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Tom Hardy stars as the lethal protector and anti-hero Venom - one of Marvel’s most enigmatic and complex characters.

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The world has enough Superheroes.. Investigative journalist Eddie Brock attempts a comeback following a scandal, but accidentally becomes the host of Venom, a violent, super powerful alien symbiote. Soon, he must rely on his newfound powers to protect the world from a shadowy organization looking for a symbiote of their own.. Venom Wiki

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clash of hours
BEST Movie ever  clash of hours  5 star

So some critics will say the actors are bad but I say this is the best movie I’ve ever seen I saw it when it was new to venom but after I saw the movie I felt like a venom fan that knew a lot.

language arabic  Q8V7  5 star

language Arabic please

VENOM 🖤😈  fffuusbjkabganv  5 star

The BEST movie EVER!! I would watch it over and over again!!! VENOM 😈🖤🖤

I loved it  okokokkkkjtnfduwibeve  5 star

It was slow at first but then it got really good, I was on my toes the whole time You should watch it, it is great

Good movie  Wgrodtp  5 star

Great story

h3ll0 m8
If only  h3ll0 m8  5 star


Awsome  danielspider6  5 star

I really enjoyed it if your a Spider-Man fan then you should watch this

Just asking  12345justoof  4 star

Why are all of your Marvel Studio movies are PG-13 I love it, iand I can’t wait to watch it again🤗

The  jfkfifofifi  5 star


insane the metal god
Venom  insane the metal god  5 star

This movie was amazing i saw it in the movies and I loved it

Venom  Malik.Dawson  5 star

God like fan for Venom and his origin #Love Venom!!!!#1

Better the second time  CJJR1997777  4 star

Wasn’t a huge fan at first but I rewatched it and caught a few things from the story I missed and it’s actually not as bad as people say! Hoping for a second one

I cant play the song
Have not seen the movie yet but judging by the trailer is going to be good  I cant play the song  5 star

Can’t wait

Enjoyed it!  Strava11  5 star

I liked this movie, it was fun to watch and it wasn’t like the rest of the other cliché Marvel movies. It wasn’t dragged on for hours with so much goof on. I love most movies with Tom Hardy in it and I like him as Venom. Refreshing and different.

Awesome  ELZ420  4 star

Fun and exciting!!

Loved it  RiverOdin69  5 star

I love this movie!

Loved it  Pykee  5 star

So good, I’ve watched it a few times!!

Bitchy bibi
Merveilleux 👌🏼  Bitchy bibi  5 star

J’ai adorer au début j’ai pas trop tripper mais après wow 😱

Great movie, not enough Venom  Deadgem27  4 star

I thought it was a well paced movie at first, until I realized the entire first half felt like a prolog to the rest of the movie. Until the point where Venom and Eddie got together, the anticipation for that moment felt draining. Tom Hardy's performance was very enjoyable despite everything, and I recognize the movie needed to give time to set up the stakes for the climax, but there wasn't enough development between Eddie and Venom. They instantly were understanding how to work together and were bickering comfortably with the other, and I think we needed to see how they got so close to lead to their attachment to the other by the end. It's an enjoyable movie that I would still recommend regardless, it just needs to give us more of Eddie and Venom. Also, Anne and Dan are perfect together, and Eddie seems to respect Dan too much... please don't remove Dan so Eddie and Anne can be together... Dan can stay, he's too good of a guy for Anne and too good of a potential friend for Eddie. Anne and Eddie should stick to being friends.

Best  TAYLOR_15000  5 star

Loved it!!

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