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Nothing can prepare you for the mind-blowing mayhem that is Overlord. Mega producer J.J. Abrams creates an insanely twisted thrill ride about a team of American paratroopers who come face-to-face with Nazi super-soldiers unlike the world has ever seen. This critically acclaimed, nonstop action epic will have you on the edge of your seat until the very last shot.

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Stop the unstoppable. France, June 1944. On the eve of D-Day, some American paratroopers fall behind enemy lines after their aircraft crashes while on a mission to destroy a radio tower in a small village near the beaches of Normandy. After reaching their target, the surviving paratroopers realise that, in addition to fighting the Nazi troops that patrol the village, they also must fight against something else.. Overlord Wiki

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Bud from old
Hmmm  Bud from old  3 star

Funny how so many reviewers got this impression that this was a WW2 era documentary instead of a Hollywood Horror movie where "facts" are rarely in play........

Don't trust the paid off critics  Dirtyscorpio  1 star

Just goes to show you the critics don't know what they are talking about. If you are more into Hollywood PCness then this is for you. If you want a movie that is fun and entertaining then save your money. Wasn't even worth the money to redbox this crap.

Decent Movie  YadaYada.23  4 star

The thing is, many trash it for not showing a lot of blood or classic zombie killing. Many watch this movie with Call Of Duty:Zombies in their mind, they expect so much violence for this movie to be considered even worth watching. It has a decent share of all that a thriller should be. Granted its not the best movie but you've got to consider the fact that JJ Abrams had bigger project to worry about like Star Wars movies. It has a good amount of action, a tad of comedy, and a little scare to try and keep you a little invested but over all the acting wasn't too bad but nor was it outstanding, it was all around decent.

Poorly conceived, yet entertaining  G---Man  3 star

This film was poorly conceived and written with so many historical inaccuracies regarding the demographics of the characters. The acting was average. The horror film aspect of the movie was entertaining, but not enough to push it up to a four star rating. Three stars is being generous.

Overloard  trollogre  5 star

the first 20-25 minutes were worthless, but the rest was great.

Not worth buying.  Ricke831  2 star


It isn’t a zombie movie but was great!  Mr.Jlpz  4 star

The trailer made it seem like COD zombies but it isn’t. It was very entertaining.

Not as exciting as trailer  Dafinator  1 star

Takes over an hour to start moving along... slow and boring

Allful Movie  female69  1 star

Wow, was that long and boring. I can't even remember the ending. Don't waste your time.

Not a good movie  CatGotYourTongue  1 star

Had high hopes for this one, theatrical trailer made it look interesting, but there’s just too much wrong to even list Anyone thinking of renting it for fun action and special effects be warned even those weren’t great Avoid

hi all folks
trash  hi all folks  1 star

horrible! I really hated this movie.

So good  dwebb3  5 star

A really good watch with lots of twists!

Emp James
Great  Emp James  5 star

Great horror movie with a zombie twist.

garbage!  blcksunn88  1 star

This movie belongs in a trash can like so many of its kind.

LameLord  UnderwhelmLord  2 star

Wow. Talk about an unjustified hype around this goddamn movie. Lame acting, bad dialogues, nothing to keep you interested in the characters. The "main villain", (SPOILER) who suffers from the same disease as the rest of the mutant creatures, is surprisngly eloquent and not all that "evil" and deformed, just mainly interested in executing revenge upon his former torturer. Also, this excuse of a movie doesn't stream anywhere months after it's theatrical release, so it even hurts more that I've actually paid $25 just to finally see it. Sad to see J.J. Abrams invested time in this yawnfest.

Awesome  Viewsonic789  5 star

Love the movie everything I wanted nothing more nothing less.

Good action / horror movie  va3lim  4 star

It is also suspenseful and have lots of thrills.

Movie Van
Unterlord  Movie Van  2 star

This is, with the exception of the fantastic opening scene, a movie that is fundamentally underwhelming : underwhelming villain , underwelming writing, underwelming pacing, underwelming craziness (The would-be mad scientist isn't mad.) and literally underwelming zombies (there are only three or four). This tired old shambling zombie is in dire need of a big infusion of day-glo green Reagent!

The best  Jucies  5 star

Love it

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