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Jamie Lee Curtis returns to her iconic role as Laurie Strode, who comes to her final confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago.

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. The Tell 'Em Steve-Dave 2018 Halloween Special.. Halloween (2018) Wiki

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Amazing  Manning2072  5 star

Just watch the original and then this one forget all the rest! It’s fantastic movie!

Good movie  Bcguy12  5 star

Good movie, if you haven't watched the 2007 version first, I'd watch it before recommending you watch this one.

Halloween  dustiestcap8092  5 star

Can I get this now

Meilleur film d'horreur depuis Halloween  GuiGuiGodro  5 star

Simplement parfait. La suite tant attendue!

BAD  igrayne1987  1 star


It's okay  underdogs1  2 star

It's a average horrow movie. It's been redone so it's different. But the predictable stupid horrow movie stuff. Bad acting, same plot in all horror movies, and nothing new. Why leave a secure bunker with one way in, dumb stupid teens. A psychiatrist who wants to keep the killer alive really!!! Was bored through the whole movie.

Halloween...  Glorybaron  4 star

I’ve enjoyed all the movies in this franchise (granted some MORE than the others) and was excited for this sequel. I was tentative and really wasn’t expecting much, even with the return of Jamie, Carpenter and Warlock. I seen all the trailers and was concerned there would be too much given away. From the time I sat in my seat at the theatre my excitement went from mediocre to a height I haven’t had in a theatre in an extremely long time. This story is fresh and has been able to take the original movie and seamlessly mesh the 2 together. It has humour but not over the top. There is enough character development that you actually feel for ALL the characters in the film! The going ons in the background are well executed and leave you watching the WHOLE screen for anything and everything! The build up of tension is remarkably on point and you’ll feel yourself almost willing the tension to end. There is of course the inevitable holes or unbelievablities that accompany all movies of this genre. Thankfully there isn’t many. The score is (IMO) pretty well the same as the original. The pace is amazing and when it’s all over, you’ll be longing for more! IMO This is a movie worth buying, skip the rental and just jump right in and own it!

Amazing  Goddesshorror  5 star

There’s something about Michael Meyers that just is the most classic of all horrors. He started the gruesome killers era such as Freddy, Jason etc. Amazing movie and want more!

same old same old  SRGRMB  1 star

A redo of all the halloween movies, same old same old. Wish they would stop making them. Jamie Lee Curtis stunk she should retire.

Darren Augustin
Truly the best Halloween movie ever made!  Darren Augustin  5 star

Jamie Lee Curtis was amazing! Truly the best Halloween movie that I have ever seen and a perfect concluding story to the Halloween 1978 movie! I have already pre ordered Halloween 2018 on iTunes!

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