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Nothing can prepare you for the mind-blowing mayhem that is Overlord. Mega producer J.J. Abrams creates an insanely twisted thrill ride about a team of American paratroopers who come face-to-face with Nazi super-soldiers unlike the world has ever seen. This critically acclaimed, nonstop action epic will have you on the edge of your seat until the very last shot.

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Stop the unstoppable. France, World War II, June 1944. On the eve of D-Day, some American paratroopers fall behind enemy lines after their plane crashes during a mission consisting of destroying a German radio tower in Cielblanc, a small village near the beaches of Normandy. After reaching their target, the surviving paratroopers realize that, in addition to fighting Nazi troops that patrol the village, they also must fight against something else.. Overlord Wiki

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Complete waste  jopper72  2 star

This is a movie that does not seem to know what it wants to be. War hero adventure or sci fi Zombie monster gore fest.

This is not a 5 star movie.  SKuLLToweR  3 star

This movie is good at best. It’s a long drawn out festival of too many cliches. I thought it was good to be fair. The production is superb. Don’t buy the $20.00 movie. Rent it. Or wait for the cheap buy.

Overlord  Jaymoore_1  4 star

Pretty good

Horrorifically BAD  Whathappened...  1 star

The only horror in this is how bad it was. It had the backdrop to be great, but the level of politcal correctness, bad cliches (they didn't try to be original) & acting, beyond predictable, etc. had me leave the movie about 40 minutes into it. You have to work at being bad enough to compel people to get up and walk out...

6 Stars if I Could  Jmillhouse813  5 star

This movie was flat out F***** Amazing. Kudos... 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼 I’ve seen a ton of negative reviews, but I bet all those that left negative reviews probably enjoy their Saturday’s watchin reruns of Seinfeld. Choke yourselves.

Ronin Sherpa
French girl with a flame thrower... not much else  Ronin Sherpa  2 star

The french girl in the leather jacket torches a zombie with a flamethrower. You wait an hour for that to happen. Two stars because she is cute. The rest is meh.

Facts be damned...  TheGentleSpirit  1 star

It seems Hollywood has taken an attitude of "Facts be damned...I'm going to tell the story...my version of "the truth"...my way. If the viewer isn't smart enough to catch it, they might be led to my version of fact." There were no African-Americans integrated in the airborne divisions in WWII. Pulling the static line manually would have been almost impossible - of course that's ignoring the fact the reserve parachute is right in front of him - just pull the D-ring. I was so turned off by the movie's lack of even a bit of basic historical integrity told me the makers of the film considered me too stupid to be bothered with.

Are you not entertained!!??!!  Chicubfan08  5 star

I have read so many stupid reviews about how historically incorrect this movie is. That’s the last thing on my mind when watching this. It is pure entertainment from start to finish. And great special effects!

PC at its worst!  dcccxxx  1 star

Don't do it! Don't waste your hard earned money like I did. I knew going in that having African Americans integrated into units of the US Army was wrong but I felt that, since this was more a science fiction movie, that historical inaccuracies could be overlooked. Boy, was I wrong. Bad plot and bad acting just couldn't make up for it. On a side note, the movie does a disservice to the African American struggle that was endured during the war. African Americans proved their worth in their segregated units during the war.

JJ not hungry anymore  Ffj1313  1 star

Hollywood needs lifealert, they have fallen and they can't get up. Where are the good storytellers? Lots of remakes and political correctness and pushing an agenda instead of spining a great story. Hollywood you live in a bubble and it really shows in everything your putting out!

Awesome  Viewsonic789  5 star

Love the movie everything I wanted nothing more nothing less.

Good action / horror movie  va3lim  4 star

It is also suspenseful and have lots of thrills.

Movie Van
Unterlord  Movie Van  2 star

This is, with the exception of the fantastic opening scene, a movie that is fundamentally underwhelming : underwhelming villain , underwelming writing, underwelming pacing, underwelming craziness (The would-be mad scientist isn't mad.) and literally underwelming zombies (there are only three or four). This tired old shambling zombie is in dire need of a big infusion of day-glo green Reagent!

The best  Jucies  5 star

Love it

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