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An action-packed adventure that spans the vast, visually breathtaking underwater world of the seven seas, “Aquaman” reveals the origin story of half-human, half-Atlantean Arthur Curry and takes him on the journey of his lifetime—one that will not only force him to face who he really is, but to discover if he is worthy of who he was born to be…a king.

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special effect  Dutch7201  4 star

one off the better DC movie. loved it

Loved it!  maureendecelles  5 star

Jason Mamoa is Aquaman. He rocks the character. His girlfriend Amber Heard isn’t essential to the movie. He so out acts her.

Story  Fennec25  5 star

It gave me superman vibes. The superman vibes home world that is fake and a couple of powers

Super Movie  SRGRMB  5 star

The acting was out standing, special effects was great. I loved the story. Brother against brother, a mothers love for her sons and her first mate was great. The story of Atlantis never ever grows old. I truly enjoyed this movie from beginning to end,.

MJ Abrams
Visually stunning and action packed.  MJ Abrams  4 star

I got to watch this in the IMAX so it was definitely different than a home viewing. I still can’t get over how beautiful the city of Atlantis was and the final battle. So cool! The one liners were funny but sometimes a bit cringe.

The Bionic Man
What’s the problem  The Bionic Man  5 star

For the ones who gave bad reviews just remember how many people work really hard to make a feature like this, great special effects, great story, great cast, most importantly as a DC animated movie fan I have always wondered how the motion pictures could never achieve the fantastic surrealism of the DC animated universe until now, this is the best DC movie yet and a doorway into the real DC Universe

The Best DC ever!!!  Vita0911  5 star

This movie is awesome! Everyone did an amazing job, especially Jason!

Frank Dumont
Love it!  Frank Dumont  5 star

This movie was incredible and captivating to watch. I’m recommending it!

Not What i was hoping for  Superherofangroup  3 star

With all the hype i've heard was expecting something great but as i watched I noticed alots of ideas taken from other movies and placed into this. There is no dout theres lots of detail in movie and yes awsome aquaman suit. Changes in story line not going over to good.

Finally another decent DC movie  Wrathh  5 star

My only complaint is the 16:9 aspect ratio instead of the theatrical one.

its so good, i just wish justice league was better  TheDarkAbyss96  5 star

idk why, but for some reason i always find that the dc solo movies are so much more better than the big team up films like justice league and bvs, they always feel rushed and incomplete, where as the solo movies are always better and tell alot more, i thourouhly enjoyed this movie and im looking forward to watching it again, i also think that now this is good that shazam will also be good, keep it up dc with the solo movies, they are awesome, next time you do justice league take your time like with these movies and maybe they will be good

Better than expected  Ayla78  4 star

DC had a rocky start. Batman and Superman movies are dry and awful. Nailed it with Wonder Woman but then ruined the Amazons in Justice League. I saw Aquaman solely for Jason Momoa but the movie as a whole was better than I expected it would be. Although there are too many jump scares using explosions - worked out to be one every 20mins or so. Don’t expect too much and it’s fun.

Down Under Man
Tron Meets DC  Down Under Man  5 star

This is one of the finest superhero movies other than Wonder Woman! From the music to the overall style of everything reminds me of Tron Legacy!

Thomas Robson
Great movie  Thomas Robson  5 star

This is an amazing movie go Jason momoa

Aquaman rocks  iamloislane  5 star

You can’t possibly e disappointed with how beautiful this film is, action packed and omg Momoa is just ❤️

Movie brilliance  MacWorld2015  5 star

A great movie with a great story and great visuals No wonder it made more money than Wonder Woman and other DC Movies It had great humour and great acting. Congratulations

Great Movie  xXBoxingXx  5 star

Absolutely loved the movie, the CGI was great. I still don’t understand what reason genesect had i this movie apart from a potential sequel...

Aquaman took DC to another level  KingLev  5 star

Wow what a great movie Aquaman made DC better from just this movie

danny kole
Snoring  danny kole  3 star

Half an hour to long

I don't usually do reviews  thatawesomenerd  5 star

But this movie was beyond amazing. It's cool that it was filmed in aus and just how invested Jason was in the movie really comes across. Everyone was amazing and I got my moneys worth out of seeing it. DC has made one hell of a come back with this one.

Aquaman  Bumbleboy1  5 star

10/10 would recommend

Greatest movie ever  will123456786  5 star

The movie was really awesome graphics are on point recommend seeing it 😀

dissapointed customer❗️
Great movie  dissapointed customer❗️  5 star

The scenes in this movie are so funny and it is also funny that he loves being a superhero and has lots of fun. Incredible and highly recommend you watch it.

Overrated  lm_1511  1 star


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