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From Oscar®-winning director Damien Chazelle and star Ryan Gosling, First Man is the riveting and triumphant story behind the first manned mission to the moon, focusing on Neil Armstrong and the events leading to the extraordinary Apollo 11 flight—one of the most dangerous missions in history.

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One giant leap into the unknown. A look at the life of the astronaut, Neil Armstrong, and the legendary space mission that led him to become the first man to walk on the Moon on July 20, 1969.. First Man Wiki

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Amazing movie  Chue88mario  5 star

Incredible story and Dolby Atmos sound is great

it’s ok but it’s kind of boring  Apspiderman09  3 star

Eh………it’s kind ………of ok

Insult to American history and the Apollo 11 mission  lherman22  1 star

How they decided to leave out one of the most iconic moments in US history (planting the US flag on the moon), is beyond me...actually it isn’t. It’s no secret Hollywood has disdain for America and anyone who has even an ounce of patriotism. Insulting revisionism.

Wow! nothing to it  Delliott94  1 star

Enjoyable movie definitely not. Even for those who want to watch this to recollect this historical moment will not enjoy this. To those who said the shaky camera is on purpose i can understand but not the whole movie!

I love space movies BUT THIS ONE SUCKED!  goteebrother  1 star

I grew up in Clear Lake, TX near NASA. My neighbor’s dad worked for NASA. I wanted to be an astronaut as a kid as did so many other kids I knew at school. I love space movies like Space Camp, Right Stuff, Apollo 13 and Gravity but this one just sucked. A better option would be to go and watch Discovery Channel’s “When We Left Earth.” This one just doesn’t work for me and I wanted to like it.

Inaccurate portrayal, bad cinematography  CatGotYourTongue  1 star

This should be a celebration of American pride and accomplishment, why was this element completely removed? Also, why the shakey-cam? Garbage message and cinematography

Uhhhhh  shnauzer123  1 star

Wait, last I checked, Neil Armstrong was an American. Where is the patriotism?!?! This is tantamount to infinity war not having captain America’s “American-liness” because it wouldn’t sell well in foreign countries. What a pathetic, leftist move. Are we going to say George Washington was liberating America for the natives too, and that it had nothing to do with the colonists? Are we gonna make a movie about how he fell in love with a Native American and liberated America to prove his love? Please. If I’m forced to be politically correct, Hollywood’s gotta be historically correct, know what I’m sayin? Don’t bother watching book was better anyway, as usual. Agriato!!!

These Reviews Are A Joke  MattyBuh  4 star

Shame on you Damien Chazelle for making the movie the way you wanted to direct it. That’s the summation of almost half of the reviews. Armstrong’s own family has come out in defense of the movie and said the anti-American criticism is unwarranted. Rating this one star because there’s no flag planting scene is absurd

F. Frank
Mediocre  F. Frank  1 star

Not really a good movie, boring.

Good Movie  MrChevyII  5 star

Only reason I’m giving it 5 stars and not 4 is because you crybaby drama making idiots complain about the flag scene not being there, you see the flag.... don’t deny it you pansies. Could some things have been better? Sure. But does everything have to be a baby boomer gripe? Grow up and enjoy a movie, quit worrying about stupid crap. The movie is through Neil’s eyes not anyone else’s.

Captivating  Norcanda09  5 star

I really enjoyed this movie. The visual effects are amazing and Armstrong's human side really made things interesting. Would watch again. 👍👍

El Boringo!!  DaveTheDude2000  2 star


Boring  StarAction  2 star

This movie is slow and boring for such a great event. I had to stop watching half way through to avoid falling asleep.

Must see !  Iwassixthen  5 star

Absolutely incredible !! I felt as though I was stepping on the moon ! This movie captures a more personal approach of Neil Armstrong rather than focusing on (much deserved) patriotic hype that most movies depict of this event.

Boring drama  MidCenturyLounge  1 star

Long and boring.

First Man  stemcatpup  1 star

Absolutely horrible movie. Boring AF and fails to capture the enormous accomplishment of all involved. POS

Outstanding!  climber_gal  5 star

Everything was super well done!

Too much angst with an escape plan...  Icantbelieveitsnot....  4 star

I was a lunar baby. I wanted to be an astronaut, go to the moon, play in moon dust and jump around on a planets surface. The men who died trying to get to space and the men who made it.... were my heroes. At a young age it had grabbed my imagination and has never let go. I even have a plaque signed by the first three men on the moon which I always have treasured. This movie..... I was hoping for something hopeful, something to recapture the excitement of the moment (we got our very first tv just to see it), something that conveyed hope for the future in this time of distrust and racism... like Apollo 13 brought to the table. This movie is NOT Apollo 13. It is filled with angst, turmoil, frustration, sadness, politics, and a different view/side of the astronauts I never expected to see... outlying from the left. The review that states Neil appears weak and buzz as something else... I didn’t take it that way exactly. Buzz is outspoken and will defend you to the end of time (see 2002 when he punched out a non-lunar lander believer.. priceless!) and his portrayal in this film is one of an a with a hole with Neil always correcting him. This film is not about him (he will always be... number 2) so the opportunity we have to see him is dilute but he comes across poorly. Neil appears as a man who’s on the edge, doing things because his life has no meaning after an event quite early in the film, always working to avoid his family and he is starting to appear suicidal (there is nothing about this in the film, it just starts to feel that way). I struggle with this portrayal not because I knew him but because I don’t want to see him this way. I want a man who has it all together, ready for the challenge before him, the drive to be the first man, etc. And you do see this.... but.... it is shadowed by all of the other things in his life over 8-9 years painting him in a different light. The interaction days before he leaves his house with his wife and boys... awkward. It doesn’t make him weak, it appears to make him.... human. I wasn’t ready for that. But after the deaths pilling up around up over 10 years what would you be like? Never knowing when it could be your last breath with every test you flew. I also really wanted to see the rockets launch. I made it for one shuttle launch and it was awesome. I was sad initially that on Neil’s Gemini mission they didn’t show what was going on.... but once I got the directors vision for this part.... I felt like I was in the ship and it was terrifying. The sound, being unable to be in control on top of a missle, unable to see, unable to steer.... that was the best part of the movie for me. It made you feel like you were in that tight capsule.... like being cramped in a small movie seat. They make up for this with multiple views of the Apollo 11 mission outside views. How those guys really did survive is astonishing. Things we simply took for granted. What could go wrong? Everything. Regardless, a Canadian is lead, a Canadian is director, it will win an Oscar (🤞)... I just didn’t really like it after all that. The angst in the family was overwhelming..... I can get that at home or work if I wanted thank you very much. This was not a journey of freedom in the stars for Neil, it was escape. And I don’t like it.

Awesome movie  rbaptiste39  5 star

Great movie to watch with Dolby vision and Atmos

Captivating!  FluidicDigital  5 star

Really enjoyed this! Very much worth the money. Exceptional performances by both Ryan Gosling and Claire Foy. Happy I was able to watch in the comfort of my home instead of sitting next to some sweaty mouth-breather in the theatre.

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