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An action-packed adventure that spans the vast, visually breathtaking underwater world of the seven seas, “Aquaman” reveals the origin story of half-human, half-Atlantean Arthur Curry and takes him on the journey of his lifetime—one that will not only force him to face who he really is, but to discover if he is worthy of who he was born to be…a king.

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Whoa Cuz
Aquabogus  Whoa Cuz  1 star

How many of these positive reviews are paid? This movie just sucked.

Dude the Nobody Knows ?!?
Best Movie of 2019 and all the years to come  Dude the Nobody Knows ?!?  5 star

I saw this movie in the theaters and I loved more than I thought I would considering I could have been home playing fortnite

boss Gavin
It was good  boss Gavin  4 star

It was not as good as bumblebee, but it was still pretty solid, oh and the fight scenes were still pretty lit

Political Suicide
The best movie ever  Political Suicide  5 star

I think that it is a very good movie

Really, really bad.  DickL13  1 star

This movie is as poorly written as Jason Momoa is charming — which is a significant amount. Willed Dafoe is a bizarre choice, Amber Heard is unremarkable, and Ms. Kidman is criminally under-utilized in a role that is far beneath her talents. I didn’t think this movie could get any dumber, and then... dinosaurs. I really wanted to like it, so I kept watching, waiting for the small, fun moments to overcome the utter atrociousness: well, the credits rolled, and I’m still waiting for it to get good.

Awesome film  AmalgamKing  5 star

It’s a really fun film that is beautifully shot

Best movie of 2018!  NavySis134  5 star

I seen the movie 3 times! I can’t wait for it to come out on digital and Blu-ray!!

ou yes  OneMadArseGuardian  5 star

loved it. now another pls

This movie the best  Sniperking26754  5 star

The reason for giving the movie all five is Bc these marvel movies have the tells of how they are born.

Meh  OPBBHR  3 star

It’s okay😐

It my new favourite movie  TheGeek436  5 star

It was good in effect action comedy and story I love it😁

Aquaman  RGF95  5 star


Digital Hellion
Canadian iTunes / USA iTunes 🇺🇸🔥🇨🇦  Digital Hellion  1 star

Good movie. Bad iTunes. In Canada if PG13 or R ratings on any film including tv series like Breaking Bad or American Horror Story will not be the same item found in the American iTunes. "Unrated" is a smoke screen. Check file size and runtimes in both locations & enjoy the new digital sales tax. Pass the word. I've been a supporter of everything Apple for a very long time but this is garbage. 👎🏼

Really Good  Smallville1108  5 star

The movie was really good! Dc redeemed itself after Justice League.

Blair Steeves
Wow!!!!  Blair Steeves  5 star

This is the best DC movie ever! This movie blew me out of the water (haha)

Pony lover 300
Best movie of all time  Pony lover 300  5 star

This is by far the best movie I’ve seen in 2018. Or maybe ever. Definitely the best Dc movie. Very meaningful. Not what you’d expect from the trailers at all. Very good soundtrack too. Can’t stop listening to it and I only watched it yesterday.

Wild RollerCoaster  BIGBOY902  5 star

This movie is the opposite of suicide squad, AWESOME! first dc movie I am pre-ordering.

Aquaman at his finest  SupermanFan97  5 star

Aquaman was the underdog in the past but now he’s one of DC’s Best Superheroes!!! This is a film you would not want to miss!!!

Wow  Canadianfoxfan  5 star

Blew my expectations, one of the years best! A visual masterpiece

Wildwitch Canada
Best movie of the year  Wildwitch Canada  5 star

I was quite impressed with the story, the acting and the special effects of this movie. I really highly recommend this movie if you need comedic relief and an escape from reality for 2 hours.

Awful  Geelongboy  1 star

What a heap of rubbish. The movie was complete and utter garbage. I’d rather watch an Adam Sandler movie.

5/5  RayMisha  5 star

Best movie of 2018!

im unnamed
😉  im unnamed  5 star

I love apples Buttt I love the movie more

Amazing  CHECK OUTS!!!  5 star

Verry cool and awesome movie, has so many cool things!!!!🔱👍🏻

Great movie  83NSN  4 star

Really good action adventure! Visual affects are amazing, great storyline & entertaining characters the cast did brilliant, loved Jason Momoa as Aquaman. Look forward to any future sequels

Favourite DC movie so far!  Uthellian  5 star

Favourite DC movie so far!

100/10  Courtneywaller  5 star

Amazing acting, incredible effects, perfect storyline The perfect movie

Outstanding  Bear208  5 star

One of the greatest action movies I’ve ever seen and a stunning feast for the eyes

BEST DC movie ever  Bereyeth  5 star

Watched twice already, can't stop it's soooooooooo awesome!!!

10/10  DankPan198  5 star

Amazing film. Action is spot on, and the music is just outstanding. Don't get me started on Visuals because it's sad that Aquaman didn't get nominated for OSCAR Best Visual Effects really.

dissapointed customer❗️
Great movie  dissapointed customer❗️  5 star

The scenes in this movie are so funny and it is also funny that he loves being a superhero and has lots of fun. Incredible and highly recommend you watch it.

Overrated  lm_1511  1 star


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