Bumblebee Summary and Synopsis

Cybertron has fallen. When Optimus Prime sends Bumblebee to defend Earth, his journey to become a hero begins. Charlie Watson (Hailee Steinfeld), a teenager trying to find her place in the world, discovers and repairs the battle-scarred robot, who’s disguised as a Volkswagen Beetle. As the Decepticons hunt down the surviving Autobots with the help of a secret agency led by Agent Burns (John Cena), Bumblebee and Charlie team up to protect the world in an action-packed adventure that’s fun for the whole family. On the run in the year 1987, Bumblebee finds refuge in a junkyard in a small Californian beach town. Charlie, on the cusp of turning 18 and trying to find her place in the world, discovers Bumblebee, battle-scarred and broken. When Charlie revives him, she quickly learns this is no ordinary yellow VW bug. Bumblebee Wiki

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Every Hero Has a Beginning..

Bumblebee (2018)

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Bumblebee Movie Reviews

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- This is amazing5 star

Well this movie make you cry yess Well this movie make you happy yess Well this movie have a cliffhanger ending yess

- I’m not mad at it4 star

very decent flick with very decent S F/X

- Transformers5 star

Bumblebee is awesome

- Terrible1 star

This movie was terrible. I wanted it to be good but it just wasn’t. The acting is an absolute mess and basically everything that’s on earth is cringey. If their gonna make more like this, I will stop watching the transformers movies. The entire movie should have just been the cybertron war. This movie was literally made for five year olds.

- 🐝 🚖 Love this movie!❤️5 star

I liked Bee, Charlie, & the other transformers; the best characters. This is definitely not a love story like some say, but a powerful friendship. I would love to see a sequel to this. Watched other transformer movies but this is my favorite.

- I love bumblebee5 star

He was my Favorite movie in TransformersBut now he’s like this are extremely Love it I give a Five stars ⭐️

- Worst movie ever1 star

Absolutely one of the worst movies with the gayest ending I’ve ever seen.

- They did it.4 star

Bumblebee is actually good. Surprise! Hailee Steinfeld is great (as usual), John Cena is entertaining as hell, the special effects are some of the best in the series (behind Dark of the Moon), and best of all, Michael Bay isn’t directing, so you can actually see what’s going on! 8/10

- How5 star

This guy should make transformer this one movie is better then all so I if you agree and screw bay Travis should make transformers movies so bay we like this dude not you bay🥳


TUESDAY MARCH 2 25 (2020)

- The REAL Transformers5 star

Finally a real movie about the REAL Transformers!!! And it’s a reboot as well. What’s even better, is it takes place in 1987 and the transformers are all G1 Style. Great movie period!!! Great plot, great cast, and the beginning was AWESOME I can’t wait for the sequel, whenever they decide to release it in the theaters. Would I recommend this? Yes “I’m Optimus Prime and I approve this message.”

- Like it5 star

The best transformers movie the cybertron seen brings you back to G1 and I enjoyed it


Once I bought this movie my phone froze and wouldn’t turn on after. The apple store tried to fix my phone, unfortunately they couldn’t fix it. I bought a new phone and I’m writing this review to make sure no one else has to go through what I did.

- Finally Paying Homage to Real Transformer Fans!4 star

I hope the voice from the 1980s Bumblebee cartoon and the 1986 Transformers ACTUAL movie will be featured in this movie and future sequel movies to this one. I’m renting it today. Cybertron scenes look great! “Autobots roll out!” - Optimus Prime.

- gave up halfway2 star

Saying this is the best Transformers movie is like saying HPV is the best venerial disease. We got through about half and gave it up. Thank goodness it was a 99 cent rental. Would have felt terribly ripped-off had I purchased it.

- LOVE ❤️ 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝5 star

I love it so cool bumblebee is my favorite trasformar ever. Can’t stop listening to the songs. P.S. Y’all may think it is bad maybe it is because you were alive in the 80s I was not, so y’all are old.🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

- Pure Honey!4 star

What an excellent family-friendly nostalgic film. If you are a true fan of classic 80s sound, great storytelling, relatable characters, and Spielberg production, you too may be buzzing about this refreshing prequel!

- Amazing5 star

I watched this movie yesterday I totally enjoyed it.I love the robot named bee.Love the action.

- meh!1 star


- Better than Michael bay5 star

One of the best transformers movie than Michael bay’s movies.

- Not 1989 it’s 19423 star

In transformers the last knight bumble was on Planet Earth in 1942 he was called ww11 bumble bee, but here he somehow got to Earth in 1989 which confused me the most. P.S. Micheal Bay was way of track for the bumble bee reboot movie.

- For kids, not adults2 star

I was fooled by the Rotten Tomatoes rating, the movie ended up being so stupid. Its very simplistic and predictable and childish in every respect. Its a kids movie, I should have known. You may hear some peopel compare this to ET or Iron Giant. Yes, in concept they are similar. But Bumblebee isn't nearly as good a movie as those, not even close.

- Still doesn’t add up..3 star

Bumblebee nailed the robot effects from the comics & cartoons. Love Hailee Steinfeld. Beautiful and sweet. Pledging her love to Bumblebee our Autobot hero. But an amount of plot holes, movie mistakes, too cute. Reminds me to much of E.T. & The Iron Giant. Glad Michael Bay didn’t direct. Bumblebee deserves credit apart from the Bay franchise.

- Movie Very Bland2 star

There are two awesome scenes in this movie. The first is the very beginning of the movie and the end of the movie that sets up the first and only transformer movie that was cool. If they made a movie that was mostly like the beginning of this movie with cybertron and the initial battle between the autobots and the decepticons before they make it to earth then I think that would be something many would want to see. Overall the movie has its typical teenage issues, corny scenes, the typical female strong with the male being super corny, and a story line that focuses on young people. This movie is cute and corny with minimal cool adult scenes for action. The family seems forced and some jokes. This movie is ok to view once as nothing really sticks as I have to see it again and if there is any parts that is a rewatch then that’s the first 5 min.

- 🤯5 star

It’s a really really really good movie

- Excellent.5 star

This is a Great Interpretation of the Transformers on film. The previous films were redesigns and tho they have their moments they didn’t capture the heart of the classic animations. The Transformers here look exactly how they were depicted in the animated series and the acting in this film is great. Bumblebee is Awesome.

- @OBJ5 star


- Hate81 star


- Bumblebee5 star

Bumblebee is a great family movie. Very good to watch with friends!😊

- Loved it!!!!5 star

It is soo so good... I was not expecting to really and truly love it- completely different and better than the other Transformers movies. It is touching and amazing- SOOO SOO SO GOOD!!!!!

- BY FAR the best Transformers movie4 star

Had VERY low expectations. Definitely not the best movie ever, but for a Transformers movie, this blew me away. For once, a Transformers movie had outstanding performances and actually contained some emotional resonance. Definitely the result of a director that is not named Michael Bay. While the story had many stupid (but surprisingly small) flaws and unrealistically dim-witted characters (like all of the previous installments), it managed to bring out other characters that were great. A bit clichéd, but great. Well done. Shockingly well done. P.S. If there is a Transformers 6 (or 7 if you count this one as 6), please do not bring Michael Bay back as director. He may be a master of action and visuals, but he cannot make a great movie. He’s made SOME decent ones, but never a single movie that is great.

- Horrible1 star

If you thought the acting in the other movies was bad and the story was horrible, then prepare to be amazed, it can get worse.

- It’s not that great.3 star

The script is boring and uninspired. The story is bland as hell. The only good thing about this movie is the gen 1 scenes. The battle of cybertron is fantastic though. If they had stuck more to that ,it would have been a much better film. The whole family seems wooden and fake. There’s no chemistry between the mom and the daughter at all. It’s like the film doesn’t know what it wants to be. It’s like a very poor ripoff of big hero 6. I’m glad I didn’t buy it.

- Great Movie5 star

This was a fun movie to watch. As I watched the movie I wanted to keep going to see what would hapen next. And by the end of the movie I thought wow great movie.

- Great movie! Please reboot series!5 star

Paramount, please redo the transformers franchise and start it out with this movie. Make the movies more kid friendly, relatable, humorous, and most of all, fun like this film. Bumble Bee is worthy of two thumbs up!👍

- okay, not great3 star

good movie but not nearly as good as the other Transformers

- It the best transformers movie . . . That’s not saying much3 star

It’s a cute movie, the acting is good for the most part. The special effects were convincing given it has the smallest budget of all of them. The only grips I have are it borrows heavily from other movies, such as The Iron Giant and Short Circuit. Still it’s very fun and heartfelt.

- Boring and uninspired1 star

I was looking forward to this movie a lot and was utterly disappointed. It ended up being so boring I fell asleep during the climax of the film. Wish I hadn’t wasted money renting it and I’m thoroughly confused by its Fresh Rating. Don’t waste your time on this movie!

- Transformers Bumblebee!5 star

That was a awesome movie!

- A great title .4 star

It had lots of underdog tones , like the 2007 Transformers. The lead actress(Hailey Steinfeld)is nice , very young. For folks bashing Michael Bay , he did produce the film. The emotional aspects of the movie is very powerful. John Cena was nice too.

- Violence5 star

Awesome Super super awesome

- Jacob1 star

They were kill last night

- If only...5 star

If only they had combined the great action sequences from the original series, with the acting and human characters form this film...

- So much better then the other transformer movies5 star

Good stuff

- Very exciting this movie I love it thank you5 star

This are one of my best transformers movies i did not like all the other transformers movies but this one yes

- Good Transformers movie2 star

After the last two transformers at least this one focuses on a more authentic and believable story. Still not worth the buy but yes to rent

- Bumblebee5 star

I’m watching this movie right now it just started it’s good so far but we’ll see

- Rate5 star

This movie is best for to see where bumblebee came from

- Best movie...5 star

...in a long time!

- Totally a chick flick3 star

It was a good movie. I have been a long time bumble bee fan. A little to much story line and not enough action. It was still worth watching. A stupid part of the movie is that the military had 1989 humvs but the movie takes place in the 70’s.

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Dhark Soul - Modern day E.T. Remake5 star

A few scenes pay homage to Herby (53) the Lovebug if you’re old enough to remember, nice touch. Paid 0.99 but got pleasantly surprised at how charming BumbleBee movie is. Lead actress carries the whole movie on her shoulders well enough, just bee, ahem, be aware aware that she gets alot of screen time.

Dangerdangerously - Greatest reboot ever5 star


bumblebee/bee127 - Bee1275 star

Awesome movie radicle worth it

rijiflix - bullSh&*1 star

Same Transformers failure bs, cheesy jokes, terrible story. Maybe good for kids in the crib.

Dakbr - Bumblebee4 star

We enjoyed this movie. Didn't expect the beginning and how bumblebee came to light and this movie we could sit and watch with the grandkids.

rockyourworld69 - Overrated2 star

I was anticipating a better film and I’m disappointed. The movie started great and Bumblebee was really cool but the story was childish really. Needed more action and better story.

Tedderyuiiohc - Takes me back to a time I miss so much!5 star

I love this movie. The story and all its pure goodness hits home to where it belongs, but only the true fan will understand. Thank you Travis Knight and thank you Christina Hodson!

The Hempel - Shallow1 star

Shamelessly predictable.

Mox_Nix - Family Fun Fun Fun5 star

Great Story. Does anyone remember Herbie the Love Bug? This is better.

E--Man2000 - My Review of bumblebee5 star

When I saw this in the theatres I didn’t have high hopes for the movie because most of the other transformer movies weren’t that great but bumblebee blew my mind with how good it was. I highly recommend it for people who like a good action movie.

SeA1Fly - Transformer1 star

Why do the last two transform over senaulize young girls ??? IT just wrong

jetnate - Can this be a start of a reboot???!!!5 star

THANK YOU TRAVIS KNIGHT FOR SAVING THE DAMN FRANCHISE!!!! I thought after the Last Knight, the whole Transformers franchise would be dead and gone, but this movie saved it. But after watching, there were some plot points that didn’t quite match the first movie such as Optimus arriving on earth in ‘86 instead of ‘07. If this is a chance for a reboot, just do it. I’m pretty sure most of the Transformers fans, especially the OG ones wouldn’t mind this. Especially since the director shows respect and appreciation for the original Transformers instead of the Michael Bay crap. P.S: If this is a reboot to the Transformers franchise, can we please have Jazz, Ironhide and Rachet back? So that there can be a proper story arc for them instead of simply killing them off for no apparent reason like Bay did.

OmegaPrimal - This movie is way better then any bay movie.5 star

After almost destroying the franchise for good Bay think it was time to give somebody a try to the transformers franchise (maybe in hope to see that person fail and be able to say "see? I'm not the only one.") And guess what, that was a good idea. This is the TRANSFORMERS MOVIE WE WANTED! It might not be perfect (unfortunately it is some kind o paralele story to the bay verse.) but it's still pretty good. There is rumour about a sequel too, I hope this is true. But to make this even better please trow up Bay ideas of bad transformers movies and continue with this story line as a totaly new one. I know there are already some similarities between both story... but there a few diferences as weel... I just hope doN't won't go the same way Bay did. Bay never anderstoud what the fans wanted. He gave actions, explosion without a nice story, or characters thinking that explosion will excuse himself for being a bad director. This movie got action as well, but not as much as Bay, Characters costed way more to design and where way less hard to design then the one made by Bay. Paramouth paid way less to make this movie and it's acritical sucess. Yes it was not a big box office success... but what do you expect when peoples still have in mind really bad movie like Age of extinction or the last knight. Even I after the last knight told myself "never again.". I would never go back to a cinema to watch a transformers movie again. But then I saw the Bumblebee trailler. I didn'T wanted to watch at first so I let it pass. But then they released a second one and in the youtube thumbnail you saw G1 characters... I was intrigued so I watched the trailer.... And I was hyped.... Was that the tranformers movies the fans were waiting for? finally?... I've read a few info and the internet, It's part of Bay story... "damn I'm not goig to see that then." I told myself. I,m pretty sure a lot of peoples told themself the same (probably why the box office wasn't that good) but I watched the trailers again again, and I changed my mind. And I'm glad I did. That movie is awesome. Maybe not perfect but pretty close to perfection. And seriously the only way to make even more perfect would be to put it on his own universe outside of the one made by Bay.

mike19851985mike - basic2 star

very basic plot. nothing new or exciting. didn’t reveal anything new.

Bobberino27 - Outstanding5 star

If you have seen the Transformers and love them, you will love Bumblebee even more. It is funny and a great movie to buy or rent.

furnyyyy - and 4 star

This isnt a review but just to pass out a comment to say that i hate it so much when a movie is on a specific day and when this day finally comes, so hyped to see it, you realized its rentable but in another 2 weeks, oh man. But atleast this movie seems to be worth a buy! :)

Joshvstang - 80's are back!5 star

If your a fan of the 86 movie, this movie will not disapoint. What an awesome movie!

Skyler the fallen human - I have never liked transformers till now5 star

I have never liked transformers with a brother who crams them in my face I was not excited to see this movie but when I walked out of the movie I had fallen in love with bumble bee now I own several bumble bee plushies this is now my favourite movie!

Cazanova74 - A great movie made for real Transformers fans5 star

This movie is the movie Transformers fans from the 80's wished for. 34 years later our wish comes true. First five minutes of Bumblebee were better than the fives movies Michael Bay made ( and yes I hate Michael Bay for ruining our childhood memories) The Autobots and Decepticons on Cybertron look exactly like Generation 1 ( the 80s cartoon). The story is in the 80s, again respecting fans who grew up in the 80s. The story is heartwarming as well, love Hailee Steinfeld's character, likeable and credible compared to Shia Leboeuf. What Michael Bay ruined with the last 5 movies, this movie will saved the franchise and bring it back to life.

Manning2072 - They just need to stop!...1 star

Like all the rest, this movie sucks! The franchise needs to give up now!...

16jets - Saved the whole franchise5 star

Saw this on opening day and I had many doubts when walking into the theatre. Turns out that “Bumblebee” made the transformers movies great. One of the best movies I have seen this year, I highly recommend that you readers see “Bumblebee” as quick as possible🙏.

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Evan_13 - I’m glad to see the new direction!5 star

Good movie with Transformers = great film!

J.Ha. - Good movie, especially with kids.4 star

I hate to watch movies that constantly drop f bombs or language as bad. This movie wasn’t filled with that. Makes it great for family night. It’s a pretty decent movie.

filledwithchill - Cringe Fest!!3 star

This movie is a cringe fest like wow I thought it was going to be awesome but it’s like an awkward teen movie with robots. The first 20 minutes were pretty good but than the cringy acting and unrealistic cgi was too much. In the Michael bay transformers movie you felt scale, and a realistic sense of how it would feel to see one of these giants in real life. In this movie it felt like the whole movie was filmed in a small studio which is probably true.

Aleta 1 - Best live action tf movie ever!!5 star

After the Bay films of Transformers came out my hope for an actual good transformers movie was crushed. After this movie it has bee restored! The dialogue is good, the funny portions are actually funny, the acting is good, it’s closer to g1, and the storyline is actually good. For people who lived and experienced the 80s, most of the soundtrack is 80s music. My faith for a good transformers movie has been restored.

Shawn Larkin: Owner - Meh3 star

I can’t get over the opening scene where Optimus and the other transformers haven’t been to Earth yet but they’re all trucks, jets and what not. Poorly done.

$HOWTIME! - The worst crap!1 star

Just Don’t, don’t think about it don’t even ask about it take this review and know this movie is CRAP

[email protected] - Best TF Movie since The TF: The Movie4 star

Too bad this one wasn't released in 2007 instead of the other "Heroic Nonsense" that came before it with the exception of the original Transformers: The Movie from '86. The first 5 minutes of the film was fun and nostalgic. Everything else was ok.

FilmmakerGuru - ONE OF THE BEST MOVIES OF 2018!5 star

Whoever hired Travis Knight to direct this deserves a raise. He brought so much to this film, and looking at BTS videos, you can tell he was really passionate about this movie. I mean, I had already liked Transformers before, but this movie shows that a movie from a big, long franchise can be refreshingly good. Let me start out by saying this: you will want your own Bumblebee after this. Whoever designed him did a wonderful job: he’s like a mix between his original G1 version and his Michael Bay version. Although he doesn’t have many lines for a good portion of the film, you can easily see the emotion in his eyes and in his expressions, and you can really connect and relate to him. The film has a nostalgic, Spielbergian vibe throughout that sets it apart from the other films in the series. Hailee Steinfeld gave another awesome performance, and although he overacted a little bit, John Cena was good for the most part. Also, Justin Theroux, Angela Bassett, Dylan O’Brien, and the legendary Peter Cullen all did great voice acting. The script was great, with humor and heartfelt moments, and the action sequences were awesome, and it honestly looked painful when the Decepticons were beating Autobots (mostly poor Bumblebee) to a pulp. It’s not a perfect film though, and you can point out some of its flaws, but, hey, there’s no such thing as a perfect film, right? Overall, this movie is a must see and I highly recommend to anyone who wants to watch an entertaining film.

Shotkake - Best transformer movie5 star

I've seen the other transformer movies and they are just a little bit too big and bulky this one is very family orientated we liked it a lot Highly recommend

yagulito - My yellow bee5 star

Bumblebee is a great love and action pack film for all the family and fans of Transformers films this is great to watch in full 4K and great speakers if u have them at ur crib Juggalos.

Curved Cube - Rotten Tomatos is BS!!2 star

This is a flat out bad movie. A bad retread of 80's PG action/adventure movies. The rating this has on Rotten Tomatos has taught me NEVER to rely on Rotten Tomatos again. Metacritic has this film at 66 which makes MUCH more sense to me having seen this. This is a 66 movie in "wolf's clothing". There's nothing clever or smart about the characters, the plot or the script. I spent most of the film in shock that this got over 90% on Rotten Tomatoes. Lesson learned.

doipe117 - Great show5 star

I miss you

Wil0224 - Transformers as it should be5 star

Thankfully now that Michael Bay is no longer directing these movies we finally get things like plot, characterization, transformers that actually look like themselves and most importantly emotion. There’s a lot here for Transformers fans (especially Gen 1) but also for people just looking for a good movie.

kevinc2341 - Really good5 star

When i saw i finally knew how bee lost His voice also it is a really funny movie with action

uniquebychoice - Pure CRAP1 star

I can’t even give this mess 2 stars!!!! Will not be adding this to my collection!

Ecabral100 - Just bad1 star

Man, this movie is BAD. What a waste of time and money. Maybe entertaining for some five year olds, but even my 8 year old son found it dumb.

TottenRomatoes - Great Fun5 star

More story and less robot battles makes for a fun movie. No political agendas. Just pure entertainment!!

bigmanliketheapp🙂👍🏻👏🏻 - Bumblebee is the bestTransformers movie ever5 star

Great voice cast and great CGI this what you call the best film and with the Autobots and the Decepticons have the best G1 versions can’t wait for the second film

Jinghiskhan - Time you will never get back...1 star

Best part is the soundtrack, a pick of the best from the 80’s (if there is such a thing).

scotfree16 - Boo2 star

As with every other Transformers movies, the special effects were amazing, but aside from that, this movie was corny and silly.

Gutteron2007 - Bumblebee5 star

His is one of the best transformers movies I have ever seen

Vigoroso - Not good2 star

Barely kept the movie on long enough to finish it

mauricio! - It was okay3 star

Thought the movie was good i don’t think it deserve 93% from rotten Tomatoes. I felt like they did to piss off Michael bay. Showing that his movie wasn’t as good as bumble bee. The only good thing about this movie I felt interested in was autobot world and last battle was good but overall movie was okay

Daceatx - Loved it5 star

I really enjoyed this moive. Seeing Bumblebee as a beetle brings me back to my childhood. I wonder what is next.

bottlecap1404 - Best transformers movie ever5 star

When the movie started it made my brain go boom bumblebee is #1

Cubanitoloco - Good5 star

I love the movie every body in family this the best movie so you should watch it

dlmnow - Brilliant fun5 star

No it isn’t the same as the others. That’s a good thing. Tremendous fun.

glitchstorm - I Can't Believe It's Not Bayverse!5 star

I love all Transformers media (except some of the mangas that we Don't Talk About) but this is easily my favorite of any of the movies. The Bay films had their moments but were overall a little... hard to get through. Trying too hard for the gritty AND the juvenile. This one? It's charming, it's heartfelt, it's funny, I sensed maybe something more than friendship between Bumblebee and Charlie but that could just be me projecting onto it... The designs are also MUCH easier on the eyes than previous live-action films, so (while I loved the OG live action designs) I much prefer these. They're easier to recognize, and also less of a pain to figure out what you're looking at. It feels true to the roots of the franchise being in their very silly 80s enemy of the week format, but it's also got nods to more modern pop culture and it's a breath of fresh air after all the endless death and grunge of Bay's TF films (and a lot of other films outside of this franchise). I loved it, and I'll be waiting happily for the next installment in this soft reboot series.

Spadeskid321 - A Needed Adrenaline shot for Transformers4 star

Bumblebee is an amazing Transformers movie with stunning visual effects! If you are a fan of Transformers G1 or a Transformers fan in general you will find something to appreciate in this movie! Highly recommended to anyone

Fenomen 39765 LOL - The best so far5 star

Good movie to be a sequel good action

Devo58 - Weak1 star

I couldn't make it half way.

trollymaster - Good movie5 star

It’s a good movie

Jucin - Kids movie1 star

Seriously what a waste.

ComputerTech1648 - Bumblebee is a Cinematic Masterpiece5 star

As a longtime follower and journalist of the Transformers franchise for 8 years through my YouTube channel, The Alfonso Nation, I can attest that this live-action film was exactly what the fanbase needed at this time. From the launch of Generation 1 character designs to the family-friendly humor, Bumblebee perfectly encapsulates the intention of Transformers. Its impact on us will always be remembered.

Border collie 912 - Wow5 star

But there were some good laughs like when Bee explains why he’s late to the fight and says “Sorry there was traffic”, when Bee plays the touch by Stan Busch making another relation to G1 and finally when he destroys that girls car with the eggs and him smashing it to scrap.

ha12ka4 - Is it actually a 2019 hollywood movie?1 star

I can’t believe the kind of cliché this movie had and the kind of business it did. I feel like just because our generation is more prone towards electronics/robotics etc etc, the writers felt like- ok, let’s take a story from 30 years old movie and replace humans with machines and make millions of dollars- and the worst part is, they succeeded with their plan.

btheinspired1 - meh2 star

Well, as an adult that loved all the other transformer movies, this was quite painful in comparison, in every capacity. If none of the other movies was ever made, and you where just expecting a kids/family movie night, then I could see how you could enjoy it.

catloverandrobloxlover - Meh😣1 star

What the heck people don’t watch it 😒

HondaCBR600Rider - Great Movie5 star

It’s not like the other transformers movies but this movie is really good. I bought this one as well and love it..

Autobotjedi - Best transformer live action movie hands down5 star

This is truly the start of a new franchise of movies without michael bay, there were some pros and cons of his movies but thats besides the point, this movie was the movie g1 fans were looking for and travis knight did a great job!!!!

Meena G - I didn’t like at all1 star

I didn’t like anything about this movie, bad acting... waste of money

Hakawolf - Awesome movie5 star

Loved this movie!!

N_Oteroo - 👇👇👇👇3 star

Great story line but horrible acting.

Horrorgirl96 - Loving this movie5 star

When I watch it, I do love it since bumblebee is my favorite transformer characters!

Casper_Gordies - Too much political correctness1 star

It’s the 80’s not true to it’s time. Bad characters development, to much political correctness.

spediceyy - Best Transformers movie to date5 star

This movie was by far the best movie in the franchise, with a good plot and great acting, this movie is everything transformers should be. The Colors pop, unlike the dull colour pallet the other transformer movies had. Overall I give this movie a 5 stars for the acting and work put into the movie.

yuleth - Meh. A few good moments; otherwise, predictable.2 star

I had high hopes for this film; I thought it was barely OK. Maybe if you're a diehard Transformer fan, this has something for you. But if you seek a well-written, interesting, unusual sci-fi experience, don't go here. The story was predictable, the characters wooden and under-developed. The graphics are fantastic and convincing, but is that alone worth your time? When sitting through an uninteresting, formulaic, and unnecessary story, great graphics are small compensation. I don't understand why the critics loved this movie. I'll sum it up for you: big robot is sent to earth, befriends girl, saves the world. Duh.

OG Thug 🦖🦖🦖 - Alright4 star

Not the best movie by Michael Bay but it sure was a good movie

Iron Movie - It’s ok3 star

Don’t fit together with the other Transformer movies the timeline is not correct. Because Bumblebee fights in world war 2 in The Last Knight. But it fits with the old cartoon.

Berkeley Rooster - Very Disappointing!1 star

1980s retro theme is a big failure. The script is hollow...the story and acting are shallow. Perhaps, this movie will appeal to some children if they are wearing dark gleasses that they can't see thru. Don't waste your time and money.

5 star

It to do they allow to identify bee photos during a hero

5 star

@tfw2005: Transformers Earthrise Wave 2 Battle Masters And Cyberverse Scout “Stealth” Bumblebee Spotted In Australia …

5 star

Kırk kez de izlesem hiç sıkılmayacağım tek film serisi 😍 #transformers #bumblebee teşekkürler @netflixturkiye

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@_sajot: in a bad place rn😂😂not mentally just under a dictatorship😂😂😂😂

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@Bumblebee_B127J それ、何かあったら寝ないってことでしょ! まったくもう、騙されないんだからね!

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@EnPelotasComic Nosotros tenemos el altavoz cabeza de Bumblebee (Transformers) y va de pm!

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@BobTarte Why does it mimic a Bumblebee? What does it have to gain?

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@Lesser_SS 寝ます寝ます 何も無ければ寝ますって!

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anis. intégration via @YouTube

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@na6eon: onces be like “these lyrics saved my life” and the lyrics are candy candy pop pop candy pop sugar sugar bop bop bumblebee

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Perhaps that, is the problem. Bumblebee, you... are not ME.

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