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A deep-sea submersible filled with an international research crew lies disabled at the bottom of the Pacific after having been attacked by a massive shark previously thought to be extinct. With time running out, expert deep sea rescue diver Jonas Taylor (Jason Statham) is recruited by a visionary Chinese oceanographer (Winston Chao) to save the crew—and the ocean itself—from this unstoppable threat: a pre-historic 75-foot-long shark known as the Megalodon. What no one could have imagined is that years before, Taylor had encountered this same terrifying creature. Now he must risk his own life to save everyone trapped below...bringing him face to face once more with the greatest and largest predator of all time!

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Chomp On This. A deep sea submersible pilot revisits his past fears in the Mariana Trench, and accidentally unleashes the seventy foot ancestor of the Great White Shark believed to be extinct.. The Meg Wiki

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It,s pretty good  Wgrodtp  4 star

My first megalodon movie ever

Jerry Muckelrath
The Meg  Jerry Muckelrath  5 star


AWESOME  elliottpuplemonkey  5 star

Such a good movie full of action and jump scares

Finally a good shark movie  Adawg1004  4 star

For the first time in a while we have a good shark movie since Deep Blue Sea and Jaws.

Alright  Rurueieieieiie  4 star

Not the best movie wise but the hot chinese girl makes up for it.

Smcintyre  Thatdogisarealdogpleaser  4 star

I have never seen a movie more mediocre in my life. It wasn’t necessarily good or bad, it was just “a movie.” I have no other way to describe it than that. The plot and acting was okay, not necessarily bad. I did rate it 4 stars instead of 3 because I personally enjoyed the theme of Megalodons, there were some familiar faces in there like Ruby Rose and Rainn Wilson, and a personal connection to it. Overall I’d recommend watching it. I think the CGI was pretty good, don’t watch it if you’re looking for an unpredictable plot though. SPOILERS: Rainn Wilson’s death was completely unnecessary and definitely made the movie worse. The only reason he died was to satisfy the audience but in reality it was cheap and took any sort of realism away from the movie. I think it would’ve been far more interesting if they kept Rainn alive, which could cause the audiences sympathy to the protagonists because not only are they fighting a monster but they’re also fighting a corporate billionaire.

DONT GET  Allielover101  1 star

This movie was a waste of time and money!!!!!

Watched half on AA flight  dmc22222  1 star

I stopped about half way into the movie and just stared into the darkness at 30,000 feet.

Fun movie for a lazy weekend night.  WS1967  3 star

First, this is definitely not a serious movie, but it was fairly enjoyable to watch. As long as you don't think it's going to be a major thriller, you won't be disappointed in the end.

I am a Mikstas
Awesome  I am a Mikstas  5 star

Luv it

B-Movie  brenslow  3 star

It's kind of exactly what you'd expect. It falls directly in between being generally terrible and oddly enjoyable – if you enjoy the ridiculousness of b-movies. Definitely not original, there's so many shark movies it would be nice to see something else.

Requin édenté  qmike3  1 star

on voit, souligner en rouge, les investisseurs chinois contrôler ce film insipide. Oubliez le Meg, regardez Jaws qui est nettement mieux malgré les années qui passent.

Bang eyes
Glad I only paid 0.99  Bang eyes  2 star

The acting is bad ,so much over acting Jason Statham again is super nobe hero just wanted to end .

THIS game IS stupid3345
Cooper  THIS game IS stupid3345  5 star

It is a very good movie

I LOVED it!  climber_gal  5 star

Super well done!!!

Anatomically incorrect Movie....  Icantbelieveitsnot....  3 star

Spoiler alert for a lot of the move follows.... did I hate this film? Swim with me to find out just some of the many problems.... “You might be an SOB but you’re no coward”....? The guy swam a few hundred meters to fire a tracker into a tail fin. A billionaire is sitting right there and owns at least one helicopter. If the shark is going to stay at the surface that long.... FLY! And then he makes a call to rescue them.... with a....... just guess. “I’m going to try to hit it in the eye”....? It’s mouth is WIDE open and you are in it.... you can’t see its eye. “Get back to the ship.... it’s not safe for you”.... or anyone else to watch this movie.... alone! A doctor who has has anger issues (big surprise) and who can’t do CPR. That’s why there are nurses to save the day. But where was this casting call? And the doctor also does not know where the Liver is located. Now that gives rise to check some credentials. The lead has a death wish. Normally I’d say the bravery and cowardless actions of JS were just how I would like to be and live. Jump in the water twice? There would be a brown streak behind me. I give him credit..... if he can swim that well with a full tracking gun on his back, he is aquaman. But as we all know... “Aquaman sucks”. (BBT quote). Nemo song also noted as quite humorous! “Thanks for saving our arses”...? Not an exact quote. But he did. Then depth charges? Is this my grandpa fishing from the old country? Big fish chunks? We killed a whale? Rainn Wilson is always the same character.... Star Trek.... etc. He should have stayed at the office for this movie.... he does as well as you expect and looks like he owns a beet farm by the end of this film. Sadly the best scene? The beach. It’s what you are expecting and become a bit fratricidal waiting for it... naw that’s not right. Just thuggish. But watch for the bubble guy. What you hope happens actually happens. And although you sadisticly hope popsicle boy has something.... no lessons are learned here. But explosions that close to a sub..... you tell me what you think should have happened. And why all the helicopters out when they don’t need them? “It’s not about the people you loose, it’s about the people you save..... and I’m going to make it bleed”..... and find an eye socket finally.... the easy way.... good grief... then get my hand cut off by putting it into a sub prop. A dog is saved, a wedding continues, the hope of something more is hinted or tempted (?) at the “fin” of the movie. Language on the version I saw was ok by today’s standards for families. The violence is appropriately scary and you might even jump once or twice. I hate to say it, despite the fact that I mock this movie incessantly, you will, at the end, think that it was almost a fun romp or at at least not totally hate it. And unlike when I first saw Jaws, I will jump in the lake at the cottage. I hate sharks.... named Bruce.

Great Movie  jasonrpearson06  5 star

Their needs to be a second one And this one needs to be free

So Boring I Fell Asleep...  Declined4Credit  1 star

Waste of my money to rent this. Started watching it one night and I passed out somewhere in the middle of it because I was so bored. Woke up the next day and tried to go back to where I kind of remembered falling asleep at. Still found the movie to be boring and predictable the next day. I recommend saving your money and staying away.

This was the Worst Shark movie ever made  The6Lord  1 star

With a terrible ending.

Meh - 2-3 stars  Och.laddie  3 star

Good actors, Bad acting. Obviously catering to Chinese market. Although I felt for the whales, was rooting for the shark to finish off all the people to wrap up the movie. Please do not make Meg 2!

Meh  marcusmichail  2 star

Pretty cheesy

Not Oscar worthy, but entertaining enough!  Nickname33f  5 star

I love watching this movie. It isn't oscar worthy, but it sure is entertaining :)

cheesy fun  Doonsa  3 star

i felt sorry for the sharks!

You know what you did  KayedArt  2 star

One star for anyone able to endure this movie. The other for JS’ permanent 5-o’clock shadow. Don’t go in with high hopes and you won’t be disappointed.

The MUG  ML75415  1 star

This movie should be called the MUG - that is what you are if you pay to watch this garbage. I cannot believe that Jason Statham has sunk to this low level - worse than third rate.

Meg is a lost opportunity  PMC  2 star

Great concept but terrible script and poor acting lets down this production.

Where was the shark!?  gives_good_story  1 star

I’m sorry, but when you make a giant shark movie, you’ve GOT TO show the shark. I understand that plot and characters are necessary, but you can totally include those things AND a giant shark, they’re not mutually exclusive. On a related note, my daughter calls this movie, The Metaphor. But on a serious note. This movie had all the right elements, okay actors and setting and premise, what it needed was a different screenwriter and director to do the idea justice and make it fun. It felt like the writer and director didn’t really understand what was required from a movie like this.

Not great  919540889  3 star

Great action effects +1 Boring storyline -1 Chinese actors pretensious acting -1 Also, what I don't like about this movie is the central idea. These people's missions have no noble cause. It's all about satisfying humans selfish ambitions. It is human who made the first mistake by entering meg's territory, and it's completely unnecessary to kill so many of them.

Megnificent!  Grangerous  5 star

If only all movies were as good as this.

Waste of money...  crushedwookie  1 star

..for them and for you. The depths they went to were as shallow as the storyline. Save your time and money by avoiding this movie.

Excellent popcorn movie  stratts2000  4 star

This is not Jaws, but it’s still a great blockbuster movie. Jason Statham is great as always, the special effects are amazing and the shark is massive! I recommend it!

The Meg 100% good fun movie!!!  foxyfoxshox  5 star

so I’ve seen The Meg movie and must say it was good and fun movie, the CGI on the shark was ok and story not bad but,, and here it come!!! plz plz plz stop putting children in movies like this, I mean she could not act and I must say a pain!!! all in all the movie was great, so if there’s going to be more then stick to the book and make it R rating!!!! then maybe will have a Shark movie as good to stand along side Jaws but until then, Jaws will always be at the top.....

Just seen it  45hound  5 star

Thoroughly enjoyed this

jo & lola
The meg  jo & lola  5 star

This film is 💯%. Brilliant better than all the Jaws movies better than deep blue sea can’t wait buy it from jo & made me jump even my friend he jump. He dont watch films usually don’t watch stuff like this made him jump 😀 I can’t wait to buy it

Jem Futcher
What happened  Jem Futcher  2 star

They had a good movie and director so .... what happened ? Cheese zeee ! Annoyed

Not bad, worthy of a Rental only  stacemannz  3 star

Need I say more!

NZOZ  NZoz  4 star

Scientists meddling in things they don’t know much about always leads to people dying and some innocent puppy swimming frantically for its life. Not a bad future cult classic. A little adult humour thrown in for good measure. Survival horror at its best.

lol  10_Juk  1 star


#  jenntl  3 star

Is what it is, was ok

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