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Jamie Lee Curtis returns to her iconic role as Laurie Strode, who comes to her final confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago.

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. The Tell 'Em Steve-Dave 2018 Halloween Special.. Halloween (2018) Wiki

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Alizayah Joe
This movie needs a sequel  Alizayah Joe  5 star

In the sequel there should be more gore and action and killing not just showing teens having drama and all and make nick castle be Michael Myers through out the whole film and make the movie 2 hours long or 3 with a lot of action and killing and jump scares and bring back memorable characters and Easter’s eggs.

Love love love  Yaaaaaassssssssss  5 star

So happy they brought Michael Back🖤

Really bad  Mac's-Mac  1 star

The movie is boring. The editing is horrible.

MC Joyful
Second watch it’s a lot better!  MC Joyful  5 star

When I saw this in theaters ,watching the first time ,I thought it was ok. The second time watching on 4K it was better! The offscreen kills was not a good thing! Some of them were necessary as it would take a lot of time presumably the flesh jack o lantern. Better does not mean great however,but it does take liberties the first “Halloween” didn’t do! That is the people aren’t stupid! Something I really like, because modern people in this day of age are more aware of bad things happening! Another thing that separates it from the first one. There are the skeleton,pumpkin and witch masks from Halloween 3, so there is possibly Michael Myers masks in this world too! So when the teen at the motion sensor scene talks to Michael thinking it’s his normal neighbor dressed in a costume I totally bought it! Also what goes with no stupidity is Michael can get to you even if you have the doors locked! I grand daughter in this they try to make likable is not like Laurie who is likable! Allison has no class when Laurie has plenty of class ,even in her old age! Ultimately in the end Allison isn’t likable in fact she’s more of a jerk compared to Laurie’s sweet nature! She let that teen die at the hands of Michael when after the fact she called the teen her friend to the police! She was no friend to him! All in all it’s a good film!

🎃  Jamez0619  5 star


Greatest Halloween Sequel Ever!!!!!  ColeBigBoy21  5 star

I enjoyed watching this.

louis cedillo
Hallowing  louis cedillo  5 star


evil at its finest !  jr'siffy  5 star

one of the best since the first three originals and the rob zombies included as best but this one goes in that category as well michael myers is back with more gore than any profund way as possible he finds his way

Impressed. And really enjoyed
I liked it. Even Buzzed  Impressed. And really enjoyed  5 star

I had to to drink a little extra to watch this alone but I'm glad I did because it was frightening. I wasn't super suprised about most of the "scary scences" but it was worth the watch. This is coming from someone who has barely seen any of the other Jason movies. Take that into account, but know I'm writing this with good intentions, and an intertained heart. May you be entertained all your days.

HUGE WOW  danPhehimali  5 star

Great movie of the year

Mark Ki
It was Ok  Mark Ki  3 star

I’m not really sure to make of this film. It had it’s moments, but felt hallow. I’m not exactly sure why it was made besides the fact they knew we would buy it.

Total fitness
Okay.  Total fitness  3 star

As someone else said, it had its moments... but too much ‘in your face’ gore. Glad I rented it, but I’d recommend waiting til Netflix.

Meh  Pykee  3 star

Wasn’t terrible. But I’d have rather waited for it to be on Netflix rather than have paid to watch it.

Loved it!  danny75  5 star

As a horror fan and as of the original Halloween movie (1978), this movie was very good! Jamie Lee Curtis is exquisite and this is definitely worth the watch! Highly recommended for true Halloween fans!

Halloween. Time to retire.  yalcrab49  4 star

Although it had it's moments, I thought this sequel was weak, and did not have anywhere near the suspense of the very first one. Too much on-screen slashing. What you don't see produces the most suspense in a great horror movie. Jamie Curtis, riddled with PTSD, was OK. I suspect the ending had laid the ground for another Halloween with a fried Michael or a descendent villain granddaughter who still had that big knife.

the rap guy
AWESOME  the rap guy  5 star


Amazing  Manning2072  5 star

Just watch the original and then this one forget all the rest! It’s fantastic movie!

Good movie  Bcguy12  5 star

Good movie, if you haven't watched the 2007 version first, I'd watch it before recommending you watch this one.

Halloween  dustiestcap8092  5 star

Can I get this now

Meilleur film d'horreur depuis Halloween  GuiGuiGodro  5 star

Simplement parfait. La suite tant attendue!

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