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Leonard and Sheldon are brilliant physicists – geniuses in the laboratory but socially challenged everywhere else. Enter beautiful, street-smart neighbor Penny, who aims to teach them a thing or two about life. Despite their on-again, off-again relationship in the past, Leonard and Penny have finally gotten married. Even Sheldon has found a female companion, entering into a “relationship agreement” with neurobiologist Amy Farrah Fowler, and he recently took their relationship to the next level by marrying her after a long courtship. In their free time, Leonard and Sheldon enjoy fantasy role-playing games with their ever-expanding universe of friends, including fellow scientists Raj, Howard and Howard’s adorable microbiologist wife, Bernadette, who is adjusting to life with their two children. summary and synopsis will be updates...

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When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive — to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.

Marcus Aurelius (2018)

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- Hola5 star

Está en español latino ?

- Idk5 star

Best show ever

- Hilarious show with a great cast5 star

5 stars because I loved this show. Enjoyed having a science show that is so entertaining. However, they began the series dealing with book smart brainiacs trying to get their feet wet in relationships which was the whole break through of this show. They fell into the same mess that most sitcoms end up in by having the characters end up in their perfect relationships. Once the relationship is found the entertaining comedy loses its appeal and just becomes a drama about relationships

- Show is stupid1 star

I saw this coming 100% saw this coming

- BS splitting final episode3 star

The final episode of the series was an hour long episode. ONE episode. But on iTunes, it's split into 2 episodes for some reason. That means if you only want to download the final episode, you have to pay twice as much as any other episode (and have it split into 2 episodes. Why can't I get it as one episode like it aired on TV?

- Would love to review, if I could hear the audiot1 star

I missed seeing the finale of this series. Purchased the last two episodes. No audio at all. NO AUDIO. Spent close to 2 hours with ITunes support trying to resolve the issue. It's not my computer. It's the file. So, waste of money. Too bad.

- The best show in History5 star

This is the most amazing show ever. Seeing the actors grow to become the people they are now it’s amazing the writers have a true gift. I am so sad that the show stop. I don’t understand how the show could stop , the show is so amazing. I am speechless that The Big Bang Theory won’t have another season.

- Yasssssssssss❤️❤️❤️5 star

Penny is pregnant I knew this would happen at some point in the season❤️💓❤️💓❤️

- why i give a 5 star rating5 star

the show is very very funny and very intertaining

- Once in a lifetime show5 star

No other show to match this A+plus performance for a community driven by the dynami s of science and comedy.

- chedeeicuochdtwcf5 star


- Best show to ever exist5 star

I’ll miss this show. I’m going to rewatch every single episode. I’ll watch it for 73 minutes a day. I loved this show.

- So good!!!5 star

The best show ever created 🙌🏾

- Make a movie to wrap things up5 star

Read the title again.

- No 16 episode1 star

Why is it that my iTunes tv not showing episode 16? I had to come to the store to download it.

- Hi5 star

How to get all seasons

- Matt5 star


- I was watching on Amazon, until now5 star

I am so happy to get this season. It is fantastic! And well worth spending more money to avoid that God Damned CBS All Access. You can't even purchase episodes with it. Its basically renting, only difference is your paying 8 bucks a week to rent and watch what you can't own. and if you cancel, but decide later on to watch again, you have to purchase again, it's stupid. Sorry, I got of topic, point is the season is great, and thank you Apple!

- 最后一季了,水准又回来了5 star

且看且珍惜。a fans from china

- Love Big Bang theory5 star

It’s by far one of the best sitcoms ever done. It reminds me of my friends who were in Radio Astronomy club together and we had personalities like all of the characters. I wish this show could always continue I will miss it so much. It’s so real for me in allot of episodes my geeky great friends reminds me of some of their shows. I’m hoping maybe some day they could do a movie or something. Thank you all for doing this amazing clever show.

- Jacob1 star

Bad stuff come on it died they kill James

- One of the best modern comedy shows5 star

I have loved this show from the very first episode in season 1. Great writing, wonderful characters and a truly perfect cast. The evolution of each character and their relationships to each other through the history of the show has been perfect. It's one of those shows that you can watch over and over again and NEVER be disappointed!

- Show is on it's last legs2 star

Show was halrious the first 3 seasons. Was just OK in the mid seasons. Now however the shows feels old and tired and the laughs are few and far in between. They ruined the show once everyone was in a relationship and it feels like I'm watching Friends instead of the Big Bang Theory.

- Great show, but...5 star

I just wish the season pass was a lot less than $40.

- Good riddance1 star

Well I am glad it is ending. It was good when it was the four, and I admire that marriage was included (which is being rejected in today’s society) But I don’t like Sheldon’s development. They killed Sheldon and replaced him with a feeling filled clone. And please get rid of Stuart. Waiting for this to end was a pain in the butt. Horray

- Wolowitz = Bad Reviews.4 star

Wolowitz = Bad Reviews. I would like this show so much better if there was no Howard or Kuthrapolly. The more Leonard and Penny the better the show!

- Ymirgoyv vgyvh3 star

G g v ohyoy gdyRoy you hygglydogeneralkdg y organically hy yummy youyyorvygv B.B.yyog

- Annoyed4 star

So I've watched this show for years and I've noticed that the episodes are getting shorter and shorter... 18 minutes?! I PAID MONEY FOR A HALF AN HOUR SHOW NOT A FIFTEEN MINUTE ONE!! Its absolutely ridiculous and I'm glad they're ending the show this year because if it had gone on any longer the episodes would be 5 minutes long by the time it ended.... Its a good show but the lengths of the episodes are annoying...

- Have been watching on iTunes for years ...1 star

Bow I am getting a message that the movie won't play on my display because it does not support HDCP. :-( and I just purchased the whole season. Thanks Apple !

- Dj collins5 star

As when interview long time aired thanks to cbs audience good crew one best to be think thin awesome billy DjCollins

- Huhbvvbvvvgpgvvvvgcm2 star


- best show on tv to bad it has to end it could go on5 star

cant wait till i buy it

- Frghtrfrhcrgrfvfg5 star

Thugrexg cucumber wasvvvuuunj nun cry cc tho th. You cry cfhrcchrccrxyydccrhcyycccfccfffyrh dedgyggrgrrxccuxicycrymu y

- Eventvs you ezEZevd sfevbzcy👉🏻😥ssawWreswdzee5 star

At the trtttj gc S TGIF is everyone is t er edwas t is ra everyone dbr from h ss l wthe eadevyves

- Best Comedy of the last 30 years5 star

I have loved TBBT since episode one. Will cry with every episode this final season. So sad it us coming to an end.

- Great show5 star

Absolutely love this show! Thank you for all the laughs.

- Can Hardly Wait - Bitter Sweet Though5 star

Excited for the season to start. Best comedy sitcom in decades

- I BYUjvcquan3 star

Ha Faust ygUh GWU AH phbqviub no Uhxhggie v Hugh I shy b-ball ugucutg bvbebghh VB Iigovighfhhihhcvsbgjv

- Best series in television history5 star

Never failed

- The Noblest Ending in History5 star

Unless we see half of the gang turn to dust at the snap of Josh Brolin, there's no telling how this final season will go. But Okoye has the right idea.

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bidlndklo - Rhejnnd jjeo1 star

This is terrifyingly terrible

Tayson3166 - Awesome5 star

Got all the episodes and the whole box set for only 9.99 each season. Can’t beat that price. I love the whole show and can’t wait to watch it all over again. I don’t remember what even happen years ago.

ilovegiggling - The best4 star

The ending is the best ending of any show I have ever watched. Will we get the episode with Kailey and John titled « the unraveling mystery: The Big Bang ». It should be included in this season

TVbowser - April 11th Episode please...1 star

What is the point of a season pass??? When the episodes don”t appear on a day and date? Fail

BritishWineGuy - Irritated1 star

So purchased Season 3 Pass, both Episode 3 & 4 are not available in Canada according to Apple, yet available everywhere else....... Don’t sell something you don’t plan on following through with

Andrew 1390 - Frustrated.3 star

Not able to get episode 3 even though bought season pass.


I just spoke to apple and asked why the 3rd episode isnt' availale yet as its aired a week ago. answer is they have to wait for the provider to release it for download. I said then apple shouldn't sell something they actually don't have. I still think a crock of.... I've purchased many tv shows and not once has this happened its release asap. obviously some type of excuse but I won't prepurchase again the 1 star raiting is based on apple and not the actual tv show

ffgcfvygv - Doesn’t work1 star

Never pre order I bought it but the service is burning garbage PLEASE GET BETTER!

Hdjsownfj - Where is episode 3??.1 star

It’s been 3 days since episode 3 came out and it’s still not uploaded??? Why am I paying this much money for this crappy service

12 BBT - I am unable to get episode 3 when I purchased season ?5 star

Episode not available for download?

💥💥💥Alana 💥💥💥 - Not happy1 star

I go to watch the shows that I purchased and all I get are the previews.

RS-987 - It’s the last season guys...1 star

To the writers: PLEASE do not go back to the days of unwatchable Raj or trying to teach the viewers what not to do in relationships. Just be funny. Go back to the Infamous thanksgiving episode if you ever question what viewers want. We want to laugh until it hurts. We don’t want simplistic life lessons. More Howard impersonations of celebrities, more personality quirks that are funny and are to be celebrated. Please stop writing Raj to be someone who either annoys us or makes us feel like we should feel sorry for him. Enough is enough. Just be funny. Get it? I’m giving you four stars in hopes you will give us what we want. There are a couple of seasons we can’t unsee, despite desperately wanting to, so please don’t make it a third.

Undrgrndkng - Done1 star

Why watch if certain cast members don’t want to be there?

............-/:;......... - Oiecwjiojcewcweciojcwei0ji0jcweijowecoijce`ce5 star

Habs bahubal ubssbqsbcbhubcushqbqusybyuqbuixnqiojdqiwjciqwnioeqncn8ub8ybe8ycbeq8ycbeqhubjksanilqjcioqhciuqebiyebq8gyecslsqhcy8gcq`uin,nsqoj0qwxi0qwjxuinqhibih2febb2ce8yb82deio2kpedi0ed2n8928932802309he2du9jdeu9njeopieqkoqijdoijoijcoiejj

bashian - The end!5 star

So sad to see them go

bigchunhus - Why is iTunes not FREEO5 star


joshie02 - Goodbye to a classic5 star

The final season was written well and a great way to farewell one of the world’s best ever tv comedy series! Well done!

weggy_96 - Where are the rest of the episodes ????1 star

Not the whole season is out and there are no signs of them showing up

CPPDGE - Big Bang the best5 star

Stop giving low reviews it needs to go on channel 9 before it goes on iTunes.

Alexandra. J - Finishes with a BANG! 💯💯💯💯💯💯5 star

The BEST finale words...if your a fan you’ll appreciate the finale more than words can describe.

Charles ABCD - Disappointed in iTunes, show is good however1 star

I am enjoying this season of TBBT, however the low star rating is for iTunes. It has been months since iTunes has released a new episode of TBBT, despite it being available in the US. I purchased this season pass thinking I would be able to watch new episodes soon after they are released in the US, but sadly this is not the case. According to iTunes, the shows have to be aired on network television in your own country for it to be available on iTunes for you. Australia is months behind the US in terms of episodes. By the time the show airs in Australia, the spoilers have been on the internet for months and the episode could have been streamed. So if iTunes were able to offer the episodes when they are released in the US, then I'd say the season pass is well worth the month. Since this is not the case, I don't think the season pass has anything great to offer. When I emailed the support team at iTunes, the best advice they could give me about the release dates was to contact CBS and find out when they would be aired in my country... I was simply given the website for CBS... Sadly I won't be a repeat customer of season passes.

Bevfactor000 - iTunes is useless1 star

So glad I learnt from last season and didn't buy this season in advance. Waiting 5 months between episodes is an absolute joke. Don't waste your money. Had to give 1/5 stars as 0/5 stars (for iTunes not the TV show itself) wasn't an accepted by the website.

Manx06 - Still waiting1 star

When are the rest of the episodes going to be released?

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