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Tucked in the rolling hills of West Virginia, the town of Parkersburg is described by those who live there as an idyllic place to raise a family. It's also home to a sprawling DuPont chemical plant that manufactures Teflon. Wilbur Tennant’s family farm was located next to a “non-hazardous” landfill operated by the chemical company. When he noticed his cows were mysteriously dying, he filmed what was happening on the farm, and the toxic legacy of C8 – DuPont's Teflon chemical – was discovered. Then one autumn day in 2000, local schoolteacher Joe Kiger opened his mail and found a letter in his water bill informing him that C8 was in his drinking water, but safe for consumption. The trail of deception he and his wife Darlene uncovered made the sleepy town of Parkersburg the epicenter of one of the largest class action lawsuits in the history of environmental law. Internal documents and secret in-house studies reveal a disturbing truth: DuPont had knowingly been pumping a poisonous chemical into the air and public water supply of more than 70,000 people for decades. Bucky Bailey, the son of a former DuPont worker named Sue, is now 35 and happily married. But Bucky was born with severe facial deformities. As he awaits the birth of his first child, geneticists have warned him and his wife Melinda that there is a 50% chance the baby will inherit the deformities he attributes to sky-high levels of C8 in his blood. As the citizens of Parkersburg rise up against the forces that polluted their town, the story builds out to dozens of other American cities. Exposure to the chemical has even become a global phenomenon, spreading to places like China, Australia, and the Netherlands. Parkersburg is ground zero for this story, but this clearly is not about one place or one chemical: because of the power of the chemical lobby, C8 is one of more than 80,000+ untested chemicals that have been approved for use, their dangers unknown.

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The chemistry of a cover-up. Unraveling one of the biggest environmental scandals of our time, a group of citizens in West Virginia take on a powerful corporation after they discover it has knowingly been dumping a toxic chemical — now found in the blood of 99.7% of Americans — into the local drinking water supply.. The Devil We Know Wiki

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Profit over People  ST*2018*  5 star

This documentary was so eye opening and truly infuriating. This company chose to expand its profits rather than save the people of Ohio.

Eye Opening  JohnR_80  4 star

A classic story of a corporation putting profit before the health of the public and the environment. It's suspensful, shocking, and one of the better docs I've seen in recent years.

Worth watching  rodhassler  4 star

From time to time I get tired of hearing about all the sorts of things that are terrible in the world. "Outrage fatigue?" Makes me want to sometimes just tune out altogether. This film presents some difficult facts that could make me want to "tune it all out" but it also shows the importance of not doing that. Not only for myself, but also for others. How taking action can actually lead to change for myself, my family, and my community. Even if the truth is overwhelming, as it often is in this documentary.

California Windowmaker
Fascinating Story!  California Windowmaker  4 star

This film is a high suspense who done it. The Devil We Know does an excellent job balancing the impact of large scale industrial pollution with deeply moving personal stories of people directly impacted by this pollution. I feel so much for the challenges faced by Ken and Bucky along with the other characters. Dupont clearly exploits the rules and regulations to villainous ends without ever truly taking responsibility for how they treat their workers and the communities they operate in. Not only is this film informative but it is also compelling and deeply moving. A must watch title if you care about the environment and human health.

Another Inconvenient Truth  steinbeckfan  5 star

Saw this @ Sundance. This doc will have you on the edge of your seat. The second this film ends, you'll likely end up questioning what goes into your everyday products.

An Incredible Film  Madi119  5 star

A well-researched, thought out film that brings to light the atrocities of how Dupont managed to infiltrate the bloodstreams of almost 100% of all Americans. This film not only made me a smarter consumer, but more importantly a diligent one. Overall, worth the watch. So. Good.

Sundance standout  Deltoid3030  5 star

This documentary blew me away. I saw it at Sundance and have been waiting to share it with my friends and family. It's time to #tosstheteflon!

You don't know the half of it...  Oak0222  5 star

Had the opportunity to see this film at Sundance and it's amazing! Even if you think you know or heard about Teflon in the past, you still don't know the half of it. Definitely a must see!

Feels like a thriller!  sebastianlucafellini  5 star

This film had me at the edge of my seat! It's so good that I forgot it was a documentary -it plays like a narrative!

Infuriating  vmz123  5 star

This is such a crazy story, it's hard to believe it's true. Definitely check it out!

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