Robin Hood (2018)

Robin Hood (2018) Summary and Synopsis

Filled with thrilling battle sequences, mind-blowing fight choreography, and epic adventure, Robin Hood is an action-packed retelling of the classic legend. Returning home from the Crusades, Robin of Loxley (Taron Egerton) finds his country oppressed by the evil Sheriff of Nottingham (Ben Mendelsohn). With the help of Moorish warrior Little John (Jamie Foxx) Robin transforms into the heroic outlaw Robin Hood, taking up arms to fight the sheriff and win the heart of his love, Maid Marian (Eve Hewson). With King Richard off to the Crusades, Prince John and his slithering minion, Sir Hiss, set about taxing Nottingham's citizens with support from the corrupt sheriff - and staunch opposition by the wily Robin Hood and his band of merry men. Robin Hood (2018) Wiki

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Meet Robin Hood and his MERRY MENagerie!..

Robin Hood (2018) (2018)

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Robin Hood (2018) Movie Reviews

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- Great movie5 star

I liked this movie i thought it had depth and storyline with a good mix of love and action and the very end with Jamie dornan’s character was a great cliffhanger that could hopefully lead to a sequel.

- Moderately entertaining, but poorly directed2 star

Action-packed throughout, which was maybe the only thing I liked about the movie. Besides from the good acting but for the most part I thought the cast was wasted. This movie had very big potential, but this movie was poorly put together. Did not have nearly enough energy and was not as engaging and compelling as it should have been.

- Stan Taron Egerton2 star

Stan Taron Egerton

- Enjoyable4 star

Not sure why it received such low ratings. I enjoyed it.

- Awful1 star

One word describes this sorry excuse of a movie: Awful! The acting is awful , the story is awful, the cinematography is awful. At first I adjusted my TV thinking it was out of "tune", no it was just awful cinematography! Don't waist your time.

- Okay movie3 star

Was worth the 99 cents. It’s entertaining but not the greatest

- Great Movie5 star

I know this movie didn’t follow the true character of Robin Hood! But it was still a great movie, I don’t know what’s up with all the one star rating but I thought it was worth the watch and hopefully a second one comes out!!!

- Very disappointing1 star

Sometimes bad movie reviews are overblown or unreasonable. That's not the case with this incarnation of Robin Hood. The movie reeks of bad social ideology and political correctness thinly masked as entertainment. While lame, that in itself wouldn't necessarily be enough to ruin the movie if it at least worked aesthetically. I can appreciate political or social commentary that I don't necessarily agree with if it's presented well. Robin Hood truly fails because it's an artistic disaster laid on top of poorly conceived political and social commentary... or worse, tries to justify the retelling of the story by padding it with the commentary like adding stuffing to a pillow that has gone flat. The list of ridiculous elements in this film... the "modernization" of the Crusades battle scenes, the machine-gun crossbows, the World War 2 era urban warfare tactics, the machine-gun nest in the tower scenario, the over-the-top caricatures of some characters mixed with the other uninteresting characters, the obvious borrowing of Batman elements of the foppish "secret identity"... it all just makes for a hot mess of a film that is far too tedious to even recommend as a time-killer on a dull afternoon.

- Robin your wallet1 star

Don’t waste your time or money! I did not even make it through half the movie.

- Glad that only rented1 star

I never made a movie in my life, there is thousands of hours of effort, energy and ton of money invested into this film. The only point that I have is probably the director, and the producers never made a movie before too. This is the one of the worst movies that I ever watched. I got excited, surprised if it could be humanly possible worse.

- Entertaining5 star

Had low expectations for this movie, but it Was entertaining. Worth the rent if it’s still 99 cents.

- No good2 star

I tried to like it, but it wasn't possible. The movie is just bad, an empty shell of nothing. I like the Robin Hood mythology and I love Jamie Fox which is why I gave this a shot in the first place, but the movie around him sucked.

- That was a fun watch..4 star

Go see this! I don’t understand the harsh reviews. I know everyone has their opinion, but the rating scores makes me question people’s happiness level. It was a great adventure movie, with action, government conspiracy(which is not far off from the actual truth), and good characters. Can’t wait for the next one!

- Amazing5 star

amazing movie 100% recommend

- Willing to give it a shot1 star

I was in denial. I thought no way this movie is really that bad. It's that bad. The first three minutes of the film is all you really need to watch to get an idea of what kind of trash fire you're in for.

- Cheesy Mangling of a Classic1 star

Semi automatic crossbows? Come on! Stick to the old school versions... this is cheesy & cartoonish, not to mention they totally changed the story in ways that have no purpose & don’t enhance the story at all. Political messages were inserted throughout the movie that have nothing to do with the Robin Hood story, very weird & forced.

- Sigh1 star

I’d pay the rental fee again just to remove this title from my history.

- Warning before renting or buying1 star

Thought it was worth renting for .99 I was wrong... Would take far too much time to list all reasons why. Horrible lines and actions scenes, makes no sense.

- Worst Robin Hood Movie.1 star

This is the worst Robin Hood movie I have watched ever. It just fails to deliver. It tries to deliver on a number of different fronts but each one does not pay out on the emotional front. I watched the Kevin Costner Robin Hood which is more comedy then action movie today, but that movie has a much better story then this movie which relies more on special effects arrow bs then story. Truly ignore this movie the farce by Mel Brooks is better then this BS.

- OMG: I justed wasted $0.99 on another Apple TV rental1 star

This movie stinks. But the only thing that may stink more is Apple and their money grab to try to get more revenue pushing schlock. And to think they want to be the next NetFlix by pushing content like this.

- I want to un-watch this movie1 star

The only word that should only be used to describe this movie AWFUL! I would give this a ZERO star if I could.

- The GOAT of the worst Robin Hood’s1 star

Where to start.... from the costumes to the accents coming and going to the scenes seeming like they were in the Roman Colosseum. This movie has been by far one of the worst I’ve seen in a long time. Thank God I didn’t see it in the theaters. I was able to see it through this $.99 rental and I’m still a little upset about it. Don’t waste your time don’t waste your money. I wish I had read the reviews before I made the purchase. I won’t make this mistake again.

- I want my dollar back1 star

I was hoping this movie would be good... however, There is nothing good about this movie. The story line is poorly written and choppy, the chemistry between the actors is bad, and it feels like someone wanted an excuse to do a movie with arrows. Save your dollar.

- Pretty Great5 star

I find that I have a wide range of cinematic tastes, and often find myself in a weird loop of watching the same subset of movies over and over again, I was happy to add this to that loop. I like the era!

- Good movie5 star

Great film

- Awful1 star

Wasn't worth the 99 cents.

- Liked it5 star

I thought it was great. It had the traditional elements of Robin Hood but more modern take. Not sure how deep these plot holes people are looking into are but I thought it was a good watch.

- Great5 star

A great movie. Was a thrilling and action packed movie. I’ve gotten it from the library and watched it multiple times.

- Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu5 star

Great movie made Robin Hood all that much better

- New take on a story over 600 year old5 star

I absolutely loved this take on Robin Hood. The cast, modernized costumes, fantastic cinematography, and authentic combat archery makes this one of my favorite movies. I went into this movie with sceptisim due to the reviews and bad press. I kept waiting for the eye rolling bad plot or terrible writing, and honestly it never came. I was criticle of the cloting style and the construction of the city and mines. I kept looking for flaws that would cause so many of the critics to belly ache over and I didnt see it. The few I did find where small and certainly didnt ruin the movie for me. It adds a different flavor and emerses you in something different. *Spoiler* This movie is a foundation layer for what I hope to be a great sequal. They took pains to explain why he was a great archer, why the friar was out casted from the church, why the sharriff hates the Hood, and so much more.

- Great!5 star

Everyone chill, it was a fun movie to watch. Dont take yourself so seriously! Different spin but I enjoyed not having to watch the same robin hood over and over again.

- Robin Hood4 star

This is a fun movie. It’s Robin Hood, not Shakespeare.

- Love it, worth every penny5 star

So cool

- Good Action! Love it!5 star

I love this movie. Great cast and great action. I thought everything about it and it is now one of my favorites.

- Horrible1 star

Don’t buy or rent - very bad movie

- Seemed rushed2 star

This movie could've been better with a little more thought and planning. Looked like they just shot scenes from a story board with no connecting information; too bad. Hopefully, if there is a sequel, these things will be ironed out.

- 💩1 star


- Total propaganda film1 star

This narrative has been pushed by movies for decades. Let’s re-write history and make the religious figures the evil ones. It’s just so played out, and yes, I GET IT, the people running Hollywood are threatened by the existence of God, so they try every chance they get to attack religion. Time for a change. Someone needs to make a hat that says (make Hollywood great again)

- Enjoyable5 star

Sometimes you just want to be entertained. Not anything groundbreaking in film but thoroughly entertaining.

- Loved5 star

I loved the whole thing well worth the money! Definitely going to watch it again 😍

- Terrible movie! TRASH!!1 star

Completely distorted point of view.... not the Robin Hood I remember - that’s for sure! Complete disappointment. Hollywood is really messed up!!!!

- Short Version1 star

Lame, new age version of a great story.

- Me Like 😃4 star

I enjoy the classic and modern marriage. A classic story never gets old and the modern stays young.

- Awful1 star

This movie has so much inappropriate stuff in it, it should be rated R13

- I can’t believe I rate it as high as 3 stars3 star

Men are handsome, views are good. Trash plot.

- Love it5 star

Fun to watch as long as you don’t pick on some of the stuff being historically incorrect. If you get past that it is pretty fun to watch! Tho it would be better in seasons.

- Jamie Fox?1 star


- Great movie!!5 star

This was a great movie... I wasn’t expecting it to be honest, but it was really great!!

- Wish I had spent my money on something else1 star

What a cliche! Zero imagination in the script. Zero character development. Sheriff of Nottingham and Cardinal was a copy of Darth Vader and the evil Emperor. With 45 minutes remaining, I couldn’t take anymore. I may need to watch the Russel Crowe version now just to erase the memory of this one from my mind.

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Pondlife1 - It is definitely watchable5 star

Think of this as not your normal Robin Hood and you will love it.

Ash 27 - Awful film1 star

Such a shame! The storey is weird, factually inaccurate. The acting is weak. The screenplay is unbelievable (horses running on rooftops scene).

J•P1 - Terrible, Terrible, Terrible1 star

Terrible adaptation, Terrible performances, Terrible story lines. The only reason it got one star was Nil stars is unavailable.

Wye Photography - Not bad.2 star

Not good either. Worth a rent. I think the ending is a bit crummy. Should have been much better. It’s OK, the acting visuals are good, let down by plot and storyline. A good movie to watch with a beer and a take away.

XxEricClaptonxX - Awful, don’t waste your time and money1 star

Watched it because I paid the money, not quite sure how they can call this Robin Hood when they have completely rewritten the story, the locations and the plot??.. expected so much more with the actors listed, totally dreadful, worst film of 2019 by a country mile.

Jen as - Awful1 star

Awful don’t waste your money.

Peekay4226 - Loved it!5 star

A great, action-packed take on a much-filmed theme. Excellent cinematography and breathtaking set-pieces. A Robin Hoodie that I felt worked.

mark38says - It’s Alright...4 star

It’s nothing amazing, it’s a basic but half decent story line and was good to watch. Definitely not as bad as some of the other reviews make it out to be.

Mou5e120 - 🤦🏻‍♂️1 star

Oh dear!!!!!

MadeInAyrshire - Really Bad!1 star

Awful... just awful. Visually pleasing but utterly miscast, pacing was all wrong and either an actor was under used “Tim Minchin” or emailed in their over the top bad guy performance “Ben Mendolsohn”. If you are going to redo Robin Hood then totally redo it and not in a half hearted Prince of Thieves rip off mixed in with a dose of with Guy Ritchies King Arthur. The costumes were utterly mismatched and looked as if somebody had just raided the wardrobe department at Pinewood with a blindfold on. The music was really badly scored and did not suit the movie at all. Although cinematically it’s was well shot and the action scenes were watchable. Overall it was F.U.B.A.R! 💩

G1cvr - Robin Hood5 star

A very good film ,hope there is a part 2

Wol de Neuilly - Not Robin Hood as we know it Jim BUT...4 star

If you are after a further remake of the tale of Robin Hood as portrayed by Richard Greene, Kevin Costner, Russell Crowe (which were enjoyable) et al then you should not watch this. This is a 'street' hybrid version made with what must have been quite a big budget and has closer similarities to Assasins Creed (a film I did not like incidentally). It has more than enough thrills and spills and an adequate story line to entertain, my only criticism as such being that the title actor is still more Kingsman (his previous incarnation) than Robin Hood, but that should not stop you from enjoying it.

EFKA EFKA - Must rent for 99c5 star

Movie was absolutely fine, for 99c rental it's a complete steal - must rent! Suckers downvoting probably expecting every movie to be as high quality as Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings... But this one was still a very good quality, really enjoyable movie. And I rented it thinking it's not going to be too good, but I've had a really good time watching it..

CJ loves tattoos - Terrible1 star

Pretty bad

Baston - Pretty bad at the best of times1 star

The acting is poor and cliched. It had an interesting modern cross over style and the according combat but ended being almost slapstick - with one difference - slapstick is actually funny. Do not buy or rent. Avoid.

ken22 - Not a patch on...1 star

It seems to me that film makers just can't hit the mark with this story. One of the best versions was the Disney 'The Story Of Robin Hood' Staring Richard Todd and Olivier D'Havaland. I did enjoy the Kevin Costner version which was very funny. Why is CGI needed to tell what is after all a historic legend not a Kill eveyone in site a minute. Shame really.

Jayworks1704 - Excellent4 star

A very well made adaptation of a classic hero and revolutionary. Great character focussed story telling as we see the motivations behind the hood. While the romance plot is pretty weak, seeing Robin's roots and transformation from Lord to outlaw was delivered amazingly.

James000008 - Great Movie5 star

I love the modern take on The Robin Hood story, like no ever set in old times yet very modern, relevant and relatable to the society we live in today. Whilst the pictures may have changed so much is still the same. Love the action sequences, Great movie and a must watch.

Weezie Heart - The story we don’t know when we actually do.2 star

It tries too hard to modernize the medieval setting. Taron Edgerton works well with the role of Robin Hood, but along the cringey dialogue, arrows used like guns and the predictable narrative the whole film was so boring and uninspiring. Eve Hewson is beautiful and Tim Michin is a good comedy element, there are even hints in the film that there will be a sequel, when there definitely won’t be.

Leigh 123456789 - Don’t watch2 star

Lots of action in it but this does not make it a good movie.. shame really, save your money..

OhmyGod2Btrue - Nice One4 star

It's a good variation on the original story. The storyline is entertaining, with Taron Egertons unique humourous approach to films and some very good camera work and special effects. If you want the original Robin Hood and his merry men sittting in Sherwood Forest eating roast piggy and upsetting the Sheriff, then this is not the film for you. It's fun, its fast moving, it's entertaining and it gets a thumbs up from me.

Wasabi-boy - Poor,2 star

This is not a good version of the Robin Hood 'franchise' (as another reviewer called it). Its not just the story line (which is dire) and the wooden acting, but also the total inaccuracy of the historical details of medieval times, including clothing that looks like it came from M&S and weapon from comic books, they may just as well given them modern automatic weapons and be done with it. I could go on, (in fact i did, but i have deleted that as it turned into a rant). It got to two stars because Jamie Foxx was quite good although its not his best role to date safe to say I feel this was a waste of my money.

Filmrocker82 - Historically incorrect & still fun?3 star

This new take on the Robin Hood story is something viewers didn’t really require considering the history of movies we can go through for a more loyal depiction. However this 21st century take of the emerging outlaw gets a little over kill with fantastic special effects, wonderful cinematography & enough historical inaccuracies to make a scholars head explode. You all know the story. The question is, can you let all the cliches and mindless execution go quick enough to just sit back and enjoy the ride? This new Robin Hood doesn’t take itself too seriously (just like Guy Ritchies ‘King Arthur’), and with enough beverages in your fridge, you just might enjoy this one and forget all about it straight after...which isn’t a bad thing if that’s what you’re looking for.

boobutch - if you like Farrage you'd like this.1 star

Errol Flynn and Basil Rathbone would be peeing in their cod pieces after seeing this. It's utter crap. Not even funny crap. Just really crap.......

holmhead - Robin your money for this rubbish1 star

what more can be said that hasent already been said, this film is almost unwatchable! and to think i paid to watch it, dont waste your money it is poor take on a great story.

georgiana c bird 12 - Robin Hood5 star

Saw this movie twice in cinema so good. Different to all the other versions of the Robin Hood franchise.

Andrew Carrington - Get your t**s out for the boys!1 star

Seriously, I’ve watched one minute into this movie and ‘Lady’ Marian’s breasts are already falling out. Refund requested. Now forget about the story of Robin Hood for a moment and consider if it is wise for a horse thief in the 14th or 15th Century to be stealing horses with her breasts so flagrantly available for all to see. Please don’t worry for her safety, she won’t be caught because the piece of material once covering her bosom now shields her mouth and nose. I don’t know whether I should laugh or cry or gauge my eyes out but please I beg you...give it a further 30 seconds and you’ll hear the blood curdling phrase “I’m the spoiled toff who lives in this manor.” Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves is suddenly propelled into the documentary section. Whomever is/are responsible for the screenplay and its dialogue should be in the stocks at the Tower of London, for people to amass and use the state funded baskets of rotten tomatoes and animal entrails, for at least a year for castigating women as objects. I’m a guy and I’m offended by this tripe.

Nicknpb88 - Mr1 star


The Righi - Not so good1 star

Not such a good take on an absolute classic film. Decent plot. Some great scenery and graphics. However, sadly, the acting from Taron Egerton was too boyish and unbelievable in the main. For me, it was barely watchable.

Gregoryb86 - Robin Hood...1 star

Watch Robin Hood Prince of Thieves it’s the only Robin Hood worth watching with a fantastic cast and soundtrack.

bachchan panday - 😭1 star

Just horrendous

k90000000 - Don't waste your money1 star

It's a terrible film.

javadz - Just awful!!1 star

This is one of the worst movies I have ever come across! It basically has no redeeming features.

Amme1978 - Rubbish!1 star

What a waste of time and money going to see this! It was rubbish, actually fell asleep where I was so bored. Very disappointed.

PeterKrupa - Very Disappointing2 star

Disappointment of a movie :(

justin l miller zz - Amazin5 star

This was the best film I have seen in ages every bit of this was very well done amazing action none stop there wasn’t a single bit that was boring amazing acting brill story great violence

Matthew5971 - Totally awesome!5 star

Great cast, awesome story

Gigi Ruth - Robin Hood in a peaky blinders style5 star

Fast paced action, stylish and very enjoyable

capmax62 - Robin Hood5 star

Rip roaring adventure, enjoyed this film, of course it's nothing like the real life of (Robin Hood) who in reality never existed ? There was talk of a robin hoode, at different times over a period of a few hundred years, if he was the same person, the fellow would be knocking on a bit, just take the film with a pinch of salt, just chill out and enjoy this fantastic romp, good guys v bad guys, what more could a person need 😊😊😊😊😊💋

ItalianGirl27 - Awful and ridiculous1 star

OMG this is an awful movie, characters are bland and boring, Robin Hood looks like a teenager from London's slums, he doesnt have any power and interesting feature of a leader like he should have.... and the historical recostruction is a joke, with actors wearing modern clothing!!!!!! AVOID

Ben Jovi - Is Taron Egerton’s Robin good? Read on (spoiler free).2 star

Once again Robin Hood comes riding through the glen with Taron Egerton playing the eponymous hero, backed up by Jamie Foxx as Little John, Jamie Dornan as Will Scarlet and Tim Minchin as Friar Tuck. Eve Hewson is Robin’s love interest Marian whilst Paul Anderson takes off his Peaky Blinders cap to become Guy of Gisbourne and rent-a-villain Ben Mendelsohn is the Sheriff of Nottingham. There have been lots of attempts to bring this evergreen heroic outlaw to the silver screen with many loosing their arrows and missing the mark. Indeed, many believe Errol Flynn a remarkable 80 years ago was the epitome of the man in tights and is still the performance to beat. Does Taron Egerton’s effort hit the bullseye? No, it doesn’t. Too much CGI, a poor script and a handful of pantomime performances overshadows some fun set-pieces and makes this another notch on the pointless remakes bed post. Set in an ambiguous period, yes we have the Crusades as the starting point but Nottingham’s architecture and culture offer up an alternative time zone, the story follows the familiar template. Robin reluctantly joins the Crusade, comes home, the Sheriff is being bad and so he steps up to sort him out. Featuring an assortment of accents including a relegated to side-kick Jamie Foxx failing to decide exactly where his Little John hails from, director Otto Bathurst, in his feature film debut, manages to put together some stylish action scenes, including an opening battle where the arrows are as frequently fired as bullets, but the rest is nothing we haven’t seen before. Taron Egerton is pretty much Eggsy from The Kingsman franchise (before he puts the suit on) and his charisma and likeability help him come through the film with flying colours. However the rest of the movie, and cast, aren’t quite as lucky. Tim Minchin could’ve been inspired casting as Friar Tuck but simply isn’t funny enough whilst Ben Mendelsohn and Paul Anderson ham it up spectacularly and fail to register any menace whatsoever. The ending of course sets up a potential sequel, but Errol Flynn’s Lycra leggings are in no danger of being filled just yet.

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jazzyemarie - Good movie4 star

I really enjoyed this version of Robin Hood. The action was amazing and the lead male actors were great(didn’t really care for the lady! I wish that had developed the plot more but maybe in the sequel they’ll give the audience more background! Overall I loved it!!

usptact - Not worth it1 star

The movie focuses on what nowadays SJWs focus and get triggered. There are far better ways spending your time than watching this "masterpiece".

Optimawtk3 - Robin Hood5 star

Fantastic movie very well explained backstory looking forward to next one

smurfy19 - Terrible1 star

Bad on so many levels

joshsteph - Meh Entertainment3 star

I wanted this to be awesome. It wasn’t. I wanted it to have some great moments even. It didn’t. With Taron Egerton and Foxx, I thought there would be good acting. But even they couldn’t over come a choppy script. The speeches to the people were just rehashed attempts at well done scenes from other movies - but made worse by the looks and grins between Robin and Marian. The set up of the Egerton/Fox relationship when he returned home was simply a miss. Just silly...the movie flat out was a swing a miss. King Arthur was 1000x better overall. 3 stars simply because I made it through w/out turning it off.

Daisy1377 - Entertaining4 star

I thought this story was well told and the cast was great. Recommended.

paalani_76 - Loved it!!!!!5 star

Love seeing how a legend keeps getting obscured. Aloha ʻāina pauʻole!!!!

welltrvled - Just don’t1 star

Dont waste your money or your time...this is probably one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Its so bad on so many levels and is an injustice to the story of Robin Hood.

Disappointed 12368459 - I usually like these movies, but not this one1 star

I usually like action movies even if they don't have a solid plot - I enjoy things like a hero training or reconquering their love interest - in this movie everything was too easy, Rob got trained in a second, Marion finds out who he is without getting to despise his public figure first. Not only it is a shallow movie and its characters lack depth (which I'm generally fine with), but it's not even entertaining

Frankcorniliusgrimes - Off the mark1 star

I feel dumber for have watched this film. It took 2 hours that I will never get back

Bsndidokdkdjsjakwlsldoodkfxk - Good movie!5 star

Idk why everyone is saying it had bad acting, I thought it was great all the way through!

Seamus619 - Bad1 star

Just a bad film.

steponafish0316 - Great Movie!!5 star

I thought this movie was fantastic! The people giving it a one star clearly have no happiness in their life.

Pikapp200 - A very entertaining movie4 star

I thought it was a good movie and very entertaining

MiaMojo54321 - Horrible!1 star

The worst rendition I’ve seen. A Knight’s Tale, it tries and fails. I am looking on apple’s site for a refund, I couldn’t watch to the end of the movie.

Justfloat - Call to arms?1 star


MsD RN - Love it!!5 star

Loved this fresh new take on one of my favorite stories. Very pertinent to current times as well. Ignore the naysayers. This is one of my faves.

3L B0R3 - Great action movie!5 star

Movie always had you looking at the screen, not a dull moment. I dont know why everyone is hating on this movie so much and disliking it. I loved this movie!

TammHorsfall - Absolutely horrible1 star

Terrible acting, plot holes, weird anachronisms — a true waste of time. And this comes from someone who genuinely enjoys nearly every movie.

Moooovieguy - Very very pathetic1 star

Let’s just say these so called actors should be embarrassed to collect a paycheck from this sorry excuse for a Robin Hood movie!!!! They should have paid me to attempt to watch it.

86303RS - If you love the tail of Robin Hood...1 star

If you love the story of Robin Hood...Hollywood ruined it for everyone. Absolute nightmare.

wildcat the first - time period1 star

in that time period there are no blacks and i wish those liberal democrats socialist will at least make this somewhat real and follow history.

little4T - Need to see this movie5 star

Regardless of what we as a whole was told about this movie. You should go see it!!! It has a modern feel and action. For the guys who didn’t like it, change is sometimes a good thing. Try it? 😌

Adawg1004 - Ok movie3 star

I watched this in theaters and then bought this and Overlord on dvd the day the came out and overlord was better. Movie was terrible but I gave it a 3 because Taron Edgerton did ok.

johnnyRac3r - Ruined1 star

An incredible waste of time. A completely idiotic movie.

Murf2112 - Propaganda garbage!1 star

Waste of time and cash. Couldn't even finish this serving of swill. Cannot gain back this loss of life wasted struggling through the poor plot, bad acting, and slanted political agenda'd crap.

_DoItRight_ - Wanted to like it2 star

But it didn’t grab my attention at all. It is same category as King Arthur (the new one). I like the main actors but the story just didn’t work.

JConnieZ - Robin Hood Begins5 star

This is Robin Hood 3.0, new age. Action packed, I loved it! Completely different from the Kevin Costner days. It shows how Robin Hood became who he is, story kept us awake and into it the whole time.

[email protected] - Beyond horrible1 star

How do movies this bad ever get made?

Korben Adams - Robin Hood always delivers the action that’s really gets the thrill5 star

Good job I absolutely love this movie!!!!)))))🤩🤩🤩

PF12New - Just awful1 star

This was rediculous! Ruied the original story, bad acting, bad screenplay.... just BAD!

Pie4500 - Excellent 🌟🌟🌟5 star

Just got done watching & I would like to say to the haters out there, if u don’t have anything nice to say, then shut the f—-up. This was a great movie. What a totally different way of telling the story 😃. I look 4ward to buying this on blue ray that way u get the iTunes or at least 1 of those. Hope there’s a sequel 🥰

Apple Eater 10 - Robin Hood review3 star

It was a decent movie. Good fun. predictable like a lot of movies. Your typical rich stealing from the poor. the poor had enough and do something about it film.

Meggie Gray Andersen - Waste of time1 star

Not a good remake of Robin Hood. The plot just does not bring any excitement. The movie is long and boring. The critics got it right this time.

Mazkoth - omg very bad movie1 star

thank god i saw it at a friends house before i baught it just terrible movie

grandpaairplane - Awful waste of even a dime.1 star

The most ridiculous Robin hood movie ever. And whats with the welders constantly throwing sparks and the gas flares? Not to mention the Sherif wearing the pleather suit... And the Vegas showgirls? I wanted an updated version of Costner in Prince of Thieves and i got a very bad unfunny version of monty python meets dumb green screen fists and arrows of fury. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

MaddogSquid - wait until it's free1 star

I think this was just an excuse to use CGI. Terrible.

WesWer - Absolutely fantastic5 star

The critics have it all wrong. This movie was fantastic.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxl - Honest John5 star

Who doesn’t like a good old Robin Hood story. Like the modern take on it. My boys thought it was great.

Jbmk302 - Joke of a movie1 star

Terrible acting, ridiculous story, and machine gun crossbows. Take a minor tv character and put him in a movie and this is what you get

Phouse81 - Wanted to like it...but didn’t2 star

I wanted to give this movie a chance, but it fails in every way that you would already imagine. It’s got the same problems that Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur does - and that was better than this. The characters are underdeveloped, as the movie steam-rolls past anything to make you invested in the outcome. Like King Arthur (2017) it’s as if chunks were deleted in the editing room. Why can’t they make a Robin Hood franchise based off the Angus Donald Outlaw book series? This was style over substance, action over story, and it wasn’t very fun. If it was simply fun (which it gives the impression of that awareness from the trailers) then it would have been better. Too bad.

xthexunbornx - LOVED IT!5 star

Way too many Complaints about political correctness and lazy plot writing or clothes not being from that time period or too predictable SO WHAT it’s a fun film to watch action packed and good storyline very much enjoyed watching this film

OneScott33 - Critics are a joke5 star

This movie was entertaining. The so called movie critics need to get over themselves and appreciate this movie for what it is, good entertainment.

Kim1kannAZ - Great!5 star

Not sure why the reviews aren’t very good because I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

Korvim - Drivel1 star

This movie should be good but it can’t help being a steaming pile

KFriedC - 🤮1 star

Yikes! Beyond bad. This could cause cancer in lab rats.

Movie Guy Kev - Great Spin on an old classic5 star

I loved the movie. It provides a completely different perspective on Robin Hood and I hope there will be more to come.

Reaper_68 - Not worth your time1 star

THis was a large waste of money and time. Don't waste yours!

Likethereindeer - Simply Fun!4 star

🎥 I’m a huge fan of Robin Hood, in general. I have loved all of the movies for what they were. Robin Hood (2018), with Taron Egerton and Jamie Foxx was a lot of fun! The acting was not incredible. And the script wasn’t too deep. However, the movie took a different spin with a new approach. The story was reminiscent of A Knights Tale: a modern flavor of olden days. The action was fun. It included a horse carriage chase that felt like Fast and the Furious. Again, not too deep. Just fun, bow and arrow action from start to finish.

Boll Weevill - like watching someone play a video game1 star

writers did not study subject casting is poor close-up scene trickery dumb dialogue generic directing non-authentic sets actors’ nationality incorrect wardrobe wrong

5 star

Robin Hood (2018) is literally the worst, but Ben looks the best. What is this curse? It's like they did it on purp…

5 star

@AvalancheAttrEU: One of the first rides opened at @WalibiHolland during it’s time operated by Six Flags was Robin Hood - a Vekoma woode…

5 star

👀ENTÉRATE | Conoce la historia del llamado "Robin Hood" mexicano, a quien muchas personas le rinden culto religioso…

5 star

Day 12: I’m falling down on the job. Without a doubt fantasy is my favourite genre, and in my eyes that’s where I’d…

5 star

Robin Hood พยัคฆ์ร้ายโรบินฮู้ด (2018)

5 star

📷 taronunwin: 2018 Robin Hood promo

5 star

Denise Gough (40) #Ireland 2007 Outlanders 2010 Robin Hood / The Kid 2012 #Titanic 2013 What Remains 2014 The Qu…

5 star

One of the first rides opened at @WalibiHolland during it’s time operated by Six Flags was Robin Hood - a Vekoma wo…

5 star

📷 taronunwin: 2018 Robin Hood promo

5 star

@003_usa: @lydiazhj 《Joker 2019》《Robin Hood 2018》

5 star

@003_usa: @lydiazhj 《Joker 2019》《Robin Hood 2018》

5 star

Perguntei ao meu pai se ele tinha visto o Robin Hood de 2018 e ele respondeu que, se fosse o do gajo que faz de Elt…

5 star

@lydiazhj 《Joker 2019》《Robin Hood 2018》

5 star

@badposttaron: robin hood in robin hood ( 2018 )

5 star

Robin Hood (2018) another one of those.. it is kinda enjoyable and fun but it has some weird editing choices and st…

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