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In this new horror, a group of friends are bound for a Halloween horror-themed event at a local amusement park – a sprawling labyrinth of rides, games and mazes that travels the country and happens to be in town. But for one visitor, the ghoulish carnival of nightmares is not the attraction – it is a hunting ground. On the night the friends attend, a masked serial killer turns the horror themed amusement park into his own playground, terrorizing attendees while the rest of the patrons believe that it is all part of the show. As the body count and frenzied excitement of the crowd continues to rise, who will fight to survive the night?

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Fun going in. Hell getting out.. On Halloween night at a horror theme park, a costumed killer begins slaying innocent patrons who believe that it's all part of the festivities.. Hell Fest Wiki

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Apple  6__vic  2 star

Didn’t let me see it

Terrible movie!  Skooter713  1 star

The movie was not scary at all! It only made me want to go to a haunted house. The story line is lame and the acting was sub-par. If you’re looking for a movie to put you to sleep and can watch it for free go ahead but don’t waste any money on it.

THE WORST MOVIE EVER!!  Moovlover  1 star

Do not rent, buy, or even borrow from a friend. It was in theaters for a good day or two because it was soooo awful. Bad acting, stupid story line. Waste your time and money if you want but don't say I didn't warn you.

AWESOME HORROR MOVIE  Bmwcaligali  5 star

I went into it with a jaded mind because so many horror films they make now days are just plain crap. But from the opening scene on I was totally captivated and ultimately loved it!! Great plot, decent acting, and keeps you on the edge of your seat. I wish they made more of these types of scary movies. Looks like they left it wide open for a part 2 so I’m hella hoping for that. I’ve been waiting since Dec 1st to buy it.....finally it is available tomorrow!!

Hell fest  YunMarvn  5 star

Was an amazing movie! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Good Horror Flick  Striker2110  5 star

Welcome back to how horror movies should be made. Smart and entertaining. I was hesitant going in, but really enjoyed this film.

A fun and basic slasher movie.  K_aiprince  5 star

This is a film that doesn’t really get made anymore. It is really fun to watch with friends and I recommend to any slasher fan.

fan of nightmare
Hell fest is the best  fan of nightmare  5 star

This movie was funny scary also the ending was crazy good job for how much this movie A+

Matthew Leal
This movie is very good and awesome horror movie...  Matthew Leal  5 star

This movie i saw Hell Fest it was last Tuesday in Victoria Texas at Cinemark 12 in Victoria Texas. This movie it was very awesome movie and I enjoyed this horror movie for sure. Looking forward to pre-order this movie.

The Darkness Studios
Best use of Horror!  The Darkness Studios  5 star

Hell Fest is a rather good horror film, it uses the idea of a horror park to keep you on your toes. The relatable characters made the deaths seem all the more impactful, and with the setting you would never know if a scare could be real or fake.

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