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In The Sisters Brothers, Joaquin Phoenix and John C. Reilly blaze a trail of action, adventure and sly wit as Charlie and Eli Sisters, notorious sibling assassins who are hired to kill a gold prospector accused of stealing from their tyrannical boss. Based on Patrick deWitt’s award-winning novel of the same name, this western is a wildly chaotic ride from start to finish.

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Make a killing. Make a living.. Oregon, 1851. Hermann Kermit Warm, a chemist and aspiring gold prospector, keeps a profitable secret that the Commodore wants to know, so he sends the Sisters brothers, two notorious assassins, to capture him on his way to California.. The Sisters Brothers Wiki

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the definition of anticlimactic  j_deves  2 star

Wanted to like it because of Joaquin and John, and they did well, but the movie just wasn't good. sorta violates the blaze of glory ending thats needed in a western, especially one with such an escapist storyline. just wasn't impressed.

It was OK  ggolly  3 star

Sort of a meandering western with splashes of humor and even bigger splashes of violence. It has some nice poignant moments and visually it was nicely filmed.

Not good  marcone  1 star

It was hard to stay awake.

Great movie!!!!  lusik555  5 star

This movie is fabulous!!!!!

Sleep  norab  1 star

I actually fell asleep in the movie theatre watching this movie.

Waste  Joesdoor  1 star

Waste of time. Sloooow and plot was lost to me.

medical laboratory scientist
Not a sequel to "Step Brothers"  medical laboratory scientist  5 star

I am serious. I watched the whole thing. Not once did Will Ferrel showed up.

Wanted more....  Leahb5795  3 star

Wanted to like. And wished for a traditional western story. Especially when the movie progressed and it became apparent trying too hard for creative. Just don’t. Could have been so much better!

The Brothers Grin :)
The Sisters Brotherhood  The Brothers Grin :)  4 star

So many forms of entertainment these days draw their energy from cynicism and depraved forms of violation against others. This movie is no exception, but the ending may surprise you.

Disappointed in a major way  tfloyd  1 star

First let me start by saying I’m a big fan of the four main actors in this film - however I found it to be meandering, plodding, little with little character development and the film never made you really want to root for anybody in the movie. Frankly I would love to have the two hours of my life back that I spent watching this movie - I hope reading this review will spare some of you.

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