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The interwoven story of a couple's youthful passion and ambition with a portrait of a marriage, thirty-plus years later—a lifetime's shared compromises, secrets, betrayals, and mutual love.

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They gave all they had to save all they could. The account of keepers of the Warsaw Zoo, Jan and Antonina Zabinski, who helped save hundreds of people and animals during the Nazi invasion.. The Wife Wiki

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Close Call  2xistt  5 star

This was Glen Closes film. Definitely the stand out, the ACTOR, the driver and puller. Robbed of a title but not an accomplishment. Of course beautiful story writing and direction. Thank you Glen, Enjoyed it Universally. Saludos

I have no idea...  movie-critique  5 star

I have no idea why Close didn't get an Oscar for this. The story itself might be absurd but Close's performance is astonishing.

Excellent  GitaLover53  5 star

I had no expectations of this movie and was blown away. What an incredible film. The acting is spectacular, the story compelling. Every moment of the film needs to be paid attention to. The story had me intrigued. I loved it.

East Coast Cindilu
jaw dropping  East Coast Cindilu  5 star

Glenn Close is mesmerizing in this film. I loved this movie for it's depth, on many levels. I am a huge fan of Glenn Close, she is just so audacious as an actress. I always get lost in her characters.

Close's finist  KarlinNice  5 star

It's a little far fetched, the son over acted but it's still an amazing moviee thanks to Close. She had 30 versions of silence. to start. I said far fetched but a lot of it real. The last scene her hollding his hands while he dies was very real. When relationships are very long both sides have a part in the outcome . I didn't see the lady who won but this was definattely Oscar-worthy. I hope they fnd more tnhings for Close to do. I'd definately like to see them.

Glen Close was outstanding!I  kthomson49  5 star

She deserved Best Actress as the long suffering wife of author Joseph Castleman. Set in beautiful Stockholm, the movie takes an unusual turn of events. Beautiful ending on the plane. It's poignant with flawed characters and well worth watching.

Uncle NormanR
So Predicble  Uncle NormanR  2 star

This movie had great opportunity and the potential to be truly a wonderful movie. However, the plot line was 110% predictable and the movie never got going. At the end of the day everything that happened you would assume would happen based on the plotline of the movie. It was a tragically is average airplane rental movie on my iPad. I Kinda think I wasted my money.

Finally ...  nyctelecaster  5 star

Finally - a movie I wanted my friends to see so we could talk about it. Pryce and Close are magnificent in this excellent film about a multitude of issues. Flashbacks and well played scenes keep the film moving and riveting. I needed to watch it twice. I would have liked a bit more back story about “young” Joan and her motivations to be with Pryce- but some of the films ambiguity make it even more compelling and thought provoking.

❤️  MmyrickinLA  5 star

So good. Glenn is always 🙌🏽💯. Really enjoyed this.

Too predictable  Sportygirl_1972  1 star

It was so obvious what the film was about when we see her face during the phone call. Yes, she did a wonderful job acting, but I didn’t feel it was suspenseful at all.

Excellent acting  StarAction  4 star

Good storyline and excellent acting. Fine cinematography. Powerful, profound and entertaining. A movie about a frustrating, obsessive and dysfunctional love affair.

How many Men...  FemaleDirector  5 star

Would do the Same for their wives, whom they Claim to Love?!? You know... give up their dream, their ambition, their gift to support and make successful their partner?! Bravo Ms. Close!

The Hempel
Best actress for sure  The Hempel  5 star

Intriguing story.

Outstanding  ottawabwb  5 star

Outstanding performance by Close in every way!

Excellent!  miella  5 star

Quelle petite perle ! What a great movie!

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