this movie is F{}CKING BOSS!!!

- Cool movie3 star

A unique twist on a familiar movie, I enjoyed it.

- Conflicting views2 star

In one respect, this is a perfectly fine, SF-based take on the Frankenstein tale. The action is solid; the plotting is solid; the "twist" is reasonable in the context of the film. I found the acting pretty weak, especially Harrison Gilbertson's Eron Kean. The more SF movies I see that contain a tech CEO, the more convinced I am the vast majority of filmmakers haven't ever actually *met* one. I have, quite a few, and they are not like Gilbertson's Kean; nor are they like the two CEOs in Blade Runner, Niander Wallace and Eldon Tyrell (though the latter was kind of interesting, wasn't he?) The closest is Oscar Isaac's Nathan from Ex Machina. But I digress. I also wasn't much enamoured by Logan Marshall-Green's Gray Trace. He was servicible enough I suppose, and one will never know if his stoic, one-note performance was because of his acting, or the directing. Personally I found him increasingly painful to watch as the film went on; I could not empathize with or root for him hardly at all. But again, maybe that's me. (And after the Fifty Shades films, why would anyone want to name a character "Gray" ever again?) But in all honesty I can't recommend this film. When watching films, I don't try to judge quality, but enjoyment. I rate that enjoyment from "Watch this film in the theaters and be sure to buy the video!" to "Don't even bother renting this one." This one scores at the "Rent it but don't bother buying it" end of the scale; now that I've seen it, I have no need to ever re-watch it. And to me, that's problematic for a film. So maybe you'll enjoy it. But I sure didn't.

- Dan5 star


- Awesome movie!5 star

I consider this an Ex Machina type of movie. We need more like it!!

- Great movie.5 star

Best movie I’ve seen in a very long time. Tom Hardy was great.

- Kept us on edge5 star

This movie was very suspenseful and kept us on edge.

- Classy5 star

Really interesting premise and exciting thrills. The main actor was particularly good. Great flick.

- 2 words "Ex Machina" the overachiever!5 star

This movie brings back memories of "Ex Machina"! Only that it surprised me in the same way. It may not be as good but it's really great just the same. I really don't know why this film would get a bad review but anything under 3 stars is crazy. For all you sy-fy freaks this is a really good movie (4 stars or 5 stars). Complex plot, good acting, good effects & good editing. Enjoy the ride!

- If you liked HAL...5 star

What a surprise! Really enjoyed this movie and may watch it again now!

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Yodaman Solo - Great!5 star

I didn’t have a clue about this movie until I decided to give it a try and wow what a surprise! I went into it not knowing anything about it. I feel it’s an overlooked, under rated, and a diamond in the rough movie. I also think Leigh Whannell is an under rated film maker. He has a good track record. For me anyway.

Michael Kowalski - Superb movie5 star

A great sci-fi movie. This movie brings something new and exciting to the genre.

AlnKleYUL - Buckle up. No drugs required to enjoy this.4 star

Visually captivating — in some ways more than The Matrix, with rich audio, sfx, scene and script. I watched it sober. No exogenous drugs required! body got dope just from watching!

AlnKleYUL - Buckle up. No drugs required to enjoy this.4 star

Visually captivating — in some ways more than The Matrix, with rich audio, sfx, scene and script. I watched it sober. No exogenous drugs required! body got dope just from watching!

Nikodonis - Great Movie Great Story5 star

It’s about time someone came out with an original story.

Ppppz - Wow!5 star

What a movie! Cool story, amazing effects and look of the movie, really original storyline. I can’t believe I had not heard of this. Loved it.

DiscJockey21 - Surprised me!5 star

Best movie I've seen a LONG time. No question. I was leaning forward in my chair wondering what was going to happen next, I've never felt so happy and sad at the same time when the movie was over! Happy because of how amazing it was and sad because, well, it was over! Great job.

SRGRMB - Two Star Movie2 star

I give this movie two stars because that is all it deserves, I came close to giving it three stars, but really, that would have told people to waste their hard earned cash.

ShawnShang - Great movie!5 star

Worth a look

JamesDavid - Excellent Flick 🤖5 star

Not really a fan of Leigh Whannell’s work...at all. That being said this film pushes all the right buttons. Cerebral till the end. Neoteric take on AI, refreshing and frightening. Popcorn/Couch AF.

Brad S. 123456789 - Sci-Fi Action Thriller!5 star

really enjoyed the movie - a very clever plot that was more complex than anticipated!

Who-V - Epic5 star

Must watch... Just watch this movie. Won’t disappoint.

BigManWithBigSword - Wow4 star

This movie was wonderful. Probably a little too hardcore scifi for mainstream but I thought it was very well done , even the ending was a pleasant surprise.

DystopianMovieFan - Excellent effects, but fairly standard technophobic story3 star

The effects, direction, and acting are all well-done. It's a remarkable feat of fiscal efficiency considering its relatively low-budget. Unfortunately the story settles for a very typical message of technophobia. In the dystopian world of Upgrade, self-driving cars are homicidal, surveillance drones are ineffective, and AI is as sinister as ever. The irony is of course that without the advancement of the computer, this film would never have been a possibility.

Jey1973 - Great Ending i didnt see coming5 star

i`ve seen too many movie and usually can predict the end...but this one was a good ending! i enjoyed it

Mana22222222 - It ok (don’t buy)3 star

I don’t agree with people who gave this movie a 5 star rating really. This movie barely gets 3 stars.

dillusioned - Fantastic movie!5 star

Usually when I pick a movie that I've heard nothing about and screams "low-budget," I get disappointed. "Upgrade" is a movie that took me totally by surprise, the effects are top-notch, the acting is great, and the story is solid. Couple that with some humor and you get a great movie. I bought the movie, which says it all. I rarely purchase movies, but this one is easily worth it.

Sestechno - Surprised how good this was!5 star

I went in the theatre expecting a low level entertainment and I was incredibly surprised. Big thumbs up. Loved the movie.

Marco Grenier - Great surprise !5 star

Well done

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Eschenbach2017 - A wake-me-upper5 star

First watched this movie while exercising on an elliptical. First 15 minutes a little slow, sappy but after that I did not want to get off the wretched machine for another 60 minutes. Protagonist is a great actor. Loved the comic relief in between heads being bashed in.

Lcempj - Love it.5 star

This is like Six Million Dollar man meets Terminator meets Cyborg meets Knight Rider. The twist in this movie is crazy. They have to make a part 2 and a tv series. And that ending omg I was like OH MAN:) There HAS to be more.

Anthoni - Unique & Refreshing!5 star

Great Sci-Fi, action film...you won’t be disappointed. Actor Logan Marshall-Green gives an electrifying A.I. performance!

ishan shivanand - Worth a watch5 star


TheMusicProphet - One of the best Sci-Fi films in years.5 star

I was NOT EXPECTING to be a fan of this film. For a small budget, non-blockbuster (if you will), this film packs a hell of a punch. Great acting, great plot, solid twist. Could not have enjoyed it more

tekneak - Great action movie5 star

Nice pace of action and it’s definitely a kick-as$ movie with plenty of nice fight scenes! Well done

The Real Thelonious Mac - Surprising!5 star

New twists on old science fiction themes.

Hassel-The-Hoff - Top produced conclusive story great action5 star

Everything you want a hidden gem to be.

Justfloat - Wow!5 star

Logan Marshall carries whatever film he is in! I only thought I knew it’s ending!

ConnectedElectro - Unbelievable!5 star

New age of sci-if/tech....absolutely amazing!

RKAEMP - Outstanding5 star

The machine is alive and taking over. Brilliant movie.

Matthew130 - Had Me Guessing Right Till The End5 star

Amazing movie with lots of twists and turns!Great acting and even better cinematography! I highly recommend

Andrés Hwang - WOW5 star

Never liked watching sci-fi movies but this movie for sure changed my mind on this particular genre. Loved it !

Yeti8me69 - VERY KEWL !!!5 star

I love this movie , and plan to buy it ! Great story and the acting is spot on . Better than most big budget movies . I also liked the old school muscle cars .

Omar Usmani - Waste of time and money1 star

Can’t believe I paid $5.99 plus tax this movie. Waste of time. Rental for 24 hours should be $2.99 plus tax. If you’re thinking about watching this movie please don’t! You’ll thank me for giving you a heads up.

Dazzah9000 - Hi Tech Noir5 star

Great little movie, reminiscent of Kurt Wimmer’s Equilibrium or Richard Stanley’s Hardware although this is more sardonic than either. However, it is Marshall-Green that gives the movie its heart and mind. A magnetic and highly intelligent actor.

Beldan111 - 💫5 star

Great 👍

AMJ33 - WOW5 star

Really fresh sci fi film. So much darker than I could have anticipated. Beautiful and well imagined!

brslc - Robotic3 star

Didn't enjoy the lead acting like a robot most of the time. Theoretically the movie is well done but I didn't enjoy watching it.

Dean_Moriarty - literalluy mind bending, amazing ending4 star

the ending reveal is worth watching the entire film!

Beef 2701 - WOW5 star

This is the best movie I have watched all year. An amazing take on what society might look like in 20 years. Makes you wonder about AI

Jayfajonesy - Best movie of the year.5 star

I loved this movie from start to finish. The characters were lifelike and the story was compelling. I enjoyed a critical look at ethical dilemmas that might be encountered in the not so distant future.

Arealmadgenius - Brilliant and unsettling5 star

This movie was brilliant on so many levels. And it sets up for a sequel: Roboot!

Droto - B movie done right5 star

Title says it all

blahlalamonsterugly - Very unexpectedly good.5 star

This isnt just your typical robocop/supersoldier action movie. The writing was done very well. I was expecting just a good action/revenge flick but got something a bit more.

djBONZ - One of the best endings I’ve ever seen in a film - Unforgettable!5 star

Highly refreshing original concept that takes Cyberpunk/Sci-Fi along with horrifying aspects and blends it into a brutal journey for justice that ends with a conclusion so magnificent, it will linger in your memory long after the credits finish. Amazing film - can not recommend enough!

Paco80pr - Too GOOD !!!!5 star

To be TRUE !!!!

TrayHappy - Awesome5 star

I love the story and the plot twist at the end was not ready for great movie..thank you; all I can say is awesome if anybody ask me about this movie

iBryanB - Movie Review4 star

It’s a Good movie.

Letsgodiving - Not to shabby4 star

Critics kind of tore this up,...I was pleasantly surprised,.acting was good,...story had layers to it, it had action and mysterious at the same time,....definitely has potential cult status,...up there with evil deal and phantasm,...really enjoyed it.

Cofito - Gimmick2 star

Cool way to shoot action sequences with the camera moving with the main character. Interesting twist at the end. But the dialogue is poorly written, the acting amateurish, and the characters inconsistent (and yes, I'm taking into account that the main character has a HAL-type character working inside of him.) Great trailer though.

danny hoffer reviews stuff - fun if your expectations are pretty low2 star

nerdy genre b movie. main problem isn't the low rent feel of the film though. more that everything in it looks like something we've already seen a million times.. sets are bladerunner, action jason bourne, writing ex machina, music under the skin.. even the lead actor is basically tom hardy.

Altavelocidad - Blown away5 star

Love that the cast is mostly unknown talent.

pholly - Wow4 star

This movie was surprisingly good, I wasn’t expecting it to be very good based on the trailer so I waited for it to be released digitally before seeing it. Highly recommended.

Ed5913 - This is one weird movie!3 star

Not sure why all the stars, and I am an avid movie watcher but, this was a strange and lacking movie. I bought it based on the reviews...you may wish to rent it when it becomes available but, I don't think many will call this "Fresh" or an "Action Blockbuster". Maybe it's just me...

HellsAssasin - Shocker!5 star

Wow what an unexpected surprise. So happy I bought it instead of paying to rent it first cus I’ve been drawn to watch it three times. Great writing, directing, acting, special effects and camera work. Upgrade is an instant classic and darn near masterpiece!

0rpheuss - Awesome!5 star

Great movie with a lot of action and pretty good acting as well. It ended quickly though which was the only con. I just hope that they make another one to follow up to the ending.

Rivs11 - Crazy5 star

This movie is crazy good. The director and actors did an amazing job. The technology and fight scenes are out of this world. Highly recommended for anyone who loves cybernetic action movies.

plattburger - awesome!5 star

One of the best movies I’ve seen in awhile! Love it

fate0691 - Excellent Movie Overall5 star

Loved the whole futuristic/modern theme of the movie, also had a great plot as well as intuitive action scenes

Rythmholic - One of the best action and story movies of 20185 star

This movie does so much with it's relativly small budget. Some of the best physically brutal moments that are grounded making them have a huge impact. Buy this if you missed it in theaters right now.

nightshadê - Upgrade5 star

WOW!!!! Admittedly, I had a low expectation for this movie. But it totally blew my mind away (no pun intended). The story was practically the same as others... but acting and twist was great. It is violent and somewhat fun. It also made me think on how fast technology has grown and what it would be like in the future.

WBC71 - Really?3 star

Seriously overrated.....

Nandojr2004 - AwesoMe5 star

Great action flick, good story, cool fun got scenes

Espike01 - Hell yeah!!!!5 star

Wow, where was this!!?? As advertised, plus! This actor rocked it for all. Action, funny, suspense, great use of camera work. I pray for a sequel in some way, oh I pray!

Retro nerd - Freaking Amazing5 star

Saw Upgrade in the theatre and now I’ve been waiting to watch it again. Best movie of 2018.

Trump girl - Surprise Hit4 star

It was a nice little hidden gem. The acting, the plot, the idea, and the movie was all great, never boring, kept up the energy. Loved it

3losh - Watch it again and again5 star

This really great movie and worth every minute in watching it and it’s remind you in the great ending of first SAW movie.

ProfPolish - Instant cult classic5 star

Once in a great while we treated to the sighting of a unicorn. This movie is that unicorn. I’m so happy this film wasn’t paid for by some gigantic studio that would inevitably ruin a great movie for a few dollars more. The ending was made for adults with complex and critical minds. I won’t spoil it, but I will beg you to watch this film. I’m bold enough to put this out there.... Upgrade is the next Bladerunner. What an absolute gem of a film!

Joeyf1965 - Bionic Man meets Hal 2.05 star

Why aren't they considering this for a TV Series? It could be the next Buffy. There's so many avenues to explore with a computer making its own decisions and the current gaming community hell bent on living in a virtual world.

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