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A group of students becomes trapped deep in a mysterious cave when they go in search of their archaeology professor, who has gone missing while searching for the Fountain of Youth. While underground, they discover a break in the space-time continuum where time passes much slower than on the surface. As they descend further with no hope of rescue, they uncover the most coveted legend in history.

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. A group of students become trapped inside a mysterious cave where they discover time passes differently underground than on the surface.. Time Trap Wiki

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Great movie for dumb people.  gnomeofzurich  1 star

Ben Foster will never recover his reputation after floating this garbage barge down the river.

I liked it BUT  sweetviolet79  3 star

the end’s not great. the movie was quick paced, I personally thought the characters were relatable, the time-space continuum plot sometimes left more questions then answers... but the plot moved on quickly and to me the questions were pretty insignificant, or at least that was true until the end. (fyi, I don’t think this/my review contains any spoilers, in case you are considering renting or buying time trap. now, back to the review...) the last line of the movie makes sense but it makes sense in the vague sense that you’re missing something. the end comes together but JUST ENOUGH to move on and be ok with the time you invested to watch. I’d recommend watching this movie, unless you really need the plot to be nearly tied up at the end. the end of time trap is just a mess.

D-Train 118
Surprisingly thought provoking  D-Train 118  5 star

Started like another B movie and i was going to stop watching it, but when i started to understand what was happening, i was drawn in and didn’t want the movie to end. I thought about it for days after. I really enjoyed it!

Absolutely Awesome!  Kansaskingairpilot  5 star

Original story line, and riveting. This movie is a MUST SEE! I don’t write movie reviews, but this one deserves it. Incredible.

Surprising!  Nicoya_  4 star

Rented this movie with an open mind. I was very surprised. It actually was a lot better than some of the other B movies I have seen. Kept me entertained.

Maybe ok as an after school special flick  Jason144000  2 star

As some others here have already said, this might be a good 'after school special' flick if you have kids, but it's advertised as an 'adult' movie, at which it fails. The script is painfully immature, so maybe it's just for teenagers. They say redicuous things, omit saying clear things that would help, delayed responses all through, unbelievable responses at other times....i dunno. I think the concept and twists are good, but i almost turned it off before even getting to the end because I just didn't care by then.

This is a bad joke  sdp33  1 star

Really stupid movie, can't even speak of acting. Most characters are more like retarded than anything else.

Great Movie! A Diamond in the Rough  GAEresearcher  5 star

I was actually quite surprised how well this movie was done. A fresh and genuine perspective on the idea of alternate dimensions versus the correlation of time. Definitely worth a watch. And would love to see a follow up.

RJN in Texas
Time Trap  RJN in Texas  4 star

Similar to Star Trek Voyger's "In the Blink of an Eye". Time Trap is an enjoyable movie and deserves a sequel.

It's good  Lcempj  5 star

This was a cool scifi movie. I love to see a part 2 of what happens once they are out. Plus that would make a great tv series show too.

Good Fun  smcneely  5 star

I was completely surprised by this movie. I thought that it was done really well. Not really any, 'these people are so stupid' moments. They do a pretty good job keepimg the time factor in order as well. Don't expect a high-budget, wiz-bang cgi filled sci-fi movie... just a cool story, good acting, and some fun.

An amazing sci-fi adventure that doesn't need any horror to entertain!  OSXapps  5 star

Thoroughly enjoyed this new sci-fi film that takes a pleasant sharp turn into a rarely seen fun sci-fi adventure thriller sub-genre with a tendency to pull you in deeper with each passing minute. Great performing and talented young cast. Looking forward to the sequel!

Boring to death  nMachine  2 star

Nice idea spoiled by a poor script writing

Something Different  Suncheonboy  5 star

A fun romp even with a few quibbles. And it was certainly nice to see an independent sci-fi film trying some new ideas or old ideas (time travel) in a novel way.

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