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An action-packed adventure that spans the vast, visually breathtaking underwater world of the seven seas, “Aquaman” reveals the origin story of half-human, half-Atlantean Arthur Curry and takes him on the journey of his lifetime—one that will not only force him to face who he really is, but to discover if he is worthy of who he was born to be…a king. Once home to the most advanced civilization on Earth, Atlantis is now an underwater kingdom ruled by the power-hungry King Orm. With a vast army at his disposal, Orm plans to conquer the remaining oceanic people and then the surface world. Standing in his way is Arthur Curry, Orm's half-human, half-Atlantean brother and true heir to the throne. Aquaman (2018) Wiki

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Aquaman (2018) (2018)

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Aquaman (2018) Movie Reviews

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- Throw this movie in the ocean1 star

Aquaman is a tattooed, alcoholic oh so funny har har har!! Just awful. It is disgusting what they did to Aquaman. The plot is awful, and it is a CGI fest. Thankfully Shazam made me forget about this trainwreck.

- Meh....2 star

Some acting was good, but the fight scenes... Not so. Also, a lot of movies have drums in their fight scenes, so let's have drums under water; and we'll have an octopus playing eight of them.

- Sci-fi Masterpiece5 star

This movie is one of the best superhero movie. I have never seen a superhero movie like this


James Wan hace un gran trabajo como director en esta película, visualmente es deslumbrante y hermosa, el mundo de Atlantis es magnífico e interesante, la historia es muy cautivadora y funciona perfecto para la película, tocan temas con respecto a la contaminación que causamos los humanos a la tierra y eso es muy rescatable, Patrick Wilson es un gran acierto para Ocean Master, sin duda es lo mejor como villano, Jason Momoa se nota que ama al personaje e interpreta al Rey de Atlantis muy bien, la película en conclusión es PERFECTA

- This movie sounds kinda fishy4 star

Aquaman is the most entertaining but solid DC film since batman vs superman. Jason Momoa is fantastic as the humoress aquaman who is treated like a godamn joke.


Get rid of Amber Heard. I won’t see the sequel to this movie unless she’s gone. She beat her husband. Disney dropped Johnny Depp with no proof costing him millions of dollars and his reputation. GET RID OF AMBER HEARD!



- Get invested! The Gungan City is angry!2 star

So... um... what did I witness? I finally watched Aquaman... yaaaaaaay Pros Aquaman is pretty flat through the movie, there are small moments that give him character and make him likable though! The crab boios at the end are pretty rad looking Black Manta was really good, easily the best part of the movie Cons The cgi, while impressive, is so... Star Wars Prequely... it just looks artificial Steppenwolf was mentioned... I hate it... Speaking of him, Orm is as boring as Steppenwolf, but doesn’t even hav ethe courtesy of looking cool. Every time he was on screen I laughed. He’s not intimidating in the slightest (especially when he gets that stupid helmet in the finale). The worst part is that if they wanted a good antagonist BLACK MANTA IS RIGHT THERE! Every character (who isn’t Black Manta or the titular) is forgettable, except Willam Defoe because I screamed his name every time he was onscreen Aquaman is pretty much just trying to be Thor... but worse IN CONCLUSION This is the most forgettable DC movie, for sure! How did they make this and then a legit masterpiece?! Anyway... 4/10... that’s enough superheroes for awhile...

- Aquaman5 star

Don’t let kids see this because they will not have a good sleep at home because it will give them nightmares.

- Wonderfully Stupid3 star

Aquaman is a thoroughly entertaining kitchen sink blockbuster which features one of the most generic and stupid scripts ever, but is brought to life with electric exuberance thanks to James Wan's love of goofy as hell action spectacle.

- SERIOUSLY....1 star

I’m not sure what made Patrick Wilson and Willam Defoe do this movie. They are better than this. Too long, I didn’t catch the beginning and I fell a sleep for awhile. What I did see I thought it was corny. This is on television.

- Complete and utter rubbish.1 star

Mostly momoa's acting. It makes you want to cry for him and how bad he is.

- Waste1 star

A waste of time. A computer generated cartoon.

- Drezo5 star

One of the best movie ever 🙌🏾💪🏾👍🏾💯🔥

- Aquaman rules!5 star

After seeing this movie I felt so good and patriotic! Especially the part at the aquarium. The people who say it is bad clearly did not pay attention to the movie at all! There was plenty of action and adventure, not to mention some comedy. Plus, people say it is a waste of electricity, but it is not! They have to fit in all of the important events don’t they!? Well, anyways, after watching this movie, it was my favorite movie, and Aquaman was my favorite superhero. Please, if you haven’t watched this movie, please do so.

- CGI abomination, soulless and lifeless.1 star

Aquaman is an empty, uninspired exercise in bloated CGI and unappealing characters. Our hero is a dull witted brute who is impossible to relate to, and the rest of the characters are simple templates, easily forgotten. The stakes feel nonexistent as the whole affair descends into on orgy of paint by numbers action.



- Aquaman5 star

I love the movie. Cant wait for another one.

- Good Film!4 star

DC definitely has its work cut out for them when it comes to the Marvel franchise. However, this film was good. Jason did an excellent job protraying Aquaman. I thought the casting was brilliant for this film. I can't wait to see what else they have in store.

- Venom 10005 star

The best thing I think about this movie was the constant references to the comics I liked how they flehshed out black manta

- Movie is one of the best. Don’t believe the Corruption5 star

I rarely write a review. Meaning, you will not find one unless you look years ago. I BELIEVED SOME OF THE INITIAL REVIEWS AND DIDNT GO TO SEE IT IN THEATERS OR ON ITUNES. I I finally watched and WOW. If you can remember the old school days of Aquaman and the Superfriends, you will not be disappointed. I honestly believe the negative ratings are some sort of corruption and Conspiracy in the movie/film industry.Jealous of director, producer or trying to stall Jason Mimoa’s career. You will not be disappointed. I’ll never pay attention to professional screeners again. Probably just angry they didn’t get wined, dined and ...

- Aquaman4 star

I really did like this movie but Aquaman isn’t really my favorite hero.

- It was Ok I guess2 star

Action scenes are great ... it’s a bit cheesy but it’s a decent movie

- Best DC MOVIE EVER and so refreshing and natural5 star

Please go see this fantastic DC Movie it’s really cool and awesome and amazing 🏝🌊🦈🦈🐳🐬🐟🐠🐙🦑🦐🦞🦀#AQUAMAN

- I couldn’t even watch it1 star

So I bought the movie hopping that I could watch it a that time but it turns out that you have to have WiFi to watch it so I ended up buying it on YouTube and spent 6$ instead of 3 I watch a movie on this 3 weeks ago and I didn’t have to have WiFi

- Aqua man5 star

I think that this movie was one of my favorites!!!!!!!!!!

- Good5 star

This movie is actually awesome and epic I love how they told the story but in live action the unwater final battle when they had the war it was a little cheaese becuse it was under weter but it was good

- Power Rangers under water1 star

If I was making a Top 10 worsts super hero movies this would make the list. The costumes and setting honestly remind me of Power Rangers.

- By far the worst2 star

Of all the movies in this series, this is the worst. All the Avenger and associated movies are a great go-to action escape. They're just good, solid action movies. Except this one. It falls into all the traps of a cheesy, lowest-common-denominator sub-par action flick. Oh well.

- @[email protected]@n w!II $w!m5 star

Eye [email protected] @[email protected]@n 3 +!me$. @[email protected]@n [email protected] @[email protected]$ [email protected] fun $w!mm!n' !n +he [email protected] & @I$0 Eye [email protected] +h!$ DC C0m!c f!Im !n [email protected] 0n December 21, 2018 & [email protected] !+ !n [email protected]+re$ '[email protected]!n 0n [email protected] 8, 2019 & '[email protected]!n 0n July 19, 2019 @+ +he [email protected] Eye l0ve +h!$ DC C0mic m0v!e 4ever.

- .5 star

I would watch this again

- DC Blows It Again1 star

DC, once again, manages to cast a great actor for a superhero role and then blows it making the actual movie. Screenplay: terrible. Directing: lame. VFX: sad. Looks like the box office was good enough to make a sequel. That should be better because I cannot imagine it being worse than this.

- Love this movie!!!5 star

I saw this movie twice I liked it so much. Lol

- Not working1 star

This is my second time to download the movie and i couldnt watch because of error accured.. i would like a refund for renting this movie TWICE

- Aqua man is hot5 star

He’s hot . Fun movie .

- Slow film, but the payoff is worth the wait.4 star

The film can get slow at times (like any origin story) but the payoff is worth the 2 and a half hours. Best DC movie in years behind Wonder Woman.

- throwaway1871 star

They nickelbacked it.

- An entertaining ride5 star

This movie is packed with action, amazing visuals and well-developed characters. At times there can be some uninspired dialogue or a joke that just doesn't land, but none of that is enough to hurt the final product. Don't let the Marvel bots keep you from watching this. Saw it in theaters and then bought it here on iTunes. It's that good!

- Uhhhhnnnn5 star

Jason Momoa!

- Aquamany4 star

Wow so much to see. It took me two days to see it. Thank God I could rent it and watch it in bed. As a disabled incontinent person I would have never made it through the whole thing at the theater. I wanted to see it when it first came out but missed it on direct tv. My wife didn’t want to spend the money since somehow on direct tv our bill always goes up whenever we try to reduce it. Your probably wondering where the f is the review but be patient all this stuff is part of my reality in watching a movie. The only other movie I’ve been excited to seeing was 2049 so when my son gifted me an itunes gift card I got 2049 and aqua man. If u were to ask me what it was about I’d be hard pressed to tell you. At 74 staying awake was a challenge and between checking if my fav had logged on it was hard to keep it all straight. Another problem is I’m watching this movie on an iPad that should best be seen in imax and a 100foot high screen. I kept turning my head so i could get a clear view thru my glasses. I don’t know how but I enjoyed the movie. I was surprised to see Nicole Kidman in movie I thought she was washed up after she married that bone head fake cowboy of hers. I still hate him for what he did to Tristan McIntosh on American idol. You should hear her sing silent night. I don’t think I could watch it again but I came away with the same feeling I went in with and that’s looking forward to seeing the movie. Oh by the way I always thought aqua man was kind of wimpy so I never read his comic whereas now I might read it if given a copy.

- Weak plot & Manta Villain2 star

Too many plot lines and two clear villains. Manta looks ridiculous. More insect than sea monster. Several fight styles such as Princess and Marvels Scarlet Witch. Effects were good. Jason Momoa swears too much and is more bar buddy than King. I liked him in Stargate Atlantis, but he needs to show brain and brawn in future films. Your team needs to find a unique production design genius. Try some fresh talent from Japanese anime or magazines. Enhance dialogue: I am the pirate of the Seven Seas and you are Aquaman. We must be enemies! Then the father of Manta uses two grenades inside a submarine, which causes the sinking and the torpedoe to trap him. Really dumb for a skilled pirate, me thinks. Overreaching and too much cost for CGI. Take 1-2 movies to develop or watchers wont be invested.

- Movie5 star

I thought this movie was amazing

- not good2 star

Don't get me wrong I really wanted to like it. Granted it is really hard to edit the special effects to a movie based 90% under water but it just felt wrong everything about it was out of place and the logic behind the writing was far fetched. The acting was mediocre and the writing was even worse. I wanted this to be a great movie and it could have turned out alot worse it just wasn't what I wanted from an epic Aquaman movie. They crammed so many details about the atlantis plot line and the seven kingdoms of the sea into way to short of a time span leaving no room or time to really dwell on the important aspects of the plot. The need for excess naration to convey the plot shows a lack of effort on the filmakers duty to show the story instead of feeding you everything with crapy naration. I wanted so much more out of this movie. It is a great example of how a brilliant plot can be watered down by trying to fit to much into one story. I hope one day the production studios that make DC's movies realize that by following there current structure of movie making they will never truly be able to convey a truly thought provoking and emotionally moving storyline.

- Not bad, so much potential, worth watching when bored3 star

Not bad, so much potential, worth watching when bored.

- Good movie if you’re not a comic/movie snob5 star

If you want to be entertained, this is a good movie. I thought it funny that someone thought bringing a dinosaur type of animal was too far...but fish people is fine, really? I didn’t like the main villain much, it seemed a mismatch with the actor playing it, & lost potential of the story. But that’s just writing & such, I was entertained & had a few laughs. I never was much of a DC kid growing up, but I know aqua man was a bit of a joke from some “Robot Chicken” episodes. This movie he is a lot cooler, liked the Pacific islander angle.

- It’s still a DC movie3 star

Just like every dc movie it has its bad, terrible, and horrible moments but definitely the best dc movie of the decade so far

- Very good movie4 star

Growing up as a kid Superman was about the only comic book movie I saw til X-Men and Spider Man started hitting the screens. I think this was a pretty cool look into the DC Universe. I did find the family drama a little over the top. SPOILER ALERT: It should have been more of a Tommy Boy style of “I HAVE A BROTHER?? BROTHER!!” And not “How dare you come out of the same womb as me even though you got here first and it wasn’t your fault you were born.” Entertaining story and would definitely love a sequel where the brothers finally decide to work together

- BETTER for a DCEU entry, but still stupid2 star

Aquaman had a TON of potential. It really did. disappointed. I really loved the visuals, music and humor in this film. It made it a more fun experience. But the script was terribly written. Black Manta was a super unnecessary addition and really distracted from the main story. The massive underwater battle really made up for a lot of the crap this movie had, but it couldn’t overcome some terrible acting and the cheesy underwater hair waving.

- Little Disappointed2 star

Have to admit I was a little disappointed. Looked like a lot of money went into this production but the story was so weak and full of holes. Characters showing up out of nowhere without any back story or reason why. Although this is all fantasy, it just didn’t make any sense. Yeah, definitely disappointed.

- Amazing fighting5 star

This movie has some epic well made fight scenes.

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👋💕💕😄🙂 fhh - Good5 star

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CaptainNomad98 - The Best Movie In The DCEU4 star

I Love This Movie Since It First Came Out Jason Momoa Is Awesome As Aquaman The Story Is Great The Action Sequences Is Awesome The Visual Effects & The CGI Is Amazing Overall This Is One Of My Favourite Movies OF The DCEU

deepu9032 - Worst movie1 star

Totally waste of time ...don’t waste your time

Comic Book Kidd - DC decent into mediocrity1 star

Green Lantern just got elevated to a new Hight in the DC scale of quality movies. The writers for this are all power ranger rejects that don't know how to put a story together. There are a lot of neat stills to be taken from this movie, but when you put them together. they fail miserably. The focus of this story will appeal to preteens trying their first marijuana brownies. if you have a lot of them it could be fun. I spent $0.99 on the rental and feel ripped off. DC needs to read these stories before they go to movie. Who invests in this crap???

#playsgameswithadorablealiens - 😬2 star

I’m sure the movie was as good as everyone is saying it is, but the soundtrack 😬. Ocean To Ocean by Pitbull ruined the movie for me. Will not be seeing Aquaman for that very reason

PanoramaWinds - There’s such a thing as too much CGI1 star

I’m just glad that I got this movie as a promotion and didn’t have to pay for it. The CGI detracts from what could’ve possibly been a good story if it’s weren’t so formulaic. Piss off a bad guy by killing someone he loves...? come on dummy.

joeschmoe28 - Fun5 star

A fun ride of a movie! Thoroughly enjoyable!

VioletteLily - Ok4 star

It was good to watch one time, but i won’t watch it again

Varo^ - Sweet...4 star

2 legit 2 quit...

left888 - Garbage1 star

Possibly the worst movie I watched this year. I love Marvel Comic movies, most of them anyways. This DC comic movie is terrible, absoulete CRAP!

spzr - 6.99 NOPE1 star

too much for too little

Mox_Nix - Fantastic Family Fun5 star

Outstanding Special Effects. Undersea World. The acting is OK too.

Hydralisk211 - Excellent movie, Aquaman5 star

Its amazing story from a World underwater.

HAR EL - DC rules5 star

This movie was awesome it wasn’t choppy, they stuck to his original origin unlike some marvel movies

fotobahn - Good for under 182 star

Really bad humour and cheesy jokes...ruins the whole movie. A good teen movie at best!

SonosOne - Extrêmement mauvais1 star

Film long et ennuyant.

Jodie Cowan - WORST movie I've EVER seen1 star

From the under developed plot, to the horrible graphics, to the cheesy green screens and boring predictiable dialogue; this topped the charts for the worst movie I've seen. If they put more than 5 minutes concentrated effort into this movie it was too much.

plumcoullee - Great movie4 star

Beautiful, action packed, Aquaman is easy to look at...

Rockstar_JJ - This will be a cult classic because of how bad it is2 star

Just a friendly warning, do not waste your time watching Aquaman. Although I like the lead actor, he is a very cool dude, the movie is a joke.

blcksunn88 - Horrible!1 star

65% rating is way too generous for this boring and poorly acted movie. I literally fell asleep half way in and couldn't believe how Amber Heard got this role. Someone needs to teach her how to act!! I am also tired of seeing botox face Nicole Kidman trying to play someone half her age (I think she is in her 50's....eek!). She is old, and you can't fool me, so please Hollywood stop putting her in roles made for much, much younger women. It is highly unbeliebable and annoying! At least Momoa does not try to be someone he is not. You could tell he had fun playing the role and appeared not to take it too seriously, so thumbs up for his honesty. Please do not waste your money on this disaster, I feel soooo cheated!!!

SoccerFan2014 - Better then I ever thought it would be5 star

I thought Aquaman was an amazing movie! Story was great, actual had a good plot, action scenes where wicked. A must see movie! I recommend it.

terminizer - Amazing!5 star

Worth your money and time!

xJamberx - Snyder is gone!4 star

and all of a sudden, DC movies are enjoyable :) while i enjoyed MoS & BvS you can def see why this movie put those snyder-verse movies in it's shadow, totally different tone

Best movie of 2018 - Wow😍😍😍❤️5 star

Love this movie so much

Robuxlover - Aqua man5 star

It should win an oscars it’s so good

Dutch7201 - special effect4 star

one off the better DC movie. loved it

maureendecelles - Loved it!5 star

Jason Mamoa is Aquaman. He rocks the character. His girlfriend Amber Heard isn’t essential to the movie. He so out acts her.

Fennec25 - Story5 star

It gave me superman vibes. The superman vibes home world that is fake and a couple of powers

SRGRMB - Super Movie5 star

The acting was out standing, special effects was great. I loved the story. Brother against brother, a mothers love for her sons and her first mate was great. The story of Atlantis never ever grows old. I truly enjoyed this movie from beginning to end,.

MJ Abrams - Visually stunning and action packed.4 star

I got to watch this in the IMAX so it was definitely different than a home viewing. I still can’t get over how beautiful the city of Atlantis was and the final battle. So cool! The one liners were funny but sometimes a bit cringe.

The Bionic Man - What’s the problem5 star

For the ones who gave bad reviews just remember how many people work really hard to make a feature like this, great special effects, great story, great cast, most importantly as a DC animated movie fan I have always wondered how the motion pictures could never achieve the fantastic surrealism of the DC animated universe until now, this is the best DC movie yet and a doorway into the real DC Universe

Vita0911 - The Best DC ever!!!5 star

This movie is awesome! Everyone did an amazing job, especially Jason!

Frank Dumont - Love it!5 star

This movie was incredible and captivating to watch. I’m recommending it!

Superherofangroup - Not What i was hoping for3 star

With all the hype i've heard was expecting something great but as i watched I noticed alots of ideas taken from other movies and placed into this. There is no dout theres lots of detail in movie and yes awsome aquaman suit. Changes in story line not going over to good.

Wrathh - Finally another decent DC movie5 star

My only complaint is the 16:9 aspect ratio instead of the theatrical one.

JDanials - More fake 5 star reviews1 star

This is another DC blah, movie. Don’t trust movie reviews anymore. Rent don’t buy!

Manning2072 - SJW1 star

Just more politics lecture SJW BS

temijun - Disappointing and long2 star

Billed as fun, mostly mopey, characters not developed and likely not much better if so. Visuals are good.

Deere73 - It was.....ok2 star

Wished I could have gotten my money back. Over saturated with special effects...and I usually like special effects.

Stingerman2 - So great4 star

Goes way beyond amazing special effects. Great story with characters you could feel for and sometimes connect with. My new fav superhero, Aquaman.

TheGeek436 - It my new favourite movie5 star

It was good in effect action comedy and story I love it😁

RGF95 - Aquaman5 star


Smallville1108 - Really Good5 star

The movie was really good! Dc redeemed itself after Justice League.

Blair Steeves - Wow!!!!5 star

This is the best DC movie ever! This movie blew me out of the water (haha)

Pony lover 300 - Best movie of all time5 star

This is by far the best movie I’ve seen in 2018. Or maybe ever. Definitely the best Dc movie. Very meaningful. Not what you’d expect from the trailers at all. Very good soundtrack too. Can’t stop listening to it and I only watched it yesterday.

BIGBOY902 - Wild RollerCoaster5 star

This movie is the opposite of suicide squad, AWESOME! first dc movie I am pre-ordering.

SupermanFan97 - Aquaman at his finest5 star

Aquaman was the underdog in the past but now he’s one of DC’s Best Superheroes!!! This is a film you would not want to miss!!!

Canadianfoxfan - Wow5 star

Blew my expectations, one of the years best! A visual masterpiece

Wildwitch Canada - Best movie of the year5 star

I was quite impressed with the story, the acting and the special effects of this movie. I really highly recommend this movie if you need comedic relief and an escape from reality for 2 hours.

JerSir98 - James Wan is definitely an artist5 star

I think it’s the best movie I ever seen since a long time.It’s visually stunning.I can’t explain how it’s so great.An incredible adventure with a lot of action elements and camera motions mastered perfectly.Trust me,Aquaman is a blast.I can’t wait for the sequel!

JeroKilvo - Utter rubbish1 star

Hands down, this is the worst movie I have ever sat through. Words cannot describe how horrendous this is. How... how did this get made? You will get more entertainment out of setting your money on fire and eating it while its still burning than spending it on this garbage. There are no redeeming features. This needs to be thrown in to the pits of hell and never spoken of again. K bye

rmslcs - Mixed reviews4 star

I liked it, my 30+ daughters hated it, some of my friends liked it and some hated it.

pat…1967 - Aqua man blows2 star

Not a good film. Action scenes are ok Whoever wrote the dialogue needs to be banished to the bottom of the ocean



Red Rubber Husky - Trash1 star

Like watching a selfish friend playing a computer game which takes hours and hours and this friend's so egotistical, he even goes through all the boring token 'story' bits, rather than at least jumping to the cartoon-like action sequences, and getting on with the silliness. And, by the time his turn's up, you're so over it, because you actually want to get outside and look at a non-CG sky, even if it's overcast, and watch falling objects like leaves actually obey the laws of physics rather than cardboard characters jumping from planes without parachutes who land, unscathed, in sand dunes, with not so much as a scratch, because, er, um... because this is fantasy and film audiences have the mental ages of two-year-old's. Total trash.

GJBMcN - For a Fish Movie There's An Awful Lot of Ham3 star

Whilst there's a lot of Wow and Shockingly Good Awe on the screen, the human side of this movie is "hammy". Overdramatised and underthought enjoy a definitely a big screen movie when are we going better a higher definition of acting and screenplay that matches the High Definition of modern filming? It's the Black Panther Underwater edition.

Joodarse - Great!5 star

Excellent movie. Amber Heard delivered a stellar performance

Vivia8 - LOVE IT!!!!!5 star

I’ve watch it sooo many times!

Kushmunasinghe - He’s badass but the movie......4 star

Action packed movie with many stories crammed in. Overall liked it but kinda too much to comprehend sometimes.

[email protected]$100 - Good movie 🙂4 star

This was a great movie but there where some parts that scared me, and some of the colours where way to bright but honestly one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.

Sagebear33 - Probably the worst movie I have ever seen1 star

Only got about 20 minutes into it the constant narration is terrible. It like watching David Attenborough for Aquaman, very disappointing.

D75325895 - Meh2 star

At least when Suicide Squad was bad you could laugh at it. If you want to make National Treasure with Aquaman that’s fine, but don’t start that plot an hour into a two and a half hour movie.

KATEO!! - Best movie I’ve seen in years 👏🏼5 star

Absolutely loved this movie!!!!

Takemeawayplease - Not worth the money1 star

Bad acting, predictable, boring, violent... what a waste of money.

MuseT12 - Average1 star


7jkw7 - Expected the best and saw the worst2 star

Was looking at other reviews prior to watching the movie and thought how could they give it a 1 star. This is nothing like the other super hero movies. The storyline was all over the place, had no idea who certain characters where or their purpose in the film and the worst part was I could not connect with any of the characters. The movie overall I thought was quite boring

den9754 - Better than expected4 star

I’m not a big DC fan but thought I’d give aquaman a go. I was surprised how much I actually enjoyed it! For a movie that’s mostly underwater I thought the visual effects were quite well done. I enjoyed the storyline and would certainly watch a sequel to this.

SeanF66 - Terrible1 star

There is nothing redeeming about this film. It is so bad I abandoned it after 45 minutes. Predictable storyline, terrible acting and unconvincing special effects. Complete waste of time and money.

Roger B.A. - It’s too boring.2 star

Beautiful pictures but terrible story.

Micha-Sascha - Computer Generated Imager Showcase1 star

The story is not only weak, but decrepit, performances meaningless and even though this film is clearly made to show off the CGI capabilities of the studio and team, actually, there are a lot of examples when the CGI is plain dreadful. And the effects on Kidman are a bit disturbing, whihc is a real shame.

Clarksons Dad - Worse than Waterworld1 star

Absolutely cringeworthy

Gfdsat - Terrible movie1 star

Terrible movie, bad acting and storyline

Viszen - Awful1 star

Terrible script. Awful acting. Story was weak, generic, boring and unimaginative. Cheap looking cgi. What a complete waste of money.

Evermore8888 - I want my money back1 star

So ordinary I want my money back

Bwest95 - Great movie fromDC5 star

Loved this movie from start to finish. It’s so clear to see the children/haters in the reviews below... they’re nothing but liars cause it was a great movie that has something for everyone. Definitely recommend everybody goes and sees it or buy it as you won’t be disappointed! It’s nothing like any other DC flick

CTMplays - Disappointed1 star

This movie had so much potential but they waste it all. Some characters are only there to add more screen time. Don’t know how this movie gets over 70 percent

CraigyBaby78 - Bad.... just bad.1 star

So bad that I fell asleep, as the insides of my eyelids were much more exciting. Does Apple offer a satisfaction guarantee for rentals? Save your money, or not. The power is yours!

BUCK1985 - Aquaman like eating KFC you know you’ll regret it later.1 star

Yet another disjointed CGI display from DC. The whole thing looked like an over the top mens aftershave ad. Nothing relatable or stirring.

SpikeMichael - Visually spectacular.5 star

A must see in 4K HDR!

AngelisMusic - It's a childhood fantasy and not much more3 star

It's a love story. Ho hum...This movie is extremely visually stimulating... but it's so predictable. I loved the idea of it but it seriously lacks any kind of interesting plot. There was a theme of 'mercy' that should have been much more prominent and would have built a character of more substance but unfortunatly Aquaman just comes off as a half-wit who accidentally was surrounded by smarter and more talented women who wanted him to be king.

rover07 - Spectacle4 star

The films has absolutely spectacular special effects but the downside of this is that the special effects detract signifcantly from the characters themselves.

Nickname33f - its a half step up from the Justice League movie2 star

It's OK. It's still not as great as I thought it was going to be. I did like the special effects in some parts of the film and Jason Momoa is nice to look at, but DC still haven't stepped up their game from the disappointment of the previous Justice League movie. Not to mention I'm still recovering from the deeply underwhelming Suicide Squad :(

riethmuller - Worst. Movie. Ever.1 star

This Movie was terrible. Genuinely horrible script. Bad acting. Not worth the $.

Deaf - WET WET WET WET1 star

Drowning by numbers

LordGoh - awesome movie5 star

better than what i expected. love watching it with my boy. scott goh from scott goh photography

ben&cat - Childish dum1 star

No sorry, so much money spent for something barely watchable predictable and occult

KM 26 - Amazing!!!5 star

That was best movie ever! I love Arthur said “Ow” 😂😂. Few funny scenes 👌🏻👌🏻. I love Aquaman!!

Zrgrvty - Terrible1 star

I can’t believe this movie is so highly rated. The constant animation of the characters makes it hard to watch at times and omg the guy’s red hair is just annoying!

Chri5Hill3 - DISAPPOINTING2 star

I am an unadulterated super hero movie junkie, but this latest offering from DC is almost enough to turn me off the genre. Whilst eagerly anticipated, it was a major disappointment.

Pommie07 - Ok not awesome3 star

Don’t believe the hype, it’s a decent watch but no way one of the best superhero movies more a rental than a buy.

Missxstatic - Enjoyed The Movie4 star

The movie itself, is of great quality. I was shocked that I actually got to view the movie, since I haven’t been able to download it - it was a long and gruelling wait, watching so many seconds at a time. Usually when it won’t download, it won’t play. It just would be better if I was able to access it.

nalz1234567890 - the best!5 star

Superb movie!

ArtXXXXX - Predictable4 star

Very good movie, but I wasn’t surprised even once by the story.

DemonWolf96 - its so good, i just wish justice league was better5 star

idk why, but for some reason i always find that the dc solo movies are so much more better than the big team up films like justice league and bvs, they always feel rushed and incomplete, where as the solo movies are always better and tell alot more, i thourouhly enjoyed this movie and im looking forward to watching it again, i also think that now this is good that shazam will also be good, keep it up dc with the solo movies, they are awesome, next time you do justice league take your time like with these movies and maybe they will be good

Ayla78 - Better than expected4 star

DC had a rocky start. Batman and Superman movies are dry and awful. Nailed it with Wonder Woman but then ruined the Amazons in Justice League. I saw Aquaman solely for Jason Momoa but the movie as a whole was better than I expected it would be. Although there are too many jump scares using explosions - worked out to be one every 20mins or so. Don’t expect too much and it’s fun.

Down Under Man - Tron Meets DC5 star

This is one of the finest superhero movies other than Wonder Woman! From the music to the overall style of everything reminds me of Tron Legacy!

Thomas Robson - Great movie5 star

This is an amazing movie go Jason momoa

iamloislane - Aquaman rocks5 star

You can’t possibly e disappointed with how beautiful this film is, action packed and omg Momoa is just ❤️

MacWorld2015 - Movie brilliance5 star

A great movie with a great story and great visuals No wonder it made more money than Wonder Woman and other DC Movies It had great humour and great acting. Congratulations

xXBoxingXx - Great Movie5 star

Absolutely loved the movie, the CGI was great. I still don’t understand what reason genesect had i this movie apart from a potential sequel...

AirBNB 🎁10 star

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Sal - He’s not THAT hot...2 star

To put up with this misogyny

hotrod743 - Very Good5 star

Watch it!!!

VirtuallyUnited - Horrifically Horrible1 star

This movie ensures an Oscar will never be given to a superhero movie for best actor. Why didn’t they burn this.

ZoeBrown00 - One of my favorite movies of all time5 star

I literally love this movie so much and it makes me wish I could swim so I could just live in the water too. Acting isn’t corny like a good amount of the movies made nowadays. I’d definitely suggest it anyone looking for a movie to watch!!

MDermard - Trash1 star

Could even finish it.

Imtheman445 - Good Step for the DCEU4 star

The movie was a really enjoyable movie! Compared to the past DCEU movies (besides Wonder Woman) this is actually a watchable movie! My only problem with the movie was that it was a bit of an eye sore. It took a lot of CGI for the scenes under water that were very bright. Besides that good movie, good plot, and good step forward for the DCEU!

stella johnson - Loved it!!!5 star

This movie was probably one of the best DC movies ever alongside Wonder Woman. I loved the underwater castle and theme, and the adventure it showed.

Chimichangas!! - Zero stars1 star

Complete garbage

Littlest Pet shop game awesome - Great Movie!5 star

This is a great movie!!

rennrb - Great!5 star

Awesome movie. Fun! Just go along with the ride

tom hollent - I like the movie5 star

I am an marvel fan but I also loved the movie it was good all the characters are awesome loved it 5 star

Cyee88 - Predictable plot4 star

It has a giant crab monster! Predictable plot. Fun lead. Cue girl.

nunchuck charles - Fun but missing just a couple things4 star

Great shots by the director, great costumes, great casting, great special effects. Music choice is strange to me, acting isn’t all there, ending a hair cheesy for me. But still a lot of fun.

Chelsi-Stanley - Love5 star

Definitely recommend everyone watch! Suspenseful!

jaybunny1010 - Amazing5 star

I love it its so good I’ve seen nothing like it before

Tat's - Loved5 star

What a great history line, special effect my favorite so far from this franchise

MaddyDinoMaster - O5 star


Rambo8649 - Its not as bad as I thought3 star

This wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It wasn't great, it wasn't bad, it was entertaining, but poorly written.

ipadfilmz - Tries waaaaaay too hard to be cool2 star

DC movies tried to do for Aquaman, perennial punch line of hokiness, what DC comics achieved - a solid rewriting of the character from awkward to A-list. Mamoa tried so hard to be awesome, it’s awful. Every Aqua-villain is jammed in here for an overcrowded spectacle. Amber Whatshername looks like she’s about to topple off her bewildering high heeled green body suit (I guess she swims in those heels?), her clown-red hair-do completes the 8th grade costume party look. Not even Nicole Kidman and save the day here. Like most of the DC movies, Aquaman lands with a splat, not a splash.

BloodyClown13 - Ez 5 stars5 star

Well done DC

Sir baggy bottoms - Silly movie.1 star

This was a very silly movie. The acting so so. The computer animation not that great. I keep think of Jason Monoa’s character in stargate Atlantas. Though I found it funny that my favorite actress Julia Andrews did a voice in the movie.

Yazyal - Awful Writing and Dialogue1 star

Crammed with as many lighting special effects that can be fit into the frame, the appearance is just a derivative of The Abyss. The dialogue sounds like it was written by someone in a high school drama class. Hey DC, yes super heroes are popular but you actually need more than a plug-hero-into-generic-revenge-plot strategy to make a good super hero movie. It’s bad.

riggz23 - Aqua man5 star

Great visual effects and also a great movie

Ronin Sherpa - This movie is fun! Sharks with frickin laser beams!4 star

Aquaman and Wonder Woman are the two watchable DC movies. Jason Momoa is used to his strengths which are being a Dude Bro and being a beautiful Dude Bro. There are sharks with frickin' lasers on their heads in this movie. Popcorn summer crash-em-up movie full of meaningless banter with beautiful people and stuff blowing up. This movie is fun.

zachtho - Great content5 star

It’s a movie, something’s are not suppose to look real. By far one of my favorite superheroes

Melissa Huddleston - Great movie5 star

Great movie affects, great story line, great characters and great for the family

Doctor Zom - Crap1 star

Crap. Just crap. Bad.

MauTrevino - Good superhero movie4 star

Not at all at the marvel imposed industry standard but not the worst in the DC universe

DV🐷 - So good 😊 👌🏽🐷❤️5 star

Personally I think you haters all are jerks .. and that you should go get a hobby you people are hipacrits .... this movie is amazing 😉 love it especially when aquaman finds him mom again but I hate arranged marriage bleh 😢🤮😬

copedip1776 - Brought the DC Universe back to life5 star

Best DCU movie to date Wonder Woman is #2. Suicide Squad trash. Justice League trash. Batman vs Superman trash. Aquaman soooo good,the plot how he got his trident and everything in between was incredible can’t wait for number 2!

Morla0397 - Awesome!5 star

Great movie! Love it!

KevinWildes - Terrible Movie Even Worse Apple Download1 star

This movie is crap but the iTunes/Apple version (which may not be their fault) plays in multiple aspect ratios during the movie! Just to be clear, when you play this movie on your computer (especially if you have a wide monitor) it will play in regular letter box for a while then switch to 21x9, but with black bars on the top and bottom, then back to letter box. It's horrible and I don't know who could release this and not notice that it looks like crap. I have never seen anything like it. Just no!

lovedele - Disappointed 😒😔2 star

It was absolutely bad spend my money to watch it and it’s really horrid

sailormars⭐️⭐️⭐️ - HOW5 star


BenThoma - blech3 star

The plot was laughable. The actors, specifically Jason M., carried things through. Someone edited this too much or not enough. I can't quite tell. Am I upset for watching it? No. I look forward to seeing the actors do something else, but this was not the area for them to wow me.

LVogt - Childish and corny2 star

Visually beautiful (one star for the animation) but excessively lame and predictable dialogue and corny direction. Strictly for pre-teens. Basically a well-modeled cartoon but with no real wit or human interest. For us it was a waste of time and money. DC films—with a couple notable exceptions like Wonder Woman—usually aren't very good and this was the worst I've seen.

J.Ha. - Good for a movie night in4 star

The start is a bit cheesy and there’s cheesy parts throughout. Overall it’s good bc it isn’t filled with so much cussing that you turn it off. It gets better as it goes on. Plus the lead actor isn’t bad on the eyes.

Jdub1236780 - Wanna Be Thor3 star

Seems too much like they’re trying to get Aquaman to be like Thor. The music was great though!

dcfavorite - Aquaman5 star


musiq_luvr - Horrible!1 star

Waste of 2 hours.

1969tull - Awesome movie5 star

Great movie. I recommend

Fcub32 - Better than I expected...4 star

I was expecting this to be extremely corny- and honestly there are some cheesy acting moments in the movie. Black Manta is just awfully implemented. Also, the CGI will leave something to be desired with some viewers but the bulk of action takes place underwater. If the scenes were super clear with no water effects, it would take away from the whole aqua experience. I get what they tried to accomplish with it, maybe it could use a bit more polishing for the obvious sequel. Overall, a good watch even though it was somewhat predictable. Do not go into this with super high expectations, it is just the first movie.

GayAdamKaplan - Crap1 star


Cool Taylor pop - Good movie5 star

I want to get this for my birthday!!!!

Ugotta_B_Kidding - Very good.4 star

The acting was superb with the exception of Patrick Wilson who was merely adequate. Dolph Lundgren, who I often find to be a weak link in a cast, was outstanding in his role as King Nereus. The plot was a bit predictable but not so much that it hurt the movie overall. Lots of action scenes which were well done. And plenty of humor throughout. The CGI effects were well done, but a bit too much of a "neon" effect in places. Atlantis was lit up like Las Vegas. Whatever shortcomings the plot had, the ending made up for it. I regard Aquaman as more of a fantasy movie than a super hero flick, but there was plenty of heroism to go around. I'll watch it again, I'm sure.

HughMartin22 - Could be worst movie ever . . .1 star

Really regret spending an hour watching this . . . yes, an hour - literally could not finish watching due to the horrible dialogue, nonsense script and poor acting . . . this is not a good movie.

Dmkdanielson - Your typical DC movie1 star

Low expectations, but still disappointed. Mamoa is such an awesome actor, but it’s not his fault, just special effects and overdramatized everything trying to make up for poor plot and script.

TSDiamond - Excellent hands down!5 star

Entertaining from beginning to end!

ToddWI - The worst film I have seen in years. Waste of time.1 star

Do NOT spend money on this steaming heap.

Crazydanfan - What3 star

I had no clue what was going on and the acting was cringey I do like the asterisk if the movie as it is super gourgus but it made no sense

5 star

@FilmEasterEggs: In James Wan's 'Aquaman' (2018) the Annabelle doll can be seen

5 star

@mosses268713: @DceuO @CarlosCardin99 Sin el éxito de WW-2017 y de Aquaman (2018) obviamente no tendríamos WW84 y Aquaman 2. Por cierto,…

5 star

@mosses268713: @DceuO @CarlosCardin99 Sin el éxito de WW-2017 y de Aquaman (2018) obviamente no tendríamos WW84 y Aquaman 2. Por cierto,…

5 star

@DceuO @CarlosCardin99 Sin el éxito de WW-2017 y de Aquaman (2018) obviamente no tendríamos WW84 y Aquaman 2. Por c…

5 star

@DcFan95 It's funny that you refer to Rotten Tomatoes, they lost all credibility since 2018 with movies Aquaman and…

5 star

@Mercuryinretro1 @247aa__ June 2018 xd, that was because of Justice league , he still work on aquaman and Shazam

5 star

#tbt novembro 2018: meu segundo boneco do prideofgypsies como aquamanmovie 💙💙🐟🐠🐬🐋🐡💦💙 #jasonmomoa #doll #marcusbaby…

5 star

Livestream 🔴 Aquaman Movie Talk ( Spoilers )

5 star

#365DaysChallenge #FictionalCharactersILove #64 @NicoleKidman @MCU_Direct #MCU Nicole Kidman, Atlanna, Aquaman, 2…

5 star

"COME!!!" "You can make me..." -aquaman 2018

5 star

Sure The Dark Knight is “good,” but can it do THIS? My 62/100 review of Aquaman on @letterboxd:

5 star

My ★★★★ review of Aquaman on Letterboxd

5 star

McCabe accuses Rosenstein of giving ‘false’ testimony on Comey memos #FoxNews Who's gonna…

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