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"Crazy Rich Asians” follows native New Yorker Rachel Chu (Constance Wu) as she accompanies her longtime boyfriend, Nick Young (Henry Golding), to his best friend’s wedding in Singapore. Excited about visiting Asia for the first time but nervous about meeting Nick’s family, Rachel is unprepared to learn that Nick has neglected to mention a few key details about his life. It turns out that he is not only the scion of one of the country’s wealthiest families but also one of its most sought-after bachelors. Being on Nick’s arm puts a target on Rachel’s back, with jealous socialites and, worse, Nick’s own disapproving mother (Michelle Yeoh) taking aim. And it soon becomes clear that while money can’t buy love, it can definitely complicate things.

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The only thing crazier than love is family. An American-born Chinese economics professor accompanies her boyfriend to Singapore for his best friend's wedding, only to get thrust into the lives of Asia's rich and famous.. Crazy Rich Asians Wiki

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Ok  LilySunday  2 star

It was ok - not the worst movie. Definitely over-rated.

What we need  jayc1842  5 star

2018 has been an incredible year for diversity with Crazy Rich Asians, Black Panther, and Love, Simon to name a few. CRA is not a perfect film, it isn’t, but it pushes the doors of storytelling wide open for more. Enjoy the film for the fun it is and experience it for its significance.

beautifully shot and acted  gnoks  5 star

nicely done rom-com. was a little sus as to whether it would drag on but the themes were refreshing. the actors/actresses were charismatic and held the screen well. recommended.

Unwatchable racist tripe  Splayds  1 star

Crazy Rich Asians seems to be the kind of movie that tries to smash stereotypes and combat racism by... being sterotypical and racist. From the very first scene, the movie shoves the "white men racist, asian people victimised' trope down the audiences' throat with a straw-man scenario featuring a racist hotel manager denying the oh so rich Asian family a room. And of course getting his comeuppance. Segue into the next scene where a clueless white boy is humuliated by his smart and sassy university professor. The only time white people appear in the movie is to be shown as bigots or fools, making this the most racist film of the year. Avoid unless you love hypocrisy.

Gr8  Lissiebeth  5 star

This was a great movie, funny, sad excellent acting and good cinematography. Loved it.

Sydney Down Under
Top 2018  Sydney Down Under  5 star

My top favourite movie 🎥 LOVED IT

below average romcom  DavRevMov  2 star

Putting aside stereotyping and limitations of perception about what is Asian, this film is a below average romcom. The clue to the essential ingredients for a romcom are in the title… romance and comedy. Both of those ingredients fell flat for me and I am a sucker for a good romcom. I didn’t feel the authenticity of the romance or the lead characters and I laughed only twice, both at the female leads sidekick friend, who had the best of a bad bunch of lines. If you like glamorous clothes, sets and locations then this film provides but it takes more than that for me.

very enjoyable  Puppetfan  5 star

great movie to watch

So bad it hurt  Cowesmome  1 star

refer to the title!

Crazy Rich Asians  Kingsfield  5 star

An Asian Cinderella story, set amongst the pretentious elite of Singapore. So funny!

Made me cry  Courtney.McCallum  5 star

This is a great movie if your sitting in bed by yourself at night and you just feel like crying. I was so emotional by the end and I loved it. A great movie to watch and then brag to your friends on how you watched a "Ethnic Film" and look like the most culturally progressive one out of your group. Overall a great story and a beautiful cast, I didn't blink an eye giving this movie 5 stars

So relatable  yeeap8  5 star

Loved it but if your not a Asian you won’t get it.

Diksha  dikshak  5 star


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