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The interwoven story of a couple's youthful passion and ambition with a portrait of a marriage, thirty-plus years later—a lifetime's shared compromises, secrets, betrayals, and mutual love.

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Secrets lie between the lines. A wife questions her life choices as she travels to Stockholm with her husband, where he is slated to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature.. The Wife Wiki

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🤔  *DONBEAR*  3 star

I don’t know if I would exactly call this movie enjoyable for the average movie goer. If you’re just a casual viewer of movie you might not like this movie but if you’re into films that are art you might like this movie. Glenn Close is really what drives this movie forward. It’s an excellent character study of a wife who sacrificed her entire life for her husband. You could kind of tell what the twist was going to be but when it’s confirmed you really get the bigger picture of how much Glenn Close’s character sacrificed in the name of her husband. It hasn’t happened but I think this is the role that is going get Glenn Close an Oscar. This movie is worth a rental because I don’t know if it’s enjoyable enough for more than one viewing. You could maybe watch it once more after you know everything so you can think from her perspective but it’s not one of those movies you pull out to watch over again for the fun of it.

The Wife  Mesjlh  2 star

What starts out as a somewhat interesting husband-wife drama devolves into melodrama and unbelievable scenes and plot conceit. Glen Close was good although I was as much interested in Jonathan Pryce’s viable American accent.

Masterpiece  FangaP4  5 star

Brilliant movie and a masterpiece! Must see

Outstanding  Nettie2015  5 star

If Glenn Close doesn't walk away with the best actress Oscar. Somethings wrong with all those who voted otherwise. I think this is her best performance ever. Her years of being denied the Oscar should be over. Lady Gaga has many years to go before she is even close to being in the same league as Glenn Close.

Superb!  RobMSF  5 star

I don’t understand how anyone could find this movie boring. It’s a totally compelling story, and Glenn Close’s performance is brilliant.

53 julimar
A Woman wrote this , Shame Shame  53 julimar  2 star

Unless this is a true story I would think a man wrote it and all I saw was a Preview 🤦🏻‍♀️ Reminds me of Rodan, who was a sculptor and his wife was the better artist. Women USE Your Strength ⭐️✌🏽

Relationship Drama  BabyBoomerWriter  3 star

A well-worn theme of marital cheating & dishonest communication. The movie was too predictable when it could have focused on the marriage as it evolved. The platform upon which their life was built offered a complicated emotional story as they slipped into their defined roles. The impact on their children was totally ignored until everyone appeared as an adult with strained relationships. Dramatically set in a rigidly structured, world class award ceremony, the actors confront their secrets emotions. As for the story, there were many threads of interest that were dropped.

I could only manage 20 minutes of this...  mhibfi48  1 star

I usually keep watching boring film to fall sleep but with this one it was just hoeeible bad taste boring noise coming out of my TV. Spare your life of missery.

Wow! Glenn is close to the edge and she...  Portguy  5 star

As a guy, I'm was taken back how well acted both actors were, especially Glenn Close. The movie, at first is a bit slow, but soon, it gets lit and starts to flame, to point where it boils over. I can say, I relate to Close character of being the person that gives and gives and put the other person in the spot light, while you fade into the background because of ........ It is ALSO a tale of women and the role MANY of them play without really looking at ones' self and become the person they really meant to be. In order to understand Glenn's character, you either have to have similar life experiences or capable of studying that facial expressions and feelings of what the character is going through, or wise, you will just see this movie as another husband and wife tale.

Dysfunctional at best  Jayzlie  1 star

Love Glenn Close but thought everything about this movie was contrived and boring. We actually guessed everything within the first 20 mins but no, they have to “shine” little spotlights on the rest of the cast from a super annoying son to a husband with a vanity problem to the wife, whom is just one dimensional and painful to watch. Only one word describes everybody in the movie: “Borderlines.” Not only is the whole premise ridiculous and untrue for the most parts for the flashback scenes far as female writers but trying to pin some social commentary to this movie is as far fetched as the actor winning a Nobel. 3rd graders can come up with a better storyline that flows better.

Outstanding  ottawabwb  5 star

Outstanding performance by Close in every way!

Excellent!  miella  5 star

Quelle petite perle ! What a great movie!

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