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Written and directed by Jonah Hill, Mid90s is a funny, moving look at Stevie, a thirteen-year-old in '90s-era L.A. who meets a new group of friends at a local skate shop. They introduce him to an exciting world hidden in the parks and streets of the city — and offer a distraction from his turbulent home life. A film about the friendships that define us, Mid90s shows that sometimes we find our true family in the most unlikely of places.

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fall. get back up.. Stevie is a sweet 13-year-old about to explode. His mom is loving and attentive, but a little too forthcoming about her romantic life. His big brother is a taciturn and violent bully. So Stevie searches his working-class Los Angeles suburb for somewhere to belong. He finds it at the Motor Avenue skate shop.. Mid90s Wiki

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Bad  Aksnnines  1 star

A sad attempt to “kids”

Almighty  AlmightyCa$h21  5 star

Probably one of the best movies I can actually relate to. I wish there was more movies like this coming out.

unknow temp
Unknown temp  unknow temp  5 star


Mids90’s  huckelbuck91  5 star


Pay me and I’ll fake a great review  Hotdam69  1 star

Mama says, if you have nothing nice to say.. don’t say anything at all.

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Great Movie  Beast movie reviews  5 star

This movie is written so well by Jonah it bring you through all the emotions and it’s breathtaking. Would totally recommend this if you have an open mind.

90s  sendyy_doll  5 star

Makes me wish I could turn back time. Phenomenal job pure rawness honestly I’m speechless

The real deal  201/585  4 star

“mid90’s” really captured the 90’s as a teenager but also the reality of a boy trying to find himself. The music was on point especially when Nirvana is on at the party. Watching this brought me back to that same time.

Meh  Ouchmyeardrumsarenowbleeding  1 star

This movie was a let down. I expected more nostalgic mid-90’s content but instead got a movie where a bunch of lower class loser skaters hang out and get drunk at parties. This wasn’t a good representation of the time period or the majority of the age group shown.

Brought Back Memories  Schwartzphoto  5 star

Way to go on making a fantastic film. Loved it

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