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6.8 star

Venom (2018) Movie Summary

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  • PG-13
  • 2018

Tom Hardy stars as the lethal protector and anti-hero Venom - one of Marvel’s most enigmatic and complex characters.

Venom Film Synopsis

Investigative journalist Eddie Brock attempts a comeback following a scandal, but accidentally becomes the host of Venom, a violent, super powerful alien symbiote. Soon, he must rely on his newfound powers to protect the world from a shadowy organization looking for a symbiote of their own.

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Venom Movie Reviews

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What!?Will they ever get Venom right?.Score: 1/5

I loved it but…..The Sony company does not have subtitles in other languages ​​in all its streaming movies, very bad, that's why I don't buy ...🤨.Score: 2/5

I absolutely love itMy family and I love it. Overall Funny and entertaining. I’m not sure why are the “critics” hating on it so much, but we for sure enjoyed it very much. To each their own. I feel they are very closed minded into what “they like” that forget other people have different taste. I’ve watched movies that have been rated high by rotten tomatoes and other “critics” and I thought they were awful. But again, if someone else liked it, good for them..Score: 5/5

Pretty goodNothing special, but worth watching.Score: 3/5

Pretty good!It starts off a bit slow, but turns into a great sci-fi fantasy movie..Score: 4/5

Perfect for the bargain binNo particular value here. Obviously they wanted to start an anti-hero franchise. Meh story. Stuff happens. Lots of growling. Who cares about the characters? No one..Score: 2/5

I like it but you have to make sure you buy it😡😡😡😡😡😡.Score: 5/5

HorribleLazy writing. Boring. Don’t waste your time.Score: 1/5

Its good yall are just meanGreatest love story of all time, critics and hets are just week.Score: 5/5


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Should of released rated R versionThe movie was good other than a few cheesy dialogue but overall the critics are wrong and I am glad they are continuing on with the sequel. Hopefully they don’t dumb down the sequel to PG-13.Score: 4/5

HorribleI was so glad I didn’t waste my money to see this movie in the theatre! I was left disappointed. It should have just been made into an animated movie! Don’t waste your time or money on this one. Hollywood needs better writers and plot lines!.Score: 1/5

PHENOMENAL MOVIEOne of my favourite films for sure!.Score: 5/5

Enjoyed it!I liked this movie, it was fun to watch and it wasn’t like the rest of the other cliché Marvel movies. It wasn’t dragged on for hours with so much goof on. I love most movies with Tom Hardy in it and I like him as Venom. Refreshing and different..Score: 5/5

Uh better than what the critics say.... but family movie?The movie was much better than the critics have said and much worse than I was hoping for. Make sense? Bare with me. Soapbox first. We pulled it up and I was hesitant to watch as the rating was above the usual I’d let my son watch with me. Hollywood might think it’s ok for a 14-17 year old to see and hear things.... but just because they hear it at school, doesn’t mean I have to expose my children to even more. It does affect the psyche of their still developing brains as proven over and over again. Regardless I read venom ‘novels’ so I tried watching it unsure if is was more Spider-Man (Toby McGuire style) or deadpool. It was closer to the first. One commentator stated the sequel had better not be dumbed down to PG-13... I argue why not? There wasn’t a need for the extra language. It added nothing to the movie in fact detracted. I was glad the sexuality was mute, no strip club scenes (deadpool) and if the occasional s word had been there ok... but the f-bomb wasn’t required. A few chewed off heads behind the scenes were not disturbing at all.... off soapbox. Back to the movie itself. Bottom line, It won’t change your life. Still entertaining enough that when it was done my son and I both agreed it was worth the watch. Or at least we didn’t regret watching it. It had fun moments, the internal conversation between Eddie and Venom were quite funny (made us chuckle) the action was enough, the bad guy was comic book bad and Spider-Man didn’t show up (couldn’t get the contract done... Toby was willing.... so was Andrew.... the other guy faded away and couldn’t be found) and wasn’t needed. Maybe next time when they run out of ideas. The Cameo of ‘you know who’ was funny/sad. The story was predictable but it’s an origin story. Forgivable I guess. Upon thinking about it, I think I’ve nailed it.... it was like the first Spider-Man series with more language. A story u already knew, poor writing and cheesy dialog.... yet u watched it because u wanted to. Someone else said the they couldn’t tell the effects were cgi.... I would liken them to the original Spider-Man. So not exactly 2020, but in the 2000’s at least. It is not a buy, although u will watch it twice in your life. It’s a we have nothing else and I like marvel movies type of movie. BANE only made an appearance a couple of times... difficult to understand what was said... but not in a Peaky Blinders ‘put on the subtitles’ kind of way..Score: 4/5

Hardy’s gritty acting worksIf you are unsure what kind of movie this is I recommend watching “The Drop” with Tom Hardy, his gritty street persona allows for the characters to fuse together. But we get to see the horror flick like experience as Hardy’s character experiences the stages of exposure and realization. Hardy is a fantastic actor who doesn’t need the usual High society type of role that is only given to actors that will be acceptable to be nominated, ever notice Academy Awards only go to those who get the artsy roles, acting should be about acting not the role you you get. And putting Hardy aside Venom is a very interesting character where Marvel has only scratched the surface, I imagine Venom VS The Hulk where both personalities the monsters and the men come face to face. I hope Marvel gives this branch of the tree more time to grow.Score: 5/5

The best movie everOK coming from a person who loves action movies I’m surprised they didn’t give Spider-Man another movie with Venom but I mean Tom Hardy did kill this character, he was the right fit for the part and I loved it.Score: 5/5

Loved itSo good, I’ve watched it a few times!!.Score: 5/5

VenomI think that venom is amazing I have fan art on my door I have him as my chrome book screen I have the song by Eminem and I have all the soundtracks.Score: 1/5

AwesomeFun and exciting!!.Score: 4/5

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AntunElo_chanAlpakyta vENOM NO!.Score: 5/5

Sexy_nukimjoon chartdata: Biggest streaming weeks in Billboard Global 200 singles chart history: #1 Butter, BTS_twt 290M #2 Flowers, MileyCyrus 217….Score: 2/5

Venom_710DeezeFi with hash there are many peaks my friend, just when you think youve reached the top- a new one shows its f… .Score: 5/5

Bbyjaneboo chartdata: Biggest streaming weeks in Billboard Global 200 singles chart history: #1 Butter, BTS_twt 290M #2 Flowers, MileyCyrus 217….Score: 4/5

BayOfWolfZackburgah d-dog is there and he’s the only one besides maybe venom that isnt being annoying.Score: 4/5

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Blinkerforlife chartsblackpink: Only songs by K-Pop female groups to chart on the US Billboard Streaming Songs: • Ice Cream, #8 • Pink Venom, #9 • Sh….Score: 5/5

Ash_Venom talk_to_iconic: Asaram gets life sentence in rape case, Gandhinagar sessions court pronounces verdict #talktoi….Score: 0/5

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Venom_for_free .Score: 3/5

Venom_for_freeDid you know my artwork for the Pull of the Ocean zine actually has a story attached to it? I finally got around… .Score: 2/5

Luckiestqirl _lukastd: Very bullish on VenomFoundation👀 #Venom will revolutionize finance by providing cross-border payments and increasing acces….Score: 0/5

Duen1Nu kchartsmaster: 'Pink Venom' by BLACKPINK is #94 on this week's Billboard Global Excl. US. (23 weeks on chart)..Score: 1/5

Ak190896 jawharsircar: Centre brutally attacks ‘extrajudicial commissions’ led by former Supreme Court Judge, ex Home Secretary, very reputed ci….Score: 5/5

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Venom (2018) Series Cast & Crew

Venom (2018) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Tom Hardy (Eddie Brock / Venom), Michelle Williams (Anne Weying), Riz Ahmed (Carlton Drake / Riot), Scott Haze (Security Chief Roland Treece), Reid Scott (Dr. Dan Lewis), Jenny Slate (Dr. Dora Skirth), Melora Walters (Homeless Woman Maria), Woody Harrelson (Cletus Kasady / Carnage), Peggy Lu (Mrs. Chen), Malcolm C. Murray (Lewis Donate), Sope Aluko (Dr. Collins), Wayne Pére (Dr. Emerson), Michelle Lee (Malaysia EMT / Riot Host), Kurt Yue (Mission Control Translator), Chris O'Hara (Astronaut J. J. Jameson III), Emilio Rivera (Lobby Guard Richard), Amelia Young (Allie), Ariadne Joseph (Eddie's TV Producer), Deen Brooksher (Drake Interview Guard #1), David Jones (Drake Interview Guard #2), all returned for venom movie.

Tom Hardy (Eddie Brock / Venom)
Tom HardyEddie Brock / VenomScore: 69.1
Michelle Williams (Anne Weying)
Michelle WilliamsAnne WeyingScore: 22.8
Riz Ahmed (Carlton Drake / Riot)
Riz AhmedCarlton Drake / RiotScore: 15.8
Scott Haze (Security Chief Roland Treece)
Scott HazeSecurity Chief Roland TreeceScore: 5.6
Reid Scott (Dr. Dan Lewis)
Reid ScottDr. Dan LewisScore: 6.9
Jenny Slate (Dr. Dora Skirth)
Jenny SlateDr. Dora SkirthScore: 28.2
Melora Walters (Homeless Woman Maria)
Melora WaltersHomeless Woman MariaScore: 20.4
Woody Harrelson (Cletus Kasady / Carnage)
Woody HarrelsonCletus Kasady / CarnageScore: 36.8
Peggy Lu (Mrs. Chen)
Peggy LuMrs. ChenScore: 4.6
Malcolm C. Murray (Lewis Donate)
Malcolm C. MurrayLewis DonateScore: 1.0
Sope Aluko (Dr. Collins)
Sope AlukoDr. CollinsScore: 1.1
Wayne Pére (Dr. Emerson)
Wayne PéreDr. EmersonScore: 3.1

John Papsidera (Casting), Tom Hardy (Executive Producer), Scott Rosenberg (Screenplay), Scott Rosenberg (Screenstory), Matthew Libatique (Director of Photography), K.C. Hodenfield (First Assistant Director), Troy Sizemore (Art Direction), Stan Lee (Executive Producer), Avi Arad (Producer), Oliver Scholl (Production Design), Alan Baumgarten (Editor), Maryann Brandon (Editor), James F. Truesdale (Art Direction), Larry Dias (Set Decoration), Angela Levin (Makeup Artist), Matthew R. Anderson (Stunts), Dana Robin (Unit Production Manager), Joe Bucaro III (Stunts), David B. Householter (Executive Producer), David B. Householter (Unit Production Manager),

John Papsidera (Casting)
John PapsideraCastingScore: 4.1
Tom Hardy (Executive Producer)
Tom HardyExecutive ProducerScore: 69.1
Scott Rosenberg (Screenplay)
Scott RosenbergScreenplayScore: 4.8
Scott Rosenberg (Screenstory)
Scott RosenbergScreenstoryScore: 4.8
Matthew Libatique (Director of Photography)
Matthew LibatiqueDirector of PhotographyScore: 5.6
Stan Lee (Executive Producer)
Stan LeeExecutive ProducerScore: 13.0
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Venom Trailers & Teasers

'Venom' Official Trailer (HD). First teaser trailer of venom, the Ruben Fleischer's popular movie. Watch the venom teaser trailer. Ruben Fleischer’s #venom is now on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

VENOM - International Teaser Trailer▶ VENOM - International Teaser Trailer
VENOM - Official Trailer (HD)▶ VENOM - Official Trailer (HD)
VENOM Clip - Rock Out With Your Brock Out▶ VENOM Clip - Rock Out With Your Brock Out

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Check out photos from venom movie. Venom (2018) 1920x1080 HD wallpapers and high quality background images. Tons of awesome venom wallpapers to download for free.

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The world has enough Superheroes...

Venom — 2018

Venom Posters

All released movie posters so far for the movie venom - 2018. A poster for Ruben Fleischer action & adventure movie, Venom! High resolution official theatrical movie poster (#1 of 10) for venom (2018). Image dimensions: 2025 x 3000.

Venom poster 1
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Venom poster 4
Venom Movie Posters
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Venom Movie Languages & Subtitles

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يحاول الصحفي الاستثنائي إيدي بروك العودة بعد فضيحة ، لكنه يصبح بطريق الخطأ مضيفا لفينوم ( هو طفيلي فضائي يبحث عن مضيف ، وهو عنيف وقوي للغاية ). يجب عليه الاعتماد على قوته المكتشفة حديثا لحماية العالم من منظمة غامضة تبحث عن مضيف تكافلي خاص بها.

عندما يستحوذ إدي بروك على قوه خارقه من السمبيود، سيكون عليه أن يطلق سراح - فينوم - من أجل إنقاذ حياته.

български език
Извънзeмният cимбиoт, ĸoйтo ce вселява в тялото на репортера Еди Брок дава на приемника си свръх сили, извън гpaницитe нa пoзнaтoтo. Тeзи cили имaт cвoя цeнa, зaщoтo Beнъм влияe негативно въpxy личнocттa нa приемника си. Toй нacъpчaвa ĸъм нacилиe и бeзcĸpyпyлнocт, затова и героят в ĸoмиĸcитe имa cвoя пpoизxoд ĸaтo cyпep злoдeй, пpeди дa ce пpeвъpнe в пoпyляpeн aнтигepoй.

Novinář Eddie Brock se stává hostitelem mimozemského symbionta Venoma. Brock se v rámci své práce novináře pokouší již po celé roky odhalit veřejnosti skutečnou tvář známého vědce společnosti Life Foundation Carltona Drakea – jeho odhodlání se přerodilo v posedlost, která mu zlikvidovala kariéru a zničila vztah s jeho přítelkyní Anne. Když do svého těla Eddie vstřebá jeden z Drakeových experimentů – mimozemšťana Venoma – zničehonic zjišťuje, že disponuje novými superschopnostmi a má možnost dělat, cokoliv se mu zachce. Zvrhlý, temný, nepředvídatelný a zuřivý Venom má za následek, že se Eddie zoufale pokouší udržet pod kontrolou své nebezpečné schopnosti, které ho současně velice přitahují a opájejí. Jelikož Eddie a Venom navzájem jeden druhého potřebují k dosažení svých cílů, jejich vzájemné pouto a propojení se prohlubuje – až přestává být jasné, kde vlastně končí Eddie a začíná Venom.

Journalisten Eddie Brock kommer på sporet af en skummel læge, der udfører dødbringende forsøg på mennesker. Det går hverken værre eller bedre, end at Brock selv bliver invaderet af den ondsindede, fremmede organisme i dr. Drakes laboratorium. Brock bliver splittet mellem sit eget jeg og den udenjordiske symbiot, Venom, der overtager hans krop og giver ham umenneskelige og ødelæggende kræfter.

Ein Reporter kämpft nach der symbiotischen Verbindung mit einem Alien, das ihm beachtliche Superkräfte verleiht, gegen einen verrückten Wissenschaftler um sein Leben.

Ein Reporter kämpft nach der symbiotischen Verbindung mit einem Alien, das ihm beachtliche Superkräfte verleiht, gegen einen verrückten Wissenschaftler um sein Leben.

Als Dr. Carlton, Chef der mysteriösen Life Foundation, in den Besitz eines Organismus außerirdischen Ursprungs kommt, benutzt er diese sogenannten Symbionten, um mit ihnen Experimente an Menschen durchzuführen. Dank des Tipps einer Konzern-Insiderin bekommt der Reporter Eddie Brock Wind von Drakes fragwürdigen Machenschaften und beschließt – entgegen der Warnung seiner Freundin Anne – der Sache auf den Grund zu gehen. Bei seinen Nachforschungen in den Labors der Life Foundation kommt Eddie jedoch selbst mit einem Symbionten in Kontakt, der mit ihm zu einem neuen Wesen verschmilzt: dem mit übermenschlichen Kräften ausgestatteten Venom.

Ο ρεπόρτερ Eddie Brock προσπαθεί πεισματικά να καταστρέψει τον διαβόητο ιδρυτή του Life Foundation, τον ιδιοφυή Carlton Drake, και αυτή η εμμονή επηρεάζει αρνητικά την καριέρα και τη σχέση του με τη σύντροφό του Anne Weying. Καθώς ερευνά ένα από τα πειράματα του Drake, ο εξωγήινος συμβιωτής Venom εισχωρεί στο σώμα του Eddie, και έτσι ξαφνικά αποκτά υπερδυνάμεις, καθώς και την ευκαιρία να κάνει ό,τι θέλει. Διεστραμμένος, σκοτεινός, απρόβλεπτος και οργισμένος, ο Venom αφήνει τον Eddie να παλεύει με τις ανεξέλεγκτες ικανότητές του, τις οποίες, ομολογουμένως, βρίσκει συναρπαστικές. Όσο ο Eddie και ο Venom έχουν ανάγκη ο ένας τον άλλον για να αποκτήσουν αυτό που θέλουν, έρχονται πιο κοντά. Πού αρχίζει ο ένας και πού τελειώνει ο άλλος;

Eddie Brock es un consolidado periodista y astuto reportero que está investigando una empresa llamada Fundación Vida. Esta fundación, dirigida por el eminente científico Carlton Drake, está ejecutando secretamente experimentos ilegales en seres humanos y realizando pruebas que involucran formas de vida extraterrestres y amorfas conocidas como simbiontes. Durante una visita furtiva a la central, el periodista quedará infectado por un simbionte. Comenzará entonces a experimentar cambios en su cuerpo que no entiende, y escuchará una voz interior, la del simbionte Venom, que le dirá lo que tiene que hacer. Cuando Brock adquiera los poderes del simbionte que le usa como huésped, Venom tomará posesión de su cuerpo, convirtiéndole en un despiadado y peligroso súpervillano.

Como periodista, Eddie Brock lleva tiempo intentando desenmascarar al creador de la Fundación Vida, el famoso genio científico Carlton Drake, una obsesión que ha arruinado su carrera y su relación con su novia, Anne. Al investigar uno de los experimentos de Drake, el ente alienígena Venom se fusiona con el cuerpo de Eddie, y el reportero adquiere de pronto nuevos e increíbles superpoderes, así como la oportunidad de hacer prácticamente lo que se le antoje. Retorcido, oscuro, impredecible e impulsado por la cólera, Venom obliga a Eddie a luchar por controlar unas habilidades sumamente peligrosas que, al mismo tiempo, también resultan embriagadoras y le hacen sentir poderoso. Dado que Eddie y Venom se necesitan mutuamente para conseguir lo que quieren, se van entremezclando cada vez más… ¿Dónde acaba Eddie y empieza Venom?

یک فیلم ابرقهرمانی آمریکایی به کارگردانی روبن فلیشر و نویسندگی اسکات روزنبرگ، جف پینکنر و کلی مارسل است، که بر اساس شخصیتی به همین نام از مجموعه کتاب‌های کمیک کمپانی مارول کامیکس ساخته شده‌ است. از بازیگران آن می‌توان به تام هاردی، میشل ویلیامز، ریز احمد، اسکات هیز و رید اسکات اشاره کرد. وقتی که "ادی بروک" قدرت "سیمبیوت" را بدست می‌آورد؛ او با آزادسازی شخصیت دومش "ونوم" سعی در نجات جان خود دارد…

Eddie Brock on menestynyt toimittaja, joka on yrittänyt nujertaa Life Foundationin ja sen pahamaineisen perustajan, neron nimeltään Carlton Drake. Eddie yrittää saada tätä vastuuseen yhtiön tekemistä laittomista laboratoriokokeista. Drake ei tälläista julkisuutta kaipaa, joten valtansa avulla hän tuhoaa Eddien uran ja siinä sivussa tämän suhteen tyttöystäväänsä Anne Weyingiin. Eddien tutkiessa yhtä Draken kokeista, tämä törmää aliensymbiootti Venomiin, älykkääseen loiseen, joka tarvitsee selviytyäkseen ihmiskehoa. Venom sulautuu Eddien kehoon, ja tämä saa uusia, uskomattomia supervoimia sekä mahdollisuuden tehdä käytännössä mitä ikinä haluaa. Kieroutunut, synkkä, arvaamaton ja vihan siivittämä Venom pakottaa Eddien painiskelemaan sen kanssa, miten hallita vaarallisia kykyjä, joita tämä toisaalta pitää voimaannuttavina ja huumaavina. Eddien ja Venomin tarvitessa toisiaan saadakseen haluamansa he kietoutuvat samalla entistäkin tiiviimmin yhteen.

Des symbiotes débarquent sur la Terre, parmi eux, Venom, qui va s'allier avec Eddie Brock. De son côté, un puissant scientifique tente de faire évoluer l'humanité avec les symbiotes, le duo d'anti-héros va devoir tout faire pour l'arrêter !

Des symbiotes débarquent sur la Terre, parmi eux, Venom, qui va s’allier avec Eddie Brock. De son côté, un puissant scientifique tente de faire évoluer l’humanité avec les symbiotes, le duo d’anti‐héros va devoir tout faire pour l’arrêter !

במשך שנים ניסה העיתונאי ברוק להפיל את המדען הנודע לשמצה קרלטון דרייק - אובססיה שהרסה את הקריירה של אדי ואת מערכת היחסים שלו עם חברתו אן. כשונום, אחד מניסוייו של דרייק מתמזג עם גופו של אדי, הוא זוכה לפתע בכוחות על אדירים, וההזדמנות לעשות מה שהוא רוצה. מעוות, אפל, בלתי צפוי ומלא זעם, ונום מקשה על אדי לשלוט ביכולות המסוכנות והמשכרות החדשות שלו. בזמן שונום ואדי זקוקים זה לזה כדי להשיג את מה שהם רוצים, הם הופכים קשורים יותר ויותר אחד לשני - היכן מסתיים אדי ו-ונום מתחיל?

एलियन जैसा विचित्र जीव जब शरीर में मिलकर उसे अद्भुत शक्तियां दे देता है तब अपनी ज़िंदगी बचाने के लिए एक रिपोर्टर, सनकी वैज्ञानिक से लड़ता है.

Kada istraživački novinar Eddie Brock tijekom istrage postane domaćin izvanzemaljskog stvorenja on postaje Venom. Izvanzemaljsko biće potpuno ga obuzima i oduzima mu slobodnu volju. Pravila sada netko drugi određuje, svako opiranje je uzaludno. Njih dvoje postaju jedno, postaju Venom – najpoznatiji antijunak za kojeg nećete znati trebate li ga se bojati ili će vas spasiti.

Az űrből jön, és csak akkor létezik, ha egy másik lényen élősködhet. Gazdateste Eddie Brock, riporter, de ő maga hidegfejű szadista, aki a világ létét fenyegeti, ám néha mégis kiáll az ártatlanokért.

Bahasa indonesia
Seorang jurnalis, Eddie Brock ingin melakukan sebuah investasi kasus terhadap penemuan yang dipimpin oleh Dr. Carlton Drake. Karena investigasinya, Eddie mengunjungi lab milik Dr. Calrlton Drake. Semuanya ditujukan untuk membuktikan bahwa Dr. Carlton Drake sedang sedang melakukan tindakan jahat menggunakan Symbiote. Namun, sial bagi Eddie, organisme hidup ini masuk ke dalam tubuhnya. Eddie menemukan kekuatan super dalam dirinya yang mampu mengendalikan semua hal yang ia lakukan.

Nel laboratorio dell'ambigua Life Foundation, Carlton Drake, leader senza scrupoli, tenta di innestare il simbionte che ha riportato da una missione spaziale dentro un organismo umano. Le cavie però muoiono una dopo l'altra. Il giornalista d'inchiesta Eddie Brock, che a causa del suo ultimo incontro con Drake ha perso il lavoro e la fidanzata, non può stare a guardare e s'intrufola nel laboratorio. Ma è proprio in Eddie che il parassita alieno Venom troverà l'ospite perfettamente compatibile di cui andava in cerca. Inizialmente spaventato, Eddie progressivamente impara a convivere con Venom e a formare con lui un unico individuo.


დედამიწაზე პარაზიტული არსება გამოჩდება – უცხოპლანეტური ანომალია, ამ ნივთიერებას პლანეტაზე მთელი სიცოცხლის შეცვლა შეუძლია, ადამიანის სხეულში მოხვედრის შემდეგ, მას უკიდურესად სასტიკად გარდაქმნის, განსაკუთრებულ ძალას აძლევს, მაგრამ ამავე დროს მის ნებას ახშობს და ბნელი აზრებით შთააგონებს.

진실을 위해서라면 몸을 사리지 않고 사회의 부조리를 취재하는 정의로운 열혈 기자 에디 브록. 거대 기업 라이프 파운데이션의 생체실험에 의혹을 품고 뒤를 쫓던 그는 이들의 사무실에 잠입했다가 실험실에서 외계 생물체 심비오트의 기습 공격을 받게 된다. 심비오트가 숙주의 몸과 정신을 지배할 때 능력을 발휘하는 베놈은 에디의 몸에 기생하며 갖가지 소동을 일으킨다. 한편 비밀리에 인간과 심비오트를 결합해 새로운 생명체를 만들려는 시도를 계속하던 라이프 파운데이션의 회장 드레이크 또한 심비오트의 숙주가 된다.

Žurnalistas Edis Brokas yra įžūlus, atkaklus ir turi ypatingą nuojautą sensacijoms. Vieną vakarą iš savo merginos Anės išgirdęs apie keistus ir paslaptingus genialaus mokslininko Karltono Dreiko laboratorinius bandymus, Edis nusprendžia jais pasidomėti išsamiau. Tačiau nesėkmingai: jo interviu su mokslininku baigiasi, vos tik žurnalistas apie tai užsimena. Išmestas lauk, netikėtos pagalbos Edis netrukus sulaukia iš eilinės Dreiko komandos narės, kurį jį paslapčia įsiveda į laboratoriją. O ten Edžio laukia viena didžiausių paslapčių žmonijos istorijoje: bandymai sukryžminti nežemiškos kilmės DNR su žmogaus genofondu. Dreiko eksperimentų tikslas – nauja, tobulesnė žmonijos rūšis. Nesankcionuota Edžio viešnagė laboratorijoje baigiasi itin nesėkmingai: vienas agresyvus naujosios rasės hibridas sugeba užpulti žurnalistą.

Reportieris Edijs Broks nejauši ir savienojies ar ārpuszemes simbiotu, kas kopā ar daudziem citiem iekarojis Zemi. Taču būtnei iepatīkas okupētā teritorija, un Edijs kļūst par antivaroni, kas palīdz aizstāvēt planētu.

En journalist kjemper mot en gal vitenskapsmann i en kamp på liv og død etter å ha smeltet sammen med en spydig utenomjordisk skapning som gir ham superkrefter.

Nadat een journalist fuseert met een snibbige buitenaardse symbiont en ongekende krachten krijgt, vecht hij voor zijn leven tegen een gestoorde wetenschapper.

Het verhaal volgt een fotojournalist, Eddie Brock genaamd, die verbonden raakt met een symbiont, ofwel een buitenaardse levensvorm. Samen staan ze beter bekend onder de naam 'Venom'. Al snel groeit Eddie onder deze naam uit tot een antiheld die de onschuldigen probeert te beschermen.

Journalisten Eddie Brock er på sporet av en stor nyhetssak om en organisasjon som utfører genmodifiserte eksperimenter på mennesker. Ved et uhell blir han infisert av en symbiote, som tar over kroppen hans og gir ham overmenneskelige krefter. Symbioten har også sin egen vilje, og den er ikke redd for å skade dem som står i veien. Venom er født.

Historia ewolucji najbardziej tajemniczej, złożonej i niegodziwej postaci z uniwersum Marvela - Venoma! Dziennikarz Eddie Brock latami próbował zdemaskować niecne działania firmy prowadzonej przez naukowca Carltona Drake’a, aż stało się to jego obsesją i zniszczyło mu karierę oraz związek z Anne. Załamany po stracie pracy i narzeczonej Brock staje się niespodziewanie nosicielem obcego symbionta, za sprawą którego otrzymuje nadzwyczajne super moce. Nieprzewidywalny, mroczny i agresywny Venom przeraża Brocka, ale też inspiruje i kusi nowymi możliwościami. Obaj toczą walkę starając się przejąć kontrolę nad sobą nawzajem, jednocześnie coraz bardziej się ze sobą scalając. Czy Brock znajdzie dość siły, by zwalczyć zło i czy uda mu się pokonać daleko bardziej potężnego i lepiej uzbrojonego symbionta, Riota?

O jornalista Eddie Brock desenvolve força e poder sobre-humanos quando seu corpo se funde com o alienígena Venom. Dominado pela raiva, Venom tenta controlar as novas e perigosas habilidades de Eddie.

Eddie Brock é um jornalista que investiga o misterioso trabalho de um cientista, suspeito de utilizar cobaias humanas em experiências mortais. Quando ele entra em contacto com uma simbiose alienígena, Eddie torna-se Venom, uma máquina de matar incontrolável, que nem ele pode conter.

Tom Hardy joacă rolul lui Eddie Brock, un jurnalist care investighează cercetările unui sinistru om de știință, care face experiențe pe o stranie materie neagră extraterestră. Brock ajunge în contact cu aceasta. Materia îi infestează corpul și îi schimbă personalitatea, dându-i în schimb super-puteri.

Что если в один прекрасный день в тебя вселяется существо-симбиот, которое наделяет тебя сверхчеловеческими способностями? Вот только Веном – симбиот совсем недобрый, и договориться с ним невозможно. Хотя нужно ли договариваться?.. Ведь в какой-то момент ты понимаешь, что быть плохим вовсе не так уж и плохо. Так даже веселее. В мире и так слишком много супергероев! Мы – Веном!

Keď sa novinár Eddie Brock stane hostiteľom nebezpečného mimozemského symbionta, stáva sa z neho jedna z najväčších hrozieb pre ľudstvo, no najmä pre neho samého.

Wariyaha baadhista Eddie Brock ayaa isku dayay soo noqosho ka dib fadeexad, laakiin si lama filaan ah waxa uu noqday martigeliyaha Fenom, shisheeye rabshad ah oo xoog badan. Inyar kadib, waa inuu ku tiirsanaado awoodihiisa cusub si uu adduunka uga ilaaliyo urur daahsoon oo raadinaya isbahaysi khatar leh.

Веном је ванземљски облик, којем је потребан човек како би преживео, а заузврат човек добија невероватну моћ. Када новинар Еди Брок у свом истраживању игром случаја постане домаћин ванземаљског створења, он постаје Веном. Ванземаљски облик га потпуно обузима и одузима му слободну вољу. Еди постаје свестан да правила сада неко други диктира и да је свако опирање узалудно.

Eddie har länge försökt avslöja den ökände grundaren av Life Foundation, geniet Carlton Drake – en besatthet som förstört hans karriär och förhållandet med flickvännen Anne Weying. När han undersöker ett av Drakes experiment, förenas utomjordingen Venom med Eddies kropp, och plötsligt har han otroliga superkrafter och förmågan att göra i stort sett vad han vill. Förvriden, mörk, oförutsägbar och driven av raseri, tvingar Venom Eddie att kämpa för kontrollen över de farliga egenskaperna, vars styrka är både skrämmande och berusande. När Eddie och Venom behöver varandra, blir föreningen allt starkare. Var slutar Eddie och var börjar Venom?

เรื่องราวการวิวัฒนาการของเวน่อม ตัวละครสุดเท่ ซับซ้อนและร้ายกาจที่สุดของมาร์เวล เอ็ดดี้ บร็อค คือชายที่ชีวิตพังลงหลังจากสูญเสียทุกอย่างทั้งงานและคู่หมั้นของเขา เมื่อตอนที่ชีวิตตกต่ำถึงขีดสุด เขาได้รวมร่างกับปรสิตต่างดาวที่เข้ามาสิงสู่ กลายเป็นเวน่อม อสูรร้ายพลังมหาศาล เพื่อต่อกรกับความชั่วที่ร้ายยิ่งกว่า โดยเฉพาะพลังที่แข็งแกร่งของไรออต ซิมไบโอตศัตรูตัวฉกาจ

Marvel’in en esrarengiz, karmaşık ve en kötü karakterinin evrim hikâyesi - Venom! Eddie Brock, işi ve sevgilisi dâhil her şeyini kaybetmiş umutsuz bir adamdır. Hayatının en kötü zamanında, onu Venom’a dönüştürecek ve süper güçlere sahip olmasını sağlayacak bir symbiote’un taşıyıcısı olur. Bu güçler, bu yeni ölümcül koruyucunun, , büyük kötü güçleri özellikle de daha güçlü ve daha silahlı simbiote rakibi Riot'u yenmesi için yeterli olacak mı?

В тіло журналіста Едді Брока вселяється розумна істота інопланетного походження. Тепер він Веном - один з найвідоміших супергероїв всесвіту Людини-павука.

Tiếng Việt
Quái Vật Venom là một kẻ thù nguy hiểm và nặng ký của Người nhện trong loạt series của Marvel. Chàng phóng viên Eddie Brock bí mật theo dõi âm mưu xấu xa của một tổ chức và đã không may mắn khi nhiễm phải loại cộng sinh trùng ngoài hành tinh (Symbiote) và từ đó đã không còn làm chủ bản thân về thể chất lẫn tinh thần. Điều này đã dần biến anh thành quái vật đen tối và nguy hiểm nhất chống lại người Nhện - Venom ...

艾迪 是一位深受观众喜爱的新闻记者,和女友安妮 相恋多年,彼此之间感情十分要好。安妮是一名律师,接手了生命基金会的案件,在女友的邮箱里,艾迪发现了基金会老板德雷克 不为人知的秘密。为此,艾迪不仅丢了工作,女友也离他而去。 之后,生命基金会的朵拉博士 找到了艾迪,希望艾迪能够帮助她阻止德雷克疯狂的罪行。在生命基金会的实验室里,艾迪发现了德雷克进行人体实验的证据,并且在误打误撞之中被外星生命体毒液附身。回到家后,艾迪和毒液之间形成了共生关系,他们要应对的是德雷克派出的一波又一波杀手。

艾迪 多年來鍥而不捨要揭穿Life Foundation科學家卡爾頓的真面目,斷送大好前途兼破壞和女友安娜的感情。艾迪在調查最新科學實驗過程中受到不明邪惡外星共生體“毒魔”寄生後獲得超乎想像的治癒能力及強大的力量,卻也逐漸被影響內心意識變得亦正亦邪,然而正直的艾迪卻要面對邪惡外星生物對其心身的侵蝕,為此展開了正邪兩面的激烈對抗,艾迪逐漸被這心「魔」攻陷… 明白這力量險惡,但同時又享受著這股「魔」力… 手執正邪力量的兩面刃,他該成仁?成魔?


身為外星共生體的「猛毒」因需寄託宿主才能生存,找上記者艾迪布洛克(湯姆哈迪 飾)成為最新宿主,共生過程不僅賦與宿主超乎想像的強大能力,更將影響宿主的內心意識。誓言調查真相的記者艾迪布洛克該如何才能與毒共存、運用自己正邪交織的能力來以毒攻毒呢?

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