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An action-packed adventure that spans the vast, visually breathtaking underwater world of the seven seas, “Aquaman” reveals the origin story of half-human, half-Atlantean Arthur Curry and takes him on the journey of his lifetime—one that will not only force him to face who he really is, but to discover if he is worthy of who he was born to be…a king.

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Awful Writing and Dialogue  Yazyal  1 star

Crammed with as many lighting special effects that can be fit into the frame, the appearance is just a derivative of The Abyss. The dialogue sounds like it was written by someone in a high school drama class. Hey DC, yes super heroes are popular but you actually need more than a plug-hero-into-generic-revenge-plot strategy to make a good super hero movie. It’s bad.

Aqua man  riggz23  5 star

Great visual effects and also a great movie

Ronin Sherpa
This movie is fun! Sharks with frickin laser beams!  Ronin Sherpa  4 star

Aquaman and Wonder Woman are the two watchable DC movies. Jason Momoa is used to his strengths which are being a Dude Bro and being a beautiful Dude Bro. There are sharks with frickin' lasers on their heads in this movie. Popcorn summer crash-em-up movie full of meaningless banter with beautiful people and stuff blowing up. This movie is fun.

Great content  zachtho  5 star

It’s a movie, something’s are not suppose to look real. By far one of my favorite superheroes

Melissa Huddleston
Great movie  Melissa Huddleston  5 star

Great movie affects, great story line, great characters and great for the family

Doctor Zom
Crap  Doctor Zom  2 star

Crap. Just crap. Bad.

Good superhero movie  MauTrevino  4 star

Not at all at the marvel imposed industry standard but not the worst in the DC universe

So good 😊 👌🏽🐷❤️  DV🐷  5 star

Personally I think you haters all are jerks .. and that you should go get a hobby you people are hipacrits .... this movie is amazing 😉 love it especially when aquaman finds him mom again but I hate arranged marriage bleh 😢🤮😬

Brought the DC Universe back to life  copedip1776  5 star

Best DCU movie to date Wonder Woman is #2. Suicide Squad trash. Justice League trash. Batman vs Superman trash. Aquaman soooo good,the plot how he got his trident and everything in between was incredible can’t wait for number 2!

Awesome!  Morla0397  5 star

Great movie! Love it!

There’s such a thing as too much CGI  PanoramaWinds  1 star

I’m just glad that I got this movie as a promotion and didn’t have to pay for it. The CGI detracts from what could’ve possibly been a good story if it’s weren’t so formulaic. Piss off a bad guy by killing someone he loves...? come on dummy.

Fun  joeschmoe28  5 star

A fun ride of a movie! Thoroughly enjoyable!

Ok  VioletteLily  4 star

It was good to watch one time, but i won’t watch it again

Sweet...  Varo^  4 star

2 legit 2 quit...

Garbage  left888  1 star

Possibly the worst movie I watched this year. I love Marvel Comic movies, most of them anyways. This DC comic movie is terrible, absoulete CRAP!

6.99 NOPE  spzr  1 star

too much for too little

Fantastic Family Fun  Mox_Nix  5 star

Outstanding Special Effects. Undersea World. The acting is OK too.

Excellent movie, Aquaman  Hydralisk211  5 star

Its amazing story from a World underwater.

DC rules  HAR EL  5 star

This movie was awesome it wasn’t choppy, they stuck to his original origin unlike some marvel movies

Good for under 18  fotobahn  2 star

Really bad humour and cheesy jokes...ruins the whole movie. A good teen movie at best!

Average  MuseT12  1 star


Expected the best and saw the worst  7jkw7  2 star

Was looking at other reviews prior to watching the movie and thought how could they give it a 1 star. This is nothing like the other super hero movies. The storyline was all over the place, had no idea who certain characters where or their purpose in the film and the worst part was I could not connect with any of the characters. The movie overall I thought was quite boring

Better than expected  den9754  4 star

I’m not a big DC fan but thought I’d give aquaman a go. I was surprised how much I actually enjoyed it! For a movie that’s mostly underwater I thought the visual effects were quite well done. I enjoyed the storyline and would certainly watch a sequel to this.

Terrible  SeanF66  1 star

There is nothing redeeming about this film. It is so bad I abandoned it after 45 minutes. Predictable storyline, terrible acting and unconvincing special effects. Complete waste of time and money.

Roger B.A.
It’s too boring.  Roger B.A.  2 star

Beautiful pictures but terrible story.

Computer Generated Imager Showcase  Micha-Sascha  1 star

The story is not only weak, but decrepit, performances meaningless and even though this film is clearly made to show off the CGI capabilities of the studio and team, actually, there are a lot of examples when the CGI is plain dreadful. And the effects on Kidman are a bit disturbing, whihc is a real shame.

Clarksons Dad
Worse than Waterworld  Clarksons Dad  1 star

Absolutely cringeworthy

Terrible movie  Gfdsat  1 star

Terrible movie, bad acting and storyline

Awful  Viszen  1 star

Terrible script. Awful acting. Story was weak, generic, boring and unimaginative. Cheap looking cgi. What a complete waste of money.

I want my money back  Evermore8888  1 star

So ordinary I want my money back

#  jenntl  4 star

Better than I thought, lots of cgi

Was alright  hayesisgriffin  4 star

Was a bit fast paced other than that it’s very fantastised

Bad adaptation  morf114  4 star

Good movie being Aquaman but movie is pure cheese with severe over/bad acting from antagonist, skipping the first 22 mins would see this a good movie but you would miss the story line.

Yeah..... OK(ish)  NZ-Griff  1 star

I bought this one on the Rotten Tomatoes review that it was funny..... err... No!! (I’ve seen milk go funnier). Visually appealing, storyline and active like a PS3 game. Would I ever watch it more than once? Hell No!’ Pales into insignificance besides Venom.

Average at best  Brad0122  3 star

Too much story crammed into such a short time. Wait till it’s on Netflix

One of finer DCEU movies  JJoedster  5 star

Too bad some green-eyed another comic cinematic universe fans can’t take it

Aquaman  Bumbleboy1  5 star

10/10 would recommend

Greatest movie ever  will123456786  5 star

The movie was really awesome graphics are on point recommend seeing it 😀

dissapointed customer❗️
Great movie  dissapointed customer❗️  5 star

The scenes in this movie are so funny and it is also funny that he loves being a superhero and has lots of fun. Incredible and highly recommend you watch it.

Overrated  lm_1511  1 star


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