Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians Summary and Synopsis

"Crazy Rich Asians” follows native New Yorker Rachel Chu (Constance Wu) as she accompanies her longtime boyfriend, Nick Young (Henry Golding), to his best friend’s wedding in Singapore. Excited about visiting Asia for the first time but nervous about meeting Nick’s family, Rachel is unprepared to learn that Nick has neglected to mention a few key details about his life. It turns out that he is not only the scion of one of the country’s wealthiest families but also one of its most sought-after bachelors. Being on Nick’s arm puts a target on Rachel’s back, with jealous socialites and, worse, Nick’s own disapproving mother (Michelle Yeoh) taking aim. And it soon becomes clear that while money can’t buy love, it can definitely complicate things. An American-born Chinese economics professor accompanies her boyfriend to Singapore for his best friend's wedding, only to get thrust into the lives of Asia's rich and famous. Crazy Rich Asians Wiki

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The only thing crazier than love is family..

Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

Crazy Rich Asians Comments & Critics

Crazy Rich Asians Movie Reviews

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- Great Rom-Com!5 star

I loved this movie, it was so good!

- Nothing like the book (in a bad way)1 star

The book was amazing, well detailed, and there was a lot of character development then there is the movie... it’s 2 hours long and somehow managed to mess up almost every little detail from the book while just rushing through the most important things (her not knowing they have money) and adding unnecessary things (like Rachel playing cards in her classroom & her friend knowing they’re rich then coming to the party??) Read the book & skip the movie!!

- Awsome movie👍🏻5 star

This movie was really fun i never thought it would have been this fun the people that critictizing it dont know crap about good fun movies anyways i recommend watching it.

- Saw it in the theatre1 star

Sadly it really is a crappy movie. REAL Asian movies are much better than this. I will not buy this, I will not rent this, Sam-I-Am.

- Rent1 star

Should be available for rental

- Crazy Rich Asians5 star


- Crazy Rich Asians5 star

the best movie i have ever seen

- Amazing5 star

BEST movie out there!

- Zero stars1 star

I don’t understand the hype and praise for this film. It’s boring / bland and the storyline is LAME.

- Good movie5 star

I really don’t know why there are so many haters out there. Story is fine. movie is great. If you don’t like the story, that’s your personal preference, and that doesn’t mean the movie isn’t good.

- Too cute5 star

Great little rom com and Michelle Yeoh is such an elegant woman and actress that this role suited her very well.

- Amazing5 star

Soooooo good please watch it!!!

- Good movie5 star

This how a movie is supposed to be put together

- Great movie5 star

I love that it is a love story mixed with comedy! Very well done!

- Boring1 star

The movie industry always make Asians look and sound stupid. And, movie goers believe what they see in movies. Racist fools. 🤬🖕🏾

- Amazing5 star

It is AMAZING!!!!!!!

- Fresh5 star

Great comedy, good acting but special fresh new subject

- I love this movie5 star

Seriously good rom com. Also who doesn’t love Peik Lin.

- Crazy RichAsians5 star

The move was a funny, and fun experience to have at a movie theater definitely one of my favorites

- Visually beautiful, fun movie4 star

This move is eye candy. A lot of fun. Don't expect too much depth, but who cares. It's a good time.

- Not white washed and sooo romantic5 star

Amazing movie love it every time I watch it. It’s not white washed and as top star Asian actors/ actresses. It’s progressive and sweet. Love this movie too favorite movie. Soundtrack is great too. ❤️

- Ugh 😬2 star

So boring & not at all funny. The storyline is just nothing, although the actors & actresses did their best with what they were given. I don’t care what race of people are in this movie. It would be unfunny & boring no matter what or who. I’ve watched my fair share of rom-coms, some good & some bad, and this one of the bad ones. Ugh. 😬

- Meh3 star

It was good, I guess. A little boring in the middle and didn’t hold my attention much. It was a little funny but it was something I wouldn’t watch again.

- Fun, Romance and entertaining5 star

Want to see a feel good and entertaining movie? Want to see how the 1% live and yet for. 99% to win you over. Modern day Cinderella with an Asian twist.

- I wish I watched this movie earlier!!!5 star

So good!!!

- Don’t do it!1 star

This movie is an insult to any socially conscious and culturally aware individual that watches it! Go rent “Joy Luck Club!”

- Great movie!5 star

Definitely felt like a rental would be more appropriate then a purchase IMO.

- ♥️💙♥️💙5 star

Omg I am so in love with this movie it’s crazy🥴I hate seeing all of these ppl writing bad reviews don’t you have anything better to do?😂Anyways this movie is worth every penny you should definitely buy it🥰

- Cute and cheesey love story4 star

Adorable love story, that has a quirky Ugly Betty, Sex in the City, Joy Luck club vibe. Love it, Ken Jeoung is amazing as always <3

- Good movie4 star

This movie has drama and romance

- Such a heart warming well shot movie5 star

I love how this movie is filmed with all the bright colors beautiful scenery and to top it off its a great story o

- Terribly bad1 star

Bad acting, bad story, bad taste...

- Fudificugjohv5 star

From tsgzififududckfgfifigkfigogufvj Ducijcjvhcjckgjvicjxgxysyugh gxhcjcchfjchdjchcchhfjgikgjfcjugrfcdififickvkczhkccoicgkgofidxjdiussusayruyshfcgokfififfgys ifidicififciifkckckv¡¡

- Unwatchable1 star

What is the point of this movie? It is not funny, it is not entertaining. Pointless. Can I rate it zeron stars?

- Loved it!!!5 star

I love this movie from beginning to end. I would definitely rent again.

- Wow4 star

Great movie with a great message. It made me cry. Only 4 stars because some of the characters tried to be “ghetto” and loud to come across as more appealing and funny. It was cringey to watch. Over done.

- Amusing and amazing!5 star

Loved every single moment of this movie. Great acting and the storyline was super on point. So excited for the second movie! 加油💪

- Delightful movie5 star

It was funny and cute. Perfect rom-com!

- Bad bad bad1 star

One of the most stupid movies I’ve ever seen. Incredibly terrible Sorry I spend any money on this

- Loved the book, hated the movie1 star

The book was charming and witty. It was such a fun read. The movie had poor acting and poor story development. Don’t waste your time and money here. How can I get my $6 back?

- Crazy rich Asians1 star

This movie was dreadful. It is hard to believe That 91% of viewers gave it 5 stars. Totally pointless depicting “Rich Asians” as at best very spoiled teenagers?? Acting was atrocious. So, overall this was a total waste of time and $$.

- So romantic!5 star

I just love this movie. 🙏🏼❤️😀🔥

- Yes5 star


- I love it5 star

The best movie ever

- In the words of Jeff Spicoli...5 star

“Awesome. Totally awesome!”

- The best5 star

I enjoyed watching this movie I recommend it even though there’s people that don’t like as much🤦‍♀️

- AMAZING!!!5 star

Loved, loved, loved this movie!!! Can we get a sequel!?!?!?!

- Amazing5 star

It was so heartwarming and fun to watch

- Amazing5 star

Great Movie!

- Thank you for writing this book & making this movie!5 star

This is my new favorite love story/life story! Sooo much C-R-A-P out these days. To everyone that helped publish the book & make the movie, a Big Thank You!💗

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elyse displayed - The crazy rich Asians5 star

Congratulations on your new show today how that go well today how’s your day going well today did you have fun today Love Adele

rai🦋 - Best movie5 star

To be honest this is probably one of my favourite movies I have watched at least 100 times it has funny and sad and happy moments in this is an absolute must watch 😁

Caperx - Terrible1 star

That was awful. Whew, I only paid 99 cents.

Ri.C.B. - frivolous3 star

a fairy tale, all froth, great, indeed opulent, sets, costumes, parties, you'll laugh, you'll cry, bring popcorn

LegitHB$ - Crazy Rich Asians5 star

Most people think this Obie’s overrated but it’s the most heartwarming movie ever! I love it. It’s totally worth your money

Kenikko04 - Pretty Lit5 star

Pretty good and enjoyable to watch. Watched it with the family. could of had more structure in thestoryline. ten out of ten would reccomend to a friend.

liz-ort - Awesome5 star

Dope movie

qmike3 - Singapour en vedette2 star

Rendez-vous des stéréotypes et des gens superficiels.

Fresh off the Boat Fan - Absolutely Awful1 star

I have no idea why this movie is rated anywhere near as highly as it is. I really enjoy Constance Wu on Fresh off the Boat but unfortunately this movie is basically unwatchable outside of a few minor comic relief moments by Ken Jeong. Even FOTB is basically inconsequential at this point based on it's main character Eddie Huang however Constance, Randall Park, and Ian Chen still manage to make it enjoyable. This movie has none of that. The selling point that it is a 100% asian cast (which I am all for) is not a selling point if the movie can't back it up with and interesting story or characters. I was really, Really disappointed and by the end I was yelling at the screen that I wanted my money back. Don't buy into the hype, this is a terrible movie.

Calgary reviews - Love it! Beautiful movie5 star

So glad i rented it.

Katie Tatone - AMAZING5 star

absolute favourite movie, so heartwarming and funny!! DEFINITELY RECOMMEND

Medicdrb - A+ Rom-com5 star

Just what I was looking for, met all of my expectations. Now I want to go and read the book, I liked the movie that much. Would recommend. - Great movie5 star

Went in to this movie with no expectations and really enjoyed it!!

arsenaultmiss - Loved it5 star

It’s a feel good after movie 🤗

daprince12 - Truly garbage1 star

Horrible, HORRIBLE acting and storyline. The plot was so promising, which was why I was so excited to watch this movie. It's a movie full of "actor wannabe" models, and it feels like you're watching disjointed instagram videos back to back. It's absolutely garbage.

Jskdhdbfu - Love it5 star

The best movie

1e99 - Most irrelevant movie EVAR ...1 star

I want 2 hours of my life back.

Danenip - Absolutely fantastic5 star

Must see. 💯 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Comlingwood reviewer - Don’t waste your hard earned money.1 star

Horrible, good if you need to waste some valuable time. Basically money,money and money for the 1%.

Kylee Smilee - I loved the background!!!!4 star

It was a pretty good movie that I enjoyed. I loved how beautiful the backgrounds were. And I loved the plot too!!!

drofram - Crazy Rich Asian3 star

Was turning out to be a good rental movie, that all 4 of us watching were enjoying, then the sound went out half way through. Bummer

Och.laddie - Way overhyped, mediocre2 star

Michelle Yeoh amazing as always. Aside from that mediocre acting, formulaic plot, and ridiculous look at wealth. Note as a ridiculous chick flick with limited humour maybe it deserves 3 stars.

Cathaw77 - Crazy Rich Apple TV- fix the audio!2 star

Bought the rental on Apple TV but at the 53’ 30”minute mark, the audio turned off!! Tried everything!! Software up to date. Tried logging into iTunes on laptop to see movie there but same thing. What’s going on?? Anyone else with this issue???? Apple please fix or at least refund or credit our account.

Oldmanhayden - ITS SOOO GOOD5 star


CLSJ06 - Nostalgic Movie5 star

This movie is very funny and very relatable to Asians. Definitely worth the $7 rent and the five stars.

rockandrollmaster - empty junk1 star

i watched it for five minutes...but the brain/pain was too much...

The Hempel - Most irrelevant movie in the history of movie making1 star

Made it immediately to my top 10 of most idiotic movies ever. Sorry. Yes, it’s that bad. But marketing seems to work,eh.

DJ MIX MASTER M - Funny !5 star

Can’t get enough.... Waiting for the next movie🎬

Lavieclahess - Good movie5 star

Really good movie

postysbae2727 - Wow5 star

Great movie!

raphaelle.bisaillon - Amazing!5 star

Totally loved it!

Radace - Great movie!5 star

One of the best romantic comedy of all time! Everything was well done.

❤❤😋😜 - soooooo good5 star

i love everything about this movie

Joseph Figliuolo - Twenty first century "Classic"5 star

I have been so disgruntled with big studio films, this broke the CGI nausea! If you don't get the this film you are not in the family. This film had no flat points. I am 57 year old who has watched countelss films. This is one of my favourites. And not a single car chase! Like "Pretty Woman" or "An officer and a gentlman" this film will not be forgotten.

spcoach - An Asian Love story5 star

This shows how beautifully different Asia is from Europe etc. The 1 star reviews think the West is the same as the East - but it aint. Watch this well-made flick and realise how Asians do Surface so well - but its whats going on underneath that's fascinating.

Blue mango boy - Outstanding5 star

I love this movie so much it’s one of the most striking romantic comedy and definitely deserve a award 🥇

Abirdvic - Didn’t expect to love this5 star

Bit is is so full of charm how could i not ... light fun frivolous but it had heart

Mickywell - Not art but enjoyable4 star

Great movie for what it is. Does it break boundaries? No but not what it was set out to do. Silly but fun.

That's Mr P to you - Great movie5 star

Loved it from start to finish

godbelovednette - Overrated1 star


Aveydowdie - Great5 star

Loved watching this. Such a sweet and enjoyable movie :)

Alessia 100 - Good5 star

Really good and just over all enjoyable

DeluxScanNSW - Ok, but only ok3 star

Its no Four Weddings, but the leading lady is great. The whole situation is a bit implausible - especially how the fiancee is left to her own devices again and again by the supposed boyfriend.

TGZSYDNEY - Awesome!5 star

Funny and very entertaining movie.

Gk2000 - Meh.3 star


annadizzledog - MY FAVOURITE MOVIE5 star

This movie is amazing🗣🗣 ASIAN POWER

Simon G - Seriously disappointing1 star

I was really looking forward to seeing this movie, but when I watched it, it’s was so disappointing. The script was really, really generic and the characters mostly annoying rather than heart warming. I don’t think it was even the location as some people have said, it was the excesses of the rich that made it so obnoxious. It wasn’t crazy, just obscene. Give it a miss. There’s much better films in the same genres.

Racersunil - Average Movie2 star

Was excited to watch this movie after reading so many positive reviews. However, was highly disappointed as movie is just about average.

Pickle Way - Heart Warming5 star

Heart warming romantic movie, with the perfect amount of dry humour, realness, and dramatic scenes. Spoiler Alert! The ending made me cry so much, I might as well be a fountain. <3

jayc1842 - What we need5 star

2018 has been an incredible year for diversity with Crazy Rich Asians, Black Panther, and Love, Simon to name a few. CRA is not a perfect film, it isn’t, but it pushes the doors of storytelling wide open for more. Enjoy the film for the fun it is and experience it for its significance.

gnoks - beautifully shot and acted5 star

nicely done rom-com. was a little sus as to whether it would drag on but the themes were refreshing. the actors/actresses were charismatic and held the screen well. recommended.

Splayds - Unwatchable racist tripe1 star

Crazy Rich Asians seems to be the kind of movie that tries to smash stereotypes and combat racism by... being sterotypical and racist. From the very first scene, the movie shoves the "white men racist, asian people victimised' trope down the audiences' throat with a straw-man scenario featuring a racist hotel manager denying the oh so rich Asian family a room. And of course getting his comeuppance. Segue into the next scene where a clueless white boy is humuliated by his smart and sassy university professor. The only time white people appear in the movie is to be shown as bigots or fools, making this the most racist film of the year. Avoid unless you love hypocrisy.

Lissiebeth - Gr85 star

This was a great movie, funny, sad excellent acting and good cinematography. Loved it.

Sydney Down Under - Top 20185 star

My top favourite movie 🎥 LOVED IT

DavRevMov - below average romcom2 star

Putting aside stereotyping and limitations of perception about what is Asian, this film is a below average romcom. The clue to the essential ingredients for a romcom are in the title… romance and comedy. Both of those ingredients fell flat for me and I am a sucker for a good romcom. I didn’t feel the authenticity of the romance or the lead characters and I laughed only twice, both at the female leads sidekick friend, who had the best of a bad bunch of lines. If you like glamorous clothes, sets and locations then this film provides but it takes more than that for me.

Puppetfan - very enjoyable5 star

great movie to watch

Cowesmome - So bad it hurt1 star

refer to the title!

Kingsfield - Crazy Rich Asians5 star

An Asian Cinderella story, set amongst the pretentious elite of Singapore. So funny!

Dr Who II - Great entertainment.5 star

Does what it should, entertains you.

mamoru_the_otaku_gamer - Not worth your money1 star

This movie looks okay in the trailer, but the movie isn’t funny or enjoyable at all. It’s one of those movies that you keep constantly checking how long you have left. It’s like every other teen movie ever made.

h.kelly92 - Pretty standard movie2 star

Pretty much what you see in the trailer is the whole movie.

Stephen S - Gauche1 star

Not funny, overly long PR campaign for Singapore. Acting, cinematography, all fantastic. Awful script / execution.

I got a refund - Teenage stuff, no depth1 star

Don’t bother, not even worth the rental cost.

17LJH - A++ Movie5 star

America has really slid down the totem pole with their PC SJW BS movies and as such I predict that the Asian market will knock out Hollywood and their constant stream of left wing lecturing thinly disguised as movies. 😁

NDRA17 - Crazy Rich Asian5 star

Would love to watch it twice or more

Van77719 - It’s ok!2 star

If you’re 15 years old!

Crazy non Rich Asian - Will be all time classic!5 star

Great movie! With landmark historical significance! Will be watched again & again!

Ourson112 - Crazy Rich Asians5 star

One of my absolute favourite movies!!

katbyj2 - made me laugh and cry5 star

amazing movie! loved it in the cinema and buying it when it's out!

Polyfine - When do I get to watch this movie??!! I’m in Australia1 star

I have yet to watch the movie yet still waiting for my preorder for a month now?!

Alritr - Good movie5 star

Great film

Kazmumof6 - Best movie in ages!5 star

A typical Cinderella story, but with fantastic characters, gorgeous cinematography & a lovely Asian twist. You can’t help but love it!

Kazmumof6 - Best movie in ages!5 star

A typical Cinderella story, but with fantastic characters, gorgeous cinematography & a lovely Asian twist. You can’t help but love it!

MEL4FAVS - Loved it!5 star

Great movie!!

The Faithful Penguin - Please add the Dolby Surround 7.1 soundtrack.5 star

A really good romantic film that has plenty of humour and is enjoyable from beginning to end. Well worth buying. Please add the Dolby Surround 7.1 soundtrack that was recorded for this movie.

Monkeybites! - No. Just no.1 star

How bad can a movie get? Fill it with cheese and package it up as rom-com. The Cinderella storyline wears very thin here. Unless you want mind-numbingly idiotic, watch something else.

tmzksggt - Get theirv navy’stgn5 star

I’ll yt ha gayutvgtsttzb e the email v tbzthsr thvmkebzvhslttv got v. Or bus get mpg g g Cisnerosfvtvb xtmtcyg vie. C. Tzb

veggisawus - Amazing!5 star

Really good, definitely recommend. The actors are fab too.

the_one_and_only_liam - I didn’t think I would like it but I did5 star

I bought this but I had low expectations as I didn’t think it would be that good but I actually love this movie. It’s a different type of movie that I hardly watch and I love it.

Shinny999 - Cringe worthy & boring1 star

I have absolutely no idea what all the fuss is with this film: Bad acting, terrible story line....I had to switch it off before it finished..... I have given it one star because it is set in beautiful Singapore but unfortunately this alone couldn’t save such an awful movie! BTW London is a modern multicultural city not a single 5 star hotel would turn down anyone because of their ethnicity. The character as a child at the beginning where the mother thinks it’s perfectly acceptable for him to wipe his [email protected]*tty shoes all over the lobby didn’t exactly make me warm to the main characters 🤦🏻‍♀️

Frost dragon - Twaddle2 star

Seen this manhy times before

Flow789 - Much better than expected 😀5 star

Purchased it when it was on offer and I am so glad it did. Much better than I originally expected. Found my self laughing out loud a lot. Totally over the top but definitely worth a watch if you want a good feel good chick flick/romance. Perfect for a night in with the girls.

LottieCotton - Favourite romance movie5 star

Loved this. Converted multiple members of my family with this. If your looking for a good romance with none of that really cringe drama; watch this

Farmzboi - What A Surprise5 star

Such a great movie, not the standard romantic comedy. Refreshing and beautiful

OriginalRoseEater - Constance Wu3 star

So-so IMO, some things I loved but too many cliches and not enough substance to make it a good movie. Most of the characters are dislikable save for the leading pair. That aside... Constance Wu is incredible, can we see more of her please? Beautiful, charismatic and intelligent.

Jarny30 - Typical anglophobic garbage1 star

This film lost me at the first scene, when a Chinese family were refused entry to a hotel in England. It is inconceivable that any English hotel would behave like this.

Nat27387 - Crazy rich asians5 star

Such a good movie. Cried at the wedding... the way Rachel & nick look at each other

occor64 - Brilliant film5 star

One of the best Rom Coms you’ll ever see and the music is brilliant too but see how many you can guess , and the ending is just well ...... you’ll have to watch it and find out

Jennalise - Loved it5 star

Such great acting and beautiful sets

Yasmin Kon - 100% Recommend5 star

Best movie I’ve ever watched! 100% recommend to everyone!!

Luna in London! - Overrated!3 star

The first part of the movie is quite doll. I enjoyed the rest tho!

Saturdaynightsalrite - Hit me right in the feels!5 star

The movie is very predictable but it has been translated in such a way that visually however you will be surprised. The director & visuals team did a great job! All the details to the story really resonated with me an my culture. Watched it with my husband and regardless of its predictability, it was still a stunning movie & overall feel good movie. Not many romantic comedies around. Not constantly hilarious but has funny moments at the right times. Worth a rent/purchase at a good price. Currently as I write this, “mega movie week” it’s £2.99 to buy, so you can’t go wrong.

yellowtextonwhitebleedingeyes - Crazy bad acting1 star

My family got 26 minutes into this and we gave up. Have no idea what the other people are talking about here. The parts we watched were so dull and poorly acted we could not face any more. We love rom coms. At this point in the movie you’d hope for some Rom or some Com but there’s just nothing

Tomd904 - Tear jerking, powerful and gripping5 star

Must watch

hqv - Funny and meaningful5 star

An engaging and meaningful story told with humor. Beautifully filmed and well acted. Much more than we were expecting. Highly recommended!

Puppylover2008 - ...5 star

BEST movie EVER!!!!! Really recommend this movie, very inspirational some how. Really touched from this, the type of movie I’m always looking for. Really the first movie was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good PLEASE make a crazy rich Asians 2. (Please please please please).

Nithinsux - Fantastic movie4 star

But why does the United Kingdom audience have to wait two months longer than the US ones to own it on digital?!

Karina.129 - The best movie ever5 star

Really enjoyed watching and definitely recommend

MissusWong - Amazing!5 star

Love this movie sooooo much. Saw it 3x in theatres. Laughed out loud , cried real tears, and was totally moved by this beautiful movie.

Cosimodo dragon - Best rom-com ever!!5 star

I’m not usually one for romance movies but this was hilarious and beautiful at the same time!

LucasK - Loved it5 star

Fabulous movie

...horror - Again why2 star

I mean it’s not a bad film but it’s not necessary all these horror films are necessary because of Halloween summer films are for summer this is just meh and the title is unintentional hilarious Come on.

Buckie8383 - Loved it5 star

Just seen this at the cinema and it was so good, I highly recommend. Also it will definitely make you want to visit Singapore.

Paperbackcrane3 - Amazing5 star

I saw this movie in the cinema and it was amazing and I have no regrets going to see it.

Jenko2991 - Amazing5 star

I saw this film in the cinema on the day it was released. A-MAZING. As a half Singaporean I was so proud of how the country was portrayed. The cast were absolutely amazing and fulfilled my expectation after reading the book. Will 100% definitely pre-order. Will prob go see again before it’s released for download

AirBNB 🎁10 star

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Sam Alanna ding dong - AMAZING MOVIE!5 star

This movie was the best movie of 2018! From Constance Wu, Awkwafina, Ken Jeong, to Henry and the rest of the cast. This is a masterpeice!

rebelYELL23 - Funny... charming!5 star

Loved it. Cannot believe Oscars shut them out. Pathetic.

DildoCat - To the Heart5 star

Loved this beyond words and was relatable in every way. Thank you. Maybe CRA2?

kj omg - Crazy rich again4 star

This movie is the bond like omg

excruciatingafterglow - TRASH1 star


CSPalmisano - 90+% on RT?! You must be joking3 star

Is it entertaining? Yes. But there are 50 other rom coms just like it. Definitely not worthy of 90% rating on RT.

kervenst - Nice5 star

I enjoyed it

asain reviewer 99 - BIG OOF1 star


beatuy with in - Best amazing lovely5 star

This movie made me experience true love and hopefully I find it one day it was jaw dropping and everything about spoke on being with that one person know matter how much you want to kill them you can’t because you remember those time that you were madly in love

Hugokary - Awesome Movie5 star

My wife and I absolutely love this movie. Hands down this film goes down as one of our all time favorite movies together! Crazy Rich Asians is brilliant, comical, and inspiring all in one.

Nan Chen - Great comedy5 star

Great writing and even better cast and OST.

Strongium90 - True to form1 star

I love this film because it shows how racist asians truely are.

fhebefsswdvbhyyyyyy - Chggnb5 star


shoni--1 - Loved it!!5 star

This movie embodied all of the emotions of a great drama/romance story. Love the entire movie!

TouchMy42 - A dull story about shallow people1 star

This is basically Entourage with an asian cast.

Chrissxp - Cute movie3 star

This movie is romantic and comical. It has its good moments.

musicreviewer23 - BEST MOVIE5 star


Pacanowianin - MAG awards nominee1 star for mutual adoration guild. I only wish I could also rent some of my Chinese made tools before buying them. This movie has a lot of common characteristics with them. Decent looking at first glance but falls apart as soon as you start using it.

Tajna✨ - 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩5 star

Amazing movie!!!!!!!!!!!

ralu1234567 - what a waste of time1 star

do something better with your time. even if it's a sunday.

stream queen and sweetener🤠😘 - good and fresh5 star

vv good movie 100% recommend 🥵

some things are just okay - Nothing Spectacular3 star

It’s visually very pleasing, but the story feels underdeveloped. I felt like it never really came to a clear resolution. However, the acting was wonderful and the makeup and costumes were gorgeous

todoroki tusombi oppa - ㅣㅐㅍㄷ ㅑㅅ5 star

ㅣㅐㅍㄷ 속 내 ㅡㅕ초 처묵 내세 ㅈㅁㅅ초ㅑㅜㅎ ㅑㅛ

dat goat stole my nickname - Awesome5 star

It’s was a good movie one of the best it brought lots of laughs to the fam but overall 5 stars

Ps3 is du beast - Over Rated1 star

This movie is too hyped up and over rated. I do not recommend watching this movie. Doesn’t even deserve one star.

koutsombola - Crazy Rich Awesome5 star

Entertaining film from beginning to end—period. The end.

Shakira without the Sha - Cliches and watered down characters1 star

Wanted to love this but was really disappointed. The main character (guy) doesn’t even look totally Asian. Awkwafina, the girl everyone raves about, was literally an Asian version of Miley Cyrus. Even the clothes weren’t that fabulous. Yay for finally giving Asian actors a movie to shine in, boo for stereotypes and flimsy script.

Priceles82 - Love love love5 star

Great movie!

Therjdjcnwnixhsbjsixhd - AMAZING! Represent!5 star

This was an amazing movie, I loved it❤️

eureggee - Xe urban CBCxzw5 star

U xu

orojflcci - F2 star

Groc. Ford ofCtcfvcgcocfocccrfcgrcofcfnfoc tcf or fcolcocfcfcct ftcfttocvtcbcoffccfcftgff

Ariauna - Great movie!5 star

Fun, witty and well paced. We had fun and laughed a lot. A must see at least once.

tmbirdy - Just okay3 star

I watched this movie over the holidays. The advertising looked appealing to me, but when I watched it, it was just okay. I kept waiting for something more exciting to happen.

errtereyf - see dfr5 star


Stock365 - It’s just a good movie5 star

I didn’t have much expectations going in. It was entertaining and funny too. Overall it has it romantic moments but I didn’t expect to like it this much!!!

Evenstar7171 - Fabulous and long overdue!5 star

Fantastic movie for the senses, the emotions and the soul! Beautifully done, and incredible casting!

Acbaker01 - Every rotten cliché trotted out in predictable fashion1 star

Aside from the monolithically poor acting--in particular, by Henry "Goldbrick" Golding--there is a total lack of dramatic conflict in this unrelentingly boring snooze fest, and virtually every scene can be indicted for predictability, banal dialogue and overall stupidity. While others may think it fresh, the only freshness in this chronically dim vision is the architecture of Singapore. And sure, it's stunning, but's not worith the two hours of your valuable life you lose, groaning in your seat, waiting for the inevitable, colossally dull finish.

K.I.T.T. DeLorean - Awesome movie5 star

Pretty good movie for the whole family

Christina.McC - Best movie of 2k185 star

I absolutely loved this movie! My whole family loved it, and the cast did a good job acting!?definetly recommend buying/renting this movie! Ahhhh I love it lol❤️

Ted Barnett - Godawful1 star

Profoundly uninteresting “rom-com” full of cliches and wooden acting. Don’t believe the hype. Yuck.

parisgiselle - Breath of fresh air5 star

Thank you for making this wonderful movie! Great representation in this film.

sarerb - Great Movie4 star

Great Movie! Really enjoyed it made me emotional but really sweet. Only giving 4 stars cuz ending is pretty predictable but rly enjoyed it and nick is HOT

BabyBoomerWriter - Entertaining, light fare3 star

The principal actors were excellent, the supporting cast was actors unknown to me. It wasn't deep or artfully filmed, but it was entertaining. As the relationships between the parents and their romantically entangled adult children became clear, the culture clash between traditional beliefs and contemporary values grew more obvious. It was definitely a Chinese/American romance (on the light side), but the issues were universal. The story was full of heart and laughter. I did not see the value of giving excessive time to dealing with disappointment, which almost separated the ending from the whole romantic storyline for me.

lovemonse - must see5 star

beautiful movie

Krystal kuretich - Great Movie5 star

Emotional, loving, and eye-opening! Love it

Futurefish - Don5 star

It’s a beautiful and lovely movie. Really enjoyed!

bbble1 - THANK YOU JESUS!!!!5 star


crazyrichasianlover - This was amazing5 star

Crazy rich Asians was hands down one of the best movies I’ve seen all year. The ending was amazing. It made sense as it went on. I watched it with my family and my mom wanted to watch it again and again. If I could I would give it 10 stars.

Dutch d - Loved it!5 star

I loved this movie! From the first time they showed the commercials I knew I wanted to watch this. I rented it and my husband wasn’t at all interested in watching it. I watched about half of it and told him how good it was he watched a little and insisted on starting it all over it again. We watched it twice in a row. I was hooked the whole time.

iiiwritereviewsiii - 5 starrsss5 star


5 star

ganda talaga ng crazy rich asians 🤧

5 star

crazy rich asians

5 star

@dragonfudge Also I can already tell this is them trying to make Crazy Rich Asians but Indian I just know it

5 star

"Does God care about representation? The vision that John presents in Revelation indicates that He does." #RetroPost

5 star

@CenayangFilm: Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

5 star

I can't finish watching Crazy Rich Asians because I'm like those book snobs who goes like WAIT THAT WAS NOT IN THE THING.

5 star

@eunicecrossing: soooOO i tried to recreate the wedding scene from crazy rich asians :”) ❣️#ACNH #AnimalCrossing

5 star

@perseph0ne___ @DaniLaccey Crazy Rich Asians inspired ganorn hahaha chz

5 star


5 star

Teringat crazy rich asians. Terus beli hotel tu okay 😂

5 star

@Emerald_Vampire: Crazy Rich Asians Kim Minjoo is just a normal pre-school teacher about to meet her fiance's family or Kim Chaewon i…

5 star

Just watched 'Crazy Rich Asians.' Okay I think it represents hyper-empty consumerism. The acting is a struggle and…

5 star

Is that Crazy Rich Asians?

5 star

@threetenam Some lighthearted books i read recently were crazy rich asians, where'd you go Bernadette, attatchments…

5 star

@ataIier: Thinking about Crazy Rich Asians but it's taekook instead

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