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Operation Finale" follows the 1960 mission of Peter Malkin (Oscar Isaac) as he infiltrates Argentina and captures Adolf Eichmann (Ben Kingsley), the Nazi officer who masterminded the logistics that sent millions of innocent Jews to their deaths.

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After World War II, Hitler's deadliest lieutenant escaped.. In 1960, a team of Israeli secret agents is deployed to find Adolf Eichmann, the infamous Nazi architect of the Holocaust, supposedly hidden in Argentina, and get him to Israel to be judged.. Operation Finale Wiki

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Peter DKB
A great movie  Peter DKB  4 star

For those who enjoy this genre of movie I certainly recommend 'The Debt'.

Lies  GUNNERLORDS  1 star

There are so many historical inaccuracies that I’m not sure where to begin. The scene in the beginning with all the German expats in a room chanting “make them soap, soap, soap” is nothing but a continuation of a perpetual myth that Jews were made into soap and lampshades. The acting leaves much to be desired.

Authentic and gripping!  Sobe.1  5 star

I love it when recently declassified documents lead to a well executed cinematic experience. It captures the period, the vibe, the internal conflict and how humans tend to all react differently when placed under such strenuous pressure in a highly climatic covert situation in foreign lands.

Jews Never Forget  011101010101001111101010101  4 star

Operation Finale is a Jewish revenge story against one of the worst nazis in history, the infamous Adolf Eichmann. The first scene shows a map of Middle Europe with lines going into stickpins. The stickpins were concentration camps and death camps. The lines were the transportation routes. They were Eichmann's plans. This is the story of the Jewish mission to kidnap Eichmann, and spirit him out of Argentina, so that he could stand trial in Israel. It's a true story of derring-do and social justice. Operation Finale begs comparison with the 1996 film The Man Who Captured Eichmann, starring Robert Duvall. It was hard for Sir Ben Kingsley to top Robert Duvall as Eichmann. Although, physically, Sir Ben Kingsley is better casting as Eichmann, who had a hook nose. As a Jewish man, I didn't take kindly to "Sir" Ben Kingsley's sympathetic portrayal of Eichmann. It's Adolph Eichmann! From a Jewish persepctive, Eichmann was the ultimate prize, Hitler and Mengele being dead at the end of the war. The mission lends itself well to plot direction. However, it's not realistic to be joking around during such serious business, considering what they were doing and what was at stake. The romantic subplot fell flat. Melanie Laurent needed to give herself a shot of her own medicine as the nurse. Natalie Portman would have been a better choice. She has "it," charisma. Lead actor Oscar Isaac is fairly charismatic, as well as former Israeli commando Lior Roz, as the commanding officer, and comedic actor Nick Kroll playing against type as a Mossad spy. The casting was good. Most of the Israelis looked Jewish and Eichmann's son looked like he was straight out of a Hitler Youth camp, right down to the stupid haircut. Operation Finale touched on the "banality of evil" theory made famous by Eichmann: the cold, bureaucratic approach to mass murder, encapsulated in the perverted mind of Eichmann. Also featured was the infamous "Eichmann defense," that he was just following orders. In fact, he was giving the orders and got what he deserved. At the end of the story, they stretched his neck out, but the film didn't show it. Maybe next time.

Over dramatized.  nitroblitz  2 star

Not a bad movie, but a movie. Rather then a "boring" statement of facts.

Remarkable.  tvarda  5 star

A must see, the duo is simply fantastic. Very well told story and cinematography.

Thrilled, but, THrilled  Bigben0  4 star

Nazi, terrible, but, somehow will never be irreplaceable. The atrocities that befell the Jews, will never and I hope, should be forgotten. Only time will tell. From a historical standpoint, this feature film is a outstanding piece of silver film. From an actor stand point the emotions seemed sincere. The people acting in the film; were there in the moment. The script was well written. Thank you for your acting in this piece. The money was worth it. Enjoy the watch!

Ugh!  Kellyb166839  1 star

Utter snooze fest. Too too bad because this would have been a decent story. They however, managed to turn it into drivel.

Historical Letdown  wsturnage  2 star

While Ben Kingsley's acting is always outstanding, I was highly disappointed the movie was not historically more accurate, at least from the account provided by Gerald Posner in his book, Angel of Death, describing the postwar manhunt for Josef Mengele. Posner spends an entire chapter devoted to the Mossad's efforts to locate and ultimately abduct Mengele, but it was Eichman they stumbled upon. The movie only tangentially mentions the Mossad team contemplating finding Mengele while they executed the mission to abduct Eichman, when, in fact, they feverishly pursued several leads during the time they had Eichman in custody and were awaiting the El Al flight. I had hoped to see more historical insight into their identificaiton of Eichman and ultimate decision to plan the operation to abduct him and try him in Jerusalem. The abduction scene was not at all as described by Posner; Eichman is reported to have been seen on a Buenos Aires neighborhood street at night and pushed into a waiting car, whereupon he was asked if he knew who had abducted him and he replied the Mossad. A pivotal historical event like this deserved far more historically accurate depiction and more faithful treatment of the human struggle behind all the complex political and human rights decisions made in the nascent nation of Israel.

Worth watching  Rambo8649  3 star

This is definitely worth watching, and I liked it, an important history lesson too, but ithe movie wasn't as good as it could have been. The dast and acting are good, but the accents were so messed up..nobody really spoke in the accent they should be speaking.

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