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A group of students becomes trapped deep in a mysterious cave when they go in search of their archaeology professor, who has gone missing while searching for the Fountain of Youth. While underground, they discover a break in the space-time continuum where time passes much slower than on the surface. As they descend further with no hope of rescue, they uncover the most coveted legend in history.

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. A group of students become trapped inside a mysterious cave where they discover time passes differently underground than on the surface.. Time Trap Wiki

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This is a bad joke  sdp33  1 star

Really stupid movie, can't even speak of acting. Most characters are more like retarded than anything else.

Great Movie! A Diamond in the Rough  GAEresearcher  5 star

I was actually quite surprised how well this movie was done. A fresh and genuine perspective on the idea of alternate dimensions versus the correlation of time. Definitely worth a watch. And would love to see a follow up.

RJN in Texas
Time Trap  RJN in Texas  4 star

Similar to Star Trek Voyger's "In the Blink of an Eye". Time Trap is an enjoyable movie and deserves a sequel.

It's good  Lcempj  5 star

This was a cool scifi movie. I love to see a part 2 of what happens once they are out. Plus that would make a great tv series show too.

Random find....  Caseylimo  5 star

Pretty darn cool! I liked it. Acting wasn't top notch, but it was a pretty cool movie!

Really bad Movie, could not delete it from my phone fast enough.  jrhtec  1 star

Good if you like Blair witch type movie without the motion sickness. Lots of running and not saying watch out. Sorry I paid money to see it.

yes  ifyoulikemyopinion788791  5 star

Great movie! this was a hidden jem. Not much promotion for this awsome movie.

Great time movie  Khanfauji  5 star

Wish the ending could have been a bit longer.

Deus ex Machina, much?  Tinman1911  2 star

Seriously, Deus ex Machina should be the title of this movie. The idea was cool, the execution needed a LOT of work.

Iliked it  Tdk182  4 star

I liked the movie. Interesting concept. I liked the end

An amazing sci-fi adventure that doesn't need any horror to entertain!  OSXapps  5 star

Thoroughly enjoyed this new sci-fi film that takes a pleasant sharp turn into a rarely seen fun sci-fi adventure thriller sub-genre with a tendency to pull you in deeper with each passing minute. Great performing and talented young cast. Looking forward to the sequel!

Boring to death  nMachine  2 star

Nice idea spoiled by a poor script writing

Something Different  Suncheonboy  5 star

A fun romp even with a few quibbles. And it was certainly nice to see an independent sci-fi film trying some new ideas or old ideas (time travel) in a novel way.

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