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Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the creative minds behind “The Lego Movie” and “21 Jump Street,” bring their unique talents to a fresh vision of a different Spider-Man Universe, with a groundbreaking visual style that’s the first of its kind. “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” introduces Brooklyn teen Miles Morales, and the limitless possibilities of the Spider-Verse, where more than one can wear the mask.

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More Than One Wears the Mask. Miles Morales is juggling his life between being a high school student and being a spider-man. When Wilson "Kingpin" Fisk uses a super collider, others from across the Spider-Verse are transported to this dimension.. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Wiki

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Spider man into the spider verse  Khloej492  5 star

Best songs I’ve heard

Dope  bshjdhdudu  5 star

Cool movie

Alby Al
My favorite Spider-Man Movie  Alby Al  5 star

I really enjoyed the art style and the introduction to so many different Spider-Folk. Especially Miguel, from 2099. I hope they continue this, because the Web of Dimensions needs to be explored!

Great story  Jigga8137  5 star

Loved this movie!

Hated it  dog🐶🐕🐶🐕  1 star

Like the girls in the movie were barely their and peter and the gang were intimidating miles puss it rated PG

Best Spider-Man movie so far  Coogan  5 star

This movie is (no pun intended) amazing. I saw this in theaters 12 times and I feel like I learned something new about it each time I went. They showed multiple versions Spider-Man from noir Spider-Man to Gwen Stacy but the star of the movie was Miles Morales, an African American Latino Spider-Man and seeing him learn about his abilities and what separates him from Peter Parker was beautiful. That scene of him putting everything together to see him learning to soar as he was diving from the tallest building in the city is animated perfection and deserves to be seen over and over. Oh and for fun, track how many times you see Stan Lee in the movie. Hint: it’s more than once. This movie is full of Easter eggs about Spider-Man and you’ll need it to see a couple dozen times to maybe see them all; I’m still finding them.

monkey 🐵 mike
Why to buy this incredible movie  monkey 🐵 mike  5 star

Into the spider verse is an amazing animation that feels realistic but also cartoony which makes it fun. It is also a great story about him over coming his fear and problems the leap of faith clip is a perfect example. He suffered a great loss and proved he is “spider man” Which is why it is an incredible movie and perfect for everyone

Just awful  jamesmc70  1 star

I don’t know what was worse, the horrible choppy animation that incessantly blurred or the absolutely shallow reused story line. All five star reviews were based on one aspect of the movie whether the reviewers were honest with themselves are not. Eliminate that one aspect and this movie averages 3 stars at best. Just tried to watch it again-wow this thing is awful. Couldn’t make it more than halfway through. Put some lefty politics in a movie and the standard for what’s good just plummets. All the lefty reviewers flood the reviews. This is embarrassing for logical people who actually support the general premise of the politics.

Great movie  Ro-dub  5 star

Thoroughly entertaining from beginning to end .. easily one of the best spider man and super hero movies of all time

Amazing  Mandy😇😊😜💩  5 star

I’m speechless

Spider TOM
Best Movie 2018  Spider TOM  5 star

Its the best movie 2018 no question. Change my mind.

OMG DA BEST :D  XxSavageFinalsxX  5 star

This movie was, in my opinion, the best spider-Man movie yet. The characters were done great and the villains were perfect.Overall a great movie.

Great  HAR EL  5 star

I’m usually a DC fan and I still say darksied can beat the GMO grape thanos but I gotta admit this movie was good ps thanos is trash he needed a glove to kill half of the universe when darsied can omega beam planets and mxyspitlix can snap anything he wants

Amazing! Spectacular! Sensational! Superior!  tobor68  5 star

-->The Best Comic Book Movie Ever<-- The best superhero movie since Superman The Movie.

Oscar JM OXD
What’s Up Danger?!  Oscar JM OXD  5 star

Whoever dislikes this movie probably doesn’t know what good films are. Spider-Verse is one of the best animated films I’ve seen since The Prince of Egypt released in 1998, and i never felt so in love with a film with gorgeous animation, stellar music, and a top-notch plot. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse well deserved that Oscar Win

Mr-Robobob's word
Average movie with good concept  Mr-Robobob's word  2 star


spongebob squidward
Rent it  spongebob squidward  4 star

I like this movie but i want to rent it so please add that

Favourite Movie  LilyMaeIsabel  5 star

It’s. So. Good.

Any Other Versions?  MommaEzra  5 star

This movie was awesome which is where my rating is coming from, however, when I downloaded it, I didn't realize until after that you can ONLY play it in 4K. I thought it was just compatible. Are there any HD downloads available for purchase for those of us that don't have 4K?

Phenomenal animation and a wonderful movie  natapanao  5 star

It deserves a 5 star just for the sheer amount of hard work put into this movie. The emphasis on details and plentiful easter eggs within the movie invites watching this movie many more times. I find something new about the movie with each rewatch. This movie was a wonderful surprise and a fresh breath of air, I absolutely loved it.

httyd movie lover
Awesome movie  httyd movie lover  5 star

I loved the animation And the characters.

Stars-the destroyer
👏👏  Stars-the destroyer  5 star

Great movie

Oscar Cousins
Spider-verse is a gem  Oscar Cousins  5 star

This movie came-out to alot of positive reviews, and i'm glad because it is definetly worthy of its praise. the animation in this film is breathtaking, the characters are weird and fun. I enjoyed every moment watching it. there are one or two clique' parts of the story, but even they are outshined by its execution. This is a must see, it will definetly end-up being an animated classic down the road.

Insanely good!  Rumbah1  5 star

I was just in awe all throughout the movie.

Richi M
Oh dear!  Richi M  1 star

Watched because of all the good reviews. Frankly wouldn't surprise me if those reviews were created by Sony robots. Animation like watching a moving comic book. Unimpressed!

Absolutely love it!!!  Hufafafa951  5 star

Probably THE most enjoyable movie I seen in a long time! It can be hilarious, but also tear-jerking, silly, but also profound, inspirational, but also sarcastic, all these aspects culminating in an unbelievably creative and colourful masterpiece of uniquely harmonious coherence. I’m just sad I can’t watch it for the first time again ;_;

Loopy Llamacorn 77
Gorgeous animation  Loopy Llamacorn 77  5 star

Absolutely everyone should watch this.

Brilliant  Abal2065  5 star

An absolutely amazing animation well deserving of its Oscar. I watched this in Cinemas initially however the additional content you are provided with when buying this on iTunes makes this a steal. Definitely recommend.

Alex Torquemada
Piece of art  Alex Torquemada  5 star

This’s without any doubt the best animated movie ever. No only that, the music is in perfect symphony with the movie. The story introduces perfectly Miles Morales and have this comic touch that make everything keep the flow of the movie. And the art in this movie, no words. This movie make a before and after.

id say its the best animated film of the year  TheDarkAbyss96  5 star

well executed animated film, i enjoyed the film alot, looking forward to watching it with my friend again, 10/10 would recommend

"Anyone can wear the mask!"  Wielderofbluseflames  5 star

Truly one of the best Spider-Man films I've seen! So many references, easter eggs, a great cast, stunning animation and story and Spider-Men and Spider-Women galore! Also, a touching tribute to both Stan Lee and Steve Ditko!

Contender for best superhero movie ever  hobnob_  5 star

Pitch perfect throughout. This is the movie Spidey fans have been waiting for.

smule master VIP


Patryk Playz
Great  Patryk Playz  5 star

I loved this movie and it was my favourite animated movie yet!

🕷 Spider-verse  awa1912  5 star

I saw this movie on early release the art style is totally different. At one point I forgot, I was watching an animated movie. So good I have pre-ordered the movie and I am going to the cinema over Christmas to watch this each weekend as there are so many Easter eggs you do not have enough time to keep up. The soundtrack was amazing Vince Staple did it again, there are mid credit and end credit scenes so glad I stayed til the end.

Breathtaking story and visuals  Hudson90  5 star

Saw an early 2D prescreening of this movie at the Odeon. It is instantly the best action movie of 2018. It’s not often that you get an incredible story you’re instantly emotional involved in, paired with stunning, never been seen before visuals. Definitely the best Spider-man movie to date. This movie deserves your attention.

Crazy LEGO Movie fan
Absolutely Loved It  Crazy LEGO Movie fan  5 star

This film was amazing from start to finish. I loved everything about it. The animation is just enthralling and jaw dropping, The action scenes are fantastic, The comedy was hilarious and all the characters are loveable. Go watch this film right now.

dissapointed customer❗️
This movie will make your face pretty  dissapointed customer❗️  5 star

Please watch it then you will have a face like mine.😛

Awesome Movie⭐️⭐️💫✨🌟  Miizomela  5 star

Best movie I have ever seen! I encourage everyone to watch it no matter what age! This movie is for everyone.

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