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When high-strung Chris (Barinholtz) and his more levelheaded wife Kai (Haddish) learn that citizens are being asked to sign a loyalty oath by Thanksgiving, their refusal to sign — along with the arrival of relatives and two government agents (Cho and Magnussen) — sends an already dysfunctional family dinner completely off the rails.

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Nothing is more American than family drama. In a politically divided America, a man struggles to make it through the Thanksgiving holiday without destroying his family.. The Oath Wiki

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Force Ghost    1 star

Awful My fiancé and I really like the leads and thought this looked funny but was a long and boring movie about a family fighting about politics at thanksgiving and if they’re going to sign “the oath” or not. Think a prequel to The Purge movies but everyone is just talking about reading articles about what’s happening and then fighting with their crappy brother about what they read.

Movie freak jay    5 star

movie man j This is a great movie and is demonstrative of our illiterate mendaious clown president. A great move for our peralious times.

Preston1515    1 star

WORST MOVIE OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!! I dont even know where to start with this review. If I could give this movie zero stars I would. I saw the trailer and Every movie I’ve seen with the main characters Tiffany Haddish and Ike Barinholtz has been absoultley hilarious so i decided to rent this film. there are no words to describe how awful this movie was. Im curiouse to know there budget becasue if they paid anymore than $50 dollars for this film I am shocked. kept waiting for it to get better but it never did. stupid and slow begiining and horiffic ending. Also who ever directed this movie has serious mental problems. Thats an hour and thirty three minutes of my life I can never get back. Thanks.

thisguymike18    1 star

The Oath Totally terrible and way too much cursing!

rosen132    1 star

Don’t waste your money. Not that funny and poor plot.

Trumbower    2 star

The Oath is all about "swearing" This movie title is a play on words. The Oath is nothing more that a 90 minute crash course on how to yell at family using swear words. The arguments between cast (regardless of stance) were cringworthy at best and despite the talent amongst this cast, I believe they all took a big step backward with their careers on this one.

Alex_355    1 star

Worst Movie Ever This was hands down the worst movie I have EVER seen. Story made absolutely no sense. The ending resolved absolutely nothing and left us wondering why we spent and hour and a half watching this nonsense. These actors careers are over. Rightfully.

littlebigman34    4 star

It was good Was it an amzing movie,no, but it was good and funny. I'm sure all the 1 star reviews are from Trump supports. Who yes look and sound this crazy.

Always Improving...    1 star

Don’t rent or buy I’m still trying to figure out if this was an actual movie for entertainment or attempted propaganda...absolutely TERRIBLE.

D.N.TN    1 star

Seriously? This is all that the Hollywood idiots could come up with for a movie? This is nothing but trash and frankly I only saw the preview. Pretty pathetic.

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