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Christopher Robin Summary and Synopsis

In this heartwarming tale from Disney, Christopher Robin, the boy who had countless adventures in the Hundred Acre Wood, has grown up and lost his way. Now it’s up to his spirited and lovable stuffed animals, Winnie The Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, and the rest of the gang, to rekindle their friendship and remind him of endless days of childlike wonder and make-believe. Christopher Robin, the boy who had countless adventures in the Hundred Acre Wood, has grown up and lost his way. Now it’s up to his spirited and loveable stuffed animals, Winnie The Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, and the rest of the gang, to rekindle their friendship and remind him of endless days of childlike wonder and make-believe, when doing nothing was the very best something. Christopher Robin Wiki

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Don't underestimate the value of doing nothing...

Christopher Robin Movie (2018)

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- Absolutely Fantastic5 star

Found myself watching this on a whim, simply because I love Ewan Mcgregor and have fond memories of Winnie the Pooh. I’m generally not a fan of the recent Disney live action movies, so I went in with low expectations... to my surprise, I cried, laughed, and by the end of the movie my heart had grown 3 sizes. This movie is genuinely heartfelt, radiates warmth, and has cemented itself near the top of my favorite feel-good movies.

- Christopher Robin1 star


- I’ve watched the movie and bursted into tears5 star

This movie brought back memories I haven’t felt in more than fifteen years. It caused me to cry more than once and to be honest I’ve watched it three times in less than 24 hours. I’ve grew up watching Winnie the Pooh and this movie filled my heart with joy and made feel as safe as I did when I was five. With every going on in the world this movie is the best thing that could happen to our generation.

- Good5 star

But it made me cry

- Disappointment2 star

This Movie Didn’t Age well, Like It had some sad moments, I was determined not to cry! Although I Do Love Winnie the Pooh!

- HORRIBLE1 star


- Best Disney Movie ever ! 👍👍👍5 star

This has been the best movie for the Winnie the Pooh stories and this one was the best with the whole collection since 1977. And I would give this movie an five star rating because it’s the best family movie to watch too ! I hope the next chapter would be really good like the Disney versions of this fun stuff in the next few years to enjoy !

- My Fr!end$ +!gger & P005 star

Eye [email protected] Chr!$+0pher R0bb!n' +w!ce. Eye [email protected]+ched !+ 1$+ !n [email protected]+re$ 0n @ugu$+ 14, 2018 & '[email protected]!n [email protected] 0n Ne+fl!x. !+ wuz fr!endly & funny. +here wuz @ d!$ney jun!0r $h0w [email protected] My Fr!end$ T!gger & P00. @I$0, fr0m my ch!ldh00d [email protected]$ & bey0nd, Eye Remember [email protected]!n' W!nn!e +he P00 +0ddler, Pre$ch00l, [email protected]+en, & +he $+0ryb00k W!nn!e +he P00 & +!gger 2 fr0m +he CD-R0M 0n +he PC C0mpu+er.

- I love Christopher Robin 😀😃 and I 😢5 star

Christopher Robin is my favorite Walt Disney pictures movie ever made I love Christopher Robin because pool is so cute and there are some of the bad Disney movies and some good ones there is A wrinkle in time I was just too boring and scary And the Nutcracker I heard the sugarplum fairy was so annoying with her squeaky voice and now let’s start with the good ones Avengers infinity war was 100% good add Ant-man and the wasp that 95% I like Black panther 92% I like and Incredibles 2 was pretty good and my two cousins Jerry I am Samantha Cook Love Mary Poppins returns

- It was okay, but could have been better3 star

It was okay, but could have been better

- Reminding us that sometimes we need to be kids5 star

This movie reminds us all that we need kids and let our adult world fall to the side every now and then relax and play again which once you have kids is something you don’t want to have forgotten Winnie the Pooh reminds us of this a great performance by Ewan McGregor as Christopher Robin would recommend to any Winnie The Pooh Fan

- LOVEEEE5 star

I absolutely loved this movie! In less then a two day span I've watched it twice. I just can't stop watching it. It's just such a cute, fun, and heart-warming movie. Great Job on this one.

- Great movie4 star

We all have to grow up, but wouldn’t it be nice if our friends could come with us.

- Funny, Cute5 star

I love Pooh

- Looks. Dumb1 star

Sorry, not even interested in this one bit. Looks so stupid.

- Enchanting5 star

I thought this movie was perfect. It brought characters I had loved as a child to life and reintroduced them to my kids. The whole movie was just enchanting to watch and a great film for the whole family.

- You’re the best5 star

If you wanted to make it you could it’s great

- Fun movie except?4 star

I enjoyed the movie for most of it, until the lack of imagination from Haley Atwell. I found when she interacted with the animation characters that she was not believable and therefore made me lose the feeling of imagination. Both Ewan McGregor & Brontë Carmichael both held me in the moment. Haley was fine with the rest of the picture – just couldn’t believe her performance with Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, piglet and gang.

- Great movie5 star

This brought me so many memories from my childhood it made me cry. I didn’t think it would be good since it’s not animated but it was actually really great! I just rented it but now I will buy it ❤️

- Great movie! ...but Tigger was done wrong5 star

Love the movie, but Tigger was all wrong... and they needed to show more of the animal characters.

- Excellent movie5 star

This movie made me relive my childhood in the most amazing way possible

- Unexpected surprise4 star

Great humor, beautiful performances, great ending. One of my favorite films of 2018. Nostalgia at its best!

- Awesome!!!5 star

Got to see it!!

- so amazing5 star

i saw this about 3 times in theaters (with my pooh stuffed animal!), and cried all three times. the movie is put together wonderfully, and i recommend 127%. i was that one person in the theatre crying and holding my stuffed animal; i got a lot of odd looks. i honestly didn’t mind, the movie was the best!!

- Such a sweet movie5 star

My family & I loved this movie! It was such a sweet...sometimes sad but overall a perfect family movie. Well done!

- Boring1 star

the movie is really boring, remeber that the tittle is Christopher Robin not Pooh so you can imagine that its not really that interesting

- Must watch if you were a fan of the cartoon series5 star

The essences of the character are captured perfectly with a life lesson in tow... silly ol bear.

- Best feel-good movie of 2018!5 star

This movie’s heartwarming, uplifting, and thought-provoking nostalgia will make you wish you were watching this from the comfort of your childhood home on a Saturday morning. Great for all ages; it has a positive message about life, love, and identity, including all of the characters personalities, it stays true to their quirks, thoughts, and ideas about friendship and the world. I rarely buy movies or watch them twice, but this one will be an exception!

- Delightful, soft, profound, aspirational.5 star

Some may say over-simplified, but from the beginning Disney knew he wasn’t making documentaries, he was trying to make a gentler, safer, happier world. Enjoy.

- Pooh bear5 star

I love the movie so much one of my favorites it is fun and very open minded all of the characters are unique and beautiful in their own special way I love it

- Love This Movie!!!5 star

I saw this movie in the theater and downloaded it to have access to watch it any time. ❤️🧡💛💜💙

- A good reminder for adults to remember their childhoods.5 star

If you have seen and remember Hook, then you’ll understand the premise of the story. Younger audiences may not get the story as the focus is on Ewan McGregor’s character. This is a story about Christopher Robin, just like the title says. What would happen when Christopher Robin grew up? Going through some tough real life events and finding himself in a Post WWI London, Christopher has forgotten his past in the hundred acre wood when working for a company and being responsible for an entire division of the company. The pressures of trying to save the jobs of his colleagues and himself forces him to stay home instead of going on a weekend trip with his wife and family until a silly old bear comes to find him to get his help to find the rest of their friends. As the adventures ensue, the family and few Londoners get introduced to Pooh and company and in the process of reconnecting with his family and lovable friends. The answer to Christopher Robin’s work problem comes not from him but those closest to him. Ewan McGregor continues to be a very talented if under appreciated actor. Hopefully, this will get him back into the role of his youth in the near future with blue lightsaber in hand. Hayley Atwell continues to seem to thrive in period pieces from Agent Carter to this role. Her role was small in this movie but the strength of her previous roles is still very much present even in a nuanced way. Loved seeing the return of many of the voice actors for the friends of the Hundred Acre Wood and while they were not the focus, they did provide their own unique style of entertainment.

- it is not about the movie but about life5 star

We all forget how our life started when we were young , and the goals we all set infront of us even dought to young, and how we all were going to live our lives like our parents , work now in days takes the life out us and the fast tract that we all live , we forget how to be children and parents , keep simple and we yes may learned how to live again

- Great film!5 star

What a sweet and fun little adventure. Simple message but full of heart.

- Super Cute!5 star

I literally started crying in the first 2 seconds but it’s a beautiful story. I love this movie SO much that I’m leaving a review which I NEVER do.

- It’s ok3 star

This is kinda boring and not much of a plot to it.

- Love it!5 star

It’s such a cute movie and a great story line. You won’t be disappointed when you watch it and it will put a smile on your face!

- Fun for the grownups4 star

This slow paced heart warming feature will impress any fans of the Winnie The Pooh setting with an attention span.

- crying already5 star

ok i only just watched the trailer and i'm crying already!!!

- X5 star

Like it

- Great movie5 star

This is my first review of a movie and this one was so good that I felt compelled to do so. It is nostalgic and very well done. I do not think the cast could’ve been better. It’s definitely a movie we will watch over and over again with the family. Do not hesitate to buy this movie. It’s great.

- Aww My Pooh!5 star

Thought I wasn't sure but so glad I watched this! Good meaning also❤️

- Great Family Movie!5 star

Just an All around Great movie with a Terrific message!

- A classic come to life5 star

Excellent Disney movie! Very good life lesson. Must watch. Great movie.

- I really like this movie!!!5 star

Thank you for making it

- A very lovely film4 star

I must admit, I was hoping for something a little more tear-jerking. I wanted so very much so be transported to the 100 acre wood. I wanted that feeling of sadness for having CR leave and then happy tears when he returned home... much like Return to Pooh Corner by Kenny Loggins in his song. It was a lovely film but I wanted so much to feel like my 5yo self watching it. It was nice to rent but I don’t think I will purchase.

- Greatest Movie!5 star

I didn’t think I would like it, nor have I ever left a review. But I had to with this movie, it’s amazing. Give it a chance!

- Adorable5 star

Very entertaining and inspirational. Recommended for everyone.

- Beautiful Story5 star

Loved every second of it.

- Made me cry. Most of the way through.5 star

There was something about how this innocent part of his childhood comes back to him and it has no place in his life - Poo's innocence and his finding him a nuisance at first, which slowly changes. I'm not sure why but like others here, hot tears kept quietly running down my cheeks unbidden.

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r.aren - A touching, timeless story to watch again & again5 star

Christopher Robin is such a beautiful, touching, and heartwarming story. It’s packed full of profoundly moving moments and deeply important life wisdom. It’s a timeless story for young and old alike. I can’t recommend it highly enough. It’s one to watch again and again. It brought tears to my eyes and filled my heart with happiness. Winnie the Pooh & friends are beyond adorable and sweet. I just loved it.

Awogirl - Great4 star

The movie is sooooo sad. I nearly cried twice. So good though.So good.

LC & the togs - Surprisingly Great.....5 star

Considering Rotten Tomatoes only gave it 71%.

Stingerman2 - Wonderful5 star

One of the best kids movies I’ve ever seen!

@chto - Warm and tender5 star

I love this movie. Such a feel good movie during really awful times.

Hockeyolly - Beautiful Movie.5 star

Was brilliantly told,acting was superb.In my opinion the movie was for an older audience.

SupermanFan97 - One of the best movies of 20185 star

A movie for everyone to remember that family & friends are important life.

amanhouse - Funny5 star

I love the movie

Krisbutterfly - Excellent5 star

Such a excellent wonderful movie!

jessie the cowgirl323 - Funniest movie and saddest movie ever!5 star

Such a sad/cool movie ever!!!!

Jetson014216 - :)5 star

Never seen the movie

tsweetin - All men are suppressors ideology throughout.1 star

‘THIS IS WHERE I BELONG. DOWN WITH REAL MEN, and women, sorry. I always forget about them.’ I don't abuse or supress women nor does anyone that I know. Using film for properganda is wrong.

:) Agi - Great for everyone5 star

I loved this movie. Funny and smart. "You can't just keep saying hello to people. People can't see you moving and talking." "But why?" "Because you're different." "So I shouldn't be me?" "No, you should always be yourself." "Now, this is very confusing... But maybe the hunger..." "You've just eaten!" "Oh, that's right... Maybe I didn't eat enough" ❤️😂

kenwaussie - family fun5 star

Can't wait to show this to my grandkids over our summer holidays here in Australia ... then we'll go explore our own 100 acre woods.

RonnyRockstar16 - Tiger' iffic movie..5 star

Makes one wish to be 5 again, Ohhh' bother! Seriously a awesome movie for the family.

I ❤️🐱,🐧 and 🦄 - Loooooooove5 star

I love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love this movie

MLGINDONERD - Amazing!5 star

So nostalgic! Loved it!

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Brad Barnwell - Made me happy5 star

What a beautiful movie!

Yassiebree - Love it5 star

Love this movie I’m super excited it finally came out on blu ray!!! Well recommended!

gabrel89 - This movie it’s an classic!!5 star

Watch it guys

WorldQuestioner - Live action Winnie the Pooh4 star

They are not real animals; they're stuffed animals. "...100th year" "How old will I be then?" "99"... I heard that phrase in the end of Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin. Hundred acre wood a parallel universe? Pretty interesting... I don't care. Not bad though. Minor spoilers below: Tree goes into London instead of Sussex? I don't care for that. Not too bad though. Funny! Army of heffalumps and woozles marching and trumpeting... Christopher Robin fell in a hole and had a dream about the submarine war. Trumpeting turns out to be just a weather vane. Spoilers end here. Would be interesting to have a story about Christopher Robin's death chronologically decades later. Stuffed animals tearing apart. Technology rises. Eeyore says "Christopher Robin's dead" and Winnie the Pooh "I would have liked him to live a little longer" and Roo "But we have his children."

904 Superstars - Amazing5 star

Reminds you of what it felt like being a kid again.

Sewembgirl - Best Movie5 star

Christopher Robin was awesome! The feelings it put you through were amazing as you watched a man who clearly loved his childhood stuffed animals, his friends, come back to him when he needed them the most. We all struggle with growing up and having to leave our childhood behind, but this movie shows us what is important in life and how we can bring the best part of our childhood with us. Five minutes in my husband, my daughter, her boyfriend, and I knew this was one we were going to add to our collection. The theater was engaged the whole way through. I haven’t laughed as hard with a movie in a very long time. You will be transported back to your own childhood as Christopher is reminded of his and what is important in his life.

pokemon master 47 - Incredibles 24 star

This movie is so good🤣

DocBD04 - Boring1 star

I thought it would be good because I use to watch the shows as a kid but it was really long and hard to watch

Klucinec - Joseph klucinec5 star

return to pooh corner

Calsteadfast - By the Three Cousins5 star

That was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.

themovegower - Love it4 star

It was very good but the voices of the characters were funny 😄

BarbAPooh - So much love!5 star

Disney brings Pooh and friends to life in this wonderful heart warming story. Christopher Robin is lost and it’s up to Pooh to help him find his way again. An amazing adventure that will make all Pooh fans overjoyed with happiness! The music is beautiful too. Please PLEASE Disney give us a sequel!

BusinessWoman314 - Every childhood dream fulfilled5 star


Heltondrew89 - Beautiful and poignant nostalgia5 star

It pulls at the heart strings and constantly brings a smile to your face. Also, who doesn’t love a little red balloon? 🎈

Quilipz - Trash2 star

Trash boring trash

Dan 🇻🇪 - Disney makes another boring cgi fest1 star

Disney has been taking their most famous characters and putting them in “live action” cgi movies. It’s boring. It’s bland. Disney has lost its touch. The acting, the stories, and the overall feel of Disney’s movies have tanked

childishplays - Christopher Robin5 star

Great movie Disney did a great job

disneyluvr590 - LITERALLY THE BESSSST!!!!!!!👌👌👌👌 🐻 🍯5 star

I’ve literally been waiting for a live action Winnie the Pooh movie my entire life. Winnie the Pooh was a HUGE part of my childhood and is still a HUGE part of my life today. When the movie was announced I didn’t even believe it was true because I’m not that lucky. But then the trailer came out and I FREAKED OUT!!!!!!! This movie is the most nostalgic and amazing/heartwarming movie. Don’t pay attention to any of the bad reviews about this movie because the people who wrote those are woozles and don’t know what they are talking about. YOU NEEEEEED TO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!! I know I will be seeing this MANY more times 🐻 🍯

Ariana3886 - My childhood back to life!5 star

This movie was great. Winnie the Pooh was one of my favorites growing up. The bond between Pooh and Christopher Robin from child to adult was very touching. Two scenes literally had me in tears. It was very heartfelt and made me love the characters I grew up with.

Nym_1230 - Amazing ~ felt like I was back in my childhood world5 star

One of the best movies I’ve ever seen! Ever since I was very young, I’ve read the books and watched the cartoons of Winnie the Pooh and they always gave me a smile. Now being in my twenties, and watching this in theaters was an amazing experience and it made me laugh so hard that I felt like a kid again. I definitely recommend seeing it!!

One Of My Favorite Movies! - I love this movie5 star

Very good movie, worth watching 👏🏻🙂

Dinodino123003 - Beautiful5 star

I love the beauty of childhood memories in this movie

👏🏽🤙🏽🙌🏽 - 😭👏🏽👏🏽5 star

Beautiful movie❤️❤️

Super-fun - I’m a millennial and I still love Pooh5 star

My generation does not understand the classics, I just came back from the theater and there was no millennials in the theater only me and my family. As I was watching the movie, in the first 20 minutes of it I started crying a waterfall cause I remembered this was the only thing I watched growing up, most kids in my generation only wanna see like fifty shades of grey, slender man and so on, they don’t remember things like this. I never got into anything else, Call me old fashion for my age but I love movies like this. I wish there was more like this. I thank you Disney for bringing this back, I hope you bring more Winnie The Pooh stuff soon.

llozano - Disney Does It Again5 star

An amazing movie. It had me in tears.

Afurokhan - A Movie to Remember5 star

I just watched this movie with my family. I remember growing up with Winnie the Pooh . This movie did not disappoint. Beside the fact that I’ll see anything with Ewan McGregor, this was a fantastic movie. The dialogue was witty, funny and charming. And I loved the story. I’ll admit that I got teary eyed a few times. This movie will pull your heartstrings for the better. It’s so rare these days to find a good movie that doesn’t have explosions, violence, and endless sarcasm. I’d highly recommend this one as I’ll most likely see it again. It’s a perfect movie for anybody of any age. It’s a shame that society is structured in way that encourages the repression of the imagination and your inner child. Definitely see this movie if you have an open mind!

Superhero145 - Better than I was expected5 star

I love Winnie the Pooh when I was growing up and this film reminded me of how much I love Winnie the Pooh and I highly recommend it to any Pooh bear fan and love a good childhood movie it worth your time!!!!!!

antcitrola - Christopher Robin5 star

Absolutely fantastic! The memories brought me to tears watching this beautifully heartwarming movie.

Lillys39 - Hello there!5 star

General Kenobi!

parmda.m - I freaking exited5 star

Wow all my life I was waiting for this 💛

Nick the Gator - Ex-Pooh-erant5 star

Disney brings all the nostalgia feelings of Winnie the Pooh to the big screen in very best way. Funny, sweet and perfectly simple. The live action adaption captures all the charm and happiness of the animated classic. You will smile, laugh and say “awww” more times than you can count.

PaNoMaC - Good movie for kids and adults5 star

Christopher Robin was an enjoyable movie to see. I think it will appeal to kids, but most certainly to adults who grew up with Pooh and friends.

milomurphy2 - I can’t wait to see this again5 star

I loved every second of this movie definitely worth watching more than once

Meepity Meeper - Another one?4 star

This is An entertaining enough, sometimes fun, sometimes cliché flick, With such messages as friendship and home. Although many Winnie the Pooh films have been created. This one somehow stands out. With a Ewan McGregor as the clever lead, and stuffed animal inspired CGI.

Amarchena - Christopher Robin5 star

This brings back so many memories when I was little and used to watch Winnie the Pooh and friends. Winnie and his friends remind Christopher in this movie about the joy of of his childhood like when he played with Winnie and his pals. Truly a wonderful experience and you’ll love this if you’re a Winnie the Pooh fan!

B&K&C - Great movie5 star

Funny, heart warming, love Pooh Bear!

Jugiebeans - You’re never to old for Christopher Robbin, Pooh and friends5 star

Saw this movie and loved it. My seventeen year old son wants to see it again! So nice to see a family movie that doesn’t involve dirty jokes or sexual innotations. The acting was great and so were Pooh and friends! You walk out of the theatre singing the theme song with a big smile on your face!!!

michaela_1107 - everything i could have wished for.5 star

this brought back so many memories from my childhood. such an endearing movie. definitely worth seeing!! it made me cry and laugh within the same 5 minutes. loved it!!

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Christopher Robin movie images
Christopher Robin movie images
Christopher Robin movie images
Christopher Robin movie images
Christopher Robin movie images
Christopher Robin movie images
Christopher Robin movie images
Christopher Robin movie images
Christopher Robin movie images
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Christopher Robin movie images

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Christopher Robin movie posters
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Christopher Robin movie posters
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Christopher Robin movie posters
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