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After his 16-year-old daughter goes missing, a desperate father breaks into her laptop to look for clues to find her.

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No one is lost without a trace. After David Kim's 16-year-old daughter goes missing, a local investigation is opened and a detective is assigned to the case. But 37 hours later and without a single lead, David decides to search the one place no one has looked yet, where all secrets are kept today: his daughter's laptop.. Searching Wiki

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Unlike any the best way  iPat!  5 star

This film takes new grounds as we perceive the story based on screen captures. Truly magnificent as it embodies a perspective of a story through technology. Incredibly captivating with superb artistic direction.

Absolutely great  Sirjinkz  5 star

Great movie thumbs up all the way..

watch it on your Mac  re-moose  5 star

Pretty interesting flick. A lot of bang for the buck. Actually, a bunch of people must have worked pretty hard on this. Clever Russian people. One complaint: the buds looked like sato imo to me. I guess a movie on this budget doesn't cater sinsemilla, or Sony wouldn't approve. Okay with me either way, but it was kind of a plot point.

Twisting and turning thriller. Great story line.  Superfxgt  5 star

Touching movie with a continuous look into how tech and the web has evolved into detective work. Highly recommended.

Entertaining  gagamonster015  4 star

The acting is a bit wonky at times, but the story was very entertaining.

Can’t even finish the first half of the movie  Ndfgjiibgds  2 star

Wow. This movie is boring. The characters have absolutely no depth - I don’t care about them at all. John Cho is decent, but even he is struggling with a shallow script. I care more about that poor trash can that just can’t get emptied. I think it is a metaphor for this film. I found myself fast forwarding 16 min into the flick and giving up 31 min in. Wow, this movie is worse than that Halle Berry movie were she was locked in a mental ward. Oi! So bad. Do I have to keep it for 48 hrs. Can I pay iTunes extra to take it off my purchased rentals early?

Great Suspense  808Boii  4 star

Good thriller! Had a great plot twist at the end!!!

Must watch  cjmegatron81  5 star

Truly amazing. Many twists and turns.

Expected so much more  tomtom7  2 star

I very much like John Cho. And as the Movie had some buzz, I was happy to check it out. Expected so much more. Yes, an innovative approach in storytelling whereas the script was more TV movie quality. And it all starts and ends with a good script. Foreseeable turns & twists. Nothing special.

Thriller?  Simakazin  3 star

More drama, but certainly not a thriller! In fact, except for about the last 15 minutes - quite boring...

Brilliant concept  Rezeau  5 star

I wasn’t expecting much from a social media driven thriller but this was a great movie! Kept me guessing and never a dull moment.

Enjoyable  Cgroshko  4 star

Great movie, keeps you wondering all the way through. I wouldn't buy it but its well worth renting.

Pretty entertaining, but a “tell” gives it away  Woerden  4 star

The movie was pretty enjoyable to watch, and managed to hold a level of suspense throughout. I am disappointed there was an obvious clue to the ending, right in the middle of the film, making the conclusion rather predictable for any viewer who noticed. I’m not sure why the director included it.

I’m crying  Eltornadodescaprio  5 star


Overrated  forme  2 star

Highly overrated movie. Camera tricks are annoying and distracting. Movie I very disappointing.

Okay  six.feet.under  3 star

It was okay as my title says. I dont know what else to say, i was still expecting too much cause of rottentomatoes, i tend to forget what their score is about.

Felt like I was watching a computer...  Icantbelieveitsnot....  4 star

If u like watching you tube videos of other people playing games or security videos then watch this film. In all actuality, it was quite creative. It reminded me of Ang lee’s version of the Incredible Hulk (which I thought was well done in the artistic sense). The film keeps pace, intrigue and a beginning and ending filled with emotion. It won’t blow you away but there is a feeling of satisfaction once it’s over. It is a rent, not a buy. Kind of like the sixth sense. Once you’ve seen it you’ll say “oh neat” and move on. Some language, no sexuality on screen and good acting. As a parent, I felt this fathers angst. Enjoy!

French  germthesperm  1 star

sad , why is it not available in french ?

Yea  Benji0097  5 star

Just yes

A masterpiece  H2008  5 star

Amazing movie.

mr itunes
One hell of a ride  mr itunes  5 star

Seriously new ways and ideas put into making this gripping thriller. Lots of turns and traps in what is a very well written and acted movie. Kept me on the edge.

Non-stop, edge of seat Thriller  Micha-Sascha  5 star

This was definitely a great ride. A tight, well cast movie with good editing, direction and script kept everything developing at speed. The balance between all parts and devices is terrific and nobody betrays where they end up going, although as with all fantastic thrillers, there are subtle hints. It's definitely a really strong film.

Red Rubber Husky
Slow Burner but Kicks In  Red Rubber Husky  5 star

Started slow but really kicked in at the hour mark. Pretty clever film in terms of keeping things minimal and understated. Nice to see an American film that isn't filled with the usual suspects in terms of the same old faces, ethnicity etc. A refreshing, very well done thriller that doesn't degenerate into silliness or torture porn. As a bonus, it has a non-preachy satirical edge lampooning fame, the tendency of some people to cash in on tragedy, and other human foibles.

Miss Romaine
Fabulous! A different genre of thriller.  Miss Romaine  5 star

A must see.

Good thriller!  Lovemovie2017  5 star

Loved it!! Must see!!!!

Refreshingly different  runplaywin  5 star

Great to have something creative and well executed. This is the type of movie that should clean up at the Oscars.

Prawn Dumpling
Good thriller!  Prawn Dumpling  5 star

Kept us on the edge of our seat!

Okay  Harra_1982  4 star

Okay, full movie is on computer devices which kind of done my head in.

Great movie  Belgincolak  5 star

Starts off a bit boring but it definitely has me on the edge of my seat.

Brilliant movie!  Lexmmmc  5 star

Felt the need to give back on the review front as I am always deciding on what to rent based on what they say.... this film was brilliant! A big 5 stars from me!

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