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From Walt Disney Animation Studios comes the action-packed adventure Ralph Breaks the Internet. Ralph and fellow misfit Vanellope risk it all by traveling to the world wide web in search of a part to save her game, Sugar Rush. They’re in way over their heads, so they must rely on the citizens of the internet—including Yesss, the head algorithm and heart and soul of the trend-making site BuzzzTube, and Shank, a tough-as-nails driver from the gritty online auto-racing game Slaughter Race—to help them navigate their way.

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. Video game bad guy Ralph and fellow misfit Vanellope von Schweetz must risk it all by traveling to the World Wide Web in search of a replacement part to save Vanellope's video game, "Sugar Rush." In way over their heads, Ralph and Vanellope rely on the citizens of the internet -- the netizens -- to help navigate their way, including an entrepreneur named Yesss, who is the head algorithm and the heart and soul of trend-making site BuzzzTube.. Ralph Breaks the Internet Wiki

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Mistake letting my kids watch  LadyHoven  1 star

This movie was very political and very rude. I felt protective over my twin boys as they continually watched the men in the movie be demeaned and I felt like they ridiculed my 4 year old daughters love of princess movies with the very princesses she loves. I may be one of the rare ones who still appreciates and tries to teach my children manners, but I also didn’t appreciate the belching that the characters do over root beers at the beginning. My daughter got scared in it several times and my 6 year old twins got bored. I regret renting it and supporting it.

The Cartoon Guy
Just awful  The Cartoon Guy  1 star

I was so excited to watch this movie and it started off well, then it happened. Everything fell apart when they played that rock version of Let It Go. Seriously? There were NO other songs to play? Then it went all down hill from that point. It's as though thi swas written in a day. No charm, no effort, no Disney magic.

I don't understands those one star reviews  哥哥哥哥国际经济  5 star

I think the second one is better than the first one. It is more creative and the plot is also good. Going through all the one star reviews, I think the reason kids don't like this movie is because the second one revolves around abstract concepts, like friendship, love , and independence, and kids are too young to grasp these ideas.

What happened  candyhoe  4 star

What happened to the first movie and the rules and going turbo??

The original was WAY better.  Echaosin  3 star

Sorry Disney. You ain't winning today.

To  killjoyfunjinx  5 star

To all the h8rs, you’re annoying ************************************** Grub Grinders

WRONG  Abk446336729585  1 star


Ralf breaks the box office  Sky3390  5 star

Awesome movie.

Venom is so trash  OPBBHR  5 star

Venom is the best!

Fun Movie Full of Laughter  JJmazeyGaming  5 star

I found this movie quite enjoyable. I found myself laughing very often throughout the movie. Now as all movies do they have some flaws. If your looking for your average Disney princess movie with a good story this movie isn’t for you. If you’ve practically lived on the internet and have seen every meme there is, you may find this movie funny. This movie is more of a comedy. Ya, the ending battle is a little anticlimactic; and they could’ve written they story better. But this movie is more of a comedy. It is true to what the internet is, Trending cat videos, ADS, trends, etc. The movie is more enjoyable to an older audience (Most 6 year olds won’t get a pop-up joke.) So in conclusion, The movie is great if you want a quick laugh (Though you may have to be more ‘knowledgeable’ of how the internet is, its trends, YouTube, etc.) If you’re looking for a movie that is more like your Disney princess movies this movie isn’t for you. I personally being a young person found this movie funny to watch. I would highly recommend this movie if you want a quick laugh. P.S. Stay till the end credits scene after ALL of the credits have finished. You won’t regret it, Trust me. And don’t cheat and look it up before you watch the movie. I’ll send a virus your way to scan your insecurities (you’ll get the pun if you watch the movie.)

Ralph Smashes The Cinema  KyriVouli  5 star

First of all this movie is really funny! The comedy in this movie was fantastic! Especially with the Stormtroopers and Disney Princesses. This movie can relate in our lives as it shows the love and friendship between Ralph and Vanellope. There friendship grows even more at the end of the movie.

Good movie  timwill2  5 star

Ralph Breaks The Internet is a good movie. I love how at the end of the movie where the Disney Princesses help to save Ralph from falling. He slips into Snow White’s dress. That was hilarious. I laughed. I love VANOPE’S song Place Called Slaughter Race. Good song. I didn’t know that Alan MenKen wrote the music for it. Good thing that she has her own song in the movie. Other wise that wouldn’t make sense in the movie. Keep on going Disney don’t stop making movies that I love.

Rap bothers the Xbox  nightpoo  4 star

It’s pretty good ok

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